The Omaha morning bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 1922-1927, April 13, 1924, CITY EDITION, PART TWO, Page 4-B, Image 16

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    (hmmI |{<uhI* \||
Way in ftirifir
(loaM I* mm Hem
|'mt|iP, liya I taut < uh|(hpui»
al TmirlH* l«h'fn \alti»Mr
I ait* (>»r I rip* In An*
Inmnlitl* I lull,
T*IU* •puna *nA iMtnhili p-»4p*IMn
lit *11 1*1 *• llIlM lit ptfwilni tnt
• MlHtnnhlln lllpn In tnttnon P«||* ft
llin I'nttM PIiiIm. NalirnnhnP* * 1*«
i i|#i | In (|*ll nnoltinn I'ntlfmntn
will fin.I tin 1*1*«l mill* In Uta IAhmI*
lllalinnr, whlrii In »‘»n f**»tp*l fumi
nnisli* In I I A|i**|i-« l-y dm Allin
tmiliin Huh nf MHiltnn flnllf>inln,
*■» tfiinnina At iNynprtnaa, ff*h, I"
imtiipi, nml finiii iiini illy nv»r tli*
Mlitlnnit twll In i '>|nr«.ln nM rnw*
ln« Uii.iiIkIi Hi* •<!«• nf Ailp.nn nml
nn Into N*vmta lli« nMnrlM ill Ivan
itirniinh anuthai it ( .I f.nnln tn !«"*
fir h« can diverge at Cheyenne,
i.fitlug the national parka highway
thtotigh to Ti Inldnd, mid from there
to the national o|«| Tralh* route
through New Mexico, A Henna and
southern California to l*oa Atigelrs,
Kit her of these routes will gl\e a
peifert treasure tmve of wonderful
•. enei v. The Autoinoldle altih of
southern California "III forward
strip maps of either route.
More than 110,000 highway sign*
enacted and maintained by the Auto
mobile Hub of southern California are
an Indication of the extent of croas* j
country motoring In the United
Italiner Year Predicted.
The year 1021 Is to be a banner
year for trans-continental motor
travel, and better road conditions
along the main arteries of travel Is
one of the basin reasons for the sub
stantial Increase In the volume of
t raffle.
There "re a few vital thing" to
attend to In Trans-Continental
touring, eapeclally aa regard.* camp
ing out. Carry "pure tlrea and acres
eoile: ; warm clothing, cxtrn gasoline
and oil, a alout tent, with canvas
fly to use In caae of rain, one act
ekld chains, one good horn for tiae on
mountain curves, one aet of tools,
one Jack, good cutting pllcra, two
cxtrfv eaalnga, four extra Inner lubca,
tube patchea, three apark plugs, one
twogallon water bag or can
teen, one flaahllght, one axe, one
"hovel (small), radiator boa* Conner
tlona, lamp bulbs, one motormeter,
on* low rope or abort cable.
Take "leaping bag", ann goggle# for
desert driving, aome simple medical
remedies, and something for chapped
Up# and hands; a small stork of can
ned good#, coffee, tea, condensed
jnllk, sugar, salt, pepper, a aide of
heron, soda crackers, sw*et biscuit,
'oranges and matches; the simplest
]possible <noklng outfit and tin plates,
'cups. Sillier is,
Wi nr^hnl. I clothing and raps, no!
hats; take fishing tackle and a, camera
along; If bringing firearms, lake rigid
precautions with them always.
Never ford a stream until testing
the nature of the bottom, and tin
depth, tlo In under low geflr and
drive alowly. Pitch camp on high
ground near good water, and don’t
wait until dark to do It, Never drink
alkali water, and boll any water that
Packard Straight Eight Run
167 Hours in Second Speed
I'I «*rrt*r In 1**1 lit# nglttg
i ■■ WM*tn *m1 mitlilrr alnfi h**Nn*
tiintiitir* in Hi* lr*»*n»l#*l«'n IM
cttbll Ml *lirM H*M( nm Kin for
I*? limit* nl full Ihtnlll* nllli III*
lmh*iii!**|i>ti Infill'll In gm nml i»ii
t’itor In llio Hurting nf Mil* t»*1 lh*
front rtlll of l|i» i »r U*» liloi M*fl U|i
..II * liiolun off lit* grntinil.
Tim ir.-»r nlirrl* n *r* pi* *•! on
mllri h ri|iil|i|»*i| nllh In *U** »o |h*l
Hi* |o*i| iiiiilil l>* m*il* *<|iilv«l*til
In pulling ** of *ppioilm*l*l)'
ll p*i- ipiii, lh* *'|iilv«l»nt of Hi*
iitigl" n( wtllrh lh* nr li*'l h**n
TH« mnlnt *** *l«»t*t**d at II* *«vl
if lit hmiHI k*i*uH II had dll ran
iha »**f *Ml *ihd*r load • dlalama
•Httlvaltnl in a *lt*l*lil llh* firm
N’*w York In Ban kY*tirt*r«, Till*
la |tn*alhly **• nf lh* timal #*1*1*
laaia llial i'mild h* tlt*n In lh* Hud in
and *nllt* dililft 111*1 lianlnti if an
tf It n*ra po**lhl# ihal lh* rat
i'mild har* aiatl»d *i Nrw York and
i*on!ltni*d In Iratrl nil lh* triad* r*|i
t***nt*d «h*n II r**ih»d Hun Kr*n
i lie n It rvmild Hava b**n a lull* niorr
than 4?n mil** In lh* air.
seems at Nil auspicious. Build small
Hi in and extinguish them carefully
Iadore Ruing 111 heil, ami it hen break
Ing iiilttp. Thu entire expense of s
trip ahntilil not he more Ilian |5 a
day prr passenger.
Tree 4 sniping (.rounds.
He sure ami take your horn* stale
certificate of reglstrstlon or you will
Itml It hnril to nhlsln a visitor's II
reuse or even a regular license In
California, The state authorities, be
fore grunting tourists permits to
drive, ilrninnd proof of ownership.
Most of the cities provide camping
facilities without charge. In some
Instance*, where the cities are com
pelled to atand the overhead of main
taining and operating camp grounds,
a smalt fee, usually shout 25 cents to
60 cents per day, Is charged.
Transcontinental motoring Is prov
ing to he the giwat national educator,
aside from Its recreational advan
tages. It Is here to stay.
At a meeting of tha director* of
the Nash Motors company held re
cently, president C. W. Nash report
ed the net Income for the three
months ending February 29, 1924, aft
er deducting expenses of manufactur
ing, Including depreciation, selling
and administrative expenses and lo
cal, state and federal taxes, amounted
to $1,81M7&.*12 as compared with $1
573,241.78 for the same period a year
TIT# value of sale* for the three
month* this year shows an increase
of 13 1-2 tier cent over lost year.
t'unirnentlng on tha business out
look, President Nash said: "Kvery In
dication point* to a normal spring
business for the Nash Motor* com
pany. Orders for April Indicate this
month will about equal April of Inst
year and w# believe our business for
tha first half of 1924 will be very aat
lafactory Inasmuch ns w# can see
nothing at the present time which
would Indicate anything to the con
'oil'll like ^
Twelfth t Wyandotte Sts.
I T’ROM foundation to roof, Hotel
* Stats is the perfect combination
of hotel equipment, service and
The Hotel Stats is ever alert to grasp
any suggestion offered that can pov
sibly add to the enjoyment and
service of its guests. The manage
ment is ever mindful that this hotel
must he run from the guests’ view
point to be successful—and because
of this, we are a success. k
Every room is an outside room with
private bath and filtered circulating
ice water. And yet with these mod
erate rates—$2.00 to $3.50 per day
—A pnt rard riwwi ymr roam—
ready far yam m arrival.
Essex Coach Is
Proving Popular
Test* Held Here Prove Per
formance, Economy and
Endurance of Machine.
"Wt'ri on our way now for a rush
of business. Our Essex coach ha*
caught hold of the public’s sens* of
value*,’’ aaid Ft. IF. Davisson, Hudson
and Essex distributor.
“In all the maze of pries raises
and rhnnges. It remains the only six
cylinder enclosed car which lists at
less than $1,000, f. o. b. Detroit.
"As nearly everyone wants a six
cylinder car, and all but a very small
minority prefer the enclosed car un
less It Is priced too high, the Essex
coach has struck the public In two
of Its strongest preference*.
Her* In our own city, w* have
been holding teat* with owner* to
prove the performance, economy and
endurance qualltle* of the cer. Any
one who remember* the Kasex 'foW'
know* what an exceptional car that
w’aa In all thoae reapect*. But the
running leal* wre have held prove that
the present alx la It* definite all-round
"One of the factor* worthy of con
alteration In deciding on a car I* the
pi le* of the renewal and aervlc* part*.
"W* now have a parte price Hat
which l« supplied to every owner
when he buy* hi* car. Thla Hat
show* the price* at which genuine
Hudson Kasex part* can ha bought
anywhere. \V* urge every motorlat
to look through one of the** Hat*.
If he ha* had experience In buying
parta he will aee at once that ha la
being offered exceptionally favorable
StiHlrkikrr llih
Muslim hill ol
himiiii" Vrliirln*
I I • n «l
| !»*•«»> n( I (Bi'tilfl llul ItllHl
Mim mii
I P* f*i**td**it i*f a |iNl »«*»* »*a*t«
«•« *'<nt ttMimgli I* a p* n<t*t*»lir*
f»l#*o% (csifllh
II# wan lnUlH'iihHf tti
I Ha tiMmlr t*M> M In Ih*
#ni.|. b«l, m national MoMnm w hit h
ta *lta men a nf Iliiiiifc#ltd* *( *tinl*ii
pilgrim* **• h |**f,
"And ** hat i* llml*’* ha anddanlt
■iltH "mar II**** I hut quaint, a*
qiilattcly hillll «*M1***" '
"That," b# wa* Ii*l*l ‘la Ih# c#*
Ha** pi*##tilrd by Ih* I'nllrt h'atea
**>v#r*im#n( I** liannal fait'avail*
dnrln* hi* triumphal *1*11 I# Ihht
country In III!*."
I lie triumphal i art lea* r>f l .aKa)
ell*, with (la lnnn##n art high In Ih#
nil-, la III# iildeat exhibit III Ih# mu
arum if Ih# Stlld#l«*J*#r i-m |mr« I Inn,
w no** I radii Inna and hlnlory iwrnlivl
Hi# |**x>gr*na nf Iranaportatlon In
,\m#i Ira.
ttaipni lliiill In 1*30.
Ihil H>ntiaal#d with that century
rid inning*, In Ih# Httld*haU*r mu
ai-uiii la nnnlhi-r graphic axhlhlt of
early Aninlrnn development, II la
ih# "i'anaalnln wagon," built In 1*30
by John Hludehaker, falh#r of Ih*
flv# brother# who *alnhllnh#d Stud#
linker. Till# ox powered prairie
nchooner wan lined In 1*38 by a, fam
ily whlrh emigrated from York coun
ty, I’onnnylwiifln, to llelmont county.
There Is tragedy, too, Interwoven
In the histories of many vehicles In
the museum. You tnay see President
l.lnroln's carriage—the one In which
he role on the night he waa assassi
nated. Now It stands—mute reminder
of a martyred Immortal.
There are the carriages of Presi
dents firanf and Harrison—built low
er to the ground, more rugged and
having a touch of modernity. And
moving along the silent aisles you see
sudden reminders of the 20th century
—early Htudebnker motor cars.
*25,000 Chassis Shown.
Toti see, too, the dazzling fltude
baker gold chassis and gold car, a
*28.000 machine that has been ex
hlblted around the world. And an
aluminum wagon of box rosewood,
prise winner «t the World's Colum
bian exposition In '83.
Then—suddenly—you come upon
field wagons, tractors and war-cam
ouringed carts which we made for
the allies and America during the
great wnr The hstory of America Is
all here! From J,a Fayette—fighting
at Torktown—to Pershing, plowing
Ills way through the Meuse Argonne.
According to Thomas A. .Tagger, Jr.,
volcanologist In charge of the Hawn!
Ian Volcano Observatory, the recent
earthquake In Japan was due to a
drop of four feet In thr surface of the
earth which may have resulted from
activity of the volcano on
the Island of Oshlma.
First Chrysler Roadster Here;
Hade to Carry Four Comfortably
I h* dt*i i hri *lir r***i|*!»i In li* i»
ifUml hi Ih* MIU*H IV*** romp*" a
ha* |ual loon pul on i|l*pU<r *1 I hi i c
•how mrnn. |i i* pn int*<i in iwolwno
liar wllli H|>»nl»li laalhar lo in»tih
II la aarjr mmplrt* in th* iin»il nf
A4iilHr n»l |t«lit; • i i *
I* i'l'«(»< 1 lif i |»tilii( f|i*
<l«ik, u hit li mitt tint It# Vfrjr com
fuftthlt ftiilltimv •«■■»«, which t*tH
Hr cnhvctl II Itttc* * fnui
Bill loon Tiros
\<lo|itod on Boo
\imllirr Instance of I’ionerr
inp Development*, Say?
J. M. Upper.
“In the 20th year of Its exlstemc
the Reo Motor t'sr company Is vole
Ing Its approval of genuine balloon
(Ires by making them standard equip
ment on ita latest model, the T5 ape
rial touring, and selective on all of
Ita rinsed passenger models," saye ,1.
M. upper of the J. M. Upper Motor
“Thus the rompiny again draws at
tentlon to Ita record in pioneering de
velopmenta which at the time of an
nouncement have eeemed radical be
cause they were not In general use
“Reo has been testing balloon tires
for many months, In its laboratories,
on Ita teat cars, and In conjunction
with tire manufacturer. Data and
facilities Reo accumulated when it
tdoneered pneumatic tires for trucks
In 1915 have been used In many of the
tests. « .
“Back of many automoblls features
so commonly used now as to be taken
for granted, lies the story of pioneer
faith snd seasoned Judgment of the
men who have guided Reo through 20
yea rs.
“Contributing consistently toward
the permanent betterment of Its own
product and all others In general, Reo
has enhanced Its reputation “for pro
gresslve engineering. In the same
measure It has built up sn experl
mental department and engineering
organization virtually without parallel
In the Industry.
“Among the more common Improve
ments which Reo pioneered in the
sense of either creating, developing
or popularizing In the fare of contra
dieting practices, the following are In
terestlng examples: Tha two piece
radiator, left-hand drive, the dry disc
dual clutch, foot control, the center
$50 Guaranteed Upkeep
AF tuntain
of Youth
Beauty linked with power that
stays young—that's the Willya
Knight! The xpiiet Willys-Knight
sleeve-valve engine improves wit&
use—a fountain oi long-lasting
thrilk and satisfactions. In all of
ten years we have never known a
WiDys-Knight engine to wear end
Touring $1195, Coupe-Sedan
Standard $1450, 5-pass. Standard
Sedan, now $1695, Toledo.
2562 Farnam Street HA rney 0353
Factory Branch Open Evening*
WickUnd Motor Co.,
2915 Sh.rm.n Am.
FoUon Auto Co.,
5915 Military Ava.
Opmeniky Brothers,
5139 S. 24th St.
Underwood Garage,
501 I Underwood Ave.
Co. Bluffs Overland Co,
602 E. Broadway
Jewell Automobile Co.,
I 1 I W. Broadway
control, * ie« tt m starting itMl lighter
gm tnttaM* til- foi titnks, the oval
tula* * ml aluminum alloy pistons.*'
A SCrjrt |H*ll»f ha* larfi tliaCOY*
ere«l in tbrmany !*» electroplate a!
timlrtUftt nhje. in with other U etal*.
(ihjett* ate now »naimfiu tuie«i from
aluminum and are ao handsome In
i-town r*> nee aa wares of hr a**, cop
per, stiver, nickel and gold, while
t he native time much
lighter In weight.
Ow*rl;iml I’nl*
KihI to <4imT
of IUI ( o\olr
I Mil In lltlmll Hunt
*r in < li«*r Mlrr s1ik(i
Kill, r Mininli* •
Nrt $r,f»
Itun'c * l»t *»**»• 1MI fun • 4
In* • w tih I liar land*, M n. >.♦ I
taken hr Mtdl* laknnn, M«4 >t
rhm new |n th* wild* «f Af*„ *
*>M ll« InIMalWi pell In the
I idled male*, a«r«nltn* In i*|»-»ta
filtering |pl)« IVfitt. I #f tend heed j
twrlei* from et n» * i», p. li, «r* i•
lu» llaMnln Blagcd mi ttf Ilia ttmet
►p*. tai ular hunt* known in ihl* **»
lion, w ilk ||i* aid if hi* i nirUni
touring r*r,
lira Held* In might he termed * pt«
feaalonaJ lojol* |«uPI*r, empl<.> irg j
for lift* pur|mee * p*. k of hound* an.) \
an (t« attend oar which ha drive# „ur
ill pari* of fhla territory. Il« fVtrlN
hi# do** In I•*• car until th# j
i» righted In |H* wav unl*««h' * |
them when Ibapara frweh forth* hunt j
and within *## yardR of the quarry.
III* mat recent HpNt wga the
r*plur# of a coyote that had killed
injjr# than 1W aheap .luring the win
ter moldh». Three lime* before had j
Ihl* animal barn clwaif, hut on each
orcaaion hail managed to make a pom*
plate getaway. Hut on till* particular
rhaae he waa taken after a purault of I
four mllea. The purault terminated ]
.*44 tmiillj H 'fc* »**»•* l < 4*
IN* fa) > j| k^«F I i f' i) j j
Hi ♦ *5* fi ft* 'ft t^ft ft^N
Hf tM«t .«,.^« * 4 ov* »«4 0 4, 4 1 *#
ft** ««m*M ft«* ft ftnt tM**#
ftHft fttftrl ttf #*■*«*< | -'.ft
!«. | 1-4 •» .V , . k It
4. « f »». »... •*».«§»
*14* !**»-»* I ** • • »■.4 f 1*4 ■«•*. 4
,< *.><•• fmf
*••■• •,!* m—•• *•
King «|9ir»rt«* A ft' *1
f <1|*H I *T9 | itthMg * Viirtt tit fl *
I fi»»*■•! !-*-«#*•ftaltjr in fhii k th*
fiif tft* #» ,«J )rrn|*r»*1 f»*#9- +
• ft
fftfttl, Thr v h(J1 4|K nt| ■nni* .* **. »
In f*»tlff>mU, »■ k-i 4 iii* imi » i
*1 Xitv fnm imrtllir n>*tl ■ !• Tl«
• *Mf »>rri I* • li"iki* I* Mi«t to I* i ••>
■imihirtntl. il if lino i
L. J. Goodall
303-4 Neville Black
# is the only
Light-Six with
Standard Equipment on All
1924 Models at no extra cost
You wouldn’t knowingly buy a car that
wasn’t up-to-the-minute, any more than
you would pay good money for a house
lacking essential modern features.
By the same reasoning your new car
should certainly have four-wheel brakes
—a proved safety essential in a truly
modern automobile. The owners of
hundreds of thousands of cars thus
equipped would never go back to any
less effective braking system.
The True Blue Oakland is the only light
six on which you get four-wheel brakes
as standard equipment. These brakes—
sound, simple, easily adjusted—give a
new and satisfying assurance of safety
under every possible driving condition.
Many Other Exclusive Features
Oakland also is the only light-six with
permanent top, special Duco finish, con
trols on steering wheel, special glass
enclosures and many other exclusive
If ever there was a car which sells itself,
it is this year’s True Blue Oakland Six.
Don’t choose your next car until you
see {it. If you haven’t examined it—
ridden in it—you haven’t any idea how
mach ability and goodness you can
purchase at its low price.
20th and Harney Streets
123-5 South Main,x Council Bluffs
True Blue Touring Car
$ 999
I Iff
Ci<« $m 9mm . I1M
. • . $1449
Ulm$$ f»rl«Mr#i fm
1 tmtnng Cmt $40— f**
Rrd^iUf • $40. Al
f»U** / •• K. PffMfMC