The Omaha morning bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 1922-1927, December 03, 1922, SOCIETY WOMEN'S FEATURES, Image 32

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    8 C
Masculine Stars Center of
Theater Attraction Today
Feminine Charms Are Temporarily Forced Into Back
ground While Wallie Reid, Rudolph, Conrad
Nagel, Earl Williams and Lon
Chaney Cut Capers.
It Boemi to be Gentlemen' week on Omaha screens
for the. next seven days. With the exception of Gloria
Swanson at the Rialto, every theater is headlining a mascu
line star, and even Gloria has to share honors with Conrad
Nagle. To review their charms in order that feminine fana
may gloat over the array, Nagle Is of the cold blond type,
verging on indifference. A few doors down the Btreet his
exact opposite may he viewed, the dark-eyed and impas
sioned Valentino, who is at the Moon in "Stolen Moments."
Willi nld, h of the regular pro
fit ml the itrona; arm, la At the
Ktranl, arid even it. aa ("Inn-lice,
hi hair I ruff ami hi nwiAr
falre deeem him, he la o.nd to do
aome vt the bt act in ami to is't
aeay from hla rimiomnry rnl.
No fne fun uri'uaa lm f'huiwy of
hinr han1wn-, whatever fine llify
way y atviiit hi tc. Kew a:fr
are aa bmI on faciei pr"ln and
makeup a tho Hn i- of "Kl-ih anil
Utoo'l" at tha Hun, J'e played tha
part of rln, the. old Jw, in "Oliver
Twlat." which l.a Juat flushed a
week a rjin her.
Then I hero la Karl Wllllum at. the
Worl'l. Too ial Karl couldn't keep
thin! And there la that t;ruwny and
two-flat ed hoi-o, I to bint Itowworth
;omlnf to Ilia Moon lata-r In tha wk,
and Johnnie Wulkir. popular Juvenile,
at the Mum,
Htep up, Indira. "You jwiy jour
monev arid inks j'our choice."
Comedy at the Strand.
., Tioe ho vary (it Wtillle H-i1 fr
Ulna; goodloukinv will hiiv no
to make cwceinlim hla latent
iota in "Clarence," current at Hie
Mirand. Adance plctiiiv liw hlin
to be badly niuaned up inoet of the
tune, and he hlika hla regular feature
MiUkJ ahcll rimmed HpeHwIca, and
toole uiwn a anaophone, without lot
n hla charm, however. Tim picture
(ollfwa rloaely oIoiik the line of the
'ctne.rty drama which nunie aucli a aun
"wa In New Toik on the I'aiUniiite
KtaK. Aunt Ayrm and Mny Mr-Avuy
re In the UportlnK runt, lld l
en aa Clarence Hmith, a colcnpterlxt,
and alxo he l the only man In the
world who ever drove army mule
Without event-In- nt them, lie mi
unoatentallounly Into the Wheeler
hoiiaehold where barking mid tilting j
and bickering la of daily If not hourly :
uwurrenca ana ine ntniuy i n i'"
point of breaking; up, when he btisln
lie work a fixer. Ill quiet lrtit
Jut nature mnnifeata Itaelf, and More
Jong he become the confident of ev
ery one In the houee. It la then that
lUlh tnct and pntlnre lie a-t out to
Jiulld up permanently the crumbling
houee of earde, and In the end ha uc
ieds moet hupiKly.
j Viola Dana at Fmrc.
Viola I'ana hue tli rolo of an lr
jepreaaibl 14 year Ul in the feature
u tha Empreea, '"rhe Kive Pollar
Ths atory l that of a baby who la
abandoned and pl ked up by a hobo,
wh pawna her for five dollar. The
pawnbroker, who boaata that he "Ifnda
jmonoy on anything," dedrtVa to rear
Ihe child hlmswlf. When, U yenra
later, he ia aaked to aurrender her
to tha man who pawned hr, he ron
trlvea a meana of avoiding the per
lormanne of hla obligation.
On Thuraday begina a three-day run
of "Llghta of tha Vcnerl," atarrlng
Shirley Maeon. ,
It relaK-a the adventurea of a girl
who la atranded with a enow In a
leacrt town in the weat. She la ahun
sued Tby the women goanlu of ' the
Mown, and makea good In the face
'of untoward clrcumatancea. Mia Ma
aon'a piquant beauty and exoeptlnnal
'talant in both light comedy and emo
.tlonal work ara a Id to have excel--lant
material for their diaplay in thla
iRialto Presents "Mrs. Belle w"
Beautiful vlawa of Kurope'a moet
'faahfonabla water reaort: an abaorb
'trig murder trial; colorful action at a
Ana country eatate, and Gloria Swan
laon In an Intereetlng array of brand
jnew Parla gowna, ara announced a a
thigh llghta of "Tha In.noealble Mra.
JPellew," which comea to the nialto
i ledaj'.
Tha Impofiible Mra. l!!lew" telle
!of what happen a when an Inno.-ent
jwtfe'e reputation ia purpoeely blm-k.
' aned by an unacrupuloua layrr In or
1er to aae her worthlea huland
I from oonvMlon of a rharga of mur
der. Iterotnlng a aortsl pariah aa
"Tha IntpoMlble Mra. Hellew," Mie
;Swana'n fleea from America to r.u
ropa, where tha atory run thrui-glt a
gamut of Intweitlng aei)tnnera to a
I romance that promleea hiplnea.
t Robert Cain la tna lit!nd who
!,auwi ail the trmtlile, while Omrad
'J Nagel playa i pp-ie the nar tn the
rrola of noellat. Mt.-key and I'at
Moore are en In aynipaihrtie kiddle
The comedy t "Ib'me M.iile Mcv.
hn! Pen Turpln and Thjllla
' Itaterford hate both a huiiiiua anj
; fathetlc time tijlng to l--ne pdtitie
i pn'bl'r.
i WorM ?lio MrltMltgiiu.
ncj'a iipwmiI picture, nt the Hun thla
week. It la auld to give Chaney an
excellent chfinc to demouxtrat bl
eenae of characterization.
In theej'ile of a convict, he em-apce
from prinoii arid flnda refuse in f'hlnii
town, l(n hi been confined for 15
)era. Ilia cup la overflow In .with
blMi-rncna. lie h one motive to
punlHl) the Influentbil flnnncler who
will him to prlwjn. He aluo wlxlii-d
to look upon the face of hla dear whe
and duuwliter, the bitter grown into
womanhood alnce ha entered the blir,
gray prlooii, It la a picture which
ebftorliH the nttcnlhm of the epectntor.
The Week at the Mum?.
"Kleah ami JHwhJ," tn Clmiicy'a
phtiire of a criminal who plota for
revenge and then doea not take It,
abowa lit Ihe Muee today only, Mon
rlnv ami Tu'Mlay thn feature will be
"My rad," In which Johnnie Walker
flirhta hla way through the bitter cold
if frozen trelle to clar a eunplcion
of murder from hla fnlher'a heal,
A-tile of the r.-u-e; truck and Wild
fire, the ffirnoua thoroughbred, i un
folded in "When Jloirmnco nid'ia," on
adaptation of Zane tlrcy'a novel. It
in wexlcrn dniuia with a cat headed
by f'lalre AdHina, f'nrl (lantvoort arid
J'8 IIrliolt. Tho Muh prceentg
thla picture Wednesday and Thura
day. The end of the week, "Htoleu
Momenta"' will bold the ecreen there.
It. ia a no'-Wty drama In which a
wonian murl i-hooee between hf-r own
honor and her huaband'a. Ilodolph
itlentliio In a prominent member of
the coKt, tin la Marguerite Nhiiihiu,
Utter known to opera-gfer than to
the Moreen,
"Stolen Moments" at Moon.
"Htolen Momenta," which Ukuh a
four daya' run at the Moon yeHlPrday,
i a aotlety thriller which waa eMpo-
dally written for Murguerlte Namara,
who et;ir In the picture with Jto
iloliih Valentino. It in one of hla
earlier picture. Ml Namara made
ti nntne for herself on the operatic
ptaKa both on account of her voice
and her beauty and her ability to act.
Valentino necda no further iiitroduiv
tloiia. The plot concerna Iteelf with
the price a woman puld to aave her
hunband'a honor.
"White Ilanda" deplete a atruKKle
between a ruthleea men. captain, Hu
bert Bodworth, in aearch of treaaure
In the Sahara, and Helen .Maltland,
aole atirvlvor of a group of mlaaion
arte. The "White ITanda" belong to
a baby of 3, who aavea the H nation.
Tha Moon will feature this plcturo
the end of the week.
The two principal character in
"Anna Aacenda," Alice Brndy'a lnteat
picture, have prototype In real life.
"Anna Ayynb," the Syrian Immigrant
girl about whom the atory revolvea,
la modeled after the famou An7,ia
Te.b-reka, Runalan immigrant, who
won fame In thla country aa the writ
er of "Hungry Hearta and many
nrtlclea on Americanization. The
other character, Howard Fik, a mil
lionalre newepaper reporter, auggcata
Cornellua Vajiderbllt, Jr., now a re
porter on the New York American.
By Their Feet in
Paris the Head Waiter
Spots American Women
ia fc't-1 1(1 ll f4l IWS.
i 1 we m a'.. -a a t j
1 wfceihn l tt-fv4 i.f f. Klt i ;
Wa U fkti'g wnei Ibe rlit...
(f e a u nM ,
aaainet !'. fcte t H ,
ae4 kti he t tk t.k '
I Mwaiu 1 1
; -lh Hl-r i u
Women who have read of Parlaian
Import, who have alghed over their
domecHc attire, need algh and read no
longer according to traveler recent
ly returned front abroad. The hand
writing la on the wall and the home
of fahicn a about to fehift to this
aide of the Atlantic.
One 'Of the prophet of thla change
la Karyl Norman, "The Creole Vaeh
lon 1'late," who will be a fea
ture attraction at the Orphcum for
the week of IVcember 3. Karji
went to l'arla early in the aummer,
conducted a atl'l hunt for gowna and
after three month came back gown
leea. "After an entire aummer apent In
a frultlea ear-h for the proper coa
tiimea f,,r mv new aenwin," uphilned
Karyl. "I came to the eonrluln
that I'd have to return to New York
f.r them. There la aomeihing about
American dralgnere that get the
wioiiality of the wearer and fimhliui
the cwtiimea e.Hirtlingly, I really
jllee that t reatlv arltat aie com.
j log nit an I more to the front In
thla country, and It la mv piopliecy
that lfci kjiti New York will le
the fihiin dictator of the world.
' W in il front the f ' t that my
i-uMftme eiii t erea Ine letter
. w hen they are ilnnml by Amer-'t-i
" de.-lare4 Kan I. "it la my firm
j belief trwt hut l eruling
In 4ur power ! ia'e nMpkij ,nt
fe An.ermn during the piuenl In-
iiiiiiil rrt.,
Thn Ncrnti wM en " li'U
-t, Hihl .B,.ht.. Hvl ' I'V tlier
l.. iljiiie ia i!.. ir to "Vuu
Srr Kaew.'' hhh ttn a wttk a
iim at the H.tkl tiiuy. iU ui l
,e all lh lin k in th l-.K and
I 0 e i en-ma rilt.
j It. rtua a t h'M fi-ni the
5 if a ut..i.-l ,le. lt i.t nt f ) Itlf-W ttietn, l'l iV
i iMi' s, tifle m tt itti-r 'r, ; , u to h tU f.liai -lr ol tbe
iif.-l t fnm an . ,it,. ,! 4..t--n g r' iu hate b
Hi.if J rt e4 , he til : i ,n,fh . V hl n eUt te
I Ultt el In t- "t p4 m-t'H !, . m t.t i lit I'at i ta
f Ta Mt l rf.i'l)( "f ""tiai ' fci ia i-. ,!- aa iihii
t Lt l"4-lifi witil 'li.'H 4 "t ' ,.iv.i, at ', ntr t-eie be
t ... ..... II. !k ....II . ...1 ft.ll ak,J
I j mm i i ... ...'f.i tit, ,
H lii I lie4 isfeil
ut l iMH-e b-'e t fn t
m4 '. W'-g Atrfrt-ea
m -r ,ii.i 4
m enh en r t4 twni e
t l- ol t.,.r l ie Bj
! lto lt ! eii. wee
te Ij.'i ti I ! I ait,t( '
- i U ie t-e
' e'w mib ! en lk
.Km mw,!.i im lliX'IkiH f4 4 Ktla
tst ' (."i na a
ie h ', l' -.-i at at
mi f i n at (.-
.e ke' tit, "
j ni l
Im 4vr
S4$ft,',- I? W. V ' l'l i ! 8un-"Kleh'ond Jilood."
4 f M! MranU-'"fh.rer.c(!."
'SJ?i I 1 ' . Oil 1 lUallo-'Tlie Itnpoaaible Mr,
A'' Jt4V.'4 f jtrfcH, ', i ! Kmpreea, Hunduy to Wednca-
i4'f k T r,ji' ' Klve-IMIar r.aby;"
W fa&i r XL0' f i Thursday to Huturday "Llghta of
, fry ' j Ihe Dea-rt."
f sf - eJ '' " ' World "Von Ncvt-r Know."
"mWf e ' ' ' j MKiit Hiinduy to Wednesday
age l r 4. "Hudeii Moiiientu:" Thuraday to
Ij ' ' ' I I Mat urday "White Jin ndH,"
3 8 Mil Sunday "Htolen Mo-
I iiicni;" Monday and Tueaday,
,: ; '. I "My fxid;" Wednewluy and Thura-
J i 1 I It ,t.,v "Wlii-ri l.'nnianci, IH,Ipb" Vrl. I
11 day and (Saturday, "Stolen Mo-
Confucius Inventor .
of Shatiow Pictures
The pttblln In ariiciiil hit been led
to brllev that mot 'on picture, our
grrutcat "Infant induatry," urn morn
or leaa recent invention and that
the new popular iimuaemvnt tunic
Into being only a few yeara ago.
It la true that the development of
the motion picture la a matter of
leeeut year, but Dm litlereMlnii infur
malon hue Juat come lo Unlit via Im
doll that Confuclu, thn t'hlneeii aagc,
wo familiar with the gcneinl prin
ciple of motion picture oh far back a
bUO R, ". In lain lent I'lilmi be tx
perlmetited with what were then
known a "Shadow Show,"
The Indication are quite clear that
lliea rliMilow allow were the forerun
ner of motion picture a we know
thom today, Therefore, It might not
be am! to cull i 'nnf uciua ho fit a
motion picture producer.
ii A Yymmt i rr rra ft
A Xmas Suggestion
by the Strand Theater
AlTROIWATfcLY tlcaik'ticJ main flour -miaaion
ticket have been printed In book
form and would make an iippiei-lutcd gift.
Book of 10 tickets.
Bopk of S tickets .
Three ticket are good any linio and do not huva
to bu cx hntiKcd.
Ivan Llnow, who play the Jiohdie
vlk leader In "The Kncinle of Wo
men, I a i baiiiplnii wrcntler and la
known in thHt aport a "The Olant
Coaaack." In the picture, it. I necca
anry that I,lnow wear a beard and he
now claim he ia the only bearded
wreatler in tho world, That I-lnow la
ar good a tvreatler aa an actor i evi
denced by the fact that, beard and
Carl WtUter-''V0fLO'
all, he beat Carl Vogel, the "(iennon
Client," In a match In New York a
few day ago.
TfU this
- !pii(hhorhood Play Houses
Konchiiid "Ashamed of Tartnt."
I, rand "Raga toJUche,"
Hamilton "The finoeahoe Trail."
Victoria "The Imv and The
AS yoautere 'ajstou.ndb&d,
ai his Vork, as "the Frcx
in me Miracle Man'.re
vv amazed at the on&erfhl
charactxrization'Of "Dlizzardb
in &Ae Penalty
So you xPill aain marvel
If atK If I V 5 ft I 1- L WaBSWHr-
ii, M i . . 11 1 1 1!. !'
aV at l i I I at U am a m , I
il l i I ; .' ' v i(t
111 I I ! ; V X v. J
ii i -
Starts Today.
as iUKat neiflibornood neaiit
Today Only.
Caicsl success .
viUi a peri bet caat .
3un Stccia 1 C imiuV ifZz
l .wl ate-
..Ue- "eW
Here is lorlotiS
Gloria at her rcsplend--entbest.
Ais the mother ,
she vas never so poig
nantly appealing. As
theadarlxn leader
of aMonte Carlo society,
she vas never so lavish-
Conrad Nagel andL
Robert Cain in cast
Mack Gennetb's
So6es JPctupA 'Producer
a. A wvaa
oiill rojar till -oiiur
sides ache at tie
criss cross Hoiro
vamping his blixo-
-eyocL j.aay love.
Pique Dame Suppe
Standard Prices
Eve'gs, Sunday Mat., 35c
Daily Mat., 25c
Premier Organist
"Baby Blue Eyes"
mJ 4 ' "
a 4 .e.i -
f !-4
1 1 si t I.- ,
t s t a ,
'.V ' .
"k - ejd
. . a i ,
aaa aM aW t aV HaV aTV I . . i - naaka e- , r -. m . e , "
ir aVl II . KL llll -I V J V f .
1 a. I II 'aV . m TSaltt,' 1 1 ' 1 1 t
') "S!l! jet
i l UtJIWVt J
I -I n TirL tMwn in Omaha..
'.s ",i C