Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, October 09, 1896, Image 6

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How' Kueenssfal Fnrm.rs Operala This
Department of the Farm A Few
lit(nt n lo Hie Cra of !.! BtocU
anit "TfluUrj.
y- California ttntt.r Law.
A. Snn Francisco correspondent of
thtt Chicago Ttccord 'writes to that Jour'
nnj'ttB follows: "Wo wero traveling In
filfiklyou county, that northern part of
tho. Btnto which Geographically la a
part of California, but commercially is
a part ,of Oregon. It la a wild and
pafsclf soUled region, with only hero
and' thero a half-cultlvatod ranch and
an -occasional mining camp.
"Jft 'whs one of the, latter we reached
about nightfall. We woro directed to
thoj principal hotel In the place, n
roughly boarded, two-story building, of
whjch Jtho moat prominent fenturo of its
Internal arrangement was tho bar
ropm, which was also tho office, and
contained In one corner a wooden sink
provided with a paper bucket filled
with water, two or three tin wash
basins and a couple of community
towels hung on rollers.
''Supper wan ready when wo arrived
-and wo woro directed nt once to a long
room with a low colling the dining
room In which about twenty roughly
dressed, men, most of them Jn their
hlrt alcoves and apparently miners,
lumbermen and tcamtttcrs, were seated
t three or four long tables. Tho tables
wqfco c'ovored with oil cloth. The table
ware waa very thick and heavy Iron
stqho china, much cracked and chipped.
The knives and forkB woro Bteol, with
'bandies discolored and crackod from
rough usage and hot dishwater. Near
eafch end of tho tablo was a set of cas
tors, originally, doubtless, quite showy
-with silver plating, but at this period
much tho 'worse for tho wear of tho
VTho dining-room girl who camo to
wait on us rattled off the bill of faro
Inffoxnctly" tho samo way that dlnlng
ropraglrla do In ten thousand other
hotels all over this brond land. As
sip rccolvcd our orders sho slid tho big
butter dish from Its plnco near tho
tnlddlo of the tablo over toward ua,
saying: 'Hero's your substitute but
ter, at tho same tlmo taking from one
of tho casters, whero thoy wero kept,
like ihe bills of fare In cheap restau
rants pieces of cardboard about tho
nlzo and shnpo of tho ordinary restau
rant bill of fare. She laid one of these
down on tho table beside each of us
aful started for the kitchen. Wonder
ing Bllghtly at this, wo each picked up
tlo. card board laid before us, and this
Is what wo read:
: The butter served hero is but- :
: 'torlno. 'Percentage of Ingredients I
: is as follows: ,- :
i Creamery butter 25 :
? Neutral ..... . 20 :
i Butter oil 10 :
sil... H or.
-. U1CU Ult OU ri
: Oroam, milk and salt 10 :
1 VTotal 1.... 100 T
"'By tho tlmo wo had flrilahed rcad-'
nngftil8 Urn1 girl returned with our sup-
pcn vviien cue nau prrauKeu mo va
rious dlsheajn frpnt of Us wo asked her
what aho had given us this chemical
anfuyals of our butler product for.
Without 'a word, but with a gesture of
Impatience, Bho turned the cardboards
over, and wo read:
",ThIa notice is given In conformity
wltn 'sections 3 and 7 of an act of the.
legislature of California, approved'
Marh 9 1895, entitled an "Act tb pro-1
ven deception In tho manufacture anil
alof butter and of cheese, to securo
ItB Enforcement and to appropriate
nonejr therefor." '
'fccc. R?Eaeh person who, by' him'-"
Belfjor another, lawfully manufactures
any substance designed W be used as
a substitute for butter or cheese, shall
prefiare a statomont, printed in plain
Roman type of a size not emaller than
(leap stating In tho English language
ila nnino and the namo and address of
the 'manufacturer, tho name of tho
$lace whero manufactured or put up)
Bd7also the names and actual percent
ges'6f tho various ingredients used ltl
the'manufacturoof such imitation buti
er or Imitation cheese. :
" Sec 7. No keeper or proprietor of
aayi'bskory, hotel, boardingrhouao, res?
taurant, saloon, lunch counter or othee
place 'of public ntertalnment, or any
5?erBOn having charge thereof or em
jloyed thereat, or any person furnlshr
Ing hjmrd for other percon3 than mjjpi
bersjpf bla own family,, or for anyloiD.j
Vloy.ex whero such board s fur'nisbsjj
ujlhe compensation or as a port of the
compensation of any such empjoyij,
-eha.11, placo before such patron, or etaj
fployo, for use as food, any substance
designed to be used as a substitute for
juttgr or cheese, unless the same be
accompanied by a copy of the stated
Vktn descrloou in section 3 of tula ac
and by a verbal notification to saVc
patron that euch substance 13 a substr-
xtutelfor butter or cheese "
"Tko proprietor, having now com
plied with all the requirements of the
Uw.'haa only this wish to express:
" 'May good digestion wait on appetite
ASdj health on both.'"
-v ' ' ' ...
Agricultural Exports. The hlgh
walerj mark of the exportation of. agrL
eujjaijal products from the United
J&tB ,wa roached in 1S92, when they
reached the enormous value of $799,
2&',232. In 1895 they had fallen to
55,fcl5,3l7. This Is enough.to make
a substantial difference with our farm
ers ' for J24O.O0O.O0O don't grow on
Yer'y buah, and most of the bushes
fcave been picked. Ex.
JL bad temper In the owner will beget
abad one in tho cow, and when they
Aoth ge"t. Ua1 " nrofit la bad.
Tnbuern ITnit A an Ineetlrl1r.
Mr. T. Orclncr, one of America's tend
ing authorities, Bays: "For some yeara
I havo been using and recommending
tobacco dliBt as an all-round Insect de
stroyer. I use It in tho greenhouso for
llco (nphls), in tho open ground for tho
cucumber bdtlo, plant llco, and for
worms of all kinds, nnd sometimes in
tho hen-house for llco, etc. It Is surely
one of tho swiftest of all insecticides
wo -can apply, almost or fully equal to
buhach.. If sifted or scattered over cur
rant bushea Ufa currant wormB will curl
up nnd die, and tho bushes will bo free
from tho pest within an hour or less,
and fall from them for Bomo tlmo. It
blown into tho heart of cabbage plants
it means tho end of the green worm,
Applied In the samo way to tho nests
of tho caterpillars (and the trees all
around us at this tlmo are full of them)
especially In the morning or evening,
whjn tho worms aro alt at hocio, it will
clear them qut for good in Ipsa than an
hour. In short, I hardly know what
worm or other sott-bodled insect tho
contact with tobacco dust would not
speedily kill. I believe it will even
put an end to tho potato bug. It is dis
tasteful to many hard shell beetles also,
an may bo Boon by tho fact that with
heavy applications wo can drive away
tho cucumber beetle (and perhaps tho
squash bug). The flea beotle, unfortu
nately, is not so easily conquored, even
if it does not like tobacco amoll. Surely,
tobacco dtftt must bo considered a most
excellent Insecticldo, and na It is not ex
pensive (In some casos, perhaps, tho
sweepings of cigar factories, etc., will
do and can bo had for tho hauling). I
think every soil tiller Bhould keep it
on hand. I have usually applied tobac
co dust with the baro hands, scattering
it rather freely over tho bushea and
plants, and around cucumbers, melon
and squash vines, oven an Inch deep on
tho ground. The stuff is worth nenrly
tho full prlco aBked for It (3 per barrel,
or do) as a fertilizer, and I havo not felt
the necessity of using It In a particular
ly economical manner. For cabbage
and caterpillar nests, however, hand
bcllowii of some kind are almost nccos
sary, na wo want to blow tho dust well
amongst the leaves and tho web3. Tho
ordinary cheap hand bellows, ns of
fered for sale by seedsmen and hard
ware storcB, will do very well for cab'
What Forrit Tree to Plnnt.
Tho question arises, what shall wo
plant? There aro so many general
kinds of tree? and varieties of each
that tho matter Ib very much simpli
fied when we know that tho number
of species acNpted to any soli and lo
cality Is comparatively few. Prof.
Drewof of Yalo college, in Walker's
Statistical Allan, says that In tho
United States we havo only 300 In
digenous species that In full growth
reach thirty feet in height, and In tho
region including our own state wo havo
but sixty to slxty-flvo species that
reach fifty feet in height. Different
species aro found on different geolog
ical strata, so that in connection with
the question "what to plant?" wo may
prplltably consult our geology and orig
inal forest growth. Other species may
do well, but wo must prove them bc
foro trying them extensively. Our
original forests havo furnished excel
lent timber of white, burr, red and yol-
lov oak, two or three species of ash,
black walnut, chestnut, etc., etc., each
of which, If planted Well and cared for
would. In a comparatively short time,
furnlBh timber for many purposes.
Then, we havo several species of conl-fc-rao,
as pines, sprUcca, and larches,
each of which has been tried in other
countries, and somewhat in this, and
havo done well. Those could bo tried
on soils not too fertile, and will suc
ceed. Larches especially will grow al
most anywhere. One man In Nnntuckot
planted 10,000 In 1S77. The locust has
been tried and does.wcll; but best of
all, perhaps, is tho Catalpa speclosa. or
hardy catalpa as It l& known and dis
tinguished from blgnouloldes. which la
much lesB. hardy, and of which It is a
variety, in lower grounds elms, and
wen 'willows, might bo planted with
profit. Prof. C, L. Ingersoll.
a.' : -,
.- Quality In llnrnei.
t Tho European countries prefer to
improve tho quality more vigorously
than to Increase tho number of tholr
horses. England haB only 1,529,000,
while wo havo in the United States
10,000,000 horses, a very Bmajl per cent
of which aro suitable for city market
and , export. Russia has 3Q,000,000
horses of a still moro Inferior quality,
Upflt for any market and) too small for
farm work. Tho Itusslcn trotter has
had the encouragement of tho govern
ment, Now tho pensants aro urging
tho government to furnish them with
draft hordes sultablo for their farm
Viork, to haul the heavy farm machines.
Smalj horses lu largo numbers will
JmpqverlBh any country and it ia well
for America that tho ranch horsa and
tho little trotter no longer pay for
their feed, while thero Is such great
demand for high-class draft and coach
horses at high prices because they are
so scarce. Live Stock .Journal.
Irrigating Fruit Trees. In a recent
paper Professor E. W. Hllgard, of Cali
fornia, said that much water makes
fruit too aciduouB and of poor quality,
says an exchange. If there Is too little
water the fruit will bo dry and small.
Tho thing to bo avoided la to not irri
gate too much. If the ground is soaked
all tho season, the roots run near to
the surface, and a drought would
probably kill the tree. Irrigation baa
much to do with the flavor of fruit.
Fruit men should study the nature of
the soil, and Irrigate accordingly. As
soon aa fruit is fully formed, irriga
tion should be decreased, as the treo
neodt rest aa well aa everything else.
People will not pay 25 centa far 19
cent butter.
111: t'attlcoatf a Dclnlon a nit a Snare
KpC ah Flannel Arn Heine Itelntro
d'need A Rnl n Men of Hettimlng
Il'iltlci Ulcit Teai.
ILK petticoats aro
a delusion and a
snaro to any wom
an who cannot af
ford a new ono
every month. Few
articles of apparel
appear moro entic
ing when they aro
displayed in tho
shops, and tholr
lightness and deli
cate coloring make ono feel that ono's
wardrobo is Incomplete without n
specimen of theso ruffled and fur
belowcd garments. But alas for tho
women of moderato circumstances who
buys a fillk petticoat, especially it it
be of taffeta, with tho idea that aho will
wear it and "get the good of it," aB the
saying goes. Tho friction of walklag
cuta every fold of tho ruffles, tho
slightest dampness shrinks tho cord In
the border of tho flounces, so that tho
latter aro all puckered at the edge,
whllo Iho foot of tho petticoat comes
to rags very shortly. For occaelonal
wear under a thin evening dress tho
silk petticoat will do very Well, but
aa human naturo's dally food It is not
satisfactory. Mohair, sateen and mo
reen aro far better investments. They
aro cheaper In tho first place, much
moro durable and keep their fresh
ness longer. Whlto petticoats of mus
lin, cambric or lawn aro exceedingly
pretty and vory fashionable at pres
ent. Trimmed with lace and ruffles,
they aro as dainty aa heart could deslro
and possess tho merit of looking as
well as now overy tlmo they are laun
dered. Tho petticoat requires to be
vory wide nnd to havo a number of
full flounces in order to keep its bouf
fancy, but muslin and lawn are so light
that tlria abundant trimming ia no bur
den, save to tho person who does tho
Tho Illustration bIiowb ono of tho
fashionable whlto costumes. The eklrt
of whlto piquo W entirely plain. The
short bolero is of cream laco over
cream taffeta and ha3 square fronts
opening over a full'chemlsotto of whlto
moussollno do sole. Tho draped cor
selet la of lizard green liberty satin.
The sleevo I? of cream laco over cream
taffeta and hits a laco frill at the wrist.
The collar 18 of whlto mousselino de
Menu of ItnturnliiR ISuRtleg.
Tho latest silk petticoat may be a
forerunner of-tho much despised bus
tle. If Is a billowy creation made with
a decprufllo, through tho bottom of
which a fine reed la run. At tho back
the lower half of tho skirt hangs in
folds. There aro olx folds, and through
each ono a reed la run which m'akea tho
skirt stand out with a certain aggres
Bivo stiU'ness at tho bottom, though
at .the waist line It Is very flat. All
tho now silk skirts have either tho fine
reeds to aid them in standing out, or
they are lined from tho bottom to a
fey inches abovo tho kneo with hair
cloth. Women of fashion In buying
a ellk petticoat these days order a
shorter silk skirt to match, as well as
a"cOraet. Brocado is the silk most In
favor,- and both tho akirta and corset
aro exquisitely embroidered with tho
owner's monogram. Lace flounces trim
both skirts, and a tiny frill of the same
pattern of lace finishes the corset at
the top.
Alpnca fiown,
A plcturo is given of a costume of
bluo alpaca. Tho plain skirt Is adorn
ed around the foot by two narrow
bands of bluo galloon, tho tabller being-
outlined in the eamo manner. The
blouse bodlco has n short, rippled
basque and opens in front over a plas
tron .of blue alpaca. The. very large
sailor dollar Is of whlto faille and. is
.trimmed with two bands of narrow gal
loon.' The belt is likowlse of white
faille, the cravat being of whlto tulle
with lace ends. Lace frills finish the
Colli Ttlhf Mtilo Tftiiipllncr.
Plain everyday disheB at tho homoJ
table may bo made moro appetizing if
tho young housekeeper will instruct
her maid of all work to pay a llttlo
more attention to them or it sho will
devote a few moments before each meal
to seeing that tho dish la prettily gar
nished. Cold roast lamb Is good: but
who wantB to have It placed before him
In a wholo leg or shoulder, without a
sprig of green on a hot day? A simple
and effective way to serve cold lamb Is:
Select a largo loin and havo your
butcher cut each chop up to the Joint;
crack the Joints, but do not separate
them, and remove the meat an lnqh
from tho end of each chop bone. Now
daw the two ends of tho loin together 1
and tie, spreading tho small enda go I
thnv farm n Hrpln nml rnnaf no n I
would nny piece of meat, only remem
ber thnt. tho chops being separate, tho
meat will cook more quickly. This
lamb may bo served hot or cold, but
if it la cold ornament tho end of each
chop bono with a fringed and curled
paper cap, stick a bouquet of mint or
parsley In tho top, and upon tho plat
ter besldo each pair of chops put a
spoonful of cold boiled string beans or
peas, and on the green bed a small red
ball cut from boiled beets. Servo a
French dressing In a separate dlBh for
tho vegetables. This is but one of
many ways, If tho housekeeper Bhowa
lntcreat In having tho homo dishes
prettily garnished tho maid aoon will
bo and will find aho, too, has a brain
and can aurpriae you with some in
genioua dovice.
Spanlih Flonncei.
Trimmed skirts havo reintroduced
the Spanish flounce, that most graceful
of all trimmings. It is now on a rather
scant skirt and easily solves tho dif
ficulty of how to secure width at the
bottom with little fullness at the top.
Tho Spanish flounce should begin at
the back" about four inches from tho
belt and from thence gradually narrow
until it doeB not extend above tho
knee in front 'It may be finished with
a plain band of embroidery, but th
newest thing1 is a ruche, very fully
plaited. ' A slight variation from tha
Spanish flounce leaves the front width
entirely plain. Tho flounco is started
at tho side seims, gradually Increas
ing in width toward tho back, but not
to any great extent. Rosettes of rib
bon at regular Intervals finish tho top.
Worn with this skirt is a light-fitting
bodice of lace, finished about the
decolletage neck with similar rosettes
The Latest in Dally Newa.
Doom of the Toothpick Shot
The pointed toe shoe is going out
of style. Such is tho decree of fashion,
and when fashion dictates few men or
women dispute the decree. Henco the
passing of the "toothpick" point la a
fact that ia Just forcing itself on manu
facturer and dealers. Somo of the
leading shoe dealers confirmed the
statement that in its placo is appear-,
lng the moro comfortable round toed i
stylo of footwear.
The exodus of tho "toothpick" markB
an opoch in the history of footgear. Tho
ultra fashionable youth will havo no
trouble In standing squarely upon their
own feet, Instead of boaring down up
on their nelghbora' pedal extromitlei
with tho uselesB projection of the old
atylo shoe. There havo been many
styles of shoes worn by different styles
of men, but the pointed too maintained
ita supremacy longer than any of
them. But, like all else, It has had to
give way. to the dictates of Dame Fash-1
Ion, and fall styles show a wider range
of lound and square toed shoes than
has been in stock for many a long day, '
whllo Ihpre is lesa variety of pointed
toed shoes seen than over before.
A representative shoe company Bald:
"In tho future pointed toes may be
worn more or less for evening wear,
but they will eventually become out of
date for the reason that they aro more
apt to break around tho tips, and tbe
dealers aro accused of selling an in
ferior article. The shoe that Is com
ing in the place of the pointed shoo is
ono that is known as the 'bulldog,'
which- has a raised) round, blunt toe.
The reason for calling the ahoo 'bull
dog' Is because of tho shape of tho toe,
which Is something llko a dog's head
In form. This will bo the fashionable
shop this fall."
Tho manager of another store said:
"Pointed shoes aro going qut of ,etylQ
for tho reason that different designs
ini.footwear aro merely a fad or fancy.
The 'bulldog' shape Is a more com-
fortablo. shoe and la a more sensible !
looking, article than tho old atylo of
pointed shoe."
Taxes tho Skill of Uunsts.
A dolley tea is the newest in wom
en's entertainments. At ono recent
ly given on tho wide piazza of a beau
tiful country home tho hostess handed
each guest a small square of linen and
silks and needles, with the request that
each one design and embroider some
object In forty-five minutes. The names
of tho workers were written on this
and each ono was examined and voted
upon for Its ilofccts and excellencies.
Prizes were given for the most cor
rect drawing, 'the most original, tho
best execution, tho worst and for other
points, so that overy guest was pos-,
sesscd of one. The notion was amus
ing because unexpected and novel. The
prizes wero nefodle cases, emeries,
thimbles and other trifles In silver. i
Pride deprives the world of half Its
ploasuros. Many a- trip would be made
on the merry-g6-iound but for what
ono's friends would say.
pP T
Tlia October Atlantic.
Tha Atlantic Monthly for October ia
one of the roost important issues of tha
year. Thero is tho usual fine literary
flavor to the contents, nnd this la sup
plemented by timely papers on politi
cal, scientific and Industrial subjects.
The leading arttclo of tho month, by
President Eliot, of Harvard, is on "Five
American Contributions to Civiliza
tion," viz., the practice of arbitration
instead of war, tho incrcaso of wido re
ligious toleration, tho safe develop
ment of manhood suffrage, the proof
that pcoplo of a great variety of na
tions aro lit for political frcdoui, and,
fifth, the dilusion of well-being among
tho population in general.
Pro. John Trowbridge sounds a note
of warning in tho vigoroua article en
titled "The Imperiled Dignity of Scl
enco and law."
Exhaustive book reviews and The
Contributors' Club complete the issue.
Trips Undertaken for ITealtli'i Sake
Will bo tendered more beneficial, and tho
fatigues or travel counteracted, If the voy
ftgor will talco alont with him Hostctter'n
Stomach Hitters, and u&e that protective
and enabling tonic, nervo Invlporant and
nppotlzorroRularlv Impurities In air and
wntor are neutralized oy it, and It Is a
matchless tranquilizer and regulator of tho
stomach, liver and bowels. It counteracts
malaria, rhoumatUm, and u tendency to
kidney and bladder troubles.
A Dress Reform Crusade.
Mile. Payer, a Swiss lady, who has
recently taken the degree of doctor of
medicine, has instituted a crusado
ngainst the faults in woman's dress, es
pecially inveighing against tight gloves
and boots, corsets and long skirts, Ilor
lectures aro said to be so effective that
moro than 100 ladies at tho end of ono
of her discourses pledged themselves to
renounce corsets, to only wear gloves
on special occasions and to have dresses
at least ten inches from tho ground.
Rev. D. II. Rohrabaugh of Osceola, Iowa,
Writes !
Sent 1. 1S90: "Your letter recolved.
l nayo taken an oi ttio sarapio box oi ur.
- ' m . -, '
Kny's Renovator, and havo found it an ex
cellent laxativo and renovator, and I be
lieve it has strong norvino powers."
M tin-Haters.
A woman who died recently boasted
that she had not spoken to a man for
over thirty years, and another was
equally juoilnnt over tho fact that sho
had lived twenty-fivo years in ono
houso without a man crossing thresh
old. Hut probably the bitterest man
hater of modern times was an Austrian
woman, who at tho time of her death
was engaged in developing a plan for
the ultimate extinction of tho wholo
male population.
Cascarets stimulate livcr.kldneys and
bowels. Never sicken, weaken or gripe.
The refining of supar was invented
Antwerp, in the sixteenth century.
Warner's Safe Cure
Owing to the
many requests
from its patrons,
Warner's Safe (
Cure Co. have put
on the market a '
smaller sizo
bottle of Safe
Cure which can
now be obtained
at all druggists at
half the price of
the large bottle.
Bsuam" Dueasi
r-HAi CortFLAiim
is not only a scientific vegetable
preparation and does all that is
claimed for it, but it is the only
Kidney and Liver medicine used
by the best people of four conti
nents. A medicine that bears
the stamp of the world's ap
proval, and maintains its posi
tion for a fifth of a century,
must necessarily possess pe
culiar merit.
K .tWw
pleasantest, &afest and most
fl kind
01 cough, lafrrlrpe, inllucnza.
SW i
utAlran sw Htsn riaa, irt t t li a rt nn 1
. aivnvu w i4iduk-u sl mo DlUUJUliH.
ly by the mot noted physicians In
m JNew lone wiin the very bebt oi success.
Dr. Kay's
Ltmm I, n n n k l &. 1. ... 4 411 T ,4.1. f. .
LasrririDe und couuhed aln osl contlnunllv
vailous cough meillclrn b but could cet no relief. One rackitKO of Dr Kav's Luntr mL
Balm cured ms eutlr-It." Sold by Umeetstri or went by moll for 2ic Send il ress
6H o 16th -ireet Omaha 'Neb,
Proper Tires
We have made a study of tires pounded them
year in and year out by thousands on our
wheel-testing machine, tested them for elasticity,
for speed, for durability had reports from
riders and agents everywhere. Result is the
wonderfully elastic and durable Hartford Slngb
Tube Tires used on
Hartford Tires are easiest to repair in case of puncture, strongest, safest, best.
Columbia Art Catalogue, telllnj; fully of all Columhlat, anil o( Hartford Dlcydes, trustworthy
machines of lower pi ice, U free from any Columbia agent by mail for two U-cent stamps.
POPE MFG. CO., Hartford, Conn.
Branch Stores and Accncles In almost every city and town. If Columbian ore not properly
represented lu your vlcli.lty, let us know.
Medicine li fullr n Important and bcaeOottl a
Sorlrn- Medicine, and tbs best Fall Medlrioe it
The Best In fact tho One True Blood Partner
H,1x-, n:u cure Liver Ills easy te
flood S PUIS take, easy to operate. 23c.
Pullman Never Built
lletter Tourist Sleepers
Than those used for
tho Burling ton
Route's personally
conducted onco-a-week
excursions to
That ia ono rea
son why you should
patronize them when you go west
Other reasons are: The tlmo is fast
cars are not crowded excursion con
ductors and uniformed porters accom
pany each party the scenery enrouta
is far and away the finest on the globe.
Tho excursions leave Omaha every
Thursday morning and go thro' to San
Francesco and Los Angeles withou'
lor full information about rates. etc..
write to J. Pbancis,
Gen. Agt Burlington Route,
Omaha, Neb.
The best fruit section in tho West. Ni
drouths. A failure of crops never known.
Mild climate. Productive soli. Abundance oi
good pure water.
For Maps and Circulars giving full descrip
tion or tbo Itkh Mineral, Fruit and Agricultu
ral Lands In -South West Missouri, write tt
JOHN M. riWUV. Monacorof thoWlssoa
Land and Ltvo Stock Company, Neosho, New
ton Co., Missouri.
122, 123 and 124 RUito Building, Chiugo, 111.
Members ol the Chicago Botrd ol Trade in good
standing, wbo will furnish you with tholr Latest
Book on statistics and rcllabhs information re
Kurdine tbo markets Write tor It and their Pally
Market Letter, boih FREE, inferences: Au. Ex.
National, Hank, Chicago.
1,200 BU.
Council Bluffs,
This button irHh a ten cat bex if
the Ideal laxative
and guaranteed consti
pation cure, sent FREE
on receipt of five 2-cent
stamps. Address
sTfhmo rtraur connrr,
Cblutot HMtrril.Cu.lBt Tm.
wnt men bti rywhere to SELL
STARK TREES 5?"p0?.Ei.
nctrtTtttm. bTAHK IirtOTllKRS,
Locisuna, Mo., HocKroBT, lu.
Elimination r.nd.AdTlco on ti rntciitbllltj- of In
Tentloo. Send for "Inventor' f!nide,cr How to Get
Patent." OTAUUELL & ROM, W&ihlngton, D. C.
Stm Rplri far Vlad t iUt rnnir.
Mveai-vrxperlencp. K-nd sVetch for ad
l. , (1.. lie.ilt..! ! ni iti. exrimiti.i.TT n
PaLOUIlo) Dcancx. Weaver, MlQIII Uldg., Wan.D.U
,(J WHISKY '" "H. IlMk ,..t
F2UC llr. K. 31. UnOLLKY, ATUST1, CI.
WSSl'i? JThorapson's Eys Water.'
Best Cough Byron. Taj.tc Good. Use I
in time. nna oy aruesuta.
3swKff EOT: iirrei
iT'lll tow
V. N. U., OMAHA 10 1898
When writing to advertisers, kindly
mention this paper.
efficient remedy htiuwu for every t''
etc. bnfo for all ntres. Does t
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iiao UtCU uacu VCI V L'AtCUnlVD
the hospitals of London, Paris and
Lung Balm
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