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of Hoai of Common
err * * FlgUt on
mon * .
LONDON , March 0. In the house of
commons , shortly after midnight , Mr.
Halfour applied theclotureon the edu
cation estimates. The nationalists
limited "gag , gag , "and ret used to
leave the house when the division was
taken. The chairman twice asked
them to retire to the division lobby ,
but they shouted , "Certainly not. "
Mr. Falln cried , " 1 protest , against
the way all Irish votes are clotured. "
Thirty or forty Irishmen remained
in their scats. The chairman report
ed the matter to the speaker. The
Irishmen still refused to obey the or
der , and the speaker named sixteen
Mr. Balfour moved their suspension.
This was agreed to without a division.
The speaker ordered them to with-
firaw , but they refused , amid , great
oproar. The speaker called upon the
them. They
oejgeant-at-arm to remove
ohouted dellance. The deputy ser
jeant-at-arms advanced and asked
hcm to leave , but still they refused.
Atthlsanumberofotlleersand police
men entered to enforce the removal.
Mr. Eugene Crean , member for
southwest Cork , struggled de.sperately
against removal , and there was quite
a free light on the floor , lasting for T
minutes , other Irishmen assisting
ti m. Eventually he was carried out
bodily byslx policemen amid yells and
The police then returned and carried
ach of the remaining recalcitrants in
the same manner , although there was
no further actual resistance. Many ,
43 they were beihg carried out , waved
fcheir hands and shouted , "God save
Ireland. "
The trouble arose through Mr. Bal
four closuring the whole education
estimates without giving an opportun
ity to discuss the Irish voice.
Those removed included John Cul-
ttnau , Patrick White , Patrick Me-
Hugh , William Lundon , William
Abranam , Patrick Dugan , Anthony
JDonelan ard James Gilhooley.
Never before had such a scene oc
cur ed in the house as accompanied
Ihe removal of Mr. Crean. He strug
gled fiercely with the attendants , who
ummoned the police , a dozen con
stables entering the house. The na
tionalists Jeered at them.
The nationalists fought and strug-
flee frantically , but at length asuper-
for force of police succeeded in drug-
Ing Mr. Crean out by the legs and
arms and carrying him down the floor'
f the house , the Irishmen standing
nd wildly shouting. "Shame , mur-
flerers , South African brutality. "
The speaker then called upon Mr.
He 11 ugh to retire , but. he defiantly re
fused , his companians shouting ap
proval. As the body of twenty police
gain stormed the Irish benches Mr.
Ucllugh fought , struggled and im
peded them in every way. Angry
shouts rent the air.
The benches nelow the gangway on
the opposition side were a mass of
mad and struggling humanity. Several
police i were struck with tlbts. Free
fights between the police and the
members were fairly general. As Mr.
Moll ugh was being carried out , his
underciothing showing where the
other garments had been torn a ay
tn the struggle , , Mr. Flavin shouted
from the benches , "Nineteen police to
cue lushman , " and cries of ' 'shame"
were heard from the opposition bench
es. While Mr. Cuhlnun was being re-
BIOV d , struggling violently , Mr. Pat
rick O'Brien excitedly appealed to the
speaker to "stop this most dt-stress-
lug scene. "
The speaker responded : "The'sccne
8fi certainly as distressing to me as It
can bo to the Irish members. "
The speaker , In reply , again earn
estly appealed to the members to obey
. F the ruling of the house , whether they
' agreed witli tiie course taken or not ,
} and to leave the house peaceably and
decently. In response to this was
cries of ( > no , no , " from the national- \
fats. The speaker i lien ordered the '
removal of the , others. While Mr.
Donellan was being removed the na
tionalists rose and sang "God Save Ire-
1 laud. " Mr. Flavin shouted to the mi-
ionalists , "Youvill be carried out of
Bouth America in the same way. "
Mr. Flavin's turn then came. The
police were handling him roughly ,
amid renewed cries of "murderers , "
when he exclaimed : "All right ; I
don't Intend to hurt anybody. "
At 1 o'clock the speaker said :
"Tho house will now resume pro
ceedings , and 1 trust that the honor
able member will now leave the house. "
The Irish members shouted that
they would not leave.
The chairman again put the vote ,
adding that therere no teller and
that the ayes had it. Amid laughter
and cheers the Mouse adjourned.
The suspensions will last for two
To Multe Trip , il In prctlon ,
WASHINGTON , Marcli ( i. The house
committee on rivers and harbors ar
ranged the details of two trips of in
spection \\hleh they will make. The
fiistill be to Savannah. In Juno
they will make a ttIp to the Pacillo
coast , going tirst to Galveston and
other gulf ports , then on to Los
Angeles and northward , visiting all
the harbors ; us far north as Puget
pound. The committee bad no otllcia )
existence and the members go as pri
vate Individuals.
Other Inere ! t nt Work I.nrnc't Stock-
liulilen , llowpYtr , Sml-llml With
rrrirnt Condition. Allen Still Ilv
mnliis S u tur.
NKW YORK , March 7. The Com
mercial Advertiser says :
"The heavy buying of Chicago , Bur
lington So Qulncy shares within the
past few days is partly explained yes
terday by the report from a trust
worthy sotnce that James.I. Hill and
his friend- have been Seeking b > ob
tain control of this property In the In
terest of the Great Northern and
Northern Pacific , Wall street oper
ators say both the Union Pacific and
Northern Pacific have secured enough
stock to be en tilled to representation
In the board of control.
"The efforts of the outside parties
to secure control of the Burlington
have boon stoutly resisted by some of
the largest stockholders , who have
been connected with the property for
many years , and who have a strong
faith in Its future growth These in
side Interests have thus far prevented
the newcomers from securing a ma
jority of the Burlington stock.
Whether their resistance to a change
In the control will contlnui to be effective
fective- remains to be seen.
"It is an Interesting fact that one
of the strongest Interests In Burling
ton which is seeking to preserve the
independence of that property is the
same Inteicst that was largely instru
mental in preventing .1. P. Morgan
and James .I. Hill from getting con
trol of the Chicago , Milwaukee St. St.
"The report that Pennsylvania rail
road interests were buying Burlington
shares \ < - authoritatively denied by
representatives of that company.
The Pcniii. Ivania people say that they
have tot all the railroad property they
Tim Tor ftatllloKtlon Hxplrrd Murrh 4 ,
WASHINGTON , March 7. The liny-
Pauncefote treaty , intended to replace
tliD Clay-Buhver treaty , relative to
the construction of isthmian water
ways , died at noon Monday. The
death was caused technically , by the
fact that the last clause of the treaty
allowed only the period of time up to
March 4 for its ratification. Neither
the government of the United States
nor of Great Britain appears to have
wade any formal effort , to extend that
Neir Implement uf Wnr.
WASHIDTON , March 7. A Swedish
army oil ! r has patented an air tor
pedo of a construction heretofore un
known , and received a government
subsidy for exploiting , according to a
co-nmunicallon to the state depart-
mei t from Consul General Gucnther
at Hamburg , Germany According to
the specifications the motion of tin :
projectile is carried exclusively bv a
force that Is developed in the torpedo
little by little , from Ignition of a gas
generated from slowly-burning mater
ial. The tras gradually becomes
stronger and propels the torpedo by
the arrangement which allows the gas
to escape. Once In motion , the tor
pedo increases its speed in accordance
with the amount of gas pressure. The
charge may consist of any explosive ,
provided the same is Ignited only by
shocks of blows. The Inital velocity
needs to be but slight , as the torpedo
Is impelled by Its own force. Thus
the discharge from the torpedo gun
constructed tor the purpose occasions
no reporter recoil and but little pres
sure , making the handling of the de
vice perfectly safe. At the trials made
BO far the torpedoes are reported to
have traversed a distance of 10,000
Clmndlcr h n Job.
WASHINGTON , March 7 Ex-Sena
tor William E. Chandler has been se
lected as president , of the Spanish
claims commission. The other ap
pointments will soon follow. The com-
nlsion will get to work as soon as pos-
Allen Still n * * nn'nr
WASHINGTON , March 0. Senator
Allen's name Is still carried on the
rolls as a senator from Nchra ka , and
It Is understand It will be until the
Nebraska Legislature elects or ad
journs. There was some contention
that his appointment would expire on
March 3 , the close of the last congress ,
but the authorities held otherwise.
Willie no formal action to that effect
has been taken by the republican sen
ators It Is quite definitely decided that
there will lie no reorganization of the
senate committees during the present
session. This decision will have the
effect of leaving the appointees of re
tiring senators in their position until
the convening of Congress next De
Co l of
WASHINGTON , M'irch 7. Represen
tative Cannon , cli.uiuian of the house
committee on appropilattons , and Mr.
Livingstone , the. senior democratic
mem' ' er of the committee , have pre
pared statements of the appropi tailon ?
of the Klily-sixth coniriess. which win
be printed In the Record today Bull'
place the total amounts for the con-
it i ess at $ l. 400i-J.5t.i ; placing those
for the IIrst session at f < 10.150,562 , and
for the second at ST-iVJl . & }
Senator MorRHU Ii iximlfiit Urer UnniU
WASHINGTON , March 8. Senator
William P. Krye , of Maine , yesterday
was re-elected unanimously president
pro tern of the senate to serve during
the pleasure of the senate. This is
the second time Senator Frye has been
honored by his colleagues. Five years
ago on February 7 , 18 )0 ) the repub
licans then being In a minority , he
was elected unanimously. His servic
es as president pro tern , especially
blnce the death of the late Vice Pres
ident Hobart , have won for him the
cordial appreciation for his able and
impattial administration of the post
At today's session Mr Morgan of
Alabama concluded his speech In sup
port of his resolution declaring the
abrogation of the Clay ton-Bui wor
treaty between the United Suites and
Great Britain. His speech was really
pathetic. He had devoted the best
years of his olllcial life , he said , to ad
vance the construction of the canal ,
but-now he did not expect to live to
see the work upon the great waterway
When the senate convened today a
huge bunch of beautiful roses adorned
the desk of Mr. Gamble , the successor
to Mr. Pettlgrew of South Dakota.
The vice president announced the
appointment of Messrs. Cullom of Illi
nois and Cockrell of Missouri .as mem
bers of the board of regents of the
Smithsonian institution.
At the conclusion of the routine
business Morgan resumed his speech
begun yesterday In support of his
resolution declaring the abrogation uf
tno Clavton-Buiwer treaty. Mr. Mor
gan read that part of the Clayton-Bui-
wer treaty which relates to the Nicar
agua canal and also the protocols of an
agreement for the construction of the
canal tmnle between the United States
government and the governments of
Nicaragua and Costa Rica. He de
clared that it was perfectly clear that
the protocols entered Into last fall by
this government were a distinct violation
lation of the Clayton-Bulwer treaty.
It was equally evident that the United
States must abandon Its plighted faith
with the Nicaragua and Costa Rica , In
order that the Clayton-Bulwer treaty
might be fastened permanently upon
this government and h.tng like a pall
over it or take such a stand as will
sustain the president.
Allllt LrHVf Irlnncl
WASHINGTON , March 7 , General
MacArthur has notified the war de
partment by mail that In pursuance of
aulhority obtained from the depart
ment under nate of December 27 last ,
he was ordered the deportation of a
number of persons , whose overt acts
have clearly revealed them as In aid of
01 in sympathy with the Insurrection
and the irreirular guerrilla warfare by
which It Is being maintained and
whose continued residence In the
Philippine is , In every essential , re
garded inimical to the pacification
thereof. "
By direction of the commanding
general the persons named were de
livered to Msijor Orwlg , Thirty-
seventh volunteers , on board the
Rosencronz , for deportation to the
Island of Guam "there to oe held un
der surveillance or in actual custody
as clicumstancesmay require ; during
the further progres of hostilities and
until such lime as the restoration of
normal peace conditions In the Phili
ppines has resulted in a public declar
ation of the termination of such hos
tilities. "
Subsequently another batch of In-
suruent sympathizers and agitates
were deported to Guam on the United
States steamship Solace to be held un
der the same condition as the ot hers.
This party consisted of members of
the Katlpuman society , who had
taken the oath of allegiance to the
United States for the purpose of facili
tating revolutionary operations In the
provencc of Hocus Norte.
Inducrmt-ii s to Surrender.
MANILA , March 8. Additional In
ducements have been made to the In
surgents to surrender their guns. Gen
eral MacArthur has directed all de
partment commanders to release one
prisoner for e\ery rifle surrendered.
An Insurgent who surrenders his gun
will be permitted to name the prisoner
to be released , provided no exceptional
circumstances require the man's de-
cntlon , In which case another selec-
tl m will be allowed.
A large mail lias been received at
the war department from General
MacArthur. It includes the recoid of
many cases of minder , ( reason and
'ither ' high crimes and mlsdcaineanois
on the part of the native Philippine.
A native named Lucino Almeida was
convicted by a military commission of
fragrant violations of the laws of war
and was sentenced to hard laber for
wenty years and to pay a fine of 20 , .
OiX ) pesos. Genentl MacArthur com
muted the sentence to deportation to
Trio * In Hri
NKW YOUK , MarchS B. 0. Ander-
Ron , proprletjr of the Jefferson brass
works , Brooklyn , was arrested today
on an Indictment luuvh'd down by the
federal grand jury , charging him on
twi ) counts with attempting to bribe
otilcials at the Brooklyn navy yards to
ass hi Us rendered by him for goods
not deliveied. Hewaslii-ld in $7r > oo
'Kinds. ' The first Indictment against
vndiM.son charges him with having at-
einpted to bribe Lieut. W. V. Powel-
> n
alien Still n Srimtor Ulbion VTini the
Mniilinm SomttorUI KlRlit llcaiUocU
llroknn liy the Ultlitlruwul or II. IT.
Frit ilk.
SAX JUAN , Porto Rico , March
A. serious riot occurred here Thursday.
At 0 o'clock in the evening live artil
lerymen and a corporal of artillery ,
named Hitchcock , left iholrguard past
without orders and charged across the
plaza into a street In which a mob of
people had assembled. The soldiers
llrcd a volley into the air , dispersed
the mob and rescued School Superin
tendent Armstrong , who was besieged
by a mob.
For hours previous to the rescue of
Superintendent Armstrong the city
had been overrun by a riotous crowd
of probably 1,600 persons , who shouted
"Down with the Amelcans" and
other similar cries.
The excitement originated In a trl-
vlrl school Incident Involving Superin
tendent Armstrong and Illustrating
the excitable nature of the Porto
Ilicans. The superintendent repri
manded a girl ten years of age for dis
obedience and forcibly but harmlessly
marched her to the front from the
rear of the school room. Her dress
caught in a desk and was torn and the
girl reported to nor mother that she
had been kicked and abused ,
This excited the girl's mother and
sensational stories were circulated
which caused the disturbance. Gov
ernor Allen deplores the unfortunate
occurrences , especially the action ol
the artillerymen. Corporal lliscock
has been placed under arrest and is
now In the guard house. It is prob
able he will be tried by court-martial.
The teachers who have been ques
tioned on the subject have made state
ments agreeing with those of Superin
tendent Armstrong to the effect that
the girl was not harmed
It Is probable that four-iifthsof those
who took part In the rioting did not
know why they were mobbing the
Americans. The rioters mostly be
long to the unlmployed worklnginen.
Allen Still n Member.
WASHINGTON , March 0. Final ad
journment of the extra session of the
senate would have been taken today
bad the new senatalor f join Oregon ,
Mr. Mitchell , been present to take
the oath. He could not reach here
until tomorrow , and adjournment was
postponed until thai time.
Mr. Hoar ( Mass. ) ottered a resolution
providing for the appotnlmsnt of a
committee of senators to call upon the
president and Inform -him that the
senate was ready to adjourn without
Mr. Morgan ( Ala. ) objected to con
sideration today , saying that Senator
Mitchell of Oregon would be In Wash
ington tomorrow and it was due him
that the senate remain In session until
his arrival.
After the transaction of some brief
routine business Mr Lodge of Massa
chusetts moved that the senate pro
ceed to the consideration of executive
business. On that motion Mr. Hoar of
Massachusetts requested the yeas and
nays , saying that lor a particular rea
son it was desirable the toll should be
called at once during the session. The
motion prevailed unanimously , fifty-
six senators voting in the alternative ,
and at 12:15 : the senate went into ex
ecutive session.
i The "paitlcular reason" for a roll
call referred to by Mr. Hoar was that
the name of Mr. Allen of 'Nebraska
should be Included thus otHclally In
the roll of senators. Some question
was raised as to the right of Mr Allen
to draw his pay in the new congress
under his appointment by the govern
or of Nebraska.
Although Mr. Allen did not vote up
on the motion , being absent from the
I chamber , the calling of ills name set
tled his status as a senator.
UlbKuii WIIIH n Toga ,
NA , Mont. , Marcli 9. At3:3& :
yesterday morning , although the leg
islative clock testified that it was not
yet midnight , Hon. Paris Gibson
( dcm. ) of Great Falls , \\as elected
United States senator lor the term ex
piring March 4 , UK,1) ) .
For almost the entire term of the
life of the legislature that body has
been voting daily for a senator , but
with no result. Thursday at noon the
joint assembly met at noon as usual
and took one ballot , adjourning at 7 p.
m. , for further balloting. After tak
ing a few votes without ellccting the
result the assembly took a recess un
til II o'clock , at which time began the
session ending with the election ol
Mr. Gibson In all , twenty-two bal
lots were taken during the day. At
the conclusion of the twenty-first bal
lot , II. L. Frank , who was tin * leading
fusion candidate , announced his with
drawal fiom the contest , In favor ol
Mr. Gibson , who had not up to this
time bud mote limn a nominal chance ,
KenMii ky iidmm At II. " "
LONDON , Ky. , March , 0 A desper
ate Unlit occuried at Manchester yea-
terdav nlxmtnoon between Whlief
and Gnrrads In which over lntishoU
were liied. TheJarrads ( were Ir
town and In the olllce of Sain dinh ,
tilling ball bonds for .lule Webb ,
Taylor Spin-lock and \ \ illiam and
Dennis McCal , chained wlih murder
when the contcnlMil a shotgun liied
from the couit house , entered the
window of cash's oljloe. A genera
tight followed.
&Mlitant KiiRlnexr of the Oregon Kill *
SIDNEY , Neb. , March tl. < Spcclnl. )
John Murphy , a passenger on Union
Pacific train No. 3 , this morning en-
route from New York to the ojast , I
jominltted suicide by shooting him-
fielf twice In the head with a No. 38
Smith Wesson revolver. The shoot
ing was done while the train was at
Chapel. The tlrst shot struck above
and a little front of the right eats
The second shot entered the right
temple , producing a mortal wound.
Death ensued soon after the train
reached ' -Sidney. "
The shooting was evidently done
during a lit of temporary Insanity , as
he had for some time appeared to the
trainmen as not In his right mind. He
was not considered dangerous enough
to require guarding. The body was
taken in charge by Coroner Bossett ,
who had It embalmed. It will bo held
awaiting word from relatives.
llo has a brother at Williams , Ariz. ,
and a niece and nephew at college in
San Diego , Gil.
The deceased scorns to have been an
unusual character. Papers , letters ,
books , etc. , In his possession show that
he was the assistant englnee' on the
battleship Oregon , and was with this
vessel during all her service In the
Spanish-American war. He accom
panied the vessel to Manila whore he
was discharged. He Immediately en
tered the service of the English navy ,
from which he was discharged later ,
and he soon after returned to tin-
United suites and was apparently re
turning to the west to re-enter the
United States naval service
He seems to have been a traveller ,
having visited neany every country on
the globe , gathering novelties and cu
rios from every place ne visited. Now
the collection is In the hands of Cor
oner Bosseit. U contains man )
things both unusual and Interesting.
Storm Wit * Hi vent.
DALLAS , Tex. , Match 11. Furthei
repot ts fiom yesterday's tornado at
\Villls Point have made noaddiiions
to the death list. As stated in List
night's dispatches four persons wore
killed outright. The piopuity loss
will be heavier than at tlrbt estimated
At Willis Point alone It is said to be
$50,000. From Willis Point the course
of the Sturm's fury , dotted with wrecks
can be lollowed to the Arkansas line.
At New Boston and at Teiaikana
\\ereconsldorably damaged.
In Colin county about thirty miles
north of Dallas the wind was very
strong , but it did not attain tuu
strength of a tornado. Hall was fol
lowed by torrents of rain. At one
place 1.1(4 ( inches of rain fell In forty
LITTLU HOCK , Ark. , March 11. A
heavy rain , wind and thunder storm
accompanied by liirhtnlng visited Ar
kansas yesteiday. At Van Buien
lightning Ktruck the residence of Jas.
Morcomt ) , rendering his wile uncon
scious and a boy was knocked down in
the street.
At Conway fifteen houses were un
roofed , many otbeis blown down and
others unioofed Dispatches fiom
Pine Pr.ilne say the storm stuick
there , wrecking everything In its path
A boy named Turner was killed.
KANSAS CITY , Marcli 11. Last
night's was one of the worst this win
ter In western Missouri Pacific bum-
dies but they have no Sunday trains.
Two engines \\ero n.n on all trains to
day. Wind and sleet au some points
caked on the wires and caused more or
less interruption of telegraphic and
telephonic communication.
CHICAGO , March 11. One of the
tvoistwlnd slormsof the season struck
Chicago early today and during the
UNO hours it was at Its height * dam
aged propei ty to the extent of $175.0(1' ( ' ' .
Many heavy plate glass windows were
blovtii in.
Tclegiaph and telephone compan'cs
wore the \\oist sufferers and it , ulil ho
some time bciorcHmlcrcan be restored
Thousands of poles were blown
down and Chicago was plastically
isolated from the west and north
west by telephone and telegraph
all day and Loniuht. The long dls.
tance telephone service was crippled
so "adly that It was of little value-
Up to a late hour tonight neither Aiil-
wuuiu'e nor Minneapolis could be
readied by telephone.
The sturin is bulL-ved to have been
ino > t. severe in southern Wisconsin.
Along a long sttetch of Milwaukee
ioa.1 in southern Wisconsin f > 00 tele
graph poles are down. Reports fiom
inatiy points in India and Kentucky
also indicate heavy damage from the
The Western Union and Postal Tel
egraph companies suffeied sevetely by
fillun pules. It was estimated there
were not fe\\cr than 5,000 poles in the
city thrown down by the fury of the
wind and storm.
AitooNiA , Kans. , March 11. The
1 private bank of J. II Springer w s
burglarized hero last Highland $ 'Jtu )
I In rash and $ -1,000 In teg'Steied gi.v-
, . percent bonds weiesecuml ,
| About $140 in gold and $8,00,1 in bun s
i was left , iiiitouched. The robbers M--
' cured their tools from the Santa lo
1 hC'-tiou house nearby. The vault WHS
entered toruugh the brick wall and
the safe was blown open with
West Point is In a turmoil over tb :
Ipproachlng election time.
The Gate City cornet band
eonccrtat Crawford and cleared *
Wausa farmers are trying to
fuiuls to erect a co-operatlvo
Columbus Is maklnga heroic
Lo make bellcvo that the town is Sntu
of smallpox.
There arc five persons In West Polal *
who declare that Sunday show *
have got to "go.
Preparations are being made to wort *
the Weeping Water stone quarica o
a big scale this year.
Bloomington papers are com plaining ,
that the farmers near that place cao *
lot boriow any money.
The Gothenburg Sun Is confident
that spring Is here , because wild gees *
have made their appcrancc.
Corn Is being hauled Into Elmwoo *
BO fast that the grain dealers are u *
able to secure cars to move It.
The Wayne normal school Is qua-
intincd on account of an epidemic ol
iinallporofa very light nature.
Harris the gambler who killed
farmer at 121 in wood two years ago , hat
gone crazy at tils home In Canada.
Thieves broke Into G. 0. Lloyd's
confectionary store at Grccley ant *
carried off about $300 worth of awcoW
The Santon Methodist church Is Ivy-
Ing enlarged and expects to materially
Increase the output of religion for Ihfe
coming season.
Cass county will finally pay for tt *
court house clock af.tcr several years"
litigation with the Seth Thomair
Clock company.
Fremont Is making as much prep
arations for the meeting of the stata
firemen us it would for a national
political convention.
Ed Stanton , who has lived with hl3j
family at Union for several years pasl
vanished the other night and no trW
of him can be found.
The farmers In the neighborhood ol
Ilumholdt will soon be telling tljt
country merchants what they thiitli
of them over the telephone.
The grocers are now cqposlng hora
raddlsh and parsnips for sale and lift
crocuses are coming up. Oh Joy U
spring ! Fremont Tribune.
Tust when the fairies of Chndrov
were busy starching up their summci
gowns , a monstrous bllz/ard struck
the town and ( lustrated their plans.
The thief who stole Frank Morsc/i
saw-buck from his backyard at Nape *
IB warned to return Itatonccor Franfc
will use some very strong language
Professor K haras , the magnetic
healer of Omaha , has been looking
over the ground at Elgin with the ln
tent ion of starting a branch ofllor
A. J. Harrington of Hamilton killed
the largest wild goose that has been
seen In that vicinity for years. Wiior
geese are said to be plentiful along ]
the Plattc. i
The Hev. Mr. Toms , of Nehawka
has stepped down from the pulpit aria
will work for Ins living by going InU
the Implement business at Graft
Graft Is a good name.
1 Father Rueslng of Wo t Point ha
the assurance of a donation of 315,000
to build a hospital and old folk's norm
at that place. Ho expects the town
to give ten acres of land for a si to.
Fred Beerman. a farmer of Dokota
City , rejoices over the recovery of a
set of fine harness stolen from his
barn a week ago. The harness wan
found In an Omaha pawnshop.
' Mayor Booth of Skunk Hollow gava
one of bis ' 'grand socials" last Friday
evening. Cake and oysters , turtfo
soup , frog legs and nightingale tongut
formed the chief articles on the racna.
The Dakota City Eagle Is of tin
opinion that the time may some Uma
arrive when the Ingcnlus Yankee will
provide a means whereby a criminal
may be sentenced to a century or two
In bell.
Several years ago a number of wells
were bored In the neighborhood of
Madison , but were abandoned without
a ( low. A few days ago one of th
old wells commenced ( lowing to beat
the band.
Constable Maori of Peru swlpedi
David Beck , a Jolntlst , over the head
a few days ago , and yesterday mornIng -
Ing Beck passed In his checks. The
constable has been exonerated front
any blame.
Art Hoagland , a business man of
North I'laltfi , believed in having
something working for him while ht
slept , so he set his slot machine out.
side the store at nights. He Is now
looking for the man who stole th
Mrs. Amelia Rider's residence to
West McCook was totally ( lest royed bj
tire. Loss $800. Insurance * W)0. ) Mrs.
Rider lives In Crete , this state. Tin
renter , L. M. Smith , lost about 3.10i
on household goods , fully cuvercd by
Someone kidnaped a cat from th
premises of J. M T. Schneider at , No
hraska Cltv , Hie-other night , and now
Schneider is offering a reward for 1U
The Knights of Pythias are doing
some tine work In the third decree al
Kllvhorn and "he who dares to break
the stillness or eternal night , whIU
standing at the gate of Pluto's wild
domain is welcomed Into Irulghtbocxf
with outstretched arms. ,