The Omaha guide. (Omaha, Neb.) 1927-19??, February 08, 1936, CITY EDITION, Page TWO, Image 2

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    NOTE—Your question printed free in this column. For private
reply send 26c and (self addressed stamped envelope for my New
Astrological Reading and receive by return mail my advice on thre*
questions free. Sign your full name, birthdate and correct address.
Address Abbe' Wallace, P. O. Box—11, Atlanta, Georgia.
V. A. N.—I know I can do some
thing to make more money than I
am making and would like to know
what yon think?
Ans.—Go to your local BROAD
for on audition. Your fortune ap
pears to be in your voice and if
possible try to get on some of the
amateur programs that are being
held over the country.
A. M. T.—Does my friend love
me? I am very much worried over
this question
Ans.—He is so much in love
with your COMFORTABLE home
and enjoys spending your MONEY
that he hasn’t had time to think
about you very seriously. I do not
believe you two aro very well j
suited to one another.
- |
H. B.—I would like to know if i
anyone uses my car or license
tags at nights?
An. —No —however, someone
tried to take your tag a few nights
ago but was scared off. Your car
has not been used without your
knowing anything about it
C. B. C.—When will I be fortu
nate enough to get an apartment
for my wife?
Ans.—dt eeems to me that by
the spring of this year you will
have saved enough to get a small
apartment. Your hours of work
will also be changed from nights
to days.
P. N. T.—Will I be able to get
in touch with my half-sister ?
Ans—No, for she moved from
her last address. She will write to
your father when she want* her
whereabout* known.
K. D.—Do you think I will bo
able to get anything from the
source I am now trying?
An*.—You will be paid a sum
of money from the injuries you
sustained in the ACCIDENT. You
need not seek a lawyers help for
this will bo paid just as soon as
tho claim* are filed correctly.
A. E. P.—1 am a litle bit confus
ed about some of the girls I am a
vary close friend to. What do you
Ana.—I do not see a wedding
with either of these girls—for you
won’t enter matrimony for anoth
er five to aeven years. These girls
are proud of your friendship and
enjoy your company.
R. 0. D.—Should I make the
An*.—You won’t lose by going
to this CITY and getting a Job. A
change will help you more than i
anything you could do from a:
standpoint of health. This will be j
one of your most successful and j
eventful years.
A. B. B.—Will I be successful
in tho recital l tm going to give?
Ana—Yes indeed and the month
of APFiL is an ideal time for this
make enough money to take the
course in music that you have in
D. F. C.—My brother is acting
very funny for the past two weeks
What is the best thing for me to
do? I would rather have private
Ana.—If you will send a quarter
for my Aetrologictl reading I will
be glad to give you my free advice
on three questions. Please sign
your full name and correct birth
date and address to your letter.
See the note attached to this col
umn for additional information.
D. S.—Should I take my friend
as serious as he claims that he is?
Ana.—He loves you Just as much
as he tells you and would be tick
led to death for you to accept
his proposal of MARRIAGE. He
will gladly wait until you finish
your last year in college.
For two consecutive Sunday
nights Doc Huggins, the distin
guished, has had to turn them
away from his Cafe de Paris which
features the sensational Monkey
Club, omcee’d by Gentle Jimmy
Gentry. It is currently the most
torrid thing in town—and the Doc
himself nerves hot peanuts to all
tho Monks. But what also could
you expect but success for a club
with a name like that in Chicago's
To Mrs. Albert Dean of Phila
delphia, your message has been,
delivered o the three Bruces. Glad
I’ve been able to put you in touch
with your lost cousins. — Thanks
Billy Mitchell, for that autograph
ed picture. Inridently, the King of
the Night Clubs is hunting his
own cafe spot.-A certain col
umnist is about to put Skid Blakey
tho personable young omcee, on
his black liBt. Skid knows why.
Most embar rasing, done ha know,
for that big time Detroit cabaret
owner to be discovered lying flat
on his stomach trying to peer un
der the curtains of that lovely
young dancers dressing room. But
he smoked a Murad and offered
her a contract at his Motor City
place before she could protest.—
Queen Bea Moore, gorgeous one,
denies she is that way about any
body at present, which is sweet
news to many a worshiping male, j
Ruth Harris, the Mae Westish
singer with the baby voire, is !
planning on departing, — Freddie j
Cole has been laid up for a week j
due to illness. Ditto Dorothy Dor- !
rick. — Helen Shorter, the shake
dancer, has been twirling at the
Cocoanut Grove, near Gary, Ind., |
but it may not be long1 as she is
tired of going back and forth these
cold nights.
Clara Campbell, who once warb
led locally at the Panama, is now
goin’ round and round in the Cot
ton Club revue in Miami.— In
Memphis the Club Aristocrat has
been opened with the Bama State
Collegians dishing out the music.
They have the same name used
by Erskine Hawkins and his or- ,
ehestra before they graduated from
service for the Dixie school into
the Uhangi Club in Harlem.
Bostonians Con
tribute $450 To
Gthiooian Cause
Boston, Feb. 5—(AN I”)—In
response to an appeal made by
Prince Tasfayc Zaphiro, secre
tary of the Ethiopian Legation
nt London, vho spoke hero
recently, citizens contributed
$450 to aid the Ethiopians cause
in their present conflict with
Italy. Prince Zaphiro told of
the needs of the Eth opinns,
stressing the needs of medical
centers and supplies and of
funds with which to carry on |
their present war. The large j
group of citizens that attended
he mass meeting responded to
his appeal with cash and with
pledges which will augment the
cash contributions.
Educators Plead
For Higher Edu
cation In South
New York City, Feb., 5—
(ANP)—Urging the necessity
of higher education of Negroes
in the south last week, pres
idents of two colleges being
sponsored by the Methodist
Episcopal church, pointed out
how Negro youths were being
denied the opportunity to at
tend college and to receive
what has been termed as “high
er education’' which precludes
all forms of industrial or vo
cational training.
The principal speakers at
the convention which was held
at the St.Marks M. E. Church,
were Dr. Mathew S. Dogan,
president of Wiley College of
Marshall, Texas and Dr. H.
L. McCoy, president Rust Col
lege. Dr. Dogan referred at
length to the progress that had
been made at WMey and at the
same time pointing out that
the institution, because of its
limited facilities, was unable to
meet the demands being made
upon it. In the same Hue of di
rection, Dr. McCoy, cited the
fact that Mississippi faced the
same situation and emphasized
the need of expansion at Rust
Columbia Lynched
Innocent Man j
Columbia, Mo. where NAACP1
Attorney! Redmond, Espy, and j
Houston filed the epochal petition '
las Friday is the seat of the Uni
vorsity of Missouri, and also acone
of one of the country’s moat brutal |
lynching! staged in 1923. Tlie vie- J
tim was a Negro named Scott Ac- i
cused of attacking a white girl,
daughter of a university official, i
ho was later proved innocent whan
another Negro named Johnson con
fessed that he had asiociated with
tho girl and had been with her
on the occasion when she scream- J
ed. Johnson was tried, found guilty j
and sentenced to 99 years in tho !
Missouri penitentiary.
The mob which mutilated Scott’s
body and lynched him near the al- |
leged attack spot was led by some j
students of the university. Colum
bia is about 100 miles west of St.
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fcpart, falljra W#a t*ft*y.
MatlaMal Kom C«ii^i«ni
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A«tf**L M'4iu
W iMf«M r«* « IF rrf*
I Herman's Market jj
24TH and LAKE STS. WE 5444 (j
Birmingham Police
Use Brutality
Birmingham, Feb., 5—(ANP)
—A thorough investigation will
be made of the alleged brutal
treatment accorded Steve Ed
wards by police here last week,
according to a statement made
Tuesday by chief of police Idol
Edwards claims that he was
severely beaten by police in the
effort to force him to confess
to a charge of theft, which had
been lodged against him. J. J.
Davenport, jail warden declar
ed Edwards was suffering
from a lacerated scaip and
several abrasions about the
head and face when he was
brought to the jail, but declar
ed that the prisoner told the
prison attaches that he had en
gaged in a fight at a dance in
which he received the injuries.
Further evidence was given
by hospital attendants where
Edwards was treated prior to
having been brought to the jail,
reports at the hospital showed
that Edwards was brought to
the hospital and treated for a
possible skull fracture, which lie
claimed was inflicted by the
police who accompanied him to
the hospital.
Chief of Police llollums stat
ed Tuesday that there had been
several conflicting reports con
cerning tho maimer in which
Edwards had been injured but
within the next few days he
expects tho case to be cleared
up. There have been several
charges of police brutality made
recently, which perhaps ac
counts for the strenuous man
ner in which the Edwards case
is being investigated.
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__ I
Suit Filed By McGill
Aganst Defender
Chicago, Feb. 5—Details of
the suits for $47,359.75 back
salary and $49,746.81 unpaid
commissions filed by N. K. Mc
Gill against the Robert E. Ab
bott Publishing Co., publishers
of the Chicago Defender, were
revealed this week.
McGill’s salary as general
manager was $36,000 a year. In
1933 $22,268.29 was paid, leav
ing a balance of $14,131.21, and
during 1934 he was paid $3,117.
96, leading a balance of $33,
228.04, according to the peti
tion drawn up by "William H. |
Haynes, McGill’s attorney. The
weekly salary of the plaintiff
was fixed at $700 weekly from
May 1, 1925, to Jan. 21, 1935.
The $49,746.81 in unpaid com
missions accrued from May 1 to
Jan. 21, 1935, for his work as
secretary and assistant sales
manager of the publishing com
pany, the complaint read. Mc
Gill charges that in October
1926, $10,000 of the $76,746.81
(earned was paid, and in May
1932, $17,000 was paid, making
a total of $27,000 paid on his
commission account with the
remainder as yet uncollected.
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