Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, April 22, 1909, Page 4, Image 4

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    4 L'JJK Ot Ttilrt COTNTV , NEBRASKA.
tr r'TSl ' TSS22K
. . .
IJUII I ! - !
Wlttrn matter I * net on-wood liases electrotype
n Hat nrluo nf tu-cnty cents ptr IncU.nliiHlocol-
tiiiiiti ( or each lim-rilon , twoortuoni Iniartlmi *
IScRiil * tier Inch. Special | iofllUiin , nliiRlo in.
Ki'rtlon f > cents JUT Illcli. Metal liasn. elcctrorf-
ivonr tnoio tliiH'H , IS ccnmper Inch. I'ayiucnl
Urn of each tmmili ,
Local advertlnlnu fl TO cents TIT lltir c'.irliln
clnircli cliurcli falra , Hiiclnlilp * and
/iilrrtalniticiitu wlioti * iimnnv Is cliaruodt out *
Imlf r.lloH.
Dsfttli HullccB tten , Imlf i riro for i
Card o ( ThntikN , 10 ecu A ,
LrKul nuilcoH at rates provided lotntos of
nollconninl ti-i oliitloiiaoiio-lini ! raid
notices fieo , ball price for n l of
at Hrokcn Ilou' , Nnbranhn , for traitn-
mliilon In tin : United Stated maiU
at Bcconil class rates.
llcrlicrl (1 , Alycrs , lidllor find Publisher
Poliflcnl Aiiiiouiicciiicnl.
Uolng prompted by a drnlrc to lead nnd
dlrccl tbc cducatlunal forccn of the- great
cndllly of Glister , In wliuie Nihouls t W.IH a
pupil nearly no years ago , 1 hereby formally
( Uitiounro myi > elf a candidate for the position
of County Superintendent of I'ubllr Inntrur-
tlon. I have advocated republican princi
ples for Id years and am tlnm asking the.dln
UiiKiilHhud honor of beliiR Its nominee at the
cnmliiK flection.
W.u/inn . \ VTUIIH. .
I huiuby annoiiiico to the Republicans
of Custur Couuty tlial I inn a cnndidiito
for the nomination to tbc oflku of
Comity Surveyor , subject to tbc cvprcss-
ud will of tlie nicnibuis of In1 party nt
' the primary. I have served as Deputy
County Surveyor for the past 3 yetus ,
and ] ) rcvious to the j.tnclicnl cud ac
quired my education iu the County
schools of Custct County , in the I'reiuoiit
Xotinnl school nnd the Nebrnskn State
L'uiveiiity. I have always lived in
Cluster county and have always suppoit-
t'd the Republican ticket.
i\lcn \ may come , and men may
but let the work of progress
for the city of Broken Bow jjo on
Broken Bow needs a young
men's commcrical club. Give the
young' fellows a chance to show
what their energy and ambition
can do.
The grading for the tailroad
improvements began Tuesday.
Here's hoping that it is the. be-
gining of the work for at least a
passenger divison at this place.
Don't stand back and criticise
Ihc work that some other man
is trying to do for the city bul I
get in and do something for im
provement yourself and you won I
have so much time to talk about
the other fellow.
When it comes to "boosting'
for Broken Bow tlic Commerica
Club cannot do it all. The clul
must have your co-operation. /
few men working against tin
club or even a few men standing
by and refusing1 to help may ,
rncnn the work that it undertakes
will not be accomplished.
"Never judge n m in In In -
clothes , " mourns an < < ' "ani-.f. "
"The m.iM wilh the ugp'd > inl ,
lotirh lial , and worn otil sho. s ,
may be the editor "of your local
paper , while the man with the
stylish suit and patent leather
men may be si.11 ply one of his
delinquent subscribers. "
When Congressman Kinkaid
was n candidate for re-election
at fall he announced llml he
would oppose the tu-election ot
Junnon for fpoakor of UK House.
Tlit" lecord of tin- plot red
jfS in the Ilou e on
March 1Mb shows that IK * voted
for Catuion. How do > ou an ount
It socmw to be a little h.ird to
tell just whereCongicssnian
Kinliaid in going to stand when
a tpt stioji to a vole in the
HOUSP. Sometimes he votes with
the "insurgents" and so me time a
he voles with the "regulars. "
He voted wilh the "inburgi-nts"
for the revision of the rules ol
the House bul he doscn't seem
to be staying with them all of Un
! ! M ' ttm *
We arc not only able now , but
willing to acknowledge a rival
wet thy of our steed. The Kici'uu-
T.ICAN has at last waked up
from a Rip Van Winkle sleep
under the energetic leadership tf
a bachelor boy. who wants to be
like us only the grapes look s'ntr ,
and who evidently has a good
deal of heart and plenty of brains.
How often have we longed for
just such a rival as the Ki'rm.i-
CAN has become , that we might
dent its polished armor occas
ionally , and theieby ad brilliancy
to our own "Beacon" ligh *
Custer County Beacon.
V , 1-ISSliU I MMS. :
Theo Fiscorn just returned
from Omaha where he shipped
132 head of hogs averaging about
, % SO bs
ftlna Kvans came home Satur
day for n few days visit.
Charmer Noble stepped into a
| badger hole and sprained his leg
which the Doctor , says will al
ways trouble him.
Tice Case was trying to tide a
fractious broncho and got throw-
ed oil and was unconscious for
several hours , lie is belter at
this writing.
Ada Hence was helping Mis.
Ruben Campbell while shelling
Kail Pirncy bought a Inule
team of Mr. Harold and now has
a delivery man on the road and
, he has also enlarged his store.
Jack AppVcart has moved into
Send your Abstract Orders to
Jf .
Bonded Abstractor
Office in Security State Bank'BMd'ng
Knabe Marshall
Everett and Wendell
Herbert A Watts
Cable Haines Bros.
Wellington Bush nnti Lane
. C.
'lit * < ) llt Clilnr
1'iiru I1 niul Product ; ;
Purina - Little Chick I'eed
.W cents a sack. It keep- *
them well and makes them
Loiii-c killer for your poul
try at 23c a box. Keeps
tlirm healthy.
Panacea the only egg
producer. 25c and ( > 0c sixes.
Oyster shell for poultry 2r
IHM IIOIIIK ! . $1 .SO a hundred ,
lluv this and noli- the result.
\Vt : have a line hey reyu-
lain ) it is put up in Si.00
si/f packages wat muted to
; results or money hack.
Try a box.
We nevet fjet tired harp
ing on our Blue IJell Peas a
Cookies of all
kinds also fresh
Hrokcn How , Au
rora and M.ISOII
City Hour.
Have you seen our new
line of samples of high
grade wall paper ? No | !
store in town can offer you
a. collection of such rare
beauty and elegance to
choose from at such reason
able prices.
It will be a pleasure to
you and to us to have you
look them over.
ui Ei , LLL
Tie Busy Druggist
D. J. Rockwell's house.
Ptotractcd meetings closed
Saturday evening.
Kev. Chamberlain was visiting-
Chns. ( Jovicr Thursday.
Ira Starkspurchased four bush
els of Alfalfa of Arthur Cooks-
Mr. Alex Pirnie was in Brok
en Bow Friday.
The young men in Wcissert
felt so much like rejoicing over
the fact that the old men were
getting matricd that they got a
keg of beer and a lot of bologna
and had a feast.
a i ON i runs.
Art Cookslcy made a business
trip to Sargent Friday.
Mr. Wolfe is working for Wil
liam Mclntosh this week.
Clinton Calhoun went to Dun
ning , the first of the week to
hold revival meetings. lie will
be acsisted by Mr. Wolfe.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Walters
arc the proud sarcnts of a baby
girl , who arrived on anril Hth. )
Mrs. Kva Ilaumont and Miss
Myrtle Bishop made a trip to
Berwyn Friday.
The Carpenters have Mr. IIol-
lenbecks new house erected and
most of the shingles on
Mr. Karl Pernic , our merchant is
enlarging hts store. He will be
prepeted to carry a larger rftock
of goods hereafter.
There is to be a missionary
talk given by Mr. X.ook at the
Weissert M. 1C. Church on Tues
day evening April 20th. Mr.
Xook has spent ten years in In
dia and two years in Japan , and
will doubtless have some inter
esting' accounts to give of the
work in those countries.
The farmers are all busy put-
can for I5c. Six for 7S- .
Our ( Jallon can apricots
at 55c is dirt cheap. Full
can ami good fruits.
We have a can peach put
up in Michigan 2lIbs of
solid fruit , worth 25c. Our
price 20c a can or U for $1.1
Our tea leaf Japan tea is
the favorite and so recog
nized by tea drinkers. We
sell it at 5c. ( ) Sold every-
wheie at Mc ) a pound.
Our Gasoline sliii'ls the
slate ol Nebraska tuil 5
gallons for $1.1 u.
The laws of the state of
Nebiask.i cut out red coal
Krcsh Bread daily
six loaves for 25
ting in oats.
Rev. Thompson of Broken Bow
preached at the school house
last Sunday and will be there again -
gain in two weeks.
Miss Yum a Proyvcncc of the
loup is visiting- her uncles Mr.
The circle will meet with Mrs.
Boliu Thursday , April 2' ' ) .
10 very household has
need for an :
.ind other K'uhhc-r
\\V have a complete' stock
of every sort of House
hold Iv'.iliher ( loods.
The prices are very
hnv. 'Phe quality is
Al. And we assure
yon satisfaction in ev
ery particular.
J. G. Haeterle
Broken Bow , Nebr.
An urdlanrc vacating to tin- use of th
CliliMgn , liurllnpton and Qulncy Ratlro.i i ;
Cutniini.y , all tliat part of what was orm .ri\
North Kulluny Street In railroad addition to
Broken How hlliR south of the notithcii.
lintnf him ks one liuiulrotl rvon (107) ( .nni '
oiu- hunched tlplit < lu i n ( unmts Addition I
in Hinkrii linn ami all that pan of North i
I'list Ati-mii * . IMng south of a line cxu-n-i I
lug liuin tin- south wiit c rncr of lot fotir ( ti
In liloci : otic luiMilrcd i < vcn (107) ( ) , In tinny lit ,
lint' to the snutti west corner of lol five r > i I
n block one Imiidml eight ( ID ? ) of crunt-
Addition. .
Hf It ordained by ttic Mayor and the
C'ouncll of the city of ijroken Itow , cufttcr
Couuty , Nebraska :
Section I , All that part what was formerly
North Hatlroad Street In Kallroad addition
to liroken How , Nebraska. Ijlng south of
the huothcrly line of blocks one humlrod
seven (107 ( ; and one hundred eight (108) ) In
Greats Addition to Ilroken How and all that
l irt of No-ih rust Avenue south of n line
druw n fi oin the south east corner of lot four
(1) ( In block one hundred seven (107) In a
strlght line to the south w est corner of lot(5) ( )
In block one hundred eight ( IBS ) of Oroat-
addttlou to Ilroken How , be and the same atv
hereby vacated to the use of the Chicago
Ilurllngton and Qulncy Railroad Cotnpnin
for railroad purposes.
Section i ! . This orldancc shall take effect
and be In force from and after Us passage
approval and publication as required by 11\ "
[ HLAT.l W A. OKOIIOH. Mavor
Attest , ! : S HOUOMII ( Mtv Clerk
Sheppa-rd . - & Bnrk
Wish lo full your attention to the fine line of
VHGKTABLIte they have on hand such as :
Carrots Onions
Parsnips Beets
Turnips Lstiuco
Cabbage Celery
in the city , shipped direct from Baltimore.
Sheppard & Bnrk
The World's Best Automobile
Tr3BTJL37 Ti 1
3BTJL37- 1i
1s i
. s
jp xx > xx > s < xxxxxxJC < X3 AX / ? < iicooco : < xxx.xxxxxxxxxx > c : o : v
Alarm Clocks
School lime alarm
Work time alarm.
Medicine time alarm.
Tmin tirac alarm.
Get up time alarm.
At prices 'hat wont alarm.
A j ovl nickel alarm clrxk.
PLice $1.00
iJ * VV'iilc the oth r factor-
' ,
> q ; ( . have gcv.o cray : : on
sh the four-cylinder prcpos-
b it-mi , the Jackson fnc-
lh tory retains it" sanity ,
- and through it has pro-
, duccd the best
o four-cyl-
> q inder cars the world has
p ever known. 1 * still con-
> q tinues to build the ilodel
sh C , framed for hill climb-
: - ins\ framed for taking
jj- care of tl'e hard proposi-
tii'iis. ' Sitrple in cou-
, " -duction , big in its eu-
b - u- equipment
and big
< j .uid coin fort j bl e iu its
; b proportions the best car
: V3 for the money in the
Automobile world. Let
me show 3011 our cars.
II John S. Me Craw , Agent