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The caae pending in Federal Court
against Mr. Tom Dennison and nine
others including Lieutenant Harry
Buford, has been put off on account of
the health of Mr. Dennison, who re
cently returned from Los Angeles,
where he went in hopes or regaining
his health. He was accompanied by
Harry Buford. According to the
statement of three prominent physic
ians. Mr. Dennison is not sufficiently
strong to face the ordeals of a court
at this time. Lieutenant Harry Bu
ford and Mr. Tom Dennison have a
host of friends who have full confi
dence, that they will be vindicated of
any complicity in the pending charg
es and who believe that this vindic
ation will contribute to the complete
recovery of the grand old man.
Mayor WALKER of
The resignation of Mayor Jimmie
Walker of New York City, the dandy
the best dressed Mayor and the most
talked about of any man in his official
capacity in the world, is indeed a blow
to the plain people, who he has be
friended in the City of New York;
including 370,000 Negroes of Harlem, j
Once while Mayor Walker was visit
ing in Paris rumors reached this coun
try that he had made some unfavor
able remarks about the Negroes.
When asked about this on his return
it was flatly denied.
The actions of the Mayor toward
his black subjects in Harlem, speaks
for itself, and if Mayor Walker
should ask to be vindicated at the
polls in November, whether as Mayor
of New York or the Governor to suc
ceed Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt,
who is assured of the election to the
Presidency. Mayor Walker will re
ceive the support of 270,000 black vot
ers of Harlem. The fairness he has
shown this gToup of citizens has en
deared him to them.
When Mayor Walker was first e
lectcd the black citizens of New York
there were 2 million dollars per year
on the pay roll, this pay roll has been
increased to 4 million per year. There
arc 550 teachers in the Public schools,
nine of who are teachers in the high
. . . . . ■ . .
I _
» 1 '1
James Fitzgerald
" " '(KJLITicAL' aW.) * " ’ ‘
schools. There are 500 labors, with
Ferenand Q. Morton as civil service
corrfftiissioner; James S. Watson, Asst
Asst. Cooperation Council; Corneluis
A. Hughes, Clerk, Board of Elections.
Thomas H. Church, District Court
With the nomination and election of
Mrs. Hiram Ferguson for Governor
of Texas and his Honor John N.
Gamer, for Vice President, Texas
should may well be proud of its place
in the sun. The Negroes of Texas
will rejoice at the success of Mrs. Fer
guson. It was she who enacted the
term “The Forgotten Man” long be
fore the words were expressed by
Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt, dur
ing the administration as Governor of
Texas. When she visited the pennal
institutions of Texas and found men
in prison for long terms for next to
no offense at all. Mrs. Ferguson
who is affectionally referred to as
“Ma” Ferguson, liberated a large
number of these forgotten men and
restored them to their rightful place
among the citizens of Texas. Eight
hundred of whom were Negroes.
Without any objection from Mr. Gar
ner who is running for Vice President
on the Democratic ticket.
Governor Chas. W. Bryan
In discussing national politics, the
people seem to loose sight of the fact
that the States are ruled by the “State
Rights Bill” that is so inacted into the
destitution that it controls the civic
and economic structure of our nation.
It is for this reason that the people
should pay more attention to the elec
tion of the candidates who are to ad
minister local and State laws. Gov
ernor Charles W. Bryan, candidate for
relelection on the democratic ticket,
has served this State faithfully and
honestly. He has not failed to cur
tail overhead expenses, reduce taxes,
without jeopardizing the business of
the State. The colored people have
been protected in their civil rights, far
beyond that in any other states. The
election of Gov. Bryan and C. F. Beus
hausen, Lieut. Governor will assure a
continuation of the good relation of
the people.
The appointing of the Misses Mat
Vote for
j |
I Falconer!
I j
| |
! !
i ?
i AS I
1 t
’ ' 1 1 1 ’(POLITiCAL ’ ADV*)T ' " ’ *
^Youthful Strength
Jfl- Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld, the world-known authority on Sexology
91 and Director of the Institute for Sexual Science of Berlin. Germany,
■ created
i|l to help the millions of men and women who have lost or are losing
SI their vital physical power. In his 35 years of practice and research,
Jf|J however, he realized that the weakening of man’s glands was also
IfO responsible for other troubles: High blood pressure, hardening of
vfll the arteries, physical exhaustion after work or exercise, dizziness,
H depression, neurasthenia, etc.
All these troubles can be remove^, with Titus-Pearls. Numerous
Hi cases were treated by Dr. Hirschfeld in his Berlin Institute.
. L. S. (State Official; 60 years old, married) complained of
H physical exhaustion, dizziness and tremors. Was easily tired. Mental
fjjH power dull and slow moving. Physical powers had been incomplete
Ka for previous 5 years. Blood pressure too high. Given 2 Titus-Pearls
■ 3 times a day. 2 weeks later the medical report on this man was:—
flSI general health better, more vigor; dizziness much less and returning
|ig| of power. Treatment continued and 2 weeks later L. S. reported
jQfll again, this time to say that all weariness and exhaustion had gone;
M ho feh fresh and buoyant. His blood pressure had fallen, and at 60
Igi years of age he had regained the physical power and virility that
H he had known in the prime of his life.
H Start regaining your youthfulness now! To-day! In 2 weeks
H time you will be aware of the new, virile force within you. Send
H 15.00 (cash registered or money-order) for 2 weeks treatment. C. 0. D.
H Orders accepted. Write for Booklet.
To avoid mistakes please fill out the following coupon:
211 Fourth Avenue, New York City, N. Y.
Gentlemen: Please forward to the following address.Boxes
Titus-Pearls, for which I enclose $.
My bum If . City..
tie Childs, Edrose W!llis, and Mrs.
Florence Terrell, in the office of the
election commissioner, broke down
another bearer for the colored people
in this State, recently suggestions
were made to the Governor to make
a change in this office, because Mr.
McHugh is a Republican, but owing to
the efficiency of Mr. McHugh, the
Governor refused, because there was
no other charges other than party af
filiations. By the retaining of Mr.
McHugh, these positions were mad 2
possible to members of our group.
Andrew Stuart,
2512 N. 24th St
makes an appeal to the colored voters
Omaha could get favors from a Demo
et straight this year regardless of the
voters previous political affiliation.
Matthews said he asked this because
•it was a foregone conclusion that Ne
braska was going to give Franklin D.
Roosevelt and Governor Charles Bryan
overwhelming majorities in the No
vember election and that the only way
Omaha could get favors from a Demo
cratic President and a Democratic
Governor is to elect Democratic rep
resentatives who will be the only ones
to get favors from democratic admin
“Everybody admits” says Matthews
“that Roosevelt and Bryan are going
to be elected, therefore, it is foolish to
try to send a Republican Congressman
to Washington or republican represen
tatives to Lincoln.
A Republican request for favors for
Omaha will be ignored by President
Roosevelt said Matthews, but if we
elect Ed Burke our Democratic Candi
date to Congress, he will be able to
represent Omaha as it should be rep
resented.” “Ed Burke,” said Mat
thews “is one of the outstanding men
in Omaha. As President of the Om
aha School Board he established an
excellent record and was particularly
interested in seeing that the colored
people got their rights. The way to
thank him for this service is to vote
for him in November.
Matthews says, that every colored
voter in Omaha ought to vote for the
Democratic Candidates for the Senate
and House to give Governor Bryan a
lriendly group of law makers and that
if we do this Governor Bryan will give
the State the best administration we
have ever had.
The County Chairman said that Gov
ernor Bryan has been particularly
friendly to the colored voters and he
is the first Governor to ever see to it
that the colored people had their prop
er share of public offices. Now the
only way to show the Governor that
this work is appreciated is to vote for
him and for the Legislative candi
Matthews also pleaded for the elec
Deeds, W. M. and ((Ike Mahoney for
tion of Tom O'Connor for Register of
County Commissioner, Joe Lovely fcr
Public Defender, and for the entire
State Democratic Ticket.
Edenton, N. C —(CNS)—The Chow,
an County Board of Education last
week received a $48,000 donation from
the Rosenwald Fund to be used for the
purpose of building a new colored
school here. According to estimates,
the new building will be ready for oc
cupancy at the beginning of the com
ing school term.
Compliments of
At. 6606
24th and Seward
Has an excellent rec
ord, and should be re
If Chicago girli want to play tennis
In the new "shorts.” polo shirt, shoes
and a smile. It's okay with Chicago
courts, they have declared in a de
cision restraining park officials from
interfering with players in such a cos
tume. The court ruling coincides with
Informal opinions expressed by phy
sicians and tennis champions.
Left: Jolita Macready of Chicago
wearing the costume which started the
latest battle around what is this and
that in the matter of women's apparei
or lack of apparel. Upper right: Mrs
Dorothy Welsel Hack. Western Wom
ens Tennis Champion end wife of the
Cubs' third baseman, who thinks the
new costume “sensible" and predicta
that If some ranking player would
adopt it, it would sweep the country
quickly becoming a recognised insti
tution frowned upon no more than tho
present day abbreviated bathing suit.
Low’er right: Dr. William Muhlberg,
vice-president and medical director of
Onion Central Life Insurance Com
pany, who sees In the costume fa op
portunity for girls to acquire more of|
the valuable Vitamin D from the add
ed skin surface exposed to the tun a
health giving rays. He declares girls
need the benefits of summer sun even
more than men because, up to 35, they
L resist disease jess easily.
Senator Tyaings suggests that Mr.
Hoover and Mr. Curtis are “riding the
same horse, but in two directions.”
In a nation-wide poll being taken by
the Hearst papers Roosevelt is run
ning about two to one over Hoover.
The Western Leader says: “We
of us are just about out of everything
ought to be out of th depression. Lots
else.” What a blessing is Hoover
Cotton is going up in price because
everybody now wears cotton. The silk
wearing crowd met their Waterloo in
1929. And wool—well, the woolen in
dustry went with the disappearance of
i the silk worm.
The democratic organization of this
state will be happy for any man or
woman’s assistance in precinct organ
ization work. Just write the demo
crat state central committee, Lincoln
Hotel, Lincoln.
“Nebraska’s greatest business gov
ernor,” so declared Mayor Will Madg
ett, of Hastings, in his introduction of
Governor Bryan to the Hastings fair
visitors. Mr. Madgett is a republican,
but he appreciates public officials who
possess business ability.
A moritorium for sixty days, is the
edict from Washington. SSixty days
' from now will be election day. Many
of us have enjoyed a moriorium for
the past three years, because from
what we have now, nothing more can
I be taken.
If Governor Bryan has accomplished
nothing- else, all intelligent and un
biased citizens will frankly give him
. credit for reducing by three million
dollars the amount of money raised by
a state tax on property for the years
, 1931 and 1932.
If the Hoover administration can in.
crease prices now on the eve of a
presidential election, could they no1
have increased them any time during
the past three years and saved tens ol
thousands of farms and homes tha1
have been closed out on mortgages?
Republican newspapers make much
ado about A1 Smith not warming up t<
the democratic campaign. They hav<
overlooked another personage of note
who is also troubled with “hay fever’
and can fill no speaking engagements
—not even in Vermont. Calvin Cool
idge is his name.
The republican legislative candidate
is now found making his rounds. He
is a mighty fine fellow before elec
tion, but after he is elected and gets
down here at Lincoln, he is a differ,
ent kind of an animal. Better leave
him at home to continue being a good
The new program emanating from
M ashington to the end of providing
jobs for the unemployed, calls upon
the employed to share their jobs with
the unemployed. That suits this para
grapher fine. We’ve got our applica
tion already in for the sharing of the
postmastership job in our home town.
It is surprising that some European
I nation has not made application for a
loan from the Reconstruction Finance
| CCorporation. Maybe such application
! has been made but the commission is
too modest to report it. President
Hoover seems anxious to help every
people on the earth but those of us
who live in the U. S. A.
In discussing the Columbus speech
the World-Herald says: “Governor
Roosevelt is a leader, and he leads def
initely forward. President Hoover
may be a leader too, but he leads in
no direction. He stands pat, flatly op
posed to a single fundamental princi
ple or policy. The policies that have
brought us where we are are good
enough for him.”
Blockading highways seems to have
become a favorite sport over in Iowa.
The trouble with this method of con
trolling price levels is, that it arrays
farmers against farmers. When one
farmer seeks to force another farmer
to think as he thinks and do as he
does, he has a bigger job in such mat
ters than the fellow who tried to drag
a wild cat out of its den bare handed.
It makes the heads of the various
departments under Governor Bryan
mighty sore to see the attorney gen
eral squandering the money they have
saved the state in getting his police
patrol iniative petition on the ballot.
Sorenson’s initiative petition will cost
the state more than his salary
| amounts to for five years. Frank
Marsh says it will amount to at least
$27,000 for legal printing and the
cost of the ballots
You were told eighteen months ago
that state government could not be
conducted on the appropriations Gov
ernor Bryan requested. Thus for no
department have closed shop for a
lack of money to operate them. They
are, on the other hand, showing a
handsome saving of the amount allot
ted them by the governor. They have
felt the need of saving and not spend
ing. The taxpayers have profited ac
j cordingly, many thousands of dollars.
It is conceded in every quarter that
George Hall will be the next state
treasurer. He was elected state treas
urer in 1912 and became noted for the
manner in which he conducted the
affairs of that office. He is a con
servative in money matters, rigidly
economic, a tireless worker and fur
thermore knows the duties of the of.
fice to which he aspires as no othsr
Nation’s Business says: “Any man
whose assets inventory 25 percent of
what they were three years ago has
shown extraordinary financial acumen.
Any man whese assets inventory 35
percent of two years ago is a worker
of financial miracles. Any man whose
assets inventory 50 percent is a
darned liar.” This is the result of
Hoover policies and the president says
he is proud of his record and will con
tinue his present policies if re-elected.
Will you vote for him ?
Republican speakers face an embar
rassing situation in the present cam
paign. Their party has been in abso
lute control of the nation and most of
the state for the past 14 years. It was
during this period the present econo
mic condition develoj^d. The depres
sion came about under republican
policies and President Hoover empha
sizes the fact that if he is elected
there will be no change in the present
national policies. In other words, if
you like the present conditions, vote
for Hoover. If you do not like pres
ent low prices and unemployment,
vote for Roosevelt and a change in
the 4arms and grass will grow in the
streets of the cities.” This is a literal
and exact truth. Agriculture is the
basic industry upon which the com
fort, prosperity and life of every citi
zen depends. Under the administra
ton and policies of Herbert Hoover
the price of farm products has fallen
lower and lower until now the prices
are far below the cost of production.
What is the result? Not only is the
farm industry prostrated but eleven
million men walk the highways beg
ging for food and shelter. There can
be no recovery until the farmer is paid
a living price for his products.
A striking example of the wasteful
methods of republican bureaucracy is
found in the United States Depart
mentof Commerce, which made its
most rapid expansion when Mr. Hoov
er was secretary. From an appropria
tion of $10,329,608.44 in 1914, the de
partment grew to receive $54,959,
586.67 in 1932. Its activity is large
ly to collect dull data and print it im
unread circulars so that in 1931, 11,
319,540 copies were printed and circu
lated at public expense. Is it any
wonder the Hoover administration
created such a staggering deficit as
to cause the now annoying federal
taxes ?
A prominent judge in discussing the
proposed Sorenson state police patrol
plan said: “I have talked to many
about this bill and have found but one
voter who was favorable to it. Many
voters who have been strong support
ers of Sorenson heretofore, say that
he will get no further support frm
him. Should the act become a law, it
easily could become one of the most
dangerous and costly rackets, not on
ly because the criminal racketeer with
a badge stuck on his coat could stop
and hold up travelers but with a large
body of men selected by the Superin
tendent some of them could and would
pull some fool stunt.” Most of the
road acicidents happen in the cities
where policemen are thick.
The people of Kansas are pointing
with pride to the fact that through
the efforts of taxpayers leagues and
kindred organizations they havd se
cured a reduction of a million dollars
in the amount of money raised by the
state tax on property for the year of
1932. Kansas is late in getting into
the tax-reduction business. In Ne
braska, due to the determined and
successful fight made by Governor
Bryan with a republican legislature in i
1931, state appropriations were cut1
down and the state tax on property
was reduced three million dollars for
the binennium or a million and a half
for each of the years 1931 and 1932.
Counties, cities and school districts i
are following the good example set
by our state government.
The Hamiltonian theory of govern
ment is that the rich should be made
richer so they could take care of the
poor. The Jeffersonian theory of
government is “Equal rights to all
and special privileges to none.” Pres
ident Hoover is a splendid exponent
of the Hamiltonian theory. He has
loaned huge sums of plblic funds to
great corporations, railroads, insur
ance companies, banks, etc., and hop
es that some of their inflated prosper
ity will flitter* down to the farmer and
home owner. The total failure of the
Presidents theory is clearly demon
strated by the present depression.
; The republican party with its Hamil
| tonian theory of government has had
i complete control of national affairs
for fourteen years and present condi
tions are the direct result of that
theory put into full force and effect.
Washington—(CNS) — Charging
that Arthur Markell, white newspaper
man, former employer of his wife,
Lucille Poindexter Edwards, was the
father'of his wife’s child, and through
various fraudulent means persuaded
her to induce him into marriage to
shield himself from the consequences
of his illicit relations with her Wi
liam Edwards, colored, of 1717 Nine
teenth street, northwest, filed suit
| through his attorneys W. L. Houston
of Houston and Houston, asking for
$20,000 damages from Markell.
Edwards claims that he has been
ar.d still is an honest, respectable citi
zen and has always enjoyed the re
spect of the people in his community,
and that he had always carried himself
in such a way as to one day marry
some good and worthy woman of his
own race and rear a family. He charge
in his bill that his wife through
the machinations of Markell >.as made
this impossible, for that on February
28, 1930 he began friendly relations
with Lucille Poindexter but that she
at the same time was engaging in
clandestine illicit relations with Mar
kell and did continue same up until
March 1930. As a result of this he
claims she became impregnated by
Markell and delivered a child about
December 13, 1930. He states that
when Markell became aware of her
condition, in order to evade responsi
bility for his illicit actions and to es
cape the disgrace and ostracism that
would follow, he fraudulently forced
her to represent to Edwards that he
was the sole recipient of her affections
and that he was responsible for her
un account or these false represen
tations Edwards claims that he mar.
jried her and lost his health, peace of
mind and personal fortune in excess
of $904.00 for expenditures, incurred
during her confinement, which rightly
should have been Markell’s. Edwards
asks the court to award him damages
of $20,000 and court costs.
Edwards a month ago filed papers
asking for annulment of his marriage
charging fraud. He based his claims
at that time on the fact that his wife
and he are both dark-skinned and
cf'uld not be the parents of a fair
skinned child.
Later. Edwards claims, his wife ad
mitted to him that the child was not
his. His suit for annulment followed.
MarVell is married and resides at
1740 K street, northwest, and is em
ployed by a local daily newspaper.
I ...
I* i'
(Born in Nebraska; age 46. \
Resident of Omaha 43 years. |
| Aviation section, 1917-18. Nine- |
T teen years practice. Five years f
f instructor in law, University of I
| Omaha. Now Dean of Law |
, t school. Present Presiding Judge f
? of District Court.
Inquire of any Omaha lawyer »
f regarding Judge Thomsen’s »
i temperament and reputation for J
i fair dealing. j
t t
j t T T-1 . . . . t r t - t r - -—
He Has Kept The Faith
Charles W. Bryan
-(lai)p.rnnr nf Nebraska _