The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, November 07, 1936, CITY EDITION, Image 1

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1---1 HEW TO THE UNE\ --
Nation Reelects Franklin D, Roosevelt
- «■. -- ® U--———— -
Mitchell Is
Returned To
U.S. Congress
Chjcago — Congressman Arthur
W Wttchell, attorney, was re-el
ected from the first Illinois congres
. sional district in Tuesday’s Dem
ocratic landslide over his opponent
Oscar DePrJest, former Kansan.
In the Democratic avalanche
which swept. Illinois as well as ihe
natjon Arthur W- Mitchell defeated
former Congressman Oscar De
Pi Jest, Repubican by a vote of 35,
330 to 28,182.
Athough DePriest waged a
strong campaign he was unable to
withstand the welter of straight
Democratic votes It was not until
1:30 a- m. Wednesday that DePriest
conceded his defeat to the Demo
Viuw" i
With his head bowed and accom
panied by his son, O Stanton De
Priest, the former Congressman left
his campaign headquarters and told
his campaign manager, Fred Morris
to take charge. At that time there
were still six precincts missing.
Pm still a good loser,” he said
“I had expected such an outcome
along wjth a Democratic landslide ”
DePrJest blamed political leaders of
the Second ward for his defeat. He
sajd they had failed to cooperate.
Jubilant after returns showed him
victorious Congressman M jtchell
left his campaign headquarters at
3 a m in company with hjs secre
tary, Claud Holman.
“I am going to carry on for Roose
velt and his program,” he sajd- “I
am going back to Congress to make
Congressman Mitchell piled up a
record vote in the First ward and a
fairly good vote in the Second
ward. Incidently, Congressman
Mitchell js the only member of the
ra^e to win a seat in Congress in
this natjon-wde Democratic land
When the smoke of battle had
cleared away, the trench fighters of
the Republican party gathered up
their wounded and dead and re
paired to political seclusion to take
stock with their fortunes and fail
For the first time jn 25 years,
the Literary Digest failed to score
in its persidential polls It had giv
en the Kansas governor a 2 to 1
victory in the electoral vote. In
stead Roosevelt trounced Landon by
mare than 2 to 1 vote.
Con. Charles F. McLaughlin
Reelected President By
Staggering Majorities
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Loses Only 2 States
President Roosevelt swept the
country on Tuesday ljke a cyclone
to defeat his Republican opponent
with the largest majority known
to American politics. Landon and
the G O- P. suffered a devastating
Only Maine and Vermont remain
ed in the Republican column.
President Roosevelt won 46 of
the 48 states.
The Negro vote played an im
portant part in the election, Re
turns in cities ljke Kansas City,
Mo; Chicago; New York, Phjldel
phja; Detriot; Cincinnati and oth
ers show that the Negro vote runs
high for the president.
In Omaha all of the colored wards
went for Roosevelt.
In Chicago, in Negro wards which
heretofore have been Republican,
the new deal won out.
In Kansas City, Negro precincts
went overwhelmingly Democratic
while the city voted 3 to 1 f°r
When David Booker, 2418 Blondo
street, went to pass through a door
into another room at the Rabes
Cafe. 2426 No. 24th St., he and
Ernest Lagway, 2412 Decatur St,
accidently bumped into each other.
Argument and fight started, in
which Ernest Lagway drew a knife
and cut Booker and fled
James Hamilton, 1914 No. 28th
street, and William Booker, 1918
No. 28th St., took David Booker
t" the Covenant hospital, where he
was attended for lacerations of the
throat- He wgs discharged from the
hospital Tuesday, Nov- 3rd.
Lagway was arrested and book
ed for investigation.
Mr Galloway Returns to City
Mr. 0. C. Galloway, acting busi
ness manager of the Omaha Guide,
well known in Omaha business,
civic and political circles, who was
d in an automobile accident
miles west of Atlantic, la.,
while enroute t<> Chicago, 111., re
turned home Friday. 1
Mr. Galloway’s first trip since
returning home was a visit to the
polls where he cast his vote in the
presidential election Tuesday, Nov.
He is making rapid progress, and
hopes to be up and ab‘>ut in two
Mrs. Mary Davis, 2524 Hamilton
street, was attacked by a dog Wed
nesday, Oct- 28th The dog was the
property of Leona Grant. Mrs. Da
vis was attended by Dr. \V P- Jen
sen at the police station.
Judge Lester Palmer
The Winners
President Franklin I). Roosevelt
Senator George W. Norris
Governor.R. L- Cochran (D)
Lieutenant Governor .
.Walter H. Jorgensen (D)
Secretary of Slate .
Harry Swanson (I))
Auditor William II. Price (D)
Land C<>m’r Leo Swanson (R)
Stale Treasurer .
Walter R. Jensen (I>)
Atly. Gen Richard C. Hunter (1))
First District.William 1$. Rose
Third .I.George A- Eberly
Fifth . Bayard Paine
First Dist. Henry C- Luckey (D)
Second Charles F. McLaughlin (D)
Third. Ka'I Stefan (R)
Fourth ..... C. G- Binderup (D)
Fifth Harry Coffee (D;
First District.Charles Devoe
Second .Dr. A- C. Stokes
Joseph Lovely (D)
Thomas J. O’Conner (D)
Leonard 15. Bergman (R)
Herbert Rhoades
James M. Fitzgerald
John W. Yeager
Frank M- Dineon
Willis G. Sears
W. G- Hastings
Charles Leslie
Arthur C. Thomsen
W A. Day
Bryce Crawford
Lester palmer
Perry Wheeler
George Holmes
John tV. Baltin
Dennis O’Brien*
Allen A. Tukey (R)
Willard H. Quigley (D
Walter Korisko
Mrs. Bessie Saxton
Dr- C. C. Hall
Mary McIntosh Bath
George W. Pratt, George M. Tun
ison, Louis Karan and Peter Meh
rens in virtual tie for last two
Fourth Dist Walter R. Johnson
Fifth Dist John Adams, jr
Sixth Dist William E. Worthing
Seventh Dist .. Charles F. Turdik*
Eighth Dist P. J. McMahon
Ninth Dist _Amos Thomas
Tenth Dist.Ernest A- Adam
*Doubtful as yet.
Frederick E- Hawkins, 2318 No
22nd street, was killed when struck
Sunday, Nov. 1st by a Chevrolet,
car driven by Manual Parker, 2320
Burdette street
Hawkins received skull fracture,
multiple body injuries and possible
internal injuries resulting in his
death. He was taken to the Nichol
as Senn hospital, where he was pro
nounced dead
Riding in the death car were
Doris Thomas, 1503 So. 9th St-,
Council Bluffs; Imogene Person,
1212-17 Ave., Council Bluffs and
Gcorgo Hayes, 2409 Lake St.
Parker was arrested and booked
for investigation
t .mumnwMWHllP———————M ,,n—"rn,liw;,-v
i * *
Ill li' Hi I'I'IIUIMHIl 1 1 li ill — i llll 'll
Senator George W. Norris
Ku Klux Klan Drive
Man From Atlanta
Atlanta, Ga-, Nov. 7 (C)—George
Looleg, a naturalized Greek, an
nouced the sale of his h'at cleaning
business Monday after picketing by
the Ku Klux Klan who declared
■against his religious belief Leoles
saluting the American flag to be
stand against saluting the flag be
came known two weeks ago when
the city school board refused his
daughter, 12, entry to classes be
cause she also refused to salute.
Ben Stewart, 2708 Seward street,
was shot in an argument with Mrs.
Nellie Hale, 2835 Franklin street,
Oct. 28th. One of the shots struck
Stewart on the chin and neck, caus
ing a puncture wound. Taken to
Nicholas Senn in the police ambul
ance, he was treated and then tak
en to the police station, where he
was booked for investigation- Mrs.
Hale was also booked for investiga
wBffflTriiS-! ■ Ilf .. ... ..... ... -J
Gov. R. L. Cochran
Omaha Uni 0+
P. W. A. Grant
The PWA grunt of $414,000 to
'ho Municipal University of Omaha
must bo accepted by Nov. 12th or
it will bo withdrawn, according to
word received from Horatio B Hack
ctt, assistant admjnjstrator 0f the
PWA, by Frank Martin, chairman
of the board of regents of the uni
This means that the City Coun
cil must annex the West Dodge sjte
next Monday, or the university will
lose a half milljon dollars toward
the construction program.
At next Monday’s session of the
city council, the committee of the
whole will either reccommend the
annexation measure for adoption on
Tuesday, or reject jt. If it, is reject
ed, the regents would not have time
to locate a new site before the PWA
deadline of the 12th. If the site is
annexed, as requested by the re
gents, work on the new university
can begin at once.
This announcement followed hard
on the heels of a resolution of the ex
eeutjve council of the Omaha Par
ent-Teachers Ass’n, endorsing the
West Dodge site and requesting
the City Council to annex it to the
city of Omaha.
Mrs. C- K Ross, president of the
P-TA. council, said “The proposed
site for the Municipal University
will fjt in with a wider develop
ment of education in our city, which
has become one of the major act
ive objects of the Omaha PTA
Orangeburg, S. C-, Nov 7 (C)—
Miss Eva Jessye noted conductor
of the Eva Jessye choir, is coacsing
vocal ensembles at Claflin college
two days a week
Scores Great
Victory In Race
For Legislature
Voters Ignore Race Propaganda
Wins Over Thompson
By virture of his 7,232 to 6,621
victory over Thompson, hjs op
ponent in the Fifth Unicameral
Legislature District, Ai.ty. John
Adams jr. popular young Omaha
attorney will be one of the 43 mem
bers of the newly organised house
of representatives when they meet
for the first time next year. Adams
recejved the largest total number
of votes than any of the 43 suc
cessful candidates for the legisla
ture Wm. E Worthing, winner Jn
the Sixth Dlstrjct, who served with
Adams during the last term was
second highest with 7,075 votes. Al
though considerable amount of
literature appealing to race pre
judice was circulated by unknown
persons just before election, a check
of the polls show that Adams re
ceived a large percentage of votes
from" precincts populated largely
by whites.
Mr. Adams, who resides at 2612
Wirt St is 30 years of age and has
been marrjod five years to Con
stanco Singleton Adams, they have
two children, John Adams III age
3 and Edith Ann age 16 months.
He is a graduate of the University
of Nebraska and a member of the
law firm of Adams, Adams and
Billy Love, 1610 No. 28th Ave-,
was the driver of the car which was
in a collision with a street car Sun-,
day. Nov. 1st
When south of Ames avenue,
Love pulled out to pass an automo
ble that had stopped for a red traf
fic signal, and collided with an Oma
and Council Bluff’s street car. In
fhe fodtsion with the rear end of
the street car, property dfamage
was done to both vehicles. Lou*3
Harvey, white, who was a pas
senger of Love’s received cuts about
the 1/ace and hands. Love was
booked for reckless driving and im
proper brakes.
Chick Webb to Apollo
New York, Oct. 31 (C)—Diminu
tive Chick Webb; the “midget”
bandmaster, goes into the Harlem
Apollo theatre for a week, beginning
Oct. 16 The Sunset Royal enter
I 'amors win return later by popular
Judge Dennis O'Brien
D. E. O’Brien, attorney, who
holds a lead over E. W. Elsas
ser for 5th place in the Muni
cipal Judgeship race.