Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, May 20, 1909, Page 2, Image 2

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§ 1,00 Per Year.
Where mailer IR net on wi'oilbMoeUelrotNiB '
a flat price of twenty cenu per Incn.plniciecoi-
tmu , for each ln-.or.foM , two or niura
15 cent * per Inch. Special position , iilnitle Hi ,
icrtloY. 20Vnt , , per luch. Metal base , ! '
two or more time * , IS cents per Inch. Payment
flrcccnt. rer line each.n .
'eNotlcco ( church church fairs , sociables and
entcrtalmucillH wuero money I cuanied , one
H free , half r r' ' " for publlnhlnir
Cnnl of ThankH , SO cen H. . . . . . . ,
Legal notices at ra'c provided Htatutcn of
Society notlcestinil i.Routlonsono-liairjies ) !
WedUluv notice * ftcu , halt price fur it l ol
prcuculB ,
Entered at Hroken How , Nebraska , for trans
mission in tliu United Stales mail *
at second dims rates.
Hcrbcrl fi. Myers , IkJilor and I'liblishcr
Political Announcement.
Ilclng iiromiiteil by a ili-slrc to lead and
direct the eiHitatloiial lorccs ol the great
county of custur , In whose schools I was a
pupil nearly ao years ago. I hereby formally
announce myself a canulilate for the position
of County superintendent of Public Instruc
tion 1 have advocated republican princi
ples nit 16 } ius anil am Ihub asking the ills
lingulhhetl honor ol being its uutulnee at the
roitiing election.
1 hereby announce to the Kciubliciuia |
of Custer comity that I inn a candidnte
for llic nomination to the ofliou ot
Count ) Surveyor subject to the expiess-
cd will of thu ineinhei.s of my party ill
the primary. 1 liuve served as Deputy
County Surveyor for the piibt 3 years ,
and previous to the practical end ac
quired my education in the County
schools of Cnster County , inthcl-'icmont
Normal school nntl the Nebraska State
University , 1 have always lived in
Custcr county nnd have always support
ed the Republican ticket.
I desire to ar.noiuice my candidacy for the
oniceof County Snperltitei dent , subject to the
wishes of the voters and HChool patroiu of the
I was born In Cnstcr comity and received my
common school emicallnn In her schools ,
Hlnco then I have taught fcuvcral years In the
district and village schools of the county ; have
received a professional state certificate and
completed a full colk'eo course. I believe
both education and experience lit me to do
cfllcleut wark for the county.
Anselmo , Ncbr.
1 hereby announce myself as a candidate
lor the nomination for the onico of county
treasurer , miblcct to the decision of the He-
publican voter * _ at the coming primary elcc.
tton , I have been a resident of Ouster
County Hln'ce 18SI and respectfully solicit
your support. Juuus P. OTTUM.
I hereby announce to the Republicans of
Custcr County , that 1 am a candidate lor
the nomination to the ofllcc of County Sur
veyor , subject to the expressed will of the
members of my party at the primaries. I
finished a civil engineering course at the
University of Michigan , and have had 20
years actual experience In all the different
lines of engineering and more than ten of
those years In land surveying. Have lived
live years In Custer county.
j. L. FuunUflON ,
Sargent , Nebr.
The Argosy ia pleased to an
nounce that Geo. E. Porter has
announced himself as a candi
date for the republican nomina
tion for register of deeds. Mr.
Woods , the present incumbent ,
has decided not to enter thcrz.ce ,
and as Mr. Porter is the present
deputy register of deeds , he is in
position to be well acquainted
with the duties of the office and
if nominated atid elected , which
is a foregone conclusion , he will
make one of the best officials
that Custcr county people have
had the honor of supporting.
Ausley Argosy.
A. J. VanAntwerp has an
nounced that he will be a candi
date for the nomination , for
county surveyor on the Republi
can ticket. Allic was born and
raised in Custer County and has
lived in thin county all his life
with the exception of the time
he spent in college. The major
ity of his life has been spent in
helping his father survey , and
he has held several terms as city
engineer , of Broken Bow. He is
a young man perfectly compe
tent for the office , and our people
ple should help him get the nom
ination regardless of party ties.
Oconto Register. .
For Surveyor-
. A. J. Van Antwerp , of Broken
Bow , requests us to announce
him as a candidate for county
surveyor subject to the decision
of the voters at the Hepublican
primary. Mr. Van Autwerp has
served as deputy surveyor for'the
past four years and has given
universal satisfaction lie is
well qualified for the place he
seckn , having taken a course in
engineering at Fremont and also
at the State University , in Lin
coln. As a Republican , he is
always found in the harness and
pushing on the collar for the
best interest of the party. His
many fricnda in this section will
be pleased to hear of his nomi
nation and election.Calhway
Courier Tribune ,
Osborn Well l.iked.
As the time for the primaries
is approaching the crop of can
didates for county offices arc
springing up like mush.rooms in
June. Nearly every office has
from two to four aspirants. If
the crop will be as bountiful as
the present outlook indicates ,
the voter should not experience
any difficulty in securing his
For the office of County Clerk ,
the present deputy , W. II. Os-
born , is the only Republican can .
didatc , though he has not pub
licly announced that fact , yet it
is known that he is in the race , i
Hi1 * candidacy is generally met j
with a universal approval by the j
party here. Many complimun-1
lary words are being expressed
; IH to his efficiency as an officer.
-Sargent Leader.
The following clipping from
the Omaha Bee indicates that
Senator Burkett is taking an
active part in the discussion of
the tariff legislation in Congress :
"Persistent hammering on the
part of the progressive senators
brought an admission from Sen
ator Aldrich that the schedule
relating to window glass ought
to be re-constructed , and at the
end of Senator Burkett's speech
the schedule was passed over for
purposes of revision. Senator
Burkett , without mincing his
words , showed that manufactur
ers were selling glass at less than
the Dingley tariff ; that if a man ,
was given his "window glass in
Europe h6 could not afford to
pay the tariff on it and bring it
to this country ; that thcrelore
there was no necessity for such
high duty as carried in the Al
drich bill , Senator Aldrich ad
mitted that the schedule was too
high. It was the first admission
of that kind by the Rhode Island
Senator. It is now expected
that he will make a number of
other concessions before the bill
goes to conference. "
Practice What You Preach.
The Beacon for last week con
tains the following pointed para
graph :
"Now , Herbert , if you believe
in 'honest , straightforward jour
nalism , ' come out and admit the
truth of what these men say.
Admit that when the party ( the
Republican party ) promised a
a revision of the tariff downward
they were seeking success under
false pretenses. "
Just what the Republican con
gress now in session will , jjo
towards the revision of the tar
iff cannot be determined at this
time. We must await their
final action on the bill.
But , Brother Beal , when you
speak of keeping party pledge *
and ask a Hepublican editor to
look lifter the affairs in his own
party , why don't you practice
what you preach ? Perhaps you
will recall that the last Demo
cratic platform contained the
following plank :
"We demand the immediate
repeal of the tariff on wood pulp
print paper , lumber , timber am
logs , and that thsse articles be
placed on the free list. "
Why , Brother Heal , don't yet
get after the thirty-eight Demo
crats who voted in the House o
Representatives for a protective
tariff on lumber in defiance o
of the Democratic platform dec
laration for free lumber ? Wh }
don't you get after the twenty
three Democrats who votct
against the modification of th
house rules and to sustain
Speaker Cannon and his organi
Cation ? Better not have too
much to say about the Republi
cans , Charles , until you clean up
your own party a little.
Stock Market Report.
1 South Omaha , May 12 , ' 09
Cattle- :
Receipts this week have been
moderate. Monday's and Tues
day's trade was quite a repetition
of the market during the closing
days of last week , the packers
holding off at the start , but later
on falling over each other for
supplies. Today , with Chicago
lightly supplied , and a very
broad outlet our market was 10
to 15 cents higher , this advance
shows up on both steers and
butcher stock , the latter class
being in especially good request.
A small supply of feeders has
come on the market this week. .
At these high prices the country
inquiry has been , very narrow ,
with the result that trading in
this department 'is rather slow.
We quote- : Good to choice beeves
6 10 to i6.85 ; fair to good $6.10
to $6.35 ; common to fair $5.10
to S6.UO. Good to choice fed stock
$5.50 to $6.10 ; fair to good cows
$4.60 to $5 35 ; Cauners and cut
ters S2.60 to S.4.35. Veal calves
$3.60 to $6.85. Bulls , stags $3.35
to $5.35. Choice to prime feed
ers $5.00 to $5 60 ; good to choice
$4.40 to 4 90 ; fair to good 4.00
to 4.40 ; common to fair 3.00 to
4 00. Stock heifers 3 25 to 4.40
Hogs- :
Hogs have changed little in
the last two da > s. Today we
had more heavy hogs than for
some time past and these sold
readily to both local and outside
uycrs. $7.30 was the top today
nd the bulk of the sales being
nade from 6.80 to 7 15 , values
hat are anywhere from strong
o 5 cents higher than those on
Sheep- :
Trading in this department
las been on the sensational
order for sometime past and-
values have gone above all pre
vious records. Wooled lambs
lave sold as high as 9.35 with
shorn lambs up to 8.20. Even
at these high prices trading has
icen very active. Of course ,
receipts have been very light and
here is no possibility of getting
an over supply now before the
grass sheep begin to come. To-
lay the market is not as brisk
and salesmen claim prices were
any wkere from slow to 10 cents
ower. This is the first backset
that the market has had for
sometime , but it was expected.
The quotations given below are
for shorn stock , wooled grades
sell from SLOO to 1.25 above
these fierures. Good to choice
lambs 7.85''to 8.30 ; fair to good
7.00 to 7.85. Good to choice
ight yearlings 6.35 to 6.85.
Good to choice ewes 5.75 to 6.25
fair to good 5.25 to 5.75. Good to
choice wooled lambs 8.85 to 9.35 ;
fair to good 8.15 to 8.85.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Bishop
arc expected home from Illinois
in a few days , where they went
to attend the funeral of Mr.
Bishop's father.
Mrs. Ralph Johnson has been
enjoying a visit from her sister
and husband and little daughter ,
who spent the winter in Califor
nia , and arc on their way home
to New York. They left here
last Monday.
Mrs. M. D. Stone is improving.
Mr. Williams is ill and one of
his sons has the mumps.
Arthur Cole planted corn for
Mr. Small and for Mr. Williams.
Chas. Sands spent Saturday
night with Chas. KooHer.
Mr. Pedcu is doing some more
fencing with woven wire.
Mr. Sharp has been fencing a
Oren Cole is employed with the
telephone company.
Mrs. Maud Holcouib , of Brok
en Bow , is assisting Mrs. Callcn
with house cleaning.
Windgate Foster is helping
with the farm work at J. T.
A good rain would be very ac
ceptable. Last Thursday quite
a storm visited these parts.
Fierce for a time and quite a
little hail fell , but the rain
ceased falling too soon to giveTis
much moisture ,
A terrible misfortune befell
Walter Cole on Friday evening ,
May 14 , which all sincerely hopp
will not prove fatal. He and his
sister , Olive , had started out for
a horse back ride. Walter was
riding a very fractious animal ,
and when they were part way
down the drive way his horse
reared upon his hind legs , and
Walter , seeing the forthcoming
danger , got off , but rather fell in
a heap and before he could move
the horse fell back upon him and
poor Walter suffered the disloca
tion of his back. His sister , who
being frightened , began to
scream , which brought assistance
from the houso. Walter was car
ried in a blanket to the house
and Drs. Penningtou and Mul-
lins were there in a very short
time to set the broken bone , but
it was Monday morning before
the suffering boy could rest easy.
On Tuesday he was put in a
plaster paris jacket and left same
night for St. Joe. He was ac
companied by his father and Dr.
Pennington , This is sad indeed.
Walter is an energetic young
man , who is a friend to everyone
and the accident is to be deplor
ed very much. The doctor is
very much pleased with his
progress so far ,
All unauthorized persons are
hereby notified to not interfer in
any way with street lamps , man
tles , and fixtures under penally
of the law. a-2'2-a29
TRADE Pure old cider vinegar MARK
Pure Food Products
Wrights smoke for meat ,
75c a battle.
Knock out prices on
Utah gallon fruitsr lull
gallon pears , per can 4oc
Full gallon peeled peach
per can 40c
Full gallon apricots
per can ' 40c
These goods are cheap
at the price. Just think
of it , only 4 cents a Ib.
Hurry up won't last
Fresh goods daily at
Very fancy 4 crown Cali
fornia raisins , the best
grown. 5 pounds for 50c
Fancy evaporated pears ,
4 pounds for oOc
Large fancy fafc prunes ,
8 pounds for $1
A beauty of a Muir peach
the finest ilavor and fine
eating , 9 pounds for $1
A good peach
11 pounds lor $1
We test and pay Knock out prices on Dandelion and
the highest all weed killer
price for cream. fancy evaporated guaranteed to
Cash on day , . . do the work.
of delivery at 50c a can at
It is a sign of an artistic
tempcruicnt in those who
desire to own it.
It is uscfull as well a sen
sible , serviceable investment.
We have a tempting array
of these goods. Kvery de
sign is new , and we can offer
our customers some excep
tional values.
Many people hesitate at
buying CUT GLASS , on
account of its supposed cost
liness but dollar for dollar
it reveals a richness that is
possessed by few other arti
cle of art or utilily.
Come in and let us show
you our display if the least
bit interested.
A li ?
Have you seen our new
line of samples of high
grade wall paper ? No
store in town can offer you
a collection of such rare
bsaiity and elegance to
choose from at such reason
able prices.
It will be a pleasure to
you and to us to have you -y
look them over. i Aj
The Busy Druggist
The following offer contains only selected uiagaxines of the highest merit. The nec < ls und desires of every one will be found
represented in this list. Women , Literature. Reviews , Juvenile , Outdoor interests , Fiction , Technical , Music , Art , lite.
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Greatest Subscription Offer
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Four Great Publications and a Dress Pattern
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Custer County Republican , iroken Saw , Nebraska