The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, January 09, 1937, 665th EDITION, Page FOUR, Image 4

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    SOP i AI ^ ^ 2 ^ 4- -T,r - CLUBS
|__ ___________ . .... I
Mrs Florence Branh, promin
ent matron, eatena ned Mi s Mae
Marshall at Chicago, formerly of
Omaha, ai4 .a tklightfu. cue's I dl
party on Sunday even ng. Tw 1
ve guests were present who par in n s games which
made tihe even ng most enjoyable.
Tha guest tf honor was M sa r.i
Marshall of Chicago, a < moan ed
by Marcellos R t- hie "f Ottiana
Other guests wur; Mr. and Mrs.
Jimrriiio Jewell, Mrs. Will c Mac
Hall, Mr and M> . Fr d M -Can els,
Mr. Wilson, oi Washing* n. u.
Ur Hon.y I, 1 veh and Any.
and Mrs. C, A Itav.s. Fivors an
a repast tpiped the even rig
A holiday par*y was given by
the Junior Homemakers < lub at
tho beautiful home of Mr. und
Mrs. Harry Sp-w, 2019 Lake
Street Tho holiday spirit was ever
present in the decoration and soft
colored l.ghts. A variity of games
helped each on© to enjoy themselves.
Dancing was the last of the enter
tainments With the electric ven
dor everyone was able to give his
version of the latest dance step.
Mother Emma Benson, 2C07 De
catur St., entertain'd Saurday, Jan.
2nd, at a five-course luncheon
Among the guests present we,re Mrs
Ned Moore, Mr, and Mrs. A But
ler, Mr. und Mrs, €. Smith, Mother
Allen, Mrs Spence, Mr. and Mrs.
Tubbs, Mrs M. Bonner, Elder and
Mrs. Hall, Mrs. C. Anderson, Mr
and Mrs McDougal, Mrs. M. Mc
Calls, Mr. and Mrs. Graham, Mrs.
Mrs Milton, Miss L. Bonner and j
MJrs. I/nils Kiecn,- The Suwehctoh
was ilfeautifully (jewed) by Miss
Mr. and Mrs Ernest Walker <>f
St. Paul, Mirm. visited relatives
during the holidays. While in the
city they stayed at the home »f
Mrs. Walker, 947 No. 27th St., a
sister. They were entertained ex
tensively by friends and relatives
Mr. and Mrs. Walker are the par
ent* of Mrs. Anna Mae Harris
and Jirpoph and Lewis Straw!hers.
They also have a sister and a
brothur-in-law hete„ Mr. and Mrs.
Payt<»n Crosley. Mrs. Walker re
turn'd to St. Paul i>n the 4th Mr.
Walker returned sometime earlier.
The DYWYK club was organ
ized Oct. 26, 1936 under the dir
ection of Mrs. J A. CrumbUy,
2864 Binney St. The following of
ficers were elected- President,
Mable Redd; vice president, Mae
Lee; secretary, Marjorie Payton;
treasurer, Viola Crumbley and re
porter, Candice Jacobs. There
has been a steady progress since
its organization.
Ladies’ and Children's Work
A Specialty.
2422 Lake Street.
WANTED: Colored women be
tween ages of 25 and 40 to work
for family of three in Onawa, Iowa.
Call WEbsrter 1517 for further in
Appetizing barbecue, delicious
fried chicken, just-right chili and
heavenly tamales at Mason’s, 2024
Burt St.
Slyter Ice & Coal Co
No extra charges on half
tons of coal. Delivered within
30 blocks.
1301 No. 24th St AT 6355
Kidneys Must*
Clean Out Acids
The only way your body can clean out
Acids and poisonous wastes from your
blood Is thru 9 million tiny, delicate Kid
ney tubes or filters, but beware of cheap,
drastic. Irritating drugs. If functional
Kidney or Bladder disorders make you
puffer from Getting Up Nights, Nervous
K?! f ?ains* Backache. Circles Under
frie*^D,ZiJ,,ni‘8^ Hheumatlc Bains. Acid
ity, Burning. Smarting or Itching, don't
take chances. Get the Doctor's guaran
ty PJJ'WrtPtJOB called Cystex (Sies
Tex), Works fast, safe and sure. In 18
J?rln* new vitality, and Is
guaranteed to fix you up in one week or
back on retum of empty package.
SSs'&f?}9 on!y a day at <irug*lstB
•nd the guarantee protects you.
y{ .4. Hubbard. 2022 QablwellSt.,
mproving after a very sick
r| ell
Mis. C. Robertson and Mr3.
Robbk Smith *>f W.ihita, Kns, are
visiting tliofr s 1st Ur, M*s. Aii a
Whi.e, 2i.';0 Erskint* St.
Mr. Gc<nge CruniMey and his
ton ,1-ie band play d at the Aquil
k>, C'<urt tea room <>n New Year’s
pv , P! ■. Crumbley i i on-. <*f On) a
hu’s youngest and in’ st pi- mis ..g
nv. an fans.
Thi r gular meeting "f Uw* C.ty
Ur.i n Usher Board scheduled b>
meet <m the second Sunday, Jen.
lOih, v. ill be held one week later
Watch f<-r the atumun ement
Tiij 1 ’> Right Club Celebrated
its second oni.ivctsuiy with a tur
key dinner at the r< me of Mrs. E.
M Harris, 2721 Maple St. Five
giieos, Mrs. Maud" Cooper of St.
Paul, Minn. h"r daughter, Mrs.
island, Mr. Moore, Mrs. Austin and
Miss Wood, wre present. Thi se
who belong to th" club are Mrs. A.
P. Scruggs, teacher, Mrs E. Har
ris, president; Mrs. A. Bland, sec
retary; E Moore, treasurer; Mrs.
Lomax and Mrs. Thomas.
A reunion of the Patton family
was held during the holidays.At
tending the reunion were: Mr. ami
Mrs. John A. Patton ami son John,
morticians of End JmaifilLs, End.,
Dr. G A. Patton and family of At j
chiwm, Kane,, Henry Patton af;
Kansas City, M>»., Amelia Patton,,
of Kansas Cify, Mo., a beauty op
erator; Frances Brown of St. Louis,
Mo-, Jas. A. Moore of Oakland, Cal- i
ifomia; and Mr N. P. Patton of
the Patton Hofei, Omaha.
Mr. and Mrs. C Lilian! enter
tained at a family dinner on New
Year’s Day honoring Mrs Maude
Ray of Topeka, Kas. Among others
present were Capt. and Mrs Lon
nie Jackson, Mr. and Mrs Isiah
Jackson, Mr. and Mrs George
Ray, Miss Ivory Ray, Mr. Leon
Ray, Mr and Mrs. J H Russell.
A very pleasant evening was
Delores Inveme Piggue, young
daughter of Rev, nnd Mrs H. D
Piggue, who has been ill for some
time is viry much improved.
Mrs. William Henry, 1210 Paci
fic and her oldest son are victims
of influenza
Sunday will be home coming
ifcay for all members of the Metro
politan church. If you haven’t been
to service since last year, pleas'1
como and register on the new roll
and renew your membership.
Mprs. Nash, 2617 Grant St , en
tertained at a wonderful old fash
ioned Christmas dinner <>n Christ
mas Day. Her guests reported an
enjoyable time.
Mrs. Julie Gordon, No. 30th St.
entertained at a lovely three
course luncheon on Thursday after
noon, honoring Mrs. Sprague of
Denver, Colo. Mrs. Sprague is the
house guest of Mr and Mrs. T
P,. Muhammitt.
Mrs. Rebecca Martin, 2116 Clark
St., is on the sick list
Mrs. Lenora Gray, 2429 Parker
| St., wh<> was called to Chicago by
th'u illness of lh<>r daughter, re
turned to the city Wednesday,
Dec 30th. She reports that her
daughter has completely recovered,
Mrs. Gray was greatly missed by
Omaha friends, as she is one of
the city’s most prominent women
in society and church circles.
Little Glover Lee Sharron, 2722
Burdette St. is seriously ill at the
Mss Hazed Carroll of Pensacola,
Fla, spent a delightful Yuletide
season with her Aunt and Uncle,
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thomas, 3115
Burdette St. Christmas day she
was the guest of honor at a tluxkey
1809 N. 24 ST. WE 4240
9:00 A.M. to 6 P.M.
First Class Work At Cut-Rate
Lillian Cunningham
Bessie Wilson
dinner After dinner an enjoyable
evening was spent with friends.
Koch received many lovely gifts.
Th guest list included Mr. and
Mrs Fred Thomas, Mr. and Mrs.
Krng, Miss Hazel Carroll, Mr. Lee,
Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Hopkins, Mrs
Jackson and Mr. and Mrs.. Robert
Mrs Hubbard, 2424 Caldwell St.
is on the sick list.
Mis. Eleanor Campibejl is re
ported improving at 2518 Decatur
Rev A Wagner, 1512 No. 20th
St., who fs the pastor of the I. D.
Mission church, is slowly improv
’ i'ng I (Jv. V H igu.f ' bus Heen' ill
s:nep Dec. 30th.
The Little Theatre group is
working hard to get the nex* play
“The Millionaire" ready to present
at the Urban League Community
Center on Thua'lduy1 night, Jan.
28th This will be a play you can
not afford to miss, If you are at
all interested in your own young
people in their attempt to develop
homo talent in dramatics. You will
Ibo greatly surprised to see what
fine talent you have among your
young people.
You will hear more about The
Little Theatre as the time grows
A gnuip of about fifty persons
met at the home of Mr. A. C..
Oglesby, 2734 Blondo St. Dec- 15,
1936 for the ,purpose of organizing
a Unit of the National Negro Con
gress the purpose of which will be
to fight reaction which seeks to
throttle black America with in
creasing jim crow ism, segregation
discrimination. The National Ne
gro Congress will express the
struggles of the Negro on all
fronts, such ts civil and political
liberties, labor social service, pol
itics, fraternal and church interests
through the respective organiza
All the necessary information,
regarding the organ zaton will be
discussed at the regular meeting
which will be held at the above ad
dress on Jan. 9th at 8 ,p> m., the
public is invited.
Mm. E. Smith, 1105 North 23rd
St , passed away suddenly at her
home tin New Year’s eve. Fun.'ral
services were held Tuesday Jan
6th front St. John AME chur. h.
Sho leaves to m<>urn her loss two
sisters, Mrs. C. ()■ Slater e.f At
lanta, Ga; and Mrs. May Dooley,
2720 Ohio St; one son, John Smith,
1103 No- 23rd St; two daughters.
Mrs. E. Millshap, Corby St. and
Miss Hilda Smith of Atlanta, Ga;
thneiu grand children and two
great grand children. Interment
was at Forest Lawn Cemetery
Mr. and Mrs. Blueford, 2864
Bittney St., entertained at a break
fast in honor of Sgt and Mrs.
Watson of Fort Riley, Kas. A cen
terpiece of fruit, was an appro
priate table set from which a 4
courso breakfast was served- Sgt.
and Mrs. Watson voted Mr. and
Mrs. Blueford as being a wonder
ful host and hostess.
Thurston Bryant of Alma, Nebr.,
spin1 two weeks here visiting his
many friends and relatives. lie vi
sited his son and daughter-in-law,
Mr. ;• I IT-s. Ralph B.yrut of
2518 Ohio St
1 lie Birthday ciub held its an
nual Cln i Unas party at the re
sidence of Mrs. Jeannet Jones, 2887
Corby Sfc. on lice. 16th AH mem
bers were ,present' The ladies sang
old fashioned song during which
time Christmas gifts, which were
cioncealed in a mjtyiSuru heUsc,
were exchanged. The gifts were
presented by the president. The
club members presented Mrs. Jones
with a breakfast set, water glasses
and a c*rys4al glass bowl Me-s
dame Pinkctt and Mahammitt also
ptresetited hor with a combination
celery tray. A delicious turkey din
ner was servefi- The house and
table decorations w*“re of green
and red. All expressed themselves
as having a lovely afternoon.
Mrs. Georgia Peoples is some
what improved after receiving in
ternal injuries in an automo
bile accident on her way home from
Kansas City, Mo. Mrs. Peoples vis
ited her parents, Mr and Mrs. Ar
thur Owens in Kansas City. She
reports an enjoyable stay while in
that city.
Harry Scheln, waiter, has been
i iij but is able to be up and around
Win Marshall, waiter at the U.
P. R. R, is ill at St. Joseph H«s
I pita'.
Mrs. Ruts'II Richards, formerly
Miss F.ddiesteen Reals, left for
New York City Tuesday morning
to join h«r husband.
Announcement of the marriage
oi this couple wiil come as a sur
prise to their many friends. Cere
i.i *ny was pcirf. rn 1 \1 CX.t. 1936
They will make their home in
New York.
Mr and Mrs. C. II. Lewis of
Kansas City, Mo., spent the holi
days with their granddaugher, Mrs.
Bernice Bailey of 1843 No. 21 St.
They also visited their daughter,
Mrs. Ed. Smart, DIO Clark St
My. Wm Davis has returned:
from New York City. Mrs. Davis
will rema n in New York until
Mrs. Ilieronymous, who has
been seriously ill, is improving.
Mr. and Mrs L. Ramsey, 2902
No. 28th Street, entertained at a
beautiful appointed dinner on
N<'W Year’s night. The guest list
included Mrs G. Herndon and
Mrs. U. S. Watts, of Fremont;
Miss Majdrie Watts, Mr. Donald
and Mr. Jack Heridon, Miss L»is
anne Herndon and Mr. and Mrs. L.
G Ramsey..
Mrs. Lillie Beckner, 2030 Blonde
St., with hftr ha by left New Year’s
eve for Chidago where she will
join her husband. Mr Beckner
has been in Chicago since June.
Tho Beckncrs will make Chicago
their home.
M|- and Mrs. G. A. Orumbley
held open httuse for a few of their
close friends at their home, 3029
Burdt tto St., <>n Friday, Jan. 1st.
The house wao beautifully decor
ated with bells and flowers The
hostess was assisted by Miss Mar
jorie Payt"n and Miss Candace Ja
Mrs. Maggie Owns, of 2638 Bin
ney St. passed awtiy on the second
of January. She had been ill for two
weeks- Funeral arrangements will
bo announced later. She leaves to
mourn her loss a daughter and
son-in-law and one grand daugh
ter. She will be taken to Detriot,
Mich- f«r burial.
Mrs Albert Miles, 2856 Binney
St. is confined at her home.
Mrs. Mamie Long, 2638 Binney
St-, is ill at her home as a roshlt
of her mother’s death which left
her in a nervous condition.
Mrs. Blueford, 2864 Binney St.
is ill at her home- She is sonfined
to her bed.
The condition of Mrs. Ida West
field, 2614 Seward St. remains the
same. She is in a local hospital.
Mr. Amel Thomas, 2421 Seward
St, is ill in bfd. He will welcome
a visit from his friends
__ i
Mrs. Ilattie Smith is quite ill
at her home at 2719 Lake St.
Mr. Harry Taylor of Kansas
City, Kas., visited his son Adrian,
2719 Lake St. for the holidays.
st<r Limcastetr, 2855 Miami
St. has been confined at the hos
pital with pneumonia. However he
is now at the home of his aunt,
Mrs J. L. Knight.
Mrs. Amelia Scurles, 2810 Se
ward St., is ill with influenza.
She would appreciate calls from
friends and members of Zion Bap
tist church.
Mrs. Jackson, 1816 No. 28th St.,
is reported better, after an illness
| of five weeks
Mr. and Mrs. Turner, 2789 Se
ward St. are on the sick list.
Oscar nnd Ge<*rge Hayes and
sisters, Bertha M. and Jessie L.,
of this city were called to Columbia
Me., last Wednesday by the death
of their brother, Mi'. Romeo Hayes
I who was killed in a mine explosion
They were accompanied by Mrs.
j Sadie McClain and Mr. Chas- Bow
Mrs. Lpnd, 1702 No. 26th St. is
suffering an attack of pneumonia.
Mrs- Lucile Patterson Young,
2117 No- 28th St., is convalescing
from a severe illness contracted in
Mrs. B. Wheeler, 2002 Patrick
Ave., suffered a dislocated ankle in
| a tall on ice.
Joe Kaigler, 2224 Clark St., died
Thursday, Deic- 31st- Death was
caused by asthn Ji- The body is
at the Myers Funeral home
To iriourn his loss is a daughter,
Mrs. Catherine Gray, of Kansas
City, Mo.
No fi/nenal arrangements have
been made.
Mrs. C. W- Porter, 2217 Ohio
St-, is on the sick list.
Little Thotms Goodman, who
lives at the home of Mrs. C. W.
Porter is reported ill
Ono of tbs most brilliant and
gala affairs during the mid-holi
day season was a cocktail party
given by the Otho Girls, known as
tho Royal Eight, at Jim Bell’s
Harlem on Monday night, Dee
281 h. Their honored guests were j
Gretchen Baldwii, Anna Mae Win
burn and Bernice Heidelberg who
entertained with the latest popular
songs of ht© season. The party
ended at the Tri-Vi-Ra Club.
Mrs Eva Rone, 2616 Maple St.
is ill at her h©mt with bronchitis.
Daughter Quinn is still ill in
bed but is improving. She will be
glad to have her many friends call
on her.
Elder Sam Smith from Leaven
worth, Kas., will bei in our city
from the 10 to the 20th of Jan. at
the Sfiritual No. 3. He is a won
derfid speaker. C-ome and hear
The Lincoln people are just re
covering from their h Jiday act
ivities and are beginning to settle
down to tihojr regular affairs again
W« have a bit of sickness. Mrs.
Luld Alexander, 226 Q St. is able
to sit up, but is far from being her
self again.
Mrs. Dora Holcomb, 1942 Vine
St. had a SEfcond stroke last week,
but at this writing she is somewhat
Mrs. McCloud of McCook, who
has been confined to her bed for
some time at the hicrrt? of Mrs.
Robert Johnson, 907 S St., has been
transferred to the Old Folk’s Home
1906 Vine St., where she will be
under the care of Mrs- Chapman,
who is a very competent nurse.
Mother Davis, an old pioneer
about Lincoln and Omiba is grad
Wo Carry a Complete Line of
J. E. McBrady’s Toilet Goods
Spices—Soaps—Henuty Cakes—
Perfumes—anil Family Herbs.
1825 Patrick A-!., Apt. (>
F<»r Prompt Delivery Phone
J Ackson 9995
_Or see our agent when he calls
Now Open For Business
WE 3162 2228 Lake St.
Hineman’s Garage
General Automobile Repair
Greasing( Car Washing, Gas( Oi
Tire Repairing
JA 9269 2417 No. 24th St
Gas and Motor Oils
Alemite Grease Job 59c
Special, Car Washed 49c
2303 N. 24 St.
: uslly skeipirtg awiay at the hem
' of Mr. and Mrs. Geo- B. Evans
2118 T St., where she is getting th
best ■ f care. Mother Davis has been
qua hi a factor in the Colored Wo
n an's Federation wiark. She is n«>v
r.caring the century mark.
I\<r FYankt ‘ CHi ismel, bei^ei
known by Lincoln people as Un
t'le Cris, is yet confined to hom<
on C at 9i h Sts. Uncle Chris has
been one of the staunch supporters
of Quinn Ch ipol AME church
Mr. Leister Washington, 1916 Vim
St. has returned fr m the hospit
al where ho has been confined with
heart trouble for some time.
Rev. J. C. roll officiated at the
funeral of Mrs Emma Jackson, cm
of Lincoln’s < Id citizens, who died
with pri/Jmrn'a last Deduct ><day,
Dec. 30th. The funeral was Satur
day morning form Brown’s Un
dertalcing Parlor.
Rev. J. C- L< 11 is bringing new
spiritual life back ti3i Quinn Cha
pel. IIo is having a splendid at
tendance and people are being add
ed weekly to the church Both Rev.
and Mrs. Bell were showered with
many gifts by the members of the
church and other friends.
Riev. C. H. Nicks of Mt. Zion
Baptist chdrcih continues to hold
his oonf.%EfY.itjon. Rev- Nicks is
a splendid youlng minister and is
appreciated by the thinking class
es of Lincoln people.
Mr. and Mrs Maurice I. Copeland
of 545 No- 22nd St. entertained as
guests for a New Year’s dinner,
Rev. and Mrs. C. H. Nicks, Rev.
nnd Mrs. J- C. Bejl, Rev- and Mrs.
O- J. Burckhardt, Mr. Arthur Pa
trick and family, and Mr. Joe Bur
ton and family The table decor
ations were amrmg the finest we
have sten this season. The cen
terpiece was a snow scene on a
frozen lake- There were two houses
and cm the porches of these two
houses wera two children. They
Direct wire on all sporting
Jimmie Jewell, Prop.
2225 N. 24 HA 4634
... and here are
Two Good
Ways of
Doing It!
If you feel chilly when you
go to bed—use the Electric
Heating Pad. Good for aches
cold pains, too. If you wake
up to a cold house—plug in
the Electric Heater and dress
in warmth and comfort. Keep
warm—keep healthy. Many
common colds are not nec
Nebraska Power Company_
1.(1 heard the reindeer bell and
were waiting for Santa Claus who
is coming across a bridge loaded
with gifts. Little Rabbits were run
ning a nctund in the snow. The
whdie was su. re u.-led with
blue lights, making the scene bril
liant and beautiful. This decora
tion w;as prepared by Mr. Copeland,
"rho is an artistic decorator The
table was also beautifully decor
ated with wiiite tapers.
Thu Old Folks Home is moving
"it in fine shape when they now
have five old pensioners who- are
receiving thia best of care and more
are preparing to enter the home.
Mrs. Chapman, being an exper
* need nut so, is capable to render
needful serico ttj, the inmates who
are not very well. Rev. Burekhardt
had New Year's service with the
inmates of the home, which they
re.cmed to enjoy very much.
American and Chinese Dishes
Ivin# Yuen Cafe
2010'/, N. 241h St. Jackson 8576
Open from 2 p. m. until 3 a. m.
Stop and Shop
| Proprietor
I -
[ 24th and La ke Street
i VVEbste r 5444