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Miss Bernice Grice Wins Elks’ Oratorical Contest
Miss Bernice Grice, the versatile
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. G.
Grice of 1516 No. 28th street, won
first place in the elimination round
of the oratorical contest sponsored
by Iroquois Lodge No. 92 I. B. P.
O. E. W., at the Zion Baptist
church Friday night.
Miss Grice, a graduating senior
at Technical high school and a very
accomplished musician •will tak'e
part in the regional contest to be
held in Omaha July 4th. Winner of
this contest will receive a four
year scholarship to any chosen uni
versity. In her case it will be Ho
ward university of Washington, D.
C., if she wins.
The scholarship winner will also
be sent to Cleveland for the Grand
Lodge convention in August. Re
gional winners will compete there
for an additional cash prize.
Her subject was “The Negro and
the Constitution.”
Other contestants included Ro
wena Jones, Central high school;
Grover Marshall, and Juanita Ma
cey, both of Central and Woodrow
P. Morgan and Alfonza Davis, who
placed second and third respective
ly both of Technical high school.
Judges were Atty. W. B. Bryant,
Charles Davis and S. Edward Gil
.yj - — •
Progress Made By Local Co.
The Omaha Guide is glad to bring
to the attention of its readers the
fact that many Negroes are begin
ning to realize that there is an op
portunity in the field of versified
business for them. In the Omaha
Outfitting Co., located at 2415
Lake street, operated by co-part
nars, Mr. W. Morris and Mr. W. H.
Davis, we have a business that of
fers to the public a variety of use
ful household appliances as well as
clothing. Among the many house
hold appliances that may be se
cured at this establishment are:
radios, refrigerators, gas stoves,
heating plants, and many other
such useful articles. Aside from the
above line of goods there also may
be secured through dealing with
the Omaha Outfiting company a
complete attire of tailored clothes.
Visit the Omaha Outfiting com
pany at your leisure time.
-o-— ^
Mrs. Edith Hope left to visit
her grandmother in R- F. D. 2 in
Lexington, Miss. She left Sunday
night at 11:45 p. m. and will be
gone until the first ofJu ne.
Another Adventist
Wedding May 24th
Wedding bell rang Monday night
May 24th at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Gaines Partridge, 2816 Miami
street. The bride, the former Mrs
Bernice Nelson, the groom, Mr.
George M. Wilson. Elder C. H.
Lightener Joined them in wedlock.
A lovely evening was spent after
the marriage with a host of fri
ends, after which refreshments
were served. They are at home to
their friends at 2218 No. 29th St.,
fcr an indefinite time
Omaha Uni. Prizes
To be Awarded On
June 3rd at 8 P M.
Seventy-eight graduates of the
University of Omaha will receive
their diplomas at commencement
exercises in Central hitrh school
auditorium at 8 p. m., June 3rd.
Seventy-two will receive Bachelor
degrees, while six will receive Mas
ter’s degrees.
At the same time, the various
prizes offered during year will be
awarded to the winners.
Principal speakers at the com
mencement exercises will be Dr.
Robert J. Kemer, professor of his
tory at the University of Califor
nia. Dr. Keener, who served aB
technical advisor to the American
delegation to the Peace Conference
at Versailles and who is often em
ployed in a technical capacity by
the State Department in Washing
ton, is recognized as an authority
on International Relations and on
the Near and Far East, in particu
Invocation will be given by Rev.
Clayton S. Valder, of the Miller
Park Presbyterian church and the
benediction will be given by Rev.
Walter H. Traub, Wountze Mem
orial Lutherar Church. A musical
program will also be presented by
the University orchestra and glee
Miss Margaret Lovell, of Berk
ley, Calif., who has just completed
a course in Librarianship at the
University of California, is visit
ing Mrs. A. R. Goodlett, 2815 Bin
ney street. She will teach library
work at Hampton Va. Miss Ger
vaise Jones also of Berkley, Calif.,
is house guest of Mrs. C. Solon
Bell, 2618 Binney street. She is
teacher of music at Okamulgee,
There will be a general mass
meeting at Cleaves’ Temple, Sun
day evening at 8 o’clock, May 30th.
For protest of misconduct and nus
iance on 24th street.
The postoffice department
of papers to delinquent subscri
up to date, please mail or bring i
or call WEB1517 for represent
greatly appreciated'
The Mills Brothers, who appear wiih the Count Berni Viei stage show at ,t,he Orplieum
Theater starting Friday, will sing an all-requ est program over WOW for an hour from 11
p. m. to midnight!Friday for the benefit of The Omaha, Bee- News Free Milk and lee Fund
Returns to Omaha
To add to the list of visitors,
formerly of Omaha, whose mar
riage has given her an address
other than Omaha, is the name of
Mrs. Tessie Patterson of Pasadena,
California, who arrived Wednesday
to visit her sister and brother-in
law, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Lindly,
2526 Wirt street.
Mrs. Robinson has toured some
of the eastern cities and reports a
very lovely trip while in our city.
She will be a gay one here for a
short time.
Little Tyra Richardson, 2509 Bur
dette strteet, chVbbrated her 4th
birthday, Sunday, May 23rd. Seven
guests were present. She received
many beautiful* gifts. Everyone
had an enjoyable time\
Alphonso Hayden, 2509 Burdette
street and Freddie Cromley, 2715
Charles street, wil leave for Cadet
camp on June 1st.
Eva Dixon of 2875 Wirt street,
returned from St. Joseph, Mo.,
where she was at the bedside of
her daughter, Ruth Dixon, who
is ill and under the care of Di\ J.
D. Crossland. HoweverMrs. Dixon
reported that at the time of her
departure, Miss Dixon was much
Mrs. L. V. Gray, 2209 Miami, en
tertained eleven guests last Thurs
day, at a “Vanishing Luncheon.”
does not permit the delivery,
jers. If your payments are not
imount due to The Guide office
sutive: Your cooperation will be
T5he Management
The Charity club met at the Ur
ban League Community Ceinter,
Tuesday, May 18th, where plans
were made for a bridge tourna
ment, to be held there Saturday,
June 12th. The first prize being
cash of $5.00.
Mr. Lincoln Hardy, well known
sportsman of New York and Chic
ago, is here for the Ak-Sar-Ben
Races. We hope Mr. Hardy a plea
san visit.
Mr. and Mrs. M. C. (Toby)
James celebrated their 31st anni
versary last Saturday, May 22nd.
Mr. James married Miss Leigh
Reeves, May 22, 1906, at the farm
of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Plea
sant Reeves.
Immediately leaving there, set
ting up their home in Lincoln,
where during the following years,
Mr. James gained considerable pre
stige as superintendent at some of
Lincoln’s larger cleaning and dying
establishments. Coming to Omaha
i 1924, Mr. Jlimes took a very de
finite place in the community af
The children of Mr. and Mrs.
James arc all well known to this
community. Mauranee M. James,
Mrs. Lovejoy Crawford, Mrs. Chas.
W. Johnson, jr., of Berkley, Calif.:
Clinton V. James and Betty J'ean
who is an honor student at Cen
tral high school.
Rev. E. Arlington Wilson, of
Dallas, Texas, will be in Omaha
and will speak at the Zion Bap
tist church the first Sunday in JUne :
There was an error in the an
nouncement of his being in our city
last week.
Mills Swing
For Charity
The Mills Bros, are going to
“swing” for charity in Omaha.
Most famous of all popular quar
tets will go on tha air at 11 p. m.
Friday over station WOW and for
one hour, they are going to give
Omaha such rhythms, such swing,
such melodies and harmonies as the
town has never heard.
You can make your request any
time now, or you can make it when
•in concert starts at midnight Fri
day night. Just dial JA 6844 and
tell them you want to hear the
Mills Bros, sing a certain number
Friday night.
Tell them: “Have the Mills Bros,
sing me ‘Never in a Million Years’
and ‘There’s a Lull in My Heart’
for a dollar,” Give your name.
Any song at all. Just call up
raido station WOW and tell them
to have the boys sing your favor
Of course, you don’t have to, but
it would be nice to offer a little
something for The Bee-Nws Milk
and Ice fund, seeing that the Mills
boys are giving their time and tal
ents so freely for this show.
Any athlete that participates ir
any sport at any time, or if you
ttend some interesting sport event,
the sport department of the Omaha
Guide would appreciate you mailing
or bringing in the news of such ev
ents. Send to Billy Davis, Sports
Editor, Omaha Guide, 2418 Grant
street, Omaha, Nebr.
Mrs. C. Adams of 1313 No. 26th
street who has been confined to
bed for the past three months is
able to be up and around again.
We hope she will continue on the
road to perfect health.
V —
Georgia Mob Desecrates
Body of Posse’s Victim
Mother Bishop Sutton
On Tour of Omaha
Mother Bishop P. Sutton of Kan
sas City, Kas., founder and organi
zer of the First Spiritual Temple
and School of Instruction, is in
Omaha to inspect and conduct a
soul stirring revival for the First
Spiritual Temple, No. 6, of which
Daughter Marion Quinn is pastor.
Several outstanding officers of
the church are here to assist the
Bishop in her inspection and in the
conducting of the meeting which
already has grown so large in at
tendance that it has become neces
sary to move the servicei from the
Temple at 24th nrui B1 mdo streets
to Rev. Wagoner's church 1708 No.
; 20th street, between Decatur and j
The association for the First
I Spiritual church will convene Oet
| ober 17th at the mother church
1437V4 Quindnro Blvd., Kansas City,
Kas, with Moter Bishop P. Sutton
j presiding.
Former Omahan
Elected President
of Oklahoma G. R
Misa Mildred Eilene Dotson,
daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Jaa H.
Dotson, formerly of this city, now
of Muskogee, Okla., elected state
president of the Girl Reserves of
the YWCA in Oklahoma at the an
nual meeting held this month at
Langston college (state school).
Miss Dotson is president of the
Manual high school Girl Reserve
club and was vice president of the
state for two years. She was pre
sented with a G. R. ring. The pre
sentation was made by Miss Ruth
Seay formerly of Omaha, now a
Latin and Spanish teacher at Man
ual high, and sponsor of the high
school club. Miss Dotson is quite
a favorite among the younger set
and active in school and church.
She is treasurer of her class and
vice president of the high school
chorus. She has been a member of
the YWCA for eight years. She
will be graduated in the class of
‘38 and take a course in social
service work.
She was graduated from Webster
school >.nd attended Central school
Mr. .himmy Murphy of Chicago,
is visiting at the residence of Rus
sell Bryant, 2817 Binney street.
Mr. Murphy is very popular among
the younger set of Chicago. He is
here indefinitely.
Miss Elizabeth Robinson, return
ed from Des Moines, la., to the
city, May 15 to make this her home.
I Her many friends and relatives
are glad to have her back. She is
stopping at 1418 No. 26th street.
She was entertained at Jim
Bell’s Harlem and the H. and M.
i by Miss Athalone Burton, Mr. Carl
I Wick and Miss Mildred Burton.
Baindridgc, Ga., May 24—In on»
of the most dastardly acts of all
times, a mob estimated at more
than one hundred men, entered a
Negro Mortuary here Monday night
when all decent people should have
been in bed and stole the ldfeless
body of a Negro identified by
Sheriff W. J. Catledge, as Willie
Iteed, who had been shot to death
by the Sheriff’s posse on the pre
tense of an attempted escape by
the Negro while deputies were tak
ing him to Albany jail.
a cannibally manner the life
less body of the legally murdered
man was tied to the rear of an
automobile and dragged around
the public square behind a proces
sion of cars.
. The procession of death moved
Into a Negro baseball park at the
edge of town in a true spirit of
barbarism. A pryc was made of
boards torn in a frenze from the
park fence, and the lifeless body
of a man accused of having slain
two white women was burned.
He had been arrested earlier in
the day at Dothan, Ala., where the
sheriff said he confessed the slay
ing of the two women.
The Trojan Club Holds
Election of Officers
The Trojans are still doing
things. They are divided into
groups and each group is doing its
best to secure money for the club.
The Shirley Temple rehearsals are
coming along quite well- The date
of this revue will be May 27th at
the ‘Center.’
The election was held for the
officers of the fall session. The new
president, Mrs. Edna Carr; vice
president, Mrs. Bernice Gerren;
secretary, Mrs. Vernetta Mills; cor
responding secretary, Mrs. Dorothy
Pollard; Treasurer, Mrs. Margurite
Curry; reporter, Mrs- Vivian Wa
We were honored by having with
us Miss Bettie Mae Albert of Kan
sas City, Kas. She is the* office se
cretary of the Y. W. C. A. of that
Synco Hi-Hatters
Make Change
We, the following musicians,
Ted Summytt, Halsey Dorsey, Wal
ter Harrold, Archie Brown, and
Rod Thompson, wish the public to
know that to keep our band from
disbanding, we have definitely ser
ved all relations with Dewitt Ray,
who was in charge of the band
prior to May 1, 1937.
We have unanimously appointed
Neal Parker as our leader, with
expressed approval of the manage
ment of the Clover Leaf Club, 15th
and Douglas, where the band will
play nightly.
We announce at this time that
the band is still open for outside
engagements and will be known as
“Neal Parker’s Orchestra,’ and will
not be responsible for any previous
engagements Dewitt Ray may have
(Signed) Ted Summytt
■ Watch for Commencement lumber of The Guide
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