The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 19, 1922, Image 3

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colors on your walls to harmon
ize best with your rugs and dra
peries artistic effecta always
come out of the package with th e
cross and circle printed in red.
Instead ofKalsomine or Wall Paper
It makes a girl angry If a man at
tempts to kiss lief and doesn't succeed.
Each t package of "Diamond Dyes" con
tains direction eo dimple any womnn can
dye or tint her worn, shabby dresses,
"& waists, coritn, MncldngR, sweaters,
coxerf.'g. draperies, hangings, everything,
even if hhc has never dyed before, liny
"Diamond Dyes" no other kind then
perfect home dyeing is sure because Dia
mond Dyes are guaranteed not to tpot,
fade, streak, or run. Tell your dnnjgist
ivhcther the material you wish to dye is
wool or silk, or whether it is linen, cotton
or mixed goods. Advertisement.
As soon as the Impossible happens
it Isn't.
"I thought my cousin from Kay See
ivns u pretty smart feller when he vis
ited me here last summer," dlsgrunted
ly said Hurt Blurt of Petunia, "hut
when I was up to the city this week
I found out he hain't got no souse
at all. After I'd been there u spell
he said he'd take me out and show
me the benutjes of Kansas City. I
got a slinw; and a shine, and so on,
and then what d'ye think? Dad-blamed
If he didn't take me to see Swope Park,
the Pasco and a lot of rich fellers'
residences. Beauties of Kansas City
the devil "Kansas City Star.
Keep out of crowds and you won't
he likely to think that politeness Is
Whatever enlarges hope will also
exalt courage.
f. o. b. Flint, Mich.
m 2 I Kill p
KfFri m iiiiiniJriilfilHMil
Chevrolet Sedan
In 1922 wc led the world in sales of high grade
closed cars, chiefly because of our Sedan.
This new 1923 Sedan is completely eclipsing its
predecessor because of still greater beauty and
added equipment.
The body is by Fisher, finely finished in black
with gold striping, comfortably and artistically
upholstered, and has dome light and rear
window curtain. This wonderful, five-passenger,
all-year, family car is offered at a price that defies
all competition. The new model includes stream
line design, high 'hood, drum-type headlights,
dash light, windshield wiper, plate-glass windows
operated by Ternstedt regulators, and cord tires.
Buy no car until you see it.
Prices F. O. B. Flint, Michigan
SUPERIOR Two Passenger Roadster $510
SUPERIOR Five Passenger Touring 525
SUPERIOR Five Passenger Sedan 860
SUPERIOR Two Passenger Utility Coupe 680
SUPERIOR Four Passenger Scdanctte ...... 850
SUPERIOR Light Delivery ........ .- 510
Nothing Compares With
Ji Economical Transportation
Chevrolet Motor Company, Detroit, Michigan
Division of General Motors Corporation
World's Largest Manufacturer of Low-Priced QUALITY
Automobiles. Thcrcarc 10,000 Chevrolet Dealers and Serv
ice Stations Throughout the World. Dealers and Parts
Depots Wanted in all territory not adequately covered.
O.fArolla ntlrl Wnrl?
Pnnts nro tho most eco- L.dF
nomicai worn garments you
can buy. Made of tho finest
materials bv skilled workmen
, and modorn machinery. They'r
i cut to fit. Buy a pair today.
Wear them awhile. Your
monoy back or a new pair
tree it you are not
If your dealer does not cany KEY Overalls
and Work Pants, or is out ofyourelze, write
g-J w KanaClt7,Mo.
rVfri 7.1 XtjtV tfCTWcrVTrfj!!!
f.l ll aTO tYJ H J.l L
"" mwMitTiiT-j
Some Dogs and :
Some Folks $
(, 1922, Western Newspaper Union.)
A big, llcree-looklng Dime with u
bad cut on his hunt, limped Into
thu doctor's ollleo niul asked If lie
could have his wound dressed.
"Sure, llx ou up right away," said
the doctor. "Bud cut, that; about
four stitches, guess," the doctor went
on, as ho examined the wound.
"Whut' that I Knur stitches I"
"Say, IUi-nrck, you ain't afraid of
the needle, are you? Why, a great big
husky looking dug like you ought to
bo able to huvo a leg sawed off with
out batting an eye."
"Afraid? Of course I ain't afraid of
anything. Do I look an If I was afraid?
Sny, Doc, my ancestors used to hunt
the savage boar In old llennany. I
guess it takes some nerve to tackle
that kind of game and "
"Yes, I know all about that. You're
Just like sumo folks I know, nlwnyB
talking about thu great things their an
cestors did."
"But, Doc, I wanted to tell you moro
about my people. There's Ulsmarck,
tho man I wns named after. I guess
he could go some when it came to
nerve Did you ever see his picture
with n big dog on each side of him?
Well, them's my kind of dog. Do you
suppose old Iron Bismarck was hav
ing his picture taken with a couple of
whining curs? Not for Ulsmnrck. lie
associated with dogs that were dogs.
I ain't afraid of your needle, Doc."
"I've heard lots of folks brag about
the great people their relatives asso
ciated with. No rellectlon on you, Bis
ninrck ; but It's a fact. Of course you
ain't afraid of the needle or"
"Still, Doc, I was thinking that per
haps It might be u goou plan to give
me something Not that I'm afraid,
but you see, I've got u' nasty temper,
and I'm awful strong. I don't care
und I'm awful strong."
"I see. Some folks are that way.
They are awfully afraid they will hurt
someone. 'No rellectlon on you, Uls
mnrck. To be sure that you'll hold still
nnd won't hurt me, I'll give you the
dope. But how did you get this?"
"I Just went out like a good fellow
to take n Httlo dog's part and in tho
mix-up I got cut."
"Funny you got It behind, BIsmnrck.
I once' knew n fellow who got wound
ed In n charge, and he was a bravo
soldier. Marched right up In the face
of the enemy's guns; I sewed him up.
Strange, though, he got It In the back."
"Doc, you don't mean anything by
thnt, do you?"
"Oh, no, It Just reminds me. That's
nil. Dogs nro so much like folks that
I always think of somo one I know
when you dogs come In here with your
troubles. Take your dope now nnd I'll
fix you up."
"Hello, Snap, said tho Doctor, as n
llttlo bull terrier all covered with blood
nnd mud limped Into tho office. "You
hero again?"
"That's all right, Doc, hut who's
your big friend that Just left? Is that
Ulsmnrck? I got so much dirt nnd
blood In my eyes, I can't see very
"Thnt's him. I Just put four stitches
Into him.
"My, he's n big stlfT. Looks like he
could eat up a barnyard full of llttlo
dogs like me. But say, Doc, ho can't
fight a lick on earth. I gavo him
thnt hole you sewed up, nnd If he
hadn't been such a good sprinter I'd
given him somo more. I suppose he
told you he got It In n fierce battle
with n flock of dogs."
"That's about It, Snap. He gave It
out that ho was really such n bad dog
that I had better give him some dope
for fear he might bite me when I put
the needle In him."
"The lying cur! Had to tnko dope,
eh, for a little Job like thnt."
"Did ho muss you up and give you
all those cuts you've brought In here?"
"I should sny not I Me nnd nnother
dog was having n nice little scrap In
tho nlley My, but that dog could go
some I Ho gave mo the best fight I've
had for months. Well, wewere Just
having tho nicest kind of time when
along comes Ulsmnrck, with his big,
flerc growls, making a lot of buck
Jumps ns though he was going to butt
Jn an lick us both."
"I've seen them kind of big saucy
folks. They'd roar nnd dance around
Just like they were nchlng for a fight,
when they were renlly only trying to
scare someone."
"Anyway, I didn't like to have the
big fellow butting In. It mnde mo so
mad I let go of my dog and went for
the big fellow. You should have seen
him run and you ought to have heard
tho poor llttlo yelps ho let out with
every Jump. I nailed him once Just
ns he wns turning tho corner, hut I
couldn't get to him again. Sow me
up, Doe, but no dope. I won't hurt
you and you won't hurt me. To tell
the truth, I Just like to get hurt once
In a while. It makes me feel good."
"Sny, Snap, why are you always
looking for a scrap? What Is thcro
in It?"
"Oh, I don't know. I Just feel mean
when thero Is nothing doing, but nfter
I have a good fight I'm nil right for
n while. There's folks Just like that,
I suppose."
"Yes, lots of them. They Just go
nhoiit looking for trouhlo and It don't
mako much difference how badly they
get beat up they go out after It
"Thnt'H nil right, Doc. I guess
you'v.o got mo fixed up pretty good.
I'll limp bnclc to tho bnrn and try to
keep out of trouble for a few days.
But say, Doc, I don't believe folks
ore much different from dogs."
iNct Contents 15 Fluid Drachml
II nil
Children Cry For
!.!. -Ati.n,Vvi fivl7e rfuta-1
siniiiiiuiiv-" "" "' , t .i
M TlicrcuyrromoUnftUiecsu
rkn.iinncc nnri kpslujhuuw
Mineral. NotNawcotici
fm s
ft ,.ft.flD(.mPnVfbr
Constipation nnd Diarrhoci
and reverting" "-
Special Care of Baby.
Jhnt Baby should have a bed of its own nil arc npreed. Yet it
is more reasonable for nn infant to sleep with grown-ups than to use
a man's medicine in nn attempt to regulate the delicato organism of
that same infant. Either practice is to bo shunned. Neither would
be tolcrnted by specialists in children's diseases.
Your Physician will tell you that Baby's medicine must bo
prepared with even greater care than Baby's food.
A Baby's stomach when in good health is too often disarranged
by improper food. Could you for a moment, then, think of giving
to your ailing child anything but a medicine especially prepared
for Infants and Children ? Don't be deceived.
Make a mental note of this: It is important, Mothers, that
you should remember that to function well, the digestive organs of
your Baby must receive special care. No Baby is so abnormal that
the desired results may be had from tho use of medicines primarily
prepared for grown-ups.
Bears tho Signature of
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
10 Cents
PUTNAM FADELESS DYES dyes or tints as you wish
City Grocery Clerk Denies It Is Easier
to Make Sales to Men Than
to Women.
"Whoever says Mint It Is easier to
sell groceries to men than to womeu
Is not acquainted wltli tho facts," said
a grocery clerk tho other day. "I've
seen cartoons In tho papers of hus
bands bringing home cleansing powder
Instead of rat poison and forgetting
half of their wives' orders, but I'vo
never seen It In real life.
"Men arc hard customers. I think
they rend more nbout I ho cost of foods,
particularly advertising, than women.
They seem to know tho different
brands better, at any rate. I'vo often
substituted brands for a housewife,
only to be refused by her husband
when I tried It ngnln. I'd rnther at
tempt to talk a woman Into buying a
new brand of canned peas, for exam
ple, than to face her husband with the
same sales talk. The mule shoppers
know too much about food perhaps
becnuso they do most of the cntlng."
New York Sun.
Kind Word In Season.
An Amerlcnn, newly arrived, went
Into a London tenshop, took his scat
and waited. Presently a bright-eyed
waitress approached him and nsked:
"Can I take your order?"
"Yes. Two boiled eggs and n kind
Tho waitress brought tho eggs and
wns moving on when the American
said: "Say I What about tho kind
The waitress leaned over and whis
pered, "Don't eat tho eggs."
The Seine View.
"Better conio out to the courts
tennis is a great sport." "Yes, you're
llnblo to get caught In the net."
houses couumxor ubb
Spohn's Distemper Compound
to brenlc It up nml i:ct them back In condition. Thirty ycar
uio hail nindo "SI'OHN'H" Imlliponaiblo In trrntlmr Cougha nnd
Colda, Influenza nml Dlntrmpcr with their reaultlnr complica
tions, anil nil 1Iimsph ot tho throat, noao nml lungs, Acts
inarvelously as preventive; acta equally wall as euro. Bold la
two vlica nt all drug atorr.
Disordered Stomach
Take a good dose of Carter's Little Liver Pills
then take & or 6 ior a lew nights alter.
You will relish your meals without fear of trouble to
follow. Millions of all ages take them for Biliousness,
Dizziness,Sick Headache, UpsetStomach and for Sallow,
Pimply, Blotchy Skin. They end the mlttry cf ConsllpaUo.i.
$S? S&r&ZZtC SmM Pill; Small Due; Small Price
The New Democracy.
Samuel Qompcrs suld ut it banquet
In Washington:
"Tho millennium Is still n long wny
off, of course, but thu worker Isn't tho
slave ho used to be. Few of life's
pleasures are denied to the worker to
day. "A professional wns giving n now
club member some pointers In lawn
"'Hold your racquet loosely, sir,' ho
said. 'Loosely, man, loosely I You
hold It ns stiff ns If you were a hod
currier.' " 'Hut,' said the now member mildly,
'I am n hod-carrier.'"
Impertinent Question.
Peggy Dick proposed four times
before I accepted him.
Tatty To whom, dear?
It is better to be an also-ran thnn n
No man ever becomes too Bhlftless
to give ndvlce.
Certain Test.
Two fishermen were angling In a
river, when one suddenly dropped his
"Say I" ho ejaculated, "Did you sco
that feller fall off Unit cliff over thero
Into the river?"
"Don't get excited, Hill," soothed tho
other, "Mchho it was a movie actor
niakln' pictures."
"Hut, my stars! How kin wo tell?"
"Well," counseled the Judicious one,
"If he drowns, he ain't." Kpwortli
That psychology Is everybody's
science Is the assertion nindo by Rob
ert Chenault fJlvler, author of n new
book on that subject. He says in his
Introduction: "Our important plans
and projects, our business schemes
nnd Interviews, our Investments of
money and friendship, nro one and all
examples of applied psychology." .
Putting It on Ice won't nlways keep
a secret.
yffiS Mm
85 HI
"""" ""'" tr ijM,.-. -.J- Sy III
m "nwiiai L
The one way
to keep sound,
perfect teeth
THE only way to keep the priceless blessing of sound,
perfect teeth is to cat the kind of food that supplies
them not only with proper nourishment but gives them
work to do. Grape-Nuts not only induces thorough masti
cation, but also supplies the lime and other elements re
quired for building firm tooth structure. ,
This wholesome, healthful cereal food is made from
whole wheat flour and malted barley. All the nutriment
of these splendid grains, including the vital mineral ele
ments so often lacking in so-called "refined" foods, is
A delicious, appetizing dish, Grape-Nuts, with cream
or good milk, provides complete nourishment for body,
bone and nerves, in readily digestible form.
Sold by Grocers Everywhere!
"There's a Reason"
GrapeMnts .
Mode by Pottum Cereal Co., Inc., Battle Crsck, Micb.