Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, May 30, 1907, Image 6

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DROK N now , - - NEBRASKA.
' " - -
Ger111an ) ' Is fet 11l'aco anl1 nloo It Is
going to keep Ita powder I1ry.
. . _ - -
An old Im\ln In young head Is bet.
ter than 1JlII1H brain In an 0111 heall.
It Is trno that money docs not brln
happlncss. 'fho czar gets $23,000,000
a year.
Music may do so 11\ 0good. - . Whtlo Il
boy Is. whlsUing ho can't be smoking
How can old fogy 11ractltlonors say
that the ) 'oung Iloctor , 18 whOllY In.
competent uctor they have Been hili
lovely whlsleers ?
Winston Churchill receives a royal.
ty of 30 cents per volume , anll already
bls recolllts from ono book are aald t.o
have been $ l OOOO.
Germany Is not going to favor dJ.J.
armamont. It Is afraid the seconll.
l\anll man wouldn't glvo It much of
anything for Its guns.
Why 1l00lru't some multlmlllIonalro
glvo Commander Peary tbat moro
trlfie of $00,000 and get him. started
tor the north 1101e without delay ?
Very IIkoly It Is true that many
young doctors do not Imow much , but
nature worles as hard to assist thorn
M It does to assist the old practltlon.
Dy mlstaleo , a man who meant to
varnish his front door used maple sy.
rup. Fortunately , though , It does not
nppear that ho used varnish on his
bncltwheat . .cakes ,
Tom Lawson Is said to have made
2,500OOO the other day by not buying
0. copper mlno. Wo rofraln from buy.
ing copper mines every da ) ' In the
year without alnlng anything by It.
Hudson Maxim announces that bo
has completed an invention which w111
render armor pillte useless , This
ought to hell ) some moro toward the
establlshmont of unlvorsl\l peaco.
Kipling may not have been trying
to make the 110et laureate look 1I1eo a
plugged 30-cent ploco , but that was a
sort of by-product of Rud'ard's latest
A Dos ton woman wrote 225 words a
minute for Hi minutes on her type.
writer. No doubt that if it had been
necessary she could Imvo talkCll thorn
at the sarno speed for as long a time ,
A Now Orleans man doesn't want
the negroes to benefit by the Rhodes
scholarships. The ohn1 > lest way to
prevent tlUl.t would bo for the white
boys to boat the negro bets In the ex.
A correspondent writes to a London
paper "to lrotest omphntically against
the carolC and selfisb persons whe
walk about in a crowded tborough.
fare Wltll theIr umbrellas carrlod 111
a dangerous way. " Whft.t's the use
Queen Aloxandra. io but one of tlu ;
mllny royal ladles who bear the name
of "Alox. " Her two nlocos , Princess
Aloxandr2. of lIesso , who is now the
widow of the Grand Duke Serglus 01
Russia , nnd the present cznrinn of Rug
sin are both Imown 0.8 "Alex. "
Fitly or mora mirrors have been 1'0
monli from the government prlntlnf ;
office 110 the women employes won't
bo evorlaHtincly primping , 'fhls dla
bollcal move , however , w111 tail to ar
rest the Involuntary straying of Un
lIly.white fin to fool of the marco
wnve or .tho pomp.
Ransford D. Duckman of 'Vorccster
Mass" recently appointed naval ad
viser to U10 8uUan of 'rurkey , is nO\1
In command of the fieet which guardl
the Dosphorus and the Dardanolles
with the rank of admiral. His firs
oxperien.ce as a aallor was gulned 01
the grent lakes , where ho was a cnbh
bo ) ' . Now , nt 10 , ho Is nn admiral.
The 000 elderly old ladles of 0. SWili1
community who have organized a cru
Bade against excesslvo dancing ani
have forwarded n potltlon to the can
tonal officIals l > olntlng out that num
berless balls , dances and other de
moralizing ontertalnments were glvOl
last year , and the young people de
voted too much time to pleasure
might lese tllelr labor If Bomebod
should dub thom publicly the Sou
Grapes Msoclation ,
Vermont has 14 living ex.governorl
ranging In age trom 84 years down t
halt n century , The list is , of 'oours
headed by Frederick Holbrook of Dra
Ueboro , the war govel110r , and the
comea ex-Congrcssman Jobn 'V , Stev
art , Bonator Redfiold Proctor , John I
Darstow , Samuel E. Plngroo , Ebencz <
J. Ormaby , Senator WIlUam p , DI
IIngham , Carroll S. Page , U , A. WOOl
bury , Josiah Grout , Edward C. Smltl
WilUam W , Stickney , John O. McCu
lough nnd Chnrles J. Dell.
A 1000dln tavorlto In the lIterar
circles of Washington Is the widow (
Rev. T , De Witt Tnlmt\8o , the coli
bra-ted Drooklyn 1lreacller. Since th
death of her husband Mra. Tl\lmng
hns spent much ot her tlmo in Ul
capital. She wrItes tor magazlm
and noWSpalerS , generally verses , bl
always under a nom do 1)lumo.
The ngllsh ribbon trade is Bald I
be now In a more 1Iourlshing cone
tlon than it haa been in many yeal
owing to the buge demands the dres
makers and mlllinors are making upc
the output of tbe manufacturers.
- -
. Mt.&Li'U. & aU.ti fl& 'CJM l lf ) . . .
1" 1"V 'j l'1 ' ' W'ttf W''JnV / , ' rf 1f1" Wf fJ'
( Copyright , hy Josevh D. DowII. ! )
" " . sall1 lmlanclng
"lIon or , Cynthia. ,
herself sideways on the old bahls ,
trude ovorlooldng the lalw : "I won.
l1ar what you would do If you wore In
my position ? "
"Fall over Into the lake , " I replied
promptly : IOns you will In a minute , i
If YOIl are not careful , and you will i
find It VOl'y deep water , " I
"I am In deep water alrel ) y , " sbe
said gently , und 1 should bo moro than
. glad If you cdll tlnd a way to help mo ,
but It won't bo very easy. 1 thought
It such 1\ good Idea to start with , but
now It doesn't seem to have worked
out very well. "
"What Is It ? "
"H's Mr. Peters , " she. said , turning
her face away aud looldng out dream.
Ily across the lake.
"Still 1\11' . Peters ? " I asked with a
little surprlsc. "It has been Mr. Pe. I
torn for qulto a long tlmo , "
"I don't Imow If 1 have told you
that ho has nsleed mo to marry him , "
she went on after a pause.
"Yes , " I said , "soveral times. "
" 1 wish people wouldn't asle mo to
ml\rry them , " Cynthia said Impatlont.
Iy. " 1 noyer know what to say , "
"Thoro I I not much choice , " I ob.
served. "You can only say 'Yes' or
' ' "
"That's just what Is so tlresomo , "
she suld calmly. "I said nothing. Yesterday -
terday ho wrote to say he really must
htlVO Ull answor. 110 gave mo a week
to think It over , as he did not wish
to hul'tY mo. Dut I sent him my an.
swor by 110st lust night ! "
"Why did you do that ? It would
havo. been better to have waited , as
he suggested It , till the end or the
week , 1 thlnl { . " Cynthia could change
her mind a dozen times in a weok.
"No , " she answoretl sorlously. "I
sent the I\nswer at once because I
hate to huvo a thing of that sort
hanging over my head. "
"If you have alreatly sent your an.
swer , where can the difficulty bo ?
What was It ? " I repented with a lit.
tlo Impatience , "Ye ! : ! , or no ? "
"I don't Imow , " she saM , gently ;
"that's just whc'o the trouble 1s. "
"Cynthia ! " I cried sharply. "Do you
menn to tell mo } 'ou don't know
whether you have accepted Mr. Peters
or refm.led him ? " I
"That Is oXl\ctly the state or the
-1.4JV- ,
He Has Asked Me to Marry Him ,
cnso , " she replied , with maddening se-
renity. "I sent him his answer last
night , and I've no moro 'notion what
It was , " she loolcod nround tor an
example , "than the mnn in the moon. "
"Cynthia , " I said slowly , "I think
one at us must bo mad , and 1 do not
believe It Is I , "
"Not at all , " she retorted briskly :
"If you will listen I'll toll you exactly
how It happoned. Mr , Peters has been
pestorlng mo tor nn answer for weeks ,
and tbe truth was I could not tor the
lIfo ot mo make up my mind what te
say , Don't you think ho Is a vor ) '
l'nlco man , Honor ? " aho added , looking
l' at mo earnestly.
I' "That Is just It : ho is so nlco that
1\ . I hadn't the heart to say : 'No' to him :
but as I never have liked talr halrl
t , I couldn't bo quite sure I wanted tc
y say 'Yos. ' Then tills letter asking fOI
r 0. definlto answer came IIko a thunder.
"I tolt quite auro It would be no eas
" ier to make up my mind at tbo end 01
o 0. week , and that the best thing woul
t. o bo to do It at once. So I did. "
"I am glad to hear It , " I romarke
' n . dryly , "I understood you to say YOl
{ do . not know whnt you had said. "
.J. "No more I do. 1 wrote two letters
11' . ono accoptlng him nnd the other re
. fusing him , and addressed them ox
1. BCtly allko and shufUed them with m
I . , eyes shut , and then I put ono In thl
1. fire and the ether In the mal ! . "
"Which did you put in the man ? '
"I don't Imow , " she answered pIn
cidly , "thnt's just whore the fix comel
. in. "
I )
o "Cynthia ! " I oxclalmed , laughlnl
:0 : against my wJlI , "and you call tl1
; 0 mnklng up your mind ! "
'S "At first I thought It was rather I
t good idea. Of course the awkwarl
pnrt is not knowing what I have sull
to him , If I toun I had mailed thl
to wrong ono , I ahould probably b vl
U. sent the other after It , And tha
rs wouldn't have mended m tters. "
s. "Thero Is nothing for it ut to tUCI
In the situation , " I remarked impo
UenUy ,
"I don't mInd the situation : it's 1\11' ,
Peters I on't wnnt to fnce , " Cynthia
1 could think of no surgestlon , and
sllenco fell for n moment or two.
" , Just think of the unpleasantness
of It , lIonor , " she remarked. " 1 have
had n telegram to say ho is comlne
at three o'clock. "
"And what llro you going to do ? "
There was a long pauBo.
"I thought of going down to see
Mrs , 1\Ialoney's new buby abollt then , "
she said at last.
I half rose to my feet In Indlgna.
tlon , and then aat down again.
"And leave mo , I suppose , to Inter.
.vlow the victim of YOllr foolishness !
Cynthln , " I Gal solemnly , "I am not
going to o It. "
"Ilonor , " she snld Insinuatingly ,
"just think how horribly unpleasant
It would bo "tor mo to meet him , not
having II notion as to which letter I
put In the post. Whe eas you cOllld
bo a8 Innocent as a lamb , nnd easily
find out Incldentnlly in conversation ,
whether I said Yes' or 'No. ' "
" 1 am not going to help YOII , " I said ,
rising nnd wnlldng across the gravel.
cd terrace to the balustrade.
"I nm sure you will when you think
of It I Honor , dear , " she s id entreat-
Ingly. ' 'It Is not much I am asking
you to do. Just to see Mr. Peters ,
Instead of me. Then I shall Imow
how to meet him , and shan't bo taken
abacle. "
lt was eloso upon three o'clock , and
a servant came to tell mo that Mr.
Peters was In the , and
that Cynthia could not bo found.
As the interview had been forced
on mo I dotermlned to make the best
ot It.
Cynthia taced mo quite placidly on
her return.
"Well ? " she said Interrogatively.
"did you see him ? "
"Yea , I saw him , " I answered
"And which letter was it I put in
the mnll ? "
"I have no more notion than you
have. "
Cynthia opened her eyes.
"You menn to toll me you tnlked
to him for half an hour and couldn't
find out that much ! \Veren't there
any symptoms ? "
"What do you mean by 'aymp.
toms ? ' " ,
"Wben ho came into the room did
he look jUbilant-as if ho would IIko
to stand on his head ? Oh did he
look as If ho hadn't shaved { or n
week , and never meant to shave
again ? DId : rou ask him if he was
happy ? "
"No ! " I cried , exasperated , "nor die } .
I llsk him If he was good : nor how old
he was : nor whether ho dyes his haIr"
nor 1\ny other impertlnont ques.
tion. "
"Then it se ms to me it has ull
got to be done over again , and wo are
no further than wo were before , " she
said dismally , rising from her chair
nnd walking to the window ,
"I am afraid you will have to face
him yoursl'lf the next time , Cynthia , "
I replied gently.
"Supposo I were to throw myself
on his mercy , " she aald hopefully ,
turning round acter "
a pause-"tell
him the w.holo . truth , and say I had
mndo 0. mlstake-whlchover way it
was-what do you think ho would
say ? "
" e would certainly have nothing
more to do with ' " I
) 'OU , answered so :
vorel ) ' .
"I do wish I knew what I snld , "
she murmured. "I shouhl feel so
much moro settled. "
' } 'hreo days passed and there was
no algn or Mr. Peters , Cynthia's spirIts -
Its bognn to droop , and I was sur.
prlsed to notlco n IIttlo IIno of worry
permanontl ) ' settle Itself between her
eyebrowa ,
Then ono afternoon I found her In
a secluded corner In tears.
"Oh , Honor , " she 'sobbod , givIng
wn ) ' nltogothor , "I must have said
'No. ' Can't ) 'OU heh > mo an'how ,
Honor ? You have never failed me
yet. "
"Dutwhat can 1 do ? " I replied ,
helplessl ) ' .
"Go and see him , " she said , des.
1Ieratel ) ' . "Tell him I dIdn't mean
it , Honor-that I mean 'Yes' for all
the rest of my life. "
, '
"I can't do that , " 1 said at last ,
"but } 'Il go and persuade him , if I
can , to como and see you. "
I returned some two hours later
from my I'ather dlstastoful mission to
nnd Cynthia b ) ' herself In the draw. To m ) ' surprIse her fnce
was wreathed In smiles , and she
. waved a square of whlto paper at me
exultantl ) ' ns 1 entered the room.
"Honor ! " she cded. "It's the let ,
ter ! 1 tound It in the pocket of the
dl'oss 1 was wel\l'lng that da ) ' , aud
, ho's just waiting till the end ot the
. we ok for m ) ' answer ! " 1 aturell at
9 her atupldl ) ' .
"Oh , lIonor , I am so hap 11) ' , " she
aald softl ) ' : "don't bo angry wltb
" 1\11' . Peters Is putting UI ) his horse
and will bo hero " .
In u moment , 1 an.
swered , my wrnth on I ) ' Imrtl ) ' nllpeas
ed , "find now , C'nthla , I hOllo you've
hnd a lesson , and Imow ) 'oUr OWl ]
mlnll nt Inst. "
"Of course I do , " she retorted , witt :
a slight show of Indignation.
Mr. Peters at that moment cnme
In at the door , and 1 wont out by the
window Into the garden.
Some Pretty Ideas For SeMonable
Garments In Either Silk or Lacc-
The Effect of n Soft Tic ,
The lace blouse , everywhere recog.
nlzed as mnrvclnuuly economical , stIlI .
Is IWllt outside of the range of com.
monness by new Idean in its selection
nnd trcatmont. InBtead of the over.
work d way of brInging it IDt.o hare
mon ' with the nklrt by moaT1S of rib.
ball hrctcllell nnd glrdlo , It now Is
thrcaded wIth ribbon , elthor soft \'el.
vet OJ' with Dille cut billS , nnd hemmed
with the narrowost. roll posslblo.
' 1'hlo Bille drawn throllgh nnd olther
ImoHetl IIIee a tlo or having the enda
srnlJly ( llOlldant In front Is cl1 rmlng
I it has ringo knotted Into thorn and
an ' lreHy ) , rich docoratlon of em.
broider ) ' stitches added. ' 1'he velvet
Is finished off wIth cluBters or loops
IIko rosettes atlll nomeUmes will be
stllrted half way down the back and
thrcaded over the 'shoulders ' , entllng
with the rosetteG at just that point
on the bust which will bring the long
line from the shollidel' down to the
turn of the figure , now raved over
by dressmaker artists.
Or the soft tlo will bo sot around
under the arms lIke the finish of a
bolero , drnwlng It lip ns It reaches the
front and leavIng the entls to hang to
the waist. .
Anotlwr way Is to thread it around
the shoulders In the line or a bertha ,
although this enl ) ' can be done when
there Is a long shoulder seam. The
largest meshed laces are In demand
for this prett ) ' fashion , another rorm
of which Is carrletl out with gold rib.
bon laid over II backing of cloth like
the skirt.
Economical and pretty for evening
petticoats 1\1'0 thono of white net
.greatly berIbboned. They are easIly
cleaned aud even washable and are
equally pretty to wear with smart
afternoon frocks and any second sea.
son" white silk or brocade petticoat
can be easily' rejuvenated by its
lowner with Hounces of thk e net
trlmmOI with wash Insertion to matcher
or with wash rIbbon.
Whnt everybody does not Imow Is
that faille , the new silk standby for
blouses will wash with great slIccess
In the wlllte and if cnre Is taken even
In the pink nnd pale colors. An eXl1ul-
slto blouse of this sllle has shoulder
tabs and corresponding tab. coming
out from under the stock in front of
the material , edged with real baby
Irish lace an inch wide. These tabs
are embroidered with largo disks of
white sllle , which also appear with the
lace on the cuffs of the short sleoves.
This blouse , which , by the way , Is
copied from a famous walstmakor's
model , fs tastef.ully worn by its owner
with .whlto pearl beads and an ex-
, .tremely long bar pin of the same Roman -
man pearls , set so as to conceal all
, of the structure and to stand out in
unspoiled whltenesB Hko the string of
beads ,
Changing the Piano.
In the very common dab Ie effort to
change things around a bit and glvo
the house a now look at house clean.
ing time , it is just as well to be a lit.
tle earoful in the matter of placing the
plana. A refreshingly now and changed
appearance may be given to a room
by , having .the piano In another cor.
ner for a change , but If that corner Is
near a window or close to a register
the scheme bad bettor bo abandoned ,
A plana ia extremel ) ' sensitive to cold ,
heat or dampness. It la a great mls.
take to put it too nenr to the fire or
rad-Iator , because the heat Is apt to
affect the delicately constructed sound.
Ing board and interfere with the tone
of the piano. A piano which stands
by nn open window on a rnlny day is
almost sure to bo damaged. 'rho
dampness rusts the wires and other.
wlso affects the interIor ,
When disposing of the bric.a.brac
room do not save a largo share of It
for the top of the piano , rather let the
instrument be unincumbered by books
and ornaments so that the purl1) ' of
the tone w111 not bo Interfered with.
Correct Mourning ,
Fashions In mourning have under.
gone a very great change since the
wonderful Improvements that have
been in crepe. In the first place , it
Ima been successfully waterproofed
and is no longer extravngant wear.
Then the soft. nnlsh crepe is partlc.
ularly well adapted to the plcturesquo
and art.1stlc gowns of the present day.
Instead of the gowns being trimmed
with folds and voJants of crepe this
senson ent4'o empire and empress
gowns will be worn of this soft and
graceful crepe. Simplicity will be tbo
keynote of all mourning garb. For
millIner ) ' lonp , soft-finish crepe v lls
will be used to tll'apo the large and
small shalles , nnd will fall In two long
ends below the waist. Paris and
VIenna ha..o talccn UI ) this Crele ) and
it Is being used extonslvely for nil
articles at mourning.
Lace Coats for Evening ,
Lace coats will bo worn for e\'enlng
and for da : ; and they assume many
torms. In. Irish laeo they sink Into
the belt of Il V.shaped trimming' or
velvet , which borders the sleeves of
the same. Straight-fronted coats en.
tlrc y of lace , made after the ardor of
the palotota , of years ago , three.quar.
tel' length , ar.c a good oxamplo. For
day wear lace coats 0.1'0 often supplemented -
mented by 0. good deal of velvet ,
which covers the bncle and the trent
or the bodice portion , tbo lace , as It
were , being avvllqu d on to It.
: ' , ,
A WonderfJ1 ( Restoration. Caused D
Sensation In a Pennsylvania
Town ,
Mrs. Cha.rlos N , Preston , ot Elkland ,
Pa. , says : "Three years ago I found
that my housework
was becoming a bur.
den. I Ured easily , I
had no ambition and.
was fading rast , 1\Iy
complexion got yel.
low and. I loat ovcr
GO pounds , My thirst
was torrlble , and
there wns sugar in
. ' ' ' ' < > ' . . , . . . -
the Iddney secretions.
I My doctor leept mo on a strIct diet , but
as his medlclno was not helping me ,
I began using Doan's Kidney Pills.
They helped me at once , and soon all
traces of sugar disappeared. I have
regained my former weight nnd am
perfectly wel } ' ' '
Sold by all denIers. 50 cents a box ,
Foster.1\Ulbum Co" DUffalo , N , y ,
Siamese Object to Walking ,
The SIam060 , nbovo all nations In
the world , hate to wnne : no such 1podo
of progression Is tolerated by a Slam.
ese If he or she can by any menns
ride. A Venetian gondollor w111 wallt
sometimes : ovn ! n Hollander w111 rldo
on his rough ca\'t : but n Bangltole man
-not If ho M.n help it. His family
heat for Mm.-Windsor Magazine.
With a smooth iron and Defiance 1
Starch , you can laun er your shirt. :
waist just as well at home as the
steam laundry can : it w111 bavo the
proper stlflness and finish , there w111
bo less wear and tear of the goods ,
and it w111 bo a poslth'o pleasure to
use a Starch that does not stick to the
irQn ,
Obeying HIli Command ,
Benham-Did you have any com.
pany while I was flway ?
Mrs. Hcnham-NobodY to speak at.
Donhnm-WasIJ.'t your mother hero ?
Mrs. Denham-Yes , but you won't
let me speak to her.
What reason could not avoid bas
often been cured by dolay-Seneca.
I\lr , 'VJnlltow' " Soothlnr - : Sym " 'Y
For cblhlren toeUIIDI : , .oft .ne tbo gJlI'OI , re ucee In.
Ulmmatlon : , allal' DllIcaroe wInd collu. ca bol.tlo.
Any woman Gan maIm a dollnr go so
tar that her husband will never see It
again. I ,
Don't Sneeze Your Hend Off.
Krausc's CoM Cnpsulcs will cure } 'OU nl.
most instnntl ) ' , .At nIl Druggists , 25c ,
'No , Cardella , a man doesn't noccs ,
sarily have paint in his eyes when 110
Is color blind. . ,
- - - - - - - -
JCWiR' Sin lc Dimler costs more than
.Jthcr c cigars. tJ1nkcrs know why.
Your dealer or Lewis' Factory , l'eorin , IlL
- - - - - - ' -
The people of Colorado are so con.
fldent that publicity pays large d1vi.
dend that they are going to spend '
a fund In advertising tbe state's re-
To be on oed terms with Innnnn nnture ,
De Weill Unrfiehl 'ca purities the blood ,
eradicates disease , rcgulatcR the tliltcstivo
organs nnd brinltil Good Health ! l\Ianu'
fnetured hv Garfield 'ca Co" Brooklyn ,
N. y , Sola b ) ' druggists.
It's tough even on the sh.footer : : .
' "
when he has ono foot in the .gr e , ' " -
. : =
- - - - - - - - - - -
. , Positively cnred . ,
l4 " : ' these Little rills. ,
C , .1 D"JrD'S They nlso rcllaTe DI8. ;
tress from Dyspepsia. In.
ITiLE dJgcsUon and Too lloq
. " g Ent1ng. A perfect rcu :
II ! tf rR edy tor DIzz1ncss. NI\U5CB.
PI LLS. Plowalncss. Dad 'l'asto
In the : Mouth , COl.tc4
Tongue , : PnIn In the 8140 ,
regulate tbo Dowels. l > urcI1Vegetablc. .
CARTERS Gcnuino Must Bear
. : Fac-Similo Signaluro
! ! lITTlE
aVER d. - '
PI1.S. ! /
'Tilled Nervous WO 11en
Make Unhappy Homes
A nervous irritable woman , often on
the verge of hysterics , Is a source of
misery to everyone who comes under
her influence , and unhappy and miserable -
erable herself.
Such women not only drive husbands -
bands from home but arc whol1y unfit
to govern children.
. The ills of women net mce a fire
brand upon the nerves , oonsequently
seven-tent.hs of the nervous prootra-
tion , nervous despondency , the
"blues" . sleeplcssness , nnd ncrvous
irrit.abilitv of women arise from some
organic d rangement ,
Do you experience fits of depression
with restlessness alternating \ ' th extreme -
treme IrritabiUty ? Do you suffcr
from pains in the abdominal region ,
bnclcnche , bearing .down painenervous
dyspepsia , sleeplessness , and almost
continually cross and snappy ? If so ,
; rour nerves are In a shattered condition -
dition and you are threatened with
nervons prostration.
Proof is monumental that notJ1ing
in the world is better _ for nervous
"troubles of women than Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound ,
made from native roots and herbs ,
Thousands and thousands of women
can testify to this fact.
Mrs , Nellie ? ! Ialcham , of 151 Morgan
St. , Duffa.lo , N. Y. , wl'ites- :
Dear M s. Plnkham-
"I was n. wreck from nervousprostrntion ,
I suffered so I did not care whnt became of
I me , and my family d irod of my ro- J
covery. PhysIcinns faBoo. to help me. I r
; ;
was urged to try Lydia E. PInkham's
Vegetable Compound and I want to tell you
that it has entirely euJ' d me. I thinK ill
is the finest medicine on earth and I am
recommending it to all my friends. and
o.equaInmnees ,
Mrs. Oeo. A , James , a ' life long
resident of Fredonia , N , Y' " writes :
Dear Mrs. Pinlchnm-
"I was in 0. terribly nm down condition
and bad nervous prostr.l\tlon caUS d by
female trouble. in fact I bAd not boon well
since my children were born. This am-
dltion worked on mr nerves and I was irritable -
ritable and misernble. I. bAd tried ml-ny
remedies without getting much lIolp but
Lydia E. l > in1cham's Vegetable Compound
brought me back to health andstren th. It
hns also carried mo safo1y through the
Chan o of Lifo. I cannot too strongly
recommend your medicIne , "
I\lrs. Pinkham's Invltatl n to Women. \
Women suffering from any form of
female well.knesCJ are inyited to
communicate promptly with Mra.
Pin1cham , at Lynn , Mnss , From the
symptoms 1 ' vcn , the trouble may be
loca.tcd and the quickest and surest
way of recovery advised , Out of her
vast volume of experience in treating
female iUs Mrs. Pinkham probably
has the very lct10wledgc that w1ll help
your case , Her advice ill free and
always helpful.
Lydm E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound , made from native roots nnd : .
I herbs , con ains no narcotics or harmful drugs and today hol s the record for I
the la.r cst number of netual cures of female dlsell.3es of any medicine the . j
, , "orld hns over lcnown , and thousands of voluJltary testimonials are on j
I file In the laboratory at Lynn , Mass. , which testify to Us wonderful value ,
LYdia E. Plnkhllm's Vegetable Compound ; a Woman's Remedy for Women's Ills.
1l.hose '
who believe in quality ,
K C = b
25 ounces for 25 cents
Made from pure , carefully tested
Makes all baking healthful. : -i
Why pay more for inferior .f
, .
.JAQ JEs MFG. co.
ALLEN'S FOOT-EASE nta .Ignaturo f.jfMek
A Certsln Cur. for TIred , Hol , Acltlna Foet. Addrm-m.A .