Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, September 20, 1900, Image 2

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U. H. AMBIIItlUlY , rulillihnr ,
unoKKN now ,
A. M. I'-sler , a pioneer of Montana ,
Is dead nt Atlyn.
At his old home , down In Buckport.
Me. , Secretary Long throws aside the
cares of offlce and Joins in the annual
festivities of the Custard Pie associa
The hard coal syndicates In Silesia
and the Rhine provinces have driven
up the prices of hard coal 2" per cent.
and soft coal iu Berlin Is CO per cent.
The Law and Order league of Topeka -
peka Is talking of making ReDr
Charles M. Sheldon chief of police.
James Ramsey was forced to resign
the place because he failed to closso the
The deposits of the Kansas City Na
tional baiiiis have Increased over 55-
000,000 la the past ten weeks. They
now amount to $65,611.320 , aid an1
$11,000,000 larger than they wore r
year ago.
A large number of IMma Indians on
the Sacatan reservation , Arizona. hav
refused to send their children to tlu
Indian school there and Agent Han-
ley Is powerless to force them to obey
the school law.
The New York state republican
committee agreed upon Erastus
Knight , comptroller of Buffalo , as ths
republican candidate for state comp
troller In place of William J. Morgan ,
recently deceased.
Dr. E. L. Armstrong , for thirty years
a physician of Perry , Mo. , and ono oi
General Cockrcll's command 0 , rough
the entire civil war , was thrown from
a buggy by a runaway team and re
ceived Injuries from which he died.
From a .reliable source It is ascer
tained that the Dowager Empress
Frederick of Germany has been suffer
ing for a year with cancer of the
breast. The disease Is already far ad
vanced , and she Is a very sick woman.
Commissioner of Labor Caldcrwood
will urge the Montana legislature to
prevent , if possible , the Importation ol
more Japanese laborers into the state.
Nearly 2,000 Japanese are employed
on railroads , displacing white la
The Pao-Tlrig-Fu expedition leaving
Cho Fee numbers 4,000 men. It Is
made up as follows : British , twc
rcsimcnta of cavalry , battery of horse
artillery and 300 Infantry ; Italians ,
1,000 ; Japanese , 300 ; Russians , 300 ;
Americans , 500.
President McKInley has not made
reappolntmcnt to 1111 the vacancy
raiisod by the retirement of General
Wheeler , but it IB probable the recom
mendation of General Chaffco io have
Colonel Daggett appointed and retired
will bo carried out.
Samuel G. Sworcngcn , the oldest
man in Crawford county , died at his
horn near Duncanvllle , 111. Ho was
born In Ohio on January S , 1807. He
was bno of the largest land owners In
the county and for years was presi
dent of the Robinson Bank.
The postmaster general has received
a communication from F. W. Vaillo
director of posts in the Philippines ,
showing that there will bo a eurplue
of receipts over expenditures up to
June 30 of $19.449. Thltt does not in
clude fees for niouoy orders amounting
to ? GCQJ. There la one department yet
to hoar from.
Coul mine owners on the Pacific
coast lire apprehensive of troublu with
their minors , in vlow of the proaonl
condition of affairs In eastern coal
mining districts. The coast minors ,
according to the owners , are not ills
satisfied with the amount of wages ,
but threaten trouble if the working
day is not reduced from ton t. ) olght
Pickpockets robbed United States
Senator F. M. Cockroll of Missouri of
Ills pockctbook containing about $230
in Sedalla , Mo. , ono day laat week , and
ho did not know of the loss until :
postofllcc man returned the pocket
book to him , empty , except for sonv
papers hearing his name. A letter
collector had found the book in i
street letter box.
It Is reported from Norwich that th
Standard Oil company Is trying to ob
tain control of the Oncshlro salt trade
It Is stated that it will bo a montl
before a train can roach Galvcsto.i
and that In the meantime the enl >
communication must bo made bj
means of boats.
M The comptroller of the currency is
sued a cntl for thu condition of th
national banks at the close of busl
HOBS September 6.
James J. Corbctt , the ex-champlo
of prize fighters , has quietly left th
country and gone to Europe , descrtlu
his wlfe and taking an actrehs will
On September 1 the per capita clr
dilation was $20.85 , the hlgliest th
United tSatcs has over known.
The enumerators' sheets are not 1
yet , but It is already known that th
loturns will show there nro in th
country between 5,500,000 and 6,000
000 separate farms.
David E. Mackey filed a petition 1
bankruptcy In the United tSatoa cour
at Evansvllle , Ind. His liabilities ar
Zed Floyd , n negro , was taken fron
jail at Wctumpka , Ala. , and nan
Floyd had entered the elceplnj ; roon
of two young women , and whpn dis
covered Jumped 4rom a window.
Henson Devorse , an octogi-narlat
pioneer of St. Joseph , Mo. , died nftc
a protracted lllno&a. Ho waa a clofa
friend and confidant of Joseph Rob ,
doux , the founder of St. Joscpn , an
the first white man who pursued th'
avocation of trader with the Indian
In tnat section of the world.
The next council of the Order of Rei
Mon will be held in Now York city.
A largo gathering of all the chief
of the great Slou : : nation , from HD&
bud , Pine Ridge , Cheyenne and Lowr
Brule , Is being held at Standing Rod
They claim tuat the troa'y Is nival )
us three-fourths of the Indiana did no
Reported that British Government is to
Send Here Troops to the Orient.
r.irllonp , of Army Which Kouglt liorrn
Itrftt III liidlii Aiiicrtrium tn KitulilUlt
rcriiiuiiunt Coiniiitiiilciitlon Itulwoin
1'oUln unil Tlun TliMi.
LONDON , Sept. 17. In consequence
of the prediction by Sir Robert Unit
that there would bo further hoHtllltle'j
in China In November , the Associated
Press understands the Britisn ; overn-
mont Is coiiHldoiIiig the transfer of
troops from Houth Africa to India in
order to make it practicable to send
moro troops to China. The miltary
authorities consider the war In South
Africa HO far ended that troops may
now bo removed.
It Is probable that the Russian lega
tion lias already been removed from
Pckln to Tien Tsln , but taero la no
dcllulto news as yet whether LI Hung
Chang will after all go to Pckln.
General Dorward Is going to the cap
ital , le.ivlng the troops at Tlcn Tbln
Under command of Brigadier General
Homo Campbell. Vice Admiral Alox-
leff has returned to Takti.
The Americans have begun at IIo SI
Wu a permanent telegraph line be
tween Pekin and Tien Tsln.
The Pckln correspondent of the
Dally News says that the assassin of
Baron von Kottolcr has been shot. The
Morning Posts representative says
that the question la being discussed of
sending relief to a few British , French
and Ameilcan engineers , who are be
sieged in a city 200 miles south of Pc
Shanghai advices say that a house
has boon engaged there for Count von
WalderKOC , who Is expected to arrive
next Saturday.
Chlnoso ofllclals estimate that 20,000
disbanded Chinese soldiers managed to
remain behind In Pckln. Other dis
patches confirm the report that In addi
tion to Hsu Tung , guardian of the heir
apparent , Hu Lu , viceroy of Chi Li ,
and Wang Yl Yung , president of the
Imperial academy , with 2oO members
of olllclal families , committed suicide
when the allies entered Pokln.
Chlneso regulars are reported to
have relieved the Roman Cahtollc
ntronghold at Ho Chlcn , In the prov
ince of Chi LI , which the Boxers had
been besieging slnco Juno.
l-o Shanghai correspondent of the
TImes , wiring yesterday , says : LI
Hung Chang has been notified from
Berlin that ho must submit his cre
dentials to the Gorman minister at
Shanghai , who will then communicate
with Emperor William and await the
Dr. Munim von Schwartenstcln , In an
interview with Sheng , expressed the
opinion that although the powers were
adverse to the partition of China , any
delay In negotiating was calculated to
produce that result , and that Germany
wns prepared to remain In occupation
Indefinitely pending a settlement.
Earl LI accordingly telegraphed Gen
eral Yung Lu to use every effort to per
suade the empress dowager and em
peror to return to Pekln and to remove
Prlnco Tuan and his entourage.
C. i > tuln McQncntloii Shot Wlilld In Fit
of IiiKiuilty.
WASHINGTON , Sept. 17. Th-j war
department today i oivcd information
from General MncArthur of the tragio
death in the Philippines of Captain
Charles McQucston of the Fourth reg
iment of United States infantry , the
result of n wound by a private soldier.
General Mai-Arthur's dispatch Is au
"MANILA. Adjutant General ,
Washington : Charlca McQueston. cap
tain Fourth United States infantry ,
Oled yoaterday , Mangonono , Bacoon ,
Cavlte province , 8:30 : evening , reault
from gun shot wound caused by private
soldier. Captain McQucston In a lit
of temporary insanity attacked men
of company. Shot ono or moro and
was nhot himself In self defense. Fur
ther particulars when received. "
Ouuorul McDonald CnntnroH
rrovlnlon * und Ammunition.
CAPETOWN , Sopt. 17. The military
authorities have taken over The Ncth-
orlindH railway.
General McDonald , operating in the
northeastern corner of Orange colony ,
compelled the Bocra to nuuco a hasty
retreat from the Vet river. Tin cap
tured thlrty-ono wagons , a quantity of
cnttlo and stores and G5.000 rounds of
ilflc ammunition.
Olilim Dcc-l'irml Wnr In .Juno.
BERLIN , Sopt. 17. The Shanghai
correspondent of the Loknl Anzcigcr
reports an Interview wltn Dr. Ros-
thorn , becrotary of the Austrian lega
tion , In which the oocrotary is quoted
no saying that the Chlneso government
presented to the minister a formal
declaration of war on Juno 19 , consid
ering the capture ot the Taku forts an
act of war. The ministers were required
to Icavo Pokin in twenty-four hours.
( Jorn to Nreotlnto IVnrr.
LONDON , Sopt. 17. A apodal din-
patch from Naples says that an agent
of the Transvaal says the object of Mr.
Krugor's visit to Europe Is to negoti
ate a settlement with Great BUtain
and that ho has full power to act to
that ond.
llnrton'N Anprnl.
"HOUSTON , Tex. , Sept. 17. E. C.
Foster , WaohlnBton : Arrived here
safely last night after a very rapid
Journey. Met by military and civic
oscort. Waited on this morning by
citizens' relief committee , including
the mayor , who are now arranging for
our transportation to Galveston. Hous
ton losses aggregate $1,000,000 , but aha
is working night and day to relieve
Galveston ; and the villages of Harris
and others must Imvo aid from the
outside. Greatly need money ; cnn pur-
chaoo damaged gooda very cheaply. "
ItrporU Show the Miitloiml I'urty
Triumph * In ilu\i ni > .
HAVANA , Sept. 17. In ycaterdny's
election of delegates to the forthcom
ing convention the national party
again triumphed in the province of Ha
vana. Not only did It elect the llvo
delegates of the majority representa
tion , hut It also captured one of the ml-
1101 Ity representatives , the republican
party olcetlni ; the other two , namely
Maluolo Sangullly and Berrlel.
Returns from the other provinces
como In slowly owing to the heavy
rlano. In Plnar Del Rio there seems
to bu no doubt of the election ot Gon-
zalo do Qucsada Rlus Rivera and Civ
il Governor Ciullcti. Nothing definite
Is yet know lion ? as to Santiago be
cause of the dUHculty of getting re
turns from the ontlvin ; ; tPrnt/-\ . liut
It IB reported that Juan Gullbcrrto
In Puerto Prluclpo Scnorca Cioncros
and Sllva were the only candidates , ao
that their election Is h'ecured. It la
conceded that in Santa Clara the federals -
orals will win. No definite news of the
results In Mataimis has bcon received
horo. From no pirt ; of the Island in
there any report of disturbance. The
largo vote polled by Senor Uoncr In
thin province may he looked upon ,
apart from his Individual popularity ,
as an endorsement of Governor General
Wood's recent appointment of him as
secretary of justice. It Is remarked
that the republican and union demo
cratic electors bolted for Senor Goner.
The nationalists , as a concrete
whole , assume to bo antl-annoxatlon-
Ists , but It Is well known that they
are moderate In tone. More than one
of the delegates representing the ma
jority In this province are pro-Ameri
can. Whom their personal feelings are
concerned and Irrespective of politics
they dcslro closest relations with the
United States.
At 7 o'clock this evening the icturns
from twenty-live towns In the province
of Havana , Including the city , with
only nine towns to heard from , show
the following pollUg : Lacret , nation
alist , 12.7C7 ; Rodriguez , nationalist , 12-
10G ; Geucr , nationalist , 11,281 ; San-
Ritllly , republican , 11,043 ; Nunez , na
tionalist , 10,720 ; Bcrrlcl , republican ,
10,022 ; Tamaxo , nationalist , 9G ; > 9 ; Za-
yas , nationalist , 9,283.
DlfTrrcnecn Ilrtmcn Cottn Rlcn and
Coloinhln nrn Drrldnd.
WASHINGTON , Sept. li. The min
ister of Costa Rica at Washington , Se
nor Cairo , has received a cablegram
from the minister to Costa Rico at
Paris , which conveys the Information
that the president of the French re
public , M. Lowbet , who was the arbi
trator appointed to decide the boun
dary question between Costa Rica and
Colombia , by his award of yesterday
fixed the boundary limit between tuo
two countries on the Atlantic side at
Mona Point ( or P. Carreta ) , and on the
Pacific side at Punta Burlca. The re
public of Colombia claimed that the
limit should be fixed at Capo Gracias
Adlos , In the Atlantic , including the
whole of Costa Rica and Nicaragua At
lantic coast , and that the limit on the
Pacific should bo placed at Boruca
nvor , to the northwest of Golfo Dulcc ,
which would have given Colombia a
right to half the territory of Costa Rica
and about two-thirds of that of Nica
Coota Rica claimed the old limits be
tween Central America and Colombia ,
placed at the Island Sscudo do Vcragua
on the Atlantic and the river Chlriqui
Vlejo ( at the base of Puuta Burlca to
the southeast ) , on the Pacific.
Sundny at ( inlvcoton.
GALVESTON. Tex. . Sept , 17. Yes
terday was a dreary Sabbath In Gal
veston. Services were held In the
few churches made lit for use slnco the
great storm. All day mon and boys
wore at work clearing the debris. Only
a few dead wore found during the day
and they were quickly burned , no attempt -
tempt being made to Identify them ,
o military authorities and the civil
authorltioa are now co-operating har
moniously and conaeuqently there Is
less looting and desecration of corpses ,
x roops uro ordered to make short work
of looters and arrest all suspicious
Objection * to ICri.rnntlon.
SHANGHAI , Sept. 17. The news of
the contemplated withdrawal of the
uilles from PcVln hnn canard a great
sensation and Is regarded here as u
great mistake , which In likely to eventuate -
tuato in disturbances in other parts of
China , where the people arc certain to
attribute the evacuation to a defeat of
the European forces. Even here the
Chlneae as a whole do not bollovo that
the alllea ever reached Pckln. They
think the story a fabrication concoct
ed for the purpose of Imposing on the
GALVESTON. Tex. . Sept. 17. Tollo-
graph and rallrond lines
are being rapIdly -
Idly restored. Thin morning the Postal
Telegraph and Cable company hns four
wires working Into the city and with
in 48 hours will have Its system almost
completely re-established to
the ba-
sit rxietlur before Uio htorm The
Western Union is In even better shape ,
but with both companies the stringing
of wires has been but temporal y. time
being the all important consideration
at present.
NrhmnUit Storm Ylotlmi.
YORK. Neb. , Sept. 17 Among the
victims of the Texns flood disaster are
J. Wlckninn , wife and seron children.
The Wlckmans were formerly residents
of York county , where they were well
known and much respected.
A mi n Report Corrected ,
AUSTIN , Tex. , Sopt. 17. Governor
Sayera gave out the following today :
"Reports sent out from this place
by whomsoever may that 580.000 or
$90,000 has already been paid In arc
absolutely false and made without au
thority and calculated to do great harm
to the needy eufferora along our coast.
No such aura of money has been re-
colved or anything approaching It. It
la believed that the storlos have done
great harm In that they have prevented
tno contribution of money which is so
sorely needed at Galveston. "
Goo , Zimmerman , of Lexington , and Mr.
Thomas , of Kearney Lese their
Oenrgn Nee , Accvnnl of the Murder a"
) : | | Jonon , Arrulunod tit Hiatrlce
JMrn. Mjlor , of C'llftlrr County , lllltun
by n Kiittlrnimko Othur Stuto Nous ,
LEXINGTON , Neb. , Sept. 12. Ncv.'J
reached here that George 7/lmmerur ,
manager of the Loxlngton telephone
exchange , and a companion namel
Thomas , of Kearney , were drowned on
Ash ereok at its junction with tfto
Loup river. The team and buggy set
tled down In the quick sand until the
tcasn Tins clear out of sight and the
bujtffy top was fceon a little above the
water. Some one found the buggy an-1
in about three hours afterward the
men wore both found. Mr. Zlmmerer
loaves many friends In Lexington.
His wife and parents are here. The
young mon were inspecting a route for
a now telephone line.
September , the .Month of Festival at
Oinulm , Nrh.
The "Musical Festival" at Omaha.
to continue during the month , is an
Insured success , and the music lovoi'3
of Omaha are talcing in all they can
absorb of Bellstodt's Famous Band
This is the Iwind so popular at the
exposition. Nebraskans should not
miss the opportunity to again hear it.
The Fremont. Klkhorn & Missouri
Valley railroad has snonunced lo\v
rates from points within 75 miles of
The "Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben" Car
nival during the last week in Septem
ber 2Uh to 29th will cap the cll-
max. Impressive parades by day and
night. A " "
miniature "Midway" witu
ita rarlous forms of amusement going
n all tin time.
The theaters have all booked spu-
elal attractions for Carniral week.
The Fremont , Elkhorn & Missouri
Valley railroad has announced low
rates from points within 200 miles , for
four days , during the Carnival week ,
limit October 1st.
Remember the month of September
is Carnival and Festival month in
NOB Acoimnd of Murdnr.
BEATRICE , Neb. , Sept. 12. George
Nee , accused of the murder of David
Jones , was arraigned and pleaded not
.Detective Leary states that when
3 Trent to the Nee house to make
the arrest , about midnight , ho called
Nee out and told fclai what was want
ed. They went into the house an-1
Nee said to hln wife : "Theso follows
hare a warrant for my arrest. "
His wife asked : "Is it about that
Dave Jones matter ? " and their little
daughter spoke up and said : "I know
who told it. "
When asked who it was that told it
she refused to toll and would not
make further reply to any questions
Nrhrimkn Jfrirn In
WASHINGTON , Sept. 12. The dis
continuance of the poatomce at Sime
on , Cherry county , which has brought
for a largo number of protests fron ?
patrons , will probably be annulled
shortly and the office reinstated.
Rural free delivery Is to bo estab
lished nt Arlington , Washington courf-
ty , on the 15th lust. The service will
cmbrnco au area f sixty-nine square
milea with a population of 1,325.
Bert R. Hedloion has b on appoint
ed postmaster at Boolus , Howar.l
county , Nob. , vice Wheelock , resign
ed ; also A. S. Platts at Trent , Moody
county , S. D.
T.lflhtnlnc Kill * Cattle.
FAIRMONT , Neb. , Sept. 12. During
the electrical .storm that visited this
noctlon lightning klllod three head ot
cattle owned by Shelley Stints , north
west of town. Lightning struck somft
stacks of oats belonging to Louis Nol-
haus , southeast of town , burning thorn
to the ground. Mr. Nelhaus had an
Insurance policy In the Union Insur
ance company of Lincoln wlilch cov
ered his loss.
iVomun r.lttnn I > y n Ittttlrmmko.
CALLAWAY , Neb. , Sept 12. Word
lias reached this place that Mrs. Jo
seph Mylor of Arnold , a small Inland
lago , twcnty-flvo mlloa northwest of
! iere , was bitten by a rattlosnaka wlilta
picking plums In the canyons. She
was taken to town and restoratives ap
plied , and at laat reports It was
thought her llfo would be saved.
1C 111 oil In Cnlorndo.
YORK. Nob. , Sopt. 11. Walter Mar
shall , a former York boy , was accident
ally k-lllod at Victor , Colo. , the fore
part of the wook. IIo was tamping r
charge of powder , which exploded pre
maturely , driving the tamping ro
through his body , killing him Instant
ly. The remains arrived hero and
were buried In Greenwood comotcry.
After Du l Comity' * Sheriff.
OIIAPPELL , Neb. . Sept. 11. The
bondsraon of Sheriff Konlson of this
county yesterday Instituted impeach
ment proceedings against him and the
name will bo tried next Saturday , Sep
tember 15. They report him as being
drunk and disorderly several times
Uf uU of n Toot Itnne ,
SYRACUSE , Neb. , Sept. 11. Jaraei :
Creeamnn was terribly pounded up
yesterday aa n rooult of a disagree
ment over n foot race by u young man
from Kansas. The assailant was
finally lodged In the cooler to await
the result of Mr. Creesman's Injuries.
ITorvrn Mlmlne itt North Itoml.
NORTH BEND , Nob. . Sopt. 10. John
Collins , a farmer living ono inilo cast
of here , on going out to the barn , dis
covered that a valuable team of bays ,
owned by his father , Reuben Collins ,
were mlsalns.
Uo Does Not ( ! l\o Kncouriielnc Account
of Ilin munition.
KEARNEY , Neb. , Sept. 17. C. V.
Evans , son of J. C. Evans of this city ,
Is home from Cape Nome , Alnaka. llo
was formerly a druggist of unwha and
went to Cape Nome lust June to go Into
the drug business. When ho got there
he could uot llnd a location for u build
ing and was compelled to sell his stock.
lie tried mining but the bcacn had he-en
t'ono over three times and wouid give
tip uo puy dirt. The people who had
Ixxjn at Nome and were well located
were making money , bt lute arrivals
could do notnlng at all. An experienced
miner could not earn more tlian ? 3.GO
a day and a prospecting ouUlt was
worth from ? 30fc to 5500.
Mr. Uvans said the city covered a
ten acre strip of heath a block wide.
The population if tile city was between
L'0,000 and 30 , 00 inhabitants. Baclc of
the city it is hilly and to the north for
hundreds cf miles extends the tundra ,
which Is a marshy formation of moss
and decayed vegetation. It is impassa
ble and can only be used for travel
when it Is frozen. Vcwiela are compell
ed to anchor live miles from shcre and
their cargoes are landed by means ot
lighters. He said that thcra were SCO
nufiGCBgcrs on the vessel that took him
to Noiae , and 200 of this number re
turned on the same vessel after they
ha/1 been U.ere six days. The fare waa
$165 and the net earnings of the com
pany for one trip to Cape Nome was
to Prison.
OMAHA , Nob. , Sept. 17. Frank M.
Dorscy , formerly cabkler of tnc Firct
National bank of Ponca , came in Wed
nesday from Cripple Creek , wliero hs
lias been for some time paet , and reported -
ported at the office of the Unitcil States
marshal iu accordance with the maa-
dsvto of the federal court in order that
the sentence imposed mlgnt be put In
to effect. The sentence is for cix years
at the Sioux Falls petiitenitary , and is
for violating the banking law In ocn-
ncctioa tvltn the wrecking f the Ponca
bank. It is expected that Judge Mua-
ger will bo in the city teen and that
uu order "will bo entered and the de
fendant taken to Sioux Falls without
Dorsejy insists that the violation Trao
technical and similar to others that are
necessary in banks every day , and that
he tvas convicted simply oa the failure
of the bank. The court of appeals af
firmed the action of the lower court ,
and the supreme court refused to con
sider the case.
Supreme Court Docket.
LINCOL. , , Neb. , Sept. 17. The bar
docket for tne September term f the
supreme court contains 1,645 cases , or
about 1,000 more than cnn possibly bo
considered by the three judges in one
year. Among the cases set for hearing
at the first setting , which begins Sep
tember IS , are those of the state of
Nebraexa against the Standard Oil
company and the various railroads do
ing business in this btate. The cases
against the Burlington and Elkhorn
railroads were submitted during the
last term of court , but by general
agreement of all parties concerned they
have been reopened again for argriment
on the constitutionality of the board
of transportation.
Kilted liy an Kn lnc.
COLUMBUS , Neb , , Sept. 17. J. F.
Schaffroth , for many years a resident
of this county , was accidentally killed
near Hartiugton , Neb. lie was in the
act of coupling a threshing machlno
engine to a separator when the engine
started back and run over him , caus
ing almost instant death. Peter SchrafT-
roth , father of the deceased , left to
make arrangements for the uurlal ,
which will probably be made in Cedar
One rurally Kscnpetl.
OVERTui. , Neb. , Sept. 17. Gcorso
Crandell is la receipt of a letter from
his daughter , Mrs. McCallum of Ilttn-
gerford , Tex. , stating that tow * ivas
completely annihilated by th storm.
Mr. and Mrs. McCallum escaped with
their HTCS by clinging to posts for six
hours during the storm and Uood.
It U fearad that Mr. and Mrs. E. C.
Wales and family , who removed from
here to Galveston , Tex. , have been
killed , as no tidings have been received
from tneui as yet.
Sntts for Durances.
COLUMBUS , Neb. , Sept. 17 Two
damage suits for $3,000 cacli have been
filed in the district court against Frank
Holder of Humphrey by Beruaru Bode-
wig and George Dlocdoru , minors ,
abovit 15 years of age , by their fathers ,
Jacob Bodewig and Martin C. Bhx'dorn.
The allegation is made that on August
21 in the presence of divers persons
Heidor falcely stated that the plaintiffs
had btolen a lot of postage stamps and
§ 15 from his lumber oilk .
Arrrfttott Aftur u Strulu. ; ;
SYRACUSE , Neb. , Sept. 17. Jessie
Jennings was committed to the county
Jail for want of bail , on a charge of
assault with intent to do bodily injury
to ono James Crcasnmn , He not only
scvoroly injured Mr. Creasman , but de
fied the v/hole community to arrest him
and it vras only after much chasing
and the persuasive argument of a. six
shooter that brought him to time. He
claims to hail from Coffcyvllle , Kan.
Mnll Snck Under Wheel * .
TREN'iON , Nob. , Sept. 17. The mall
sack of No. 3 , the Denver llycr , went
under the train and was badly dam
aged. Papers were strewn the length
of the switch. The letter sack was
not found , but it was learned No 80
had picked it up on the cow catcher
and carried it to McCook.
T.cxlncton "Mini round I > > ail.
CLARKS , Neb. , Sept. 17. The man-
Sled body of Walter Ix > nc , son of G. W
Long of Lexington , Neb. , waa found on
the Union Pacific truck one mile east
of town. His identity TTHS proven by
letters on his person showing he had
boon driving an Ice wagon this sunimoi
for Otto Baker of Columbus and by
Robert Douglas , who formerly resided
thero. Cqroner Kombrick deemed It
unnecessary to hold an Inquest , Tht
remains will he shipped to Lexington
for burial.
Lord Knurl' * Soldier Hoy.
The youngest son of the late Lord
Russell sailed for South Africa earl/
In the year as a lieutenant In tho-
Royal artillery. The occasion was * " " !
marked by one of those Intimate
touches of family affection which ex
cite universal sympathy. As the great
troopship swung slowly from hep
mooring the lord chief justice , stand
ing on the quay , failed to descry his
son among the crowd of faces that
lined the bullmarks. At last he gave
a shrill whistle , using his fingers la
a manner well known to schoolboys ,
nd the evidently famblliar call quick-
y brought young Russell to the side
f the ship to wave farewell : Tim
ouch of nature evoked a hearty cneer
rom all who witnessed it.
Slilrt Waist Bticlire Party.
At a Bath beach progressive cuchrc-
iarty the women wore white shirt
valnta and black skirts , the men white
uck trousers and shirt walsta of raln-
ow iiucs No one was admitted in ,
thcr than1 shirt wast attre.
Dlann'a DlnflEttretl
During the thunderstorm in Phlla-
lelphla a few evenings ago lightning :
truck a marble state of Diana at an
utranco to Falrroount park. Imme
diately afterward the left log of the
tatute turned brown. Next morning-
.11 the coloring had disappeared cx-
ept one large sot. which has so far
Gsisted persistent scrubbing and the
application of powerful acids.
liner Cllrl nt Glmntnuqun.
A typical Boer young woman of the
wealthier class is a student at Chau-
iqua , N. Y : Bhc is Miss Carrie
Rouoseau , of Kenllwcrth , a suburb oC
/ape Colony , and Is the daughter of a
, ousln of President Steyn , of the
Orange Free State , and a srandnlece
3f General Botha. She and her mother
eft South. Africa at tne outbreak of
he war and have boon traveling in
his country since.
It is a noteworthy fact that In the
state of Utah there is not ono Irish
ST. LOUIS , Sept. 30th , Oct. 1st , 2nd ,
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Iet for the I5owclg.
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Uftim UlrtVJ ourcd theusanJ-i. ItTlll euro jou.
At. nil lii-MrcLsti or by nail prrpaul. fl a bor ;
n Ixars $ : .fiO. Booklatfrro. Wrlto
Printed ( n the most rtlstla manner froai imita
tion encraTtd tyr81 * the flrs t Hurlbut inpur.
The very finrst prime * nrltftlioa Wiat ran ho
bad nt nnr prloi. Kirtj InrlUiUus with ln 'do
wid outride e iveti > pe cwmpleto , dellvsr'd free
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wnwrstrtuji PrtWltt. SWIMt PUWJE.
Prcv rr for wtr In tlmn f petce. I'monre a uj > -
prjr of Antl-Ralrra before 7 tir h ff ir t I ft.
A rmall unotiat trill lt ep Uom InffvotTlio lib.
fiMirt ft r Y KfcK O"K t > n Utg DUi'nsos nd Iti Ir
Item din. A. nitn Vtnnt U AdJ' > Antl-
lioJcruCo , , llipi A. IS S idth hi , oiuftli * . Heb.
W.N.U. OAIAHA. No. 33 1900