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JULYS, 18 0 J.
NencGS, Chrcnic,
' ' AND
Otbf DUwt t
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Money arid the Taxing Power
BY W. H. ASHBY. ;i- '
, All Rights Reserred.
BOOK 2.Chapter IX.
The overpowering force of demand
for coin thus limited, created by
world-embracing statutes and thus ex
clusively empowered, drives mankind,
belpless, to the, feet of the gold trust
It is here that the foul den of the
usurer is excavated. The power thus
conferred upon the gold owtier to com
mit the crime of usury (which Is a
crime -violative of natural law) Is an
tccursed Incident attending the ' evil
and iniquitous system of taxing
ALL things- and de p r i v i n g - ALL
tbingg of the po we r to PAY tax
ltvies and judgments, except the tax
receipts conferred as a gift and
stamped upon the gold ' owner gold
alone. ' .' ; . ; t
Iniquity thus crowned and en
throned brings forth after its kind.
The gold owner refuses to sell the tax-
raying power,' made a gift to him, and
by means of his monopoly of it com
pels mankind to borrow it and
pay ,ilm usury for it.
It was reserved for our own time to
produce men of sufficient effrontery
tri attempt a defense of usury in the
fcrum of reason.
It has heretofore, when submitted
to, been merely tolerated as a con
fessed but necessary evil and crime
against mankind.' But latterly the
triumph of Mammon has been so com
plete, that men have been found cap
able of actually writing and speaking
it.-, favor of this crime as a righteous
system. ' ' -
Let us look into this sinister and
iusidious crime and discover if possi
ble what is the secret of its malign
power, which brands it with the curse
of mankind and of God.
Moses forbade the taking of any re
turn whatever for the loan of coin.
This is a great authority. While the
laws of Moses in their details, and in
the method of their application, have
been greatly modified, yet there is not
a single i : great principle laid down by
him which has ever been repudiated
without being followed by a train of
evils to the common mass of men.
He was wise enough to devise a
system of land tenures, supported by
limitations upon the greed' of credit
ors, contained in an automatic bank
ruptcy law relieving hapless debtors
by its own proper vigor, without ex
pense or aid of courts, every seventh
j ear j and culminating in the resti
tution of the land inheritance, when
lost through - mortgage of otherwise,
at the end of each fifty years: thus
making a semi-centennial jubilee and
year of universal deliverance,' thereby
defeating the tendency toward "con
centration of wealth on the one hand
a'nd toward pauperism, crime and con
sequent' social decay and ruin on the
other found in every governmental
system. Surely such a man is en
titled to respectful attention. -
The fact that . one who displayed
such deep insight into human con
duct, ad such a far glancing eye to
guard against its evil consequences,
prohiibted the taking of usury or in
terest, as a high crime against the
community, should cause us to pause
and hesitate before we agree that it
may be done without public injury.
: It '-appears to me that the weakest,
reasons against usury alone have been
put ; forward; And yet, weak as they
are, they are strong , against any ar
guments offered , in its favor. Bacon,
ttho had felt its malign power-to de
stroy' it3 victims, in his own xper
fence, points out such reasons as he
found. - These are weighty and cor
rectly stated.' The ' avoiding of all
chances of loss ! Incurred-, by -'.engaging
in useful enterprises and compelling
thosewho do so to pay tribute; ' the
usurer's share 1 ' depending upon J the
flight of time, alone, and not upon any
accidents of trade, must end. in put
ting alLcoin in?th hands' of the us
urer. - 1 ': --vf.i'.' :; : - . . :
' The argument in the Merchant of
Venice (if "also written, as many be
lieve, by Bacon) is along the same
line, and contrasts the lack of reprd-,
ductive -power of "barren metal" with
the fecundity of animals and plants.
A statement by another represents
the agriculturist using as his imple
ment," In his efforts at dominion, a
plow which will wear out in ten years,
and "then ceases to be; while the us
urer's implement, coin, is just as new
and efficient at the end of ten years
as at the time -of the loam '
The average life of a horse is said
to be twelve years. To be of any
benefit to his owner, that owner must
join his own toil to that of the horse;
otherwise, the horse is worthless. Be
sides, the owner of the horse is com
pelled to incur the burden and the ex
pense of caring for the health, and
providing food, shelter, harness; shoes,
etc., lor him-all iHVolving greater or
less care and outlay. And when all
has been done, the life of a horse is
only about' twelve years; while the
usurer's loan of coin renews its youth
and lives forever. -
The tendency of usury is to with
draw men from engaging in the pro
auction; preservation and distribution
of useful things, thus to that extent
tetarding progress.
Another objection to it is its essen
tial inequity and unfairness. -No us
ury can be collected without the aid
of the laws and courts. If, therefore,
lending at usury gives to the relative
ly rich an advantage over the relative
ly poor, it is because the laws to that
extent help the relatively rich against
the relatively poor.
None but the relatively rich can en
gage in the business of lending for
usury. It is only one who has a sur
plus of wealth which he can store up
and invest in coin, who can lend for
usury. . It is simply brutal effrontery
to say, as the defenders of usury and
of national banks do: .."It is a busi
ness open to all; if it is so profitable,
why don't everybody engage in it?"
The . reason is that nobody can
engage in lending for usury unless he
is comparatively wealthy, and nobody
can - set up -a national bank without
possessing the required quantity of
coin; and these . conditions, thus cre
ated, exclude the great mass of man
kind from engaging in the business
as effectually as if the statute empow
ered the rich alone, by name, to do
so. And as both are created and made
profitable by statutes, it is clear that
such legislation Is favorable to those
who are relatively rich and unfav
orable and injurious to those who
are relatively poor. - v-
It reminds me of the banquet pre
pared by the fox,. to which the raven
was invited. There was nothing of
the banquet but soup in a shallow
dish; and the raven, owing to his con
formation, could get none of it. But
the fox, possessing the appropriate ap
pliance of tongue, ate it all and, with
a hypocritical pretense of fairness and
of mock politeness, pressed the help
less raven to partake with him of the
banquet! . t
It is simply mockery to speak of
equal opportunities for all to profit
from lending at usury; and without
the aid of statutes and courts, usury
cannot be collected. The needy; who
constitute the victims of usurers of
the world, have no ' opportunity ' to
lend; because they have nothing to
lend and are compelled to borrow
because tax levies and judgments r e-
q u i re coin; ' and coin is accessible
to no one unless he 'is the owner of
gold." ' ! .. '
! It Is asserted by the brazen, but il
logical, defenders of usury that it is
the wealthy who pay the bulk of the
usury: ' They speak of toe great mer
cantiie, manufacturing and transports
tion companies as constituting the
principal borrowers upon usury. .
In the first place; it is not- true that
these companies are the principal
borrowers. Add together the , small
but innumerably sums borrowed by
the Vast ; multitude of the needy, not
to engage in speculation 'or productive
enterprise but to meet tax levies and
judgments, or claims threatening to
become judgments," or to mee their
daily wants, secured by notes signed
by trusting friends, or by real estate
or chattel mortgages, or-by a pledg
ing of valuables to pawnbrokers; and
It far exceeds at any 'given time all
sums Jorro wed for business purpose.",
by the' great establishments.
- (Continued 'Next Week.)
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