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Z420GRANT ST HA.0800
^ ^ -jp "Largest Accredited Negro Newspaper West of Chicago and North of KC• ^ Si- ^ ^
Entered as 2nd class matter at Post-office, Omaha, Nebr., Under Act of ~ , •, „ in in.e . ~ , _ __
March 8, 1874. Publishing Offices at 2420 Grant Street, Omaha, Nebr Saturday, May 19, 1945 ★ 10c Per Copy ★ Our 18th Year—No. 15
Little Hope For Democracy To Over 700Million Colonialist
II \ MC A 1.1% rOM ERM H
S&n Francisco—As the San Frari
ciko onference for the drafting of
the framework of a world Security
Organisation enters its closing
phase, the question of the status of
Colonial peoples 1' sOi a (|Uestiou
, mar*
With the exception of the three
American Negro consultants to the
Amerv an del< gallon. Dr W P3 B
Dpbois, Mrs Mary M» Deod Bethune,
and Walter White, the peoples bas_
ically concerned and who will be
vitally affected politically, econom.
ically and socially. whose very
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□ □□□□□□□
tCopyright, 1945, hr New South
Now and then some good friend
writes in to tell me that he'd like
to believe that what I write about
the coining New South is go. Brother
Jim Sloan, who farms over in Eagt
Arkansas, sends me a letter saying
he can't believe it's go because he
knows in hig mind that "it just nat
urally ain't «o"
Brother Jim Sloan is a mighty
good friend of mine and I*m not
melting mad at him for writing very
honestly that "there can't be a New
South if you count on white South
erners to help build it.” If my hoy
had been deaten up by cowardly
town constables in Mississippi while
wearing the uniform of his country.
I reckon that I'd feel like Old
Brother Sloan who farms on week,
days and who preaches on Sunday
to colored Americans like himself
over in Arkansas.
Brother Sloan mays he's got proof
of his religion in "that grand old
document.* the Bible " I reckon that
he wasn't bora in Missouri for noth
ing now he wants me to show him
some kind of a document proving
that there is a New South on the
Well, Brother Sloan and all of you
who may doubt that new white man
being shaped in the womb of the
fertile young South I've got the
document, and I ask your prayers
for that new white man while I
read it to you.
The document was sent to me by
Mis* Virginia Kaye. distinguished
actress and co-chairman of the jun
ior hostess committee of the Stage
poor Canteen in New York City. It
is a letter written by a white South
ern (*I to a pretty Negro girl named
Porothy whom he had first insulted
when he found her serving as host
ess captain in the canteen.
According to Miss Kaye. Dorothy
showed good common sense by
drawing the boy into conversation
and remaining calm while he storm
ed and railed Seems like tie was
still pretty hot under the collar
when he started to leavei then turn
ed back with hi.- face red to ask the
Negro girl. "Will you write to me?
Still showing good sense. Porothy
promised to write the boy. Here is ,
the letter that she got weeks later:
from the Pixie Gl after he had
gone through the terrible battle of
Kasserine Pass over in North Africa!
"Pear Dorothy:
"Today opens a new book in my
life and I must say a very exciting
hook to open, may it never close.
•Will you do me a very special
favor" 1 am sure you will. Please
continue to add to the book a few
pages so that someday I can have a
"Yes Dorothy, I was pretty silly
for asking whether Negro girls
< ome down to entertain Negro boys,
or what is the purpose of the mix
ture I am heart sorry, believe me.
"After our conversation, you left
an impression on my mind which
I shall never forget Today I am on
the bloody ballefields. My trip
across was most unpleasant. you
know what 1 mean sea sick, etc. As
lack would have it, I met face to
face in association a Negro boy who
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t.- *
Safeway Stores To Hire Colored Girls
Hospital Committee
Holds Meeting
w w w
Heads Hospital
Mil. III It t M II. BEE, Preside,il of
The lleitlly Improvement Co., mho
on, elected to head the Committee
In planning nnd building of the
new .\orthside Hospital nt 30th Jt
Wirt Street.
... ■
nursed me like a baby while all the
others laughed. A few days ago I
met another swell buddy. He to did
a few favors.
“I am a heel for thinking that I
am better than they are. 'What rea
son have I to think this? Or to carry
a hatred which for no sound rea
son I can back. I am not going to
blame it on the South because I am
a Southerner. It‘s because 1 am of
the white race. Bad thought. Is it
“Oh I could go on and on but I do
want- you to know how much you
have done for me changing my
thoughts about your race. You are
a wonderful girl to know. That is a
god-send I will join your army any
day in bringing a better democracy
back home.
“Thanks again for your lovely
letter before I left. I had no idea
you would even bother to write af
ter such a heated conversation. Bye
now remember T‘m your convert
and you're my friend. Regards to
Stage Door. May we meet again.
I hope you'll read that letter to
your congregation next Sunday.
Brother Jim Sloan. 1 know that you
will he the first to welcome him in
to the “army" of the South's people
of both colors engaged "in bringing
better democracy back home.”
Rev. John S. Williams
Choir of 50 Voices to
Appear Here June 24
The Rev .1 S Williams of Kan
sas City Mo ^ under the auspices of
the Cleaves Temple church, will
bring; his choir ensemble to Omaha,
on Sunday, June 24
-Negro Medical Society
To Buy Property
Dr Craig Morris, President of the
Omaha Negro Medical Society call
ed a meeting last week of the Corn,
mittee on the proposed hospital
which is planned to be built on the
westside of 30th and Wirt, on a
plot of ground 120 feet facing 30th
street and with a depth of 406 go
ing westward
After the meeting was called to
order by the temporary chairman.
Dr. Craig Morris, he reported that
the Negro Medical Society had voted
unanimously in their last meeting
to buy this plot of ground in the
Bedford Park addition This plot
of ground valued at $6,000.00 was
reduced in priced to the Medical
Society to $3,000 by Mr Hiram D
Dee, President of the Realty Im_
provement company and builder of
the new Bedford Park homes.
Through the efforts of Dr Craig
Morris a permanent organization
was perfected at this meeting and
officers were elected pending the
filing of the artwles of incorporat
ion after the lot is purchased
' Dr Wiggins was nominated for
the chairmanship of the Hospital
Committee, but declined the offer,
stating, that there was nothing
needed any worse than a hospital
where American democracy will real
ly be in reality* Or Wtgg!hs said
he was willing to do everything in
his power to assist in the work to
build this hospital, but he felt it
needed someone more aggressive in
that kind of work than he was
ttorney Charles F. Davis was
mentioned as chairman and he also
declined. At this time Dr. Craig
Morris made a motion that Mr.
Hiram D. Dee be elected chairman
of the Hospital Committee and Mrs.
(1. W. (iooden seconded the motion.
The motion was carried unanimous
At the previous meeting the Com
mittee deemed it wise to extend an'
invitation to the Negro Medical Soc-.
iety Auxiliary to take a part in the
building program. The Auxiliary
appointed their President Mrs Wes.
ley Jones, wife of Dr. Wesley Jones
to represent the Auxiliary at the
meeting in the office of the Bedford
Park Addition at 30th and Wirt St
Mrs Jones, being unable to attend
the meeting, sent her representative,
Mrs, G W. Gooden. Mrs Gooden
as acting representative for the Aux
iliary was nominated and elected as
Secretary of the Hospital Commit,
After various discussion^ of the
future plans and procedures, a mo
tion was carried with instructions
by Attorney Charles F Davis, the
Committee’s legal advisor, to notify
the Chairman of the Medical Hospit
al Committee when the doctors were
ready to purchase the site so that
Mr Dee could issue another call for
a meeting The meeting was ad
ourned pending a call of the Chair
Use The Omaha Guide
As A—
i Medium of Advertising
|n H . .. ■
GQ//VG- owjm !
.. ■■■■ I
New NAACP President
Pastor of Paradise Baptist Llmrch
The Rev C. C Adams of 1313
North 26th street is a constant
reader of the Omaha Guide and has
the paper sent to his sister in Ala
bama. The Guide is sending pa
pers to many parts of the world
Rev. Adams is a true friend of the
Omaha- Guide
NAACP To Have Office
Open in the Evenings
The Executive Board of the Om
aha Branch of the NAACP iret Fri
day, May 11th at 84)0 pm. with Mr.
M. McIntosh as presiding chair,
man. The purpose of the meeting
was to elect a President and a First
and Second Vice President.
Rev. C. C. Adams, pastor of the
Paradise Baptist Church at 23rd and
Clark St., was unanimously elected
President. Mrs. G. Aneita Black
burn, Public Relation Representa.
tive for the Bedford Homes was e
iected 1st Vice President and Mr
J. N Loftis. a faithful member of
St. John AME. Church and a real
worker in the interest of the NAA
CP. was elected 2nd Vice President
At a call meeting on Monday May
14th, the Executive Board accept
ed and approved a motion to employ
Mrs Lucy Mae Britt as part time of
fice Secretary for the Omaha bran,
ch This will enable the office to
be open for two hours eacli -week
day from 6:30 pm. to 8:30 pm. Mon
days through Fridays effective
beginning Monday May -21st. 1945
The purpose of opening the office
these two hours is to give the mem.
bers of the Association an oppor
tunity to call at the office in the
Omaha Guide building, 241S Grant
St. and pay their annual member
ship dues. This should enable the
Association to have a membership
roll in our local branch of 10,000
Mr Ed Fletcher continues as our
capable membership chairman
Miss Doris Hawkins, popular
beautician, who has for sometime
after her graduation operated a
booth at 24th and Grace and recent
ly at the Victory Beauty Salon, has
taken a five year’s lease on the
store room in the Omaha Guide
building at 2422 Grant St and is
sparing no pain in expense in beau
tifying and equipping a beauty
parlor for her customers. NVatcli
the columns of the Omaha Guide for
the announcement of the opening
of Miss Hawkins’ Beauty Parlor
lilt I.. E. BRITT BACK
Dr L E Britt who has been
visiting his wife and daughter in
Los Angeles, California, has return
ed to Omaha. Dr Britt left his
wife and daughter enoying the best
of health
Mr. Lee Washington former own.
er of the Ritz Cafe, Elite Billiard
Parlor and Apex Bar, has sold out a
-gain Mr Ernest Britt. Propriet
or of the Green Lantern Cafe, has
bought the Washington Hotel which
has twenty-two rooms in it. from
Mr Lee Washington
The Washington Hotel was form
erly owned by Mrs Myrtle Wash,
ington at 22nd and Willis
Mr. Britt said he got tired of his
customers begging for a place to
sleep He will now |be able to ac
commodate at least thirty guest a
day at his hotel at 22nd and Willis
St. Philips Church to
Hold Confirmations
Oil Sunday. May 20th at 6:00 pm.,
the St Philips the Deacon Episcopal
Church at 21st and Paul Streets.
Rev S G Sanchez, Rector, will
hold Confirmation services
The Honorable Bishop P.rinker
will be in attendance at the Con
firmation .
Opportunity Opens Its Doors;
Colored Girls with High School
Education Wanted As Clerks
The head of the Omaha
Safeway Stores, Inc., has
informed us that they are
in need of girl clerks in
their stores— girls who
are accepted must have a
high school education.
Here is your chance
girls—all you have to do
is to apply at their employ
ment office at 724 South
12th street, and see Mr.
R. B. Wilson. Be sure
you have with you, proof
of a high school educa
This is not just a war
time, but an all-time job,
that may lead to better
things. Go on down girls
and make good. Will you?
If you get the job,
please take care of it, so
that the way for those
who follow you, may be
made easier. Make good.
Stay and stick on the job! j
Buddy McCrea to Bring
His B-29 Harmony Kings
to Omaha Sunday, May 20
Corporal Buddy McCrea. former
light.heavy weight champion boxer
of Colorado and well known around
these parts in fight circles, informs
tfs that he is now manager and MG
for the B-29 Harmony Kings, a sing,
ing quartette of the Fairmont Army
Air field.
Buddy and his troupe of singers
will appear here Sunday evening.
May 20, at the Christ Temple church
26th and Burdette Sts., and on Mon
day, May 21. they will present an
other program at the Paradise Bap
tist Church, 23rd and Clark St., at
S o'clock, Rev. Adams.
Bishop W. M. Mitchell
to be in City May 21
(by Rev. T. T. McWilliams. Sr.)
Bishop W M. Mitchell of the
North Central Diocese and Pastor
of Christ Temple Cathedral of St.
Louis, Mo., who comes here from
Covington, Ky , and Tulsa, Okla.,
where he conducted a series of suc
cessful, religious meetings and will
begin his scheduled Revival Meet
ing to be held at Christ Temple
Church of Christ, (Holiness) 26th
and Burdette Streets
Omahans are in for a rare treat
through these inspiring and soul
| stirring messages of Bishop Mitch,
ell. a Gospel preacher of wide re
ligious experience
Rev. O A Askerneese. pastor of
Christ Temple Church of Christ is
asking the cooperation of his many
Omaha friends and his co-workers
in the Ministry in this coming Soul
Saving Campaign which will begin
May 21st and continue through
June 3rd
Arrangements are nearihg com.
pletion for the Annual District Con
f rence by the District Chairman
Rev Askerneese at which time this
territory will be honored by the
presence of Bishop W A Wash
ington of Los Angeles, Calif
Felix Metoyer, 2112 Lake Street,
over 21 to Mary C Brown, 2232
Franklin St., over 21.
William Quarles, 2219 Ohio St
26; to Delores Williams. 2505 Maple
St , 19
Rev. R. A. Simpson to
Preach at Cleaves Sunday
The Rev R A Simpson will
preach at Cleaves Temple Church
Sunday, May 20th He is the noted
Presiding Elder of the Missouri
District of the Kansas-Missouri an.
naul conference.
He will hold the Third Quarterly
conference at Cleaves next Monday
The public is cordially invited to
hear this noted minister
Rev t. J Douglass is the pas
tor at Cleaves
Mr Ed Killingsworth who fel!
down the steps last Thursday com
ing from Atty Ray L Williams' of
fice in the Tuchman block, was re.
leased from the hospital but is back
and his conditions are as well as
could be expected
NAACP *670
New York, NY —Memberships
and contributions in the amount of
?fi?0 were sent to the NAACP by the
3990th Quartermaster Truck com
pany through Cpl. Theodore Les
ter This is the second remittance
Washington— House supporters
were about ready Thursday to aban
don their fight for a bill to create
a permenant Fair Employment Prac
tice Practices Commission.
‘So far as 1 am concerned, the bill
is dead,” said one FEPC advocate
“We haven’t even one hundred sig
natures on our discharge petition
We need 218 before we can force the
bill to the floor."
from this company which sent the
NAACP $211 last August.
Harry Knudsen
mammmm mam
Roy N. Towl
Joe Dolan
wmwmmot mwm
Charles W. Leeman
Harry Trustin
mamaaa am mmm
Carl W. Jensen
How They Voted In The 2nd, 3rd Ward
1 1 2 I 8 4 5 « 7 .8 ! 9 .10 j 11 12 13 Total
TOW Ij . M2 113 85 106 85 91 102 75 90 78 106 89 70 1232
KNUDSEN . 112 95 67 S3 58 66 78 60 64 53 : J1 72 57 956
TRUSTIN' . Ill 94 74 98 84 86 95 73 81 79 j 79 98 78 1130
BUTLER --— 84 85 51 67 52 .59 71 33 60; 31 71 58 44 766
KORISKO .. Ill 76 62 67 58 57 62 62 57 i 4l 73 69 54 849
1CRESL . 121 82 72 79 61 67 69 51 60' 57 t 71 84 58 932
JEPSEN . 98 85 63 79 62 59 73 49 69! 50 ! 69 79 57 892
DOLAN .. 117 101 92 90 67 59 87 45 98 70 HO 65 57 1058
GREEN 97 102 77 92 56 59 79 47 84 49 76 52 46 918
LEEMAN..._... 102 87 68 65 54 40 59 32 77 27 85 24 35 755
THORPE . 96 108 82 72 55 54 75 38 72 40 ; 70 49 45 856
WEAVER . S3 84 64 70 45 44 57 39 86 39 j 91 28 32 762
JENSEN ... - S3 77 63 60 40 51 64 40 85 39 82 37 39 760
HARRINGTON 54 55 45 51 43 37 57 27 71 28 61 22 37 582
Police and Eire YES 122 113 89 119 84 86 107 66 95: 69 : 9S 88 67 1203
Widows’ Pension NO 97 72 58 48 36 27 46 30 52 32 69 31 31 629
H Mill Levy YES 132 117 101 120 80 97 92 68 118 69 123 '93 69 1285
for Playgrounds - NO 93 70 15 34 40 24 56 26 29 30 45 27 45 564
Muny Airport YES 155 125 107 127 83 87 93 70 117 68 134 92 71 1329
Bonds NO 76 63 45 39 40 31 58 29 38 30 38 30 29 546
100 Room Hotel to be Built in Mid-City Section
Mr Hiram D Dee. President of
the Realty Improvement Co . Inc .
who planned the Bedford Park Ad.
ilition has purchased the northeast
I corner at 24th and Burdette St
which contains two full lots and ha*
drafted a plan to build a four story.
100 room hotel as soon as materials
can be secured
In City Election
Recuperating at
Nice, France
. *0 .. a
sends greetings to liis family and
many friends. He has been in a
rest center in Nice, France. He
sent many lovely things home to
his wife. Mrs. Roberta J McCloud
including pure silk hose, perfume
jewelry and souvenirs from Nice
Pfc. McCloud wired roses to his
wife at Easter time while he was
still resting at Nice. Since V-E
day, his wife, family and friends
are hoping that he will be sent
home instead of to the Pacific. He
has been in Africa, Italy and now
he is in France Pfc, McCloud has
been overseas 22 months. Before
lie entered the armed services. Pfc
McCloud was a Red Cap for the
Burlington railroad. Mrs. Roberta
McCloud is the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. I S. Pharr Pfc. McCloud's
mother, Mrs. Pearlie McCloud who
resides in Alabama, has three other
sons in the service. She has been
a widow for many years and she's
proud of her sons who are helping
to clear up the situations of this
war torn world.
Charged with statutory rape a
galnst a 15 year old girl, Emanuel
Wilson, 23. of 2821 Blondo Street
was bound over to District Court;
on J2.000 bond by Municipal Judge
Frank Nimtzcent.
- -- <
I — -
Mayor Thirteenth;
Vote little More
j Than in Primary
Final Standings
(Complete Unofficial Returns)
Roy N. Towl. 18,300
' Joe Dolan . 16,750
Charles W. Leeman . 15,328
j Harry Knudsen . 14,699
1 Harry Trustin . 14,517
Arthur J. Weaver. 14,459 e
Carl W. Jensen . 14,220
John Kresl... 13,872
Walter Korisko . 13,724
William Green . 13,330
Bert A. Thorpe . 12,816
Richard W. Jepsen . 12,538
Dan B. Butler . 12,428
E. E. Harrington . 11,293
Omaha voters Tuesday swept
four City Commissioners out of
office and handed Mayor Dan But
ler the worst defeat of his 40-year
political career.
The Mayor ran thirteenth in the
field of 14, with little more than
a thousand votes to spare over
Bus Driver E. E. Harrington, who
ran last.
It was a lightning stroke—with
out any thunder. The campaign
had been one of the most lacking
in interest in years. The vote was
{light—only a few thousand more
{than the primary balloting of 25
{thousand. Few apparently sus
'pected an undercurrent of protest
{that would break into the ranks
of the City Hall crowd.
Knudsen, Trustin 4th, 5th
When the votes were counted,
Streets Commissioner John Kresl,
i ‘Fire Commissioner Walter Koris
i ko, Police Commissioner Richard
Jepsen and Mayor Butler were left
Park Commissioner Roy Towi
was back, heading the voting pa
rade. Finance Commissioner Har
ry Knudsen was fourth, Public
Improvements Commissioner Har
ry Trustin fifth.
In second and third places were
two members or
the Omaha Vot
ers League slate,
|Joe Dolan and
Charles W. Lee
man, respective
ly. In sixth *nd
seventh spots
were the other
two members of
the OVL slate,
Arthur J. Weav
er and Carl W.
Jensen. The lat
ter finished some
340 votes ahead of Mr. Kresl, who
i tan eighth.