The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, July 06, 1956, Page Four, Image 4

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    WANTED: Houses, Apartments, and
the Names and Addresses of people
that are looking for a place to stay;
j and for people who want to rent an
apartment. Call HA 0800.
FOR RENT: One single room
for working woman at 2114
Burdette St. Call Ja. 6684.
FOR RENT: Nice Urge room for
couple. Share kitchen. Ultilities
paid. Call HA. 0800.
ED: Wo want to reat that
Apartment you have for Rout
Can HA 08*4.
We want to eel! that car or track
yon have to nolo. Can HA 9800.
We want to aelJ that piece ef
furniture you hare, for sale.
Call HA 0800.
REMEMBER We are in the Rent
inf and aelliag business. Give
us a ring- HA 0804.
HA 8840.
Man or woman from this area to
service new revolutionary Cig
amte Vending Machine. 6 t
10 hours weekly nets up to
approx. $3,000 00 yearly. Great
opportunity for capable person
to expand When fully es
tablished, party selected should
earn $15,000.00 yearly. $1,195.00
cash investment required. Ful
ly secured. For local inter
view give full particulars.
Write P. O. Box 7047, Minne
apolis 11, Minn.
The Waller Radio Re
pair Shop, which was
located at 1904 North
24 th St has moved to
2525 North 20th St 1
block north from Lake
St on the north side
of North 20th St
We will establish you in business
with our capital. If yon are
trustworthy and energetic,
write us. No investment or ex
perience needed to start. Part
time or full-time. WINONA
MONUMENT CO. Winona, Minn.
W'OMEN sew easy ready-cut house
coats at home. Earn from $17.40
to $26.16 dozen Write — AC
CURATE STYLE, Freeport, New
York. 9
FOR RENT: Several nice exclusive
rooms for men. Price reasonable.
Call HA 0800.
FOR RENT: Room for working
man. CaU AL 5674.
partment north of Lake St
that will accept children. Call
Ja. 5087.
FOR RENT: Nice sleeping room.
CaU PL 2798.
FOR RENT: Two nice rooms for
men only. Nice location. CaU
PL 5119.
$2.00 HOURLY possible doing
light assembly work at home.
Experience unnece«*ary.
CROWN Industries, 7159-Y
Beverly Bird , Los Angeles 36,
Calif. j
FOR RENT: One newly decorat
ed 3-room furnished apart
men* CaU Hu. 0800.
FOR RENT: A furnished 2 room
Apt CaU PL 1981. Mrs Bodie
room apartment Call JA 1825
after 5 P M.
house Cali Mrs. Cobbs. PL.8063.
FOR RENT: 1 5-room unfurnish
ed Apt and 1 6-room unfur
nished Apt Gas stuve and Re
frigerators furnished. >1 utili
ties paid by owner. Call AT
4114. After 5 PM. GL. 1411.
FOR RENT: A beautiful 3 and a
4 room unfurnished Apt with
modern gas stove and a Re
frigerator furnished. All utili
ties paid by owner. In the new
Beautiful Mai burn Apt. at 21st
and Burdette St Call AT. 4114.
After 5 P M. Call GL. 141L
ALYST. The stars impel but do
not compel. $1 p»r question.
Sold birth dates 738 W. Wash.,
Council Bluffs, Phone 3 - 1956.
FOR RD(T: Three 2-room furnish
ed apartments. Three 3-room
furnished apartments. Two 4
■ FOR RENT: One 3-room unfur
j nished apartment. One 2-room
furnished apartment. One 3
room furnished apartment. Call
HA 0800.
FOR RENT: Two 4-room houses,
two blocks from 3 bus lines.
Call HA 0800.
FOR RENT: One newly decorat
ed 3-room furnished apart
ment. Close to bus line. Call
Ha. 0800.
FOR RENT: One lovely furnished j
room with the use of the kit
chen. At very reasonable price.
In a good Christian home. Call
HA 0800. ^ block from bus line.
FOR RENT: One nice 2-room
furnished apartment with sleep
ing porch. Close in. Call PL
0845. Be sure and say you saw
it in the Guide.
FOR RENT: One 3-room furnished
apartment and one single room
furnished for a working man.
Call PL 5003 or call at 2004 Wirt
Street. Mrs. Davis. Be sure and
say you read this in the Guide.
FOR RENT: 3 large nice furnish
ed rooms for a working man or
woman at 2422 Erskine Street.
Call PL 4703. Also a 3 room
unfurnished apartment.
FOR RENT: Two 3-room furnished
apartments. One South of Lake
Street and one North of Lake
Street. Call HA 0800.
FOR RENT: One large Kitchenette
apartment. One large room to
the front. Two one-room large,
with side entrance. Both of the
downstairs partments can have
use of kitchen. Call HA 0800.
room unfurnished apartment or
a house. Call PL 3876, Mrs.
Starnes. Only three in family.
FOR RENT: A lovely 2-room furn
ished apartment at 3007 Bur
dette St. Call after 5:30 P.M.
PR 2158.
FOR RENT: 3 large furnished
rooms for working man or wo
man or 3 rooms unfurnished at
2422 Erskine St. Call PL 4703.
FOR RENT: A 2-room furnished
apartment for working couple
will accept one or two small
children Call PR 0673.
FOR RENT. 2 room furnished
Apt., 2518 Seward Stret. Call
JA. 8524
Apt. or a 4 room house. Will
be glad to look at a large 3
room Apt. Call PL. 8969.
Mrs. Lucille Stewart.
Elizabeth Rofrtand
Mrs. Elizabeth Rowland, 77
years, 3016 Burdette Street, passed
away Friday morning, June 29th at
a local hospital. Mrs. Rowland
had been a resident of Omaha
twenty-two years and was on the
Mothers Board of St. John Bap
tist Church.
She is survived by one daughter,
Mrs. Blanche Rowland, Omaha;
brother, Mr. John R. Brown, one
of the leading barbers of Milwau
kee, Wisconsin; nephew, M r.
Thomas Brown, Milwaukee; aunt,
Mrs. Sally Rucker, Clarksville,
Mo.; two cousins, Mrs. Edith
Watts, Bollen Green, Mo., Mrs.
Nora Mozee, Clarksville, Missouri;
other relatives and a host of
Tentatively funeral services have
been set for two o’clock Tuesday
afternoon from St. John Baptist
Church with the Rev. E. D. John
on officiating with burial at
Mount Hope Cemetery and ar
rangements by Thomas Funeral
Rosalind Fisher
Mrs. Rosalind Fisher, age 58
years, of 2020 North 25 St., died
suddenly Saturday, June 16, 1956
at her home.
She was an Omaha resident 40
Mrs. Fisher is survived by her
husband, Mrs. Andrew Fisher of
Omaha; and three sisters of Pitts
burg, Pennsylvania.
Funeral services were held Fri
day, June 22, 1956 at 2:00 P.M.
Interment was at Forest Lawn
Pallbearers Messrs C. Davis, J.
Anderson, N. Gilreath, E. Lee and
L Fisher.
Myers Brothers Funeral Ser
Village Pltnrlartem
The new $3,OQSjQOO planetarium at
Chapel Hill H. C.. ilxth tt be built
* America, ia the only tmt M tbs
wed* tecate* in a Tillage.
What's With
Willie Mays?
New York (CNS) Willie Mays—
the boy wonder of the Giants in
bygone years — is having such a
disappointing year so far that
few newspaper folks hang around
Has marriage caused Willie to
lose his baseball touch? Or is it
just the general sluggishness of
the Giants as a whole that is con
tagious enough to catch on to
Even Giant manager Bill Rig
ney is completely perplexed by
wonderless Willie. “Frankly he
puzzles me.” It looked for a while
last week that he was coming on.
But now he has slipped back a
gain. Willie is swinging as hard
as ever, except that the ball is
going straight up in the air in
stead of soaring toward the fences
as it once did. — All in all, the
Giants are mired in the cellar
without too much hope.
'God Bless You' Is
July 15 Topic On
The Lutheran Hour
The Christian benediction will
be the subject of a July 15 mess
age on The Lutheran Hour deliv
ered by the Rev. George W. Witt
mer, pastor of Messiah Lutheran
Church in St. Louis and summer
guest speaker on The Lutheran
In addition to Pastor Wittmer’s
message, listeners will hear an
“Overseas Report” on Lutheran
Hour activities in Great Britain.
Speaker on the report will be the
Rev. E. George Pearce of London,
In his message over the Nation
al Broadcasting Company, Mutual
Broadcasting System and inde
pendent stations, Pastor Wittmer
will point out “day after day God
gives us everything we need for
body and soul—and we go our
way as if he owed us these
He will say that “The Lord
bless thee, and keep thee; The
Lord make His face shine upon
thee, and be gracious unto thee;
The Lord lift up His countenance
upon thee, and give thee peace,”
is the assurance of providence
and protection and pardon and is
also the guarantee of peace, “the
peace of God that passes all un
In addition, Pastor Wittmer will
say, the benediction guarantees
the “privilege of coming before
the face of the King.”
“What God has for you is not
merely psychology. It is the cer
tain pledge of Him Who always
keeps His word,” the St. Louis
pastor will conclude.
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Rev. Geo. Wittmer
Lutheran Hour
Guest Speaker
The Rev. George W. Wittmer,
p a s t or of Messiah Lutheran
Church in St. Louis, will begin a
• two-month series as summer
; guest speaker on The Lutheran
! Hour July 8 when he speaks on
the topic, “We Would See Jesus.”
The broadcast will also feature
the first in a series of “Overseas
Reports” on Lutheran Hour activ
ity. Missionaries and native past
ors from countries around the
world will participate in these re
ports throughout the summer
Pastor Wittmer will tell his
audience on the Mutual network,
NBC, and independent stations
that “our greatest desire must be
Rev. George W. Wittmer
^ Summer Guest Speaker
that ‘we would see Jesus,’ because
we need Jesus as our Saviour
from sin.”
He will say that in Jesus can be
found the answer to the ques
tions, “Who are we, and where
are we going?”
“Some day,” he will tell his
listeners, “you will have to make
the descent into eternity. ^You
will go down the steep mountain
side of death. Have you accepted
Jesus as your guide? Do you trust
Him for your salvation from the
deadly power of sin and your
safe passage to heaven?
People around us who are in
need, who are anxious, fearful,
frustrated, lonely and insecure,
fail to realize that “basically they
are out of harmony with God,”
Pastor Wittmer will say.
In an “Overseas Report,” the
Rev. Fred C. Kreiss, a native of
France, will discuss the work of
The Lutheran Hour in that coun
try. Pastor Kreiss is stationed
in Paris.
July 8—We Would See Jesus
July 15—God Bless You
July 22—Proud of Our Gospel J
July 29—Let Your Heart Be
August 5—The Tender Touch
of Jesus
August 12—Our God of All
August i9—From Here to
August 26—Who Are Your
September 2—The Problem of
Tri-State Art
Exhibit in Wyo.
Artists from Colorado and Wyo
ming will again have an oppor
tunity to exhibit their pictures in
the Second Annual Tri-State Ex
hibit at Cheyenne.
The final date for filing entry
blanks has been extended to
July 8, 1956, at which time ex
hibits will also be due at the
Cheyenne Art Center.
Over $500.00 in prizes will be
awarded by a jury of well-known
Artists. The Exhibits will be
open to the public from July 22,
1956 to August 22, 1956.
For That Perfect Vacation
It’s here at last! And we’re speaking of that longed-for vacation
time that seemed so far away when we trudged through the snow and
slush just a few months ago. What’s your choice this year? A trip to
the seashore? Perhaps a week or two of getting back to nature among
the mountain greenery, or does a rustic cabin near a sparkling lake
sirixe your iancyr wo matter
what your selection, this is the
time to relax—and take a prob
ably much-needed breather.
A well-planned vacation is a
happy vacation. You’ll find life
much simpler if you make a
/eally complete list of every pos
sible need before you lock the
front and back door and start off.
And this year, something new
should be an important part of
your list — a new all-purpose
liquid detergent called Wisk.
The hot-water supply at your
vacation spot may not be as de
pendable as back home—or if you
are really getting back to nature,
it may be very limited indeed.
But there will always be some
laundry to be done and dishes
have an annoying habit of having
to be washed two or three times
each day. Swim suits should be
washed and rinsed after each
dunking — whether in salt or
fresh water. And the perfect an
swer to keeping life simple is
this new blue liquid detergent.
Wisk is pre-dissolved, and goes
to work instantly in any kind of
water—hot or cold, salt or fresh
—in a way impossible with any
powdered product. It comes in
neat pint and quart cans thf.t
will not add additional bulk to
your probably already overloaded
luggage. And you will find that
it is the only cleaning product
that you need, no matter where
you choose to spend your well
earned rest!
JPerhaps you have a vacation
cabin that needs to be put in
order after being closed since
last year. Once again, Wisk is the
answer for cleaning everything
from the kitchen sink to floors
and window-sills—with no extra
boxes or bottles or other cleaners.
Remember, a vacation is sup
posed to bo fun and the simpler
you keen tho necessary duviss,
the more time you’ll have with
your family.
So makes your list, follow 1*.
and before, during and aftsr tiiu
happy time of tho year—dop.S
forget the Wisk.
_Calling All Vacationers!
Labor Day, the big town is a great big welcome mat for the world.
It offers vacationers a wide variety of relaxation and entertain
ment in every possible field. “Miss New York Summer Festival”
(Lee Meriwether—who was Miss America 1955 and is a per
former on the NBC-TV TODAY program) points out one of the
festival theme posters which decorate New York this summer.
Miss Meriwether says that free tourist information is available
by visiting or writing the New York Convention and Visitors
Bureau, 90 East 42nd Street, New York 17, N. Y.
Montgomery Bus Co. Has
Half of Drivers Since Boycott
Montgomery, Ala. (CNS) Before
the historic bus boycott begun a
gainst the Montgomery City Lines
last December 5th, the company
employed 70 drivers. In a new
economy move this week, it laid
off 21 more drivers—leaving the
number yet employed by the
company to thirty-seven drivers.
More buses have been taken out
of service, too. Office personnel
has been cut to the bone so that
there are only five on the pay
roll and this includes office work
ers as well as maintenance per
sonnel. The manager, J. H. Bag
ley, made the new announcement
as to how hard the six month old
boycott has hit the company.
Dr. L. H. Foster, president, Tus
kegee Institute, recently announ
ced the appointment of Air. <1. L.
Washington as Chief Adviser of
the Tuskegee-Indonosii Project.
Mr. Washington is relinguishing
his post as consultant on educa
tional and fiscal problems for the
United Negro College Fund, an
organization composed of thirty
one private accredited Negro col
Mr Washington ,a graduate en
gineer of Massachusetts Institute
of Technology, has had over twen
ty-eight years of administrative
and related experience in the de
velopment of programs of higher
education. Prior to his associa
tion with the UNCF, he served as
Business Manager of Howard Uni
versity, Washington, 0. C His
earlier experiences include the
deanship of the School of Mechan
ical Industries of Tuskegee Insti
tute, and of the School of Mechan
ic Arts of A. & T. College. He
has also served as Administrative
Assistant to the President of Tus
kegee Institute and Director of
Aeronautics of Moton Field. He
was educational consultant to the
Ministry of Education of the Ba
I hama Islands and to the Governor
j of the Virgin Islands.
The Indonesia-Tuskegee Project
is a contractual agreement be
tween Tuskegee Institute and the
Ministry of Education of the lie
public of Indonesia, subsidized by
the Federal Government through
the International Cooperation Ad
ministration. Under this program,
Tuskegee Institute is providing
technical, advisory assistance and
teacher-training for the technical
vafcchers of Indonesia.
Through the release of Mr.
Washington for this service, the
UNCF is rendering valuable asis
tance to the Federal Government
in its effort to up grade the teach
ing personnel of Indonesia. Tus
kegee Institute has at present a
staff of twelve technical special
ists and teacher-trainers in Indo
Mr. Washington assumed his new
responsibilities as Chief Advisor
of the Tuskegee-Indouesia Project
on June 1. He will leave for Dja
karta, Indonesia, in late June to
take over the direction of the pro
ject by July 1st.
A p p r o x i m ately 22,000,000
Christmas trees are produced in
the United States every year, ac
cording to the National Arborist
Seeds from cone-bearing trees
range from 500 to 500,000 to the
pound, says the National Arbor
ist Association. White pine seed
averages 27,000 to the pound, red
pine, 52,000; black spruce,
400,000; Atlantic white cedar,
460,000. The Torrey pine aver
ages about 500 seeds to the pound.
The southeastern part of the
United States—Virginia, North
Carolina, South Carolina, Ala
bama, Georgia, Tennessee, Ken
tucky, and Mississippi— has more
different kinds of trees than any
other comparable section — at
least half of those grown in this
Treeless towns also are usually
lifeless, according to the National
Arborist Association.
A preview of winners in""the
forth-coming Olympic games in
Melbourne, Australia, features
the Fifth Anniversary edition of
“Go-Guide to Pleasant Motoring.’’
The University of Pittsburgh's
stellar half miler Arnie Sowell;
Tennessee State’s speed queens
Mae Faggs and Isabell Daniels,
are featured along with their
The brilliant record of the
NCAA Basketball Champions,
the fabulous San Francisco Dons,
with BiH Russell and K. C. Jones;
1955 World Champions Brooklyn
Dodgers; Gene Baker and Ernie
Banks of the Chicago Cubs; The
Milwaukee Braces’ Bill Bruton
and Cleveland Indians’ Big Gun,
A1 Smith, occupy favored posi
tions in the 1956 edition.
Edited with the Negro travelor
in mind, “Go-Guide to Pleasant
Motoring” is designed to assure
him of first class accommodations
wherever he goes in the United
States, Canada, Alaska and Mex
ico. The listed Hotels, Motels
and Resorts have been carefully
screened for cleanliness, whole
some and inviting atmosphere,
friendliness of employees and
management, available services
and reasonable prices. Each
place is adequately described so
that prospective guests know ex
actly what to expect, and the
prices charged. “Guests are ad
monished throughout the book
to always secure confirmed reser
vations in advance, something
that most Negroes are loathe to
do, and therefore suffer needless
disappointment, said Jackson,
who heads Andrew F. Jackson &
Associates, 918 F. Street, N. W.,
Washington 4, D. C.
As a medium of travel, sport,
convention and historic informa
tion for Negro motorists, Go
Guide to Pleasant Motoring, is
vitally important to more than
two million Negro families with
This Is The
Termite Season
This is the season for swarm
mg Of Winged termites, accord
ing to Robert Roselle, Univer
sity of Nebraska Entomologist.
He says that flights of the wing
ed termites seen emerging from
holes in the lumber inside or
outside of the buildings indi
cates the need for control mea
sures . But he warns home own
ers against unscrupulous control
operators who attempt to fright
en them into an immediate and
usually costly control job. Ros
elle recommends that estimates
for the job be obtained from
several reliable operators and
comments that since termite
damage is slow, there will be
ample time for this precaution.
Why 365 Day*?
AH because of a river, there are
365 days in a yeks. When the ancient
Egyptians made the first calendar
about 4241 B. C., ae a Means ef
measuring time from the moon and
sun, they decided to reckon a year
by the 365 days between the highest '
points of the Nile flood.
Storm damages to trees may
be deducted in figuring your
income tax, advises the National
Arborist Association. The dam
age is deducted under casulty
The code allows a deduction
equal to the difference in the
value of your property just be
fore and after the storm. The
claim must be entered the year it
occurred, and it must also be sub
stantiated by the estimate of a
qualified person, such as a local
tree expert and a real estate ap
praiser. Any insurance payment
already received because of tha
loss must be deducted from the
total. Trees shrubs and lawns
all are deductible if a true loss
has been substained. The burden
of proof is on the property owner.
Rot in trees is caused by action
on the wood of the tree by fungi,
according to the National Arborist
Association. The fungi are low
forms of life whose threads pene
trate the wood and break it down,
resulting in decay.
The softest American tree is
the Corkbark fir. found in parts
of Arizona and New Mexico, says
the National Arborist Associa
tion. It has a specific gravity of
only 0.28.
“Sofwoods” generally is the
term given to the conifers, or
cone-bearing trees, according to
the National Arborist Associa
Getting up nights
If worried by "Bladder Weakneu" (Get
ting Up Night* or Bed Wetting, too fre
quent, burning or Itching urination) or
Strong Smelling. Cloudy Urine, due to
common Kidney and Bladder Irritations,
try CYSTEX for quick help. 30 years use
prove safety for young and old. Ask drug
gist for CYSTEX under money-back guar
antee. See how fast you Improve.
Stop pain of piles
today at home
—or money back!
In doctor’s tests, amazing new
Stainless Pazo* instantly relieved
piles’ torture! Gave internal and
external relief! 6 medically-proved
ingredients including Triolyte, re
lieve pain, itching instantly! Reduce
swelling. Promote healing You sit.
walk in comfort! Only stainless
pile remedy. Stainless Pazo® Sup
positories or Ointment at druggist*.
•Trademark of Grove Laboratories, Ins.
Ointment and Suppositories.
Half-alive, headachy, when constipa
tion sours stomach? Black-Draught*
relieves constipation overnight.
Helps sweeten sour stomach too.
Laxative-Stsmach SweeUner (Marks Overnight!
No harsh griping. Made from pure
vegetable herbs. Thoroughly but
gently uncorks clogged intestines
Brings comforting relief in morning
Then life looks sunny again! Get
Black-Draught today.
•In Powder or Oranulated lorn , . and
notv in new, eavy-to-taAe TaOiett, too!
I Wliaa anmtlaelli
* sorrs children s di
gestion and disposition, get Syrup of Black
Draught. They love this hooey-sweet liquid/
Autamehile, Furniture ul Signature Lean*
AutumuMte Financing
819 First National Bank Bldg. AT 806 b
Spotless Cleaners
1704 North 24th Straat
Quality Workmanship-Wa Laad, Othars Follow
Claytaa Braziar Phona AT S524
MU , , ^ m • ,
. ' "