The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, November 14, 1936, CITY EDITION, Page THREE, Image 3

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»■■■■■■■■■■■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ~ — -
The Loving Four Quartette
made its final appearance in
Council Bluffs at Beulah Bap
tist Church Monday night.
Mr. Harold Tahl of Omaha,
visited Mr. Ward Walker on
Mrs. Lillie Mills left Nov. 3,
for Chicago where she will make
a short visit with friends and
Mr. Silas Holliday has moved
from 2505-4 Ave. to 2511-5 Ave.
The Sunday Night Whist
Chib was entertained by Mr.
Ward Walker. Attending were
Miss Ijcnora Poston, of Omaha,
Misses Bessie Reynolds and H.
Funches. and Messrs. Clyde Gor
don and Dan 1?. W alker.
Mrs. Lena lhirine, formerly
of Omaha, returned to her home
in DesMoines after a visit in
the James Wilson home.
Mrs. Rosa Griffin has moved
to 2511-5 Ave.
Rev. G. Edward Green return
ed to his home Monday, Nov. 2.
from the Jennie Edmondson
Hospital where he was taken
because of gum hemorrhages
caused by the extraction of
eight teeth.
Mrs. Ella Green has returned
from Oakdale, Ta., where she
was called by the sudden ill
ness of her husband. Mr. Green’s
condition is reported as being
aomewbat better.
Mrs George Cooper 1813-18
Ave., ntertained at a luneh°©n
Wednesday honoring Mrs. Bell
Riley of Los Angeles, Calif.
Mr. L. TT. Baker, 2027*3 Ave.,
will leave Nov. 16th for a two
weeks vacation. He will visit
relatives and friends in Kansas
City, Mo., Oklahoma City nnd
Luther, Okla. and points in
Mr. Baker will be back to his
shop about Dec. 1st.
Mr. Louis Filbright and Mrs.
Louise Bowers, of Springfield,
Til., spent Saturday with Mrs.
Elizabeth ITodgs, sister of Mr.
Loving Four Close Meetings
Sunday was Ihe last day of
the meeting of the Loving Four
Quartette at Tabernacle Bap
tist church. To say that the pu
blic who listened to these song
birds were highly appreciative
of their music is to put it mildly
Over $76 wras raised by this
quartette .
20th Century Olub Meets
The 20th Centruy Civic and
Art club met Thursday, Nov.
12 at the home of Mrs. Virginia
Nevins. No further meeting will
be held until after Thanksgiving
Mrs. Lucinda Wright was an
Omaha visitor Sunday and
Council Bluffs Agents For The
Omaha Guide Are
Mrs. Clarence Ollphant, 2456- 6 Ave
Little Savoy, 1408 W. Broadway
Miss Mary Teal, 1810 S. 10 t.
Miss Odessa Russell, 1201-16 Ave.
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Mrs. Harris Entertain?
Mrs. Fannie Harris entertain
ed at a dinner Saturday even
ing honoring the members oL‘
the Loving Four quartette.
Among the guests was Mrs.
Cooper, a mother of the Cooper
brothers of the quartette.
Mr. Elijah Lane had the mis
fortune to get both legs frae*
tured when struck by an auto
near the Rock Island station.
Mr. John Guyton received a
sentence of a year and a day
on a theft charge, according to
report received.
Mr. and' Mrs. Irvin Miller arc
now living in the house form
erly occupied by Mr. and Mrs.
Alonzo Anderson.
By R- A. Adams
(For the Literary Service Bureau)
With many women church work
ers, es'pei-'ully these who have un
saved husbands, the chief problem
is to overcome the antagonism of
their husbands to such work. And
this is not such a simple problem
Some husbands are actuated by
jealousy; some are just non-chuch
ly in their attitudes; and others
object because of the insults and
indignities which the women must
suffer in this line of work
Subjectively, the chief problem
is to be -able to “pass up” insults,
innuendoes and subtle approaches
in a way that will not give offense;
and only God knows indignities are
suffered by these loyal souls who
“cany on” in spite of such unplea
sant circumstances
I am thinking of a preacher’s
wife, who was approached by a
steward of her husbands church,
when his advances were indignant
ly rebuked, not only did he lose in
terest in the work of the minister
'--it used all of his influence to
° his administration to fail
'. j remedy for such a candition
rnJ relief for the women of the
church, in this respect, may be
found in the budget system and in
the tithing which will eliminate the
necessity for endless solciting and
selling tickets for various enter
tainments- And the pastors and of
ficers of Negro churches owe it to
the cause and to the womanhood
of the church to remedy these con
ditions worthwith.
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New Yorkers Protest
Civil Service Ruling
New York, Nov- 14 (ANP)—
Three thousand persons crowding
tho St Nicholas arena Friday night
here, heard speakers soundly de- j
nounce the New York City Civil
Service Commissioners and ap
i plauded vociferously when Ferdin
[ and Q Morton, colored member of
this pwerful body, was branded a
1 “dumb Jackass.”
| Assembled to protest the actions
of the Commission in reference to
I examinations for workers now em
1 ployed as investigators by the J
Home Relief Bureau, the meeting
was ant orderly affair and lacking
usual firework* attributed such oc
Contrary to the widespread pro
paganda, it was not a “communist
gathering," rather a gathering of
indignant workers, many of whom
ae not affiliated with any racial
element, supported by members of
I the American Legion and city offid
Already, 25,000 persons not em
ployed by the Bureau at present,
are said to have filed their applica
tions, with which the sum of two
d»la<‘s must be remitted, for this
I Many believe that the present
situation, promulgated by sponsors
| cf schools for the training of social
workers and “politicians in on the
grab” is aimed dlrecty at the thou
sand or more colored investigators
who have been rendering yoeman
I service in the past four or five
I' years.
I Reading through the application
blank for admission to the examin
ation Says the blank “A person
failing In the written test need not
apply for the oral examination” or
words to that effect.
Further, a candidate, passing the
first test may be rejected on the
second for reason of lack of person
ality, physical defects or handi
caps and many other minor rea
At the meeting Fnday night the |
head of one of the Relief Bureaik
Worker groups declared that “Fer
dinand Q Morton failed to render
a service to his race when he could
have established a precedent and
demanded the blanket induction into
the city employ, the thousand col
ored investigators- When asked
what was his reaction and why he
refused when he had an opportunity
to set a precedent for the south
and other sections of the country
o follow, “the speaker declared Mr.
Morton said “To hell with whole
White and colored employes are
working in unison to forestall the
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' We do glazing and make window
f shades to order
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Shingle or Roll, in a host
of lovely colors.
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j 19, Nicholas
Here’* Jack Dempsey In the act of
slicing a luscious ateak from a
chunk of prime beef In hla restau
rant opposite Madison Square Gart
den In New York,
I’asage of the measure and are;
■ nten'ix.'at'ng court proceedings to
hilt the elimination, scheduled for
the day after Thanksgiving.
An injunction is being sought to
that the carry out of the intern,
tion of Civil Service Commission, I
which s bong supported by the city
employes and the weekly publiea- j
tion, “The Chief” sponsored by
several men close to the Tammany
Several courses have been offered
by the Delehanty School, another
institution which thrives on would
be city and state employes, be
lieved to lead to qualifying for the
As the meeting Friday night pro
gressed, Alderman Dench lent his
support to the fight of the workers,
the first public official to come out
In the open and defy the action of
the Civil Service Commission
Lucky Millinder
To Broadcast
New York, Nov. 14 (C)—Lucky
Millinder and his band will broad
cast over WMCA regularly from
the Savoy Ballroom after Nov. 15
Lucky has made several changes
in the band personnel.
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fures. See our complete line
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Loses Job; I^iys It
To Ingratitude
Colon. R. P Nov. 14 (ANP1—
Seeming Ingratitude for his fail
ure to return thanks to the Patron
Saint of Porto Bello, resulted In
the loss of employment for Jorge
Mendez, Pannnvan employed with
the Utility Gang at the United
States Army base. Port Randolph
As Is the annual custom thou
sands of people make pilgrimage
in October to the distinct provid
ence to observe the feast of the
Patron Saint, known as the “Black
Christ.” Rich and noor, black and
white, native and foreigner annual
ly take part in the three-day festi
val when the more superstitious or
fanatically religious make suppli
cation to the stone Image for ma
terial gain.
Last year Mendez out of employ
ment. vl8ited the shrine of El C'is
to Negro and was soon rewarded
for his belief and faith with em
ployment with the United States
Forces- This year the youth made
no effort to return to the shrine
to give thanks for the blessings of
the maestro (master).
The loss of hts job for no ap
parent or obvious reason a couple
of days ago, caused Mendez to be
lieve he has been frowned upon for
Seattle Girl Hurt
By Car in Los Angeles
Seattle, Wash, N»>v. 14 (ANP)—
Nellie Winslow, known as a mani
curist and the sister of Zelma Win
slow, an entertainer here, was
struck and painfully injured last
Saturday, by an automobile In Los
Angeles- According to reports re
ceived here, she suffered broken
arms and legs and possible Internal
injuries- Her sister, Zelma, left im
mediately for Los Ang/es to at
tend her.
2425 N. 24th JA 9195
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To Hurt Heart
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mg. bringing out old, poisonous matter
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system and that has been causing qas
Rains, sour stomach, nervousness and
e.iriachea for montha.
Dr. If. £,. Sboub, New York, reporter
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greatly reducer bacteria and colon bacilli
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i . n c" • Ion.
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