Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, April 11, 1901, Image 7

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would lie uimislnx If It were not
pathetic to note with how little skill
wo conform to the peculiarities of
the members of our family. Why cannot -
not we learn to take their idlosyncru-
dca for granted ? Given certnlu people
and certain conditions , we know jus > t
what to expect. It works out In al
most every case as accurately as a
problem In algebra , and yet we never
fall to feel surprised and exasperated
when the course of our friends Is not
what we should miip out for them. People
ple live together twenty , thirty , forty
years , and yet do not learn to take
each other for granted. The Indolence
or wasted energy ; the lavlshness or
parsimony of our companions , produce
In uthe same sensations with the
same degree of Intensity as If It were
nil a new story , and In too nuiny cases
calls forth the same Indignant and use
less remonstrances.
It Is not always as Important as we
think that people should direct their
lives and affairs along the lines which
we deem wisest and best. Our methods
may not have all the merit we claim
for them. But even granting that they
have , we cannot compel their accept
ance by other people. Our friends
have the same conlldonce In their own
Judgment that we have In ours.
The fact that It Is so hard to set
aside our special prejudices ought to
make us more lenient toward others.
Instead of resorting to remonstrance ,
criticism or ridicule , If we would but
good naturedly adapt ourselves to the
harmless whims of those with whom
we nre associated , we should add great
ly to their comfort and happiness. We
an like to do things In our own way.
imd since we cannot always Indulge
oor own wishes , why not do what we
can toward gratifying the wishes of
others ? Alice Josephine Johnson , In
Good Housekeeping.
Won n White Hiislmtvl.
Miss Martha Afong , daughter of the
Honolulu millionaire , who left her
home In Hawaii to go to Manila to
wed Lieut. Dougherty ,
of the Thirty-seventh
Infantry , Is the daugh
ter of a millionaire
Chinaman , and is one
of ten sisters , who re
cently made a tour of
the United States ,
' * * " which resulted In the
MISS AKONO. nlnrphlpc Of SX | of tllem
to well-known Americans. Miss Afong
Is 21 years of age , and the most benutl-
fnl of the ten. She Urst became ac
quainted with her future husband at
Honolulu , where he stopped for a few
days on Ine wr to M" " ' i It was love
at first silit n < 1 alt' ' 'Ci h the court-
Rhlp lasted only three days , her con-
Bent was given for an early marriage.
Aa Llent. Dougherty could not leave his
post of duty , Miss Afong was forced to
go to Manila to fulfill her promise. She
receives a dowry of $10,000 ,
It I'lcnHCH a Woman ,
The greatest secret of domestic hap
piness lies In husband and vrlfo pleasIng -
Ing each other. It is quite as ensy to
say pleasant , graceful things as dis
agreeable ones. It Is far sweeter to a
wife to have tender words from her
husband than it was to have them
from him before marriage husband In
the role of lover has a double value In
a wife's estimation. It pleases a wo
man to know her husband says pleas
ant things to her because he means
thorn , and not as flattery. Flattery
never pleases her. It pleases her to bo
told by him that lie needs her that his
happiness depends upon her compan
ionship. To feel that her efforts to
please are successful , and are appre
ciated accordingly , will stimulate most
women to greater endeavors. Woman's
New in Her Line.
A woman hunger has appeared in
Taterson , N. J. She Kivcs the mime of
Mary Welch , Is handsome nnd says she
IB thirty. She re
ceived a. sentence In
a Justice court of
number of days for
forcing her affec
tions upon John
Donahue and sev-
Wnl other promi
nent citizens a *
they passed a hotel
where she had e.s-
tnbllshed headquarMISS
tore , ller actions tanked a sensation
lu the down-town district , and she
was arrosted.
Ulntlon of Twentieth Oiitury Miild.
The twentieth coniury will bo pre
eminently the woman's century. It will
be her duty , her privilege , to do Its
choicest work. What is the noblest
thing she may do with her life , with
her leisure ? The thoughtful American
girl Is coming to this truth that
the nation's greatest need Is spiritual
ity ; that the Ideal type from now on
will be the spiritual woman. It IH not
the religious side of spiritual life which
In lacking. The churches and hundreds
of God-fearing men and women are at
tending to that. It Is that portion of
cplrltuul life not directly connected
with religion the portion v u-h has
ever been woman's peculiar pi.iy tux -
which Is neglected.
the physical of th'
la conquest rwin-
try woman bore the heroic pan < > t t i >
Ulewt sufferer. Important as was the
role she played then , It grew even more
Important In the Intellectual conquest
vfefcb followed. That conquest la go
nearly complete that It may be taket
for granted. An education such tin
education as the world never dreamed
of heretofore Is now within the reach
of every American boy and girl. It ex
tends from the kindergarten through
the university. But having becomu
the most powerful , the richest and the
most resourceful of modern nations we
are not to rest there In the belief that
progress Is all to be measured by war
ships and the dollar mark. ( Every people
ple has gained a little on the great lad
der that humanity Is climbing , and
though material progress comes first ,
spiritual must follow or the nation
falls. George W. Gerwlg , In Woman's
Home Companion.
We are to be surfeited this summer
with hip yokes and flounces. The yokes
are usually of lace , and Instead of
running around the skirt In the usual
fashion the lower line of the yoke Is
broken by lines of lace running from
the yoke to the bottom of the skirt. Fre-
queutly the yoke runs Into a plastron
effect In front. Shirred yokes will be
seen on some of the summer gowns
made of thin material , and very young
girls will wear yokes of smocking. So
much trimming will be Introduced that
there may be some bewilderment
among even the wisest women as to
the decoration of their summer gowns ,
but It Is always wise to remember that
the best rule to follow is "Uhu trim
ming only when there Is an excuse for
It" There Is nothing artistic about a
gown trimmed with bows and patches
of lace or ribbon set on at random.
A lovely house gown In lavender
crepe yolku-dottcd In white Is one of
the gowns in a bridal ontllt. The trail
ing skirt Is finished with a graduated
flounce and given an additional Hare
by clusters of tiny tucks set in all
about the top where the flounce Is
sewn to the hklrt. Abovp the flounce
there are two rows of heliotrope velvet
ribbon. The bodice Is tucked and
bloused In front. It opens In the bank
and is drawn Into a girdle of heliotrope
velvet and gold gauze. In front the
girdle Is drawn low. It Is wide In the
back , the points at top and bottom giv
ing a very slender waist. The sleeves
reach the elbows and are finished with
full puffs of gold gansto shrouded in
heliotrope chiffon and fulled into vel
vet bauds. The neck Is cut out In a
shallow V , both back and front.
CnrHtiii riiiiil.
To soy that there * Is any fluid that
will curl hair that Is naturally straight
would be to state an untruth , but a.
curling fluid for the hair that helps
to keep It wavy when the air Is damp
Is the nearest approach to anything of
the sort that the chemist has yet devis
ed. Such n liquid can be made by
combining two ounces of borax , out *
drachm of gum arable and one quart
of hot water , not boiling. Stir this
together and as soon as the Ingredients
are dissolved add three tablespoonfnls
of strong spirits of camphor. If this
Is applied before the hair Is rolled up
In papers , or comet ! In contact with the
tongs , it will greatly help In obtaining
that llulllness that Is so much In de
How to Ilniitr 1'irturrs.
For pictures to hang nicely , especial
ly small water colors. It Is essential
that they should not hung forward
from the wall. In a well lighted room
there Is little If any advantage to be
gained by allowing the paintings on the
wall to project In the old-fashioned
ugly way. The very best , and , on the
whole , the cheapest , manner of going
to work Is to have a picture molding
or picture rail round the top of the
wall and hang pictures from this by
means of the hooks which are sold
everywhere. It Is also best to have two
wires to each picture , so that all of
them , If observed at nil , are soon to bo
In Chnnsinir Huis .
The average buyer finds the prices of
the genuine Oriental rugs much be
yond his means. For Instance , many
could pay , say . ? ' - ' < " > for a good-sized
square rug , or $15 for the .smaller ob
long kind , but only at special sales or
auctions ( where some knowledge Is
necessary ) are good ones to be had at
anything like such prli-cs. Morels rugs
are the hctt second choice. Smyrna uro
also good , but in the majority of cases
Morris ones are bettor. They are re
versible and the color tones quite soft
and artistic.
I ( r Pulnty I'lijniiui * .
Women who arc extremely up-to-date
f , , -e wearing pajamas as a substitute
t. > r the milled lacy , Freuchy night
dress , which has always seemed too
essentially feminine to be abandoned.
Pongee , wash silk , linen and cambric
arc some of the materials for the new
pajamas. Light wool In uutxl for to *
cold weather.
Siooiiiiolilor .
"Hero's u girl. " remarked the query
editor , "who writes to know 'what Is
the popular spoonholder this season. ' "
"Evidently , " replied the snake editor ,
"she's never had any beaux. "
"Why ? "
"Hecauso If she had she'd know that
the moat popular one Is the parlor
sofa. " Philadelphia Tress.
Jut for llnliy.
Mrs. Poppers Oh , John , you" must
raise side whiskers.
Mr. Poppers What ? You've often
told mo you hated such things.
Mrs. Poppers I want you to raise
nice long ones like Mr. Markloy's. lie
called to-day , and baby enjoyed pullIng -
Ing his whiskers so mucli. It was too
cute for anything. Philadelphia Press.
Dead llrokc.
Ethel Count Spaghetti seems to load
a monotonous life ,
Gladys Yes ; a little chnugc would
do him good.
Should Have Known.
He ( In his wrath ) When I married
you I had no Idea what a fool you
She ( In her equanimity ) Thefact
that I was willing to marry you should
have removed all doubts on that point.
Boston TrunscripjL
The Hull ol' Klnqiicncc.
He Oh , yes ; he's eloquent. But 1
can't say 1 admired the whole of bis
She No , his mouth isn't pretty , but
then it's partially hidden by his mus
tache. Philadelphia Press.
New Style * .
"More new gowns ! " ho orlcd.
"Why , yes , " she answered , sweetly.
"All of mine are last century styles. "
Philadelphia North American.
Operated Upon.
Hrlggs I hear you have been oper
ating lu Wall struct.
Grlggs A great mistake. I have bcon
operated upon. Harper's liuzar.
Fixed nt the Hex Office.
Willie Pa , what's a fixed star ?
Pu ( formerly an actor ) A lixed star ,
I suppose , is one who gets his salary
regularly. Philadelphia Press.
A J'aiuicea.
Fortieth Friend ( since breakfast ) Hy
Jove , old fellow , you've got a fearful
cold. What are you taking for It ?
Sufferer ( hoursc'lyj Advlr > e.
York Weekly.
Mutual CotniiiiBnian.
! uj3P'1
"Oh ! my poor \\oinan ! My heart
bleeds tor ono in your condition ! "
"Thanks. ( , or ; Ol was thinkln' the
sunn ; of the llkos of you ! "
Not I'lluup
Te v Minn Scrawney says he. Just
hates to go to the opera.
Jew Yes , but what she means la that
hho can't "bare" to go to the opera.
HH | Sup THtltlon.
Ulckh Do you believe that it In un
lucky to postpone u wedding ?
Wicks Yes , when the young man
nei-'ls ' iiionoy , and the girl is rich.
lli < I'almlNt.
The Palmist This line In your hand
Indicates that you lyive a very brilliant
future nhoad of you -
Slmkins Is that so ?
The Palmist Yes , but this other line
Indicates that you are too slow to ever
catch up with It. Chicago News.
Hi. Hop- .
Sea Captain There Is no liopel The
ship U doomed ! In nil hour we will all
be dead !
Passenger Tbuuk heaven I
TrmiU Wreitllmr.
Lady Why don't the railroad * have
mechanical appliances for loading and
unloading trunks ?
Depot Master Well , you see. mad
am , lifting the trunks Into the cars
doesn't hurt anything but the men and
throwing them out doesn't hurt any
thing but the trunks. Now York
Dlinisrccil with Her.
Mamma Ethel , I must really forhld
you touching that lobster you kiuw
It does not agree with you.
Ethel ( resignedly ) Very well , mam
ma , but It does seem as If everything
In this world that Is nice Is olthoi
AVlcked or Indigestible. Life.
Short Knu.iKcmnti. .
Little Hey llow soon arc you am )
Sis goln' to bo married ?
Accepted Suitor She has not named
the day yet. 1 hope 0io does not bo
llevc In long engagements.
Little Hey She doesn't. I know
'causo nil her engagements have been
Antidote for On ( i ,
"I should think you would be afra.u
to cat onions In the middle of the day , "
said the blonde typewriter to the brunette
netto when they mot at dinner.
"I'm not a bit , " replied the dark one
"you soo. our olllco Is on the thirty
slxtli lloor , and when I go up In thai
elevator It takes my breath away.-
Yonkers Statesman.
Scone : Children's party ( Punch am !
.ludy show going ) . Tom discovered bj'
his hostess' papa In tears.
Hostess' Papa Afraid. Tom ? Oheei
up. old man , they're only dolls.
Poor , Frightened Tommy Thej
won't bo dolls when I dream of them
to-nlpht. Life.
"Is Hie boss In ? " asked the stronger
entering the Urug store.
"No , " replied the nlwnt-inlndcl
clerk , "but we have something Just a
good. " Yonkers Statesman.
Why should all good llttlo
boys like Washington's birthday ?
Chorus of Five 'Cause they ain't no
school that diij !
In TheiitHc J'arlnncr.
Amateur What does rt mean In the
atrlc circles when they uay the "ghost
walks ? "
Veteran Actor It uicanp thiit thi
rest of us don't have to. Detroit ITri *
"Where Is Josiar ? " naked Mrs. Corn-
tuascl , uneasily.
"Well , " answered her husband , nn h
proceeded to till his pip * , " 1 won't saj
fur certain. If the Ice Is as strong &i
he thinks It Is , he's gone skatln' , an' U
It ain't , he's gone Bwlmmln'Bostot
HIM Clever { | e ,
Mr. Crlpps Can you Induce the cooi
to have one of her friends come an < !
take dinner with her to-night ?
Mrs. Orlpps The Ideal What for ?
Mr. Crlpps I expect to bring Jonei
and Smith homo with mo. and I'd llki
to have a nice dinner for thorn. Phila
delphia Ttocord.
Well , Wclll
"Old Grouch went to the mnmiueradi
the other night disguised an a bear ! "
"Did any one recognize him ? "
"Nolwdy but his wife. " Iiidlanapolli
Press * .
I'lioin Ity fnmiet'iln.
"Have you done anything to boom
your town ? "
"Wai , 1 reckon ! Held tew Indignn/
tlou meotln's tew perteM ngMn tin
smoke nulsancel" Detroit Journal.
He Got Hack.
Wife ( angrily ) Seems to mo that we
have been married so long Uiat I can't
even remember when or where we Uret
Husband ( quietly ) I can. It WOH at
a dinner party and there were thirteen
at the table.
A Sure Thine.
He Wasn't that you on the piazza
last night ?
She No.
"Then I wonder who In the world 1
kissed ? "
"You can probably tell by going then
to-ulght nt the same time ! " Life.
The Heal Thing.
The divine right of kings Isn't in It
with the right of the married duughtei
who comes home for the ilrst time U
show off her baby to her parents.-
Atcblaou Globe.
No Accident.
The bowUehlngao.Uossvuirc a "Jan-
Ice Meredith" curl , wiileU contrasted
beautifully with the prepared chalk-
on her shoulder. Suddenly the curl
fell from her head anil rested on her
long skirt as slio swept , from the stauO
"Well , said a'railroad man In I he
audience , "that train took the switch
Just In time.Ualtlmore American.
You Cnu Get AllrtiV * Koot-Knue Pit Kit.
Write to-day to Allen S. Olmstcil , I , ( > HOJ ,
N. y. , for a FHI3H sample of Allen's root-
Ease , u powder to utiake Into your shoes.
It cures tired , awentluK , damp. v\olk-u.
aching feet. It milkos UIMV or light slioci
ea r. A certain cure ( or CoruB nnil liunlon * .
All druggists and Mioc ( oroi icll It. ! Uc.
A youni ? woman teacher of St. Louis
tried to discourage tardiness by kissIng -
Ing the Ilrst pupil to arrive at school
In the morning. On the day the sys
tem went Into elTcet two boys of 10 ,
only two years younger than the tea
cher , arrived scvetnl hours before
school opened and everybody In the
school was on hand an hour ahead of
time. The two big boys eacli got a
Iss , but the system was abandoned.
Drying preparations simply dovcl-
p dry otUunh ; l\\oy \ \ dry up the necreUoua
Oiiuh mlhora to the mombrono nnd doconit
10-10 , causing n fur inoro Hcrioun ( rotiblo tlmn
ho ordinary form of ontnnh. Avoid nil dry-
i\g inhalants , fnuios , pmokca mid nnulfs
md use Hint which cle.itiscfl , cooUicn mul
inals. Ely's Cream Halm is mich u roincily
mul will euro catarrh Or cold in the head
nsily nnd pleasantly. A trial alzo will bo
mnilod for 10 cents. All dnippihts nell the
COo. RZO. ! Ely Brothers. G Wnneu St. , M.Y.
The Iilm ! : curl's without pain , docn not
rritnto or cnuau snAP/.iiiR. It Rereads Itself
> ver nn irritated ivvd angry wirfnco , rolloy-
ng immediately the piiifid inflammation.
With lily's Oreiim lUlm you tire uriuod
against Natal Cutarrh and liny Fovor.
A six-year-old boy went to a "wild
vest" show ono. day lately , and saw e
owuoy lasso a "wild horse. " On the
way home the boy made a lasso and
rk.I It on the llrhtcolt he could llnd
n tlie pastuie. lie lassoed the colt ,
nit , as lie had taken the precaution
M tic one end of the lasso to his waist ,
he result can bo Imagined. These
wooly" shows have the same ell'ecl
MI the juvenile mind the dime novel
A Promoter1 * Ilmnorv
Charles I ? . Flint has.u quaint Yan
kee humor which Is as well developed
today as In his school years , In ' the
Polytcchnsc Institute thu markings
were on the basis of ono hundred and
were bullotlncd monthly , Ono day
a group of bii > s wt u looking nt tha
new bulletin. > n which one of the
hopeless dullards of the class WBJ-
marked sixty-six.
Flint said slowly ;
"Sixty-six , that's the very numboi
of our year , and I hope when wo get
to 'Oil Jaok will receive that Hgnrol"
Once a sanctimonious person re
marked :
"Children should never bo allowed
to play with toys on Sunday ! "
"May they not play with rellglom
toys ? " he queried.
"There are no religious toys , sir. "
"Excuse mo , there arc ! "
"What are they then , sir ? "
" Noah's aiks. "
in < iui ; : A COLD IN ONI : DAT
Tnko Lnxntlvo Hromo Quinine Tablets. All
ilugglstsirtnnd thumoney Hit ( nilsto rnrcs
1C. W. Grove's slgnntunIs oni-achbox 26o.
Tonic tlit < ( 'ittmillim C'our c. .
When the defaulting cashier flrsft
came out here be vu'iit around toll In if
people he uus captain ol'a yacht club.
J didn't believe a word of It from tnov
Hist.May Well , dear , he did turn out to '
be a skipper. Chicago News. 'a
Soxeml Illli ,
First Vaudeville Manager Mm.
Nation would make quite a sensation
If she'd go on the stage.
Second Vaudeville Manager Yea ,
Indued ! Wouldn't she make a hit in
"Ten Niuhts In a liar Uoom ? " Puok ,
A great mind Is arrows.'a
A young woman In New Jersey
broke oil her engagement on her wed
ding day because she found the pros
pective bildegroom had deceived her
as to his prospects In life. Cupid la
liudlng the bandage over his eyes out
of date In these business times , and la
getting as sharp about cash accom
paniments as his own arrows.
* ,
A woman is sick Bomo disease peculiar to her sex is fast
developing in her system. She goes to her family physician
and tells liim a story , but not the whole story.
She holds back something , loses her head , becomes agi
tated , forgets what she wants to say , and finally conceals
what she ought to have told , and this completely mystifies
the doctor.
Is it a wonder , therefore , that the doctor fails to cure the
disease ? Still wo cannot blame the woman , for it is very em
barrassing to detail some of the symptoms of her suffering ,
oven to her family physician. This is the reason why
hundreds of thousands of women are now in corre
spondence \vith Mrs. JL'inkham , at Lynn , Mass. To
her they can give every symptom ; BO that when she is ready
to advise them she is in possession of more facts from her
correspondence with the patient than the physician can
possibly obtain through a personal interview.
Following wo publish a letter from a woman showing the
result of a correspondence with Mrs. Pinkham. All such
loiters arc considered aoHOiuteiy coiimicnimi by
Mrs , I'iiilclmm , and are never published in any way or
manner without the consent in writing of the patient ; hut
hundreds of women are so grateful for the health which Mrs.
Pinkham and her medicine have been able to restore to them
that they not only consent to publishing their letters , but
write asking that this bo done in order that other women
who suffer may bo benefited by their experience.
Mrs. Ella Rice , Chelsea , Wis. , writes :
"DEAnMns. PINKIIAM : For two years I was troubled with falling1
and Inflammation of the womb. I suffered very much with bearing-down
pains , headache , backache , and was not ublo to do anything. What 1
endured no one knows but those who have Buffered as I did. I could
hardly drag myself across the floor. 1 doctored with the physicians of this
town for three months and grew worse Instead of better. My husband
and friends wished me to writu to you , but I had no faith in patent medi
cines. At last I became so bad that I concluded to ask your advice. I
received an answer at once advising mo to take your Vegetable Compound ,
and 1 did bo. Ueforo 1 had taken two bottles I fult better , and after I had
taken live bottles there was no happier woman on earth , for I was well
ugaiu. I know that your Vegetable Compound cured me. and I wls > h and
advise every woman who suffers as I did to try Lydla E. Plnkbam's Vege-
tnbla Compound. Believe me always grateful for the recovery of my
health. " Mas. ELLA HICK , Chel&ea , Wis.
Owing to the Uct that tome ikcptical U'xl
people have from time to time qucttioacd
thegeaulnencMoftheiMtimoalAlletter *
weBfe coniunly | publiihinif , we luvt
5000 depoilted with the National City Dank , of l.vnn , Mat * . , (5,000 ,
which will be paid to any fxitoa who will thuw that the above
teitlmonial U not geouinr , ur wa puUitbtil before obtaining
th * writer'atpcclal pcrraluiou. LVOIA E. PIMIUIAM MIDICINI Co.
ilahL _ _ / tj