Hemingford herald. (Hemingford, Box Butte County, Neb.) 1895-190?, July 24, 1896, Image 8

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    "W--L- vWfiMMr "St"TeST'r TBI '"' - J 1B.-iW ""
CTm'i i"?7Ta3rxiU BSjJTO.
Jin American Tfotnan OItci an Inter
fin tins l'lcturd.of It.
An American wotnniT who hnfi lived
tor a year In Joliannenbtlr'g recontly ro
, i timed to Now York city and surprised
Iior friends by the olorlna Bho totd of
lift! 4n tho South African tojurn. So
ciety thcro, according to her jtccountB,
t was more formal thnn uue would find
in Now Yok, 'Paris or Lopdopf , and
tho dinners arid othor entertainments
xvore conducted" with tho grcatost cere
mony. Tho American's explanation of
this was that Johannesburg eociety was
mado up ,of such unusual cldmenta that
Us members believed safety was to bo
found only In thd greatest" dignity and
formality, livon to lot down the bars
for a moment might bring disastrous
results, bo Johannesburg took its Boclal
pleasures with every restraint of tho
most formol soelaty. The American
woman said that all Irtntilrlea and em-
barmaslng questions Were ignored, and
, the Inhabitants, realising that they
'wore in n far-off country and dependent
on ono anoChor for society of any kind,
mado tho best of the situation. Tho
cost jot living thoro was very high, But
there" was a Brent deal of monoy 19 be
jjpent and tho lavlshness of the enter
taining was said to bo qulto on a par
with Its seyo.o punctllllousnefes. Tho
beat residences of tho tdwiiVe In tho
suburbs, which aro laid out with tho
atrcets running at right anglos, aftor
tho ashlon of American cities. Fow of
them boast of nldownlks nud tho dust
atoms in the town aro the least toler
nblo featured or its life to strangers.
Clothing, which Is luvnrlnbly imported
from England, Is tho only thing that Is
reasonable, And It scIIb at pr(Ites llttlo
(n advance of tho3o In England. RontB
, As well as tho wages of servants nrc
from four to .five tlnus whatthoy aro
in England, Tho native beet in poor, as
jho cattlo are driven up from tjto Orange
Free Stnto td be slaughtered', 'and very
fixponelvo. English servants aro thoro
In plenty, rs tho natives aro not gon-
erally competont. but tho lmportod do
mestics arc said to be very much af
tfocted by tho lifo. of tho town. Vege
table aro raro and poor, and a fortuno
Js Pftld to awaft Iho man who undor
CAkos gardening' in Johannesburg.
Now York Sun.
"jCfl'roilriVnt IlartUon I'alnt Oat Some
Needed IcMlntla'n.
In an article on "Tho Enforcement of
the Law," General Harrison In Ladles'
Home Journal, directs attention to tho
need of legislation to insure protection
to citizens of othor countries living In
th6 United Elates; " Thoro is,
however, a dluss of nersons In tho
''States to whom tho direct protection of
the United States is duo. though no
proper legislation has as yet' been
passed to make It offocilvc. I refer to
;tho .-vfltlxcns of foreign" countries who,
'tinr treaties' we havo with ouch coun
ties, aro domiciled In tho Btates, and
to whom such treaties guarantee the
'protection of tho law. As yet congress
frm not legislated to glvo the United
States courts Jurisdiction at prosecu
tlonc for offonaoa against such ner-
tone, In derogition of their treaty J
rights. The killing of eomo Italian
wibjecjs In New Orleans, In March.
1891, and the demand of tlio Italian
government for tho punbhmont of the
cOtfAtdurs, and for an indemnity,
brought this atraugo and unsatisfac
tory condition tit things very strongly
v'o the attention of our government.
t ho UnUcd States had mado a treaty
with Italy giving certain rights to tho
ubjecte of that kingdom living In this
country. Yet when the domand wna
.mado that tho offenders should bo tried
and punished wu could only say tho
"United States la powerless: we havo
'Jeft that to tho" stnto authorities nnd
C&n only suggest that proceedings bo
taken by them. Thld was manifestly
'unsatisfactory. Tho United 'States
jdiodo tho trenty, Italy could not make
a tpsAty wlth Louisiana, nor demand
and Indemnity ol her. Like tn
'plflentB havo' frequently occurred and
will ocour again, and congress should
fia legislate as to give the Unltod States
courts appropriate powers to protoct
those who are hero in the 'peace of ttie
"United States.' " i-
How thp Uoy AVotild Buy It.
Max O'RelJ tells thli story in the
S0W30 of a paper on "Peculiar Chil
dren," A boy, reading from a play that
Jras being translated at sight In class.
Came neross tho phrase, "Calraezvous.
mionsleur." lie naturally translated
ills by "Calm yourself, sir."- 1 Bald to
2ilm: "Now. don't you think this Is a
little stiff? Couldn't you glvo. mo somo
hlug a llttlo more colloquial? For In
stance, what would you say yourself
in a like case?" Tho boy reilected a
"Xew seconds and aald: "Keep your hair
on, old man." ,
How to Tell 11 Diamond.
It is well known to Jewelers that
aluminium will mark a glass or
"paste" diamond, but not jbo true gem
provided tjie surfaco Is wpt. This fact
tas nowtbeen .applied in the production
nf a mechanical tester, which consists
f a small disk of aluminium, rapidly
'revolved by an electric motor. The
'stono to bo tested 1b wetted nnd held
gainst' the edge of tho disk by means
'of a spring clamp.
i , 1-
AJlIt of harcaim.
A young peopleVreligious society in
Hot Springs is taking caro of u tirl
.who has been tick some time. It tkp
J-eliglbus toclcues will continue to work
like tnls, they wil become as ood iu
;tlme as the lodges. Arkansaw Thomajs
- My God shall supply all your noed ac
cording to his riches In lory 'eft
Christ Jesus. R
Washington Celter.
(From our rptrojsr rorirapoiidpnt.)
AVnahlngti-July 20, 18QG.
Wnshiiifou' has practically boon
octUed wpou us tho proper location
for democratic hoadqunVtors dur
ing tho coming compaigii'. Senator
Jones, of At'lc, Chairnmu of the
J)cinocrutio National Committee,
'ijsado it careful study of tho ad-
fnntngoa offered' by Notv "York,
'Chicago and Washington respect
ively, and has mado up 'his mind,
largely owing to tho ope'n hostility
of tho nowspapers in both Now
York and Chicago, that "Washing
ton u tho best place. While tho
chbicn of Senator Jones is regard
ed ns having settled this hoad
quartors business, ho in so anxious
that everything dono by tho Na
tional Commitloo shall bo harmon
ious, that no official annottnec
mont of tho location of Head
quarters is liUoly to bo mado un
til tho Committee which will
shortly meet in Now York, pasbes
upon it.
Tho railroodB of tho country are
considerably exorcised 6ver tho
ortfor recontly issued by the post
irfastor general to tho effect that'all
mail must bo stamped hereafter.
Tho railroads seem disposed to
stand togothor, continue tho pres
ent pructices and test tho authority
of tho government in Ibis mattor
by an appeal to the United States
supromo court.
Many democrats aro much
pleased at tho talk of tho probab
ility that Senator Gorman will
havo a hand in managing Bryan
and Sownll's campaign, either as
Chairman of tho Executive com
mittee or as General advisor. Al
though Chairman Jones has full
authority to select tho mombfers of
tho Executive committee, which
Will assist him in conducting tho
campaign, it is not probablo that
tho membership of that committee
will be announced untjl Chairman
Jones Bubmitj his choice to tho
full National committee. Senator
Gorman has few, if any, equals
and no buporiors as a political
manager. True, ho isn't a silver
man; but neither is he ,a boltor.
Ho is going to support tho ticket
because it is tho democratic ticket,
and if ho can bo porsunded to ac
cept tho Chairmanship of tho Ex-
octive Committee it will be fortun-
uto in more thnn ono respect for
tho party. Ho has tho prestige of
having buccossfully managed a
National Campaign and tho very
fact that ho was helping to manngo
this one would horvo to bring out
many democratic voles 'Which
would not otherwise bo cast.
'Senator Jones is going to his
Arkansas homo for a short rest
before beginning tho continuous
work of tho campaign. Ho will
go by tho way of St. Louis, so as
to bo thoro when tho populiBt con
vention meets this week. He ex
pects that tho populiBt will ondorso
Bryan and Sewall and he wants to
be on hand when they do in order
to confer with the populist leaders
about iho'campaign. lie also ex
pects to' confer with tho boiling
silver republicans, who havo
already announced their intention
to support tho democratic ticket.
Speaker Rood's opinion of Quay
and Mauley as McKinloy cam
paign managers would make in
teresting reading. Several weeks
before tjie St. Louis convention
liiet, Mr.'Keed had reason tq bo
lcivo that Quay and Manley had
betrayed him to Hnnnti and what
has happonod since muBt havo
convinced him of that fact. Both
of these Ex-Reed men aro now
members of Hanna's executive
committee, and Quay is much
more than merely a member of
that Committee. It Iuib leaked
out that Quay will, from tho Now
York headquarters, boss tho en
tire campaign in the Eastor states;
also, that he will havo exclusivo
chargo of a scheme by which ho
hopes to carry several Southern
states. This last scheme is said
to depend largely upon tho sup
port of bolting gold democrats in
those states for success, as it in
cludes a combination of that ele
ment with tho negro voters, npcm
both Congressional and electoral
tickets. It was intonded that this
scheme sjiould bo kept durk.
n-iiin' lit.. . .. 1 'M "i t i.
Final-Proof- NotYces
t&l L
ttos. J. Vf, Weiis, Jn., Itoafster.
. Jf on. F. M. DitooMK, ItccMvor.
'l'lrtlps liftvitiR notices In JkUcolnmu aro m
oritl to rwul tho same caU'fully and report to
thin oIUch for correction any errors that may
ottU Thlft will prevent possible deluy in
making proof.
Land QlHce at Alliance, Neb,, Jnly H. 18W.
Notice. I hereby (Iron Unit tho followinff
named settler has tiled liutlcoot his intention to
rnako final proof In support of his claim and
that said proof will Unnadn before ltCfcii-tcr or
lleculTer HtAlltauco, Nob., on August -"J, 18'J(S,
tUi JKNNlUC llOliiNSON, neeEvaw,
of llox llutto. Neb., who- made H. K. No. 3.VS0,
for tho so sflcl4, tpay n.itfiM w.
She names tho lollnwlntr witnesses to provo
her continuous rcsUlvnoo upon and cultivation
of said laud, vizi Jlnglt is. Jones, of hemlnK
ford, Neb., Jessie Harris, of Mainland, Neb.,
Ucortco L. Taylor, of Jlenungford, llcb., Henry
Hhimck, o! Lawn, Nob.
J. W. WKntf.Jn.. ltelstir.
Lnnd Onlco at AHlanco, Neb., Jnly SJ, 18U0.
Notieo Is ho ely e'von t.iat tho ioIIowiub
named settler has tilod notice o( his lntontion
to makp final proot In sitpport o' hlb claim, and
toatsaiil proocwlll he iimrttf bc.oio Ucrfisixr
and llecolvut' m. Alliance, Nub., on August 'JUtli,
of 1 Amu, Neb., who mado il Ii No. fbiv for ii0
e WewH&wKso.'i 8eoi4,tp2o, rjol.
Ho natiKH the following witnesses to prove his
continuous i-cslilenco upon Bml cultivation of
said land, vizi 1'iauk Caiia, ilen. Winten, Al
Iwit iwriipa. of liawn, Nob., 1'ranK Ktajicok, of
Alliance, Woo. Also,
of Lawn, Neb., who wnido UK No. OSJforUio
n 0 54 soo 13, vp 20, re is.
Ho Humus tho following wltnosses to provo
Ills continuous U'sidonce npnn ond cu'.tnutiou
of ald lnd, vli: If nk evjlia, Henry Win en,
A.lbo.Kroui'ftot t.an, Nob., t euklCrailcek,
ot A'lianco, Nab. J. W. Wcuw, il ltujlsior.
U. 8. Land OHIco, Allianco. Neb., Juno 16, WDO.
Notieu is lurehy glvu that
of LakoVlow, Iowa, has filed notice of intention
to make linal proof boforo tho llegister or 1J
eelver at hlsoffico in Allianco, Neb., on the 2Mh
dayof JulylbtW, on tlmber-cultn o appllcatim
No. T, for the o H n o hi & n i b 0 U. seo IO, tp
27 n, ralw.
Ho names as witnesses: John P. Hazard,
Charles A. l'osvar, Gideon A. Dickenson, oJ
""i neiiii oamuoi a. yriia, ot uanion, Woo.
Also, Notieo is Imroby slven that tho follow
ing named hottlor has riled notieo of his inten
tion to make final proof iu support of hit claim
at saino time and placo, iz:
of Lawn, Neb., ono of the heirs of Mathlas Pps-
.. . J ' -.iyiiii.uv.i.ji, i,u lut LIIU OUT
sou 8, tp27n, rg52w
Ho names tho following witnesses to provo
his continuous rosldonce upon and cultivation
of said land, viz: Albert Oronpa", John V. Haz
ard, (lideon A. Dickenson, of Lawn, neb., Sam
uol H. Wright, of Canton, Neb. Also
Notieo is hereby given that
Hewinnnsvlllo, 111., has filed uotico of Intention
to tnaKu hnnl proot at t-aino timo and placo on
timber culture application No Mi, for tho n 'i
s w H, s o H t. w a ic n w U o sec 4, tp 35 n,
rg Kt w.
Ho unmes as witnesses: John .T. Lutsch,
Henry Winten, John 1. Hazard, John Lort
echer, all of Lawn, Neb.
J. W. Wrox, Jr., llegistor.
Ijitid Office at Alliance, ob., Juno 30, ItOrt,
Notice is hereby ghen that the following
named sottler has hied notice of his intention
to mako final proof in support ot his Ualm and
thpt said prtKit will bo mado boforo tho iieglslor
or. Itoceher at Alliance, Nob., on AugUBt It),
lbJil, viz:
who mado II. 13. .1200 for the nw M seo 7, tp 20.
Tf 47.
Honamostho following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of Midland, viz: e. 11. 1'lupps, (.'. L. Valilrou,
V. H.tJoddard.ftnckSodoMtrom, all of Dun
lap, Neb. J. W. Weun, jb., KeglBter.
U. 8. Land OIHco, Alliance, Neb., Juno SO, 1690.
Iotico is heroby given that, in pursuance of
instruction from the Commissioner ot tho Gen
eral Land Othce, under authority estel in him
by section M4S3, U. 8. Itevised Statutes, as
umendwl by tho act of congress approved Feb-
ruBijr tu. iM. h wui proccea to oiter at public
sale on tho bth tlay of August, next, at this of-
l iraiuiiuwius unci Ql ISDU, lO-V.li;-
nfillth liftlf it tttiimirf It. ac- ... Am ., ..t
twelve, (U), tow;iflup twenty-fiie, (25), north
ot rango fifty.(5ui, west of tho sixth principal
meridian, in Neb -aska.
npy aau a persons ciamilnsj aaverly to tho
above-describod lauds aro adr bed to tlo their
pininii in Mils tifflMi tin ..- lnn .l. .1... i
designated for tho commsneement of said sale,
uiucmiro luuir riKins win do lonciieu.
v ,t t. J. W. Weun. Jn.. Hegister.
1 . M. nnooifE, llecoiver.
People's Independent County
The People's Independent elec
tors of Box Butto county aro here
by requested to elect and send del
egates from their resneetive ro-
cmcts, to meet in convention in
tho city of Allianco, on Wednesday
July 29, 189G, at 10 o'clock a. m.,
ior mo purpose or selecting livo
delegates to tho state convention
to bo held at Hastings, August 5,
1896. Also to select delegates to
the congressional, sonalonal and
representative conventions; also
to uominato a candidate for coun
ty attorney and to transact such
Other business as may properly
cijmo before tho convention.
Tho basis of representation will
be the same as tho lust convention,
Box Butto
Snake Creole
3 Runniugwatcr 4
G Dorbey 7
7 Lawn 4
3 Lake (j
2 Wright G
It is rccommentlnd Hint nn nrnT.
ios bo allowed but that the dole
gates present cast tho full vote of
tho precinct. It is recommended
that primaries for tho election of
delegates to this convention bo
held on Saturdry, July 25lh, at
such time and placo as the com
mitteeman shall decide.
The precincts composing tho 2nd
commissioner district will send
delegates to tho district convention
on July 29th, after county con
vention. Claiik Olds, Committeeman.
Caveats, and Trade-Marks obtained and all Pat'
entuuuncss conducted lor Modcnatc Fcts.
oob orncc is Oppositi; U, b. patcntofficc
and vecaatecure patent m la time than tWc
remote from Waihfnirtoa.
C A A.l-I Jt T 1 Lm. . t.l- J .
tion. We advise, if lutenubls or not. Irm n(
chaise. Our fee net due till patent is secured.
A PAUPHLtT," How to Obtain l'atents," with
cost of same in the U. S. and foreisa countries
seat free. Address,
k urr. patent orrici. washinotok, D. C.
I ll''''''''''
SfcJKJRrg i Mi imi f i i W T. mi t
Ttw"!!MM:-''y'TOivii.'iMa.--' r
. ymj&&itmwAWmJH.4GiVSfi. .-
' '' ':,
Closing .
c a
i t
I have made up my mind to go
out of business, so I will sell all my
Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, Cloth
ing and Gents' Furnishing Goods at
greatly reduced prices for spot cash.
Produce will be taken at top
prices. Your faithful servant,
. . . W. K. HERNCALL.
"Yo, the members of tho eight
annual session of tho BosButte
Countyt'Tcacher's Instituto, in ap
preciation of tho many favors ex
tended tp us in various wayp by
the citizens of Alliance, tlo there
fore resolve th(it our sincere and
hoarly thanks bo tendered:
1. To the citizens of Allianco for
tho kindly vrolcorao to thoir city
ttnd courteous treatment during
our stay and especially to Mrs.
Mclutyre for tho reception Tues
day ovening.
2. To tho Trustees of the M. E
and U. P". churches for tho uso of
their respective buildiugs for lec
tures. 3. To the Young People's Union
for tho social given on Friday
evening July 10th.
4. To Bev. J. .Golden for his
excelent sermon on Sunday, as it
was a raro treat to the majority of
those present.
Cj.i.'o Bev. A. E. Bicker. Profes
sors G. W. A. Luckey and J. M.
Bennett for thoughtful interesting
and instructive lectures.
G. To Mrs. E. P. Tucker, Prof.
J. N. Bennett and W. B. Siders
their untiring efforts in our behalf.
7. To our pains-taking county
superintendent for providing us
such able and efficient instructors,
through -whom we havo gained
much knowledge and iuspirafion
for our work tho coming year.
8. To the Board of Education for
tho uso of tho school building and
9. To Bridges Musical Union for
music furnished.
10 To the local newspapers for
the interest manifested nnd court
esy shown
Lastly but not leastly to Mr. P. H.
Zoblc for his urgent invitation to
tlje ball game between the "Clod
hoppeis" and tho "Scrubs" which
our in-oxorablo Co. Supt. would
not lot us accept but which was
nevertheless appreciated,
And further be it res&lved, that
a copy of these resolutions bo fur
nished to each of tho county
papers for publication.
( A. Muirhead, Ch'm.
Pom.-JMrs.-E. E.Ford;
( Ina I. Marshall, Sec'y.
All friends of poli ical prohi
bition and roform are invited to
meet in Crawford, Nebraska,
Aug. 5th at 2 o'clock p. m. for
tho purpose of dLcusing the
pseeent situation and issues, and
organizing the wostorn counties
of the state for aggressive work
f or the cause of true reform.
A. E. Rickeu, Chadron,
A. Sherwood, Hcmingford.
Tlio undersigned will take cattlo
I to herd for the seamen of lS'JO, lit
Fosket's ranch. Tonus, $1, for eta
bon, fiom May 1st to Oct. 16th.
: E, D. Pipbk.
New Goods,
Now Clothing,
New Hats,
Now Ties.
New Everything J
n- r-rmtutm
Oat .Sale!..
I will sell trimmed goods at one
fourth oil from marked price iiror
dor to mako room for new goods.
Now is tho time to get a hat cheap
at tho millinery store ono door
north of Wildy's.
Miss L. Adams.
irtte 4ec of ?!.
A Gorman forester, who Is considered
as authority, says that tho oldest trees
In Germany oro known to havo lived
nearly COO ycare. Tho sliver fir has
flourished for upward of 400 years, and
tho evergreen oak has been known to
live 410 years, wbllo other varieties of
oak are from 315 to 320 years old. The
larch has stood tho Btorms and shines
of 275 yenrs, the red beech 245, the ash
170, tho birch 200, the aspen 220, the
mountain maple 22B, tho elm 130 and
tho red alder 145.
Edited by x-ConcroBBmnn
Is the greatat newspaper west
of the Missoxiri Jiioer.
It advocates FREE SILVER
at the present ratio of sixteen
to one.
Its news service is the best to
bo' obtained.
Daily, ?6 00 per year; 50 cents
per month, Weekly, $1 00 par
Subscriptions for th
received at this office
THE rr
of the Northwest.
Will be sent postpaid to any
addraaa alx daya a week for
ono year for
The Chronicle la the moat
ooneptouovia newapapor auo
oeaa of the day, the dally cir
culation oxoeadlns 70,000
ooploa and the Sunday olrou
latlon xocedlna 100,000 oop
lea. It la a flrot-olasa newa
papor of ia and 10 pages (Sun
day 40 to 48 pogoo) and
la a atanoh supporter of
sound demooratlo prinolplos.
tally (except Sunday) 1 year $4,00
Dally and Sunday. I year 6.00
Dally, 6 monlh (campaign odltlan) .... 2.00
Dally nd Sunday, 6 months 3.00
Dally, 2 months i.oo
Dally and Sunday, 2 months 1.40
Dally, 1 month 50
Dally and Sunday, 1 month 76
Suniay.1 yew , 2.00
Saturday, 1 yaar 1.00
8amplo ooploa froo on appli
cation. Address
104-160 Washington St.,
Ohlooko. III.
Orcanlrln nnd Curry I nu Oat n More
ment f ha liettrrment uf Xottih.
ohh Ollmer Speed writes upon how
to organize ond conduct a Village Im
provement Society In Ladles' Home
Journal. He prefaces his paper with
the ntssertlon that the "futuro prosper
ity of tho country vlllago depends, In a
great measure, upon Its suitability for
the summer residence ot thoso who pre
fer, at that season, to leave tho hot nnd
crowded cities," and argues further thai
'a Vlllago Improvement Society should
he a pure democracy, and within its
membership It should embrace every
man and wqraan of good repute In the
neighborhood, and besides thlB there
should bo established an auxiliary
league of children. This leaguo should
be asked, and urged, and instructed to
assist the main society. Stfch societies
nro usually supported by fees and dues.
This Is very well In n village where the
majority of tho people are qulto pros-,
perouB and usually havo a store of
ready money at their disposal. J3ut
even In such places I prefer tho matho"$"
of supporting the society by 4dfreW
voluntary subscription of mjn
labor and material. Labor is Just a1
good as money, and Is given much mom
freely by all save tfioso who are rich."
After canvassing the mnCter Mr.
Speed suggests a public meeting, to be .
addressed by, some" ono familiar with,
the details of the work, preceding pre
liminary organization, and the adoption
of a constitution. Permanent ofllcerV
and committees should be named at tho
first meeting, and precoding the second
ono the first labor day should bo ob
served. "On that day till tho men and
tenms in tho village should congregate
to work under the direction of the exec
utive committee, and tho ladles of tho
society should provide a picnic lunch
eon for tho workers tliat day. In some
untidy villages tho whole of tho first
labor day might be given to cleaning
up; in others the sidowalks might be put
in better order, or pieces of now side
walk constructed; in nearly every y'rt
lnge It would be a good thing to put
the grounds nnd fences of the publlo
echoojhouso In ordor. But there aro al
ways very obvious needs everywhere
before the advent of tho village im
prover. But what Is dono thHt day
should bo dono with some thorough
ness, and tho noonday luncheon Is apt
to Invest the day with some of the char
acteristics of n festival. What (s dono
will bo discussed In ovcry house oJ tho
village, and tho achievements will In
spire confldonco or provoke criticism."
tlrs. Wellington's Mother Soaron Con
tributed to the Ilarmotiy...
"There Is every reason to believe that
Washington's married life wasioao of
Increasing happiness and satisfaction,"
writes General A. W. Greely, U. S. A.,
in Ladles' Home Journal. "Untortu
ntoly his letters to his "wife wcro de
stroyed by her. But there are eifflclent
allusions In his general correspondence
to Indicate that they grow -together
with declining years, and that both
liU3baad and wife showed that consid
eration toward, and respect ior, each
other which aro the soundest guaran
tees ot marital happiness. Olnco cir
cumstances did not permit? frequent
visits of his wlfo to her relatives wo
und Washington Inviting 'Ler mother
mother to come to Mount v Vernon ns
her homo. It does not appear that this
introduction added to theMiarmony 6C
the household, or if it did tho admis
sion of other women, ro'atives of hus
band and wife, did not. 'In this respect
Washington, writlig latpr about his
niece living at Mount Vqrnon, speaka
of his love for her, but ho says: 'I
will never again hate two women in my
house when I am thero"'myself.' Mrs.
Washington proved an vjufalllng sup
port to her husband in camp or court,
in peace or war, and Washington had
her happiness and comfort always at
heart. Hla field service was lrksomo
only as entailing constant uneasiness
on the part of his wife. Of the many
instances of his tender solicitude for
her uncertain health there is none moro
touching than that connected with his
fatal illness. Attacked 'suddenly and.
seriously after mldnlgh' Washington's
malady was at least hastened by his
unwillingness that his wlfo should In
cur the risk of a cold by rising during
the bitter winter night to relieve bis
The Illryclo Ulass.
The desructiou of 1,700 bicycles in
Boston by fire the other day la a great
loss to the worl'X but happily one that
Is soon repaired,: If 17,000,000 bicycles
had been suddenly wined out they
would hardly hftve been missed In this
whirling nge In which we live. But
the Imagination grows pale, halts,
stumbles and falls dead In at attempt to
picture tho utter helpfulness of society
If all the blcydjea woro to be destroyed.
Trade and commerce would be par
alyzed, pleasure would be turned to
pain, the heavens would roll together
aa a scroll and chaps and old night
would come again. The bicycle (a hera.
and here must It remain. Now" .York
Advertiser. '
The Ptrcnctli of Ire.
The following estimate of th
Etrcnfeth of' lee la plvn In Haswell'a
"Kngtiuers' nnd Merhanle' Pocket
Eork " "Kp two Irenes thick will ooar
Infantry, four In'hes thick will bear
caialry, lx inches thick will sustain,
heavy guns, eight inches thick will bear
10,000 pounds to the square foot.
Gold VTodurtlon of tho Trunivaal.
The great feature in the modern Ufa
of the Transvaal Is the working of gold.
Tho production of last year of this met
al v.ab 2.2C5.853 oz., showing an Increase
ot 65l,60d'oz. as compared with ISitf.
"Z-zzssrmngnimfinmf i'yre-i