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Rev. L. A. Story. Pastor
Beatrice Gray, Reporter
The Sudden change in the wea
ther affected the attendance at
Sunday school. R v. Story, was the
speaker for the Junior church.
Morning services were well attend
ee!. Re V. Story preach el from I
Thes. 6:21. Prove all things, that
which w’as good. The missionary
society musical nrngram was a
success. Epworth league met at
Another class has been aelded.
Mrs. L. A. Story is the teacher of
the young Peoples class. Sunday
night a very beautiful ami im
pressive sf rvice was ha 1 in instal
ling all officers and members of
all departments. No. 2 Board is
sponsoring a musical recital Fri
day by a young man and h's ac
- . 0O0
C. W. F. F.
Elder M. L Steele, pastor
Mrs. Kathryn Steele, reporter
Sunday school opened at 9:45
with xi pt. Brother' P. J. Robinson
presiding. The topic of the les
son was “The Sacredness of Mar
i iage.” Many thonghts were
brought, out on the lesson, which
was enjoyed by all.
At eleven o’clock, the pastor
brought t>h< message. The text was
from Genesis 22, “God will Pre
pare Him a Man.’’ We enjoyed a
wonderful sermon us the word of
' God went forth.
At six o’clock The Bibb* Band
| was taugb by Elder C. A. Bray
boy. There was a nice attendance.
At eight o'clock Elder C. A.
Brayboy delivered a very inspiring
message. The word of God was
opened to ell.
Everyone is always welcome. We
are asking all to come and join
in and help to put our program
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__ 1
over /or God.
Rev. E. H. Hikon^ pastor
Anita Depp-Young, reporter
The Sunday services at the Sa
lem Baptist church tdgan at 9:30
with the Sunday school which was
well attended. Rev. Hilson took
the stand at 11:00. A very instruc
tive sermon was enjoyed. Atten
dance was good.
The BYFU was unusually inter
e ,'ing. An instructive lesson was
enjoyed by all and much enthu
siam noted by all.
An interesting program was;
presented by Mrs. Bertha Smith.!
Cno interesting feature was a
turkey drawing contest, which was
won by Master Edward Slaughter.
I Mis. Smith always brings the B.Y.
1 U. unique and profitable pro
r 'em?,
Tho Pleasant Gretn, Council
Bluffs, and Salem Baptist churches
; h 11 joint baptizing in the Salem
• p r>l at 7:30 Sunday evening. A
; ical old time Baptizing was en
1 iayed by all present.
Come and worship with. Visitors
aro always welcome.
Rev. R. E. Johnson, paste*
Edna Mitrhell, reporter
Sunday schoolopened at 9:45,
i with Supt. Edna Mitehel' presid
ing'. Forty five minuteg was de
! voted to the lesson. There was a
i ice atten ance. Ten of the Red
Ears received their premiums,
which were presented by Miss
Helen Hood. Those that received
preimums were:
Bertha McCarroll, Aquilla Ware,
Beulah Mc( aroll, Daniel Ware, Al
bei tp. Albert, Margaret Sheilds,
Edward Rot nson, Fred Jr. For
rest, and Dicky Mooney. We hope,
all children will be interested in'
this movement.
Eleven o’clock service was open
ed by the choir singing the Lord
If in His Holy Temple. This scrip
ture lesson was read by our be
loved pantor, from Psalms. His
text was from Psalms 84:10. Sub
ject: “A Doorkeeper for GiXL”
The sermon was dedicated to -the
Junior Usher Board. At three o’
clock the Junior Usher Board had
their program. Sister Helen Lee
is tho organizer of the Board.
They also had their installation.
The Young oeople have wonderful
talent. You missed a treat by not
hearing them. Sister Gordon was
the mistress of Ceremonies.
A' 6:00 the Young people’s
Union. Rev. Sister Mildred Jack
son taught the lesson. There was
a nice attendance,
8:00 service was opened by the
-.hoir nging the first part of th -
service. The Junior Usher Board
. e; rated their program". Our pastor
to.- than brought us a wonderful
sermon from the forty second chap.
>i‘ Genesis. Subject: “Lor i Bless j
My Soul." The spirit ran high, the |
evening was fine and we ha<| a:
lacked hom e.
Tuesday night, the pastor's aid
will meet.
Wednesday night, special service.
Friday, the Missionary Society
New Crop Tree Ripened
Oranges and Grapefruit
90 pounds $2.88
(plus $2.40 txpress)
Fine Georgia PECANS
$4.85 to $6.85 fo1' 25
—Ideal Gift—
Rock mart, Georgia
meets at the church. President
wishes all to be present.
On November 28. Rev. V. E..
Gore and Miss Austin will be witi
us in a three week servo e. Com.*
and hear thi: wonderful God sent
Evangelist and her Gospel singer.
Come one* Coni** all! All Wel
Pleasant Green Baptist Church
Rev. Reynolds, Pastor
Willa Mai Ross, Reporter
Sunday School opened at 9:00
with the superintendent presiding.
There were 84 present. You are
welcome to Pleasant Green Bap
tist church. Morning worship with
the deacons in charge of the devo
tional service. Song by the Junior
Choir. The Junior Choir had charge
of all the music. An inspiring ser
mon was preached by Rev. Rey
nolds. There were two who united
with the church.
BYPU at six o’clock with the
president presiding. An interesting
topic was discussed by Rev. Har
ris. There were 64 present.
At the evning worship, the de
votional service was led by the
Deacons. Prayer by Rev. Nuhbs.
Song, by the Junior Choir, A love
ly and inspiring seimon was
preached by Rev. Caldwell. Three
wt rc united with the church. Bap
tizing* was held after church. The
Evangilists meeting will continue
through next week.
Come out and help us make this
meeting a success.
2025 North 24th St.
Elder S. S. Spaght, pastor
Sunday school opened at the us
ual hour with the Superintendant
Jt.; Eddens in charge. The lesson
wa “The SacroJness of the home,”
which taught us of faithfulness in !
companionship, in these days when
mer. are given to breaking the mar- j
riago vows.
At eleven o'clock the pastor
brought the message. Psl. 100-4.
“Being Grateful to God.”
At six o’clock the YMP was well
taught by sister Naomi Jackson.
At 8:00 the pastor brought the
message. Subject: “Christion Uni
ty •
Rev. I). H Nicholson, pastor
Clarinda, Iowa
Sunday 8chool opened at the us
ual hour, with the superintendant
in charge. The school was in a
high spirit and all had a good les
son. Miss Louise Nash, formerly |
of Clarinda was a visitor in our|
church school,
Morning service was well at
tended and the pastor brought a
powerful message, full of inspira
tion. The subject; “The End.’’
Evening worship was in high
ipirit with a large group present.
T :e nustur brought fourth another
4oul stirring m sage, full of the
We were pleased to see Miss
Louise Nash hack home and in
service all day ,
The pastor visited, Coirn, Iowa,
Sunday evening to s* e some of the
metnt rs jn tnat town. Mrs. Mont
gomery is improving from all ill
apell. Come to Clarinda the fri
endly city.
Visitors are always welcome.
- oOc———
< Rev. L. M. Relf, Pastor
Edna Pank v. Reporter
__. f
The Sunday School opened at
):,f0 A. M. with a splendid atten
'ance. Our assistant pastor, Rev.
I. W. Goodwin delivered the mom
ng mesasge. Subject: “The Sa-;
'redness of the church.’’ Many,
Hitstanding thoughts were brought
)Ut- HYPU opened at 6:00 P. M.
vith the president, Miss Elma For
•est presiding. The attendance was
rood and the lesson was enjoyed.
fa rrftr rM
TRADt mark
I Be considerate! Don't cough in public p. > . . .arry with you
Smith Brothers Cough Drops. (Two kinds—B.ack or Menthol, 5?.)
Smith Bros. Cough Drops are the only drops containing VITAMIN A
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by all. The evening serman was
preached by Rev. F. Hunby. The
sermcn was full of the sprit an! ;
afforded much food for thought. I
Come out and worship with us.
Visitors are always welcome.
Elder W. I. Irving, Pastor
Mrs. L Hartfield, Reporter
Sunday’s services were full of
the spirit all the day. The Sun
day school is still progressing. The
morning sermon was delivered by
Elder S. Stafford whose subject
was taken from Isiah 40:31. Many
good thoughts were gleaned from
this message. Truly our hearts did
burn within as he talked with us.,
Rev. Thomas Rucker worshipped
with us at the evening service, and
brought us another great message.
The subject: “Lazerus Raised
from the Dead.”
We invite you to come and wor
ship with the church that stands
for the unity of God’s children.
Rev. G. D. Hancock, pastor
I --
Sunday school 9:30 a. m., preach
ing 11:30 a. m., Epworth league
6:00 p. m.( preaching 7:30 p. m.
Sunday school opened at the a
13Ve time with an interesting
group on hand. There is still an
erg for ths adults to come out and
'akt. part in the Sunday school.
At the eleven o'clock services, |
Lev. Hancock selected his scripture
text from Matthews 8:2 “And, be
hold, thero came a leper and wor
shipped Him, saying, Lord, if thou
wilt, Thou canst make me clean.”
An inspiring sermon delivered to
a receptive congregat on. The
visitors who worshipped with us;
were, Miss J. Margaret, Miss R.
Stevenson, Mr. Fiddler of Indiana
polis, Mr. Countee, Kansas City
and Miss Sanford. These and all
otht.1 visitors are welcome at all
times. There seems to be a great
anxiously awaiting the Sunday
when we will enter a “new church.
Regular services every Wednesday
night to which you are welcome.
Don’t forget the fish fry next Tues
day Nov. 29, 1938.
-oOc—— •
We American Negroes, know
what it is to be a minority and to
be made the bottom rail in social
standing. There seems to be a
mw wave c. hatred rpreadng a
gainst the Jewish people through
out the world but particularly Ger
man j.
Many American white people
have become alarmed at the cruel
ty dealt out to the Jews. Many
protests have been raised and
much intercession has been made.
We, the Colored people don’t think
theso unfortunate happenings are
strange. We feel the same w’ay
when one Negro commits an of
fense and the whole race is stig
matized and several may lose their
lives to lynch mobs. We, as Am- j
■ricans, should be equally alarm
id over these happenings that are
I'ight about our doors. We should
make America a more peaceful
place to live for the minorities
:hat are already here as well as
for foreign refugees.
Johannesburg, South Africa,
Sov. 24 (C)—Bishop R. R. Wright
>f the AME church, passing
through here recently, stopped over
» day to visit this, Africa’s great
;st city with a population of more
:han 500,000, and addressed the
Rotary Clnb on the “Problem of
Race in America and South Afri
ca.’’ leaders in education, finance
•eligion and statecraft were pre
sent, among them tse Hon. Earl
Russell, consul general of the Unit
'd States. The luncheon was held
n the exclusive Carlton hotel.
Bishop Wright made a plea for
he scientific attitude, and for the
Christian attitude, which is one of
lelpt’ulness rather than exploita
American and Chinese Dishe*
King Yuen Cafe ..
:010’» N. 24th St. Jackson 8576
' »nen from 2 n-, m. until 3 a. m
I,.V.V.V.W.‘.V. /.V.V.V.'A
Dear Miss Waters
Dear Miss Watters;—Until the
: present time my hr me life has
| been very happy. I have a lovely
husband, who is very grand to me,
and an adorable baby. Now Miss
! Vvat'er'. although my hu. band is
very gocd to me and the b"by, he
is not thoughtful or affectionate.
I have met a man recently who
has taken a great lik ng to me. He
is sc thoughful and kind to the
baby and me I am afraid Miss
Mattel s that if our friendship con
tinues I will fall desperately in
love with this man. Mrhat shall I
do? Shall I discourage this man’s
friendship or should I continue as
I am?If so I am positive it just
means a lot of miserable suffer
ing for me in the end.
Ans.—"You say thaft your nus
1 and is not thoughtTu] or affec
tionate as you think he should be.
The fact that he was sufficiently,
attractive to cause you to marry
him is something in his favor. Are
you making yourself as attractive
to him as you did before1 veu •
man1 age. Marriage ia the problem
of two people. Are you in the ha
bit of pouting while waiting for un
pleasant difficulties to adjust
themselves? Every human-being
has a responsive chord. If you have
failed to win completely the
thoughts and affection of your
husband who treats you fine in
other respects it is probably due
to the fact that you have not ex
tended yourself along th's line.
Have you tried being thoughtful
of him. If you did marry this ot 1
er man could you really trust him
knowing the unconventional rnet-h
oc'n he used to win you? Or do
ycu think he could sincerely trust
y»u, knowing that you had en
couraged his love while pledged to
another? How do you know tha.
el1 of this fancied kindness is no.
e. means towards a self'ch end.
Ycu state that you were happy in
your home until this Don Juan
came along. Put him out of your
life and find happiness where you
found it before. (A slipping body
increases ib3 speed as it progress
es downwards—Don’t slip.
_ |
Dear Miss Watters—I am writ
ing you for some advice. My prob
lem is this: I am very much ir
love with a boy, but he is insanely
.ecdcu.', or me. lies even gets angry
it 1 talk with another boy. As ]
h«”- said before. I am very much
ir !ov: •vith him rnd he is wit'.i
n an >i continually begging me
tc- marry him. What shall I do?
Shall I marry this fellow, knowing
he is jealous or shall I try to
gle him up? It will be very hard
as I love him si mvu-h.—Doubtful.
Answer—My Dear .young lady:
My advice to vou is to forget
about this boy entirely. A jealous
persons makes life very miserable,
riot only for you. but for himself,
and for others. If -this boy is in
sanely jealous, as you say, it is bet
ter you know it now and avoid
t ruble, than to marry him and
nrke your home life for you and
y„ur family miserable. You may
be very much in love with him
now but time heals all things and
it would be far better to let time
heal a broken heart than to have
an unpleasant situation existing
during the rest of your life.
Dear Miss Watters—I did a fa
vcr for a man three months ago
j because of nothing more than sym
! pathy. Ever since he has hounded
j mo to death with proposals of
• love and marriage. Now this man
could never be anything to me but
j just a friend and I have told
i him so. But he keeps on being a
t pest. What shall I do to convince
him?— F. B.
ANSWER:—Stop smiling when
ycu say them words. Stop being
so attractive to him and stop be
ing tlattered by his persistance, as
you probably are. Manage to have
something else to do when he seeks
Dear M'iss Watters:—I am a
young lady and I am love with
a boy eleven years my junior. We !
are very much in love with one
another. My parents and friends
•tell me that this boy will event
ually tire of me and will seek a
younger girl. I feel confident that
I am capable of holding him
always. Shall I listen to my pa
rents and frienc’u and give this
boy up or shall I continue to go
with him?
Answer —* Your pjarents and
friends are about 78 percent cor
rect ,why not try to find some?
one your ape.
Miso Watters a member of the
Niles Domestic Bureau has kind
ly consented to assist in the ad
justment of love nad domestic
problem's for readers of this pa
per. Answer- piven throuph this
column arc free. For nrivate and
detailed answers, tend addressed
stamped envelope and 20c. Ans
wers in this column are limited
to readers and subscr bers of this
paper. Addresn Miss Trubble Wat
ters, Box 15, of the Omaha Guide,
2418 Grant S:., Omaha, Nebraska.
Snelson I? Last Of ‘Sneisons’
New York, Nov. 26 (C)_ Floyi
G. Snelson. newspaper man, 40°
Manhattan avenue. Sunday
that the death of his uncle, i)r. S.
C. Snelson of Okalahoma City on
October 30 after six months ill
ness leaves him the only surviv
ing “Snelson.” The late Dr. Snelson
i 69, was a native cf Andersonville,
[ Ga., and was educated at Atlan
ta university, Howard, the Univer
city of Pennsylvania, and abroad.
Ho server! several years as phy
sician in the U. S. Army, stationed
In the Philipines, and went to Ok
lahoma in the U. S. Public Health
Service, later taking up private
practice there. He served as city
physician in Oklahoma for several
years. Dr. Snelson was a volunteer
in the Spanish-American war and
the World War.
Garlic-Parsley an Aid In
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