The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 11, 1921, Image 6

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Cuba Is Free
of 'El Pote'
Tsland Rcpubllo Rcjoicc3 at the
Death of its Richest Mil
Pennant TroiJ Down Million no He
Piled up niche on Misfortunes
of Others Lived and Died
u tirute,
Ifftvnrifi. "i:i Pnin" Ik dead mill nil
fJlihn rcjnlccii. Tint pennant who be
cmim n nillllomilru ninny times over
mid tiwil lila wealth to wield n crmi
jiimcr dl"d iin In! IiiiiI lived, haunted
mill llllll'd, ii victim of li'n MM II pOWer.
In 40 yearn Iin cnliihlhdicil a career
lurlil with tragedy, dark with unrdhl
nehcmlrig, fremeuiloiiM with both muc
' mid failure, A year iikm reputed
Ibo rli'hi'Mt mini In Culm, hit fiimo to
ii inlMcriihlit end nt IiIh own hands, mid
iilinnM IiIh hint wonbi wore Hint Hid
width which cost him 40 yearn of
liurcminiiig toll o accumulate did not
ifleltl lil mi one hour of happiness,
.lot l.nptv. llodrlguim wiih known to
"lilinilly every one In .Cuba. Hit wiih
MrmiKo, idiilnlcr llgiiro, mid even In
li'iilli hit fiiriiltdicn n romiirknhht ex
mnil(t of what run hit iiceoiupllMlifd
ly Hut cnimtmit, mllilcim application of
Iiowcr to ii iilugln limit. Fcrvo id
J'ofo (lint put holbi) was bin wufch
word, din motto, tint ruin of IiIm sordid
life, mid It wiih from thin (lint ho caino
to hit called "111 Pole," tho nmim with
which inllllomi heemmt rmiillhir. For
yearn hit thrived, nt tint expense of
others. Thru thit fortunes of wnr
turned ngiilnitt IiIm, mid, fi'iirlnt: I ho
Iomh of nil Mi Ill-gotten gnliiM, Iin roni'
milled Niilcldo hy hanging hlniHolf with
n twlMtcd wheel.
Filthy of Ootly.
Not more tlinn live feet In heli;ht,
"I'M I'oln" hud Hie powerful, HilckM-t
friimo typli'iil of the (Inllego peasant,
He wore Hie nhoMl clothes he couhl
Unit mnl wiih foul of mini! mill speech
mid llllliy of hody,
June I, ope; Itodrlgiicz wiih horn In
Hpitln mid emigrated to Cuba In IiIm
lirteeiith yen i', llcolng from (he him)
romlllloiiH of (he Onllcgn peasant life.
In I In vmiiii for n while he worked with
tlcl( mid shovel, hut us mood iih he
could he nhnmloneil hiicIi luird tmiiiinil
lnhor to work for mi old necoml-limid
l.onk dealer, peddling the honks from
house to lioiim1, One morning IiIh aged
emplo.ver wiih found ilend In IiIm lied
mid young Lopez Hodiiguoii, who nlept
on the iM'ciiiIhom, wiim nrrcNled on huh
plclon of muriler, hut after spending
mime t trim In prison he wiih released
for liicli vf sufficient evidence to In
diet. The widow of the murdered book
heller ceiiiluueil the business nml
Lopez Itniliigtlcz. lifter IiIm release
from prison returned to his. old em
ployment, fine morning the widow
wiin found bunging In her room, hut,
no evidence being found to coullrm
n suspicion Hint there hud hcen foul
play, u verdict of milehlo wim returned.
lly Hie time the yoiuu: employee hnd
unveil up Home money uml he loiu:ht
the IminIiicnm
Pllcn Dollar on Dollar.
Living upon tilinnut nothing uml
working HreliWMly, he steadily In
rreiiHcd Mm trude uml piled one dollar
on tinotlier until with the passugu of
the yearn IiIm fortune grow to re
pcctiibti) dimensions.
When, nfler the wealth of CuIiiiuh
lind hcen driilned hy three ycaiH of
revolution uml embargo, the American
fleet blockaded llavann In I NHS, "Kl
Vole"-for Jjy Hint time lie hail come
universally to he liuowu hy IiIm soldi
ipiet -wiim nhle to ncipilre for cash
I a rue properties for n tithe of their
value, ami when the Cuban repuhllc
v'iim net up he wiih a rich man among
iiteii who linil hcen ruined. The latter
vere ceinpellcil to pi to him for ciihIi
vhlch he alone wiih aide to lend. Ami
ro It came to paxn Hint many of those
to whom the Kovermri'-rit of tho young
repuhllr mum entniMted were IiIm
dehtor-- which ho never nllowed them
to forget.
He MTiired ii monopoly on nil f!uhmi
prlulliic for which irmnhil coreii
wem to jail, Tien he got control of
one of the hlja'cHt intUn mnl wrecked
Hint. "horrowliiK" no Icmm tlinn $ll,
(WW without iiecurlty of nny IHiul. I
He hmned mlllloiiN, hut nl way h do
iimuleii from W to 1W per cent In
tere. It Im helleveil Hint after the jmy-
meiit of nil dehtM the entitle of ,loo
Lopez KoilrlKiie. will he world Home
where nroimd ?I0.(KK).(KK), jirovliu,' Hint
It wiih not the fear of penury that
drove him to end IiIm life in the
fiiMllon hy which IiIm employer 40
yearn uo hud tiled uml which had
iiinil.'i'd the hoKlmil'ii; of IiIm own prosperity.
Hog' Onoutt Do Plowing,
WoodMlock, Out. Ho;m dike the
lilnce of plowM mid hnrrowH In the cul
llviillon of one of the hent prodiicluic
fimiill apple ori'hardH In Ontario, Mont
orchn rdlHtM plow mid replow ami liar
tow and illicit the laud lictuecn the
ri)WH of trceM. .1. V. Tutlle ir Cur
rle merely turiiH In u drove of Iiokh.
The Nntlonal Woiiiiiu'm party Ih com
Iiik Into IIh own iikiiIii uml Iiiih bought
a new home which will he a reKUhtr
"political watch tower" to the cupltol,
which Ih within a hImmis'm throw. The
home It one of the most hlHtorlc In
WiiHhliiKton, ImvliiK hcen the meetln
place of voiicreHH from 18l.r to 1810
while the cupltol wiih helnu relmllt, ami
wiih Hut Hceuu of I'leMldeiit Monrou'M
(Jeorge Schwp.stcr, t,r of David City,
Just celchroted his "Otli hlrthdny and
In honor of thl.s event 1,'JDO per?om
were wrved with ejike and lemonade
In the newly-completed hnsvment of
the S'chwester depanment store. The
cake measured oO hy W, inchex nnd was
two and u half feet liL'h. It contulnei
10 layers mid welKhed 27 pound1?.
The contents of the e.ike were 75
pounds of powdered vufnr, ',1't pounds
if lillilna til ....! i.0
norne Holdlers' orpiniallon $M,M), to ' "' ""'.V . ... ' . ,
, , ,.. ' . . . , 'Tefimery butter. .'I.j Hounds of Hour uml
ii ! iiiiiiiiiii' i v w r-v- on iiiiiii in i -
"' ''-' " J'""f ,rt-.T iIW ( 7 J
Ncwu of All Kinds Gathered From
Various Points Throughout
State ofllclalH will joon turn over to
7L'0 eL-s. It carried 70
$66,000 Thief
Given 3 Years
Mcmphis Teller for 12 Years
Missed Vacations to Shield
His Shortage.
Ucoan With $100 Holdout and Lived
In Hopo of Maklnu All Good Nev-
r Missed a D."iy or Was Lato
Otraln Wa Terrible.
MeinnlilH. Teiin. Alex V. .Smith, for
merly note teller for the KliMt Nation
ul hunk, Hlood convicted, but elated
with a tin co-j ear term, Klvcn to him
after he hud confCHsed to a $iHI,00ll7
peculnllon uml ileailed guilty.
DuiIiik the IU yearH Smith wiih con
nected with Hid hank hu never took it
vacation, never wiih ubxent or late In
rcpnrthiK for duty, Ho told rcportcra
In order to cover up the HliorliiKo ho
hnd to bo continually on the Job.
.'lolin 1). Marllii, .Sinltb'H couiiHel,
rend u copy of SiiiIHi'h couI'chhIou to
llio court In IiIh pica for leniency. Thu
confcHMlou miyn :
"I, Alex V. Smith of KuIcIkIi, Tenn.,
do hereby iiiuke conl'e.sslou.
"1 wiih born In Liverpool, ICiikIiiiiiI,
on .Iiiiio 8, ISSII. I left ICiikIiiiiiI uml
ciiiue to the United .Stiitcs when I was
iiliout twenty-two yearn olil. After a
Hhorl Hliiy In New York city I came
to MemphlH, Tenn., uml hecume a bank
clerk In thu employ of the Hunk of
Commerce of Memphis, where I worked
for about nine months, I tuen en
teied the employ of Hie First Nntlonal
bunk of Memphis, Tenn., and was con
tinuously ciupliood theie until .luiiu
ury 111, 11'JI. I was note teller at
the First National hunk for about I-'
consecutive years. During this thnu
I cave iIIIIkciiI atleiillon to Hie (lit
tles of the position.
Deaan With $100.
"About 11 years apt, one day after
the vaults were closed, to accommo
date a customer 1 took u deposit of
nhout $100. That nllit I used this
money to pay u debt, Imping to re
place It linuu'dlately. It was never
replaced, and the hIioi'Iiiko grew, until
.lanuary l'J, 10'.M, It amounted to Slid,
MU.:7. ".My method of concealment was
throughout the entire period of short
age to hold for a day or two, then re
mit, being In the muiiucr always short
In my remittances.
"I uiurricd nhout eight years ago,
and at the time of my marriage my
Miortngo was comparatively hiiiiiII. My
family consists of my wlfle, aged thirty-one
yen is, and three children, Alex
V. .Ir aged seven; .llm Milligram, aged
six, ami .lay Shaw, aged two years,
nine months.
"The inoneyH which I embezzled
from the haul; were absorbed In my
personal expense ami extravagances.
1 have not dissipated money In gam
bling or speculiitlon. I have, of course,
entertiilued thu vague hopu that I could
make restitution of these peculations,
hut Inive been crushed with the realiza
tion that tills was Impossible.
Strain Hao Been Terrible.
"The strain of my situation has, ot
course, been terrible, uml I have suf
fered liuiiieuse mental torture for
"I have been unable to obtain sulll
dent sleep or rest except through the
use of Intoxicants, uml have been com
pelled to resort to the sumo means as
a stimulant to enuhlu me to discharge
the regular duties of my olllce.
"It Is my Intention ami desire that
In the event there should he an In
dictment returned iigulust me on ac
count of my wrongdoing to limuedl
nlely enter a idea of guilty to the same
mid throw myself without reservation
upon the mercy of the court.
"It Is my desire to receive such pen
alty us may be Inflicted on me us
speedily as possible, It being my deep
deslie, after 1 have met my punish
ment, to rise ugaln and hu a mini. It
will he my earnest effort to make good,
in the fullest measure possible, the
loss which has been occasioned as thu
result of my wrongdoing."
After Hie shortage wan discovered
Smith says regarding bis conversation
with bank olllclals:
"I gave them llm exact llgures, to
wit. $m.001.:i7, together with all data
ami documents pertaining thereto,
thereby enabling thu olllclals of the
hank to make a speedy adjustment of
their records. I gave the exact amount
of my shortage as stated above, so
that the bank would not bo put to the
necessity of a long, laborious and ex
pensive audit of my accounts.
and are not being taken care of by the '
f idem I government. Tliw hint legls-!
laiiire provided a trust fund of .L
000.000, the Interest of which will he
iimimI for Nebraska veterans. Since In
terest would not be available this year,
) 000 was appropriated for Inimedl
ute ue. It Is quite likely the Ameri
can Legion wifl be hilectcd to adminis
ter this fund, ami thai local posts
throughout the state will be asked to
Investlmite mid recommend action on
(ill applicants for aid.
Twenty hmcIiiI traffic officers, co
operating with the police department,
raided the streets of Fremont the
other night In search of auto headlight
find tall light violators. Cops were
Mntloned at Intervals along the bus
iest streets and all offenders were
either escorted to the police Htatlon
pr given notice to appear for trial.
Over 100 drivers, among whom were
many prominent citizens, were victims
of the law enforcers. No lines were
levied, however, and bond money was
refunded with lectures to obey the luw
In tho future.
Complete return from St) of the 0.'J
counties received by V. II. Osborne.
Htate tax commissioner at Lincoln,
shows the total personal property as
sessed In 1011 to be $800,1 .r.9,0(i."i
against $ 1, 0(5(1,8 rj.riO.'i In WM, a de
crease of IM.lfi per cent. The value of
all property returned by the 80
counties In 1021 Is !?:Sl,.Jl1,-l!.l8,o.r.:. Fob
lowing their oipiiillzailon It Is found
Hint the value has been decreased to
J, 10. Haul, secretary of the depart
ment of trade and commerce, announc
ed thai a levy must be placed ugalnst
the guaranty fund or ir.o,000 to pay
depositors of the Ccreseo Slate bank,
Children Only Follow the Ex
ample of Their Parents.
.which fulled recently. In a short time
Sylvia Pankhurst Toasted by Reds
nusfl Officer's Garb Leads to
button of Garments to
SI kl y'
. xafe ,iu t m v
if (f ' ' "miff; WmM"! -s !
4-rrrv , sAmaiJF- A .
r . " v 24
Constantinople, Turkey. Atuerlcnn
lied Cross nml army paJauiMs are hc-
i lug converteil Into Jaunty street clothes
1 here by Ingenious Itusstim refugee
i soldiers and civilians.
, Hugh S. Mini, treasurer of the lied
Cross, when here on a visit of Inspec
tion, saw a spick-and-span mounded
Itnsslan otllcer nourishing a cane uml
funning himself with a straw bat nt
the local lted Cross etllces. lie no
ticed that the man bud taken a suit
of pajamas, t-ewed shoulder strap
braid on them, strapped his olllcor's
belt about them and rolled up the bot
toms to give a trouser effect.
Mr. HUM thought so well of the In
genuity of the man, who had I'efeated
the hot weather, that be gave orders
I for several thousand more pajamas to
be distributed, so no Itnsslan need
wear his heavy, shabby winter clothes.
:. attiTMi4nrttn
o .. . - ' -W!M . - - .
MIbm Sylvia I'auUhurst (center), who served live mentliN' Imprisonment
t llolloway for preaching sedition In the llrltlsh navy, was recently dis
missed. Following her "coming out" she was tendered a brvakfnst In Loudon
by the Communist party. This photograph showa tho "reds" offering a toast
to Miss I'nnUhntf-t.
PartrldQca Allnht In Street.
Coatesvllle. Pn,A covey of part
ridge came Into this city and alight
ed on the paved streets In the busi
ness section. Volunteer firemen caught
n few anil placed them In n bin. lib
crating them later In the country.
They had become frightened when a
cooper's hawk attacked them on the
I bill.
Hart expects to make other levies
amounting to approximately $:i00,000,
to pay depositors in hanks at Allen,
limine mid Hosklns.
HankH ami French, near Coring,
Jiavo completed the harvesting and
threshing of 1,170 acres of wheat.
A V 1 1 1 1 four combined harvesters and
threshers they cut the ent're acreage
In eight days, sacked the wheat and
hauled It to market. They claim this
to be Hie record for harvesting and
threshing In Nebraska.
(ieorge Dlmlg reports the largest
yield of wheal raised In York county
this season. He threshed 11 acres,
which he sowed last fall with Kanred
wheal, imported from Kansas, averag
Jug fi().8 bushels per acre. He also
threshed OIK) bushels of barley from lfi
A Iwo-montbs' drouth was broken In
lllgsprlng when an Inch of rain fell In
a few minutes. Lawns and gardens in
town have been burned up owing to
lack of moist lire. The country sur
rounding the town has had several
good rains, Insuring a good crop of
Work Is progressing rapidly In the
City park at West Point In prepara
tion for the big cantonment of the
Patriarchs Militant of the 1. O. O. F.
,of Nebraska, which will be held there
-this mouth.
A malady contracted by Mrs. Dean
,Mohr so baffled Colrldge physicians
;that Dr. .1. Williams, nervu specialists
,nf Sioux City, was sent for. The
'diagnosis revealed n pecular case of
ileepli,g sickness.
Dodge county thro.-ihers are showing
(hut the wheat yield of the county Is
(exceeding the early estimate and the
ifanners lire as a general rule well sat
'Isfled with their small grain crop.
Arrangements are being completed
by the Deshler Light and Power com
pany for the construction of several
country electric light transmission
Hues for use of fanners.
Hog Cholera among the hogs In var
ious herds In the vlclnl'y of York Is
'reported at this time. livery effort Is
being mude to stump the disease out.
.1. C. McCorkle, near Alliance,
(threshed 1 1(5 acres of wheat, which
lylelded f0 bushels per acre.
Mason City will bold a three-day
Home-coming celebration, August !l-l
The Fall City llrcmen are advertis
ing a three day tournament for August
At a meeting of tl.e entire member
ship of the Shifters' club held at Su
perior, further ar,:.ngoineni were
jnade for the big historical pageant
iwhlcb Is to be enacted August H and
17. The plans for the O. A. It. re
union, which Is to be held In conjunc
tion with the pagea:.t, were submitted.
Application for Ivmanco of S-'OO,-000
worth of new stock In the Wells-
Abbott-Nlcrman milling corporation
at Schuyler, will be made to the state
iitithoiitles. The new stock will solve
ilnanclal dltllcultles of the company,
uceonllng to advices from Schuyler.
Dr. 12. H. Stnuffer, president of Mid
land college and delegate to the Inter
national Itotary convention held In
lOdluburgi Scotland, returned to Fre
mont lifter a two months' absence In
llurope. He v-Nitcd various nations
following the Itotary conference.
The Omaha central labor union piling
to organize a bank with $5,000,000 In
deposits to begin with. Organizers are
now at work and It Is hoped to have
tho bank In business before snow tiles.
The Institution will be controlled en
tirely by labor nnd will cater to union
Newspaper Asks the Pertinent Ques
tion Whether It Is Not Time
to Stop and Think
ti dozen or
red candles.
A fight over the lorntlon of tho
school house was terminated at ICIIs-
worth ipilte abruptly when two mem
bers mid leaders of the minority fac
tion loaded the building on skids at
night and linuled It with a tractor
two nnd one-half miles to their own
location. It Is stated that this movy
ended the controversy us th'j majority
leuders have given up the fight.
The permanent Injunction asked by
the village of Davenport In a suit
against the Mayer Hydro Klcctrlc
Power company was grar ted In u de
cision handed down by Judge L, V.
Colby. The defendant company asked
higher rates than Its franchise called
for, and u temporary Injunction was
granted until a hearing on the matter
could be held In the district court.
Under the terms of the decision the
former rate will remain It, force.
Judge S. P. Davidson and family of
Tccuniseh aro camped at the J. O.
Hoach resort, near P.o.ton, In tho
inountnlns of Colorado. Miss Ituth
Davidson, L'0, was lost In the mountains
for 10 hours and was unconscious
when found by n searching party.
Miss iJsivlrisofi had gone for n walk
In the Needle Ilntte mountains and lost
her way. She roamed about in the
mountains for hours, seriously fright
ened nnd finally fell from u .small cliff
nnd lost consciousness;
The farm bureau picnic for Madison
county, was held at the Andy Tom
hagan grove soiilheast of Itattle Creek.
It was estimated that i.OOO attended
the picnic. Ituslness houses closed for
the event. The program Included ad
dresses by Cl W. Pugslev and Professor
II. C. Fllley of the Cniverslty of Ne
braska, ami concerts by the Norfolk,
Madison, Newman drove mid Ilattlu
Creek bauds.
The campaign to rale ?.'l.",UO0 to se
cure the air carnival for Omaha this
fall Is well under way and everything
points to the success of the movement.
Not less than UOO avl iters are expected
to come with their machines to par
ticipate In the Mights and carry away
the prize money. The air mull Hying
Held on West Center street will bo
At a meeting held at flrand Island
called by the president of the Three
Hundred and Fifty-fifth Infantry or
ganization, which was n part of the
lOighty-nlnth division, prollmlnures
were laid for the reunion, which will
be held on August ill) and .'II. Tbeo
dure Koosevelt, Jr., Is expected to ad
dress the gathering ami about 1,'JOO
men lire expected.
A grain shocker invented and con
structed by .1. F. (irllllth of Albion Is
Mild to perforin work from 00 to !)."i per
cent perfect, (irllllth bus beep at work
on the machine for twelve years. A
local company was foi-med here In
101(1, fhe years before the model was
completed, to bundle the Invention mid
manufacture the machine.
The telephone strike at P.loomlleld
bus been called oft an. I the patrons
will soon receive first-class service
again. The strike of Hie patrons was
called last April when the telephone
company advertised im Increase In lta
The special bond election here, ask
ing for $l(i.",000 additional money wltlj
which to complete Norfolk's new half
million dollar high school building,
was successfully carried.
In the report of County Assessor P.
C. ltundle of Aurora the total valua
tion of the county Is ?l-l,:i:Jl,:U.1. Last
year the total was i?ri1,o:t,'l,-l7ri.
A contract has been awarded n.
Kansas City Unit for the erection of a
new 7.1,000 electric light and power
plant nt Pawnee City.
The state board of equalization hns
refused to lower the assessment of Ne
braska railroads, demanded by rep
resentatives. A car shortage Is reported In Chap
man. All the elevators are full and
the shortage is proving a handicap to
the farmers.
The postolllce at Mead, was broken
Into by burglars and about $-00 worth
of sianipswere stolen.
A toreiitlal rain In Madison county
did much damage to ;he growing crops.
1S5 new laws passed bv the last leg
islature, went Into effect this week.
Through the efforts of the Com
munity club and the Mluslnc ss Men's
club a baud Is assured In Stanton. A.
D. lllava of Havenn.i will take charges
of the band.
Heroic efforts of nurses saved tho
lives of patients In the Arapahoe hos
pital when tire broke out In the build
ing. After the pailentri had been
rescued, workeis succeeded In saving
most of the fixtures. The blaze, which
was started by an electric Iron, did
damage estimated at .1,000. The tiro
was checked before the whole building
was destroyed.
At a meeting of the Live Stock
I.treeders' association at Tocuniseh, tho
new sales pavilion became n reality.
It was voted to build one -00 feet by
HO feet, with n sales ring -10 by 10 feet
In the center.
Harry Housen, Deputy State tiro
marsball, bus Just completed the In
vestigation of a fire at the homo of
Judge S. II, Twist, at Salem. The lire
had been started In nine different
places. Judge Twist recently receiv
ed three blackhnnd letters, demanding
his resignation from the city council,
which he hail IcuoreiL
"The poor little rich girl" Is no Ac
tion, us Is demonstrated from time to
time when fcurveys are taken of chil
dren to determine the causes of mal
nutrition and over-fatigue. The chil
dren of the wealthy or well-to-do more
often than the children of the poor
ure found to be under weight or nerv
ous. Sometimes the trouble Is due to
careless or Improper feeding, though
oftener to the complexity of modern
life, says Dr. liorden S. Vcetb'ii of St.
Louis, speaking before the section on
the diseases of children at the meet
ing of the American Medical associa
tion, In session In Hoston, the Okln
hoinan states.
"My little girl never has n leisure
hour In fact, she Is Just as buy as I
urn." said a mother to me one tiny.
"We Just cannot keep our children
nt home In the evening," said another
mother. "We have made a rule that
they could not go out to parties or
clubs except on Friday ami Saturday
nights, but we tlml we cannot en
force It."
It's the same old story keeping up
with Lizzie.
If your neighbor's child must be on
the "go" continually, then, In order tt
keep the pace, your child must follow
that silly example. At least that seenm
to he the popular supposition keep
up with Lizzie If you undermine your
health, If you fall to secure a sound
education, If you prepare for failure
Instead of success.
It Is not surprising If the children
and young people of today are eternally
restless, if they never are content
to remain at home, If they llnd life In
tolerable when their days and night
are not crowded with pleasure and
umusemcuts. Children always follow
the example of their parents. When
the mother belongs to three or four
card clubs, a literary club or two, at
tends luncheons, teas and dinners.
plays golf, sits on committees, dabbles;
a little In politics, what can you ex
pect of the children? Crowing up In
an atmosphere where there Is no quiet
or repose. It Is Inevitable that children
should be restless, continually seeking;
after new excitements, competing so
cially with those In their own circle,
bent on being seen everywhere nml
having a good time at nil costs. When
a mother who Is nlways going about
remonstrates with her children for
making so many engagements, that
they have on time either for the nec
essary amount of rest or study, It 1st
not surprising that her remarks carry
no conviction.
When either children or adults spend
their lives rushing from one place to
another, from one pleasure to nnother,
what have they. In the end, to show
for their scattering of energy, their
expenditure of time?
Women today are highly on-nnlzeri:
In culture clubs, patrons' clubs, and
civic societies. Why do they not, get
together on this problem of conserv
ing the time and energy of their chil
dren, saving a part of It from thft
eternal program of Joy rides, dances,
clubs and picture chows?
Seek Origin of Granite.
Two Harvard geologists, Professors
lteglnald A. Daly and Charles Pnlache,
accompanied by Dr. O. A. P. Molen
graaf. a Dutch scientist, plan to spent!
the early months of l'.KIn an expedi
tion to South Afrlcn to study unusual
geological format Ions In that region,
the university announced recently.
Dr. Fred 13. Wright, penologist of
the geo-pby.slcnl laboratory nt Wash
ington, will accompany the party nB
the representative of the Carnegie In
stitution. The chief object of the scientists,
who plan to leave F.nglnnd next Jan
uary, will be the study of a body of
obtrusive rock north of Pretorln, anil
they hope Hint their Investigations will
shed some light on the origin of gran
ite, which has long perplexed geol
ogists. Dr. Molengraaf was formerly chief
geologist of the Transvnal republic.
He hns also done considerable work
In tho Fast Indies.
Photography as a Sculptor.
Ilncsc, of Florence, Italy, Invented
a process for producing bas-reliefs by
photogrnphy. The basis of the Inven
tion, tho property possessed by a
film of chromium gelntln of swelling
In proportion to the Intensity of tho
light falling upon It. The swelling
Is greater with low than with high
Intensity, so Hint the light pnsslng
through n photographic negative pro
duces upon a chromiuni-gelatln pinto
n positive In distinct relief. Tho
trnnspnreney of nn ordinary negntlve,
however. Is not truly proportional to
the relief of the orlglnnl method, but
by nn Ingenious automatic device, In
volving n double exposure, this dlf.
Acuity Is avoided, and a negntlve Ih
obtnliied hnvlng Its lights and shndes
correctly graded to produce the effect
of relief.
Coal Could Do More Work.
Ilascd upon the performance of GO
large locomotives operating over nenr
y 700 miles of route on tho Chicago,
Milwaukee & St. Paul rnllwny, and on
other facts of record, It has been es
timated that the pnssenger nnd rev
enue freight tonnngo of the Unltetl
States could bo hauled by electric
locomotives for one-third the conl now
burned under steuui-euglne boilers.