Bellevue gazette. (Bellevue City, N.T. [i.e. Neb.]) 1856-1858, February 19, 1857, Image 2

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r n i. i s it i' n v
TH03. J. cTj:r-nsoN, ttniTon..
TIIL'RSI) AY, 1 r.IWU AKY 10, K7.
( Or v ! r. I 1" Hi .14 ci i or !! ; !
re,.r,i'n i i Hie body which t .. r.'
.r. t.t:.T for "vl.t.'is'.a had she a
n i-
t'. 111
lh II-
' sand mmx s i lt as ie, ninl i! would have
'hern letter f.r III- "P. I I i'oi v, h i. I ill" hue
hern hlesse I '. I'll their as iis:,u.. e i i Ihe l.e-
i cisl itute. I" Tore wio'igs up".i wrong 4 had rnlitmji, (
faith. I .In not dc-irc t re- ; IWrio.,, f..r the it. liovno Gazette. 1
criminate, but I have been ii -.-ni.!, mul ' lor itml i:ir l of l ush Ion.
Iiiivc a right In use my own weapons,' Fashion is nt tin' sumo time the most
i iih"r in M'lf-ilt f. iKf or fur the injury of tyrnniiirnl ami tin! capricious dume
i il f t. .
my fin'iny. luinginuiiie ; lor wnur, one year mil- pro
tnl to rnji tin" climax of malignity, in- i imimces to bo in tin' mnst perfect taste,
llienpc.l n Mti tlm leads of this cnplc no h i-
Ins pi
I.tTRlttilt It c llrl'v
The er lie U closed the curtain has drop,
fpil. The third I.-rhI it'iri' r Neiu.iska have ,0 .p'fn
finished their lalnr ninl returned to t Ii i r'cnt
ho lie i and com itaency, wmr to re. -die tin' co! agues
plaudits mul tli.iitl.s of Jin ll' out ami l.imi- , f t IinL uterling integrity nut in
fully repiescirfed constituency, oHien to I vorlli Iti it nn I itiiii.'nr al onr nimm Hid ro ili',
Clvr tint jusl condemnation tlirir recreancy ' )it li-r by ex igeratinu nr o'herwise, il i tin in
rt much deserve. Ami It is imt .t vlnji ton even justice. Always at tlirir osl of ilnty.
iii ii 'ii ninl tirai lii't y, mil' of tlic tirxt, perhaps, she condemns as most
tli'.' iii!ir of tin- nliMi'cii ! article vi-itcd shockingly r iii iculous, ami devoid of both
Mmliinntv anil wantonly ! the I ri H or tin- me oil I no nay pi mr id in puiuicniinn, uii'i glint: nun uuniy s nu oniy so, iu nm: ii-
!er Con ip'lmi iii. l 1'hmiI. An In (In-iii"iii-' (lUn nil t!m duy miI'm'iIh iiI, Mill iriifi'.bill'; (iliri'S Jh.'I ft i t ac.nii.vscoilcC' in lior jililjr-
I,. ii of tl... mi,.r II. .mo fiom '..' no'liii..; frii'ii-Miii iiiiiI t'"-anl. Ami what nvxl. incut, mul n Mind ilcvotinii to Imr lit-
imt.I In- i. ,i;.., lln- rolniiiin of ii innv. During a ilniiil.i ii li'ilii- at ll.'lli'Viu', on lii'Ms, from all lior votaries. And snn-Iy,
p .p.T Sp.'.ik-r t;"ilit . uIki wmi .ln-t.'il lv T h' 1 1 !a y cvi'iiinu' l.i.-t, at tin- ('.! Oration tiovor moiian-h had such loyal subjects;
ninhii Mi iin.inl.H'i.ii vol.- of tin- linn... Ii.'l.l IS.ttl, vvh.-ii 1m! bad i u bused a yen- for nt one time we find them, with one
. i
ill. in until (lie l.ii. lb' u ii wi'li tlir tli'Ul.lll,
imirh of tlii I. i'i uri to iy, il
promlm-iit niiioiij; Hi" thrrc nt tin' only otic
Hint In nl;iiot! any Ufa tin " r.-llor t o.l tin;
withri of tlio tmtrtj ninl imtwitlittiiiiiliii';
A rln't'k w.( put upon many iinpottant iihm
mircs pattoil by a corrupt iiml umi.iI i'Xi'chIih',
xtill It It ton npp.iri'iil to In' ili'nii'.l, tlial (lilt
LpSlabltitro li;ive mostly Uv',; in ilcil.iiiro o,"
prinriplc In (Iip ni't in. lint to ri-v imv. Com
mrnriii nt Dahkol.ili rnu'ilv, the rxlrnin"
north of tin Territory. wi Iiml but n huiIh
rovrcuriiliitive of three working ilh Hip pi'"
pf majority nuaintt ilie roiiiliincil fmrrt of
fraud mul rorruptioii. la S. I'. Waits, tin
projilr of D will ri'i-o'iii.T lln'ii' only
trnc nml faithful roprfsriit.itivi'. IK' took a
.Iwlilril pntltion Willi the licopli'.i' niajorily t
the roinineiici'mi'iit, ninl nnwl iiohly ili.l ho
roiitlniiff to tin iMi'1 of the ii'm:uii halllin; fur
rlpllt Ami the best Inleiett of hit fniitlitui'iitt,
while hi collenjjne hi tin same honte (Tones),
after pleiljjlnu lilt naeie.l word mid honor to
niensuret and prineiplet of vilal iinpoitanrn
to the Territory, as a man of easy virtue (us
ln was), lie found no dilliciilty in breaking
lila pledges, bit auli-imi aiiiiients, as thouli
they had been no many ropes of aaml.
Whether he wan prompted by the thousand,
Al.t. la pold, we shall not empiire. It is
enough to know he took its many dillVnvil po
iiious, on diiTrirnl and vaiimii ipiesliout, at
a man of his capacity well could; and it
would be well for his constituent to know
that, of all men la their midst, he. it the last
one to trust with place, position or power.
We pas to Hurt county, for we d.) not think
It worth wasU of words ami paper to speak
in detail of the shiflin ever and continually
changing Puett in the Council, who had the
honor of Misrepresenting the people of ),ih
koUh. Burt county wnt much more fortunate
than Dahkotnh.for in this Legislature she had
but a (IiirU representative, (!. M. Cim.coTr.
For intelligence he had nn superior in that
body, of which he was a inemher. Capable,
faithful and honest, he was untiring in his de
votion and uncompromising In his real to ad
vance the best interest of his Immediate ron
stfRienti. Hi best eulogy It his record,
showing what he consumma'ed for hit consti
tuents, and It is our earnest hope that Hurt
county may always be at highly favored in
the halls of Legislature, la the fu'ure of this
Territory, a she has been this time in se
curing the services of the firiuand unflinching
ClllXCOTT. Washington county hat Indeed
been fortunate in the selection she madu to
represent her, nt the sequel has shown the Council, so well mul favorably
known throughout the Territory, will return to
his constituent covered with glory enough for
one session, .while F.. V. Stoct and Wm. Cos
won, representatives, have won for themselves
apolitical reputation for integrity and rnmesty
of purpose that will last a long as the histo
ry of Nehraska politics. Piompted by that
manly sense of duty that it the fust and uio.U
Important requisite la a legislator, they mark
ed out a course of procedure at the beginning
and none were more consistent and constant
la a continuance of that course to lh
Dodge county had but a single repictentative,
S. K. Seeb-y, and he, as far as wo can learn,
did not reflect the wishes of the great majority
if his constituents, but owing to a want of
residence la the District a sutricient length of
time, did not retain hit seat the whole session.
We come now to Douglas county. She had
her representatives there la iiuin'.u'rs greater
than any other county i:i th? Territory.
Northern Djaglas (being no'hiag more or less
than Oinaln city proper), t wi wh"r the
whole world expected they would stand, the
rinbodimeiit of the Caiutai. C'iihi k, the
representative of the famous Omaha city and
Council ItlalVi Terry Company. They were
found voting and working togetUer until tue
closing scene, when It was discovered that the
two champions and nniu pillars (lliuicom
and Seeley), of the Capital Ciiipie, bad
pledged certain other geuib-ui -i to vote for it
Bank lo 34e Ihu Capital,
A certain few of their cons' ituciils, the few
last days of the ecjshvi showed their ingrati
tude to these two gentlemen, who had resorted
to bo'.h fair and foul ma'is to keep the Capi
tol where it was. As to the South D.tugbiss
delegation, now Sarpy co mty, we will speak
of her representation in an o'her place. Cass
comity comes next. She has been the victim
of Misr.rr.stNTTio the organization
of the Territory. IVil this winter, hr Kik
rATRicic in the Council and W-.t. Si.wuii rr.a,
B. Cote, ILC. Wot.imi aiuljwin Carowkil
iu the House of Representatives, are all men
of that high sense of hanor an J of IVlitieal
Integrity Uiat their work is b it what all ex
pected at their hand. TUey h iv t been firm
anJ reliable ia the grea work of destroying
the monstrous tn uio-ioly vt'.iich has heen at
war with the best Interest of this Territory
from ila Organization. Th-Ir j is', upright and
traightforwArJ co'ir in the l.'isla'ur this
session hat redeemed Cast from the fo il a
persious, so plentifully heaped npo'i her fair
fame, before. Oioe C'oaiity spoke for henelf
In the stent just passed, in manner and tone
not to b wmtakened lirr counciliuen Bsn
roan Rbete and SArroan, would havi done
honor a repressntatives to themselves and
constituents in the Halls of any Legislature of
th? Uiibw. FVr wisdom, patriotitm and Iuteli-
m Hie lat'.rrs own room, unit nirorii. eiuieavorm to attain, at near ns
i I ' .1 . - I . I I ...!! -C I
maimitv at far as he , ,hl I e ,,.' uin.ii iiuiniy imiinail. in prouipieu ffr; may ue, me grareiui omiuies oi u utun
with il.e'ion he i.ecnpied. ' I ' i i i -1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , if H'l :iri ifu of life, I jmiIo, and acrordino; ti the Dame's decree,
' ' i i .i . i .1..., twi i..,wi .,.rr....i
Had ard CiVVIM, t te 11 II" Ml n''1''' 1 I in' i nnirMiinn, nun inn j'l wiiuuih iii; iiuii iiiiii: iiiu moot 'iui;u,
... ..... I fl... III'.. ..I .. .. ... ...iinral . m, r.r t. I ,.n a nt'itt fco.m
I ill ei'l'it V' mil moral "uw oiiy in .i.ij niu uif nn- ii n.-. tin iiuuuni uii.i ji.iuuii mo. ,uv,u. oil....
iimlili', ticaclifi'iin ami uiiratetiil a . nut e er l-tut, l!ie tastidious Dame grows
villain at evi r wat allowed lo run at tired uf willows, mid conccivino;, no
lai oe. doubt, that the opposite extreme must be
As far ns my bavin"- exerted any in- the very acme of craci; and beauty, forth
lluence to procure n division of the county i with announces that the human form, as
is coni eriied. 1 can only Hiy, that while 1 ; it was made by the Creator, is destitute of
wished it miiflit Le consummated, I neither j true, grace, which can only be furnished
luiliod, coaxi'd or urged a man lo support to order by n cooper or tmibrella-maker,
the measure. As to the name of the and that a sugar or molasses cask np-
........... I ...ii...!.wr P.... tl... ! iii'.in.'iii.u iiiinri.!. I., ihn niierni.t tntiibiril nf
inal.a, nn.l what is now Johnson ( o.iu'y shn ill . , ... , , !" , ,, ,. r (lrDumn,i
ITIIill 171 r.lll II Il'Jit'ir lo III. , IIO lOI Ulll ly lUtllllJ tl.OII llllllh lll.ll VlV. wivuillv.
and verily, u these
find never feaiing the lesponsihilily of iielion,
n positimi or a vole, )!oe may justly lie proud
of these two men for they are natures noble
men. Dow ns, 1.1. l is and Wiiitk nil from
tin' same co.m'y were always ri;ht on Hi" i
in tin ii'iet! ions an I vote. I inlelligenllv
this review.
IIOL ne II I l leu n-I I'l nil'-in e i:i nn-i ii-m-. . . , , , , . . I ' f I .1 t
. . ' ., , i odd vear.i have trai-ked vour rlains, fouoht of bv Hie Graces;
Sii" too w.M Hie viciiin 01 uros.i, i.i,;' n:iu , ' . ... , ... i' , ,: i ... I " .. ... ti., .!,.
. , illie It'll lllltll, IIIIII tll.ietl 111 rSiaiillMllllo Silllli; UIUU s wi-ll- ill n.m; mi"" in- nr
posts, forts, roads, and other facilities and selves in society at the present day, they
protections for those who now occupy the ' would be hooted at, and compelled to hide
Hham.'f il misrepie ,nnt.iti"U bv a part of her
Delegation. There was much to redeem her
from the olilmpiy mi l disgrace in'o which she
had fallen by the legislative career of a
Cu VMiirns and a Lvwucnck. They weretrue
ns K'eel in the great contest, mid evinced a
manliness and moral cournge in opposition to
their recreant an I hise coleagues, that in
woithv of admiration and respect from all who
have al heart Hi" best interest of the Territory,
while W. A. 1'lSM.V .V Co. Hie mlscre Hits o'f
Ihe session, have by their treacherous, black
hearted mid conduct ensured to them
selves eternal oliliipiy dishonor ami disgrace.
Doe W. A. FiNNf.v deny be was Jndat Itea-
riut like paid his price, mid ! he deny b"
tlid imt Benedict Arnold like, change front
and position burnetii itcly after the supposed'
purchase. Nn m it ' or lnnv stoutly, or tremb
lingly and giiiltyly he may deny, Hie presump
tion that the charge is true it ho violent, that
no proof that the nature of the case would ad
mit of, wo lid c vivlnee the insulted, outraged,
mid deeply wronged people of the contrary.
We hope that Hie rumor it true that he hat
disposed of his property in Nebraska, mid is
maud at the op.uiing of the r.Ant.v navigation
r Texas. M ly the virgin soil of Nebraska
e saved from the desecration of hit corrupt
and treacherous remains.
r.nvnee ami Richardson county, though
tist are not least in th ; review. McDonald
represent ed these counties in the coundil, and
was faithful to the Interest of his constitu
eace, while Sisr.i.K.roN and Ciiom wc.t.l. nud
Sn hp were Hi" R.-prefnt atives in the lower
Mouse from Hi" same district. Sinhlktos
has ben in the tlu'e" legislatures, and il it
enough to say of him, be h the man they at
tempted to bribe with three thousand dollars
on the Capitol question the first S'ssina.
And bis conduct np i that occasion was such
a rebuke to these Capitol worthies, that ho is
the last man they would attempt to buy from
principle and duty. Cuovnvei.t., his coleugue,
was all that Rich ird lo.i and Pawnee coald
lesire In a Representative. Betides being an
honest, faithful, tried and Irun Representative,
he is a gentleman in th highest sense of the
word. Smart, last In this review, the col-
eague tif Sistii.eTON and Cuomwcm., it a
young man or lint little experienen, and whether
be was acting under any und ue inllueuce in
regard to Banks, we shall not a I this lime en
A Voice from the Old Pioneer, Genoral
Pjter A. Sarpy.
Mr. Km ion :
Through the columns of your
paper 1 desire lo reply to an article head
ed "Swii'v t'-oiNiv," published in the
.VitVi', of the 11th itiM., iu which
my private conduct and public nctioas
are referred to in language alike false,
abusive, scurrilous and (discern. I shall
speak plainly, aj an old pioneer and an
hoii'st man.
My long residence in ihis Territory,
my intimate relations with all government
then wilderness? W hat care 1 for the their heads in confusion
paltry favor. I did not ask it, hut begged j Immediately upon the enunciation of
that some other name might be usetl. j these new principles of dress, by their
No. sir. The honor of being an honest time-honored sovereign, all her loyal sub
man, the satisfaction of knowing that I jects, from Maine to California, with one
never betrayed my friends, nr even tried accord, unconditionally retract and ignore
In deceive mi enemy, is sudieieiit for me. their former opinions, and declare, most
Neither will the honeyed language of tin emphatically, that whales and coopers are
clming paragraph content me. There is the greatest benefactors of human kind,
iu it no oil to heal the wounds occasioned ami that without them, the world would
by this gross attack. Hut, thank (iod.I be a vast wilderness, a fit place for sav
have within myself the cure. Il is in the 'ages, who cannot appreciate the graceful
scorn ami deliance with which I treat ' contour of a form modified to suit a Paris
their nssassTu-liku assault. Had I in- j milliner's ideas of elegance. And if one
jured Jinn, they might have retaliated ; : more reckless than the rest dares to dis
but to be assailed by professed friends, sent from these rules nnd dogmas, she is
almost infuriates uk. and 1 long once forthwith condemned without benefit of
more to leave the habitations of the while clergy, and henceforth considered as a
man, and again make my camp with the dangerous person, and one not to be nd
less treacherous und more grateful Indian, milted to too close communion with ihe
I have said too much, perhaps, already, ! loyal subjects of the fastidioiu sovereign,
Mr. Kditor, hut I could not help it. I unt lest the dissatisfaction becomes general,
getting old; two-thirds of my life has; Now is it not too bad that a people who
been spent in the wilds ; but iu ull my have struggled so hard for independence,
dealings I defy any man to prove that 1 as have those of our republic, should he
have been false, unkind or dishonest. subjected to the despotic way of such an
I denounce the. two principals in this j inveterate tyrantess as this Dame has
outrageous attack, as men devoid of honor, ' proved herself to be ?
kmmiv Aiu:inisi:Mi:rs.
J. A. Jomhs. nc.o. W. wnon.
Drug & Chemical House
N'iioi.i.s w.k A"r Kctui Dr.M.ins in
Dye Stuffs,
Window (Mass,
Tobacco, &.C. Si.c. Sec.
Having purchased the entire stock of
DRUOS and FANCY (iOODS formerly be
longing to V, A. Henry & Co., together wiUi
our own full purchases, we are now enabled
to offer the public a complete nn assortment
of DRUGS and FANCY CiOODS as can be
found west of the Mississippi river. Our
stock it of magnitude euoiigh to supply the
whole Nebraska trade; and having been pur
chased miller the most favorable circum
stances, we feel nssured in our statement,
that if Fine Goods, at regards quantity, qual
ity ami price, are anv object to those dealing
in DRUGS and MF.D1CINF.S, we can oiler
these inducements to a greater extent than any
other house iu the West. Country Merchant
and Physician are requested to examine our
stock before purchasing clsewlfere
no l.Vtf JONF.S & WOOD.
W. 11. STARK.
whether as regards their domestic rela
lions or their public transaction?, ami am
fully able to prove all lhat 1 assert. This
is written entirely on my own personal
responsibility, and if they do not like the
style of the "old horse on the sand bar,""
let the knave and the bully, together with
their juvenile bottle-holder, call cither
singly or together on
i our obedient servant,.
Then arouse ye J summon all vour en
ergy and free yourselves from this igno
ble bondage ; obey only the dictates of
prudence and true taste. Cultivate in
your souls a love of the beautiful, as seen
iu nature, and you will cease to regard the
mandates of Dame Fashion as infallible,
and learn to live for a nobler purpose.
Learn that woman has a higher walk to
do than to flitter away her life in a fool
ish endeavor to outshine all others (if her
sex in gaudy apparel, while the jewel of
her mind is left unpolished nnd unprized.
Tin lluil roads "nt Hie IVoiId.
All the world knows that the United
States of America is eminently the coun
try of railroads ; but every one may not
Our llriuesciitutit ex.
It ii with pleasure we again look upon
the faces of our delegation iu the Legis
lature, we say "with pleasure"' because
we believe '.here is no purrlins?. money in
the pockets of uither of them. They have ; know the degree to which wo excel the
to,l imhtv ,..! in il., mul.- rest ot lite world m the solid assurances
. . ... -i, i ... , ! that we shall continue to excel, or finally,
in defence ol the right and are entitled t, , , , , ., cc , ., . 3
. . j me prooi which noui utioui iu.ii we are
to th;; wekviuie. from their constituents, we u,.still.(l ,0 exce j civilization. At the
now give them "wvll doac gojd and end of the year lS(j there were in Great
faiihful servants." ! lh itain S,o7(5 miles of railroad ii: all F.u-
Yo not need particularise". (Jen H.wcn ! r'.T? tojaretlior 21.903 miles, while in Hie
, ,,. . . ' ... , 1 1 iiiled Mates alone, there were 21 ,)()
ami Allen of ihe Council have escaped j mios As tho grand total of all the miles
without the "smell of lire on their g;r-, of railroad in the world is 51,20(5, it will
ments. As to the manner (..en. Jioweu be seen that very nearly one-halt or the
discharged his duties as the Provident of , amount is in the I mtcd Mates,
Boot and Shoe Store,
On JFARNHAM Street, Opposite the F.x
0 change Rank.
W, H, STARK & CO.,
Would respectfully inform the ladies and gen
tlemen of Omaha ami vicinity, that they have
on hand and are manufacturing a complete
stock of
Of the best quality, nnd warranted; compri
sing the following, viz :
Ladies' Fine Lace and Congress Gaiters.
' " Kid Hootees and Congress Gaiter.
" " Slippers and Ties.
" Heavy Morocco and Calf Hooters.
Misses " " "
Childs' " ." "
Gents' S"we 1 Kip ami Calf Hoots.
' Peeked ' '
" Fine French or Pump Hoots.
" Water Proof and (i'lilted-Holtom Hoots.
" Patent Calf Hoots. .
" Oxfonl Ties and Gaiters.
" Kin and Calf Shoes.
Hoys' and Youths" Kip Hoots ami Hrogans.
All of which arc made or the best material
the market affords. Our facilities for sMect
ing .1re unsurpassed in Kas'.ern cities, and we
wish it distinctly understood that wo
Warrant Every Article Wo Sell.
We have Hi" best of workmen ii oar em-
i,u;uooi advi:ktiskmi:nts.
my 'Udiid
Which, when complete, will compose the
L ARC F.ST a n n pfst SI'.LF.CTF.D STOCK
Ollt STO( ft OI' .KOC F.ltlF.ft
Are bought at the lowest terms for cash,
consist of
' CUR It A N TS,
NUTS, 4.C., 4.c, &.r
dry ;(( ns.
Ladies and Gents, call and see them, anil
price for yourselves. They have not beeir
summered ninl wintered in St. Louis, but
bought and shipped direct from the F.astern
cities. Late stvlcs and n full assortment of
DRF.SS GOODS, from a ten cent Lawn to a
Two Dollar Silk. Also, a few fine SILK
A fine stock old and young, fogies and1
'fast' men, call soon if you want a nice cat
vest or pants, on reasonable terms.
New styles, cheap and durable.
ii vitim Am:.
A very large assortment, consisting in part
of Smith's Tools, Spades, Shovels, Forks,
Rakes. Hoes, Hells, Mill, Crosscut, nnd Hani
Saws, Files, Augers, Axes, Hroadaxcs, Adze,
Chisels, &c, &.c, to tho end of the chapter.
A large lot, consisting of Pine Doors, Sash.
Shutter 'Winds, Paints. Oils, Nails, Locks,
Latches, Glass, Putty, &c.
Fl It.MTl Ki;.
Hureaus, Hedsteatls, Tables, Chairs, Tin
Safes, Cuhboars, Stands, &.C.
I'tj- We will sell cheaper for cash thnr
nnv house in Western I own.
noR-tf. TOOTLF. & GRFF.NF..
A N D (i L i: N W O O 1)
HUFFMAN'S LINK will leave Glenwood,.
via. St. Marys for llellevue, on Mon
day's, Wednesday's and Saturday's, nt H
o'clock, A. M., ami will leave the Henton
House, llellevue, via. St. Marys for Glenwood,.
on Ihe same days nt 1 o'clock, P. M.
Thin Line connects nt SI. Marys, with tho
Council Hliill.t and St. Joseph Stages, mid nt
Glenwood w ith the variojiR lines from the Mis
sissippi to the Missouri Rivers.
travelers on this Line will luul every con-
idoy. I'.verv sty., nf Hoo' or Shoe mails to ' venience nnd acconunoibition, to nmke their
. . . i . ..: ..1 n...l f ..!.. 1.1
order, and warranted on easy nnd fashionable
lit. Kespectr.illv,
in 13-tf W. 11. STARK & CO.
1000 PAIRS
Eastern Boots & Shoes
A T T 11 F. O M A II A C I T Y
Boot and Shoo Store,
To make room for my own manufacture.
Also, a gno I as 101 ' rue. it of Li. lies' and Gents'
Rubber, Overs nnd Smd.ils of A. No. I quali
ty, at a very small advance, togellicr with a
complete assortment nf wink of my own man
ufacture, including Ladies' nnd Gents' buffalo
Also, a well selected S'.ock of
Leather and Findings.
P. S. F.v.'i'y style of Hoot or Shot made to
order, as usual, an I waria.i'ed easy, fashion-
Inns pleasant mid speed v. Comfortal'!'!
Coaches, Careful Drivers and well-fed
no 5-1 f. .
irxnEsxv goods
i i ,i . ) , . .. , lo tiiosi) wiiore lect w nat raiiroaus are,
.he Council, the complimentary vote on 1 , , , , , , . .,
1 . i and what they lead to, there is something
no la,l evemn- of the session, is gratifi-1 ulnl0it 0V(,rwhelmiii-r in such an array of
inur and satisfactory to us. Maj. S. A. , facts, When at a present day a country
Striclvland as speaker pro Uin, and the posesscs internal resources and railroads,
acknowledged leader if the House th0 ; it has gained ninety-nine ono-hundredths
,f , f .i r i -.ii- ..1 of the c-scntial requisites to prosperity.
.Mural of the hue, has ncputted l'elf That wTlk.h take8 protiuco more readily
nobly. Chas. T. 1 lolloway occupy 1113 the ailj ,-heaply to market, which supplies the
aoents coniinj; to cd'ect treaties or ar-1 hij;h position of Chairman of the Com. 011 manufacturer with raw material at the
ranes'.ients with the various Indian nines, j judiciary, exhibited his usual good jud r- lowest rates, and which in return brings
from the Kan-as river to the Yellowstone, 1 . , ' , 1 ...i .,.,;,,,,., . 1 ,,,lk.i. 1 In the adriculturist the results of manufac-
, , .r, tl!l..lU,U. 1... II. I.l.llk.7, UlU UllilU" r , , -
ami from the Kockv Alouutains to l!ie : , .. , , , , , , , lures and commerce, must be, of course,
ken firmness. He is entitled to the ad-
the medium to facilitate and encourage the
Missouri, ihiriuo the hist thirtv-live wars.
have given me a notm i.-iy which I could imration and approbation of his constitu-, interest of all these. Let it be constantly
not avoid; the reputation I possess has, cuts. No one ea:i say ought against ot- borne in mind that our railroads are the
been won by earnest ( lPous, extreme f J0'm l'inney wo feel proud he is nol great assura ire of our prosperity. With
hardships, and untiring devoiioa to the I ,i ,1 . .. . i- .. f x : them the country in its vast extent can
. : . t iii ihe other I mnev, loe 1 inney of rsema- ... ' . , ,
best int rests of ntv co.intry, and bv a 1 111 1 ; never sailer seriously from any cause;
strict adherence to' Jjon.-r, 'h.wJty iitid h;l' He is richly deerving of tho liuuio xvithoiil them vory individual in it would
truth ; nn 1 for the first tine iw my'lif.' I j ""'i'' Jvhu'vt the Legislature. As to be in danger of utter poverty. Regarded
a. a cuipled, half French, half Indian, ' Joseph Dyson, we take pleatjure to aiiirm, ' iu this, tV true light, the conduct of the
as 1 am, to appear i t;,. columns ct a froiw his caurjjl. that there u "a Jostph . Vn) "m WT ranroaa m.h-k
newspaper. A snse of duty, however, ., ,, . ,1 1 . n which is destined to benefit the community,
able and durable
no 13-tf.
as well as of contempt and scorn for the
solely with an eye to personal profit, must
paltry authors of the outrageous urticle . ccs of a Potiphars wife could not corruj t. often appear uncharitable and illiberal,
referred to, forces me so to do. I sav 'fletitleinan we w. Icoun von to the bosom i There is many a road, not directly very
aufhorti, for there are ihrt of them, have ' ,, t,,,,,., ., .. .,;,,,.,.., profitable to its possessors, which neverthe-
, -it , , t'l all lllllll H ItlllMIIIII ll'.. It til n 11 ,
wantonly assailed me, and though not; ; less unhoMs a community. e could wish
using my name, have ucule use of op- j 1 I if eons in Texas.
probrious and insulting tides, under cover ', The Palostin e Advoca'e describes a ro
of which they try to conceal their villainy, cent viit made by the editor to n pigeon's
treachery and ingratitude. v,st, on Wolf Creek, some 'JO or .10
Two of these men have lecn recipients j miles above Palestine. The company ar
of favors at my hands they h ve pro- rived at the roost before night, and when
fessed to be my friends they occupy high the pigeons were absent. They were
official positions in the Territory, but this struck with astonishment at the havoc the
shall not shield them from rebuke or per- pigeons had made
that this view of railroads was more gen
erally entertained. If true charity con
sists in providing employment for the poor,
certainly no better charity can be found
than in supporting institutions which tend
more than any others to promote indus
trial development.
A I'roud Position.
The London 'Times' commences nn ar-
li 11 n 1 n 1 1 o p,
A Larire and Well Selected Stock (F.xpress
ly lor THIS Market) of
Dry Good,
Hats &, C.ip,
Ron's &, Shoes,
Pine Doors,
If -'rd ware,
Window Shutters, &.C., &.C.
H aviso been wright anil shipped at low
figures, we flatter ourselves we are able
to offer such inducements to CASH Ill'Y
IlltS ns have not heretofore been ollered.
We ask an examination of our Goods nnd
prices, before piuchrtithiH elsewhere. The La
dies will find at our Store a large stock of
PLAID SILKS, &c, &.c,
All of which will be sold very LOW.
Gr.r.NWoon, Mills Co., Iowa. no 4-tf.
fill! I' undersigned have opened, at their new
JL store on Douglas street, opposite the
banks, a new mi l Kplen.lil assortment of
Our stock of Dry (Jonilt comprises all kinds of
nnd everythiiij; that is requisite to make up a
complete assortment of Dry Goods.
We have a large lot of Clothing that is wcl
and fashionably i:iad, and oat of the best
material. Our stock consists of all kinds of
Gelits I'm milling G iuds.
Our stock of IJc.o'.s and Shoes is the largest
ever ollered to the fpiiciisnf Nebraska. They
are purchase I directly from the manufac
turers, and are of the very best quality.
Oar gootls are all new, and recently pur
chased in the F.astern cities, and we intend :
selling them at astonishing low nrices. All
the ci'i.ens of Oiualu and vicinity are re- NCW Ever) thing, at the Old Stand of
que me.i in can .tun exu 111111" our siock, as lliey
will tnttl it to tlieir in'eiest to tto so.
y We g'udy to please,
no. 10-tf ' PATRICK &. CO
lew Tork
DF.ALF.RS iu Clocks, Watches. Jewelry,
Musical Instruments, Rilles, Shot Gun's,
"On all sides, larite I accountability. ; trees were eiiher broken or twined down, tide on the probable policy of the Presi
or will the excuse that they were and the trunks of tho towering oaks liter- dent elect with this Haltering query:
i.acM. ! when the filthy, loathsome arti- ally itrii ol of their branches." About Vho would not be a President of the
le w is iioiitii'd (us admitted to mo at sunJowi tin. y heard a low roarins to llio I'nited States the ('mi. e nf n n.ui.m if best m iiiufacloriet in the' Union ; steamboat
II llevne, on Saturday. I lih inst., I y on North, tin 1 hK.l.iug up they saw tho front freemen, the object of most infinite care, ! anJ oiriL'e 81U'"" clorkl'
of the trio), av ul ih'in anything. AVer. of a large column of birds approaching, solicitude and contention to 27,000.000 of I c. , ., ,,t'U,NS-.,
I to avi if n.iv nerson nr lent ,u. uf m.,1 fr ...,! . ;. ,...t ... ,u .t .1. . v... S"r'i nu-1 double sine. (..ins. from five to
and Pistols.
Thirty hour and eight day clocks of the two
HAS the honor to Inform the people of the
Southern District of Douglas and tho adjoin
ing counties, Nebraska, that be is now open
ing one r the largest Stocks of GOODS ever
brought to Glenwood, Mills county, Iowa,
consisting of
Q U V. K X S W A R K,
them 50 its. to imy his lodorin'gs in a pour u!ou in one unbroken stream.'
Pawnee lodge, or another, how he was ' Directly, others came from every direc points, and the topic on which e
found asleep near a Pawnee camp, nearly ti.n. -until the whole air appeared lobe tongue descants raised above
frozen to death, mid too drunk to tro full of them." The comnaiiv coinmcuied men bv no iic idoni ..f l.inK I
farther, what would they say If they j operations ufter dark, bhooting them by superiority of wealth, but by the'presumed
deny these statements, they .:. If torch-light, bringing down l. or '0 at a fitness of his personal qualities for one of
iney auimt mem, tney are (guilty ct the shot, until they had bagged us many as the most elevated filiations that
grossest d 'secrati m of honor and of ,t!iey desired, and then started for homo, may be called upon to fill !'
tho object at which every man's finger
every man s
his fellow
bv no mere
And everything that may be found eenernllf
own mate : also. ' in city i.'ures'all of which he will sell
eastern m.iKe; ns!nn r j,n kllnlt; pistol t ,.,..
rtaiks, shot hags, wadding and wad cntt.rt; CI IK A P K)R CASH,
eommon and water-proof cajn; colt's caps, fV ALL KINDS OF COUNTRY PRO nuineroii, o'her articles suitable for the DUCK t.iKen in exchenge for Goods. Hny
V estern trade, which neither time itur space rrs from town or country wishing eood and
WHI allow to en'.inerate. cheap Goods, . ilr at wholesale or retail,
' v All of the above articles sold on the will save money bv calliit'' and examininp hi
most re.lsn.Kitili. Inrm. II .01:1 i 1 .1.,i.m 1.. 1 i...e o... . , 1
mailt 1 1 1 ...... .v . mui m iirn'ir pun ll.i sill t'lHrniirrr, urn uj
order nt short ru.i ice. no !Mf. will find o"d bargain and fair dealing.
I Om (ii v Cirv, N. T, I Gn;Nwoon, Iowa. no 4-tf