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.Mann, Veteran
of House, Dies
at Washington
Ciij:roMnaii From flliimis fur
Onartrr of O nlnry
Strirkrii Willi
Pick of Herds From All North America
to Be at International Stock Exhibit
Un-liinKton, J li e. I A M -
J(eteMClt;ltlV .lutnca I! .M.llin of llll
noli "lioil lit IiIm home Ii'i IhM iiiulit
aner il I't'n-f iilne.
Mr. Miinn, ho him m i vol for n
iuiirtT of n century i .1 u 1 11 1 m i' of
the home, wiia utrli ki'ii ,( week .11:0,
firat Willi H rlilll, I'lieiiniona iltv.'l-
4Ji"l. hlH COIlllltloll teeolliil,; ill Hp(T
lilt' lili I tlx- rlnl 1 itlif lit I I 'i.
Wllh ltl11 (it llic nt ! Mm.
Miinii mol II. c .iyni( Ijiiih, H
. il lli;it iillli'iiiKli hi' li.i'l rtriTilly
IKIHK'll IVKI l'-'lKH nlKllH. Ilia (olllll-
llmi lift ili finitely ilvcltpi for
the worne until I ii. in. l;i v. lie
ihIIIimI fishily l . lint .iciilii tuiffeieit
u i-i-l.i imi- mill drink i.i'ltlly. Tim ml
W.IK pl'll' l fill.
Nil .,iim vtcie in. nil' f.H' Hie fuiHTj'
Inst nlt-lit, lull II win en 1 1 tin' i"i"
Kcitnl tit 111111N tf tin' Ii'iuhi- in1
1 111111111111I1 nl. '.I with -ft iinl;ty to MlMt
In ionium; tin- 1111 ;n.;fini-iitM. It Ik
i - : ; ft
MJ . IV , . ' TO , 'Kt
in 1 1 1 1 wrwwrtfc. ; jMmhmw i '
Harvey Outlines
Proposed Formula
for Pol icy of U.S.
Amliasw!or to Fnphiml Would
Foster Strength of Joiiib
lic ly Jut I.ol.ilitui
at Jlomr.
Millii'lii'tftrr, I'liclni'il. I'r. 1 -illy
A l'.r-'loorKO ll.'irvi'V, llm Aiin-rliin
niiilinK;itlor. Mipiiklnt; hh lh? nui'nt uf
himor t a TliiinkHKivInu .llniu r .f t OnKliiml, In.. In cmniMiny with
k'ili Ti'tir, '.'JU liant treot. tail)
Tlnnikaclviiiir liiwriuiitf.
tlm la yurvlvH lv hrr hruthcr,
i llfili.rt K. T)Ut, tf IMta, C'lu., two
I i1.iu:liti r. Mia. tltmign II. Huffman
i .if Lincoln. Nib.. nnl Mia. J. K.
Ttino r uf (iiii.ili.i, niiil una pun,
Ufoiuo I.. .Iiiina of Nlol't.itu, Nil'
i!iii wvih Imrn iiciii' lllniliii, N. V.,
ami n'lti" w nt w Iumi 9 yrnra oM.
Kiimnil tti'ivlcia will Ii'M llil
iifiiTntii ii nt 2 nt tti himii'. lliit'iiil
will 1 In Konut Lnwn crmi'tcry.
Iowa Motorist Damage.
Front of Ilattery Station
Tim front of tlm MMwrnt lliittory
Kt.itluii w;m iliinuiKi'il TlitifHiluy nit:ht,
when a our dnveii l.y John It. Jioly
President Is for
Farm Relief Act
Program for Finaiirial AiJ to
Farmer Inatigiirateil at
WimlilriK'nn, Iee. 1 Tlif iitlmlnla
(ration Int. I rfioly t'l.iy a (letliuto
luoicram ( f IirlHl.'iiii fur lh finan
relhf vt firtnira fornmlnleil In
not linrtd aa liava Ida lamer train
imil t'tll, In lha crtxllt ia
lief affonle.1 .y (ha war flnanea cor.
Hrn(lon au f limitation"
miller whU'li t( tterita.l.
Hi-i-irl'.illy lh el m propowa an ln
ere.iH In ilia m.nmini'ii I.Jin limit of
tlio f.MfiHl fiiim Imiika from $M.i
lo :vutiu aniendiiietit -f (hi frm
loan et (1 ptoMiln for lh red''
i-ouiit of aBrliulturnl iirnlueti in ai'4
ituir kftlotr I'.iper. ith n nianlmutn
ciellt iiirioil of iliii-o yeiira ami rr-v
(Ion of a illvlalon In lha firm tank
HVMtr in to ilnil aiiiTiflnilly with thl
rliiM of crrilila, I'rovlalon for thn
voliintiiry rifiiti.tii of IU Htoik ami
(icrli'llltiiiiil rie.lit iKN.teliitloiia to deril
tided? ot ltnxecnazio&sii. iAve"iocitLxpon
Men- me (lie nu n lim it nf I ne lilii Irileriiiiliniiiil l .hetlni It Show. KmVrl A. Knirlmlrii. Wi'tillleM, X. J.,
Is irr-.lileiil of Hie exposition; O. T. llenMe, I IiIi hk". I tr atiilt'r, and II. II. Ilrlclo in HiH ii lnry iiiunaK'T.
I. it
I lie
liiiileiHt.ioil Hint .i funeral nerv,e
I 'lli' ih In r; I .in j.l.i t it 'It llli'l
Mr. M.nm will l- t 1 1 1 i ' I tlt"ie I
l:ia Hon, who ilH'il four yeios hici.
in nurvive.l only hy llm wnliw,
I or Miippiin llil!.
Tim velinm lej'lalii'or. .'in n
(oivoeiilc ol the fhippliiK hill,
wolil lo hi.ii" e.oei unly III
V eek iiimI iiiiiln Weflil'-Hd.iy while
h uuM III he wouhl no I" 'he enpitol
j. ml h.lp In I hp fii:hl If iiffileil. lie
tu uiceil to nlny at home, lliuiush
noli" of IiIh filenil.s i'eiilleil that lila
i niidil Ion w:ia KerloiiH. Due (if lila
i olleiiKiics. i:eU'i Henlnllve Hnhlitll,
lii llliieinl, Illinoln, nnnliiMt the lull, wrm
luhcil wlih him, iiinl ho Mr. M inn wiim
lieonlifl In the Vole.
In tin? wonlH of friend nml fo. Mr.
Mann w.n Hip hent lnl"ni ined in.'in on
the iletnilM of ko eminent Mint rver
ai. In the luilla of eonKieHs.
The oiiiM.ilidlntf feiiiure of hH Ioiik
i.J'eel ;im ii Ineinhei- of Ihe hollHP of
reprefli'iitni Ivi'n evienilliiK over n pe
riod of mole Ih.iu u iii;ii'ler of a reu
nify were iilHoItite rniirnKP ami in
di'iieiiilem e ami knowIoilK1 f h-Kiela-(ion,
peiiillnx nml puxf. There waa
MJlhlinr too little lo ene;ip Ilia eye;
I hero wan ho mini or meidiin' ho
feared to ntlaik.
Yet hy his own ill) ei l ion, Ihe record
(if III" lliHl iUKIliHhed rilleer Wlia
hiiiiiimi'iI up In If.'s than a line and a
half of Ihe Coiifci ef-iional KeeonI;
"Hepiihliran of ( :iiicni!o; waa horn In
ffii!; w;m elected to the. Fifty
fifth and each Hiierfediinf ronRrftaa."
Served l.'t 'lenmi.
That meant l'l contiiillous terma, or
III yeai.M.
lie waa I e i-lecled thla Inonlll and In-
deed, il haa heen aaid that the ppopln
of lila dialrii t were determined to keep
him In the hoiiac UH Ioiik a hn lived.
Only ihree memhera of the Sixty
Bdventh ronKieau had anveil lonner
tluiii Miinn. Mann rame before the
Hpiiulhh war ami .stayed.
llm n on a farm, Mann Always be
lieved In (he farmer. ll waa not a
bine member, b'lt Ilia Influence for
fcrni leiflHlallor! waa Kroaler pcrhupa
than if he bad been identified with
any piirUrulm- group. Tie wn grad
iiiited from the 1'nlveiuity of Illlnoin
in 1!7U; hfi erirned hla decree aa a
lawyer, prurt'eed for dome yeaii, and
for a year or (wo waa a member of
the I'liii ami board of aldermen. For !
four years hft was maaler of chancery
of tlio aiiperior roml of CooU county.
After liia elertion to the houae in
H97 ha Jumped Into hla work and
neer (leHerted. Ilia only other thought
naide from Ilia work waa hia garden
mid flower yard nt Chicago, and with
congrena in rereaa, Mann aient hla
mniimeia there, plucking and trim
mini; a multitude of plants. No ex
pert from tin- Kovei ument could go to
eiingreaa ami hope to tell it more
about floweia than Mann knew. And
that same immune know Inlne of the
fiuwrrs that bloomed ami nnule frag
Hint (he air around hla modest home,
extended to every branch of govern
ment servic e.
ChlCKm, T'er.
ii. nil. n. il will be
tin v!"
This mux the
1 "Till 1!:2 Inter
Ihe greatcHt 111 Ilia
be fiaiiirei in thla olllclal ilia-
Fourteen iiki Icull nral rolli'Bia ami
preilictlon today of ; experiment alatlona will prpaent to (ho
I II. II. limit
1 1 . ( I nntl'ilial
i retary manager of tb
Llvu Hlock expoaillon,
which opens here
public fur llm drat tlm reatilla of
many experiments conducted ut their
tomorrow oml I Institutions. These will be vlaiiallzed
which will continue until liecember !l.
Iteeonl al leiulance of half a mil
lion persons and the ahatterini; of all
recoid i for iiri I' "Itoiiil exhibitions
win predicted by Ileiilo.
Fnrniera and hualncss lin n from all
p. ll is oi me counii y lino ptii i n nun -
ly I lie niiuilie weal will anenii ill"
More than 10,'lfiO animals, repre
SentllKf the pick of the herds, flocks
and studs of the North American con
tinent will be on display.
The champion Individuals from thn
vurlollN alate and sectional shows held
during the summer and fall are her
broujuht toacther for dual adjudica
tion. Many animals never defeated In
their respective; sections will meet in
the nremi to decide (hn championship
of Ihe world.
Twenty 111,'liclllliiial colleges Will
send learns lo compete In Dm annual
inter collcKlale student JudniriK con
test. l ulled Slates Participates.
The fuller! States Department of
Agriculture will have an olllclal ex
hibition, filling the entire hall of the
amphitheater, which will cover prac
tically the entire ranxe of auricultural
subjects. Twenty-two pictorial bootha
and three animated demonstrations
In tint form of booths containing the
actual materials used In the research
woi k.
Secretary of Agriculture Henry C.
Wallace, many governors and oilier
olliciala nml reprcaentatlvea of (ho
Canadian government arc expected (o
be present at the exposition. Morn
than S' of the lending agricultural
organization will hold their annual
sessions during (he week. Auction
sales of purebred animals will lie
held under Ihe aiiKplres of the breed
Steers Versus lleifera.
.1. M. Strickland, of Yorkshire, Kng
land, will pick (he grand champion
steer of the show.
Six hundred boys and girls will
attend the (list National Hoys' and
tllrls' Club exposition to he hpld In
connection with the "International"
and will enjoy a full week of enter
tainment and Instruction arranged by
Ihe management In co-operation with
the business men of Chicago. Thla
schedule includes a series of trlpa to
Industrial plants and points of inter
est and numerous banquets and en
tertainments. A national canning
contest will he engaged In by cham
pionship teams for the honor of re
presenting tlm I'nlted Statea on a
threu months' tour through (he de
vastated sections of Franco to demon
at rate American methods,
(irain I'rizo Sought.
More than OOO exhlblta are enter
ing In the Grain and May show, ex
ceeding laat year' record by approx
imately 1,000. Kvcry atate In the
union and province In Canada will tie
represented In these competition for
the Chicago Hoard of Trade'a $10,000
premium list. The corn classes Hlone
lla( over 2,'JOO entiles, of which K00 aro
slnglu ears.
Kach evening a brilliant entertain
ment will be staged In the immense
amphitheater, during which a liorae
show, livestock parade and exciting
polo contesta will take place. The
night ahowa will he much on the or
der of aoclcty event.
S Good Dresses
i and Good Coats s
? "Chean Enouah" but V
Snot too cheap to have
(utility unu oiyiv, 3 gff
I r
thn Anglo-American ain-lety, outlined
In six points what he con-i'lercd a
a;ood formula for the national policy
of I tin fniteil Slates. The points as
given by Mr. Harvey were;
First: To foster llm strength of
(ho republic by J'lat legislation mid
economy ut home.
Second: To preaei ve to the nations
of the world the blessings of peine.
Third: To at rive to cult it am and
maintain it concert of Kurnpe.
Fourth: To avoid needless nml in
tangling encagementH.
Fifth: To in knowledge the eiiial
rights of all nations.
Sixth: The foreign policy of the
fnlted States should always bo In
spired bv lovo of freedom.
jIr. Helen AdaniH, '5, I)ien.
Mrs, Helen Adams, , dl'd at the
homo of her granddaughter, Mrs. Jo-
Claildn Joins, crashed over (ho curb
anl tan Into the building.
Judy and .lories were arrested after
Miry attempted to flee. Jones was
charged wllh Intoxication and Illegal
possession of quor, Judy with oper
ating a car vthllo Intoxicated and
Atitomoliile, Overturns.
An niilomoblli was seen to overturn
at Th rty sevciilh nml Hamilton
si reel Thursday afternoon by J 'aul
Allium, mils Charles street, who (old
police lie saw (wo men run away from
the wreck.
l'i dice investigated yesterday nnd re
ported M. K, Howell, Jr., 4018 Izard
street, suffered a gusli III his bead
and Jack I'ogllxor, 1116 South Twenty
elt lit Ii si reel , esi aped Injury. The
i teiilng wheel of the machine broke,
the ol fleers were told.
both (he a-rlcliu.e ami hanking cem- , l'ri''niy win. me snsit .. o
inllteea and to b press, d Willi their ' proposed.
support at the shoit session of eon- .... , . . .
gress. Approved al a conference yia Woman llljlire.l i)' ltlJtt.
(erdiy leiw.fii I'i'i'sl.teni llarduig, Knoikel to the lloor of her k.trhen
Secretary Wnllnco and Ki n pnbllciin wlu n n lighted muti Ii In th ca
ai tiators, headed by Senator !odge, ; (le, room caused an explosion Thura-
majority senate leader, and Senator day which blew out (wo windowa and
Watson, of Indiana, who has been n, door fmin Its hlnfe nml slned
making nil iietlm survey (tf tin- qucs
tiiut, thn progiam continnplatea utll Inn i f the federal f irm loan board
as the agency for extension of laiger
ami more lib' Mil credits, both as to
Interest rates mind time, to meet the
present agricultural necessity.
The relief plan, deslirned to reach
tlm small farmer ua well as the iaige
cattle raiser and grain groweia, waa
outlined In a statement following Ihe
conference by Secretary Wallace, nnd
Senator Lodge. It Ii proposed by use
of the farm loan board as the medium
of government relief to make It avail
able to the thousands of small farm
era who iieid It ami who. In the oplti
her hair nnd rhww s. Mia, Wllllnm
Kvana, :isaG'6 South Twenty third
street, was carried out by K. U.
Ifreese, 3112 South Twenty third
stieet, who rushed to (ha rescue when
he heatd (ho blnat
Investigation of Fire.
An Inveatlgiitloii Into the Valley of
f-'weets fire lust Tuesday morning waa
Hindu yesterday by Slate Flr Mar
fhnl C. I.'. Ilirtford, City Flic Mar
Kim I John Trouton mid II K. Ilnyduk,
deputy statu fire maishal.
The three offa ials yesterday after
noon questioned witnesses behind
cloned dnois III the office of the county
ion of ilmae at tlio conference, have attorney.
1621 Farnam
Irisli Free State May Sit
in Imperial Conference
London, Dec. I. 'lie Irisli free
stnle will be invited to representation
I:: the next Imperial conference whleu
'he government hopes to convene next
year. Crime. Minister l'.onar Law told
,- questioner In the houae of common
We Can Make Prompt
Franklin Count,. Sf.'i.OO
Charter Oak I lU.OO
Central SI l.Utl
Liberty MO.50
Wyemint Sl'J.r.O
ColeraJa SMO.MI
All Coal Freih From
Ih Mine
KL ntJ 241
KLhI 2262
' 24 Ttatianal Institution
7rom Coast to Coast'
1'Tht Store of the Town".
To the Public
A Diversity of Opinion
Men who arc in louch rvith the manufacturing market
conditions differ in their opinions as to horv the nen tariff
on good woolens tvill affect the retail prices.
We ourselves refuse to predict what the prices will be
during the next six months.
But, as the largest manufacturing retailers of fine clothing
in the world, with a purchasing advantage of unequaled
magnitude, give Jiou this advice BUY NOW as We
honesll) believe clothing has reached "rocl( bottom." Just
as low as it will be, and in all probability will be higher
during the next six months or a year.
Speaking from a manufacturer's point of view, were we to
replace our present slocl( of clothing, it would cost us from
15 per cent to 30 per cent more, due to the effect of the
scarcity of good woolens.
Clothing we are showing today is on a free-wool basis, because
the Woolens were bought months ago when wool Was at a
low point.
And, as we s,iid before, while opinions differ, the general
belief seems to be that piues will not be lower but steadth
advance, a it's impossible to purchase any quantity cf high
gtide merchandise under present conditions. However, the
situation will have no effat vn our pieent jh; cf elothing
or ptUet. vther than that there will be AO MMCTIOXS
or Cl OTHIXC S. II IS rv Ihownini King ft G. during
the mvnths cf Ktcmfcr, January and februaty.
rouinino ICmj S (To.
lunar m a neon. m,
to You
"si..rji:iria Lb. y if JUIia 'lf'"H'aH. aaartiaa ialT'.taAaaaWPw- 1
W If,
have brought
haziness to
thousands of
r 9 o---
vwiii nun n v
Recelv. th banafiti ofour vi.
Xmai Club Cftsh Coupon-
Our Annual
Chrisms Club
is ercater And
better Ihtfear
than ever before
an In
strument for
homes with music
We purchased at our own figure the entire summer's output of several factories and have about 300
high-grade Grands, Uprights, Player Pianos and Phonographs for our annual Christmas Club, and are
passing on to you the tremendov.3 saving which we achieved by purchasing in carload lots. We are
giving values we have never equalled before, and the instruments for your selection cannot be equalled j$
this side of New York City. We welcome comparison in both quality and price, and with many of
these instruments we give a written TWENTY-FIVE-YEAR GUARANTEE. MAKE YOUR SE-
a Schmoller & Mueller Player Piano
If you love and appreciate
music and only one or two
members of your family can
play the piano get a
PLAYER PIANO. It is sold
direct from factory to home,
and there is no middle man
m to make a profit. The savin?
is yours as it s sold at
slightly over the factory
cost. It has a beautiful tone, master wormanship and
will last for generations.
Xmas Club Price, Only $450
A Price Slash Which Has Alarmed Dealers
The Premier Baby Grand,
Only $650
This tiny grand wili
fit any 5-foot square
space in your home.
Has a tone beauty
and workmanship
equal to much higher
priced instruments. To
play it and see it is to
want it. Remember, your
old piano accepted as a
substantial part payment.
Make your own terms.
Xmas Club Price,
Only $650
We cut the price of our
Schmoller & Mueller Con-
itffliMSIIIIIIMli oIe Model Phonograph
4!ratgPili from $225.C0 to $110.00, in
oraer 10 introduce 11.
Some instruments have al-
eady been sold. It com
pares very favorably in
tone and workmanship
wiiu lusu mucins iiciiiiig
for more than twice what
this instrument will cost
you a pleasing- value and an instrument you will always
be glad to own. Come in and have your favorite music
played on it.
Sold at the Unheard of Low Price, Only $110
This coupon u good for one-half your first cash
payment up to $50 00
This coupon and $10 00 c;uh will credit you with $15 00
Thi coupon an. I $25 00 cash will credit you $3760
Thii coupon art' ?iJ0O nh will ere lit you with $73 00
Ot et iiM B J a t' P tr .r at J 1 ' "(
Oi fhtr ' I'-P' ''" wr
y u My f.r s - tr Jl i ii ' r j.'-. -c. Jft prcti
at li P'c.
It Isn't Too Soon to Be Thinking About
Good Pianos are going to be scarce and we do not know
when we can buy so advantageously for you again. There
is an unusual demand and a Christmas shortage is pre
dicted. Better come in and reserve an instrument now I
while our stock is as complete as we can make it. We
will deliver the day before Christmas if you wish.
Every instrument we show ia a leader in its class, and
your eld Piano or Phonograph will be accepted as a
substantial part payment and the cash coupons mean
money in your pocket.
The Schmoller & Mueller Xmas Club makes possible
your cherished plan of surprising your family with a
Grand, Upright, Player Piano or Phonograph. Join the
club tnr'iy and derive al; the club benefits, such as:
Spcchl Cash P.iyment Coupon; Club Benefits ia case of
sickness, unemployment, etc. No club duel or delivery
chargeg. Exchance privilege good for 12 months. Writ
ten guaranteed with each instrument. Your choice of a
hure number cf instruments.
R.oi.mb.r that 1" i th. nly tor In ( middt watt hr
yen r-tv ( crp9'tunty et mailing yeur M'.ition from inch
v., ili Id r"eeft n-Akt a Sinew,.,-, Mjrdman, St. n.rt,
M.-Phtit, Lmilfxii 4 ia. 6hr 8ra. fim tr, Jahltoi, Irving
o4 tcnwglitr A Mir P.not,
T raj attrnij a m (h tit t a" '' ka'a't Jtnu.'y I. it gu'itM(l
wori iui (J 4 .lift, ( ' it ' et '
(' . t'.T't.t.BBt.'l
ilidkr Piano
a -
t-jf Nunuer is
I'M 14 IS tU Slrrtl