Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, February 07, 1907, Section Two, Image 11

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How. to Give It ' -1
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Says that St. Valentine was beheaded
HISTORY Claudius because the young pco-
pie were so fond of him. I.Ie had great power
in making love affairs run smoothly and in straightening -
ening out quarrels.Vhen he was overcome with
misfortune the young mourned him and met secretly
each year to pay homage to his memory. On these
o .casion . . tll , Y. . pres.ented Cl
oUler wltll little tokens which
they called St. Valcntine offerings -
. ' ings , and from this the custom
of celebrating February 14th has
reached its present popularity.
A clever entertainment for this
day can be carried out as follows -
lows : Tiny pink tinted bristol
[ , board hearts are prepared by the
' hostess , four or five inches
I' across the widest part ; upon
these write suitable quotations ,
among which the following will
be found appropriate :
I "Love always looks for love again ;
If ever sinle. it is twain.
And till it finds its counttrpart
It bears about an aching heart. "
"They have o'erlooked me and di.
vided me ;
One half of me is yours , the other
half yours ,
And so all yours. "
"Tc1l mc. now last , what love will dOj
, . 'Twill hurt and heal a heart plerccQ
through ;
'If you lovc'me as I lovc you.
No knife Can cut our lovc in two' . "
With a leadpencil draw zigzag
lines down the center of each
heart from top to bottom
through the inscription and
with sharp scissors cut into two
parts , following the marking.
No two hearts should be cut
alike as this would confuse the
quotations. Punch a hole near
the too of each section and dis-
, . . - . . . - . . - - - - - - - - - - - - - . - - ,
t ilJtit tIle right hand sections to the mcn and the
I others to the women. The men thcn begin their search
to match their hearts and much merriment ensues.
The first hcart matchcd is joined by pink ribbon , the
. . . others arc tied with blue. The reunited hearts be-
. . . . . . . come souvenirs , which the gallant men prescnt to
- : : , . their mates. In this manner the supper guests can
find the partner with whom each is to be seated.
The table decorations can be as elaborate as good
taste and one's finances will allow. The illustration
will express a suggestion where a company of twelve
arc to be seated at the table.
. _ - - - _ . - - - -
Ajar o { pink roses is used for the centerpiece and
attached to each by narrow' pink ribbons for the men ,
and blue for the women , arc little red papier-mache
heart cases , containing some souvenir winch expresses
each person's fate-a heart , a ring , a needle , coin , etc.
These are distributed after the entertainment , A
mound of natural appearing cr pe paper roses and
green natural vines half conceal electric globes or
fairy lights. At each place is a heart guest card
pierced with a silver gilt arrow. Cupids , roses and
bells can decorate these if the hostess is clever with
the brush , Hearts should find a place about the rooms ,
a red and gilt one alternating on scarlet cords ; the
globes on the chandeliers or lamps can be covered
with pink cr pe paper , which will give an additional
rosy hue to the surroundings ,
The amusements can consist of fishing for hearts.
One corner of the room closed off by a scrcen of paper -
per roses hides the pond where scarlet , pink , silver
and gold paper heart valentines arc fished for. On
each is written the "fate" of the fisherman. One for
a man can contain the description of just the opposite -
site sort of woman he thinks much of. The same for
the woman. Amusing prophecy is another way to
carry out the idea. The refreshments can be simple
or elaborate but suggestive of the day.
If the luncheon is to be passed , sandwiches cut
heart shaped and filled with seasoned minced tongue ,
sardines or egg and olive mixtures will be found delicious -
licious , Heart shaped tarts with currant jelly filling ;
small heart cakes with icing and tiny silver pellets
outline the heart shape ; beet salad , the vegetables cut
into small hearts , and red raspberry ice formed into
hearts with tiny gilt darts thrust through , will be
found moderate in price and deliciously appetizing.
For a more elaborate menu the confectioners will
make spun sugar nests and decorate them with candied
cherry hearts strung on silver cords and crystallized
rose petals. Two .ice cream birds , too natural . appearing -
ing to cat , snuggle down in the center.
Page Three
- - - - - -
Tomato salad is poured { wo tl1ds thick in sheet
pans and when firm is cut into hearts , with a cooky
cutter ,
These arc placed in cups { armed of blanched
leaves of lloston lettuce and a teaspoonful of mayonnaise -
naise covered with tiny hearts cut from canned Spanish -
ish red peppers placed at one side. A small dart can
be _ un through each if desired.
These metal darts can be purchased -
chased at a confectionefs ! and
come to about 2 or 5 centli
apiece according to size. They
are made purposcly for foods .
so there need be no fear of ill
results from contact with the
mct . ,
CmcKEN TUIDALF.- e i g h
one - h a I f p 0 u n d uncooked
chicken breast , pass through a
tnincer ; mix one cup bread
crumbs with one-half cup milk
and stir to smooth paste , remove -
move from fire and add the
chicken ; one-half teaspoon salt ;
tiny speck cayenne , fold in the
stimy beaten whites of five
eggs ; butter a quart mold and
arrange hearts and darts cut
from beets , carrots or cherrias ;
pour in the mixture , set in pan
of hot water and cook in a moderate -
erate oven about twenty-five
minutes. Serve with tomato
sauce ; sprinkle top with hard
boiled egg yolks put through a II
sieve and seasoned with paprika
and salt. Garnish with celery
LovE DASI < ETS-C a k e s of
angel food or sunshine cake
mixture baked in cups. When
cold scoop out centers ; fill with
whipped cream tinted pink ;
sprinkle with tiny candy hearts
and place handle of anlelica cut
into shreds or crysta1lized orange peal on cadi.
V ALENTINEs-Make pressed tongue , turkey or
chicken , and pack it into baking powder cans ; set on
ice until firm , then remove from mold and cut into
inch thick slices. Over each piece put mayonnaise
through a pastry tube and garnish each with a heart
cut from cooked beet.
The variety of decorations for this February festival -
val is almost beyond imagination , and the shops are
offering each year more novelties as decorations.
A dainty souvenir in the form of an invitation is
a narrow card with silver and pink iIIumination-