Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, August 23, 1906, Image 3

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, r Thousands of Soldlero Contracted
Chl'OniC Kidney Trouble While
in the Service. .
The experIence of Capt. John L. Ely ,
Of Co. E , 17th Ohio , now living at 600
East Second street , Newton , Kansas ,
w111 Interest the thousands -
sands of veterans
who came bacle from
the Civil War sufter-
Ing tortures with kidney -
ney complaint. Capt.
Elysays : "I contracted
Itldney trouble durIng -
Ing the Civil War ,
, " , and the occasional
t. . , , - , attaclts finally developed -
veloped into a chronic case. At one
time I had to use a crutch and cano
. ' to get about. 1\Iy back was lame and
wealt , aUlI besides the aching , there
was a dlstresslnt retention of the
. " kidney secretions. I was In a bad
way when I began using Doan's Kidney -
ney PJ1ls In 1901 , but the remedy
\ cured me , and I have been well ever
, since. "
, Sold by all dealers. 60 cents a box ,
Foster-l\lJ1burn Co. . Buffalo , N. Y.
" -
Intoxicants In Vegetables.
'Vegetables not only contain stimulants -
lants but are capable of producing an
Intoxicating influence on those who
depend on them exclusively for food ,
'according to an investigator. He cites
case in which some young people of
his acquaintance suftered from partial -
tial Intoxication as the result of
purely vegetable meal.
Suffered for a Long Time Without
Relief-Doctor Was Afraid to
Touch Them-Cured by
"For a long time I suffered with'
sores on the hands which were itch-
'ne' ' , painful and disagreeable. I had
, . three doctbrs , and derived no benefit
from any of them. One doctor said
ho was afraid to touch my hands , so
) 'ou must Imow how bad they were ;
another said I nov'er could bo cured ;
and the third said the sores were
caused by the dipping of my hands
In' the water In the dye-houso where
I work. I saw In the papers about
the won erful cures of the Cutlcura
Remedies and procured some of the
Cutlcura Soap and Cutlcura Ointment.
In three days after the application
of the Cutlcura Ointment my hands
began to peel and were better. The
soreness disappeared , and they are
now smooth and clean , and I am still
working in the dyehouse.Irs. ! . A. E.
Maurer , 2340 State St. , Chicago , Ill. ,
JUly 1 , 1905. "
Tigers Tap Rubber Tree. .
Ncar Perak in the Malay peninsula
is a prosperous rubber factory run by
a long-headed Scotchman. In order to
obtain the sap from which the rubber
is made it Is necessary to puncture
the bark of the trees. Laborers are
scarce In that district , but there ate
. . . . an abundance of tigers. There were
not enough men to "tap" the trees , but
the Scotch , proprlotor hit on a brll-
lIant idea. Ho knew that. tigers are
fond of valerian , so ho gave orders
that all the trees should bo rubbed
with this stutT. The tigers came Jp
and caressingly scratched the bluk in
the most approved herringbone far-h.
lon , after which all that the coolies
had to do was to walk around once a
" day and collect the rubber.
Convenient English.
"We become accustomed to a
" (
phrase , ' . ' observed an educator at a
teachers' convention , "but when we
Introduce a new one along exactly
the Bame lines , it startles the hearor.
"A number of ladles were seated In
hotel parlor , and ono of them , commenting -
menting on a woman who was standIng -
Ing , In the hallway , said :
" 'Mrs. Loraine scums unusually happy -
py , this morning. '
" 'Yes , ' answered a companion ,
knowingly , 'the ladles of Newark gave
a tea in her honor ) 'csterday. But
doesn't her husband look gloomy and
dejected ? ' ,
" 'That Is true. ' admitted the first
spe ter. 'I presume the gentlemen
of Newark gave a beer in his honor
last ' ' '
A Perfectly Digested Breakfast Makes
'I . Nerve Force for thc Day.
j , Everything goes wrong if the break.
" fast lies In ) 'our stomach 111(0 a mud
pie. What you eat does harm if you
can't dlgost It-It turns to polson.
A bright lady teacher found this to
be true , even of an ordinary IIgh t
breakfast of eggs and toast. She
's 18 :
"Two ) 'ears ago I cmtractcd : a very
anno'lng form of Indigestion. 1\Iy
stomach was in such a condition that
a slmplo breakfast of fruit , toast and
egg gave me great distress.
"I was slow to bellove that trouble
could como from such a slmplo diet
but finally had to give It up , and
found a great change upon a cup of
hot Postum and Grape.Nuts with
cream , for my morning meal. For
more than n year I have held to Uris
course and have not suffered except
when Injudiciously varying my diet.
"I have been a teacher for several
) 'ears and find that my easll ) ' digested
brealtfast means a saving of nervous
force for the entire day. 1\Iy gain of
ten pounds in weight also causes mete
to want to testify to the value of
"Grape-Nuts holds first rank at our
table. "
Name given by Postum Co. , DattIe
Creel. , Mich.
"Thero's a reason. " neall the lIttle
boolt , "Tho Road to Wellville , " In
Proportions to Use-The CookIng and
Filling of the Bottles.
Allow three pints of fruit for the
OIling of one quart. jar. Look ever
ho borrles carefully , and if any 1m.
perfect ones appear , do not Jlesltnto
to throw them to one side. Into your
\orcolaln \ Itottle put one cupful of
white sugar and just enough water
to start the berries cooltlng , and as
soon as the sugar Is molted , add your
berrleR. Cover , and watch carefully ,
! lnd as 11000n as the ) ' reach the boiling
point remove the Itettll\ from the fire ,
filling the jar to within one.elghth of
! ill inch of the toll , fillln this SIHlCO
with berries dipI1ed from the julco ,
Wipe all julco fl'om the top of the can ,
adjust the rubboI' (1t ( Is well to put
ho rubber 011 before fllllng ) and screw
on the lid as tight as possible. Invert
the can and let 1'0maln thus for a few
minutes ; examine , and if any should
be found leaking around the lid , talto
n small hammer or Imlfe-handle and
pound al1 around the edge of the lld ,
especially pounding down where the
leak appears , taltlng pains to have the
striking done on the lid and rubber
alone. Repeat this. until no leak ap-
peal'S , then let the jars stand. inverted ,
until perfectlr cool , advises a writer
In the homo department of The Com.
manor. If the jar continues to leak ,
open , empty the contents , reheat , and
try another lid ; or it may be the rub.
ber that is at fault , but generally , the
lid Is 1ll.11ttlng. Wrap the cans In
thlcle paper when putting them away ,
as the light affects the color of some
$ rults , and spoils the fiavor of others.
Ono of the very best helps in can
nlng time Is a steam cooker ; or an I .
old.fashloned steamer Is just as good.
The jars may bo filled with the un.
cooked fruit , the top lJUt on loosely
and , steamed until hot through , filling
part of the jars with the contents of
ethers , as the berries settle dO'Yn
when heated. The same care must bE
taken to have the fruit "boiling hot"
In the jar as when canning by cook.
ing it in a lettIe. : It keeps Its "loolts"
much bett r when canned by steam
and does not so much as lese Its
shape. 'When coolte"d thus , no wllter
Is added to the fruit when the jar I ! :
filled-the fruit , aided by the str" m
will maIm Its OWI1 julco. The water
under the steamer or In the cooke !
must bo boiling briskly whell the jar : ;
are set In , and It must not be allowed
, to cease from boiling while the jar
.are Inside. It is the steam whlcb
coolts , and . there must be plenty of It.
Glass Appointments Are Not Neces.
sarlly ExpensIve and Arc Ideal.
Many a bathroom is fitted out with
glass appointments-shelves and racks
( the long bars held In place by trim.
mlngs of nickel ) , soap Cups and the
"little fixings , " all of ' glass. Even the
wooden window sills 'in an occasional
bathroom are removed and a heavy
glass shelf substituted , says the Chi.
cage Qhroniclo.
Fortunately , glass of the quality
used for such purposes is not necos.
sarily expensive , although , as In
evorythlng else , the question or how
much It shall cost really depends upon
the individual burer.
DowIs and cooItlng spoons of glass-
heavy , but almost unbreakable with
ordinary handling-are so satlsfactor ) ' ,
by virtue of thfilr ! cleanliness , that the
woman who tries olther or both instantly -
stantly becomes a convert to their use.
Perhaps the most unusual glass.mado
piece of all is a rolllng.pln , hollow , and
so made that it can be opened and the
hollow filled with cracled ice , when
working with pastry , which must be
kept well chilled , even during the roll.
ing process.
Great slabs of glass make the best
sort of plo and bread boards.
To Clean Matting.
To clean matting It should be first
swept thoroughly with a stitT broom ,
following the grain of the straw , then
swept across the grain with a sort
broom that has heen dipped in warm
water in which a ri ndful of salt l1as
been dissolved. Nothing brightens
colored matting so much as the salt
and , moreover , it goes far to prevent
' It fading. The IIght.colored matting
'should be washed in , vator in which
borax.has been dissolved. If any greasE
spots are noticed before the matting
Is cleansed cover them with a mixture
of prepared challt wet with turpentine ,
which , after helng allowed to romaln
on for two days , should bo removed
with a stiff brush. In the event oC tllE
grease having sunk In about one.elghth
of washing soda added to the mixture
, vill be olTectual. Sweet milk Is said
to keep the matting in a good state 01
preservation and it is only necessary
to use the application about once a
To Shrink Linen.
For shrinltlng linen the following in.
st.uctlons ; have been found to bo very
saUsfactorr : First , after a bathtub has
been carefully dusted fill It about quar.
tor full with clear cold water. It
should bo first flltered if it is at all
dark or cloudy.Then , leaving the
linen in Its folds , wrap it in a clean
towel and allow it to remain In the
water over night. When taken out in
the morning do not wring the water
from It , but leaving It atlll folded hang
it up dripping. It will talco sarno time
to dr ) ' , but the material will be there
oughl ) ' shrunltcn and will not need to
bo pressed.
, So Rugs Won't Curt.
Strips of stilT buckram sewed alonr ;
the edges of rugs will prevent them
curling up ,
To Keep Away Rust.
A good blacking will protect the
heating ato\'os ( rom aummer damlr
ness , which so quickly generates rust ,
- = ---L _ --0.- . ; . :
- .
All creamerlcIIllIe butter C'Cllor. Win-
J10t 110 ns tilt' ) do-u o' JUNE TIN l'
nUT'l'.ER C01.0It.
Lots of people would be glad to get
rId of their experience for less than
'tho ) paid for It.
Lcris'Single Dinlter cigar-richest , most
Fatif ! 'in smok on the mnrket. Your
dealer or Lewis' FactoI ) ' , 1)corin , Ill.
Honduras has large tracts oC pine
lands , which will ere long lead to the
building of railroads.
The Unl\'erslty ot Notre Dame , It np-
I'ears , hns some features that can not bo
duplicated In any other /lchoo1. It 1 : : cnc
of the old , well-established collees , with
setUed tradItions rMehhl1 ; bacl { sixty-four
years , with n distinguished staff or 1'1'0-
fessors and excellent library and laborn-
tory equlpmont. Its dIscipline Is of the
paternal Idlillstron'Ithout boln op-
presslvo : nml ns It mbraees In Its RCOlle
the grammnl' school' . high school nnd eol-
lego worlt , Its nppeal Is as broad as It Is
potent. Perhnps the most romnrlmblo
feRture of the famouR Il1lllana Unl\'orsll ' ,
howe\'er. Is the fnct thltlt hns nrrl\'el ! at
Its present mnrvelous 110\'elopment absolutely -
lutely without en owmont. , An IInnOIlI1CO-
ment oC the courses pro\lded at Notre
Dame appears en another puge.
SInai , the "Turquols Land. "
Sinai wns known as the "turquols
land" In very ancient times , and Dr.
FlInders Petrie believes that it was the
first mining center in the world. In
his recent book on the subject Dr.
Petrie tells of the various expedltlgns
sent to Sinai by the Egyptian govern.
mont. At the head of the party was
the "commander , " or "bearer of the
leal of the god , " the Pharaoh. The
omcial start consisted of "masters of
the house of metals , " or apsayers ,
scribes and secretaries , to make In.
ventories of the output of the mines.
It Is Dedicated by the W L. Douglas
Co. at Brockton.
The dedication a short time ago of
the new administration and jobbing
hOU80 building erected by the W. L.
Douglas Shoe Co. as a part of its mammoth -
moth manufacturing plant at 1\Iontello
was mal'ltcd by the thoroughness and
attention to detail characterIstic of the
firm , in all its undertnltlngs.
The dedicator ) ' program included
open house from 11 a. m. to S p. m.
'With ' concert by the : Muce Gay orches.
tra and the presence or a Dos ton
caterer to attend to the wishes of all.
The building itself afforded n feast
for the eye , especially the omces ,
which are marvels in many ways.
Fifteen thousand invitations were sent
out , including over 11,000 to the retail -
tail dealers In the United States who
handle the W. 'L. Douglas Co. shoes ,
the others going to shoe manufacturers -
ers and all allied Industries in Drocle-
ton and vicinity. 1\11' . Douglas wlll be
glad to have anybody who is Interested -
ed call and Inspect the new plant , and
says "the latch string Is alwa's out. "
All departments of the plant were
open for Inspection , the three factories
as well as the new building , nnd vis.
itors were recel..ed and escorted
through the Industrial maze by ex-
Gov. Douglas , assisted by the heads
of the . . . .arious departments.
Under the present syst m all shoes manufactured to order , and customers -
tomers sometimes lose sales waiting
for shoes to arrive. With the new
jobbing house they will be enabled to
have their hurry orders shipped the
same day they nre received.
The new building is 260 feet long
and 60 feet wide and two stories in
height. The jobbing department wlll
pccupy the entire lower fioor , whllo the
ffices wlll occupy the second fioor.
The jobbing department wlll carry a
complete stock of men's , boys' , youths' ,
misses' nnd children's shoes , slippers ,
rubbers and findings equal to nny jobbing -
bing house in the country , Duyers are
especially Invited to come here to
trade , and every effort possible wlll bo
made to suit their convenience. Thera
wlll be n finely appointed sample room
on the second floor , with an office In
wlllch both telephone and telegraph
wlll be installed , with operators , both
'Western Union nnd Postal Telegraph
wlrell to bo used. There wlll also bo
arrangements for the receipt and des.
patch of mall.
Writer's Cynlc'al Justification of Mean
Piece of Work.
A certain gifted writer of whom It
was once said that he wouldn't recog.
nlzo his wife if he met her on the
street wrote charming love story
not so long ago , and it was printed in
a popular 'magazine. His friends and
all those of the circle In which the
author moved recognized the story as
an exact and recent transcript trom
the life of the wrltor , involving a very
beautiful young woman , also well
known in the same set. One man ,
coming across the author , took him to
taslt for It.
"What In the world did you write
up that atralr with Miss Dlank for ? "
ho demanded.
The author looked at him unmoved ;
and with the same exqulslto calm and
clearness that characterized his work ,
replied :
"I needed the money. "
. .
_ ; ' . J ' J . ' , . . . . . . . . . . _ . . . _ ,
. . . - - - : ; - . - : : : ; ; : : : ' -.11. . . . . . . _
. ,
- ' .
, .1 - J
What is Caste ria. " <
C ASTORIA. is 0. harmlcss substitute for Ollstor Oil , PlI1'egorio , Drops a f
Soothing SyruPSI It is pleasant , It contains neither Opium , Morphine nor ' . :
other Narootic substanoe. Its age is its guarantee , It destroys Worms and allays
Feverishness. It cures DialTh a. and Wind Colio , It relieves Teething Troubles ,
all'es Constipation and Platt enoy. It assimilates the Food , regulates the Stomaoh : : . . , i
and : Bowels , giving healthy and natural aleep. The ohildren's Panacea.-The " 1
Mother's Friend , ' .
The Kind You Have Always Bought , and. whioh has been in use for over , i
30 years , has borne the signature of Chas. H. Fletoher , and has been made under <
his personal supervision sinoe its infanoy , Allow no one to deoeive you in this.
.All Counterfeits , Imitations and U Just-as-good" are but Experiments that trifle with , r
and endanger the health of Infants and ChildrenExperienoe against Experiment. : '
letters from Prominent Physicians " J
addressed to Chas. II. Fletcher 1
Dr. F. Gerald Dlattner , of Duftalo , N. Y. , Dayo : "Your Castoria. Is coo 1
for children nnd 1 frequently. prescribe it , nlwayo obtnlnlnc the deolred
results. "
Dr. Gustave : A. Eisengrncbor , of Bt. Paul , Minn. , says : "I 11nvo use ! ! i
your Castoria. repeatedly In my practlco with good results , and can rccom. ' ' 1
mend It ns an excellent , mild nnd harmless remedy tor children. " ' i" 1
Dr. E. J. Dennis , of St. Louis , Mo. , says : "I have used and prescribed ' !
your CastorJn In my sanitarium and outside practlco tor numbtlr of yenrs i
and find It to be nn excellent remedy tor children. " ,
Dr. S. A. Duchnnan , of Philadelphia , Pa. , Bayn : "I hnvo used your Cn&- , .
torla. In the cnse of my own baby nnd find It pleasant to take , nnd hl1vo .
obtnined excellent results trom its use. " ; j
Dr. J. E. Simpoon , of Chicago , Ill. , nays : "I have used your Castorla. In "
'I cases of colle in children nnd have found it the best medlcino of its ldnd ,
slionChccrrulI' on the marItet. " _ ;
ncss PromotcsDig illulReS ! ContaIns ncllhcr r ' Dr. R. E. Esltlldson , of Omaha. , Nob. , says : "I find your Castorla to bo n j
OpiumMorphine norNincl'al. standard family rome y. It is the bC3 thing tor. Infants nnd children 11 'j
NOT 'NARCOTIC. 1'1 ' bave ever known nnd I recommend it.
. . . Dr. L. R. Robinson , of Kansas City , Ira" anys : "Your Cnslorla. certainly " "
. II , has merIt. Is not its age , its continued use by mothers through nIl thesa .
oI'dJJr. fMlELPJ1TI . Il I' ' years , nnd the many attempts to imitate ft , sufficIent recommecdntIon1 . : ;
- ' /II II ' , !
lJ ' UI. Std- II I' hat can n physician add ? Leave It to the mothers. " , ,
JI'lXJ'mna .
B { .JJISallr- ' . Edwin F. Pardee , of New Yorle City , says : "For Dovernl years 1 h ave
1r : , : recommended : rour Castoria. nnd ohall nlwnys continuo to do so , ns It : haa I ; 1
/ , ( ( ) . JWaI- SnvarJably produced beneficial rcsults. " : "
Ji U9f - . Dr. N. D. Sizer , of Drooltlyn , N. Y. , says : "I object to what are en 11 eU. ) ; I
) t .nrr : patent medicines , where malter nlono knowo whllt ingredients are put In. , 1
Apc ctt Remedy forConsUpll- \1 \ them , but I know. the formula. of your Castorla and ndvise its use. "
lIonSourStoffilCh.Dillrrloca } : I t ;
WormsConvuISlOnSFc\TrIsh- i:11
ncss ndLos.OF . SLEEB Bearl the Signature of - : '
FacS miIo signalure Dr I .
4 a.
- )
NE"T YORI _ I , , .
. ' -A. )
. , , -
The Kind You Have Always Bought '
In Use For Over 30 Years.
. . . .
THK ocnTAUR OO"PA"Y. : ry .UIIIIAY .Tllcn. "cw YOIIII GITr.
- - : I , . . - - ' ; ' , . . . . . . . . - -
Drawrng the Llnc.
We have followed thq plow , wielded
the hoc , served time 011 the public
ro&ds under an austere overseer ,
swept the backyard , worked the garden -
den , churned the butter , washed the
dishes , nursed the baby and performed
other various and sundry disagreeable
tasks In our times without a murmur ,
but when it comes to cleaning streets
under three lady bosses-excuse UB ,
please. Three women to boss you.
Great Caesar's ghost ! Just the
thoughts of such a catastrophe Is
enough to give a man the "buck.ague. "
-Minden ( La. ) Signal.
To Wash Vclveteen.
Yclveteen may be washed by shaking it
nllOut in warm Ivory : : ; oap suds ; then
rinbe thoroughl } ' an let it ilrip dr ) ' . On
no account I ! ( ueezc or "Ting it. Dc care.
ful to hang It btraight on the line. for
otherwise it will he crool.ed when dlJ' .
m..l ANOH. R. l'.t H.KElt.
Amuscments of Royalty.
The amusements of Queen Wllhel.
mlna of Holland are skating and rid.
lng , but as a child her hobby was the
keoplng of poultry.
Lewis' Single Binder strai ht tic cigar :8 :
good quality nIl the timc. Your dealer or
Lcwis' Factor. } ' , Pee i1Ill. .
As a rule , a divorced woman ncts aD
thouGh she had been born that way.
] llr . " , VlnaJow'1 Roothlnl : 5yrup.
For children leelblnlt. sottcn. 1110 IUI1II. rcduce , ID-
lammnllon.IIII.1 pain. cura" wllld collo. llootllo.
The follow with money to burn may
JIve to ralte the ashes.
. . . . . . .
' - ' - - - - - - " " ' - " - " "
The Greaiest Boarding College In the World
University of
Notre Dame
II'I ara"ltl tu.I 1(1",111 Our studml ,
, tudy and our stu.lmthhavI th""sth. "
18 BuUdin , . 75 Profenora 800 Students
COline. In Anolent and MOdern lAnlualr. , En ! ! ' .
IlIb , Ulato',1 . . .
J'harmacy. ( ; 1"11 , YJeclrlcal , . .nd } Iecban / cal Enltl.
nee,1nlr , A rchlleclue , La" , SborlhandlJook.keup.
1IIIe , TTI""wrltlng ,
TERMSI Board. Tuilion. Ind LlundrJ' . ' 400.
Send leo ceoll 10 Ihe Reelslr.r for CI.llo&ue .
eollus tor tOllr yt'nrs J'O'H ) ! ; mon ot good
ebaratur and SOUII < I . .hrslcal . condltloll be.
tween tbo nlles at 1111",12. ; 118 uPllrontlco SCIlo-
l11enOPPOftUlllllcl tor UdYUI1CClDtHltPI1J'
1111 to I1U a ulonlb. Rleelrlelal1l. machlnlus.
blaokllUllbS. coppersmltbs. yeomcn ( clorkl ) .
carpenters , sblpllurrl. II rCIII 011. IIIUllclaDI\
eookl.IHO. . belwccn 21 and L6 yonrs. elilistcI \
In Ipeolal ratlngl wllh sultublu IaybOlipllal
Ililpronlice. IS [ 023 YClirs. Itellrcmcllt 011
Ibree.tourahl pay n",1 nllowlIol1cCS Iller 1.0
J'uara lonleo. Appllcunllillust be Amorlcan
" 'Irst olOlhlDIt oulllt tree 10 recruill. Upon
tranl allowul1co. conlS per mlllllO
dllehUte . lI.mus tuur IUllnlbl' P31
and In P3Y IIpon ro-ellllsuDclil wllblll
toul' mOllths ot IIllcb"rlu. : omcc. Ilt Jlncoln
nnd Ue..tlnll' , Nebralku. Abu , I1l1rll1l1Wll1ler.
nl nee Mllineo unit Oily. low" , " 'dl1rt. "
. . - . . - - ' . . -
. .
Th is Is What
Catches Me !
. .
16oz-0no-Thlrd : Mora Starch.
A 300-Page
Cook Book Free
Wo are Ihe publl.hou of IhA 01ltl'Itbealthjolirnai
In the world. 0000 IlEAI.TJI. It I. u larlCe.
monlblJ' , "alCnIIDo for tbe bomo. ably edltod nlilt
bsndsomoly prlnled unit IlIlIalrRted. H telll how Ia
live . lO bD perteclly "oll-bow sick 'OOI'lo mllJ' ' flet
. . "II-bow well pl'ot"e ma _ 81n111'e ( I. l'bo rOlular
prlco II ON VOJIAIL A t19AIt.
Wo wllnlJ'ou to renlt a. tew cuplos. 8011'0 mnte
Ibl. speclul ollor :
Hellrlnl f , ( ) ccnts ( stamps It J'ou ' proter ) wllh Ihll
udvertlsemont. ulld In uddltlon Ia
GOOD HEAL TM for Six Months ,
wo . . . .111 Bond J'01l FIUl a copy ot Mrs , M , re ,
Kcllolllli" lie" : o"UIIcook " bouk. "lIonllllr..1
tuukf'rJ" : " ' 1'1111 uaer 'Will 1I0t appear UK"III
Good Health Publl.hlna Co. . Bailie Creek , Mich.
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Remington Typewriters
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Remington Typewriter Company ,
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dltlons of the mucous membrane such as
nasnlcntnrrh , utcrinecntarrh caused
by feminine Uls , sore throat , sere
mouth or inflamed eyes by simply
dosing the stomach. '
But you surely can cure these stubborn
affections by local treatment with
Paxtine Toilet Antiseptic
which destroys the disease germschecks
dischargcs ) stops ptin , and heals thu
Inflammation and soreness.
Pax tine represents the most successful
local treatment for fcn-nine : Ills ever
produced. Thousands of women testify
to this fact. So cents at ruggists. I
Send for Free Trial Box .
'tHE R. PAXTON co. . Boston. Mu. .
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W. N. U. , OMAHA , NO. 33 , 11106. I
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