The Omaha morning bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 1922-1927, December 03, 1922, NEWS-SPORTS AUTOMOBILES, Image 16

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68 Improvements
Made in Year on'
Chevrolet Cars
Lcry Part of Machine Wlmti
Cue, Trouble I.ciIcigncJ
Production Increased
IS'carly Four Tirues.
Because nf numerous iniii,r.ei a to
(lunge In Chevrolet i.nH in til last
fw months, A. A. Kli-gfrled cf the
Nhgfrled Motoi' t'ufiiiMny hat hued
the following statement, i.U'Alnj from
tho Wall Street Journal, in irnlng cdl
Hon. November 13:
".Nino mi. n dm' output fur (ins
ttM 1 7 rf ,7 7 1 earn, noorly fuur time
thut of tho correspondliifc: pc-ilml Inst
year. Chevrolet began In luly. I9II.
to build 4 better product. New fi out
dllt bearings were adopted it ml bet
ter rear axles made, un Improved
clutuh developed every pint of the
cur which hud given trouUe was re
floslirncd. v
"Horn Idea of how thoroughly the
old '490' Chevrolet has been remade
may b gained from the Chevrolet en-(.'aic-srs'
report. In the body and top
there were "2 changes; In the front
i xtt and wheels, 10; In tho rear uxle,
(.. In the tronamlsslon, T; In the mo
tur, 10; lr. the chiirsls, 13. Total num.
lur of change between July St, i'J'il,
(.iid July 31, 19::', were tin and winy
of thtst wor very Important major
li.mgea. i ,
"Not satisfied with these changes,
Chevrolet mudu "4 additional ilmng
in the IKi model, vhlch is now huv
In; audi a remarl.ubi run of unite.
It mil be only a ahart time untU
Clisvrukt yeachca a 2,000 per day
"The Immcnso Fisher IoUy plant
now being bull for servicing Chev.
rule! only UI give lia a, r-hanc to
catch up witli the demands. It I the
Intentlnn cf the Chevrolet orgunlui
Hon to hate it Klsher body plant with
every oue of the 10 factories."
"Tiny" Herman, Portland, Ore., heavyweight fighter
who ha joined Jack Lewi' (table of knuckle bruisers.
Herman work out every day at the Orpheum gymnasium.
! Buick Dealer Adds G. M. C.
Motor Trucks to Business
II. I'elton. new liulck automobile
tieuler, ban decided to ndd (1. M. C.
iiiotor truck to hla, G, C.
Ilnlsey, veteran motor truck sales
man in Omaha, hue been employed by
the firm tit 11019 1'arnum street. The
ti. M. C. line consists of one-ton, threa
und one half ton, and five ton unite,
idling from 11,295 to $3.9iO. Mr.
Halsey Joins tha Pelton ainff with
more than 300 prospects for 19:3. Tha
I'elton company also will operate a
O. M. C acrvice with a complela
stock of parts available through con
nection with tha Nebraska Bulrk
Recehes Many Offers for
Postseason Grid Games
Morgantown, W, Va., Dec. !.'. The
West Virginia, football team which
closed its season undefeated yesterday,
ban already had three offera of post
season games extending over the holl-dajs-
It In unlikely that any of these
offers will be accepted an the players
a ml official are satisfied to real on
the laurels won during the . regulur
season, Tha team broke training; 'after
the game yesterday In which Wash
Inslon and Jefferson wus defeated.
I mmm
Wally Smith Will Pilot Saints
Atlantic 2844
Whether it is a car, truck or trac
tor, old or modern, the exact
Timken Bearing you need is right
here in 6tock. Acting as the Serv
ice Department tor the Timken
Roller Bearing Company, we are
established to give you immediate
service on Timken Bearings.
Hyatt and New Departure Service"
Bearings formerly carried can
now be obtained trom United
Motors Service Inc., at 2512
Farnam St.
.St. Joseph," Mo DeCj ". (Hpcclul
Teles-ram.) President '.' - Gocrgo K.
Celden cf the St. Joseph Western
league baseball club today announced
thHt Wally Hmitli, who manaRed the
Saints last, aeason, would pilot the
club In 19:3. -1 '
Tha return of Wally to the league
will . be warmly acceptable to HI.
Joseph fans and fans- around the
clrealt, Although not. possessed with
the tigerish tacttca of a John McGraw
or a Georga Stalllngs, Wally, ap
parently quiet and caiy going, ob
tains results where : results are ob
tainable.' , ,.
Tresidcnt . Beldeit t has appointed
Warren' G. Giles of Mollner III.,
secretary of the, club bore to suc
ceed (Charley Hunter, who has re
signed following- 20 years -of box of
fice service with the Saints and other
Western league clubs. Giles and
Eelden will attend the Loulsvlllo base
ball meeting: this month then como
here early in January to start tho
1923 business rolling along its course.
Joe Bonowitz, Saint center fielder
for six years and ono of the best put-fielders-
In the circuit, has played his
Beariwg. Sert ice Co.
1812 Harney St.
Cornhubkere Turn Attention
Toward Basket Ball Season
Lincoln, Dec. 2.--(Special.) Now
that , the last tootball gunm of the
192S season has been played on Ne
braska field, the attention of the stu
dent body At the University of Ne
braska is turning to winter sports.
The basket liad material Is getting
limbered up preparatory to first prat
tic. '
Wrestling and boxing already , have
tin array of talent ready for the. con
test, in thu ringed area, while a
goodly number of recruits have come
forward fc- r, progiapi of hockey.
Even th" 'imeii at the university
have organized a. number of hockey
teams with an instructor or two In
charge. .
Indications point to unuaual partici
pation in-the winter sports this year.
last game here and will be with the
Minneapolis .Miller. nent summer, or
with some other club, I'rcxw Relden
said. 81 years in one city Is too
long, and it Is figured a change will
greatly benefit Joe's, playing. Ills
passing is regrettable,
I'lans for tho proposed Salnt-Mlri-ncapolls
spring training trip to Jted
lands, l'n!., will h? taken up at tho
Louisville meeting this month.
New York Yanks Sign
Two New Short clops
New York, Dec. 2, Tho New York
American league club announced to
day that H bud signed two new young
shortstops, Ilafael Qulntanno, now
with the Havana Itcds, and O. H.
Itcdfern, ft collegian from North Car
olina Statu university.
The New York Nationals received
Invitation to "train next spring at
1'asadc-lia, 'a!.( und Victoria, Tex.,
from tho Chamber of Commerce of
those cities. The Giants also an
nounce the release of Pitcher Max
Uachao to the I'ortlayid, Ore,, club of
the Pacific Coast league' In part pay
ment for Pitcher Gcorgo VVarbcrg,
who will report to New York In tho
Ten Cars of CoriiliUhkcr
Tires to Be Shipped to K. C,
W, W. Wuchtcr, president and gen
eral manager of the Nebraska Tire
and Rubber company, returned from
Kansas City Saturday with an order
for JO carluada of Cornliusker tires.
Air. Vuchtc reports thut the pop
ularity of Cornhuuker tires is in
creasing so rapidly that tha capacity
of th; plant, on Thirtieth and ttprague
streets has been stretched to the lim
it. The plant has been running night
and day up until this week, when H
was necessary to shut down for one
week for repairs. The machinery has
been running since the first of the
year almost without a stop. The
plant will reopen Monday, I
f.sni ni4iiiliii(,
I.livti. ,. ' ''
llul. '.
Illrmiii .,
Cult. , t
r. . lit 17
Prtiimya 1 ti
llr'liiiarUr I
AuilMor . H
I.V-rk. t-t
.UtuuMimii If
Inilitliiiuil Airriigoi,
1 1
limit ...
Nudum U
liil Ursraurff
P. t
truin susillni..
' Won. Ut. !'.
Ir-In ml-lit. '.' '
iirdlii llr... , ; I'i "
I,iii.rn Kunllr iijnltn.. -" ii
I nit lli tlrmii Co It l .!
lUf.-llall I'lg. to It '' '
I. ui-kr KH I t'i .
McKt-nnr Ufni, 1 I" .
II. inrri tl 11
SUiiil.-r. tl f
11. I'. -Ilnilli imort t S 'im- -'I'
Ixili virtual Atrrase.
Mist MublH llnu-Minn
Mm. W. 11. Huff
Mr., (ilia tUm.r ......,.,.HIr
Ml.. I-IomI buiitnn
Tessa Staadlnga,
Won, I..t. Tc.
i"nnlrurUon -I 11
Audliors it
t'lunt it M
I'.ciuipmtnt ,,,,. 17 1 f'i
Hupuly 11 '-'I
Imlfio e VI
ImlivlUual Aternge.
Teivlngtnn I Ml darker ,...13
Aa;.viuc i: i-;ii(it in
Tfum StSDiltiigs.
W. I..
Announcing the Good Maxwell
Sport Touring Car
The Em car at anywhere ner the price
to display such striking beauty and ccntrous
equipment. Its distinct individuality and
pronounced charm arouse InMint and out
spoken admiration.
The. same mechanical goodness, Ener per
(ormance, and low cost operation that have
enabled the good Maxwell to make such
deep Inroads in public prelerence. The
price and value art almost beyond bdieL
fUiitnJ to WfcijnaOT)Ulsi la4aitJXM:W:t.k.u)WlSlaJ.kMlrta.
i tk fcax Iyt 4s rutbovaai tUavCf ai.k4 rAw HU. k S. W4 Ua4 ! lhi
A' mvm laJt-aaas, pi una WOfw. ruk k aa4 4m KJ Wtt fmmt hbm f
i totiaua, C wUm sJi M mm ei tws tiual Uu tf nk
Oaiaa. Nek.
Frnim at 27th Attnu
Tie Good
Star Kurnar Co,
l-'arnaiu Allfya
l.hfiiyitllo Cafa
i'iiin:ratA Ksstnearing Co.
ftnn, Trllitlng Co ,11
CIi.m Printing 10. ..,.,.1
('pi'o'a ...1-I
Koiay linn Hal.amn ..,.13
Wnndmrn lif th World
Pslior ice lH':hln Co.,.,. ii
Individual SUnitloga.
Woorlhuiy UtiKnoakl ..
llonSTKU I.KAOie.
Tram Slaodlng.
a. tt.
W. J.,
Navigatnr Cigars
t iilon luttlltliig Co Ml
I'untorlum 24 I'I
Swift 4b Co 1 11
liarnav Auto Raoalr )' ) -
Hiyl.t.r 14 11
King Col ,. ii ii
Indian Mntor i-OD ii i
Photo Kngravera 7 ;l
Il(brts Dairy Co 25
Individual SUndlug.
H.-lppl. ,.,,,14 llarron ,
WortctioHr ...,,.lUliorn
. II
Turn Standing.
W. h. Acc'ta 1
1'ralnmon .......,.,,...,M It
Car Hlior,. .! It
Car llooriln ....14 1.1
!iieral Au'Iltora It M
And. of I'rl. Aeo'ts ! , "
Diva. KnKlneora ,,.13 14
Mnchln.i Hhop .At 14
Aii.l. at riiabrmts. '
Inter. Liept ...7
Individual SUndlng.
H-.nlio , 17'MrAullff .....
Kanka US
Team SUadlnf.
W. T..
Nabrgaka Power Compajif , , , JS II
M. v.. binltn company i,.... nil in
i-iijarantrii Fund ....It 14
City Hall 1 14
Ainorli:a.n T. T 1 a ID
Oinaha Printing Company. .. .16 II
Amnrli-an Railway r.xpro.a. , , I n
Kllpatrlek it Company 16 II
Atom i'reaa ...1!) ii
Melcbolr A Ron U
Individual Averages.
Huntington .....l77IHarliri ...... 17trfiiirur
DOl.D S0-0A ri.DB lXAOlK.
Stand inf
w. l. ret.
gunflowara 1 .705
Whim nous A .....17 H ,:iH
Wculphalm , ....15 11 ..(.
Vallayhrnoks .....14 13 .CM
Dold -quality ID 14 4h9
IWk.hlr. 1 IB .4f,0
Strllna t" 17 .I7
Riirfalnca D
(ilrl Team No. 1 15 J2 .50
Olrl Tm No. 2: 13 15 .460
Individual Average!.
Tarn IStlW.l 181
Djck l'tlsmltb. lui
Tram Standings,
W. T,. Pet.
Vnuraa Oil Co 23 II .
Koatar-Bnrker ' 14 .llt
Orniha Towal supply J .bi
C. at Garag 11 1 5 .645
Sanford Cafe 17 1
H. Y. Cady Lumber Co. ,.1 17 ,4
Omaha Alloys 15 H .4(5
Gordon Chocolate .......16 IS .455
Si I pen Heavyweights Reported Miss
Inc from Today's
Illua tuM 4'u. I
llU lllu.ll Si. Ma... II
llullx lllllnl (rrjlai'.
H un in. II. (I. i .
Wei-Ii y . lilt I V l.l.,
I V. M, I , . I I. VI. I I.
'I'miu Slamiillitii..
Mm I.
1 I4MII.I-I , ,'
H-'inn. , i
XV ulifitia ' '
l';-.ri ,,
iiniahA 1 uwi ;a 1
ruhi.a ;
Huiiiiti-. . 7
k, and I- y,
Indiildual Kl mling..
7'"-gr U , , M
l'ui.liutis 1, t! K'-rrl..!!
V U Kf.Ks' I f. OI
w un
Snlft'a I'lf itilum ..
Iniia lu-ii) '. !
( uiluhy's I'urlian -Jl
Armour' ttiar II
Armour's al ,. hi
Cudahy ,
lfl nrmiMklil ).'
ImM'a Niagara 4
Individual Average..
Ii.i Men
1 J
. I ;, I aar.uli
, 171)
, .171
, .1,4
Maxwell Offers
Sport Touring
Nov Mo.l, l With Kakish Fca
Inn s Lists at SMlHKVbove
l'tniriiiL' Car.
The burnt ofteilm; of the MaJll
.Motor ciirpoiaiinn n 'tMiie touring
car" llins at leas than u 1,Mj(i
lil.H fair to rank equally as senan
tloliul ai the llilriidlli'tioil of th new
bi'llis Maxwell a year axo.
The ln w spurt i ii'. nmv tbsplnyed
in the show room of 1'itersnii Mil
I nd 1 1 1) ward Im al Maxwell dealer,
Ih a companion for the presi-nt .Max
well, with riililltloii raklih features
and C'luipnient.
Vn far aa recorded, in later years
at least. It is tho most completely
equipped cur of Its type eer offered
at lesa than the ll.OOif fiigure.
It is an attractive ear that elveg
l(loin e of k'erniltie ai tistry In design
and nppoiiitnient as wi.-ll as careful
consldcritlon iif the owner's require
ments. Tho body and hood are
pauiivd Chester Hunt I'.ed, Hh
iiltiu star unJ diso beela lu black.
Prnm-typa bead lumps sucj tiarod,
parking lamps, radintor, and water
meter are ifU finished In full nlckal.
nutslile door bnndles nra also nlikel
villi blael, iilninlnuni Inlay. A"
aluminum bead runs around tho tiood
at the cowl.
The upholstery Is cenulns tone
.-ruined .'itetit leather snd tha top
i nllvediiib duck two-ply with rub
r,iT Insert a new materia! recentlv
mlopted by nmfters of much higher
prieed sport models,
Ijppiiient Inidudra n spare cord Hr
enrased In on envelope t)pt olive
ill-nil duel) lire rover fitted with flme
fiiHti'iiei ami iml.el stran rlntf, The
left front f' lnler Is sperlally i.-iKned
ami i iiun'i . sunk to leeeive thu tire
NleMeil spiinii bunipers of the best
nimbly ate regular eiilpiuei,t, frort
;iiii rem-, Thi-re Is also an fittraetiv,
'ili-keleil water Indicator In placo of
the regular radiator cap. Insured
iitalnM loss fir theft fur one yeai.
The spurt t.iiiniiB also l leRularlv
equipped with n lare trunk with
diiHt. rover. This is mounter! on a
lieiny nlrkled trunk -rack In the rear,
va 1 1 Ti bricli finish aluminum trunk
barn to protect the body.
The sport touring lists at ll'm nlxne
the standard Maxwell touring car.
Jl.M.Mf JOHNSTON'S hea weight
Klan slugged eai'n other for a
tieiaea eonirrees 1iat vili?ht. Ami
when all the teeth had bon checked
up, titers was enough loos bridge
work to wreck a train.
Vlsts were flying around lik ele
phants' trunks trying to locals pea
nuts In tha dark. Thsrs war always
409 pounds of chills and goosrflusU
lit tha ring snd when on man. put
up hts niitt, th other guy atopiwd
aa if h thought 11 was th traffio
liu) you aver heur 100 pounds of
ambition play marblvs on th caiivaa?
first, ther la a wet, halibut ainaelt
it leather ii a dump wharf. Then,
tod mor territories becom statra snd
their stars sr siuvhed la th flag,
Mvtt-e-t lin-enaa from iirlvtital abbatoirs
f.l! th air and th tinkling ef sleigh
UP mlngU Witt) lb conlusvl ahadrs
f twilight. A grntlo watting
ln tnruh a rdibov tt Hot aid
t n.ln(. an I thn a tlp on lbs ran
taa lika iv wid I. I btwutta trettU
lug Ih Ul-U lo. llai! Th ktltnsn
dr. i i iit ef th CK'ta aa l Ih
ahi 4oa IhruugS lb pluiiiiftg
I'al l hm aaj-atu.
Ta r tii'lii i w.uklns
Ul iiihl nJ n l'a 'r- j
ti m $ t lllM- ia l I Sl4'
evtS jU4, i
a Ihmgh HUsd t-l
ft I r it. fi. jivi
tH.i lv if rr. bu g I
4l aJrJ viil diJirf IH )
,i tVt.1 it... abtrl s -.
(4 Afe 4 it
.hip M m vise tU .i-.'l
....i . -l tl k t " - ''
t . II l'l.Vlf ,
J..-..V ..t f.i .af V
i !. a i ut t ;. I 4 1
... - - lb.:. ,,' I
t.l. N Vi-ISV t '.
A Remarkable Sedan!
Styled a Ye Ahead Fisher Body,
Metal Covered Five Passenger Size
And It Is Mounted On
A Six Cylinder Chassis
ALL, that ciooed car coenfort mean in
L protection, heahh, pride and botspi
taBty is broaght to yoa in this new 1923
Cleveland Six sedan at record low ctmL
Its quality acclaims itself in both the
beaotifal Fiaher-boih metal covered body
And in the perfected design of the
Lifosnu Cleveland Six chassis in which
the acknowledged superiority ot fts sts
cylinder power and flexibility, goes hand
in-hand with sturdiness and economy.
Pullman front seats and deep, roomy
rear loonge are luxuricnsly upholstered
in rich taupe plush. Doors are unnsuaDy
wide. Head-room and leg-room are gen
erous. Comfort is complete.
Ralph W. Jones, Inc.
" Friendly, Efficient Service ' '
2421-23 Farnam. ' OMAHA
Jackfton 1515.
The Steaf ns-Knight "6
Commands the Attention of the
Lovers of Fine Motor Cars
It is built to weur, and it tlucs. l'or, like its 4-cylindcr mate, the
fi-cylindr Steams Kniglit Kngine improves with ngc. The motor
does develop more power. It (tains in flexibility, smoothness and
silence, tharacteri.stics that belong practicully to tho Stearns
Kni;ht. If you have but setn tho Steams Knik'ht 6, ami had a rido in it,
you cannot apprehend the smooth and silent flow of power of the
enpine, the sturdy construction of thu ihassis, the graceful snd
distinctive deiign of the body.
It's aa in a motor car, not a
mr purchat. Built in nin body atvl.t.
The Steams-Knight Auto Sales Co.
Diitributori Ntbraaka J Wtiteia la
20S4 larnant Sir.. I, Omaha !Mt ( Sir. I, LinU
II . I L, I Ml.lll.. .1 V Ul 0(ll W III. II
fTUM7iteM a.