Bellevue gazette. (Bellevue City, N.T. [i.e. Neb.]) 1856-1858, September 03, 1857, Image 3

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    Local"& Miscellaneous.
RtLioioci NoTtcr. -By. an arrange
tnent of eichange between Rev. C C
Goss of the M. E. Church, in thia city,
and Rev. Mr. Gaylord of the Congrega
tional Church in Omaha, the latter gen
tleman will preach in the School House,
next Sahbath morning, at 10 1-2, and in
the evening at 7.
Ixrao vem crts Still oo ok. The
brick work of the large three story brick
dwelling, belonging to our worthy Post
Master, L. B. Kkkit, is now nearly
completed. ( This will bo one of the fin
est dwellings in the Territory.
We have visited , the brick dwelling of
T. B. Lemon, which is now in process of
completion. The walls are .up and the
building roofed, and the carpenters are
busily engaged on the inside. - The view
from Mr. L'a dwelling is magnificent, ex
' tending down the valley of the Missouri,
a distance of twenty miles.
Johx P. Horn & Co., grocers, have
commenced the erection, on Main Street,
of a two story wood building, 22 by 45
feet, for a store.
Ma. Faisi En is erecting a carpenter's
shop, near the Presbyterian Church.
The Caors, &c From observation
and inquiry, we learn that , farm products
are looking well, and promise an average
yield. ......
.The spring was unusually cold and
backward with us, as it was in fact, thro'
all the states ; and owing to the poor seed
used, and the backwardness of the rea
son, much of the corn first planted fail
ed to germinate ; consequently nearly all
the pieces were very tineaven in growth,
presenting; an unfavorable arpect to the
farmer, through the early part of the sum
mer; but the rains of August gave an im
petus to the smaller stalks, and it is now
looking fine. If nothing unusual happens
there will be a good crop. (
Early planted potatoes will not yield
largely; and as we have said, the spring
was backward ; then followed warm and
dry weather through June and July, re
tarding their growth. Those planted late,
have come on finely, and are now looking
well, promising an abundant yield.
There has been frequent and copious
showers through last month ; and more
rain fell in August than we had previous
ly had, this year.
The farmers are now, and have been,
for some time, engaged in cutting and
putting up their winter's hay. There has
been much cut, and more will be before
killed by frost.
It is well known, that all tame grass in
the east, ripens early, and when ripe, it
is unfit for hay. Here the farmers have
a decided advantage over those at the
east, in this respect. 1 Our bottom prai
ries afford an abundance of grass, which
remains green till late in autumn, when
killed by frost, which gives plenty of time
to secure it. Prairie hay is very nu
tritious, and is much relished by all stock.
It is free from all dust, common to eas
tern hay, and horses brought here that
have heaves, are soon cured, or do not
show any symptoms of having that disease.
The staple crops, as yet, are corn and
potatoes. Thes? are more readily used
in all new countries, till mills for grinding
the various grains, are near at hand ; and
for this reason, at first, there is but com
paratively little demand for wheat, &c.
At this time, there is but little wheat, oats,
and barley, raised in this Territory, al
though we have noticed several fields of
wheat, particularly in this County, that
looked extremely fine, and would yield
All kinds of melons are grown in
abundance, and fine ones are now daily
sold in our markets. - This seems to be a
soil particularly well suited to ail kinds of
"We will also state, for the benefit of
our friends in the east, who are unac
quainted with prairie countries, that all
crops grow more luxuriantly after the soil
lias been cultivated several years, and be
cones thoroughly pulverized and mellow,
than at first Those kinds of grain that
'have large, fibrous stalks, are better
adapted to our soil till its excessive rich
mess is exhausted. ' "
We call attention to the notice of Mr.
Lovejoy'sin another column, respecting
the large assortment of winter Boots.
Having examined them for our selves,
and having had a long experience in the
Shoe trade, we are free to pronounce them
a tip top article well made and of the best
material. . Those wishing a durable article
an do no better either in quality or price.
" Postage Stamts. A quantity of T.
O. Stamps and Envelopes, have been re
-..:.. 1 - .L. n n . . .
icitcu i uie r. u. m th city. This
will t a great convenience t our citizens.
Birrald Hunters RETvar-ED. The
party of gentlemen of this city, that wont
on a Buffalo hunt,, several weeks since,
returned the latter part of last week, hav
ing been 35 miles west of Fort Kearney,
They report the Buffalo as being runner
ous, and succeeded in capturing five of
them. . .Their horses were too much jaded
on their journey out, to cope successfully
with those monarchs of the Plains.
They saw "nary Injuu," of the hostile
tribes', but one day they discovered what
was supposed to be a party of warriors
advancing towards them. Getting their
men together, they examined and loaded
all of their arms, and , set out to meet
them but fortunately, the warriors prov
ed to be a party of returning Californians,
with pack-mules.
Col. Sumner and troops, left Fort Hear
ney, August 17th, for the purpose of chas
Using a band of Cheyennes, who had late
ly committed depredations on a party that
were driving mules and cattle across the
Plains. When our . hunters returned to
the Fort, Col. Sumner had had an en
gagement with i the Indians, and the
wounded were being brought in. Sever
al Indians were killed, but none of the
troops. ' ' .-
The hunters had a fine time, and were
in good health and spirits, when they ar
rived home. ' ' ... .
Last Sunday evening we had the pleat
ure of listening to an able lecture upon
Preaching,' by Rev. C. C. Goss, nt the
School House." We have not room for a
sketch of iv hut ,will say it, was. a clear,
and' truthful exposition of the different
styles of preaching; and who and how
they should preach. It was the most able
discourse we have listened to In Nebraska!
In this connection, we will say, it would
be a decided improvement if better seats
were provided for those attending meet
ings at the School House. We do not
know how others feet on this point, but
must say we do not possess a sufficient
amount of the ipiril of martyrdom, to sit
two mortal hours on a hard six-inch board,
twice every Sabbath ; and if our enter
ance into the kingdom of heaven, is to be
secured by such penance, we strongly
suspect we shall not be able to maintain a
christian feeling long enough, to be en
tilled to a seat with the elect. '
Will not our citizens see that comfort
able seats are provided ?
TntnxoM ethical Record. For the
gratification of the weather prophets, we
publish the following Thermometrical
Record, for the month of August, kept at
this office : .,
Aug. a.m. Dff. f.M. Dg. r.M. Dg.
1 6 t56 2 0 9 71
2 6 72 2 89 9 76
3 6 71 2 84 9 70
4 66 2 79 9 70
5 . 66 2 88 9 79
6 . 6 71 2 94 " '9 82
7 . 6 78 2 86 9 72
8 6 75 2 86 9 78
9 6 71 2 87. 9 80
10 6 67 . 2 86 9 67
11 6 69 2 94 9 82
12 6 74 2 92 9 84'
13 6 76 2 92 9 70
14 6 68 2 70 9 67
15 6 66 2 77 9 76
16 6 69' 2 71 ; 9 66
17 6 59 2 74 9 64
18 , 6 59 2 78 9 68
19 6 60 2 78 9 66
20 6 62 2 78 ' 9 70
21 6 67 2 ' 76 " 9 64.
22 . 6 54 2 72 9 6S
23 6 52 2 72 9 67
24 ' 6 50 2 , 74 . 9 59
25 6 55 . 2 , 74 , 9 60
26 6 59 2 81 ' 9 67
27 6 54 2 73 ' 9 60
28 . . 6 60 ' 2 70 "9 51
29 -6 48 2 74 .9' 6
30 6 64 2 82 9 70
31 . 6 62 2 81 9 ,70
, We have but very little sultry weather.
A few days In August, were somewhat
mug-gy, but nothing like the old fashioned
dog days," we used to experience in
the Eastern and Middle States. There
were frequent showers during the month.
Acknowledgment. Friend Whit
t:noton was in town la.t Week, with an
other load of water-melons, and it being a
warm day, suspected the devil needed
an internal cooling application, and pre
sented him with several luscious melons
which were dispatched from tyne to time,
as occasion required, much to the gratifi
cation of all concerned. . . r, v .
- Thank you, friend W., and may your
like never grow less, while melons Jast
GaisiHorPEss are very numerous,
but owing totho lateness of their sppea
ance, it is not anticipated that they w
do much damage.; , , - , ,
., SociAt Ball. Our friends that " trip
the light fon'astic toe," are to have a par
ty U the house of G. W. Owen, in Ow
enton, next Tuesday evening, Sepv 8, at
7 o'clock. Those wishing to have a good
time generally, will, cf rourse , be there.
BoVf "A rr i v a i.a' The' Wa toss a 'ar
rived at our levee,1 Aug. 2V. She makes
(gulat weekly iris.; ' j ft t 0 ,'i
The lUnstiAt. c:ne ap.Aog. 30, and
discharged a quantity of freight at .the
levee, for our merchants.' ' l
The good light Jraught steamer,, Asa
Wivova, arrived at our( landing Sept.; 1
discharging a' large quantity of freight.
You have our thanks, gentlemen of die
Wilgus, for St. Louis papers. The trav
eling public will do well to remember this
boat. ' Capt. Ives is a gentleman, every
inch of him. We notice that Mr. Mc
Phersoni her old CJtrk, has left 'hors tf
fice, and gone to sperulatinj along the
river. He will trade on the Wilgus.
You will find Mr. Hopkins in the office,
who looks -like a etkilpman of the first
wa'ter? The AVilgiis leaves for' St. Louis
on Sunday morning.' ! " . t
The oteomer Omaha, wCntdown Mou
day evening, with a large lot of passcn.
ger from Sioux City. The Omaha, on
her upward trip, left at the levee, a fine
brass field piece, a six pounder.' Re
member the Omaha ; sho is one of the
fleetest boots on tho river, and all will bo
at home io 'the hands of Capt. Holland,
and J. Jewett Wilcox, Clerk.
"Akother Bio Fish. The riatls
mouth Jeffersoniah says that'a catfish"
weighing 165 pounds, was caught at the
mouth of rnppillion Creelr, one day last
week," &ic-vlounril Bluff Clarion.
r JVb Mr. Clarion; the riattsmouth
Jffferionian paid no such thing. Put' on
your " specs," Major, and you will sco
that that was or first fish story. , . , ., , ,
The DeSoto 'iVo.'puhlished by John
E parrish, has changed hands. ; , Mr. Z.
Jackson is to be the future publisher. ' :
THE undersigned have opened, near the
Printing Office, in Bellevur, a large and vartrd
assortment of Goods. Among tho variety
may be found . ., , , . , , 1
Such as '.!
, Brown Muslin, .' , i ; '
.; k Calico, ,.
Sheeting, fc
. ' ' '' r x Sliirtiiig,
i ' i Hosiery, lie.
I ojfetner wUq a quantity of
Soots cfe SHOOS
Seears, Rakei, Ropes, Horse-collars, Carpet-
sacks, Window Sash, Doors,
Tobocco, . Queensware. Glassware, Flour,
Crackers and a great maay more articles. .
They keep constantly on. hand, a Uree as
sortment of good
I I (Wines and IMaiiora. f
Warranted the "best quality ; . cheap for cash.
j. t . iiyuiv . i;u,,
-l y. 0j -1.
Enquire at the Benton House.
no. 41. dm. pu. .. ,
,1 H
. ' ' FOR H A I.E.
A valuable timber Claim of 1GO acres, with
in three miles of Bellerue City, for salt. En
quire at tnis umce. ,n37tt.
Or, The Forger Convicted.
Do you want lo have a Sure Preventive
against Lonnter tiling Bank JVotet f
Subscribe! Subscribe 1 Subscribe!
' ions 8. DYE Is the Anther, and the Rank
Note engravers all ssy that he is the creates!
judge of paper money living.
Published weekly. . The whole only One
Dollars Year. , , ! . .;: ja ;,
GREATEST DI8COVEBY of the present
ccuturr for detecting counterfeit Bank Notes;
describing every genuine bill in existence, arid
exhibiting at a glanee every counterfeit in cir
culation. Arranged so admirably that refer
ence la easy and detection instantaneous. No
pages to hunt up. but M simplified and arranged
that the merchant, banker and business nan
can see all at a glance. - .
It has taken years to make perfect this
GREAT DISCOVERY. The urgent neeea
sity for such a work has long 1 been felt by
commercial men, . It has been published to
supply the call for such a preventive, and needs
but to be known to be universally patronized.
It does more than has ever been attempted by
man. It describes every hank note in three
different languages Knalish, French and Ger
man. Thus each may read the same in his
wn native tongue.
Tebms. Tbs paper will be about 28 by 41
inches, and will contain the moat perfect Bank
Note List published, together with the rate of
discount. Also a list of all the private Bank
ers in America. ' ,
A complete summary of the Pinances' rf
Europe and America will be published in each
edition, together with all the important nw
of the day. Also INTEREST1FG STORIES
from an old mannecript found in the East, and
no where else to be found. It has never yet
appeared in print, and furnishes the most mm.
plete history of Oriental Life, and describing
ui must, (lerjiicxina; positions M'WDich the
Ladies and gentlrnien of that country have
been so often found. . These storl-i, will con
tinue throughout the whole year, and will
prove the most entertaining ever offered to the
public, v. ' , . ! n
Furnished weekly te subscribers only
at $l a year. All Utters must be addressed
to JOHN 8. DYE. Broke.
fuMixher and Proprietor, I
. 3x32 . , , JO Wall Sueet, New York, j
NEBRASKA ! IN- 1857.
THIS wnrk will ap In ht ready for sVllvs-y
ny me inr ini. ins nret supply wu re
ceived laiit week and was Immediately old.
A newOny Map, corrected by Mr. livers.
croruint; io tns county pnunnsries stabiiih
sd by the IginUture Istt winter, has been
engraved eipresily for the work, and will ap
pear in the sxt edition.
Hesides a bietory of the Territory, Its con
dition and proenert, the work eniilaln the
claim laws of Nehrsftka, and a dlgeet of tlfe
United States pre-emption law, making a
complete nre-emntor'a ruirfe. Kver netaan
Interested In Nehrak ehould have a copy of
the work. Price, with the map, 78 cent)
wunout me man, oo rente. (Single coplea mail
ed, postage paid, on receipt of price, to any
Pri oi me counvry. i
Omaha, Jane 11, 1S57 3itf rubliaher.
iT6 d k sTs tXtion kii y
A complete aenortment at
WOOLWORTH'S Rookatore,
Omaha City, N. T. ,
FZJ Special agent for School Dooas.
iw3J .
h r v;.' . IOWA, V
APR prepared to furnish Western Iowa and
Nebraska with SAND, GRAVEL, LIME,
variety, sl.e and shape. They have facilities
for quarrying ANY QUANTITY, that may
uc neeueu, una iso inirnu io nui
"100 Laborrcs
REFERANCESi P. Choutsau Je, 4 Co.,
fr. Ix)ni. (iar.KNr., Wsarc, k. BsNTOif,
council iiLurrs.
, All orders should be addressed to ' j
Rt. Mafys, March 15th, 1837. 21tf. '
. A.'iONCS.
oro. w. woob.
Tiin L-nci:sT
Drug & Chemical House
Wholcsalg aho Hrtail Dealers in
Drngs,' -
Chemicals, 1
Dye Stuffs,
'WindoAV Glass.
. A ' Wines,
' ' " . Liquors,
'' ' '' ' Tobacco, etc. &.c. Ac.
Having purchased the entiro stock of
DRUGS and FANCY GOODS formerly be
longing to C. A. Henry . Co., together with
our own full purchases, we a if now enabled
to offer the public as complete an assortment
of DKUU8 and FANCY GOODS as can be
found west of the Mississippi river. Our
stock ts of magnitude enough to supply the
whole Nebraska trade ; and having been pur
chased under the most favorable circum
stances, we feel assured In our statement,
that if Fine Goods, as regards quantity, qual
ity and price, are any object to those dealing
In DRUGS and MEDICINES, we can offer
these Inducements to a greater extent than sny
other house in the West. Country Merchants
and Physicians are requested to examine our
stock before purchasing elsewhere
no 15-tf JONES &. WOOD. .
A LARGE quantity of first rate Brick and
Lumber -for Kale, at reasonable rates.
Enquire at my Q(c near the Benton House.
35. JOSEPH E. TllAY.
. 91. PIKE, '
HAS established himself in a NEW GRO.
CERY STORE, la BeJlevue. on Mission
Avenue, cast of Main Street, where he will
keep constantly on hand,ull kinds of fresh
uroceries, ( .
. Flour, ,
. : ' Sugar, . ; ','
Coffee, " '..
v '; . . Teas.
..f") V7': ;;Fisb.&c.
He has also a choice lot of liaunrs. and ev
ery other article usually kept in a Grocery
A meal market Is kept In the base
ment story, for the accommodation of the cit-
Izena of pellevue, and vicl)ilty, J. (J333ni
WOULD respectfully inform the citizens
of Bel'.erus and vialnity Uit (!iy have
commenced the TAILORING BUSINESS in
the building formerly occupied by J. M. Bar
tav, corner MAIN street and FIFTH AVEN
UE, and intend keeping constantly, on hand
CLOTHS, " t : 1
.v 1 - .CASSIMERESL- 4
.; and VESTINGS,
Which will be mad up to order with neat
ness and dispatch. ' '
Also, Fl RS and HIDES bought or taken la
exchange for goods. . .. -. no -tf.
Eor further particulars enquire of
T. M. McCORD, -,
,At the FontcncUe Bank.
IWllevue, April 19,157.' 26-tf
Land Warrants
CONSTANTLY a hand and for sale by
Pre-einptors can muke a uaadsoms saving
by using Warrants. . . .
All Warrant sold by th above Institution
are guaranteed.
. JOHN J. TOWN, Cashier.
Bellevue. June 27, 1S57. , . . 34 .
Ho! For Fresh Water.
' THE undersigned reanertfnltv Inkn.
InhablUnts of Bellevue .and the firronndins
country, that b is prepared to dig and Inlsh,
At the shortest potke, and on th most rea
swabl terms. , , D. A. LOGAN.
Rellevue, Oct. S3. lS5t t-tf
TOWN ANDERSON'S Best Chewing and
I Lu.tniy .".Tr-K, Wjfl IK 4. SAVpFRS.
'-''r';B ELL E V U E
(Coiiimercial lEninoriiiiii ! !
rpilK nnderslirnsd respectfully solicit the irfteiitlon of the cltlr.ens of llellevnn and vicinity,
.1. to their extensive assortment of goods, embracing every variety usually kept in the west.
Hie the ladle Is particularly railed to our large assortment of dres good,
rnnalstlng In part of silks, French and American Jaconet and Organdy Iwns. Berages, D
Lalnes, Ac. Figured and Plain Swiss, Jaconet and Bonk Muslins, Calicos, Ribbons, Artifi
cial Flower and Wreaths, Dres Trimmings, Hosiery, Iloimets, Hats, Ac.
Indies fin
morocco sllpprra, kid and smtocco buskin, parodl tis, and Jenny Llnd, kid, en
alf skin lace boots, black and colored gaiter, Ar. (tent's fiwe morocco and
ts, fin cloth, calf akin and patent leather gaiters, sew'd and pee'd luonrosi.
cl.n.l....'. .(... . ..t V..i, '
ameled and ea
calf skin bant
alippcra, 4tc. Childrcn'a shoes, a peat variety
Men's and boys' fin fell, wool, Panama, curracoa, seaneH, I.ecliorn, ralio. a
great variety. " '
Th largest stock ever opened in this county, consisting of coat, pant, vests, shirts, col
lars, ovsr-alls, Ac. vt all sues, styles, and quality, for 111-11, boys und chilJren.
A great variety of both English and American manufacture, Parpen! rV t""li, Ac.
kevpers and builders Will find It tu their advantage to call be fun purchasing aliewber.
' Choico Cigars,
Alto, a large
All th jibove articles, together with a great variety not mentioned, will b told low for
cash. All kinds of merchantnble country produce taken in exchange tor good. Alio Dry
Hides, Fur, Ac, Thankful for the liberal patronage heretofore extended to a by th siU-
an tKlaa mud wa ae-n.silu m rvl i i 11 .... 4 I
ten of thi county, we earnestly solicit its coiitinuaiicg.
, 3mos3l
Wholesale is Retail Merchant,
HAS just received and now ha for sale, a
large assortment of selected merchandise
adapted to the want of all In thia new and
thriving community, which he can sell ascheap
a can h ollered elsewhere eo high upon the
Missouri river. HI good hav been selected
by an experienced purchaser, with special
reference to the circumstances and want of
all clssses of settler In a new country. La
die and gentlemen, children and youth, all
can be supplied. Call and ses for yourselves.
His stock consists of the following, among a
great many other articles he cannot now enu
merate: Among hi - ,
Pry Goods,
May be found Woolen and Satinet Clothe,
Cassinets, Tweed, Cashmeres, Linseys,
Flannel, Red, White, Gray and Blue, Caspian
l'laids, Cotton Goods, Sheeting and Hhlrtingi,
Bleached and Unbleached, Blue and White,
Drillings, Osnaburg, Bed-Ticking( Hickory
Checks, Ac., fcc.
Fancy Goods.
' A beautiful assortment of fancy print of
every variety of style and pattern. Gingham,
Lawns. Firured Alpacca. Bombazine. Bom-
bayetts, Shawls, Scarfs Handkerchiefs, Neck
erchiefs, Crape, Muslin, Edgings, Ribbons,
Ac, Ac.
A well (elected stock of Summer, Fall and
Winter Clothing, consisting in part of fine
Dress Coats, Pant and Vests & alio, good
Hummer Clothing of all descriptions, and heavy
Clothing for Kali and Winter use. Also, Shirts,
Knit Flannel Drawers and Undershirts, Socks,
Ac. Mens' and Boys' Hat and Cap, of va
rious fashions, qualities and price. Hoots A
Shoe, thick ana thin, polished and nnpoliehed,
of every description, for Men, Women, and
Children's us.
Crushed, Clarified, Loaf and Brown KitEar.
Molasse. Syrup Molasses, Golden Syrup,
Superior Tea, Rio and Java Coffne, Sassafras,
Ginger, Pepper, Cloves, Spice, Cinnamon,
ground Ginger. Nutmeg, Snuffs, Tobacco,
Cigar, Pipe, Soap, Candle, Vinegar, Pickle
repper-rauce, ate., ate.
A large assortment of, Flour, of various
qualities and prices; Corn Meal and all the
various product of the Fares and Garden;
Bacon,' Fish. Kiln dried Apple, Peaches,
Currant, Raisins, Ac.
Stoves of various patterns, for Cooking an)
Heatinff rooms. Stove-nine and Elbows, larir
and small Iron Kettles, Frying Pans, Skillet
Hand-Irons, Shovels and Tongues, Manure and
Hay Forks. Scvthes. Shovels and Soadea. lot
and Trace Chains, Axes, Hammers, Pincers
Iron and Steel, Nails, Horse-Rasp, File
Saw, Knive and Forks, Pocket Knives, Ra
rors, Butts and Screws, Door Handles, Kno
L.OCKS, ate, eie.
A general assortment kept for househok
purpose. -.r
Hooawarr. ,
Wash-tubs, Shakers Paila, Wood and Zine
- ... Leathtr , ... r,
. Sole Leather, Harness Leather, Cowhide,
Kip Skin. Calf Skin. Llnine and Morocco.
Saddles, Bridle, Halter, Lariat. Cirelngle,
Belly-bands, Driving-line, Collar, Back
traps. Girth, Blind-bridle, Ac,
A general assortment of Medicine, for
Fever, Fever and Ague, and the common
complaint of the rountyy. Cook's. Lee',
Sappenyton's, Bragg's and Jaynea' Pill, Qui
nine, Tonic, and vjrjou kind of 8timulaats,
Anodynes, liiiunents, and otner arucle neces
sary for th sick and Uie invalid. 1-tf
c. . acTTtaritLn
Griffith & Butterfleld,
BUTCHERS, and neater in CATTLE,
SHEEP and SWINE, have penaaaently
located themselves in Bellevue City, and are
prepared to furnish the citirens of .Bellevue
with fresh meat on Tuesday. Thursday and
Saturday morning of each week, liliey can be
feund lu th Baseaii-nt of 8. M. Pike's Crc
ry and Provision Store, where they will be
happy to wait upon their customer. 6t33
3VE. 33 rnxZLWixy,
forBfr of Lenttaotfooltdtt Strftts,
Treserved Fruits,
Tof)den Vare,
Fish, &.
stock of choice
Main Btrest.
IIufTman's Stage Line.
STAGE LINE. gwr6s v t
HUFFMAN'8 LINE will leav Glenwnod,
via. St. Mary for Bellevue, on Mon
day', Wednesday' and Saturday', at lit
o'clock, A. M., and will leave the Beutou
House, Bellevue, via. St. Mary for Glcnwood.
on the am days at 1 o'clock, P. M.
Thia Lin connect at St. Mary, with th
Council Bluffs and St. Joseph SUge., and at
Olenwood with the various lines from lb Mia
sisslppl to the Missouri Rivers.
Travelers on this Lin will And every con
venienc and accommodation, to mak their
trip pleaant and peedy. Comfertabla
Coache, Careful Driver and wll-fd
Regular Packet for ' Kama. Leavenworth.
Weston, St. Joseph, Savannah, Iowa Point,
Nehruska City, Bellevue, Council
niutis, Uinatia and Florence.
TH E new and elegant Pa sngr
Steamer Vlnrenno. T Tii.L.
mnrfnti .t.. t T.' 1
Clerk, will commence her trip a a regular
packet In th above trade, 00 th opening of
navigation in the spring, and will remain in it
throughout th ses son.
The Florence having been built under th
superintendence of th uneerigned, expressly
for the trade, I of extraordinary strength, and
well adapted to it in every particular. A rea
sonable share of the patronage of shipper,
and th public generally, la respectfully oli
cfted. J. THROCKMORTON, Master.
gft-s J. E. Go maw, Clerk,
Regular Packet for Kansas, Nebraska City,
Bellevue, Coni c il Bluff, Omaha,
aaa jorence.
TUP. r, .t.A .1 i c.
t,Min-ne-ha-ha, Capt. chrle
Maker. M tw 1 1 . . . -1
Clerk, will run a a regular packet, to the
above and all Intermediate point on the Mis
souri river, and peraoii can rely upon her con
tinning In the trade regularly during the season.
rh Min-ne-h-ha i an entirely new boat,
built expressly for the Missouri River trade,
and being fitted up in th latest and most ap
proved atyle, her officer feel confident, that
trlet attention to th comfort of Passengers,
and to business, will mak her th favorlt
bat in th trad.
CHAS. BAKER, Ma.ter.
' ir'i m . . " Hutchiksoii, Clerk.
H. T. Clarke, Agent. 26 a
Tailoring ! Tailoring !
The undersigned bgs leave to Inform th
citizen of Bellevue and vicinity that he i
prepared to do custom work, in the latest
fashion and most approved style. H fl
confident that his work ia unerpaed East
or Wet ; and by moderate price respectfully
ollciU a share of th public patronage. He
will alwava b found ready t receiv ordera
at th Bellevue House.
Bellevue, N. T. March 11th 1857,tf
rpiIE Undersigned having commenced the
X above busines in Bellevue, i prepared
to do all work In his line, at the shortest no
tice, In the best manner, and on the most rea
sons hie terms. WM. WILEY.
KV Four or five good Plasterers, will find
constant employment, and good wages, on
plication to the above.
Bellevue, Oct. 30, lS5d. 2-tf
Charles E. Watson,
Bellevue City, Nebraska Territory, pro- "
fessea to be posted" ia th lay of th land la
this vicinity, and Oder hi Service to aach a
my need them, on reasonable terms.
(T He will also act as agent, for the pur
chase or sal of Real Estate, in the Territory,
or Western Iowa. Information furnished upon
application. Declaration filed aud pre-emption
obtained. -tf
JOHN P. HORN A CO., near the Printing
Office, Bellevue, hav en band shovel,
Hoe, Spades, Forka, Haiuea, and a general
assortment of Farming Tool. Call and see. .
July, 15, IWT. 3w36 ( .
BOOTS and SHOES Twenty eases at v
Boots and Shoes, all aixes, at th , - -
Sacks G. A. Salt in Stor and must b
sold, by CtARKE A BRO
" T
: t
i r.
f 1