Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, April 11, 1901, Image 2

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    Custer County Republican
> . Jtl. AMSIlKltHV , Killtnr nnd 1'nbllnlior
Multifarious ghost stories should not
be taken to Indicate the spirit of the
Edward VII. Is said to like his Job.
But work hiird as he may , there I.H no
chance for promotion.
Mr. Carnegie will flnd several per
ron * Just as ready to net-opt $1,000,000
* month as ho is to give It nwny.
Morgan and Rockefeller are watchIng -
Ing Tcsla's efforts to communicate with
Mara closely. They wnnt that planet.
A dead body kept In a perfect condi
tion in Hungary fifty-six yenrs , but
thia affords polltlml "dead ones" no
With the experienced Mrs. Nation's
rork excites no wonder. Most mar-
fled men have long known what one
determined woman can do.
Things hnve come to that pass with
the slugger the country over , that In-
ttcad of putting up his hands an usual
he's throwing them up In disgust.
A now ruler of Great Hrltaln always
has one big nd vantage. It In not JUT-
wanry for him to hide from people who
want to get appointed .is postmasters.
A Wisconsin Judge IIIIH ruled that ex-
ecBslvo smoking of cigarettes Is ground
for divorce. The festive "eollln-iuill"
ocms to have no friends only ( lends.
Nell Grow thinks that the United
fttates will have the distinction of be
ing the last morsel to be eaten by the
IrtURRlan bear. Ills prophecy Is sulll-
ter deutly In advance , but what's the use
j f getting beaten on a sensation like
this ?
The publisher of Hurko's Peerage
ays he receives orders for more copies
of the work from America nnd receives
more Inquiries from this country about
questions of precedence than from nil
the rest of the world. SI 111 , wo must
Insist that them Is n fair percentage of
people In this country who are not
It Is n question whether In a big
criminal case the evidence of medical
Experts , directly contradictory of each
other , docs anything nt all to aid Jus
tice or toward elucidating the case in
the minds of the Jurors. It Is not edi
fying to hear two men whose assumed
devotion to their profession and to the
wcnfic of jnstlce should raise them
bovc the level of the average witness
testifying solemnly to diametrically
opposite and absolutely Irreconcilable
tntcmcnts nnd deductions.
v The masters of Kngllsh are not afraid
to UKO homely words whose expressive
ness more than offsets their plainness. ,
Thus Lord Itosebery declares that
'England , In order to withstand inter
national competition , must educate her
( youth , and he suggest sending
"batches" of young men abroad to
learn the best her rivals know. That
lionest word batch would have been
Tossed ever by a speaker less sure of
! hls English , when speaking of an ag
gregation of Individuals. In the use of
language there is a happy medium be
tween overfastIdloitMic s , which weak
ens one's Htyle , nnil oul-anil-oiit slang ,
which wrecks It completely.
, Recent bank embezzlements have M-t
ofllcors of timinelal InstltntloiiK on the
kcarch for some method of
trusted employes from
fnnd.s , A Haltlmore bank thinks II
fens discovered a successful plan. 11 I *
* secret method , and , of course , the
details are not made public , but H ha-
becn successfully tried. An examina
tion has Just been concl'id-Ml whk-h WIH
conducted with so much secrecy that
not even the mo l trusted employes of
bank knew thai It was in progn s-i.
two weeks were occupied In
It. An examination wh ! 'h can
$ H made without the knowledge of the
tajru who handle the cash and th-
books ought to be an excellent < afc-
Uuard , especially If cashier * who might
Joe tempted to ssteai are aware
their b6oks ami their cash are likely
< o be serutlnl/.ed at any momont. The
president of the Haltlmore Institution
adds tills satisfactory stntcmciit : "I'ti-
rtcr the system which \\e hav adopted
long continued niaiitpidatlon of books
nnd accounts will be hupo 'lili' ' . and
the conseiiuont danger of breaches of
faith upon the part of employes in all
tranches will be reduced to a mini
mum , If not prevented entlnily. "
We nre not the only tieojihtroulikMl
ivltli partisan disputes over our school
lilstorli'H , lOn liiinr.s common schools
nro such recent atValfH that a truce on
lier civil wars had been reached before
there wan a chance to wrangle over
{ school books. Hut Kngllshiucn have
i > onHoled themselves by bitter com-
lilalnta about the school hlstorlen of
it * ( heir nelglibora the channel. Tins
recent action of the French ( Jovcrn-
ment allows how a school-lilstory dls-
| iutc may become almost au Interna
tional complication. The British press
inn ofteu complained that French
rontlis were taught history from a
> ook which systematically Inculcated
mired of England. This book has been
used In all French public schools for
eighteen year * . Ita Author died , And
Knottier writer employed to add a seo-
ttJoa upon the event * lnc 1800. His
Comment * upoa the Fuhoda affair
'J. .
protest which many Frenchmen admit
ted was perfectly jimtlflcd. AH a result
of this combination of foreign and do
mestic objections , the ( Jovcrninciit has
withdrawn the book from I he Huhools.
This Anglo-Freiicb epI.Hodc and the re-
cliirocul gniinbllugH of Union and Con
federate veterans over our school books
Illustrate the ( llllk'iilty of writing his
tory to please nurvlvorn of both parties
to any great controversy. The disput
ants over school histories waste their
time and the public's. If mi author evi
dently Intends to be fair , and especially
If he keeps before himself and his read
ers the rule that acts of great men must
be Judged by the standards of their
time , then censures of his opinion arc
Idle. Time and experience will correct
any errors Into which he may have tin-
conselotiHly led the youthful mind. Lt
Is useless to demand perfection of
human nature , and the critics of the
school history's opinions- distin
guished from Its statements nf fact ,
might as well concede the futility of
their censures.
There arc. two mod OH of making the
Mississippi river of greater value for
traflle purposes than It IsJ now. One
of them Is the expenditure of largo
sums by the general government for
the Improvement of navigation and for
the maintenance of Improvements
when made. The other mode Is the In
troduction by private enterprise of ves
sels which can be used for tralllc purl -
l > 0 ! < e.s without the necessity , for exten
sive and costly Improvement works.
The latter mode , If feasible , Is decided
ly the butter of the two. ( iovfrnment i
aid never should be Invoked where prl-
vate enterprise Is competent to do the
work. Some St. Louis capitalists are
endeavoring to tlnd out whether the
whalcbaek boats , which have been a
success on the great lakes , can be u.iod
to advantage for freight purposes on
the .Mississippi. One of these boats ,
having a minimum draft of eight feet ,
has recently nituld a trial trip to New
Orleans. It had a cargo of ' 15,000 bush
els of wheat and corn and considerable
general merchandise. Everything went
smoothly on this llrst trip and the men
who are Interested In the .scheme are
much encouraged , They nre firm in
the faith that by using vessels so con
structed as to draw little water , while
carrying large cargoes , the great Western -
ern river will be as serviceable for
tratllc purposes as It once was. The
business men of New Orleans would
like to see this happen , and the products -
ducts of the agricultural regions of the
West seeking the ocean by way of their
city. If this Ht. Louis experiment
stands the test of time , and It Is found
prolltablc to ship Western products via
the Mississippi without expending
tens of millions of dollars of public
money more cheaply and conveniently
than they can be shipped by any other
route , then the producers nnd consum
ers of the products In question will
be gainers. If New Orleans gets a
greater share of the export trade It
will be beeause thnt city Is fairly en
titled to It.
Two C'onvei'tH.
No man , It Is said , Is a hero to his
valet The association IH too Intimate.
Hut a man may bo a hero to his re
porter. There Is a story of two
brothers , shorthand reporters , work
ing on different newspapers , one of the
brothers being a Uepubllcan and the
other a Democrat , which affords an
illustration of this truth.
Tile Republican reporter was detail
ed , during the recent presidential ciun- follow Mr. Hryan wherever he
went , ami to lake full notes of his
speeches , sending the same by wire
every night to I lie paper on which he
was emnloYod.
T < the Democrat reporter was given
a similar assignment , except that he
was to accompany Governor Uoose- t
velt. whose speeches he was to report L
In full.
After the campaign was over the
two brothers met at the paternal man
sion for the llrst time In many weeks ,
and ihfy looked rather sheepishly at
caeli other.
" \Vell. ( Jeorge , " said one. of the two ,
"after campaigning with Hryan three
months I've come back a Democrat.
I'm of jour politic * now. "
"Not a bit of It ! " returned the other.
"I've been campaigning with Itoose-
velt , and I've come back a Ucpuhll-
can ! "
In One Word.
It Is by no means necessary for a
man always to enter Into an elaborate
explanation , of his feelings In order to
make them clear.
"What's the name of the fellow who
wrote the tune of that coon song we've
just been favored with ? " asked one
man of another al a meeting of the
Amateur Composers' Club
" .limes , " returned the other man.
"James .lones , I believe. Frank Wai
ley wrote the words. "
"Ah , I was about to ask the name of
.tones' accomplice , " was the rejoinder.
Driest Spin on
I'ayta , Peru , about live degrees
south of the eipiaior , has the reputa-
lon of being the driest spot on the
globe. On an average a shower of rain
occurs at Payta only onue In two
years. Hut the Interval between show-
em Is often much longer. Yet In that
arid climate seven species of annual
plants manage to e.\lst. and the na
tives earn a livelihood by growing u
species of cotton , whose long roots
flnd moisture In the bed of a dried up
river. This cotton Is readily marketed.
Watch any man long enough and
you will hear him kick about the load
he la carrying.
Honesty ia the beat policy , but * emu
people beltovo In uiodevatlou It. all
Hlloj'n J.onjcV U for J'niuo.
"A friend caino to mo once , " says
James Wliltcomb Illlor , in SUCCORS for
February , "completely heart broken ,
' Bay in ir thai bis manuscripts were con
stantly returned , and that he was the
mast mlsuniblo wretch alive. 1 asked
him how long he had been trying ?
"Three years , ' lie said. 'My dear
man1 1 answered , laughing , 'go on ,
keep on trying till you have spent as
many years at it as I did. ' 'As many
us you did I" ho exclaimed. 'Yes as
long as I did. " 'What ? You James
Whltcombllllcy struggled for years ! '
'Yes , sir , through years , through
sleepless nights , through almost sleep
less days. For twenty years ! tried to
get Into one magazine ; back came my
manuscripts eternally. I kept on. In
the twentieth year that magazine ac
cepted one of my articles.
"I was not a believer in the theory
that one man does a thing much eas
ier than other men. Continuous , un
flagging ciFort , persistence and deter
mination will win. Let not the man
be discouraged who has these.
5Ir . Samuel G. Dyer Tells n Hiirroir-
lilt : Talc of SnflcrltiK.
MeCnrron , Mich. , April 8. ( Special. )
Mrs , Samuel G. Dyer of this place
lias given the following Interesting let
ter for publication :
"For years I suffered Intense pain In
the region of the heart. I doctored with
the best physicians. Some of them
would relieve mo for n short time , but
the pain always returned. My heart
was ho bad that I would have to sit up
In bed for hours , to get relief. I would
; lit1 awake almost all night. I am OU
years of ngo , and no one cnn under
stand how much I suffered -with this
Heart Trouble.
"About n year ago I lienrd of Ubdd'd
Kidney Pills , and commenced to mo
them. From the llrst my condition 1m-
proved. The pain in my heart gradu
ally grew less , and my general health
much better , and now 1 can bay posl-
lively that 1 ani entirely cured. I can
sleep H night , nnd enjoy almost ix-r-
feet health. I thank God for the cure
that has come to me through the use
' of Dodd's Kidney Tills.
1 "I have thought long over the matter
' of giving this letter for publication ,
and nni doing so now without any so
licitation whatever , and simply because
I feel It to be my duty to express the
1 profound gratitude 1 feel for my re
covery , nnd to let others who may bo
suffering as I was know how they may
flnd a cure. I know that nothing else
I but Dodd's Kidney Pills cured me , beI I
I cause I have taken no other medicine
for over a year. 1 fed better now than
I have for ninny years , nnd It Is all due
( to the.uso of Dodd's Kidney 1'llls. "
i Mrs. Dyer's case nnd Its cure has at-
traded a great deal of attention , nnd
her letter Is a splendid tribute to the
curative properties of Dodd's Kidney
Know III * PI tier.
"Anyhow , " remarked one of the
court Hatters , "your majesty imiy I
claim to be the John D. Rockefeller of
your age. "
"No , " responded Croesus , with
proud humility. " 1 am only Mie King
of Lydia , 1 am not the King of Greese"
Chicago Tribune.
A Month' * Tent Tree.
If TOO hard DfnpcpulM , wrltn Dr. Hlioop. IUotnVli ,
Iloi 149. for li liottlexor Dr. 8luioi > ' lloitomtivo. lil-
preiM paid. Vund no roonoy. 1'uy * 5 60 If currd.
dulling Dlnli Tarty.
Clarence Coonley What's yo' going
to cook , Miss Munkiiurtoii' ?
MissMonkington A Welsh rabbit.
Clarence Coonley ( eagerly ) Would
It , be askin' too much , Miss Moulting-
| ton , to save de left hind foot fo' yo's
' sincerely : ' Puck.
Mm. Wlnslow'H SOOTHING SYKUl1 ( or tlilljren
Itrllilntr , iifloim tlio RUUU. mliicci lutUmatlun.
llo > i iialiiciiieii Hind < -olln * V Imtlln
Nearly all the kitchens of the bet
ter class of residences in Sidney , A us-
tralla , are on the top lloor , and the
clothes are dried on the roof.
Addi to flio Iniinlt.
"You see now , you wretch , " Tindlo-
tncly exclaimed the fair prosecuting
witness , after the trial wasovcr , "that
it's an expensive thing to kiss a wo
man against her will. "
"You are right , madam. " Bald the
wretch who had just paid a $60 Hue
for the offense. "It isn't worth It. "
I t's n wise cook Unit knows enough
to lcue well done alone.
An IJniixpccU'il Guest.
Mr. Iloslyn 1 guess your sister did
not expect mo to call tonight
Little Willie Ilempstead ( frankly )
I guesh not , too. She put Mr. Uertr
whistle's photograph on the parlor
Plso's Cure for Consumption is an
Infallible medicine for coughs and
colds. N. W. Samuel , Ocean Grove ,
N. J. , Feb. 17 , 1000.
The Ofllco Seolcor'n Gtx-ftt.
"The loaves and fishes the office
scekes Is after never changes , "
"Never. The loaf Is a chance to do
nothing nnd the fishes 'some ' nice
perch. ' , Philadelphia Timea.
Oliolca Article.
Inquisitive Neighbor Dear little
thing ! llow much did she weigh ?
Proud Young Mother Six pounds ,
I believe. But wo don't estimate
babies in this family by weight. Mrs.
Nexdore. ( .hicago Tribune.
"What do you think of Mr. Hard-
lilt's execution ? " said Miss Gushly at
the soiree muslcale.
"I hadn't heard of it , " said old
"but I think's it's
Growly , a good
dea ; when does the hanging take
place ? " Pick-Me-Up.
Certainly Not.
"Mr. Meeker , are you carrying any
life Insurance ? "
"Certainly not. Mrs. Meeker carries
the life insurance. I merely look after
the payment of the premiums. "
Good IlvnBoii.
Lady Oh , how dirty your face Is ,
little boy.
Hey Yes'm ; we ain't had no com
pany for morc'n si week. Judge.
Leslie's Monthly : flussell Sage's
Yankee ancestry reappeared in his I
face , figure , speech and thought. Once
when Manhattan elevated stock was
below par , someone asked him his age.
lie smiled , answered , and added : "But
like the elevated , 1 propose to above a
liu nd red ! "
To an impertlrnent friend , who asked
what was the most philanthropic way
of using a large fortune , he replied :
"Keep it constantly active , in order
to give employment to the largest
number of human beings. "
When he gave Sage hall to the Troy
Female seminary , someone said :
"Why didn't you present it to some
men's college ? "
Mr. Sage responded quickly ;
"The women needed it most. "
A new hotel which is to be built on
Fifth avenue will have many interest
ing electrical features , among which
will Ixi a system of electric service ele-1
vators , or movable pantries , fitted >
with electric heating tables. They
will be run throueh every apartment , j
insuring rapid service and hot food to' '
guests taking Uieir meals in their j
The Delaware house of reprcsenta-
ties has passed , by a , unanimous vote ,
a b',11 to make the punishment for
kidnaping a child death or life impri-
A tax of ten per cent on all theatre
tickets sold in Franco is used to main
tain the paupers of that country.
He 2f < rvnr Itotarned
Lor/Hon Answers : "If ever again
you use that word 'she' instead of 'it , '
I shall consider it to bo a personal in-
BUltt" screamed '
lleglnald'a aweetr
"It's very rude , in my opinion , to
use the same word for ships and such
things as you do for ladlcsl"
"But my dear , " protested Reginald ,
"everyone does It , and I don't see why
you should look at it in that light. "
" 1 don't care what you BCO or don't '
seel" cried the famous young lady : "I
object to it ! "
"I think there is good reason for It
In some cases , " said Reginald. "A lo
comotive , at any rate , is rightly called
she. ' "
"Indecdl" exclaimed the girl , put
ting on a wcather-olllce look "which
seemed to say "expect squalls. " "And
why ? "
Reginald hastily prepared to depart
before replying. Then he said :
"Because it makes a horrible
noise when it tries to whistle.
A-Mlsiourlnn Pronounces on the Farm-
tntr I'oHilbilltles of AYetcr > i Cnnncln.
Just at present considerable Interest
Is being aroused In the fact that a few
ucw districts ( of limited acreage ) nro
being opened out by the Canadian gov
ernment In Saskatchewan and Asslnl-
bola ( Western Cnnnda ) , and any Information
mation concerning this country Is
eagerly sought. Mr. W. II. Corser , of
lllgglnsvllle , Lafnyctte County , Mo. ,
wna a delegate there during last sum
mer , and , writing of his Impressions ,
he Hiiyn :
"I found surprising yields of grain of
nil descriptions. One farmer I visited
threshed off 175 acres :
"Six hundred bushela of wheat from
fifteen acres , forty bushels to the acre.
"Six hundred bushels of barley from
ten ncres , sixty bushels to the acre.
"Fifteen thousand bushels of oats
from IfiO acres , 100 bushels to the acre.
"The samples were nil No. 1.
"I also saw n considerable number of
stock. Swine do well nnd there is no
disease among them. They are a good
source of income to the farmer. Tha
cattle on the range bent anything I
ever saw. Fat nnd rendy for beef ,
fully matured and ripened on the nutrl. i
tlous grasses of the prairie. I nm firm I ,
ly convinced that this country offers
better facilities for a poor man than
any I have ever seen. " ' ,
Information concerning these lands i
cnn be had from any agent of the gov
ernment , whose advertisement appears
A new organization has been formed
in Paris called the Society of United
Arts , composed of painters , sculptors , j
and designers of furniture and decora- ,
tions. Their first show Is held at the
Georges Petit galleries. Among the
painters who work in la large decora-
live way is the Canadian , Blair Bruce.
Ill KeepYou Dry
Wettest Weathec
TAKE NO juaannrrca. LOOK roRAtove TRADE HARK.
Showing' Fbll Line of Garments and . . _
s urns witt AU
nest C'ouuh Syrup , 'fasten fioort.
Intlmn. Sold brdrunglsta.
N.N.U N0.662.-J5 YORK , Nt B.
APnlrUlTtMon ,
The Brlrte Deary , don't you thlnfc
it would bo all right if I would eo and
get ono cf those new-fashioned hata ,
that they call a madcap ?
The Husband Guess that would bo
all rltfht , dear , if you won't raise a row
if I go down to the corner and get aa
old-fashioned nichtcap. Denver Post.
"Will nothing induce you tocbantf *
your mind and marry ? " lie asked.
"Another man might"sho replied
Philadelphia North America.
Btntoof Ohio , City of Toledo , !
Lucas County. ( as
Frnnk J Cheney mnkca oatli thnt he 1&
the senior partner of the firm of P. J.
Cheney it Co. , doing business In the city
of Toledo , county und stnle nloresald , ana
thnt sidd llrm will iwy the sum ot ONJ8
HUNUIIKU DOLLARS lorcnch nnd every
cnsool ( Jatiirrh thnt cannot bo cured by
the use ol Hull's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscribed In mj >
HIA i.
Notiiry Public
Hall's Caturrh Cure is token internally ftn&
nets directly on the blood and mucous snr-
fnces of the aystem. Send for to-timonlalo
tree. F. J. ( JHENKY & CO. .
Sold by Dniggists 75c. Toledo , 0.
A Queer Fifth.
There is a quaint little lien whicto
liaunts the Aveed tracts of the gulf
stream and there builds its nest and
lays its eggs like a bird rather than t ,
lish. This animal the antennarius
Imitates in color the weed it lives IB
and , like the chameleon , constantly
changes its color.
On Hoard tliu Ark.
Shorn 1 wonder if this little exploit *
of ours will attract any attention la
the future.
Noah ( moodily ) Like as not they'll
feature us In the tank drama. Balti
more American.
to Weitern Canada and pa * >
tleulara u to bow to Mcnro
ICO kcrea of tbo bttt vthmfo
gronliia land on b ConUa
nnt , can b oour d on (
plication to the 8up r
tendent ot Immltratli
Ottawa , Oiuia4a , or the
1 nftrtlRned. SpMlalty 6- .
daotrd eicuntoni will lear * Ht. 1'aul , Minn. , on th 1
and Sd Tuendny In e&oh month , and ipacialljr low tatc
onallllneanf rallnaj are bnlng qnoted for eionrtlonp
lonrlnsSt , Paul on March S8th and AprlMth , forMnf >
Mill , Axilulbolm Bukutobenan nod Albttta.
Write to V. I'eJIey. Supt. Immigration , OtUw
OmiaJa , or thfl undersigned , wlio will mall yet )
atUsei , { mmphleti , etc. , free of coit : W. V. U iv <
uett , 801 New York Mfo llullilliifi , Omaha , Nv
braikn , A eut for the Oovoruinent of Caoada.
{ 37 Special Excursions to Weitrrn Canada
Inz March and AcriL
Giro relief In FUR minutes. Send ]
f or nl'/tDK trial /package. / Sold by ,
Drunclnts. Or.o Box Hent postpaid )
on receipt of SI.00. ElxkoiritS-OO.
Address liios. roriun , niiu. ,
I 0\f )
Double Daily Service
Far Informittoa or Rttij , cill upon or tititt *
netreit Agent , or
S. fll. ADSIT , O. l > . A. .
0S To protect your B health and our reputation , we will gladly pay this big reward to any one who will furnish us information
S mation on which we can secure conviction of a dealer who tries to sell worthless fake imitationswhen CASCARETS
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