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    Omaha, Nebraska, Saturday, June 10, 1933
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--—-——^ i
Ml. Moriah Baptist Church,
24th and Ohio Sts..
Rev. F. P. Jonev*. Pastor.
AH Services throughout the day
were well attended although it was
very hot. Sunday School opened at
9::10 with the uoi sl enthusiasm. Sev. j
era! classes report new pupils. During j
thr evangelistic period conducted by
Miss Ethel Specie, Supt. of the In
termediate department and the pas
tor. one united as a candidate for bap. J
A spiritual feast was enjoyed in1
. the covenant meeting at 11 o’clock, j
An ms pi rational sermon by the pas
tor. and the administration of the
Lords Supper closed the morning ser
The BYPU. opened at 6:30 with the i
usual large attendance. A wonderful
demonstration on ‘How to Use Our
Education” was given by the Ever
lojrml Group. The decoration and stage
arrangement, which was done by Miss j
Beulah Speese, Mrs. Pinkie Speese, j
and Mr* Pauline Stewart, showed a
marked artistic ability. 8:00 p. m.
preaching by the pastor. Many visit
ors attended each service. On next
Sunday June 11, a Union Baptismal
service will be held st 3:00 p. m. by
Mt Moriah and St. John Baptist
Churches, at Mt. Mpriah. The Choir
wfl give a lawn social at the Home of
Mrs. J A. Griffin, 2910 North 28th
Ave., June 16. Everyone is invited to
attend all of our service*.
Zion Baptist < March.
221S Grant St„
Rev. C. C. Harper. Pastor,
Rev. J. R. Yoons, Asa’t PoPtor
Sonia? School. 9:36 a. as.,
H. L. Aodcmoo. Supt
Sunday morning service was enjoy
ed by a large congregation upon the
reception of Rev. C. C Harper from
his extensive trip through the south.
Rev C. C. Harper preached a most
inspiring sermon. “Enoch Walked with
God", 5 Gan. 24
Special aftemon service was held
by Rev. Dotaon of Pilrrim Baptist
Church and hs choir and congrega
tion to inspire the Reds and the Blu
ea in the Penny Rally of which the
Reds wen. K“ L. Turner was general
of the Reds. H L. Anderson, general
for the Bluer
BYPV will be held at 6 p. m. sharp
Group t will render the program. Let
everybody come out M. Landrum,
\ pres. Mrs Mildred Turner, sect.
The evening service was preached
by Rrr. C C. Harper and the final
report of the Penny Rally and award
ing the victory to the Reds The Im
perial Choir A. L. Scott, pres., preach
er, sect., rendered the hymnals for
both services.
Take notice ar.d remember Rev. C.
C. Harper will preach Sunday morn
ing service at 10:45. H. L. Anderson and Lola
Bryant win prUsert the Children’s
Day program Sunday at 2:30 p. m.
■„ — . ... I
Let us encourage the kiddies by a
large congregation. | j
Hillside Presbyterian Church
Sunday morning, June 11th will be
“Leadership Day” at the Hillside
Church. All religious and social lead
ers are especially invited to take part
in this special service. Rev. John S.
Williams, Pastor of the church will
speak on “The Essentials fo Leader
ship in Social and Christian Work.”
There is always good music at Hill
side. The doors are opened to welcome
There will be Christian Endeavor
and a 15 minute sermon at 7:30 in the
evening. Mr. Ollie Lewis is president
of the Endeavor. Mrs. Dell Lewis,
On Thursday, June 15th, the wom
en of the Third Presbyterian Church
will present a play entitled “The Old
Maid’s Club.” Don’t miss this treat.
Pilgrim Baptist Church,
25th and Hamilton Sts.,
Rev. Jas. H. Dotson, Pastor,
Sunday School 9:30 a. m.
Morning Worship 10:45 a. m,
BYPU. 6:30 p. m.
Evening Services 7:45 p. m.
Sunday’s worship was begun with
Sunday School at 9:30 The school un
der the supervision of Fred Dixon,
is making rapid progress.
Promptly at 10:45 the choir began
their recessional. The pastor was in
his usual place and he preached from
the sermon, “God’s Charge Against
the Church.” Rev. Dotson seemed to
be inspired and his message was in
deed a powerful one. One member u
nited with the church.
At 3 p. m. Rev. Dotson and con
gregation were with Zion.
Communion services were held
Sunday night. Visitors were very well
in attendance all day. If you want a
spiritual treat, come to Pilgrim.
Remember prayer meeting Wednes
day night.
Rev. Glover organized the First
Independent Church. They will hold
services at 2702 Lake St., He pastored
in California a few years ago where
he met Dr. Gregg, Pastor of the In.
dependent Church of Los Angeles,
with a membership of two thousand
Rev. Glover and his officials have
planned to buy a Church and parson
age, now occupied by a white congre
gation. Services will be as follows:
Sunday school 9:30 a. m. Morning
Service 11, Young Peoples League
6:30 p. m.. Evening Worship 7:45.
Rev. Glover will preach morning and
evening. Special Services Wednesday
night. A visiting minister will preach
at 8 o’clock. Rev. Glover is a graduate
of Turner College, Memphis, Tenn.,
with the Degree of Bachelor of Div
inity. He is also known as a musician
having instructed several choirs of
the city. He plans to work with all
Ministers and their congregations. He
wishes to make it clear that he is not
connected with AME. Church any
longer. There will be special music
Sunday evening, by the choir. Every
body is invited to attend.
by Abbe’ W allace
W. M. L.—Will my husband be suc
cessful in the business that he is go
irv? into?
Ans: Not as successful as he might
be if he new a little about this busi
ness. The experience will do him
good however and I suggest that he
try his luck at this line.
R. J. T.—Please tell me if I will get
what I want on the 6th of June?
Ans: Yes; You will get a good bag
at the Golf Club on the sixth of June
You will be well satisfied I think.
B. S.—I don’t know whether to take
the steps I have in mind or to stay
the way I am now. Please give me
your help.
Ans: What do you want with a wife?
Matrimony holds nothing new for
yqou. I advise you to let well enough
alone and remain a bachelor.
F. B.—Where is the buckle off my
new shoe?
Ans: Under the back seat of your
boy friend’s car. Please don’t write
me and ask me how it go there for
you might embarrass the folks that
read this column.
A. G.—My husband is a money spen
der and when he hasn’t any he wants
to spend mine. Before marriage he
said he did any kind of work but I
hear that he never did like to work.
Tell me what he means to do. Will he
live with me and help me make a liv
ing and be nice to me or quit?
Ans: Oh he will be nice to you alright
but as far as help support you is con
cerned he will continue to be a fail
ure. You heard right when you heard
he was lazy. That is the best thing
he does.
B. E.—Is this dentist I am sending
my sister to any good?
Ans: One of the best in the city. You
are fortunate in securing this den
tist for your sister. Her mouth trou
ble will be a thing of the past.
F. R. T.—Will I pass all my exams
Ans: You vdll flunk in History. Oth
erwise everything will be aces.
R. E. D.—Did my boy friend receive
the letter or did he mean what he
Ans: Don’t let him kid you, he got
the letter also your little request. He
did not have the money to send you
and if he had he would not have sent
it. I don’t blame him any either, as
you mean him no good.
F. H.—Who ran my brother off the
side of the road causing the car to
be turned over?
Ans: The same fellow that has been
after you for the past two months.
He told you that he would get you and
he will. He thought you were driving
the car.
P- L.—Will you please tell me under
what Zodiac sign I was born?
Ans: You were born under the sign
of Virgo. This accounts for the rea
on you are so tempermental. I advise
you to control this to the best of your
L. K. N.—Is my sister in law a
friend or an enemy?
Ans: An enemy. She is the cause of
your unhappy home life. With hor
“gift of gab” she can ruin anyone’s
home life. Persuade your husband to
make a change.
M. Me.—Will I hit the number any
time soon? I am just about "disgusted.
Ans: A week from Monday I contact
you winning a sum of money, appar
ently from the numbers. Incidentally
Monday is your lucky day.
Northside Unity Class meets every
Thursday afternoon at 2 p. m. at the
residence of Mrs. Wm. Ousley, 2408
North 25th St. Mr. Christopher P.
Scott of Yakima, Washington, gave
an interesting talk before the class
Saturday morning at 10:30 a. m. Mrs.
F. Thompson, pres. Mrs. Wm. Ous
ley sec’y.
NOTE:—Your question printed free in this column.
For Prviate reply send 25c and (self addressed
stamped enevelope for my New Astrological Read
ing and reeive by return mail my advice on three
questions free. Sign your full name birthdate, and
correct address. Adress Abbe’ Wallace,
P. 0. Box—11, Atlanta, Georgia.
-- ■ ■ ■—.- =S=L
by Dr. A. G. Bearer
(For the Literary Service Bureau)
Text: Train up a child in the way
he should go; and when he is old he
will not depart from it.—Proverbs 22
This text is one frequently used, but
its lesson is seriously needed. Espec
ially is this true of the age of parent
al laxness, neglect and indulgence.
Perhaps there is no better or simpler
way to emphasize the lessons than to
follow the order of the clauses of the
Living a life worthwhile requires
the utmost skill and tact. To acquire
these one must have training. A vine
is capable of climbing, but it has to
be trained. The bird was made to fly,
but the mother bird trains the young.
So, the mind, heart and life of the
human being must be trained in order
to be prepared for service. The ad
monition is train UP. This means en
lighten, elevate, direct activities and
energies upward. The time to do this
is the period of childhod, when the
mind and heart are susceptible and
The conclusion is philosophical.
Character is the sum of our habits,
and if the proper habits have been
formed then the dispositions, trends
and tendencies become permanent;
and their influence will mean stabil
ity of character and correctness of
On Thursday night, June 15th at
8:15, Circle No. 1 of the Hillside
Presbyterian Church, 30th and Ohio
Sts., will present the women of the
Third Presbyterian Church in a play
entitled “The Old Maid’s Club.” Rev.
Ernest Decker is pastor of the Third
Read The...
Every Week
>• yMi mm+mm ml 1SAT ^
paMkt W TOM m* fe it. »«•
John Adams, Jr., Atty.,
Notice of Probate of Will
In tbe County Court of Douglas
County, Nebraska.
In the Matter of the Estate of Mil
dred A. Bland, deceased.
All persons interested in said es
tate are hereby notified that a peti
tion has been filed in said Court, pray
ing for the probate of a certain in
strument now on file in said Court,
purporting to be the last will and
testament of said deceased, and that
a hearing will be had on said petition
before said Court on the 3rd day of
June 1933, and that if they fail to ap
pear at said Court on the said 3rd
day of June 1933, at 9 o’clock A. M.
to contest the probate of said will,
the Court may allow and probate said
will and grant administration of said
estate to Dr. Wesley Jones or some
other suitable person and proceed to
a settlement thereof.
Bryce Crawford,
County Judge.
In the matter of the estate of Tex.
anna Malone, deceased.
Notice is hereby given: That the
creditors of said deceased will meet
th administratrix of said estate, be
fore me, County Judge of Douglas
County, Nebraska, a tthe County
Court Room, in said County, on the
5th day of July 1933 and on the 5th
day of September 1933, at 9 o’clock
A. M., each day, for the purpose of
presenting their claims for examin
ation, adjustment and allowance.
Three months are allowed for the
creditors to present their claims, from
the 5th day of June 1933.
Bryce Crawford,
County Judge.
In the County Court of Douglas
County, Nebraska.
In the matter of the estate of
Thurman Johnson, deceased.
All persons interested in said es
tate are hereby notified that a peti.
tion has been filed in said Court al
leging that said deceased died leaving
no last will and praying for adminis
tration upon his estate, and that a
hearing will be had on said petition
before said court on the 8th day of
April 1983, and that if they fail to
appear at said Court on the said 8th
day of April 1933, at 9 o’clock A. M.
to contest said petition, the Court
may grant the same and grant ad
ministration of said estate to Dr.
Price Terrell or some other suitable
person and proceed to a settlement
Bryce Crawford,
County Judge.
Race prejudice must go. The Fatherhood of God
and the Brotherhood of Man must prevail. These are
the only principles which will stand the acid test of good
citizenship in time of peace, war and death.
. (1) We must have our pro-rata of employment in
businesses to which we give our patronage, such as groc
ery stores, laundries, furniture stores, department stores
and coal companies, in fact* every concern which we sup
port. We must give our citizens the chance to live res
pectably. We are tired of educating our children and
permitting them to remain economic slaves and enter in
to lives of shame.
(2) Our pro-rata of employment for the patronage
to our public corporations such as railroad companies,
the street car company, the Nebraska Power Company,
the Northwestern Bell Telephone Company and other
establishments which we are forced to support by right
of franchise. Also our pro-rata of employment in re
turn for the taxes we pay in our city, county state and
federal government.
(3) To encourage the establishment of a first class
hospital that we may get the best that there is in medical
science from our doctors whom we know to be nearest us,
also to encourage a high respect of them and encourage
more of our girls to take nurse training.
(4) A one hundred per cent deportment of our cit
izens in our public or private places of business, especial
ly on street cars. If we are to be respected we must act
respectably, especially in public places where we are con
stantly before the public’s eye.
(5) A one hundred per cent membership in the Om
aha branch of the NAACP. should be had to encourage
the efforts put forth by the founders of the organization
and to assist the general office to establish a five million
dollar endowment fund to maintain operating expenses
and to further the principles of the NAACP. All peo
ple of all races must be educated up to a higher principle
and a more thorough understanding of interracial rela
tionship that our country may in reality be a government
of the people, for the people and By the people in whole
and not in part.
(6) The re-establishment of the Christian Religion
as Christ taught it, for the uplifting of mankind, elimin
ating financial and personal gain. A practical Christian
Religion, week day as well as Sunday. An attitude to
ward our fellowman as a brother in order to establish a
principle which will guide the destiny of each other’s
children; our neighbor’s children today are our children
(7) Courteous treatment in all places of business
and the enforcement of the State Civil Right Law.
(8) To encourage and assist in the establishment of
the following financial institutions near 24th and Lake
Streets: A building and loan association, a state bank,
administering aid and assistance to our widows and
(9) To encourage the erection of a one hundred
thousand dollar Young Men’s Christian Association
Building near 24th and Lake Streets.
(10) To enlarge the Young Women’s Christian As
sociation that it may supply sufficient dormitory accom
(11) To teach our citizens to live economically with
in their earning capacity by printing in each issue a bud
get system for various salaries.
_ (12) To make Omaha a better city in which to live
by inaugurating a more cosmopolitan spirit among our
American citizens.
(13 To put a stop to the Divorce Evil by passing a
State law making the mistreatment of a wife or a hus
band by either of them, a criminal offense to be decided
by a jury, first offense, jail sentence of a short duration;
second offense, one of longer duration; third offense,
from one to five years in the penitentiary. This, we be
lieve will make men and women think before marrying.
(14) We must become owners of the city govern
ment by paying a seemingly higher salary to those whom
we employ to administer its affairs, a salary that will at
and, also, a first-class trust company for the purpose of
tract men of high calibre.
(1) Fight for a passage of the Dyer Anti-Lynch Bill
and thus stop the shamful lynching of American citizens.
(2) One of our citizens in the president’s cabinet.
(3) Federal control of the educational system that
every child must have a high school education.
(4) Assist in the furtherance of research by our
scientists and historians to prove that civilization was
first founded in Africa.
(5) Establish a political influence which will bring
about our pro-rata of higher appointments made by our
chief executives.
(6) Stop graft in politics by passing a Federal Law
making election day a legal holiday and compelling every
American citizen of voting age to vote.
# (7) Prevent further wars by teaching the so-called
white race that it is high time for them to quit fooling
themselves about white supremacy with only three-tenths
of the world’s population. They must be taught that
color is due to climatic conditions. They must be taught
that seven-tenths of the world’s population is made up of
darker races. They must be taught that the rays of sun
that blaze upon the equator and turn the skin brown do
not affect the power of the brain any more than the cold
ness of icy glaciers affect the brain of the white race;
and that the darker races will not continue to be crushed
by a money mad few. If the Fatherhood of God and the
Brotherhood of Man are not welded into the hearts of this
world’s family now, by teaching the principles laid down
by our Saviour, it will be welded into the hearts of our
children some day soon, on the bloodiest battlefields this
world has eyer known.
(8) Cut down congressional representation from
the Southern States in proportion to the number of votes
The OMAHA GUIDE will put forth its best efforts
to bring about the above 22 points with the assistance of
those who believe it is for the best interest of good Amer
ican citizenship.