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Published Every Saturday at 2418-20 Grant Street,
Omaha. Nebraska
Phones: WEbster 1517 or 1518
| Cntered as Second Class Matter March 15. 1927 at the Postoffice at
Mnaha. Neb., under Act of Congress of March 1, \879.
Race prejudice must go. 1 lu* Fatherhood of God and the Brother
lood of Man must prevail. These are the onlj principles which will
itai.d the acid test of good.
All News Copy of Churches and all Organizations must he in out
tffice not later tnan 5:00 p. m. Monday fur current issue. All Adver
tising Copy or Paid Articles not later than Wednesday noon, proceed
ing date of issue, to insure publication.
The Dangrous Walker
“J augeroi.s vv-’’ i i i
^parable from the aulo a ci
dent Situation. Autlum if in
formation in iicalcs t'lia ■ >j per
cent of aJl pede trim deaths |
are due in son e measure to 'm
fault, of (lie pedestrian. In (lies. ,
eanei i, the walker .sn’t lie in
noeent victim li i usu ly i>i
tured, hut definitely eon r.lmt
es to his own doom.
'The National Sal’ ty (’imu ^
eil ! 14 gests fi e s. pie and
prae ieal things the pel strian
can do to keep tin* Dark Angel
a,t. a safe di lance.
First, obey raffic signals t/ne
naane jv good drivers do.
Second, learn he laws and
•rdinances in effect in state or
city to regulate traffic from a
pedes rianD point of view, his
lights and his duties.
Third Having dun* this, a
pedes rian i in portion to de
maud a better are plane* of
their obligations by dp.vers.
Fourth*— TaJ<c a greater in
terra in traffic problems, and
o in the placement and
operation of IrnJTie signals and
pedestrian islands.
I Fib 11 will In found lint
the e studies that major red tut
tions in tit * number and sever
j y of acrid*lits to pedestr.ans
ran be eaily achieved.
'Hie man on foot must con
tribute 111. a share to I lit' cans'
[>f e.fetv. as well as t he man a
the wild I. Many p. destriails la*
lieve they should lie allowed to
•onunit abnost any raffic * r
ror. The sad re lilts of that no
tion are found ,n the daily ac
•ideut figures.
Stop The Recession
The hopes ,hat wire held out
during the first hrnlf of this
year for continued ex pan ion
fl|f ji'ndust rJd ^rodubOion, iUi.
growth of private employment
und an increasing national in
come, have bei« disi paled.
The United Staler* enters the
new year under the cloud of a
critical business reee. sion.
The values of securities de
preeiated by more than 40 pel*
cent, in a single week during
October,—and are s ill hov
ertng near due lows reached at
/hat- time, The unemployment
•♦•»dv iu the heavy in
totals, no.- . ,
duR.rie1, are soaring se. * i
The standardindieeR of busmetu
activity have shown alarming
and continued drop*. Frighten j
ed investors reveal an increas
ing disinclination to put their J
money in productive enter
prise. Individual*, worried as
to the future, are cu ting pe^;.,
ifmal buying to the limit, with
the resultant depres-ive influ
ence on tJhe entAre bushiest
structure, A chaotic labor sit
uation is Ntill another barrier
to the normal progress of trade
and industry.
Inis recession cannot dr ac
curateJy compared to the oc
casional declines which char
acterise almost all upward bus
iness cycles. It is, instead, the
inevitable result of a long se
ries of deliberate acttlj which
culminate only in what we wit
ness today. Those whose voices
were dif^egarded for (many
years, because they refused to
view conditions through rose
colored glasses, are Seeing all
their prophecies and their fears
come true today.
The federal government has
pursued a policy of competi
tion witfci private business, that
has prevented the spending of
billions of private capital.
The federal government has
pursued a fiscal policy which,
long enough continued, must
end in bankruptcy—and it has
continuously put off the day
of reckoning. Some two dollars
have been spent for every dol
lar received in . tax revenues
The federal debt has doubled
in about five years. And the
burden of the present heavy
faxes, plus the prospect of ev
- . . !
en heavier taxes in the future.
bias been oiip of the mo t damp
ening of aJl influences that re
tard.' irwef^anont and •indus
trial development. i
The federal, as well as sev
eral of the state government',
has hampered normal eompe
ti lion in the field of retail
trade, to the end that prices
have been ar ificudly forced,
upward, and the consumer has'
Business ha beeu burdened
with H]>et* al taxis which, while [
snwdl revenue producers, dis *
rupt normal indu trial opera-}
•lions, prevent the creation of
fi„Hl—*iai ijurplllses which are'
necessary guards again'-11
bad times, and disc'k,U'Oge ex-j
pension. j
In brief, government has in f
late years tended to he <tlfl
omy, n«»t the «xjy, of legitimate
imsineRS—a subsiuized eonipet
tor, not an lunpire, in affairs
that belong properly in the
sj(iiere of private eii.erpise in
a democratic nation.
wnat can me aone to remeuy
thii The answer is plain—and
ii has been given many times
by men prominent in finance,1
in industry, in journalism, and
in the government it-olf.
First, business' must be re
assured—and that means that
jft must be convinced that it
will) be permitted, under the
American sywtem of free enter
prise, to carry on its functions
without bureaucratic dictation,
and earn a reasonable profit
from its tabors.
Second, it is as^ential that
Congress take the necessary
steps to remove from the bent
jback of ihdus^ry, the capital
gains and the surplus profits
taxes which are often called
"taxes without a. friend."
Third, business must be en
couraged to spend in channels
that create wealth, income and
employment. For example, it is
estimated that if the much
discussed ‘‘ peace pact ” be
tween the Administration and
the utilities is reached, the
electric industry will spend a
bullion or; more annually for
improvement and expansion.
Fourth, the government nnist
put its fiscal house in order
‘ Lite Goes On” All-Negro Him starring Louise Heavers, Has Gala Premiere
‘ Life Goes On," a graphic touch,
drama of real life, stirring I. uise
Hp»v rs and produced by M lion
Dollar Product’ons, Ine., was giv
* n a col-'rful p emiere on N w
Year’s Kve in Hollywood, follow
ing which the film was schedul 'd
for nntit n-wide r lease. In the in
ti res'irg group pic‘ t ed abov ,
Star Louise Beavers is shown in
one of the ti nse moments of the j
Ur**er l«*ft: Edward Thompson
and Hop * Bonnet , who contribut i
much of the s'ory’s low interest.
Uppv rifrht; Two of the main
characters, ‘Honry’ and ‘Al'ee,’ |
dhood swe -thearts, caught in
I'fe's cross-currents, but emerge at
last wi h lr ve triumphant.
h| r two sons, ‘Henry’ (to her
right) and ‘Bob,1 the latter bei"g
l'als ly accused, faces the electr'c
Lower right: Lou'se Beavers
with her two small sons. Bob’ (to
her right) and 'Henry, played fcy
Edward Robertson and Oliver Far
Lower left: Tense courtroom
scene, showing Louise. Reavers with
mer. Grown to manhood, the sons
are portray d ty Edward Thomp
son and Reginald Fendeirson.
“Life Goes On” ranks among the
best of the all-Negro motion pic
turns yet to be produced (ANP)
' ----from
I just fci en leadin’ about what it
is costin’ Uncle Sambo in business
and my word, it woke me out of
my snooze. The*
feller who made
th' figures, h >
says it is costii g ^
each family in
the U. S., $160 a
year, just for
irambos norma'
stuff — not in.j
eludi ng rrlief |
And 1 g d ou my |
wn pencil, end it is a month
nut. i f my own jeans— hrec and
•• half a we k. Wow, that’s mjn y.
I gu^s I s'-ire If n a sue’ e*r
’.V-te- in’ 'o ail this sw ■. t stuff 1
been swallowing wh la—and n ;.’
1 ryin’ into deta ls or Icokiu’ un’e 1
Lh< blankets nr(i bin] cut who is
' ll're. and ft* t',Ti the mom y,
jrul h n g-bb< r, L.» *ky$, J“ y "I
are Just the kind of a duck who is
to blame- He says also, nobody s
ever goin' to slow down Sambo,
till w;r vote and pay on the same
day. He says, if people dug up the.
cash on election day. we would nit
see so much tomfoolery, and so
many $10,000 Govt, tellers l idi i' in
automobiles longer than your own
old wreck.
This neighbor guy—he s a
pretty feller.
which means a balance! bud
get, o.nd a plan for steadily re
due',ng the national deb .
Sixth, in matters that affect
all industry, there mus tie a
cooperative spirit toward our
groat security qxohangert, in
stead of an inimical a titude
that, tends to render them im
potent. There muist be a re
building of our faith in the
processes and philosophy of
our constitutional form of gov
The industrial and agricul
turn! resource.1! of this country
are greater than ever. We lead
the world in national wealth,
n living standards, in oppor
tunity, and in potential achievt
me»t for the betterment of all
Out of thiss can come a finet
civilization than the world has
ever known—tif only we use ti
the fullest, extent tlhe tools w*
have. And in securing this, tin
first essential is fairness ant
tolerance—on the part of in
dustry, of government, of laboi
and of all other elements in oui
national life.
Drive Mobilized For
Antl-Lyn It T\Y
(Continued from Fstge Ore
! no against any amendment, an-i
especially against this amendme t
In New York, On D ember .9
i ij -rx-entatiyes of e'gh no o a'
■ graniza ien met at the rfftee of
h" Nation- 1 As-’O'-iati n for th
Advancement of Colore ’ Po.-'p' _> to
"'on 'he final strategy for tlvc : r
et»s?n«» of th lr rr/mbr'sYps for
I the drive for enactment. Organ’s?.
tions represented besides tha N. A. 1
I A. C P. were the Fed?" • 1 Council
| of Chu"ch s, Tb) Anv't'c n C'v'l
, I 'b-r'ies Union, the Fo-;ety of
| Congregnti nal a tl ChrVt an Wo.
mrn of N ‘w Yn- k State, Th > In
. t rd"m’r'ationt'l Mirist r Confe1’
NTitval Urban League,
fount”! for Sccial Action, nnd tve
V it" Women's Christian Assoc'a- !
t'on. Also represented was the
'I-t^r oc: 1 Review,” oft’c'al mon
it!t-- m-nsr'ne of the Negro Ca
1.1. 1 4 3 * I
itb'P s of A nr idea.
Th'' Conference agreed:
1 Have telegrams sent to srna
tors from their local branches urg
ing them to stand pat aga’nst any ;
amendments and to vote for th ‘
, 2. To instruct their membership
that any legislative jam caused by
a filibuster will b? the respons’b 1 '
, ity of the opponents of the bill, j
( since the supporters of the bill j»r.
ready to vote at anytime; tha‘
rape is not the cattse of lynching",
being charged in only one-six'h o''
the cases; that the county penalty
clause is not a tax upon the inno. I
cent, but u nrevert'v'e for lynch
ing* and that it is contained in
P'ob v oli nee statutes in twenty,
threo states; that the decrease in '
ivnchings has been caused primar
!lj by tb increased agitation for
a federal an'i.lynching bill; and
that in 1937 the law enforcement
officials have shown 100 per cent
inability or unwillingness to do
anything to pun;sh lynchers since
there has not bo n a single arrest.
All organizations and their mem.
bers are ugred to keep in constant
touch with their senators on th° bill
by letter and telegraph and to
walch the debate daily.
Rohbin’s Pharmacy
2306 No. 24th St. WE 1711
ROS 18 North 24th Street
Phone WE 4137
Poultry and Egg Dealers
Out prices are reasonsable,
• see us first.
i » a ■ ■ ■<■ <i #■ >■
Mis. Bobbie Simpson returned ti
her home in Kansas Ci'.y, Mo.- af
trr attending- :h fun-ral of Mr.
W llii m Thomrs.
-M s. Simps n is the cousi i of
Mrs. Biidie Thomas.
Attorney at Law 25C4 No. 24th St.
In the D'strict Court in and for
Douglas County, Nebraska
Pearl Mill r. Plaintiff, vs. Daniel
Miller, Def ndant. Doc. 332 No. 24
To: Dnnied M Per, Defer dant:
The defendant, Danie] M Her,
will take notice that on the 22nd '
day of September, 1937, Pearl
Miller, the pla nt ff, filed her pet
ition in the DISTRICT COURT IN
NEBRASKA, Dock t 332 Number
24. the object and pr?y>r of which
is to obtain a deciee of absolute.]
divorce from the bonds of matri- (
mony existing b: tween F’e abov
named plaint'ff and d) fendant.
alleging Sis the grounds ther fo
extreme cruelty toward plaintiff by
defendant and non-support of th •
plaintiff; •
NOW, uni ss panic) M'lter.
defendant herein, shall appear
before said Court and in,the above,
entitled cause on or before the 28th '
day of February. 1938, and plead,
answer or demur to said petition
of plaintiff filed against him in
the office of the Clerk of sa d
Court, the contents of said pet'tion
will be taken as true and a Deere1 ,
entered against the defendan* ,
according to the aforesaid petition.
Attorney for Plain* iff
Jan. 8 to 29 ‘38
■ --I
WEbster 3043 |
Beware Coughs
from common colds
That Hang On
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cold, or bronchial irritation, you can
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Serious trouble may be brewing and
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the seat of the trouble and aids na
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Even if other remedies have failed,
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refund your money if you are not .
thoroughly satisfied with the bene
fits obtained from the very first
bottle. Creomulsion is one word—not
two, and it has no hyphen in it.
Ask for it plainly, see that the name !
on the bottle is Creomulsion, and |
| you’ll get the genuine product and
J the relief you want. (Adv.)
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Y older your digest ivesys
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< VE
J 1
I P V'-'i tfft a tie** *t»rt (a
ife. No case beyon i hope. Slop worry
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