The Wageworker. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1904-????, July 01, 1910, Image 3

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    Dollars with wings is a truthful fact, when you patronize the firm or business not a fixture in this city. The home merchant
gives a return wherein we all reap a dividend.
The Lincoln Carpet Cleaning Co.
lias the reputation of doing high
ttrade work promptly and satisfac
torily. We ask you to remember
then and at the same time save your
ruga and carpets. They clean all
kinds of carpets and rugs and in all
Instances have given satisfaction.
They take up. clean and return car
pets and ruga the same day, thus
avoiding all 'elay. They have the
confidence of the people of Lincoln,
with whom they have cast their lot
and have become successful business
men here. They know the business
of house cleaning as well and guar
antee all work. Give them a call
when in need of any work in any of
these lines. Their place of busi
ness la located at Twenty-fourth and
O streets.
In this progressive age the young
man or woman, who enters "upon a
business career witnoui proper prep
aration Is badly handicapped. A tnor-
oueh business education is an essen
tial nualiflcatlon. and an institution
hich specialises along the line of
practical business methods is today
a necessity, tf you wish to make a
success In any branch of the busi
ness world. The Lincoln Business
College toffers an opportunity to
those who are desirous of obtaining
an education of this kind.
Each department is under the per
sonal supervision of competent in
structors, and the standing of the
Institution is excellent. Every branch
in business and commercial lines Is
here taught and the student who de
sires to take up any special course
will find the Lincoln Business Col
lege an institution that will qualify
htm in whatever branch he chooses.
If you liave any sons or daughters
you can do nothing for them which
will be of more lastlngg benefit than
to send them to the Lincoln Business
The College occupies excellent
quarters in the Oliver building.
Thirteenth and P streets,, and is
equipped in a manner which assures
comfort and convenience to the stu
dent. The officers and corps of
teachers are men of high standing in
Lincoln, and the college ranks
among the foremost In the state of
There Is no branch of commercial
achievement that is more worthy of
mention that that of the merchant
tailoring trade, and occupying an im
portant position in this particular
line Is The Ludwig Co., located at
1028 O street. The salesroom of this
most commendable concern is finely
fitted and appointed, has every facil
ity for the display of the large line
of Imported and domestic goods and
suitings of the choicest weaves, and
also medium priced goods, the newest
eslgns, most fashionable shades and
pleading patterns, and the products
of the house are distinguished for
faultless fit and fine workmanship.
Customers will find here every con
venience for their care and are as
sured of saatlsfactlon upon every oc
casion. Mr. Ludwig personally sup
ervises the business and takes a
personal pride in the care of the
large and ever increasing trade.
fruits and syrups. Beside the large
line of confections and syrups manu
factured, they also carry a line of
confections and
line of show cases, and in fact here
can be found everything that goes to
make up a first class candy store.
The business of this enterprising
company enjoys a steady and Increas
ing growth and the mere mention
that the products are from thla firm
assures a ready sale. The mem com
prising this firm are among the city's
best cKlzens.
. .. . ' '
The Elani restaurant Is known to
everyone in Lincoln and requires no
introduction. This first class place
is located at 134 South Tenth street,
and is one of the old and well estab
lished houses and has always catered
to the wants and tastes of its large
and increasing patronage. Mr. J. A.
Elam, the proprietor,, is well known
to everyone in Lincoln, and he num
bers his friends among the wage
earners by the scores. His experi
ence in the line of catering to the
tastes of the public and serving them
acceptably is too well known to need
comment. This place is neatly ap
pointed and tastefully arranged and
the service and cousine of the best.
This fact is attested by the large and
constantly increasing patronage ac
corded this popular place. Mr. Elam
believes nothing is too good for his
patrons and serves the best the mai
ket affords at all times.
In every growing community more
than ordinary interest attaches to the
concerns which supply the lumber
etc., for that particular section. In
this Important branch of commercial
endeavor particular recognition
should be accorded the above com
pany, located at ,737 N street. This
company is one of the most exten
sive dealers in lumber in Lincoln and
through its able and conservative
methods in meeting the competitive
spirit of the age has built up one of
the finest list of patrons in this sec
tion. Everything in the lumber and
builders' line can be secured and at
the lowest market price. Its yards
are well stocked, its lumber well sea
soned and the quality the best. The
gentlemen comprising this company
are some of the city's foremost citi
zens, ever taking a lead in affairs
where the city and its citizens are
best conserved.
In mentioning the different retail
interests of Lincoln we wish to call
attention of our readers to the cloth
ing store of Speler & Simon, located
at 104 and 106 North Tenth street,
one door north of O street. The con
cern handles a most complete line of
ready-to-wear clothing for " men,
youths and boys, shoes, hats, furnish
ings, etc. Here you will find clothes
In all the latest styles and patterns,
clothes to Jit and at prices to suit.
In fact, good clothes at most moder
ate prices. The management of this
store has always evinced a friendly
Interest in whatever advances the
city's welfare and the wageworker
has been no exception. If courteous
treatment and honorable business
methods are sought here you will
find them.
A good, comfortable restaurant at
reasonable rates is what the public
Is seeking for at all times. The
above restaurant and lunch room fills
the want. Here you will find at all
times the beat possible service and
courteous treatment. Mr. Cameron
numbers many wage workers among
his customers and he is friendly to
their cause. Through the generous
policy adopted by this genial pro
prietor a splendid business has been
established and we wish him con
tinued prosperity. This restaurant is
located at 119 South Twelfth street.
For a meal that is served right and
at satisfies the most fastidious the
ameron place la noted.
If there is one business more than
another that requires for its success
ful prosecution a large amount of
fine taste, delicacy of thought and
expression toward its patrons and
a tender respect and regard for their
feelings, It is that of the funeral di
rector. We refer with pleasure in this
respect to the firm of Brown & Doyle,
For first class work and prompt
ness it is safe to say that no other
establishment of its kind can .com
pete with the Globe I afldry, which
Is located at 326-340 South Eleventh
street. The quarters occupied are
spacious and equipped with the latest
improved machinery and appliances
"if'ti to the business, while sanitar
ily they are perfect. Thes work
turned out at this laundry is not ex
celled . anywhere and every care and
attention Is paid to fine fabrics,
which are laundered without injury.
All work is promptly done and
also are large dealers. In coal and in
this particular branch do an immense
volume of business. The manage
ment of this company has always
been conducted alang broad-minded
and itybjlc-spiif ted lines, and - they
have always maintained an attitude
of fairness toward the wage earner,
which has won them many and de
serving friends.
This Is one of the leading firm of
Lincoln dealing in hardware, stoves,
cutlery and tools. Mr. Koppe's place
is located at 108 North Tenth street.
small, and all shipments receive care
ful and faithful attention. The mem
bers of the firm are well known to our
people and are business men of abil
ity. The quarters of the Grainger
Brothers are commodious and every
facility for the care of the large and
growing business is here found. The
quality of the goods carried and the
care exercised In the filling of orders
is one of the features of this com
pany. The men who compose this
most comendable institution are
among Lincoln's most enterprising
citizens and they enjoy the confidence
and good will of kll its citizens.
Wp-!t ,:iuiJ Ji '-
called for and delivered. A large staff
of competent help is employed,
which comprises many skilled and
experienced laundry hands. The man
agement of this laundry Is in the
hands of men experienced in the
business, who give their personal at
tention to every detail, thus assuring
their customers only first class and
reliable work. E. W. Truman is
president and A. S. Truman secretary
treasurer. These gentlemen are
hustlers and stand high in the ranks
of the city's business circles. Among
the wage earners they number hosts
of friends who rejoice in their success.
Mr. De Loss 1. Smith,- jeweler, is
one of the old-time standbys of the
city. Mr. Smith is one of the best
known jewelers in Lincoln. His place
of business is located at 132 North
Tenth street opposite the postoffice,
and here will be found a fine stock of
all that goes to make up a first-class
store of this kind. He has been in
business since 1890 and by strict at
tention to business and fair and hon
est methods has been signally suc
cessful. .
- . IV. W v . 1
I v . -
Thei Chicago Dentists, located at
Thirteenth and O streets, under the
management of Dr. A. T. Withers,
has built up a large and growing prac
tice. Dr. Withers is a dentist who
keeps in touch with all the discover
ies of modern dentistry and all work
executed by the Chicago Dentists is
scientifically done and strictly up-to-date.
Mr. Withres is a gentlemen,
who by his uniform courtesy and
honorable methods has built up a
large and constantly increasing prac
tice. All the latest appliances
known to the profession are constant
ly added and the work executed in a
manner that pleases all.
located at 206 South Eleventh, who
have a wide prestige among the wage
earners of this city. These gentle
men stand unexecelled in this partic
ular profession, taking charge of
funerals from the time of death un
til the Interment, and never fail 10
give perfect satisfaction, and have
the good will and patronage of wage
earners and other good people of
Lincoln. This latter fact is attested
by the fact that during the past year
they had complete charge of over
180 funerals. Mr. Brown has lived
here for the last nineteen years dur
ing which time he has been in busi
ness in his chosen profession. One
year ago he entered into partnership
with Mr. Doyle,, who came here from
Belleville, Kan. Mr. Doyle is also an.
experienced man in the undertaking
business, having been engaged in the
same in Kansas for over 26 years.
When our loved ones are laid away
they can be placed In .no better
hands for embalming and interment
than these gentlemen. They are open
day and night and their phone num
bers are Auto 2016 and Bell 1674.
Aa one of the beat adapted dlstrib
uting points for all articles of com
merce, the city of Lincoln has among
other netable things developed a wide
reputation for its extensive manufac
ture of candy and In this connection
mention niast be made of the Gillen
ft Bouey company. Thla concern man
ufactures candy upon a scale second
to none in. thla section and haa at
tained a reputation for excellence of
quality that la moat ' eommendable.
Their factory U moat modern and
the utmost care ta eaerclaed ia the
manufacture of the many and excel
lent grades of confection jut on the
market- The4r specialties are Golden
Rod cheoolatea, Meadow Ck14 bat
twrscetcb, Italian reams aad fudges.
T4ir also tuanwlactare end a foantala
In the Insurance business in Lin
coln, Mr. George W. Holmes, whose
place of business is located at 115
South Tenth street, ia one of the
foremost, and the volume of insur
ance done by this progressiva and
energetic hustler Is constantly on the
Increase. He makes a specialty of
writing fire and lightning and torna
do policies and numbers among his
customers some of the largest and
most prominent people ki this sec
tion. The companies represented by
this entjeman are the best in the
country and no matter In what com
pany you wish to take out a policy
he ean accommodate you. Mr. Holmes
by his honorable and public spirited
methods of dealing haa built up
large and constantly increasing busi
ness and sodal cirales ke la exceed
ingly popirlar.
Henry Pfeiff, who is located at 314
South Eleventh, conducts one of the
most modern meat markets and groc
eries in the city and is enjoying a
large and liberal patronage from his
hosts of friends. His grocery is re
plete with the finest line of season
able goods at all times and in his
meat market the choicest cuts are
always to be had. Mr. Pfeiff is one of
Lincoln's pioneer merchants and has
proven a successful one by treating
his patrons right in giving them
both quality and quantity at all
times. Being one of the oldest mer
chants in the city he has. a large fol
lowing and many are the wage work
ers who count upon him in every in
stance for friendly council and help
when most needed, which he ever
stands ready, and willing to give.
Every class of hardware that is need
ed by either the city man or the man
from the farm can be found at this
store at prices that are always the
lowest that can be found in the city.
Mr. Hoppe is one of the substantial
citizens of the city and is worthy of
every consideration from its people.
By his honeet and straight-forward
methods he has built up a splendid
business and among these are to be
found many within the ranks of or
ganized labor.
An institution in Lincoln we wish
to give special mention of that has
aided materially in building up our
city to its present enviable propor
tion is the albove named concern.
The Grainger Bros., wholesale groc
cers, have been established here
many years and have from the be
ginning increased their sales each
month at a gratifying rate. The stock
is full and complete and consists of
all kinds of staple and fancy gro
ceries, teas, coffees, spices, bottle and
canned goods, dried fruits,, etc., and
they are always prepared to promptly
execute all orders both large and
One of the prominent and best
managed banks in the west is the
Farmers & Merchants bank, located
at 1501 O street. They are public-spirited
citizens and are prominent not
only In the banking business, but in
.every movement which Is for the wel
fare and betterment of Lincoln. An
institution sfuch a the Farmer &
Merchants bank, under such careful
management, occupies a powerful po
sition in the business world in that
its Influence ia felt throughout the
state. The officers of the hank are
men of the highest integrity and
where labor and its interests are con
cerned have always evinced the most
friendly interest.
the business welfare of the city If
you buy goods made elsewhere, when
ycu can get better goods for the same
money made in Lincoln. You are
not a consistent union man if you
buy non-union made goods when the
union made goods for the same money
are superior. Julius Pepperberg,
manufacturer of cigars, located at
815 O street, is one of the city's larg
est manufacturers of cigars, employ
ing a large number of union cigar
makers. His factory Is sanitary in
every respect and every care and
convenience for the welfare of those
in his employ .Is considered. His
leading brands are Flor de Pepper
berg, Buds and Little Flor de Pepper
berg. That he is one of the u city's
most enterprising citizens , a ack
nowledge fact, and that he is also one
of labor's best and truest friends is
also true. Mr. Pepperberg deserves
the success that is his and union men
sfeould remember the Pepperberg
brands at all times.
Members of labor organizations
should stop and consider that there
are two requirements that they must
comply with to be entitled to the
support and co-operation of the
business men of a city. First they
must be good citizens and have the
welfare of our city at heart and sec
ond must be consistent union men.
You cannot have much regard for
The care of the teeth has never
been so thoroughly associated with
health as of late years. This is due
to the changes that man have wrought
by great study, until today the den
tist is a practioner of much and grow
ing importance. The primitive meth
od of teeth extraction has changed;
in fact, the dentist of today is for
the protection of teeth and not their
loss; to keep them and guard against
decay and retain their beauty. In this
respect the greatest skill is required.
Dr. E. E. Northrup, whose offices are
located at 1315 O street, has done
much for the people of Lincoln. Dr.
Northrup represents the refined and
advanced type of modern dentists and
by consistent and painstaking work
has built up a practice .that is second
to none in the city. His- office is
equipped with all the best known
modern appliances and his prices are
One of the particular good stores in
this city and one deserving of gen
erous patronage both for the excellent
quality of goods handled and their
uniformly courteous treatment is the
grocery and general merchandise
store of H. Fogelson, located at 226
240 North Tents street. This store
carries a fine line of staple and fancy
groceries, fruits and vegetables and
offers one of thhe best selections in
Lincoln. Besides a general line of de
pendable dry goods and merchandise
is carried and the prices here are as
low as the lowest. The quality of the
goods here offered is of the best and
the patronage accorded this concern
is constantly increasing.
Beginning Friday
Morning; July 1st
That the bicycle is with us still,
and just as popular as ever, is evi
denced by the Marge number of
building" and repair work. One of
the best. and most prominent in Lin
coln is the Lawlor Cycle.-, Co., located
at 1324 O street. Having outgrown
their present quarters they will move
Sept. 1 to 1421 O street, where they
will be able to supply the demands
of their large and constantly increas
ing trade. Besides a fall line of bi
cycles this concern carries a large
number of motor-cycles, and supplies.
They have built up fine business by
honest and fair dealings and number
many wage workers as patrons.
Here can be found a line of Edison
sporting and athletic goods.
Of the various enterprises that have
made Lincoln a commercial center,
the lumber trade has always held an
Important place. Among the many
concerns along this line there is none
whleh ranks higher or has a higher
commercial ataading than the above
aemed firm. Thla firm baa been in
business 39 years and does feoth a
wholesale end retail business. They
have the largest yarde in this section
if no in the state and nave under
shed ene eJ the moat extensive atocke
ta Nebraska-. Besieea himker they
.Clearance- 1
Sale! J
for the Home
O Street