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FEBRUARY 19, 1903.
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SLAnLho &
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Money and the Taxing Power
All Rights Reserved. -
Investigation convinces me that the
English word, "money," is of Anglo
Saxon origin and lia3 not the remot
est relation either to "Moneta" or to
any other coin factory. . . ; :
The oldest preserved form of this
word which I have been able to find
is, "mone' atid it was doubtless pro
nounced like m-o-a-n and had a sim
ilar origin. The word "mone," being
Anglo-Saxon, came with the : Indo
Germanic race and must have been
drawn from the same Aryan root out
of which the Greeks derived the word
."monos," meaning "single," "alone;"
and finally the word "monas," mean
ing "one," the Greek name for unity.
The English word "one"'is no more
widely separated from "mone" in
orthography than In the word "moan,"
which carries the implication of lone
liness. We have "moan," "lone," and
"mone," all implying separateness,
loneliness, singleness unity.
The Angles and Saxons had, like
every other people, a "mone" long
before they hada coin factory. They
must have possessed some sort of
rude standard of "mone" before they
settled in Britain. The name by
which they designated the device for
expressing quantity of the force of
demand was, it seems clear to be,
"mone." )
A device for expressing quantity of
demand consists of a standard unit
of quantity of that force symbolized
by a chosen term.' "Mone" was what
they called that unit. This pretended
derivation of "money" from "moneta"
violates all rules for the formation of
Latin derivatives. How did we get
rid of the letter "t" which is pre
served in all other words derived
from "moneta?" So then, the rea
son of the case, as well as the form
of the word, goes to prove that
"mone," in its origin, referred to a
unit and was derived from some an
cient Saxon or Angle word implying
unity. As the "standard of money"
is a unit or fixed quantity of the force
of demand, symbolized by a term, it is
clear that the word "mone" Is the
name properly applied to the device
for expressing quantity of the force of
demand, and has no reference to a
coin or to a coin factory; and is drawn
from the same root as the GreeC word
"monas," which means unit or one.
The English word "one" is produced
by simply dropping the "m" from
"mone" a variation no greater than
is required to form "lone" or "moan'
Every nation which has left a his
tory, and every nation at present en
gaged in making one, had and has as
its inheritance the competitive
system. Everywhere men have
struggled, and continue to struggle
against each other for the exclusive
possession of things endowed with
utility, called "wealth." And where
soever such struggle- is carried on un
der a system enforcing private own
ership and prohibiting violence, it
necessarily generates the force of de
mand which is by us translated by the
mental process of "valuation" or. "ap
praisal", into its equivalent of what
we apprehend as "value."
We have seen that in our dealings
with all other. modes of force, and
with the three dimensions of exten
sion in space, as well as with duration
in time, certain appliances have
been employed for the purpose of as
certaining quantity of each. In as
certaining quantity of weight, for ex
ample, some modification of the bal
ance is used, in which a heavy sub
stance, whose quantity of weight cor
responds with and is expressed by
the quantity of weight symbolized by
the standard unit, or some multiple
or fraction thereof, is placed upon
one arm; - while the substance, the
quantity of whose weight is to be
ascertained, is placed upon the other.
The yardstick, the thermometer, the
clock, the steam-gauge, and other ap
pliances are employed for a like pur
pose. ' ' ' ,
But the quantity of the "force of
demand is unique, in that no mechani
cal appliance can be employed to as
certain quantity of it This is be
cause of its highly complex nature,
and the only men? of ascertaining
the quantity of the force of demand
in any givn ca9e is to subject the
thing endowed with utility to the ac
tion of that force, at the given time
and place? and to make a mental
"valuation" or estimate of the quan
tity of the force of demand acting
upon It such "valuation" or estimate
being its quantity of "value."
Human appraisal or valuation is the
only appliance which can be employed
to ascertain the quantity of the force
of demand at any given time or place;
and human appraisal or valuation of
that force is what we mean by "value.""-
. : ..... ..
; Every people, governed by laws of
sufficient stability and power to re
strain the competitive struggle for ex
clusive possession of things endowed
with utility, within the rules and ar
ticles of legalized commerclar war, and
to prohibit violence, has without an
exception created the device for ex
pressing quantity of the force of de
mand, and has consequently, by cus-
lonr or law, "fixed a standard of
money."- It is not asserted that they
have manufactured 'eoin," which is
a different thing; but that they have
established a symbol standing for a
fixed quantity of that "valuation" or
"appraisal'-' of the quantity of the
force of demand, which we call "val
ue;" and that symbol is the standard
of money. - That symbol may be the
word "rouble," or "mark," or "franc,"
or "lire," or "mark," or . "dollar;"
but whatever. the name may be, it
Is always a term which stands as the
symbol of . the fixed quantity of the
force of demand, which has been
adopted a sthe standard unit; and the
symbol so chosen, in connection wit
the numerals to show how many times
it occurs in any given case, does it
self constitute the money standard
of the nation which adopts it And
thi3 fixed standard never exists ex
cept when arbitrarily adopted by
something of the nature of govern
ment t
The "money of the United States"
consists of the term "dollar," which
in April, 1792, either with er without
constitutional authority, ws chosen
by congress to stand as the symbol
of the fixed quantity pi the force of
demand selected as the "standard
unit;" and that symbol, with the nu
merals, constitutes the "money"
which congress was empowered by the
constitution to "co-'n" or sfamp; and
it is a high crime. punishaMe by im
prisonment for any one else to do
that act The "money" of thi conn
try i is therefore tbe term "dollar,"
which we use in connection with the
numerals to express quantity of the
force of demand; while a coin is al
ways a phvcjoai obt' :
When congress" uTic'erta1--es,to fix the
standard. of weierhts, it must be done
bv establishing a fivel snd?rd unit
of the force of gravitation, to be sym
bolized bv some chosn tarm, by the
use of which, asited bv the numerals,
quantity of the forcp of gravita
tion mav be expressed.
Whn a s'ada'-d rt linear exten
sion i to be fixed. H nvst be done by
establishing a standard unit of linear
extension, svmbolie'l bv the chosen
term. Whn the congress undertakes
to fix a standard of money, it must be
done by choosing a standard unit,
consisting of a fixed quantity of the
force of demand, which must be sym
bolized by the term chosen. The fact
that a standard of money exists in
any country is conclusive proof of the
existence there of the competitive sys
tem and the recognition of the right
of private ownership, together with
settled laws, and" orderly administra
tion of a government enforcing these
Nomads and savages have no
money. No people devoid of laws and
a stable government, or who repudiate
private ownership and the competi
tive system, ever had or could have
a "money." The stories of Marco
Polo and other ignorant travelers, and
incompetent, observers, concerning
naVed savages in Central Asia." on the
west coast of Africa, and in the wilds
of America, relating how among these
people feathers, shells, wampum, and
other articles were "used as money,"
are absurd therefore and show us up
on what flimsy foundations the cur
rent "science of monoy" rests. That
such silly and preposterous hearsays
are accepted and made the basis of
theories of money, by men pretend
ing to adopt the methods of modern
science, should excite astonishment.
Those things were not used as money;
they were ' commodities passing .in
trade among those people, having pow
er, to .serve them in some way.
" - (Continued next week.)
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