The Wageworker. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1904-????, April 22, 1910, Image 3

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First Thought In the Mind of Moham
medan l Hla Duty of Devotion
to Allah.
' "And while we three white men of
a Christian race stuffed ourselves
without preliminary or postprandial
grace, and our shenzl porters grace
lessly gorged themselves like beasts,
scarce 30 feet from our table stood
the noble form of old Regal and the
spare ascetic-faced Awala, musically
intoning their evening prayer to Al
lah, oblivious to all about as If alone
In a monastic cell. It was a majestic
rebuke to us, a weird mystery to the
shenzl, whose voices were always low
ered when the Somals began to pray,
and who sat contemplating them in
wild-eyed wonder to the end of each
prayer, awed, almost silent as were
we ourselves silent out of the sheer
respect for a religion which can give
men such perfect self-control that no
danger daunts them and no hardship
or suffering , wrings . from them- a
i plaint :. '
v., "Five times a day do they so pray
' at dawn, at high noon, at four, at
unset and-before retiring nor can
' anything Interfere to , delay these
prayers, not. even ''hungry .masters.
, And before. . addresftng Allah, mouth,
'face and hands are carefully washed,
the best turban wound about the head,
i the freshest1 garments donned, the
feet bared, then with a glance at the
un. If by day, or at the stars, If by
night, to get their compass bearings,
' they spread their rugs, face towards
Mecca,, and begin a low, droning
i chant that at a little distance might
-easily be mistaken for a well-Intoned
litany." From In Closed Territory, by
Edgar Beecher Bronson.
Oambler Always Ascertains Whether
Luck la with Him or Not Be
. fore He "Sits In."
"There's no use in trying to buck
against bad luck," said the success
ful gambler as he set down his glass
of Ttchy and milk. "If you see luck
, Is going against you, drop out. If the
tickle goddess of fortune Is with you.
woo her for all you are worth. That's
, the whole secret of the game.
'. Tve been gambling all my life, and
' I rarely lose. Why? Because I never
take a chance against bad luck. Luck
- Is bound to be either with you or
'against you. You win or you lose
The chances of breaking even are
mighty slim. And who wants to break
ven, anyhow T
"Luck always runs In streaks.
can generally dope out whether I am
, going to be lucky or not, and when I
know it Isn't my time to win I simply
dont play. How do I know? Well, t
have a little system of my own, and
I don't mind letting you In on it
Before I sit Into a game I try out my
luck in the seclusion of my own apart-
anent. I take a deck of cards and
start to play solitaire, Canfleld against
, an Imaginary banker. In five or six
deals I can get an Idea whether luck
- la with me at that particular time or
' not If the cards are running consist
' ently against me I stop and spend the
evening at the theater, or chinning
around the hotel lobbies. No game
for me that night ' On the other hand.
If I see the cards are running my way
, I get into a game, and seldom quit
a loser.- It' may sound foolish, but
- take my word for it. It's a pretty good
dope to go by."
Collars of Honor.
In France the Society for the Pre
vention of Cruelty to Animals deco
rates dogs that have distinguished
themselves by deeds of bravery with
a tastefully designed "collar of
Among the animals decorated In
this way one of the most celebrated
Is Basshus, a large bulldog, whose spe
cialty Is to stop runaway horses by
Jumping up and seizing them by the
bridle. It is calculated that this in
telligent animal has already saved the
lives of eight persons, if not more.
Pautland, a Great Dane, received
collar for saving his mistress from
the attack of a footpad, and Turk,
splendid Newfoundland, has had sim
ilar honors for rescuing young chil
dren from drowning on several occa
sions. The Sunday Magazine.
, Carlyle's Appreciation.
The Inscription on Mrs. Carlyle's
tomb was written by her famous hus
band, and proves what gratitude he
felt for her loving care and attention,
"in her bright existence she had more
sorrows than are common, but also a,
oft invincibility, a capacity of dis
cernment, and a noble loyalty of heart
which are rare. For 40 years she'
was the true and loving helpmate of
her husband, and by act and word un
wearledly forwarded him as none else
could In all of worth that he did or
attempted. She died at London,
April 21, 1866, suddenly, snatched
away from him, aijd the light of his
life is as If gone out."
Virtue of the Playground. ! I
Children are better in playgrounds
than in prison. It is better for the
community to have children exercis
ing on ladders and horizontal bars and
swings than to have them haunting
the doors of poolrooms or smoking
cigarettes In the hidden shadows. Chil
dren with plenty of playground have
a better chance with life than chil
dren without And most children are
without unless the community pro
vides them. It is cheaper to amuse
them than to arrest It Is cheaper
to develop than to dwarf. It Is cheap
er to save than to sink them. Salt
Lake Herald
Billy Major Dope
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ers the benefits of organization.
The other day I conversed with a
teacher in the Lincoln schools and
she complained about the low wages.
'Why dont the teachers organize a
union?" I asked.
"O, we are not strictly in the same
class with mechanics," she said. "We
couldn't maintain an organization on
trades union lines."
"Well, your inability to maintain ui
organization on trades union lines may
explain your inability to secure decent
wages," I retorted. "I know men . 1n
my own trade right here in Linncoln
who make more every week of the
year than our highest paid -vard prin
cipals make 1 in any one week of the
school - year, and Mr. Printerman
works eight hours a day, six days a
week, the year 'round, while the ward
principal -works . twelve or sixteen
hours a day six or seven days' a week
for about nine months in the year.
But he's got sense enough to. belong
to a union," -
That closed that portion of the con
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tioa of public or private property, ex
cept the person so appointed shall be
a resident of this state.
"2425. Penalty for Violation of Act:
Any person or persons violating any
of the provisions of this act shall be
punished by imprisonment in the pen
itentiary for not less than one year
nor more than three years. And if any
company, association or corporation
shall be guilty of violating this act
such company, association or corpora
tion shall be punished by a fine of not
less than $1,000 nor more than
A committee of the striking boiler-
makers is now investigating the facts,
and the chances are that somebody Is
going to be given an opportunity to de
fend a complaint properly filed and
vigorously pushed.
Reports from the Blacks Hills divl
sion are especially encouraging to the
strikers. Already engines are begin
ning to arrive from the Sheridan di
vision, crippled up in bad shape.
Water troubles on that division are al
ways bad, and when the bunged-up en
gines are turned over to the "scabs"
they will be in fine hands for repairs
roundhouse are remaining close to the
boiler department, quite content to
be fed like princes, draw big wages
and do nothing in return.
Rev. Charles Stelzle Tells How
Finally Made Good.
His name is Patrick Brady. The
boys call his "Paddy" for short He
calls himself "Humble Dust" He had
gone clear done the line until It
seemed as though he had reached the
limit; but one day he awoke. We
need not discuss the question as to
how it happened, only to say that
somebody encouraged him to turn
about-face and quit his ' cussedness,
Brady simply needed a push in the
right direction and a good word o
cheer him on. He is like a good many
of the rest of us in this respect
Brady has been on the right road
ever since, but he is there because
he has kept moving. He might have
waited in the belief that it was up to
somebody else to see that he made
progress, but Paddy isn't built that
way. He got busy on the Job his
own Job and this is what he did: He
started in to help the other fellow,
and there were a good many to be
helped. He didn't consider any sort
of a man beneath him. He himself
has been down so low that he needed
to reach upward to touch bottom.
Whenever there is a man that needs
Paddy's help, Paddy Is ready to do his
part. Whenever a new organization
is started in town, in which he be
lieves and which is in need of peo
ple to put their shoulders to the
wheel, Paddy is on the job.
And through it all he is a loyal
trades unionist He attends every
meeting of his organization.' His
speeches are not long drawn out sf-
nit. From all along the system
comes the word that the strikers are
sticking to a man. More than that,
every day sees desertions from the
ranks of the non-union men who did
not come out when the strike was
called. They refuse to work by the
side of the class of cattle imported tc
take the places of their former shop
At Haveiock tne snop yards are
thoroughly picketed by the union men
On the surface everything is quiet,
and there is not the least danger cf
any disorder as long as the imported
"scabs" remain inside and do not
come out and endeavor to start some
thing. The "scabs" at the Lincoln
fairs, Di'? Li h.ts sti?;ht from the
A Dollar
Stoves, Carpets Curtains, Rugs, Chamber Sets, Chiffoniers,
Dressers, Dining Chairs, Rockers, Morris
Mattresses, Jon Brass Beds, Enamelled Beds
Everything for the home, at prices that will suit your purse
and your convenience. ; Go-Carts and Baby Carriages in
all styles.: t '., . . ' ... ... .K.X'a?-?.
Come in and'see us. You will be shown around and you
will be under no obligations to purchase. ,
Bring this Advertisement with you and we will give you, absolutely free,
a bread or cake knife.
Robertson Furniture
shoulder when he does speak, and yet
it is always-, done in the samj spirit of
good fellowship which prompts him
in all of his dealings with the men in
the shop. He has lots of horse sense.
He doesn't hand out his wisdom in
large chunks. He is just a great bis
human soul, familiar with the things
that the ordinary man Is up against,
and in the simplest manner possible,
and without any pretense to. superior
ity, he is "Humble Dust" Brady, al
ways on the job.
That Mighty Pen.
The superiority of man to nature la
continually Illustrated. Nature needs
an Immense quantity of quills to
make a goose with, but a man can
make a goose of himself with one.
Christian Register.
Advice for the Rich.
If thou art rich, then show the great
ness of thy fortune; or, what Is bet
ter, the greatness of thy soul. In the
meekness of thy conversation conde
scend to men of low estate, support
the distressed and patronize the neg
lected. Be great. Sterne.
The Philosopher of Folly.
"We note," observes the Philosopher
of Folly, "that even Senator Gordon,
who was in the senate for 60 years,
never sprung his original poetry un
til he was about to leave."
Power of the Brain.
Thoughts are mightier than
strength of hand. Sophocles.
Unreasonable Shame. -The
worst kind of shame is being
ashamed of frugality or poverty.
One of Mankind's Errors.
Some men do not get estates for the
purpose of enjoying life, but, blinded
with error, they live only for t-helr es
tates. Juvenal.
Evil of the Present Day.
One of the great evils of the pres
ent time Is the anxiety of young peo
ple, and too often of their 1 parents as
well, to earn money early.
The True Freeman.
Who, then, is free? The wise man
who can govern himself. Horace.
Uncle Ezra Says:
"One good turn desarves another,
but lots o' folks don't seem to know
when their turns come." Boston Her
aid. .
There Is nothing new about the
latest defalcation by a teller. 'Tis
the simple old story of the $1,000 In
come and taste that would have
Btralned one ten times bigger.
Your credit is good at this store, and we offer you the goods
at the same Ifigures that others demand the cash for. Every
thing in the 'House Furnishing Line. '
1450-1454 "O" STREET
,(. . ,The Bachelor.
. A bachelor is a man with enough,
confidence .In his judgment of women
to act on it. Puck.
Thrust Upon Them.
Some men are born rich, some
achieve riches and some enter the po
litical arena. Harvard Lampoon.
-- Considerate Burglar.
A burglar broke into a house in Ber
lin one night lately and carried off a
jewel casket. He returned it soon
afterward, with a note saying that as
it only contained family documents
and no valuables, he had no desire to
inconvenience the owner.
Half Price Suit Sale
a Week
Beginning of Invalidism.
Once you start thinking about your
self and your complaints, your health
begins to go.
Uncle Ezra Says:
"Don't forgit thet jedgment day Is
ev'ry day on the part uv your sharp
eyed neighbor." Boston Herald.
Imitation of Pewter.
Brass may be given a color re
sembling pewter by boiling it in a
cream of tartar solution containing a
small amount of chloride of tin.
Blessed Are They That Want Little.
Those who want fewest things arc
nearest to the gods. Diogenes.
We have now on sale all our Wo
men's, Misses' and Junior Tailored
Suits excepting white serges at
exactly one-half price. The original
price ticket remains on each suit,
showing former selling price. Al-
teration charges at cost.
Come Early
and get First
We will not quote prices, but you
find suits that formerly sold for
$69.75 and as low as $15. Reduced
price made at time of sale at ONE
. ........ ( . .
Need Consolation. '
. London ladles are said to be: taking
to the pipe. Wonder ia that they have
refrained so long.
Haste Not to Be Repeated.
"You say you have quit smoking?'
"Yep, never going to smoke . again."
"Than . vliv An' ..
those cigars?" "Never; I threw away
a box of good cigars the last time I
quit smoking and it taught me a leev
son." .
The easiest thing ' to r
make a $50 promise On tuMI
In the indenntt MssfKr'