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MARCH 12, 1903.
' - -v..
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Money and the Taxing Power
All Rights Reserved.
It thus becomes manifest that when
ever the articles subject to taxation
are empowered to pay that' tax, at the
same "price'' at which they are listed
for taxation, that price necessarily de
termines their price for all purposes,
la all private transactions between the
citizens, these animals would be ex
changed for each other on the basis of
the "prices" thus fixed, by the "valu
ation" or appraisement "under the laws
regulating the exercise of the taxing
power, and those prices' would be ex
pressed in the term of "money" thus
adopted by the government, whatever
that term might be. -
The citizens woula not thus, in pri
vate exchanges,' use " the . "prices" ex
pressed by this term because such ac
tion , would be - mandator y, but
because it would be convenient.
In thus applying the term, of . money
to express the quantity of valuation,
and using that expression which is
"price," exchanges would be "facili
tated."' But such use of the "standard
of money" would be entirely volun
tary and it never was a necessity.
The device for expressing quantity
of valuation, therefore, arose out of
the necessity to overcome the diffi
culties surrounding the equitable ex
ercise of the taxing power. It is a
necessary device, as we have seen,
even when the system of. taxation in
volves the simple process of taking a
portion of each specific article taxed.
How much more necessary where all
articles of taxable wealth " are ap
praised or "valued" and the percent
age of the tax taken in "coin," and in
nothing else!
It was proper, then, that the 20th
section of the act of congress of April,
1792, made the use of the symbol,
which constitutes "money," compul
sory "in the public offices of the
United States," where it forms an es
sential part of the machinery for the
exercise of the taxing power. Its use
is . mandatory there. , This ; is one of
the offices for the performance of
whose functions the "standard of
money" is created; the other , is its
use in the courts. It is safe to say
that no imaginary difficulties of ex
changing commodities for each other
ever caused its invention. It sprang
from the fact that no system of ex
ercising the taxing power . can be
equitably employed without some such
device. It was for this reason that
the use of the "standard of money"
was made compulsory "in the public
offices," where it performs its official
functions.' We may, therefore, safely
conclude that the standard of money is
created in each nation as a device es
sential to the exercise of the taxing
power, whenever that nation attains
to a condition of stability and order,
under laws for Its regulation, and nev
er exists except under these conditions.
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Having ascertained the origin and
the characteristics of the device prop
erly called "money," we discovered
that its official functions are per
formed "in the public offices and in
the courts." We followed it into the
public offices and found it there mak
ing it possible to , make equal quanti
ties of valuation of the force of de
mand bear equal burdens in the sup
port and maintenance cf government.
Let us next follow it into the courts
of this country.
The same law which makes its use
compulsory in the public offices, in the
exercise of the taxing power, also
makes its use compulsory in the "pro
ceedings of the courts" in this coun
try. .. '
We have seen that even in a coun
try devoid of "coin,"T and where all
taxes are made payable in the articles
taxed, some rude "standard of money"
is a necessity in the exercise of the
taxing power, and must be fixed by
the governing authority. It is clear
ly much more necessary where "val
uation" alone is taxed, and all taxes
paid in "coin" alone as it is with us.
There is but one lawful method
known among men; living under or
derly governments, for the enforce
ment of the payment of - claims be
tween private persons, whether such
claims arise out of contracts or out of
torts. That method is by a judicial
proceeding in the courts.
It is evident that in those coun
tries where taxes were collected by
the seizure ana appropriation of a por
tion of the specific things ' taxed, and
where, as a consequence, no "coin"
of the modern, kind was used for that
purpose, no such "coin" would exist
It is also evident that under sucU con
ditions, all claims between citizens,
arising out of torts or contracts, would
necessarily be satisfied by the deliv
ery of such commodities as the people
possessed, at the same "price", at
which ', they were appraised and re
ceived for taxation. ,
- After the adoption of a standard of
money in order to make possible the
process of taxation, the ''prices" of
all taxable , articles would be ex
pressed in the term of money. All
claims between citizens must either be
satisfied by, agreement or else by ad-,
judication in the courts. . If by agree
ment, then anything- agreed to
be taken would satisfy the claim.
Whoever appeals to the courts there
by submits himself to their jurisdic
tion and is bound to accept what jus
tice, so, administered, awards him
or nothing. When no coin was in ex
istence, and all taxes were paid in the
specific articles taxed, the courts de
creed payment of all claims in the
commodities which were received in
the payment of taxes. The quantity
of valuation decreed - by the court
would be expressed in the judgment
of the court by . the term of "money"
in the same manner as it would be ex
pressed in the tax levy.
But we saw. that the ODtion of se
lecting the articles to be deliverer! in
satisfaction of the tax levy is with
the government' A tax lew. for ex
ample, expressed . as having been
made upon 4,000 "hogs," might in fact
have been made upon 1,000 hogs, 100
sheep, 10 cowsand 1 horse. It would
be satisfiable (at one-tenth) by ithe
delivery of 400 hogs. But the govern
ment mignt preter cows or sheep, and
in that case the taxpayer would have
no option, as it is the government in
all lands and in all times that deter
mines in what things tax levies shall
be paid.
But where a judgment was rendered
by the courts, against one citizen in
favor of another, under the v condi
tions named, for the same quantity of
value as the-tax lew above referred
to, it would be expressed in the term
of - "money" supposed in that case,
and would be "400 hogs." It would
be satisfiable by any taxable goods of
that quantity of taxable valuation,
Dut . tne option of choosing . the ar
ticles in which it should be paid,
would rest with the debtor; and he
could deliver in satisfaction of the
judgment any articles capable of sat
isfying a tax levy, . at the price at
wnicn tney were taxable.
llie courts employed the same mon
ey symbol which was used in levying
taxes, ana tne judgment was rendered
in that "money."
i olio wing this ancient and natural
rule, the Btatute" above referred tn re
quires that "the proceedings in the
COUrtS Of the United SrntPa shall Vw
had" in the "standard of money"
tueu aaoptea. mis makes the use of
the symbol, constituting the "stand
ard of United States money," ma n-
aatory. in, all our. courts The ef-
feet of that statute is to require that
all judgments rendered in the rniirta
Of this Country Shall he. AYnrecoorl in
"Dollars," aided by the numerals. And
so it is made mandatory that the
quauuiy 01 valuation ot all tax levies
and of all Judgments, "in tho
offices and in the courts," shall be ex
pressed oy the use of the term or
symbol which is "money" and in no
01 ner manner. , . - - . , ..
: In fact, a fixed quantity of valua
tion cannot be expressed in any other
way; in this country, for,, the reason
that we -have no other 'iwnrd". whiM,
we can jjse for that, purpose,: and the
.. ,,e ;,maKes tne use- -the word
Dollar, compulsory "in the. publb
offices and in the courts of the United
States." Thus it is apparent that the
money of the United States, consisting
of the symbol and the requisite nu
merals, was by the statute appointed
to an office in furtherance of the ex
ercise of the taxing power and of the
administration of justice; and that
the performance of the duties thus as
signed to it constitutes its function.
As it has been appointed by law to
the performance of no other office
it follows that these constitute its
only; functions. "
- - (Continued Next Week.)
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