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'Doing of the State Officials and
Other Happenings That Are
of Stats-Wide Importance.
Many Professors Are Promoted.
Data Beesey, at the meeting of the
stats university regents. Introduced
the matter concerning the raising of
the par of a number of the Janitors
who have been connected with the
antversity for some time. The re
gents took the matter under advise
ment and some plan will be formu
lated tor the raising of the par of
tha older janitors. The board ad
journed to meet at a special session
on week from Tuesday. At this time
the question of the cadet encampment
will be considered and several im
portant committee reports received.
The university budget was under con
sideration. Owing to the smallness ot
the appropriations and the fact that
several appropriation bills failed to re
ceiTe the governor's signature, the
budget Is not la satisfactoy condition
tor the neit two years.
The list ot appointments and
changes in the faculty were made
and are as follows: Pean Charles
Bessey was selected as head dean and
the ranking order of the rest estab
lished as follows: Dr. Sherman, Dr.
Davis. Dr. Ward. Professor Burnett.
Professor Richards, Professor Costi
gas. and Dr. Ftordyce. The order in
dicates the relative length ot service
ot the deans. The title ot Mrs. Berk
ley, dean ot the women, was changed
to advisor ot the women. This change
Is in accord an c with the custom pre
vailing in the eastern colleges, and
does not indicate any change in the
datles ot the official. The titles of the
following were changed:
C EL Persinger. to associate pro
fessor from assistant professor.
A. A. Reed, to professor secondary
education, from associate professor.
unerase? Jones, to associate pro
fessor, from assistant professor.
R. J. Pool, to adjunct professor,
front Instructor.
C I Barnebey. to instructor, from
assistant Instructor.
Alfred Boyd, to adjunct professor.
trom Instructor.
A. IX Schrag, to adjunct professor,
trom instructor.
Amanda Heppaer. to assistant pro
fessor, from adjunct professor.
U A, Scipio, to adjunct professor.
from instructor.
C I Dean, to assistant professor.
from adjunct professor.
Albert Bunting, to adjunct profess
or, from Instructor.
C at. Heck, to assistant professor
physics, trom adjunct professor.
J. . Almy, to professor ot experl-
meeta work, trom associate prof'
U. B. Tuckerman. to assistant pro
fessor, from adjunct professor.
I- E. Ajrlesworth. to assistant pro
fessor, from adjunct professor.
V. A. Willard. to professor his
tology and embryology, from associ
ate professor.
W. C Break, to associate profess
or, from assistant professor.
I- H. Powers, to associate professor.
rrom assistant professor.
F. IX Barker, to associate professor.
from assistant professor.
JaUa Loughridge. to assistant pro-
lessor, from assistant registrar.
R. JS. Stone, to assistant professor.
trom adjunct professor.
E. O. Montgomery, to professor.
from associate professor.
. V. Westgate. to adjunct profes
sor, from Instructor.
Alvin Keyser. to professor, from as
sociate professor..
P. B. Barker, to adjunct professor.
from instructor.
- Tal Keyser. to superintendent, trom
a wans eapenntendenc
la eaardance with the wishes of a
large ember the opening of each
eeoasstor was set on Tuesday instead
of Monday, so that students would not
Tea repaired to travel on Sundays.
Den Love Wine Mayoralty Fight.
Don Love won over A. H. Hutton
at the primaries Thursday afternoon.
R. C Oxman triumphed over W. A.
Uawes for the city clerkship. A light
vote was cast. For other places on
the ticket there were no contests.
beve got 74S votes and Hutton S'
Olfflta polled 688 votes while Hawes
got 51L
The primary Is barren ot results as
far a the city election is concerned.
On May 4 there will be a number
of candidates by petition. The pri
mary candidates must also be put on
the official ballot as candidates by
Normal Board Is Not Worried. '
Although met by the refusal ol
Treasurer Brian to join with them,
confronted by an opinion from Com
missioner Calkins that the new nor
mal board is not legally constituted
and cast upon a cold world by Auditor
Barton's statement that he would not
pay its warrants, the new normal
board created by the last legislature
and appointed by Governor Shalltn
berger, met at the governor's call in
bis office Wednesday, organized, ai
pointed its committees, reappointed
principals and went ahead as it were
put up in the true blue wrapper.
T. J. Majors, of Peru, whose ap
pointment is questioned because he is
a state senator, was made president
and N. M. Graham, secretary.
The following committees -were
Auditing State Treasurer L. G.
Briar, N. At. Graham. W. H. Green.
Executive Fred A. Nye, T. J. Ma
jors. W. H. Green.
Teachers and Employes E. C. Bis
hop, N. Si. Graham, T. J. Majors.
Text Books and Libraries Fred A.
Xye, K. C- Bishop, E. I Adams.
Judiciary E. I. Adams, Fred A.
Xye. K G. Brian.
Printing W. H. Green. E. L. Adams.
X. M. Graham.
Five junior normal principals were
reappointed, this action following on
the recommendation of State Super
intendent Bishop:
O'Neill Dr. H. K. Wolfe..
Alliance Superintendent D. W.
Hayes. ;
North Platte Ir. J. A. Beattie.
McCook Superintendent. C. W. Tay
Geneva Superintendent R. W.
There are three other junior nor
mals, located at Alma, alentiae and
Broken Bow. to which principals will
be later appointed.
It Cannot Be Done by Using Cheap
Material and Cheap Painters.
In arranging for painting, a good
many property-owners try to save
money by employing the painter who
offers to do the job cheapest or try
to save money by insisting on a low
priced paint. But no property-owner
would run such risks if he realized
what must be taken into considera
tion in order to get a job that will
wear and give thorough satisfaction.
No houseowner will go wrong on
the painting question if he writes Na
tional Lead Company, 1902 Trinity
Building. New York, for their House
owner's Painting Outfit No. 49, which
is sent free. It is a complete guide
to painting. It includes a book of
color schemes for either exterior or
interior painting, a book of specifica
tions, and an instrument for detecting
adulteration in paint materials.
Nearly every dealer has National
Lead Company's purn white lead.
(Dutch Boy Painter rademark.) If
yours has not notify National Lead
Co., and arrangements will be made
for you to get it.
Regents Create New Department.
A new department of Slavonic lan
guages with Miss Miller as an instruc
tor was created by the regents of the
state university. The board also rec
ommended the establishment of a
Swedish department, provided the
proper interest was shown in the new
course. Some time ago the regents
were petitioned for a new Swedish
department, but the matter was
dropped at that time since only about
To,CHH) Swedes reside in Nebraska and
it was thought that the department
would not receive sufficient support.
The board reconsidered the matter,
however, and will in all probability
take favorable action upon it.
The resignation of Captain John
G. Workixer as commandant of the
university cadets was accepted and
Captain Yates, a former Nebraska,
graduate, was accepted as his suc
cessor. The change is to take effect
next fall. The following were chosen:
for farmers" institute work: k.. P.
Brown, Davey; F. W. Chase, Pawneej
City; Andrew Elliott. Gait; K. .
Hunt Syracuse; B. F. Kingsley,
Hastings; C. G. Marshall. Lincoln;
Miss Gertrude Kauffman. Lincoln;
Miss Gertrude Rowan. Lincoln: Miss
Lulu Wolford. Pawnee City. The fol
lowing will also assist in the Institute
1, 1111411 V. 11U1. Aiuaa,
Neb.: H. A. Miller. Ashland; Mrs. O.
J. Workman, Ashland.
Grief That Kills. -"My
poor boy," said the beneficent
old clergyman, who had encountered a
young waif sobbing in the streets,
"what ails you? Some case of dire
distress has touched your heart
chords, no doubt."
"No." sniffed the lad. -you're clear
off your base, old kazxoxicks. Me an
Snippy an de rest of de fellies tin
canned the mangy, old yellow cur up
at Schwarx grocery, and while old
Schwars an de gang followed the
dog. I sneaked back to the grocery to
swipe dried apples. De Fido chased
into Schmitt's orchard and de gang
cribbed de swellest peaches you ever
seen, an" then dey smoked grape-vine
cigarettes and set the barn a fire- I
made a sashay into de apple barrel at
de grocery, an de delivery boy pasted
me with a bed-slat and it hurts yet,
and I didnt get to see de fire, and
didnt get nothin to eat, and I wisht
1 wux dead dog-gone it all!" The
Bohemian Magazine.
Prods Fraternal Orders.
State Auditor Barton proposes to
enforce the law requiring fraternal
beneficiary societies to have a repre
sentative form of government. The
statute requires this and the supreme
court has defined a representative
form of government, but Auditor Bar
ton is the first auditor who has bad
the courage to try to strictly enforce
the law. The decision ot the court
on which he bases his action was giv
en in the case of Lange vs. The Royal
Highlanders, wherein it was held that
the inherent right to enact laws for
the government ot a corporation is
In its stock holders and that this au
thority cannot be assumed by com
mittees or directors or other bodies
without express authority, that a rep
resentative form ot government
means one conducted by the agency
ot delegates "chosen by the people."
Too Literal. ,
"Well, yes," said Old Uncle Lazzen-
berry, wbt was intimately acquainted
with most of the happenstances of the
village. "Almira Stang has broken off
her engagement with Charles Henry
Tootwiler. They'd be goin together
for about eight years, durin which
time she had been inculcatin into him,
as you might call it, the beauties of
economy; but when she discovered,
just lately, that he had learnt his les
son so well that he had saved up 217
pairs ot socks for her to darn im
mediately after the wedding, she
"peared to conclude that he had takon
her advice a little top literally, and
broke off the match.'" Puck.
Clarence Dubb May I have this
dance. Miss Sharply? '
Miss Sharply Certainly! I don't
want it!
When Courage Failed.
"Duke," said the heiress, eagerly,
"did you see father?"
"We talked about the weather."
"What? Lose your nerve again?
Why don't you brace up and talk like
a man a subject of a king on whose
domain the sun never sets!"
"Can't," moaned the duke. "All the
time I was in your father's office he
kept grinning at a big painting."
"What painting?"
"The battle of Bunker HilL" Lip
pin cott'a.
$100 Reward, $100.
Tbe TffacVra of this paper wffl be pteuwl to temrm
Samt then to at least one dx-ncie-d disease that arieneo
has beea atfe to run to ail its scan, and tbat to
CfetarrtL. Hall's Catarra Cure to tbe onty positive
ewe now known to tna medical fraternity. Catarrn
tin inr a coostitutjoaal trUanse. requires a roostrtu
ttaaal treatmeat. Uaaa Catarrh Care to taken m-Mrnalr-r.
artiBf dire-rtiy upon the blood and nracooa
nartarea ot toe a stem, tim-eb? desuoyaur toe
floaodatton of the dimsei. and rtrtoc the patient
rKre&frta by boitdttxc up tae constttation and aaasfr
facr narare In dotox tts work. Tbe propnrton ha-ce
no Bitkrn tmitb In its curative powers that tbey offer
One Hundred I-olsn tor any rase taat H faUa t
care. Send for list of testinr-oniato
Address F. J. CHEXEY COu Tofedn, Ol
Sort by all Pnteztots. ;3e.
Take HaUa Family Pitts tor cotrMipttirm.
5i jl '
Jess Said Her Prayers.
One day three-year-old Baby Jess
was visiting her grandmother, who
was very devout- She asked Baby
less if her mother had taught her
to say her prayers.
Jess answered: "Yes. ma'am." k
, "Whom do you pray to, dear, and
ask to forgive your naughty ways?"
"Sometimes I pray to mother's
knees and sometimes to the bed."
Ask Your Dnicgist for Allen's Foot-E an.
"I tried AIXEX'S FOOT-EASE recent
ly, and have just bought another supply.
It has cured my corns, and the hot, burn
ing and itching sensation in my feet which
was almost unbearable, and I would not
be without it now. Mrs. W. J. Walker,
Camden, N. J." Sold by all Druggists, Sc.
"Did a man ever kias yon against
your will?"
"No; but some have thought they
did." Brooklyn Life.
Time is the best test. For over fiftv
years Hamlins Wizard Oil has been the
most popular remedy m the United States
for the rare of Rheumatism. Xenralsia
and all pain and inflammation.
Not Our Discovery.
The Greek. Eratosthenes, 250 B..C
taught the doctrine ot (he rotundity
of the earth, and the ideas of the
sphere, its poles, axis, the equator,
arctic and antarctic circles, equinoc
tial points andthe solstices were quite
generally entertained by the wise men
of that time. There were plenty of
men in Rome, therefore, who were
prepared to talk about the earth as a
sphere and to make globes illustrating
their ideas.
New Pavilion to Cost $50,000.
Arrangements have been begun for
the construction ot the new stock
judging pavilion at the state fair
grounds tor which the legislature ap
propriated J50.000. Secretary Mellor,
of the state board ot agriculture, was
at the grounds Friday preparing plats
for the structure. The board of direc
tors has decided on the location of
the building and has made plans to
construct it 150x300 feet in size.
Only one-half ot the building will
be constructed this year, the board
having decided that the other part
will not be built until more funds are
secured from the state. The new pa
vilion will be located on the low
ground west of the auditorium and
between the race track and the cattle
barns. The structure when compelted
will cost 100.000.
In Its monthly statement the Ameri
can K i press company shows tbat its
local business, upon which it is called
upon to pay occupation tax, amounted
in March to 32.34, upon which it has
paid $10.82. A similar report by the
Adams Express company sltows a
total local business ot $2,223.89. upon
which is paid amounting to 155.64.
C E. ftpens Colonel.
On tbe recommendation of J. E.
Kelby, attorney for the Burlington
Railroad company. Governor Shallen
berger has appointed G. E. Spens,
Burlington general freight agent, to
the position ot colonel on the gover
nor's military staff In place of one of
the Omaha colonels who resigned dur
ing the battle ovtr the early closing
bill. This appointment fills the breach.
and the war will continue with Colonel
Spans in the van for 8 o'clock closing.
The governor still has thirty-four
ooioaala in bis staff.
Kearney City Bonds Rejected.
After having heard arguments of at
torneys State Auditor Barton has re
jected the $100,000 water bonds issued
by the city of Kearney and presented
to him for registration. The city pro
posed to build a plant or to buy the
American Water company's plant. The
latter was appraised at $165,000. The
bonds voted are of doubtful legality.
according to the auditor's opinion, and
the city will have to go into court to
get a reversal ot his holding. The
bonds were not sufficient in amount to
buy the private water plant.
Uncle How is it, young man, that
you failed again in your examination?
Nephew Why. the wretches asked
me the very same question I could not
answer last year!
Casserole of Potatoes.
Pare thin and wash 12 potatoes:,
rover with water, add salt and boil'
until tender. Drain and set on back;
of range for about ten minutes and
add piece of butter size of an egg.
When butter is melted mash them and
stir in a little at a time one-half cup
hot cream, then beat until light with
a fork. Arrange on a hot dish, form
ing an oblong, high mound, hollowed
in the middle. Brush inside and out
with beaten yolk of egg and set in
oven to brown. When done fill with
a ragout of mutton or duck or maca
roni and oysters in cream sauce and
serv Sot.
Two Suggestions.
p.tb bread and meat boards with
cut lemons, then wash with cold wa-
ts. It Is much better than scrubbin
or scraping.
If the upper part or edge of the
sauceiiau is well buttered you "ill
find that chocolate, milk and other
liquids will not boil over.
Stuffed Sirloin.
Procure a pork loin roast. Do lot
remove the tenderloin, but slit it and
stuff with dry dressing made of stale
crumbs highly seasoned with salt, pep
per and sage. Roast in usual manner
and serve with potatoes roasted in
pan with same meat, brown gravy and
apple sauce.
Graham Cake.
One and one-half cups sugar, one-
half cup lard, one cup raisins, one tea
spoon each of cinnamon, allspice and
nutmeg, one-Halt teaspoon salt, one
and one-half cups sour milk, one tea
spoon soda, and three cups graham
flour sifted twice. Bake in a slow
Woman is considered the weaker
vessel and there is an old maxim to
the effect that the weaker the vessel
the thicker the paint.
IteA. Weak. Wmht. Wiot TGvea
Relieved by Murine Eve Remedv. Com
pounded by Experienced Physicians. Con-
lorms to rure r ood and JJrux .Laws. Mu
rine uoesn t Smart: Soothes Eye Pain.
Try Murine in Your Eyes. At Druggists.
When you wear out a suit of clothes
yon can generally get another, but it's
different when you wear out your wel
AWfetable Preparation Tor As
similating rhe Food and Reg ula -ting
the Stomachs and Bowels of
Promotes Digestim,Chttrful
ness and Rest Con Fa ins neither
Opium.Morphine nor Mineral
ivot Narcotic
A mfOU OrSjLfl'lTTOrBt
g.C ,i,imUSU I
nJM - I
aVnir4BwVM finrtrt
A perfect Remedv f or Constipa
tion . Sour Storoach.DiarThoea,
Worms .Convulsions .Fevensh-
ness and LOSS OF SLEEP.
Facsimile Signature
The Centaur CowPAJOfi
Forlnfturta mnJ CMMrtsn.
Tto KrJ Ya 13
Bears tho
For Over
Thirty Year
Guaranteed under the Feodaaj
Copy of Wrappes.
Offensive Advice.
"Madam," said the medical man, f
gravely, "yon must practice filling
your lungs with deep breaths of ptxre
"An" bust the smithereens out of my
new direct ry gown." sniffed the lady.
"I think I see myself."
And turning on ber high heels she
haughtily left the apartment. Cleve
land Plain Dealer.
Thet Deserve It.
She (horror-stricken) That's my
new .spring hat in the chair there!
What are you doing, John?
He (meekly) I am sitting on the
style, Mary.
"What .sort of time did you have la
your automobile trip?"
"Oh, we had a perfectly killing
rt tf" Tins Trade-mark
U J EEamaatesAI
L Uncertainty
1 T aa qazLtf-
hr I for ywwr ew
Ati protectiea. sae
V that it is so tie aide at
every lea: of wade ka4
"I tried all Triad of blood
which failed to do aae aay good, hart X
. have ftmiwl tbe right thing, at Seat. Iff
' tm. wTl m . 1 Ji-fc !
Skill to do comes of doing, know- ' After taking Caacarcts tbey all left. I mmM hr oves alwavs onen and ' r-Himiiwg the taae of tbess and
working hands, and there is no know- i T"? tben rMeatds.
ledge that is not power. Emerson
when I rise ia tbe
I feel mam
g. aopcwa
There is nothing
than a sore thing.
more uncertain
FureatldrcB teetaiac, aoftcM tile gam. ivmam ta
He who is buried in thought dodgea
the undertaker.
jimmy inl rrr Cn MaST"
have a chance to i
t Fred C Wittea, 76 Elan St, Newark, JL J.
Do Good. iit!r
In mob
Insist an bavin -- Afc fmmr tmrmt
"JOHN DEERE, Oma.ria-800 Fsfle)
W. N- U- LINCOLN. NO- 17-WO.
as with joyous hearts and smiling faces they romp and play when In health and
how conducive to health the games in which they indulge, the outdoor Hfe they
enjoy, the cleanly, regular habits they should be taught to form and the wholesome
diet of which they should partake." How tenderly their health should be preserved,
not by constant medication, but by careful avoidance of every medicine of an injuri
ous or objectionable nature, and tf at any time a remedial agent is required, to assist
nature, only those of known excellence should be used; remedies which are pure
and wholesome and truly beneficial in effect, like the pleasant laxative remedy.
Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna, manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co.
Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna has come into general favor in many millions of
well informed families, whose estimate of its quality and excellence Is based upon
personal knowledge and use.
Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna has also met with the approval of physicians gen
erally, because they know it is wholesome, simple and gentle in its action. We inform
all reputable physicians as to the medicinal principles of Syrup of Figs and Elixir of
Senna, obtained by an original method, from certain plants known to them to act
most beneficially, and presented in an agreeable syrup In which the wholesome Cal
ifornian blue figs are used to promote the pleasant taste; therefore It is not a secret
remedy, and hence we are free to refer to all' well informed physicians, who do
not approve of patent medicines and never favor indiscriminate self-medication.
- Please to remember and teach your children also that the genuine Syrup of Figs
and Elixir of Senna always has the. full name of the Company California Fig
Syrup Co. plainly printed on the front of every package and that it is for sale in
bottles of one size only. If any dealer offers any other than the regular Fifty cent
size, or having printed thereon the name of any other company, do not accept it
If you fail to get the genuine you will not get its beneficial effects. Every family
should always have a bottle on hand, as it is equally beneficial for the parents and
.the children, whenever a laxative remedy is required.