Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, May 31, 1906, Image 6

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Certain TcwnhlpI In the State Are
to Bo Resurveyed-Stlndlrd Beet
Sugar Compan'y's Factory to Be Run
This Velr as Usull.
Resurveys for Nebraol < a.
WASIIlNO'1'ON - The hOllao l1as
passed a bl11 for the reallrvoy ot cere
lnln townships for the state of NelJras.
) ta. The bill follows :
"That UIO secretl1.r ' of the Interior
bo and Is hereby nllthnrlzod to cause
to bo made a resllrvoy oC the lan a In
township 2:1 : north of range 12 , town.
ship 23 north oC range 13 , township 28
north oC range 14 , township :12 : north
oC ran go ' 17 , townshhts 2 nn 2U north
or range 32 , township 29 north oC range
3 , all west oC the alxth 1II'Inchmi me.
rldlan , In the state oC Nehraslmj town.
ships 17 , 18 , 19 , and 20 nOI'Il ] oC ranges
:10 , 31 , 32 , 34 and 3 [ ; west ot the sixth
principal merldlrm , In Nobraslmj and
nil rules al1l regulntlons of the Inlor-
lor department reqnlrlng petitions .from
nll settlers oC said counUos IUIklng for
resurvey and ulreement. to n.bhlo by
the roslllt. of lho sarno , so far as these
lands are concerned , are hereby abrogated -
gated : Provided , ' 1'hat nothing horeln
contained shall ho so construed as to
impair the present bona fide claim of
nn ' actllal occupant oC sahl lands so
occupied : Provided fnrther , that. be.
fore uny sllrvoy Is ol'lored ( It shan bo
made to aplcar. to the satisfaction of
the secretary of the Interior that. the
former olllcial survey of said lands Is
60 genomlly hmccumto or obllloratod
ItS to mnlto It necessary to 811rvoy the
the land , anll only 8uch parts oC the
land whel"o ; the SUl'voy. Is so InaccurLto
or oblllerated shall bo snrveyed.
Ames Flctory W&lnt : eet .
FRrnl\lONT-l\lnnngor Scl1ley of the
Slnndard Beet Sugar company says the
'Amos fnctory wl11 ho run Ute coming
rcaon and that the rocolvershlp In.
Buros Umt. All claims for last. season's
beets will bo paid In full and there
wl11 bo monc to pay for this Beason's
beots. The comlmny , ho says , has
mndo money every year until 190 [ ; , and
the present situation Is duo to the
; poor quality of last yel\r's crop. WJth
' good season , ho says , UlOY , vl1l moro
than pay ocr an the fioatlns Indebtedness -
ness besldos the running expenscs.
'Tho most of the crop oC last year came
'from the weslorn part of the slate , the
1nrge.1lt acre ago bolng at North Plntto ,
nd 1r the farmers out there do not
ralso beets this season the company
ma.y be short of beots.
KllI d by Hcadlcho. : Tlblcts.
.LINCOLN-Mrs. Elsto M. Pearson ,
wlfo of A. F. .Pearson of Altoon , Kas. ,
-dIed on n. Missouri Pacific train on the
way from Kansas City to I lncoln ,
where she was coming to visit her
mother , Mrs. W. J. Hamilton. 1\Irs.
Pearson was very 111 with heart trouble
when she toole the train at Kansas
City. During the night she called the
tlorter , complmned of 11. very sover/ / }
headache and asleod him to brhlS her
rlp to her. From this she took a bo : <
of headache tablot'3 ami swallowed [ \
pumbor of Ulem. noforo long the Ims-
Bongers on the car were alarmed by
ngonlzed cries coming from Mrs. Pear.
Bon's borth. . and the conductor- and
portoI' hastened to her assistance , but
could slve her lIttle rollef , except water
to drink. She died when the train
was 0. Cew mlles west oC Weeplus Wa-
Drawn Into a Crusher.
. . . . TADLE ROCK-Ono oC the most
, shocltlng accldonts which over occurred -
currod In Ta.blo Roele happened hero
o.t the y'l\rds of UIO Table Roele Clay
company , resulting In the Inslnll'
tanoous drolll of Franle W. Daltey , an
employo of the coma11Y , who hall the
superv.lsloD. of the nmchlnory dopart.-
ment. The sleeve of his 10ft arm
caught In the cog wheel of the crusher ,
and drew him Into the machinery. lIe
was dCl\ before the llmchnery ! could
bo stepped ,
Will Fight Trusts.
WY1\IORFJ-Tho lumber trust In
W 'moro will have fierce COmletltlon.
At 11. moetlnf ; at 010 opel' house , the
Fnrmors' Lumber and Coal comlmny
WIUI organlzod. 'l'hls comlJan ) ' Is com.
Osod of ever a hundred of the prom.
Inont farmers a11l1 business men of W ' -
moro and vicinity.
Wants Son Plrdcl1cd.
LINCOLN - William Atldnson 01
South Omaha eallod on GovernOl
Mlcleey and I\sltcd for the 11l\rdon of hIE
son , Albert. The latter was sentence
to Utreo .yoars for highway robbory.
Schoolmates Honor Victor.
SIDN Y-The dc > pot platform WUI
crowded with the facu1ty and memberl
of the Sidney Hlgll school , who extend
d a cordial welcome homo to ArUm
Oborfelder , the succe sful contestan
at the oratorical contest at I xlngton
- - - -
Nn I.odaed In Throat.
GRAND ISI AND-W. D. Dlllls , j
cn.rpentor oC Cairo , was brougl1tto lIll
St. Franols hospital In this clt . with I
6hlnglo nail lodged In his throat
Whllo at worle on a bnrn Dlllis wen
to got. a drink oC wawr. 'Vllen abou
to cllmb the ladder to lrOceod agall
to his work , ho placed a few nails 11
2 s mouth , and ono of UlOml acchlonl
any lal1ged In his throat. An operatlo
bocaI1'.o nccO sar } ' to remove the 01
st.rucUon. The ol\teomo Is : rc I
EvangellAt I.yon Is holdlnc lnbor
naclo l11eetl.gA ; at Columhus.
The Orqnd Island bOll'rd of educlL.
lion ro-electod nll old teachors.
The now hand nt Denlrlco w111 soon
ho rendy to mnko engngemcnts.
Vnlley has votel1 to enlnrge Ita
school bundlng In limo Cor fall term.
A ferocious dog at Fremont bit BOY'
eral children hefon' being despalched.
The slate ental socIety held Ittl
ann\1al meeting In Omaha last wee I : .
gdgar Iroposes to celehrato on the
glorlouR li'ourth III hecomlng man.
' 1'ho grnduatlng oxerclses of the N\ ! .
braslm City high chool will bo helen
on I'rh ] ny , ,111I10 1.
David Goering , a young farmer
living near UnrmN.ton , has been ad.
jucled Insane anI ! taleon to thlJ
as 'lum.
York county farmers who hr1'l0 tried
the homo made split log drag are ] 01111
In pralslhg the WOl1l1erful good work
done by It.
Daniel Proeman of Gage cOllnty , tilt :
first Innn to lnlo IL homeslea In No.
braska , Is hOl11o from the south , whore
ho spent the wlntor.
At meeting 'of the citizens at
Adams they voled to h01l1 a slrept
carnival Jul ' 27 and 28. J. A. 1\IIller ,
chfilrmanj . C. Gray , secrctarYj I" .
D. Fisher , tro'l1sllrer.
Oovoq\gr \ Mlckoy and Dr. Edward
A. Hess of the University of N , .
braslm will addres'l the cass of elgh-
en graduated from th..c sllLto normal
school at Kearney 1\llly 20.
C. W. Pullen of Lltehfield , 111. , has
] eased the coal IH'o pects on the D. D.
'fl\lt farm , soul11 < ' : lst of ebrnslcn.
01ty , ntHl will II\1t. n force of l11en ut
worle and prosllect the dellOslt.
'l'ho accountants who havheen . . . -
amlnlng the trenSI11'er'8 booles of the
city of li'a11s City :1I1 the 1 < 'lLlIs Clt.y
school bon-I'd finished their wOl'k lu3t
weele I\ml 1'ell0rled that. they fOllnd
'I'reasurcr Irving DOli short In the city
fund $6,065 an In the school fund
A member of the deml-mondo livIng -
Ing on the outslmts of Orand Isl.
and appropl'lato a rig standing In
front of ono of the Illnces , drove to
the city and plelccrl II ) ) the IIttlo child
of Mrs. Dernth , driving away with It.
She wns overlaken and the chl1d 1'0'
'l'ho supreme court affirmed the de.
clslon of thc lower court. In the CnB
of the Rohrbough Duslness co11ego of
Omahl1. to the eff'ct. that the college
Is a school and Is therefore lermltte'
to deduct from Itn value for asseSb-
ment ) ) urpoaes that part used exclus.
Ivly for 8chool purposes.
The $2OQO [ ; stocle for the new Com.
merclal Stock company of Nebraska
City has been subscribed , and thp.
stocleholdera will meet. for the 11\1rpOSO
or electlns oUlcers nnd directors. 'fho
company has heen promoted to fos.
tor n11 good things for the best Intel'
ests of the town and InducE' new In'
dustrles to locate there.
Mrs. O. H. Westgato and son , Ray.
mend , were both seriously Injul'ed !
a runnway accident that occurrcd at
the Durllngton pUJsonger : epot In
Yorl. , when a passenger traIn arrlv.
011 , scarIng the hol'SO that. run Into
the Westgatn h01'89 , causing It to be.
como frlghtoned I1nd turning over thl )
buggy , throwing both on the ground.
The oUlco1's of the United States
land office at North Platlo ha\\ begun
the publication of a notice notlCylnl ;
the public that on August 20 , 1906.
the e1h of township 15 aUll also the
e1h of township 16 In ran go 33 In Lln.
coIn county , will hI ) restored to homo.
stead entry , the same havlns been
withdrawn for- Irrigation purposes
prior to the tlmo when the Klnlcalrl
act toole effect. This land Is situated
near the llIrd wooll creele and there Is
vacant in the ] and to bo restored
about IiOOO acres.
' 1'he next encan1J1j11ent of the Grand
Army of the R publlc will ho hel11 In
Ii'remont. ' 1'his was decll1ed at the
business meotlns of the veterans al.
most unanlmol1s1r. A hlg I1ght on
the part of Lincoln has been antic !
pated , but. fal1ed to materlallze , as
nenry a11 or the veterans resent what
they thlnle Bcant attention paid to
them by the citizens and bUl3lness men
of I.lncaln nnd the OIllOsltlon to thl )
capital waB almost unanimous. Dc'
cause of thlB when the motion was
made to hold the next encampment In
l"remont It went through with n
A supreme court decision which wl11
bo t Interest. to over ) ' real estate
broleor In the state Is that of the case
of Jal1Q E. Darney against. GeorgI ! D.
Lasbur ' , In which the verdict of th
lllstrict court was reversed an the
. cmlso remanded. Lasbury nought t\
I co11ect a commission for the sale 01
I real estate on a contract not In writ ,
Ing as the stntu ' .3 provilies Thl
court decided that ho cannot 1'ecovel
on a quantum morult. for Bervlce !
ronl1ered In accordance with the COil
trnct , or for the value of his limo ox
" pended In that bohaU _ Only when It (
has n written contract on the speclfil
l1rcel of land can a real estate brokOJ
. . collect his commission.
At a recent confroronco In McCool
of Durlln ton oHlclals It. was docldCl
to mnl < o some qulto oxtonsl\'o hUllro\'o
monts nt that. l11aco In the near future
$2,000 [ ; to bo spent In onlarglng tIll
sroot yard tloro.
The shortage of ox-CIt ) ' Treasure
Irving Bode of Falls City will 1'0 nll111
gooll by the bOl1l1smen of the treal
urer some tlmo , but there Is 1IIeoly t ,
bo consldorablo quibbling among th
bondsmel1 tor the dlrteront ) 'enrs as t
the amount of short.ago that ( Y curre
In ny ono ) .ear that they ma ) ' be t
able for.
. , f . f .
, " . . ' . ,
. "
' 7AQ A _
- _ .
Meager Report Leaves It > to Do Inferred -
ferred That Main DuslnessHouses
Are in Ashes. ,
AJameda , Cal.-Tho Northern Com-
morclal company Wedncsday received
the following from lls '
agents at Fall'-
banks : -1'ho ontlro town from 'l'urner
to Lacey street and bl1cle to 'l'hlrd , except -
copt the Falrbnnls Uanlclng com-
pany's bul1dlng and warehousc , has
been destroyed. Ono woman , Lolla
Talbot , was bl1rnell to death.
Falrbanls is situated on the Chena
river , a tributary of the Tanana , and ,
although but. three years old , Is now
the largest and most Important city
on the Pacific coast north of Vancouver -
couver , D. C. , having a popuatlon ] of
nbout 7,000.
The gold outllUt in 1905 was $7,000-
000 , and llurlng the present year It will
rOllch $12,000OQO to $15,000,000.
The burned district covers three and
a ha1f nquaro bldcles. ' 1'ho First National -
tional bank , the Wushlngton Danklng
company , and the court house , located
In the burned district , probably were
destro 'ed , as were many of the rotall
stores and saloons and possibly ono or
two hotels. The most important of
the financial Institutions in the city ,
the Falrbanls Danlclng company , Is
An unoUlclal estlmato places the loss
at about $1,000,000.
There Is no danger of fnmlne , as the
warohouscs of the Northern Commercial -
cial company , containing nearly a ha1f
ml1llon do11ars' worth of foodstuffs ,
are uninjured and there Is posltlvo Information -
formation that four steamers are en
roule with additional supplles.
Prcsbytuians Will Publish Work ,
with Understanding That Its Use
Is Not Obligatory.
Des 1\Iolnes \ , la.-Tho famous controversy -
trovorsy and debate ever the proposed
Presbyterian hook oC forms , ended In
the general assembly WOllnesday afternoon -
tornoon In a compromlso In which all
words that. might. indlcato that the
book Is nuthorlzed were stricken from
the rosolutlon and the text and tltlo
pages of the book ItseU anel In which
the resolution of opposition was also
Incorporated , declaring speclfica11y
that. the assembly made no recommendations -
mendations with reference to It.
Sign Rio Grande Treaty.
Wl1shlngton.-Amhns.ador Casas us ,
for the MexIcan government. and Sec.
rotary Root 1\1onday IIlgned a treaty
regulntlng the use of the waters of
the Rio Grande , which , It approved
by the senate. wl11 remove what has
been for 20 yeaNllmst a ! lourco of frlc-
Uon In the relations or the two coun.
No Receiver for Zion.
Chlcago.-The first declslvo legal
victory between the wanIng facUom
of Zion went to the mlherent8 of John
Alexander Dowie Tuesday In the dls.
trlct court. Judge Landis declared hie
Invostlgators found no evldenco 01
mlsnpproprlatlon of funds , that the as
sets exceed a11 IInbl1ltles , and that ne
recolvor wl1l be apllolnted.
Wreck Illinois Post Office.
. Bloomington , 111.-The post olfico at
. Lexington was wl'eclted WOdnesday b
safe blowers , who blew up the onlln
) building with nltroglycorin. Thl
thieves escalled , taltlng the enUrosup. - .
ply c.t stamps In the olllce and a largl
sum of money , It Is roportod.
Death O\'er Card Game.
Decatur , II1.-V. 1\1. DI Vances , al
I , Itallan railroad Inboror , was stabbel
l ) through the heart In a hoarding ca
kero early Wellnesda ' . The mU\'llore
Is sUPP08ed to bo ono of four mel
who were playIng cards with him.
Three Murderers Hanged.
Honolulu.-Tltreo of the five Korlnn
\Vho recently were convicted of th
brutal murd9r of two of tholr countr
mon , were hanged Wodnedn ! ' . .TIt
sentences of the other two were con
Uluted to life hnprlsonmont.
- .
. - I _
l cHlrMIJ ,
( tf/lOIY/Ll
J ! " . ! ! : L-
Measure Goes Through After Long . Three
Votes in Opposition.
Wllshlngton.-Afler 70 days of almost -
most continuous dellbomtlon the
senate Friday at 4 : 53 passed the railroad -
road rate bill by the pracUca11y unanl.
mous vote of 71 to 3. The three Ilega-
lIve votes were cast by Senators For.
aker , Republican , of Ohio , and 1\Iorgan
and Pettus , Democrats , Alabama.
'rho principal lIurpose of the bl11 Is
to permit the Interstate commerce
commission to fix ; rates.
'rhe bl1l was amended by the Benato
so as to g vo the United States circuit
court jurisdiction to entertain sults : :
brought to annular change the orders
of the commIssion and to provide
I1galnst the granting of Interlocutory
decrees without hcarlngs I1nd malclng
appeals from such orders direct. to the
supreme court.
Other senate modifications prohibit
the Issuance oC passes or the granting
of special favors to ono class of passengers -
songers ever another , prohibiting rail.
road companies from transporting
cammodlUes produced b - themselves ;
requlro such comlmnles to put In
switches at the reasonable request of
shippers , prohibits the granting or ac.
ceptance of rebates a11l1 relnstato the
Imprlsonmont penalty for vloatlon ] oC
tno law.
The commission Is given access to
the accounts of the companlos atrocted
by the act , hut. examiners are forbld-
. don under penalty of heavy fine and
long Imprisonment from divulging the
facts ascertained. 1 < 'lnes of $500 for
I each failure to leeel > proper accounts
Is provided.
Stanley , Wis. , Is Nearly \Vlped Out
by Fire That Destroys Residence -
dence Section.
Stanley , Wis.-Fire , which started
from 11. . sparle from the Northwestern
mill , destro 'ed 100 residences and a
dozen business buildings. The loss is
estlmnted at $200,000.
The fire broke out In the stables of
the Northwestern Lumber company ,
and spread rapidly. A high wind from
the wcst carried the fiames away from
the Northwestern mill and saved that
structure , but six blocs ] to the east
were completely burned out.
The largo department store of th\
Northwestern Lumber company was
among the huslness places wiped out ,
and the loss to the building and stoce ]
will tota ] $40,000.
Among the ether losers were : J. N.
Olson , furnlturc. $1,000 ; Long & Ness ,
meat market , $ -1.000 ; Christian & Kon.
selJa , farm Implemcnts , $3,000 ; Norwegian -
gian church allrl Young Peoples' read.
Ing room , $ GOOO.
The damage In tbo residence secllon
Is estimated at over $100.000 , every
house being destroyed between the
Northwestern store and Franlelln
Road Must Stand Trial.
I\ansas : City , Mo.-Judgo Smith Mc.
, Phel'son , of Iowa , sltUng In place of
I judge John F. Phillips , ' 1'ucsdny overruled -
ruled the demurrer of tlto Durllngton
I railway Indictments against that com.
t pany , and It must now go to trial.
. The defendant contendel ( that congress
> > was wllhout power to enact loglslatlon
regulating export rates. In the giving
of alleged rebates on which the Dur- ]
Ington was charged with having vlo.
lated the Intorstnto commerce act.
Cousins Is Renominated.
Codal' Rapids , la.-Congressman
. Robert O. Cousins was ronomlnated
3 by acclamallon Wednesday by the
Fifth Iowa Republican convention.
arthqualte at Cleveland.
Cleveland , O.-An earth.shock last-
:1 : Ing 48 seconds was recorded hero
l' . Wednesday upon tlte seismograph at
I' St. IgnaUus colJege. The InlUal
11 mo\'emol1t came from the eCLSt nnd the
return shocle from the west.
Find Corpse of MlnJster ,
s I Rock Island , III.-Tho corp so of Rov.
o Ii'rnnle W. 1I00ver , n CongrogationaJ
r. minister of Sherrard , was tound fiont.
o Ing In a pOl1ll near his homo Wodnes.
l' dl1Y. It Is SUllposod that he wali
drowned " \bllo bathlnc.
. . .
0 :
. ,
ItnnJas SmatQr Must SerTo Six
Months In .TaU' fUld Pay M"Jne , Do-
sfdos Losing OIDcc.
Wnshlngtbn.-Tho 8upreme court , ot
the United Bt3tOS 1\Iondl1Y r Mre4 q
decision in the ClLSO of Unlto < 1 Btat IJ
Benntor Rl\lph Durton , ot K . .usaB ,
The deolslon was Ilgalnst Durton , nt.
firming the daclalon of the UnltIJ4
Bta.tes olroult court for the cQlltom dllJo
trfct of Missouri , by which Durton WtI.'J
sentencell to six months' Imprleonment
In the jail of Iron county , Ma ; , roe
qulrod to pay II. fine of ' 2,500 nd deprived -
prived of the rJght to horonftor hold
office under the government , The
opinion was by Justlco IInrlnn. An
of the points made In Burton's Intor.
est were overruled.
Senator Durton was prosecuted on
the charge of violating Sootlon 1182
of the rovlsed statutes , which prohibIts -
Its senators and reprosenlntlvoB trom
recolvlng componsatlon for BervJoclS
rendered beCoro any of the government
departments In any matter In whloh
the government may bo Intorestod.
Ho was speclfical1y ch rged with a.c-
ceptlng a fee of $500 pOl' month for
five months from the malto Grain &
Securities company , of St. Louis , 'for '
services rendered that company In an
effort to llrovent the Issuance of an
order by the post office department
prohibiting the use of the mnl1a by
the company.
Immediately after promutgntlng Its
decision In the Durton case the BU'
premo court oC the United Stntos Mon.
day granted a motion to give 60 dnys
to Senator Durton In which to : pro.
pare a petition for a rehearing. The
nctlon will have the ol'fect of taking
the case over untl1 tbo next term of
: ourt beginning In October , as the
present term wl11 expire next Mondoy.
Henrik Ibsen Dies at his Homo in
Norwegian Capital Attar
Long I11n'ess _
ChrIstiania , Norway.-Henrlle Ibsen ,
Norway's greatest poet and dramatlst.
died peacefully at 2 : 3i ) o'olock
Wednesday afternoon. Ibsen wns 78
years of age _
Allhough Ibsen's lIterary adlvlty
ceased some 'ears ago , when an apo.
plectlc seizure forced him to refrain
from mental etrort , ho had continued
to be a faml1lar figure In the..1Ito 01
Christiania and was. frequently aeen
driving In the streets with a compan.
From tlmo to time lately as fresh
apoplectic attacks came upon him It
became obvious , especially In view of i
his advanced ycars that his death
could not be far distant. Tuesday
night nnother selzuro left him com.
pletely unconscious , and his physi.
clan announced that he had only a
few hours to live.
King Haalcon , Immedlatoly upon 1'00
celpt oC the news of Ibsen's death ,
transmitted to the widow his own d
Queen 1\Iaud's sympathy and condol.
The storthlng ( lend other publlc bod.
les are formally recording the nation-
nl grief at the loss of this foremost
figure In the literary lire of the nation.
It Is understood that the fun oral wl11
bo a state function.
- -
W. H. Stuart , Americqn Officln1 ai
Datum , Russia , Slain from
'Datum.-W. H. Stuart , the Amerkan
lice consul , wn. shot and ltllled near
tlls country place Sunday night. The
lssasslns escnped. Mr. Stuart was 0
British subject and one of the largest
Ihlp broltors nnd exporters of Batum.
During the revolutionary troubles of
last fa11 his lIfo was manY times
hreatoned by longshoremen , and at
hrlstmas a dopumtlon visited his of.
! lce and practlca11y compel1ed him to
glvo them $1,500 under the gulso of a
! 1ollday gratult ' for doclt laborors.
Asldo from the troubles during the
revolutionary dlsturbance9 last fal1 ,
Mr. StuaI't. had had no Crlctlon with
the natlvo population. Ho was so generally -
orally respected that. ho was on BOV-
eral occasions caBed upon to act as
Intermediary liming the racial war boo
tween the Tartars and the Armenians.
saving the lives of several of the lat.
tel' .
1\11' . Stuart , who was 49 yenrs of :1ge ,
had spent the greater part of his IIfo
In Russia , the last 12 years In Dlltum.
Desldes his official connections he had
extenslvo business re1J1t1ons throu h-
out the entlro Caucasus. Ho spoke sov.
eral natlvo dlnlects and was considered
an authority on land.
Vetemns in Collision.
Lafayette , Ind.-Ono man wns klllod
and neary ] 70 old ooldlors were Injured -
jured In 11. c01llslon on the Laayetto
bnttle gDund eleetrlc road Wedneed .
Doth cars were crowded with veteran ! ,
attending the annual encampment of
the G. A. R.
Friend of Grnnt Dead.
Denver , Co1.-Co1. Robart B. Moore
n veteran of the Moxlcan nnd oiv1 {
wars and a close frlond of GeD. 01'IUlt
and Gon. Sheridan , died at biB home
In this city Wednesday. aged ' 1'9 years.
Former Postmaster Drops Dea.d.
JopItn , Mo.-Peter Schnur , tormer
IOstmaster and founder of the J : DI1n
NO\ys-Horald , dropped dead of Mart
disease \\'hUe marclrlng In the tla.rl1dC !
of the Knights Templar. Ho WWl 04
yenl'S of ago.
Soldiers Refuse Dan Cartrldgea
Kursk , Russla.-The Boldlers of the
Obayau regiment here , who were to
be dlspatchod l11to the countr1 dletrlotll
In anticipation of agrarian troublea ,
I have } ' ( Ifused to take ball cartrll2iell
with them.
. ' (
: E y : i
Those o Ref o Pay Were Not
supplied-One C mpan.r.J = 'orced tc .
Sell Its' Mine Because O'f hIB Dls.
PHII FJLPIIIA-Additional ovl. I
denco of dlscrlmlno.tlon by the Penn.
sylvunla railroad In the I1lstFJbutlon of \ "I
cars In the soft. coal field was pro.
sented to the Interstate Commerce
commission 'l'hursday. John J. Lloyd.
11 banlor and coal operator of Altoono ,
who Is ono of the members of the
banldng firm of Cassatt & Co. , testl.
fied that the Coumbla ] Coal compnny
was forced to seH the Alexandria mlno
because of the shortage of cars , and
Oeorgo E. Scott of the Puritan and
Crescent Coal companies declared Utat
bo paid tor the use of ral1road cars
when ho fal1ed to secure his allott.
ment nnd Umt durIng a. perloll of
twonty.threo days the ral1road. had ful'
nlshed hrm with onlr one car _ Ho also
asscrtod that 1\I haol Trump , gonernJ
superintendent oC transportation , had
told him the company Intended to protect -
tect the Dorwlnd-Whlto company at aU
During tho-tlmo that 1\11' . Lloyd wns
on th stand counsel for the commJs.
slon mndo porslstent efforts to forca
an admIssion that ho had been assocIated -
cIated In a business way with Presl.
dent CCLSsatt. 1\11' . Lloyd , however ,
sn.ld that his only rolatlons with Cas.
satt were wIth Cassatt. & Co. , with
which 1\11' . Cassatt carrlCd a personal
banle account. ' 1'ho ralll10ad company
IUld for many ) 'ears been a d011oslto1
with the First National banlt oC AI.
toona , oC which Mr. Llord Is president.
Mr. Llo'd gave testimony on the 01'
i ganlzatlon of various mInIng com
I panles In whleh he Is Interested , say.
Ing ho consldored It good policy to
hnvo railroad 1I1en among the stock.
hold rs oC the coal companies.
Frederick Vrooman , an asslsfn.nt
trainmaster , told the commission that
ho had received gifts of mane ) ' in
amounts from $5 to $20 from varloua
coal companIes for favors that. ho did
not Irant. t
The commission received a telegram - .
gram from a process server wl10 went
to Irwin , Pa. , the homo of Congress.
m:1n George W. Hutr , who , It has been
ropeatedl ) ' tostlfied , made gifts of
st.aclt In various coal companies to
railroad oll1clals. 'l'he telegram stated
that the officer was unable to servo
the suhpoena upon Colonel Hutr , as
the latter loeled himself in his house
and evaded the server br escaping by
way of the coBar. It was learned that , . '
, ) ' "
" t.
ho hnd left town. ' a.
Cubans Amend the Treaty.
HAVANA-The senflto committee on
f.orolgn rolatlons on Thursday reverted
on the treaty bet.ween Great Dritaln
and Cuba , which was signed twelve
months ago , recommondlng Its ratlfi.
caUoa with cortaln amendments. 1t la
said that these amendments wl1l be
dlstastofu ] to Great Dritaln , and I ) , Is
considered doubtful If the government
of that country will aceept the treaty
as amendod. The report or the com. .
mitteo will bo discussed In the senate
in a few days.
No More Feathers on Hats. \ \
ALBANY , N. Y _ - Commissioner .
Whipple of the state forest , fish and
game department served notica
through the press to the milliners of
the state , relnll and wholesale , that
his departID\3nt Intends to use every
legltlronto menns to enforce the law
prohibiting the possession of bodies or
feathers from wild birds , whether
talon In this state or elsowhere.
Coal Laws for Alaska.
WASHINGTON - The coal land
laws of the United States are made
appllcablo to Alaslm under a bl1l wblch I .
has been ordered reported favorably
by the senate commIttee on publio
lands. The provisions for the entry ot
coal lands by associations have been
changed so often that they are not
cloar. The bill now reported author.
Izes four or moro assIgnees oC coal
land locations to maIm entry and develop -
volop trncts or 64U ncros , but still pro-
1llblts one person from locating moro
than 160 acres.
Bid Is Made for Fusion. j
HARRISDURG : Pa.-Tho prohibition I'
convontlon nominated 11. mixed tlcleet W .
for the state offices. Wl1l1nm H. Derry ,
democrat , who WIUI elected slnto trt'as. I
uror ns n fuslonlst last November ,
was named ror govornorj Homer L.
Castle , prohlblUonlst of 1'Iltsburg , was
nominated for lIeutenant governor :
Representatlvo Wl1l1nm L. Croary ,
democrat of Catawassla , for nurlltor
gonoraJ , nnd ox-Ropresento'1.tlvo E. A.
Coray , Jr. , ropubllcan oC Wl1Iwsba.rro
for socrotnr - of stato.
' '
Wlnts Orderly Election. : a'
PANAlAThOUSI1 no specla.l In.
structlons hn\'o heen sent to the gover.
nors of the several provinces , Secre-
I tary Guardia said Utat UIO government
, w1l1 endeavor to guarantee complete
freedom of action In the approaching
( lllltOls Bankers fndleted.
I PEORIA , lII.-'l'he rour prlnclpa.l
I owners In the failed Tos-Smlth ] banle
I of Pekln , 111. , were Indicted under 125 .
, counts each by the Ta.zezwell county . , -
I rand jury.
_ tt , , ' - ; . ' .
. , . , .
J '