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    BUILD Your Own COMMUNITY By Patronizing Your Naborhood Stores
Tuskegee Scien
tist Contribut
es To Research
Tuskegee, Feb., 5—(ANP)—
Chemical Reviews for Decem
ber 1935 carries a sixty-five
page article by Nathaniel O.
Calloway, Ph. D. head of the
department of Chemistry, Tus
kegee Institute. The article
“The Friedel Crafts Syntheses’'
is a complete survey of work
done since discovery in 1877.
Dr. Calloway was invited by
the editor to make the contri
bution and is the first Negro
chemist to receive sudh an in
The publication of hm article
is significant recognition of the
research work being done at
Tuskegee Institute. More ac
tive work on the Friedel Crafts
Syntheses is underway by stu
dents under I>r. Calloway’s
supervision in the chemistry
laboratory of the Institute. Be
cause of the importance of this
reaction in industry and the\
manufacture of such commod
ities as dyes, antiseptics and
motor fuels, the study of its pos
sibilities coordinates perfectly
with the Tuskegee idea of
broadening the opoprtunities
for Negro students by directing
thofr training to meet the needs
of the day.
The chemistry laboratories at
Tuskegee are located in Arm
strong Hall ,a three story fire
proof brick structure appoint
ed with the most modern scien
tific equipment, in class rooms,
lectures and demonstration
rooms, general laboratories and
research laboratories. This
building houses the chemistry,
physics, biology, botany and
experimental psychology activ
ities of the College. The bacter
iology laboratory is housed in
the Veterinary Hospital.
Dr. Calloway, the author of
the December article, was for
two years research scholar in
chemistry at,Iowa State Col
lege and for one year lecture
demonstrator at the same in
stitution. He received the de
gree of Doctor of Philosophy
there in 1933; Bachelors degree
in 1930; he is a member of Sig
ma Xi, honorary research fra
ternity, Alpha Psi, social fra
ternity. This contribution to
Chemical Review is the 6ixth
article on the Friedcl-Crafts
Syntheses of which Dr. Callo
way has been author or co-auth
This work on the Friedcl
Crafts Syntheses is in line with
other efforts that are being
promoted at Tuskegee for fu
ture research an activity that
Dr. F. D. Patterson, Tuskegee's
new president, consider essen
tial for the healthy development
of a college program that is
commensurate with the demands
of modern agriculture and in
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Advisory Committee
State Supervisors
Meet In Wash.
(Conti no ad Fr»m Page On*)
Office of Education Specialist
in the Education of oNgroes,
and H. L. Trigg, Supervisor of
Colored High Schools in North
Carolina, on leave, are direct
ing the Survey.
Members of the Technical Ad
visory Committee meeting in
Washington to discuss Survey
Policies and problems are:
Barnes, Dr. W. Harry, Presi
dent National Medical Associa
tion, 1315 N. 15th St., l"hiladel
phia, Pa.
Carter, (Dean) J. r., Presi
dent National Association of
Collegiate Deans and Registr
ars in Negro ehools, Talladega
College, Talladega, Ala.
Clark, Eugene, President Mi-n
er Teachers College, First Viee
President of the Federation of
Colored Catholics of the U. S.,
Washington, D. C
Clement, (Dean) Rufus E.,
President National Association
of Teachers of Colored Schools,
Louisville Municipal College,
Louisville, Ky.
Cook, (Mrs.) V J., Preisdent
National Association of College
Women, 2028 MeCulloh St.,
Baltimore, Md.
Dodson, T. L. (Attorney)
President Negro Bar Associa
tion, 615 F. treet, N. W., Wash
ington, D. C. S
Drake, J F., President Con
ference of Negro Land-grant
Colleges, State A. & M. College,
Normal, Ala.
Hill, T. Arnold, Acting Exec.
Secy. National Urban League,
1133 Broadway, Ne wYork City.
Holsey, Albion, Secretary Na
tional Negro Business League,
Tuskegee Institute, Tuskegee,
Jones ,Eugene K., Advisor on
Negro Affairs U. S. Department
of Commerce, Washington, D. C.
Keller, Dr. Kranklin J., Di
rector National Occupatoinal
Conference, 532 Fifth Avenue,
New York, N Y.
Kitson, Dr. II. O., Represen
tative Natinoal Vocational
Guidance Association Teachers
College, Columbia University,
New York, N. Y.
Kittrell, Miss Flemmie, Ben
nett College, Greensboro, N. C.
McCuistion, Fred, Executive
Agent Association of Colleges
and Secondary Schools of the
Southern States, 517 Cotton
States Building, Nashville,
Nickerson, Miss C., President
National Association of Negro
Musicians, Howard University,
Washington, D. C.
Oxley, (Lieut.) Lawrence A.,
Chief Division of Labor, U. S.
Labor Department, Washing
ton, D. C.
Sargent, H. 0., Special Agent
for Negro Schools, U S. Office
of Educatoin, Washington, D. C.
Thompson, Dr. Charles H.,
Editor Journal of Negro Edu
cation Howard University,
Washington, D. C.
Wright, Dr. Arthur D., Pres
ident eanes-Slater Funds, 726
Jackson Place, Washington, D.
Robinson, W. A., Principal
laboratory High School, Pres
ident of the Southern Assoc, of
Secondary Schools and Colleges
for Negroes, Atlanta Univer
sity, Atlanta, Ga.
Haynes, Dr. Geo. E., Secre
tary Federal Council of the
Churches of Christ, 105 East
22nd Street, New York City.
Dixon, J. C., Supervisor of
Negro Schools, Atlanta, Ga.
Klaver Endorses
Old Afire Pensions
Give Farther Information On
Statement Made In
Has Clear Platform
Maay of my friends from nr
ioas porta <4 Omaha ban asked
me how I staad in regard to old
age pensions aad anemploymeat
No one can ever eay that l have
not taken a definite stand in re
gard to any public issns, and there
fore I make this signed statement
in regard to my views on the
question of old age pensions aad
unemployment insurance
I believe unequivocally in some
form of security for the aged and
tha infirm and to those unfortun
ate among us who are heads at
families who are out of employ
In making this statement, I do
not consider that this is radical—
not sven progressive It is censor
vathre thinking — komnnltnrian
By furnishing restrictive and
regulated security to the old, the
infirm and thoss out of employ
ment will make not only for a
happier and more contended city
and state, but it will be a stimu
lant to a more steady, even busi
ness keel. There are In Nebraska
thousands of men and women whe
should be retired and furnished
subsistence. If these men and wo
men are taken off these jobs our
younger men and women will have
the opportunity in life which they
are seeking frantically. Also, in
the future the man who is now
working and the man who hopes
to obtain employment should have
some assurance of more security
for his living than he has had in
the past.
Neither one of these measures
would hurt business. I am not op
posed to legitimate business, re
gardless of size. Without big busi
ness we would not have little bus
iness. Without capital we could
not have labor. Without labor we
could not have capital. Neither ene
of these divisions of our society
would suffer by any regulated,
well-worked out systematic form
of old age pension and unemploy
ment insurance.
If this depression teaches us
nothing else, it will teach us to
think of the other fellow, especial
ly of those less fortunate than we
are. However, there are many
things in lift that we overlook and
all of us have a great deal to be
thankful for, even though at times
the going appears to be hard
If I am elected to the Uni-Cant
eraJ legislature from the Sixth
District. I pledge that l will favor
this legislation as outlined above,
and that i will be the representa
tive of my people because I am of
he people and always shall be of
he people.
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Novelist Pleads
For Awakening
Among Negroes
Columbus, Ohio, Feb. 6—
(ANP)—Demanding to know
the ground upon which Negroes
can lay claim to culture and
refinement when they do not
possess all the books written by
colored writers within the past
decade, O Wendell Shaw, auth
or of “Greater Need Below’’
which will shortly appear as
first selection of the new Bi
Monthly Negro Book Club, re
cently told the board of gov
ernors of that organization and
the Negro writer’s Guild that
“ millions of our race in Amer
ica are practically sound asleep
and oblivions to the dormant lit
erary treasures within the gift
of scores of capable and inspir
ed Negro writers.”
Mr. Shaw in this talk point
ed out that all races enjoy eco
nomic independence in propor
tion to the pride in themselves.
The greatest need of Negroes is
pride, he declared, and the
greatest means for awakening
pride is words from Negro
writers who can and will slant
their literary productions pim
ally fo Negoes rif the race will
buy them.
‘‘All Mulatto Negroes are
not ‘Peola's’, as in Imitation
of life, nor are they all ‘Em
peror Joneses’ or John Ilenrya’
hut we’ll hardly see any others
in books so long as Negro auth
ors must depend upon white
publishers and white readers
as outlets for their books,”
Shaw asserted. “Increased Ne
gro-consumption of books by
Negroes is key to tlie whole
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Another Raltimorian
In Racket Toll
Baltimore, Beb., 5—(ANP)—
Frank “Kid” Pratt, well known
sport*man and local club owner,
waa arrested here today as a re
sult of the present number probe
which was started here some three
weeks ago. Mr. Pratt was charged
with conspiracy to violate the
state lottery laws. He is being
held in default of a $26,000 bail.
Several others were also indicted
for a similar offense and held
under the aame amount of bond.
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