Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, April 14, 1910, Image 7

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A hnnd-mndo cigar frcah from the
table , -wrapped In foil , thus keeping
fresh until smoked. A fresh clear
made of good tobacco la the ideal
omolto. The old , well cured tobaccos
uecd nro oo rich In quality that rnnnjr
who formerly smoked lOc cigars now
eirioko Lewis' Single Binder Straight
EC. Lowlo' Single Binder costs the
dealer some more than other Co clgaro ,
but the higher prlco enables , tlilti fac
tory to use extra quality tobacco.
There are many Imitations ; don't be
fooled. There is no substitute I Toll
the dealer you want a Lowlo "SlngU
Binder. "
Very few men know how to keep
Btlll. Tha Italians have a proverb.
"Hear , see , and say nothing- you
wish to live in peace. " The man who
Is bent on telling nil ho knows , gen
erally ends in tolling a good deal more
than he knows. The tongue Is harder
to bridle than the wildest horse that
ever roamed the prairie. The Ger
mans say truly that talking comes by
nature , whllo silence comes of the un
All Tired Out.
Do you feel dull , occasionally out of
arts ? Headaches nnd Dizziness ! The
fault Is cither with your stomach or your
liver. The safe , sure and easy "way to pet
rid of either trouble Is to talco NATURE'S
REMEDY. Take an Nil Tablet to night-
It will sweeten the stomach and rcgulato
the liver , kidneys find bowels. Eosy-suro
to act. Get a 25c Box. The A. II. Lowl
Medicine Co. . St Louis , Mo.
Always on Tap.
Whllo there's Hfo there's dope
Chicago Record-Herald.
Constipation cansos and aerlonslr
many dlsencci. Jt Is ttiorouKlilr our > r Of.
I'Urco'i 1'oUeti. Tlnj lugar-cuatod gra
Take a good watch to a pawnbroker
and see how quickly the tlmo passes.
Nebraska Directory
You etui cut out any
size Hue by hand with
the MliLIJEH Cutter In eight hccouda.
Unllroail3 UBC them. Write for sample.
Hortm-hy Miitor Co. , Council lUulTn. In.
Bold and rented eTerjwhero. Write for bargain list
Batabllihed 1904 143 So. 13th St. , Lincoln
Paj tb blftbest price for Machinists ,
Model Makers ,
Auto Repairing ,
Blamps. StPn-
clls , Heals , Trade
Choclt , Badges , Kto.
1028 M Street , Lincoln
Keisters' Ladies Tailoring
Pnllnn-n At 15480 St. , Lincoln. Neb. ,
bllllHUB Teaches Cutting Fitting ,
Ow Furnishing and Pressing of
all garments thoroughly , at ridiculously
low prices. Call or write for catalog.
The only Sanitarium In the state using
Natural Mineral Water Ilatlis Unsur-
pasm-il In the treatment of Acute and
Chronic KHKUMATISM. Moderate
Charged. Address :
DR. 0. W. EVERETT , Uihand M. Sis.
I tills process all brolien
parts of machinery made good as new. Welds
east Iron , cast steel , aluminum , copper , brass or
any other metal , Expert automobile repairing
BEF1TSCHY MOTOR CO. . Council Bluffs.
Wants good , wide \\nke , hustling
ncents to represent It In the snlo of one
of the moat alluring land propositions
that la being offered the world of land
buyers of today.
We have well Improved farms In
noutliern Kansas for sale. These farms
will compare In every particular with the
Eastern Nebraska farm that la Belling
today for (100 und up , per acre ; richness
of soil , amount of rainfall , Improvements ,
distance to tnnrket , etc. . and we can sell
these farms for less than ono-hiilf tHe
Amount that can be obtained for Eastern
Nebraska farms. From $30 to J50 per
acre buys them. Most any kind of terms
to suit the purchaser ; 250 mllen south of
Lincoln , where the winters are milder
and the growing season connlderable
longer. Flno corn , alfalfa and small
jrraln land. J10 pays nil the expenses of
the trip from Lincoln and return. We
leave Lincoln at C p. m. , Saturday , show
the land and return at 11:25 : a. m. the
following Monday. Good commissions to
bo paid agents who will hustle. Write ,
wire or call and nee us.
Hrownell Block ,
Lincoln , Nebraska.
Hell 845PHONES Auto 2897
By having a telephone that yon
can depend upon. Let us tell
you how to secure the very best
of telephone service at the low
est cost. SEND TODAY for
Bulletin No. 11"How to build
Rural Telephone Lines. "
Omaha , Nob.
This Elephant Has Odd Dinner Call
NEW YORK. Luna , the big elephant
at the Bronx zoo , has found a now
use for the big lignum vltuo bowling
ball the keeper has given her. Gundn ,
hei husband , has a big cagd in the
other corner of the building , but Luna
can never catch sight of him. So to
nmuso her and keep her from making
too many eyes at Pete , the fat hippopotamus -
popotamus , whoso cngo is across the
room , the keeper got her a bowling
ball bigger than a man's head.
Luna never learned to bowl , and the
round , hard , inedible thing was a curi
osity to her.
When they put an empty beer barrel
in her cage for her to piny with she
solved the mystery by finding that if
she blew into the bung hole it made a
whistling nolso that attracted the at
tention of Pete and sometimes woke
him out of an afternoon nap , but this
hard , round polished ball was no good
as far as she could see.
First she put it in her mouth and
tried to blto It , but it wouldn't masti
cate and only hurt her tongue. Then
she put it on the floor and tried to
stand on it with all four feet , but it
wouldn't be still long enough and her
feet wore too big. Then she put It in
a corner and sat down and talked to
It , but the mysterious thing was mute.
It was continuity under her feet , and
when she lay down at night it was al
ways under her and necessitated her
moving to some other corner.
Now Luna Is particular about her
meals. If her liny Isn't brought atitho
precise moment she toots and trum
pets and makes n fuss , and us the vis
itors like to hear her toot and the
keepers don't care , it doesn't hurry
her dinner any.
The other day when she got hun
gry and ordered her dinner and it
didn't como she ilew into a passion
and walked rapidly about sputtering
and tooting. Suddenly her feet
touched the big bowling ball. She
picked it up and fairly hurled it
against the wall with all her force.
"Bangety-bang-whung ! " it wont ,
bounding from side to side and tilling
the elephant house with clamor. She
stopped , amazed , and picked it up
"Bang-whang-bangety-bang ! " went
the ball , and the kepers , thinking that
she was tearing down the pen , came
on the run.
Seeing that at last she had attracted
attention she kept throwing the ball
with energy till the keper brought her
dinner. Now , when she. wants to cat
she throws the ball against the wall
until her order Is brought , and It al
ways comes In a hurry.
Story of Gotham Peddler's Revenge
EW YORK. Original comedians
and humorists who are funnier oft
the stage than on have put over a
great many things along Broadway this
season. As the result everybody
along the thoroughfare is perpetually
on guard for tricks. Jokes and hilari
ous quips. The thing has gone so far
that a Comanche Indian , raving drunk
from a Wild West show , would proba
bly be taken for a joking actor made
up for a bit of fun , and you couldn't
convince the mob that the savage was
a real one.
An instance of this belief was shown
in front of the Cadillac , where a num
ber of players and their friends had
gathered for harmless discussion. Up
to the group came a typical peddler.
Ills derby hat came down over his
ears and rested on the bridge of his
nose , his coat and trousers fitted him ,
not exactly as they do upon the
stage , a scrubby black beard jutted
from his chin and a little tray full of
collar buttons hung from his shoul
"Gentlemens , " said he , "vouldn't
you buy Boraedlngs ? "
A wild shout of laughter came from
the crowd and several of them
whacked the peddler on the back.
"Great stuff , old man , great stuff , "
they whooped. "Best make-up we over
saw. Pretty near stung us , but wo are
wise to that crepe beard , old boy ! "
The peddler stood bewildered.
"Gontlemens , " said ho , "you all been
schickor , I thinks. Vat funny business
fas dls you makes it mil me ? "
Another shout of gleo.
"Make-up is so good , " cried Joe
Humphreys , "that I can't spot him.
Take it off , old pal. " And Joe , seizing
the straggly black beard , gave it a
hearty haul. The peddler emitted a
howl of surprise , agony and rage.
Dropping his head , ho butted goat-like
and drove his derby into Mr. Hum
phreys' features.
"Loafers , loafers , " ho squalled , n-
ragcd beyond endurance. "You been
fresh too much , and I go get it a po
liceman for you ! "
lie broke away , followed by enthu
siastic cheers , and not even when ho
returned with Officer Ilughcy Jones
could the crowd bo convinced that It
wasn't some joyous actor playing the
best impersonated joke that has been
seen in years on Broadway. It was
no joke , however the pedcllcr was as
real as Essex street , and the crowd
had to buy 90 cents' worth of his col
lar buttons before ho would bo paci-
Women Are Not "People" Now 'tis Said
' . Woman An adult female
male of the human race. Century
People The whole body of persons
who compose a community , a tribe ,
race or nation. Century Dictionary.
But behold
Women are not people. Prof.
Charles Zucblin of the University of
Whatever may be the feminine
status , politically or otherwise , the
declaration of Prof. Zueblln In a lec
ture at Music hall , that women , under
present governmental ideals are not
people , has served to precipitate an
unprecedented commotion In the
ranks of the fair sex.
"If wo are disfranchised to the ex
tent that wo may not even be num
bered among the people , then what
are we ? " was the cry that went up
from club women , suffragettes , pretty
women , plain women , old women and
young women alike.
And Prof. Zueblln's answer , in
trenched behind a bulwark of logic ,
smashing traditions and upsetting
definitions compiled by the lexicog
raphers , is this :
"When we unalyzo the political
platitudes that wo make almost a
part of our being wo discover that
women are not people. Our great
platitude , Lincoln's definition of
democracy , 'a government of the people
ple , by the people and for the people , '
serves , without further ado to put
women entirely out of the people
class. "
"From Prof. Xneblin's interpretation
of the situation it would appear that
wo nro likp the Indians , " said Mrs.
Ella Flagg Young , superintendent of
schools. "The Indians don't vote and
neither do we but
, personally l am
more interested in the study of chil
dren than In the status of my sex. "
Two Poor Girls Palmed Off as Rich
YORK. Mrs. Alma Webster-
Powell , wife of A. Judson Powell ,
a rich piano manufacturer of Brook
lyn , was the chief speaker at a suf
fragette mass meeting and told this
story :
"I brought two young women poor
girls from the east aide to my resi
dence last week , and after dressing
them In my most beautiful gowns , In
troduced them into a select , aristo
cratic assemblage that had como tu
my homo for the evening. Although
members of a poor , self-supporting
class , these two young women , gen
teel aud nicely educated , deported
themselves during the reception so
charmingly that two gentlemen pres
ent who , like the other guests , pos
sessed no knowledge of the true social
position of the girls were much smit
ten with them and requested permis
sion to call on them In their liomcs.
Ono of these men was a count , the
other was possessed of riches to the
extent of $2,000,000.
"All of this strengthens my claim
that wealth and false pride alone make
the social barrier. The wearer of a
shirtwaist is good enough for me. "
Mrs. Powell said it was not the
first time she had fooled her friends
by introducing among them persons
not affluent like themselves.
"Once , " she said , "I dressed up my
cook Mary In ono of my gowns nnd
she mingled with my guests. Her
figure is beautiful , and she made a
stunning appearance. Uut she did not
leol at ease in the strange company
and stayed only u short time. Hack to
the kitchen she wont. "
Mrs. Powell then entered into a
tirade against bad government and the
Idle rich , whom she characterized ao
bolng the archenemies o the suf-
frageltos ,
Docs human health depend on ono
organ alone ? This question is becom
ing widely discussed since L. T. Coop
er first advanced his theory that the
stomach is the true scat of Ufa and nil
health dependent upon it.
Mr. Cooper , who has met with re
markable success in the sale of his
now medicine , believes that the stomach
ach Is responsible for most sickness ,
and that this organ is weak in the
present generation. While discussing
this theory recently , ho said : "I am
asked time and again to toll why my
medicine has made such a record
wherever I have introduced it. My an-
ewer always Is , 'because It restores the
stomach to a normal condition. ' No
ono will deny that today there nro
more half-sick men and women than
ever before. Nothing critical seems
to bo the matter with them. They
are just half-sick most of the time.
They don't know really what is the
matter with them. I hnvo talked with
thousands during the past two years ,
and few know indeed what their trou
ble was. Ono said nervousness , another
said kidney trouble , another liver com
plaint , EOUIO constipation , or heart
trouble , or lung trouble. Many had
treated , as they nailed it , for most of
these diseases at different times. A
very common complaint is 'all run
down , ' or 'tired all the time , ' or 'no
appetite. '
"I know positively that every bit of
this chronic ill health is caused by
etonlach trouble and nothing else.
My Now Discovery puts the stomach
In sound condition in about six weeks.
Mighty few people can bo sick with a
Bound digestion. That is why my medi
cine is selling at such a tremendous
rate. I have convinced many thou
sands of people that thcso things nro
so , and the number is growing by
leaps and bounds. "
Among more recent converts to Mr.
Cooper's beliefs is Mrs. Lottlo L.
Miner , living on Rural Route No. 2 ,
Hennlkcr , N. H. , who says : "I was in
poor health for six years , from stomach
ach trouble and indigestion. Quito
frequently my stomach was so weak
that it would not retain solid food. I
had vomiting spells every morning , and
was subject to frequent attacks of diz
ziness. Llfo bccamosuch a burden
that I often felt It was not worth the
living. I tried everything I could hear
of , but found nothing that would af
ford relief.
"For some time I had been reading
of the Cooper remedies , and finally de
cided to give the Now Discovery
preparation a trial. After taking the
first bottle , I noticed a marked im
provement. Five bottles made mo en
tirely well. I can eat anything I wish ,
and have not been troubled with my
stomach since. The dizzy spells dis
appeared long ago.
"My mother , Mrs. Susan Parkins ,
Is a nurse of long experience. Both she
and my father have used the Cooper
remedies with splendid results. I will ,
bo glad to answer any i/orsonal corre
spondence in regard to my case. "
Cooper's Now Discovery is sold by
nil druggists. If your druggist cannot
supply you , wo will forward you the
name of a druggist In your city who
will. Don't accept "something just as
good. " The Cooper Medicine Co. , Day
ton , Ohio.
Absolute Equality.
The Woman The tax office is ono
place which I simply love to go to.
The Man Very few people do. Why
do you like it ?
The Woman Because it is absolute
ly the only place where no discrimina
tion is made against me because 1 am
a woman. They let mo there pay
just as much as If I were a man.
Knlcker Now wo have children
taught how to play.
Booker Fine ; next wo shall have
animal trainers to show lambs how to
What a man says about his ene
mies should be taken with a pound of
Takers of the United States Census
will use Waterman's ' Ideal Fountain Pen
because it is always ready and sure.
If the fool and his money were In-
fioparablo there would bo no get-rich-
quick schemes.
Bin. AVlnnlow's Soothing flyrnp.
ForcbllcJrrn tccttilnif , 6of.t < 'nsthuKnms , n-Uucesln-
( Uuimatloiiallays pain , cureu wind colic. 20oitUiUlo.
It's easier to break away than it is
to get back.
With a better understanding of the transient nature of the many physi
cal ills which vanish before proper efforts contlo efforts pleasant
efforts riehtly directed. There is comfort In the knowledge that BO many
forma of illness are not duo to any actual disease , but simply to a consti
pated condition of the system , which the pleasant family laxative , Syrup
of Fics and Elixir of Sonna , promptly removes. That is why it la the only
remedy with millions of families , and is everywhere esteemed so highly
by all who value peed health. Its beneficial effects are duo to the
fact that it is the only remedy which promotes internal cleanliness ,
without debilitating the organs oft which It acts. It is , therefore , all-im
portant , in crtlor to cot its beneficial effects , to purchase and note that
you have the c ° miina article , which is manufactured by the California
Fie Syrup Co. only.
It is pleasant and refreshing to the taoto , and acts gently yet promptly
on the kidneys , liver and bowels , cleanses the system effectually , dispels
colds , headaches and favors and assists in overcoming habitual constipa
tion permanently , also biliousness and the many ills resulting therefrom.
The great trouble with all other purgatives and aperients is not that they
fail to act when a single dose is taken , but that they act too violently and
Invariably tend to produce a. habit of body requiring constantly augmented
dosos. Children enjoy the pleasant taste and gentle action of Syrup of
Figs and Elixir of Sanna , the ladies find it delightful and beneficial
whenever a laxative remedy is needed , and business men pronounce it
invaluable , as it may bo taken without interfering with business and dooa
not gripe nor nauseate. When buying note the name , California Fiff
Syrup Co. printed on the front of every package. Price , 50 cents a bottle.
- - -
BAKES bread , pie and cake *
bakea them perfectly all through ,
and browns them appetizlngly.
ROASTS beef , poultry and game
with a Bteody heat , which pre-
oerves the rich natural flavor. ,
BROILS oteaks and chops makes
them tender and inviting.
TOASTS bread , muffins , crack *
era and cheese *
No drudgery of coal and
ashes ; no stooping to get at
the oven ; no smoke , no dust ,
no odor just good cooking
with greater fuel economy.
Irons and water in wasn-
boiler always hot. The
has a Cabinet Top with shelf for keeping plates and food hot
Drop shelves for the coffee pot or saucepans , and nickeled towel racks.
It has long turquoise-blue enamel chimneys. The nickel finish ,
with the bright blue of the chimneys , makes the stove very attrac
tive and invites cleanliness. Made with 1 , 2 and 3 burners ; the
2 and 3-burner stoves can be had with or without Cabinet.
CAUTIONARY NOTE : De cure you get this ilove ite lhat the narae-plale reads " MtW PEIUFECTIOH.
Every dealer everywhere : Ifnot at youm , write for Descriptive Circular
to the nearest agency oft ha
Standard Oil Company
( Incorporated )
We have just issued a book about house decoration. May wo
send you a copy free ? |
It tells how to produce those beautiful walls , now seen in all ( ho
finest of homes and hotels. j
It suggests color schemes offers A wealth of ideas. tells
what has brought alabastine into universal vogue.
The Sanitary Wall Coating
Alabastine is the only wall coating that Please know the reason. Know ( ho
doesn't breed germs. It has been so for endless color schemes you can get from iu
30 years. Know how easily you can apply it , evea
In the past few years it has become the on papered walls. ,
rage. Fashion now demands it. People You will never use wall paper neve *
of taste both rich and poor now liavo use kalsomine after you know th
alabastined walls. facts.
Alabastine Co. Grand Mich.
. , Rapids , .
The stonr.nch it a larger factor in "life , liberty nn-1 the pur
suit of happiness" than most people are aware. Patriotism
can withstand hunger but not dyspepsia. The confirmed dys
peptic "is fit for treason , stratagems and spoils. " Tlio man
who goes to the front for his country with a weak stomach
will be a weak soldier and a fault finder.
A eound stomach makes for good citizensmp as well as fa"
health and happiness.
Diseases of the stomach nnd other organs of digestion und
nutrition are promptly and permanently cured by the use of
It Itullita up the body viltu. suuad flcau and
solid muscle.
The dealer who offers a substitute for the "Discovery" U
only seeking to make the little more profit realized on the
bale of less meritorious preparations.
Dr. Picrcc's Common Sense Medical Adviser is aeotfree
on receipt a ! stamps to pay expense of mailing only. Semi
21 one-cent stamps ( or the paper covered book , or 31 stamps
for the cloth bound. Address World's Dispensary Medical
Association , R. V , Pierce , M. D. , President , liuOalo , N. V.
"I find Cascarcto so good that I would
not be without them. I was troubled a
great deal with torpid liver and headache.
Now since taking Cnscarets Candy Cathar
tic I feel "cry much better. I shall cer
tainly re aiuieud them to my frienda tut
the best medicine I have ever seen. "
Anna Bazinct ,
Osborn Mill No. 2 , Fall River , Mnu ,
Pleasant. Palatable , Potent , Taste Good ,
Do Good. Never Sicken.Weaken orGrlpe.
10c.25c.SOc. Never sold la bulk. Tlieeenu.
Ino tablet stamped C C C. Guaranteed to
cure or your money back. 923
Ixxjomotor At ;
Otuue'a Wood *
Nerr Tablet ! don It. Write ( or Proof. Advice Irr .
Dr. CHAbC. l ! i North lOtb bt. , I'hllaUelpWs , J'x
ItoukandAdTlccFRna. > . . .
PATENT t ltk * . U t..i , WaiblB r . .
U.U Ksl. < Jta. . U t f * rcr u > .i
W N U , , LINCOLN , NO. 15-1910.
Color more goodi brighter and luster colon Uan in ) other die. On lOc package colors all f.bert. They d > e In cold Mater better thintnj other dr * .
Vow Cin tfa in ; garment without ripping apart. Writ * lar Irit beoklit- Kg * to Die , Bleach and MUCotsu. f.lQHRQE DRUG OO , , Qulnoy , Ililaafa