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. HA-0300 AT-2680
_ _v
Mrs. Troy Thomas returned to
her home in Omaha Wednesday,
June 5th from Holy Epithany ‘
School in Leavenworth, Kansas.
Holy Epithany is .a Catholic Boa- 1
rding School for girls and Miss
Thomas has attended there for
the past three years. She is the
daughter of Mrs. Edna Thomas
of 2601 Patrick Ave.
* * *
A handkerchief shower wTas gi
ven for Mrs. Grayce Bradford at
the Urban League Community
Center on Tuesday, June 11. The
shower was given by members of
hts AWVS of which she is an act
ive member. Mrs. Bradford and
her son, Gaines, will join Mr.
Bradford1 in Houston, Texas where
he holds the position of executive
secretary of the Hester Settlement
Mrs. Bradford has been employ
ed in Social work at the Omaha
Urban League for the past sev
eral years.
* * •
The Live Wire Circle of Clair
Church enjoyed a tv» velogue gi
ven by Mrs. Emmett Avant at
their meeting Thursday, June 6.
27th & Emmett Sts. 43x155
Attention G. /.’#
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Blair-Moses Nuptials St. John’s Church Event
-—.. Avant told of her recent
travels in England during the war.
In her very interesting talk she
mentioned some of the customs
of the English, their homes, and
lurniturv. and their mode of liv
ing. She also had some very nar
row escapes during the bombing
of England.
Mrs. Avant has only recently
taken a job as playground super
visor under the City Recreation
The Club met at the home of
Mrs. Nina Smith of 2818 No. 25
St. The evening ended with a
lovely luncheon served by the ho
* * »
Addressing the closing meeting
of the Carter Charity Club, Mr.
Devereaux Jr. called for greater
unity of Negro Leaders in - our
community at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. C. C. McDonald, 2219 N.
29th St, Thursday evening, June
Mr. Devereaux Jr. said that
weak leadership on the part of
some of the community leaders
has opened the community to prey
and exploitation by other groups
and individuals. That bickering
exists on every hand and that co
ordination and cooperation on
comunity projects has been lack
ing, thus robbing the community
of many opportunities to move
Mr. Devereaux presented the
following examples of this disun
ity: Our boys and girls are for
ced to go elsewhere when they
have finished their education be
cause of the fear on the part of
the leaders in our community; if
they are appointed to similar
work such leaders’ inefficiences
might possibly come to light. The
young people are kept from giv
ing back to the community new
methods new ways, and new ideas
of solving our many community1
problems all because of personal
selfishness and lust for power on
the part of some of the commun
ity leaders. The lack of a modern
Community House complete with
swimming pool, gym. club rooms, |
and auditorium a project which
was introduced into our city coun
cil way back in 1940 but because
of the fear on the part of the
community leaders that there was
not any personal glory in it for
them if such a project was esta
If you have been discharged
from the Army—if you held a
grade and wish to retain it—if
you have dependents — then act
now. . . . June 30, 1946, is
the last day on which you can
enlist in the Regular Army and
still take advantage of two im
portant benefits . . . retention
of your old grade and family
F 1316 Douglas St.
Omaha 2, Nebraska
Post Office Bldg., So. Omaha
Family allowances for your
dependents will be continued
throughout your enlistment
only if you enter the Regular
Army before July 1, 1946.
If you have been discharged
from the Army and wish to re
enlist at your old grade, you
must enlist within 90 days after
your discharge. And before July
1,1946. Think it over. Act now.
| Mr. and Mrs. Belford, N. Moses, leaving St. John after Marriage ceremony witnessed by more than
400. Matron of Honor Joyce Gaskin, Usher Richard Gaskin and Bridesmaid, Mary Ellen Oneil, in
I blished, and up to this day the
need for such a Community House
modern in every respect, *is grow
ing ever acute with our expanding
community, and as a final exam
ple of disunity Mr. Devereaux Jr.
cited the three members of the
community running for the legis
lature of the 5th District for the
second time.
The community must arouse it
self and demand of these leaders
to either perform the work they
are dedicated to do less our com
munity continues to suffer set
backs or get down and be re
Mr. Devereaux Jr. commend
ed the ladies of the Carter Char
ity Club which was organized 23
years ago with Mrs. Ardena Wat
son as th£ first president, for the
unity, coordination and coopera
tion manifested down through
these many years. He further
stated that such unification as
this is needed by the Negro lead
ers of Omaha in the Political,
social, and economic life of the
community and until that unifi
cation is forthcoming the commu
nity progress will be stifled.
Mrs. C. C. McDonald the host
ess, served a delicious repast con
sisting of ice cream, cake, and
hot coffee.
of 2509 Florence Blvd and her
sister Mrs. Henry Smith enter
tained at a family picnic on Sun
day June 9th at Hummel Park.
The guests were Mr. James Hein
of St. Louis, Mo., brother of Mrs.
Fitzpatrick and Mrs. Smith, Mrs.
Julia Poue of Birmingham, Ala.
who is visiting her cousin Mrs. C.
B. Mayo of 2801 No. 24th St. and
Mr. Therman Green, son of Mrs.
Fitzpatrick. Mr. Green was cele
brating his twenty-first birthday
and Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Mayo.
Mr. Green has just returned
after three years in the navy and
Mr. Hern has returned from 22
months in the South Pacific. Mr.
Hern has other than his theatre
ribbon, the good conduct medal
and two bronze stars. Both men
now have their discharges.
* * »
The Utopia Culb has its last
meeting of the season at the home
of Mrs. Clarence Singleton of 2628
Maple St. The ladies exchanged
gifts and a lovely luncheon was
served by the hostess.
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Before a flower banked alter Sunday, June 9th at St.
John A.M.E. Church, Miss Edna Blair, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. George Blair became the bride of Belford N. Moses son
Mr. and Mrs. James Moses of Los Angeles, California. Rev.
E. S. Childress, Pastor of St. Johns, performed the cere
mony. Soloists were Mrs. Blanche Moore who sang “I Love
You Tridv” and Mrs. Pearl Gibson sang “Because”.
The bride who was given in marriage by her father, wore
a gown designed and created by John Smith. It was made
of chiffon and net. 'W ide hands of brocade satin trimmed
the full net skirt. Her fingertip veil of matching net was
fashioned into a small cap. The bride’s bouquet was of
white carnations and the pearl necklace which she wore
was a wedding gift from the groom.
Mrs. Joyce Gaskin, sister of the bride, was matron of
honor. She wore yellow net with a full skirt and puffed
sleeves. Narrow ruching trimmed the sweetheart neckline.
She carried a houquet of pink carnations, white daisies, ro
ses and larkspur.
Bridesmaids were: Miss Mary Ellen O’Neal; Miss Eve
lyn Triggs and Mrs. Mary Alice Chilton. Miss O'Neal and
Miss Triggs were both gowaied in pink. Miss O'Neals gown
was of pink chiffon and lace. The small puffed sleeves were
shirred. Miss Trigg s gown was of eyelet with batiste inserts.
Her gown featured a high round neckline. The gown worn
by Mrs. Chilton was of agua colored taffeta. The dresss had
a small jacket trimmed with self material niching. The
bridesmaids all carried bouquets of pink carnations, roses,
larkspur, and white daisies.
Best man was the bride's brother Robert Blair. Ushers
were Richard Gaskin, Frank O’Neal and Wesley Taylor.
For her daughter's wedding Mrs. Blair chose a dress of
acqua mesh with self colored applique and embroidery at
the neckline. With this she wore a half hat of pink roses.
Her corsage was also of pink roses.
The reception was held at the YWCA. Guests were re
ceived by the bridal party and the bride’s grandmother,
Mrs. Eva Lawson. •
A four tier wedding cake was the centerpiece at the table.
It was flanked on either side by tall white tapers. Assisting
at the reception were Miss Louise Darling, Miss Mildred
Pierce. Mrs. Nannie Gaskin, Mrs. Bertha Moore, Mrs. Ta
mar O’Neal, Mrs. Estelle Morrow, Mrss. Agusta Stevens,
Mrs. Clara Tyree, Mrs. Iola Holliday, Mrs. Mildred Cole,
Miss Rose Jones, Miss Rena Jones, Mrs. Grace Stanley and
Miss Gwndolvn Turney.
Among the guests at the reception were many of Mrs.
Moses’ fellow school teachers.
When the couple left on their wedding trip to Kansas
City the bride wore a grey chalkstripe suit with black acces
sories. Her corsage was of pink carnations.
Mr. and Mrs. Moses will make their home in Los Ange
Each bridesmaid was presented with a lovely gift.
I- -
Brewsters Midwest Girl Reserve
Conference will convene the week
of June 16 at Camp Brewster.
Miss Elsie Moller and Mrs. Tir
zah Anderson, National Staff oer
son, will assist at the conference.
Delegates from the various clubs
at the YWCA will attend this con
Mrs. Rose LaCour of 2421 Maple
St., had an honor and pleasure
which many Omahans would have
given much for, when Frankie
"Sugar Chile" Robinson stayed at
her home when he appeared in O
maha for an engagement at the
City Auditorium Sunday June 9th.
With him at Mrs. LaCour’s home
was his aunt and guardian Mrs.
Gladys Robinson and his small
sister Dorothy.
Aside from his wonderful mus
ical talent ‘‘Sugar Chile” is an ex
ceptionally intelligent little boy.
His every day conversation is al
most on adult level. Mrs. LaCour
after having “Sugar Chile” in her
home for a time was in her own
words “almost heart broken to
have him leave. He was an ador
able child.” The now famous
hands she said ‘‘are very small
and cute. He wears a ring and a
wrist Watch.”
Conversations with “Sugar
Chile” were always stimulating.
He is very quick and always has a
perfect answer besides having a
charm all of his own.
During a conversation with the
famous little boy Mrs. LaCour ask
ed him when his birthday was. He
answered that he was a Christ
mas package, but not to be sold.
His birthday is December 26.
i In a walk through Mrs. LaCours
garden he stopped and looked at
some coriopsis, a yelow daisy-like
flower, Sugar Chile looked at
them for a moir. it and then ob
served that he had never seen
such large dandelions before.
Mrs. LaCour spoke many words
of praise for the little boy and
said that he is a credit and a
pleasure to the race. She received
an autographed picture from the
little boy and also separate auto
From Omaha "Sugar Chile"
will go to Pittsburgh, Penn., for
his next engagement.
Mrs. A. Rice and her daughter
Miss Betty Ann of Creston, Ta.,
are in Omaha visiting relatives.
They are staying at the nome of
Mrs. Ethel Gardener of 2114 No.
27th Ave., who is an aunt of Miss
Betty Ann's.
* * *
Mrs. Ethel A. Andrews of 1812
No. 28th St. left Tuesday evening
for Lee Hall, Va., to join her hus
band Cpl. John H. Andrews Jr.
The Eureka Art Club met at the
home of Mrs. R. T. Kerr Jr., of
3015 North 30th St., on Wednes
day June 5th. Plans, including
the menus to be used were com
pleted for the Federation which
will convene in Omaha on June
25th for a one day meet. A Trus
tee meeting will be held at the
home of Mrs. Mae Jackson on
Monday June 24, the day before
the Federation.
Among those who received con
valescent cards from the club was
Mrs. Helen Ward. A love offer
ing was sent to Mrs. Georgia
Simpson and family in sympathy
for the loss of her husband. The
afternoon ended with the hostess
serving a delicious luncheon to the
i _
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm G. Scott
of 1405 No. 23rd St. Flaza have
returned to Omaha after spending
a week in Kansas City. Their vi
sit was an enjoyable one. 'While
there, Mr. Scott spent some of his
time on the Kansas City golf
* * *
The Modernistic Social Club met
at the home of Mrs. E. W. Kil
Playthings are the most search
ed for wearing apparel during
the summertime. A smartly' dres
sed woman wants to step right out
of her attractive last winter and
spiring suits into summer suits
just as distinguished, but cooler.
Cotton play togs—American—
are the rage this season. They
are being featured in creations
made from the very brightest and
lucious colored prints and in a
Tech Hi Graduate to Enter Omaha U
Miss Helen Carpenter the attrae
tive daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Lewis G. Carpenter of 2030 Map
le who graduated from Technical
High School this spring plans to
attend the University of Omaha
this fall. She will take a secretar- I
ial course. While at Tech she was j
a member of the Girl Reserves'
and the GAA. Her favorite sport i
is basketball in which she is often j
an active participant.
lingsworth of 2617 Erskine St.
The meeting held this week was
a regular business meeting. A de
licious luncheon was served by
the hostess. Especially lovely was
the centerpiece which the hostess
used on her taole. It was of pink
and white carnations, white sweet
peas and white gladiolias. Mrs.
Greta Wade is president of the
* * *
Miss Jessie Norman and Aaron
Reed celebrated their birthdays
with a joint birthday party on
Friday, June 7th at the home of
Miss Norman’s mother, Mrs. Al
berta hforman of 2S73 Binney St.
Although Miss Norman's birth
| day is June 1st, the many affairs
! attending the closing of school
I made it necessary to delay the
| birthday party. It was Miss Nor
j man’s 13th birthday and Aaron's
[ 14th. There were 30 guests pre
sent. The evening was spent most
enjoyably playing games and mu
sic. Mrs. Norman was kept very
busy supplying the youngsters
with refreshments.
A visitor to Omaha is Mrs. En
nis Randall who arrived Saturday
June 8th for a visit with her sis
ter-in-law and brother, Mr. and
Mrs. O. D. Frazier of 3618 Jones
St. Mrs. Randall is from Silsby,
Texas and plans to be in Omaha
about a month or six weeks. Whe"
she leaves Omaha she plans to go
to Los Angeles where she will
remain for some time.
Mrs. Randall is an aunt of Mrs.
Helen Curry of 2612 Corby St.
* * *
The Postal Alliance met Tues
day afternoon June 1 at two pm.
at the home of Mrs. Gladys Ervin
of 3001 No. 30th St. This meeting
was the last one of the season. A
breakfast will be given as their
closing event June 18.
New officers of the club who
were recently elected are Mrs.
Jossie Ervin, president, Mrs. Bl
anche W- rs. Helen
Curry, assist, secy. Mrs. Curt
Wright treas., and Mrs. Harry
Payne, chaplain.
* * »
Mrs. Minnie Dixon of 2872 Bin
ney St. is in Lincoln, Nebraska
where she is attending the Bap
tist Convention. She will return
to Omaha on Saturday.
Vacation play school got off to
a fine start Monday June 10.
with over 70 youngsters between
the ages of 6 and 14 years having
registered. The purpose of this
school which will continue for 5
weeks is to give each boy and girl
an opportunity for self expression,
to provide a well rounded program
for boys and girls, and to improve
their ability to work and play
with friends
All young ladies who were Jr.
Hosteses at the USO will meet
every Tuesday evening at the YM
CA. The former Senior Hostesses
will meet the second and fourth
Tuesday of each month.
The newly installed Craft shop
| is now available to the public.
The shop will be open mornings
for use by the boys and girls at
tending Play School, afternoons
for older boys and girls, and in
the evenings and nights reserved
for adults. Organized clubs or
groups can schedule certain nites
to use the shop.
number of widely varying styles,
all demanding attention and de
signed to give brilliant interpre
tations to a woman’s attractive
points, but above all, to relieve
her from the summer heat.
You can make them at home
at an average cost of from 51 to
to 52. The three piece suit mod
eled by Mary Cunningham, ex
treme right, is made entirely of
bandanna handkerchief material.
You can buy the large handker
chief at your nearest five and ten
cent store for a nominal figure.
Ethel Sissle’s attractive gingham
suit (bottom left), plus her smart
draw string bag, cost less than
52 made at home. Metti May’s
flowered print ensemble (upper
left) cost 99 cents made at home.
This is the way to be fashion
able, cool, and yet not spend a
fortune doing so. Send a stamped
self-addressed envelope to Omaha
Guide for full information.
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At all drug stores even’where— in
Omaha, at WALGREEN’S and SMITH
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2423-25 NORTH 24TH ST.
Blue Room Open 8 p. m. to 1 a. m.
Open for Private Parties from 2 to 7pm
—No Charges—
Free Delivery from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m.
JAckson 9411
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