The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, May 12, 1921, Image 8

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-i. Stat Farm Bur?attvNotc8
One million members this year, is
the goal of the U. S. Grain Growers
Inc., tho new grain marketing com
pany, according to G. H. Gustafson,
president of the company, who re
cently visited his homo in Lincoln.
The membership campaign will prob
ably bo started in Nebraska within
tho next thirty days.
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-Nifty New Bungalow Atyrens-
Pctcalc from 95c lo $3.00
Ginghams from $2.00 to $4.00
Style: and prices too numerous lo state in this small space
If you will come in we will be only too g'ad to show them
Tho Webster county Shorthorn
breeders association was recently or
ganized. C. 13. Steward was elected
president, C. W. Johnston, vice presi
dent and Frrd Householder, secretary
treasurer. Mr. Householder and the
county agricultural ngunl, Henry It.
Fuusch, were named to meel with
like committees from other breed or
ganizations, and with the fair association-'.
lo you
Evcry ft'cw Spring ant! Summer Wearable
Hosiery -- Underwent -- Corsets Gloves
House Aprons -- Shirt Waists -- Blouses
Skirts -- Petticoats
A Complete Line at New 1921 Prices
On January 1, 1911, it cost 17.4
cents to ship 100 pounds of livestock
from North Platte, Nebraska to
Omaha. Today it costs 20.5 cent?.
And it cost GS.G conts to ship 100
pounds of meat in 1011 from Omaha
to New York City. Today it costs
132.5 cents. These figures have just
boon made public following an investi
gation made by the transportation
department of tho American Farm
Bureau Federation at the request of
Secretary of Agriculture, Henry C.
11 . 1. L .'
lowing cwriUea: Ttyyer, OtotUGijfol
Scotts filiiff, Lincoln, Custerolin
son, Fillmore, Cuming, Douglas, "Polk,
Madison, Morrill and Holt.
Four hundred business men of Lin-,
coin, members of the Chamber of
Commerce, listened attentively to tho
fundamental principles of the U. S.
Grain Growers Inc., as told by Clif
ford Thome, general counsel, at their
noon-day luncheon last Saturday. Mr.
Thome told the Lincoln businessmen
that all the farmer is asking for is
a chance to do business in a sane,
constructive manner jVl n3 thoy are
doing. In the afternoon Mr. Thome
addressed an interesting mooting of
fnrmoi's in tho Lin1ell Hotel.
Step.-. !me been taken in Hamilton
county to pool the 1921 clip of wool.
All of last year's pool has been sold
with the oxcoption of the th and
Tiths blood. The prices secured were
as follows: Fine and medium clothing,
27 ' cents; ',4 blood clothing, 27
cents; tags 5 cents; dead wool, 15
ccnt; fine seedy, 17 to 18 certs;
medium black lO1 cents to 17',i
cents; h blood staple, 20 cents.
Wc are in the coal business and will try to have
a supply of good coal orf hand at all times, and
will have a price on it that will save you money,
Wo have a car of Sunnyside Maitland now,
and will have a car of N1GCERHEAD in a
few days. You will find that these arc extra
good coata.
We are selling this coul on a close margin
and will lnvc lo sell for cash. Plrnse do not
ask us for credit.
The Farmers ei& Elevator
G. A. KAILEY, Mgr.
n fowiiws. afJTWPMSJLnwuwrKsTiJttxjj!fc?
According to .f. N. Norton, chair
man of the legislative committee of
the state federation, aU but two of
tho measures which the- federation
had officially endorsed were enacted
into laws by the 1921 legislature. In
making the above announcement, the
farm bureau gives equal credit to
the other farm organizations which
aided in pushing farm legislation dur
ing the recent .emon. This Is par
ticularly true of the Farmers' Union,
as their legislative program was very
similar to that of tho farm bureau.
After carefully considering iho na
tional grain marketing plan, as em
bodied in the articles of incorpora
tion and bylaw of tho U. S. Ovain
Growers Inc., tho members of tho
board of directors of tho Farmers'
Union of Nebraska, have voiced their
approval of the plan r.nd have urged
all Union members to Five It their
support. Tho Farmers' Unon In Ne
braska had 40,099 members and
nnny of its state officer? are assist
ing in promoting this news grain mar
keting plan.
. The Women's Store
Red Cloud - - - - Nebraska
WANTED A lady aged 30 lo 40
vnnra In 1rrrn linuen -for n nirm with
j three children. Good wages to tho
right party. Write I3ox S07 Ilcd
E"rglar a Ctnefaelor
Tin !.:!! Iniitern llnhpd through
the tlsit. Then cntno the r?a'n of n
"Hands up !" Mud the head of thu
family ; "you're a btirglnr."
"Y-yes," capped tho Intruder.
"What have you stolen V"
"Your wife's pug dog."
"It-mt Kr-If Hint's all you mny
sneak out quietly."
"And yntir inother-ln-lnw's parrot."
"IliutllyV Well, hero Is snmo loose
"And your OnugMer'a gramophone."
"Good I Here's smno more lnoso
"Also your snnV violin."
"Yhnl 1 Great S eott. man, I'll opt-n
a special bottle. There oertnlnly will
be some pwup in th' tint from now
A membership campaign was launch
cd in Sheridan county on May 9th
and will continue indefinitely. Sheri
dan county Avill be the forty-first or
gnni?cd county in the state to carry
on a campaign. E. L. Dennett wa3
recently named county captain and
tho campaign proper will be in
charge of A. J. Dewald of Thayer
county.' Clean-up campaigns Were
conducted the past week in the fol-
Correct Way to Recelvo Burglar.
The old plan of offering a burglar a
cigarette and nsklug him to take a
chair whllo you telephono to tho po
1 lice Is not now so successful as In tho
past. The best plan Is to tncklo tho
fellow right nwny. For this purposo
you should step behind him, tnko hold
of his coat and force It over his face.
Then tie his left arm to his right leg
across the bnck. Properly carried out,
this method rarely falls. London
Notice of Administration
Quit 8itab!.
Tho lady una buying a gun for her
Httlo boy as a pri-si'in.
"I want a ron'lv rlc( one, please."
.Mio Mild to the -'. ,'i ueper.
"Yon nmihuti." ho answered; "how
will this one do?"
"What 1o ynu put In It?" asked the
"Jut nidlnnry rnp. or I hnvo an
other one hero thnr shoot" lti;:."
Tho lady lor !;ed delighted.
"Oh, I'll tnUf that one." she exclaim
ed. "That will '" i;mP" "ultiiMe. Wo
hnvo a liuv .'i.n!i! ind,tlwTo are lots
vf ''igs in 1 1." ;:.', viiiugh Sd .-'.' n
John GriiTcth vis driving a new
Cfiwlnlinlmi. mv fliir1i lm mivplinsPfl
from Ogelvic Bros.
In the I'luinty Court of Webster I'otmty
la tho innttorol tlir citnte of Niels Jtii"cn
To All l'ppwns Intorcstcd In Salil Kstnte
Notlro Is lioreby kIvcii that ltny Mayo
gunrdlnnof UnhmuxJcnsuii lias thUdny Hied
n petition la the county court, prnylnu Hint
adinlaimrntloa of ald estate may be Krnntid
toUcorxolt. McL'rnry ns ndiuliilstrator, and
thatfinld iietltlon will bo heard before tho
court on the inth day of May UJi, at tho hour
of 10 o'clock, A. M., at the county court room
la the city of Hrd cloud, in said county, when
all persons Interested In ald matter may ap
pear and rIiow cauo why the prayer of pet!
turner should not 1. granted; and that notice
oi the minx or mid petition, and the hearing
thereof, bt gl en by publishing a copy of this
order in the Itcd Cloud Chkf, a legal wi'okly
newspaper printed and of Kcnoralelrculatlon
In said county, for throo connccutlvo weeki
prior to nald day of hearing.
Hated tluVJrtth day ot April lifflt.
A true copy.
(Seal A. V. Itanncy, County .Indue.
Msrry Englsnd.
In the old deslgnutlon, Merry Eng
land, tho word merry does not mean
thnt the people of tho kingdom were
specially noted for their merry-makings,
hut thnt tho country was pleas
nnt, agreeable, a beautiful land of
plenty. The word merry is used In
this sense when we say "tho merry
month of Mny," meaning that Mny
Is a pleasant month. In this senso
the poet Edmund opencor spoke of
"Merry London," nnd the earlier poet,
Chuucer, wrote a city "thnt stood full
merry upon a haven side," thnt is,
It was n fine, plensant city, built be
side a haven, or harbor.
$40 $42,60 $43 $47
e Frank SL Hu&hes Co,
BOTH PHONE3 W, Call and Deliver
1 Spring1
! Here
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srtr. oui. -OfiHCt
jamcdjtffc iSSfefeTl
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TV TOW fnmo llin PI if a
XN horses nnd mulo3 to shed.
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il -T fflJS- ,-MIMilli r-
' '., ..cawwi
Cnlvos Colts Lambs Timo for work
Timo to tone them up anu urive
out the worms.
Dr. Hess Stock Tonic
A Spring Conditioner and Worm Expcllar
JVod It to your rows for Its syMera-toning. bowrl-cli-nnjlnC. aptirtWiiBcf.
fects nnlj to condition thorn tor calving, it mouas more milk, teud It tu brood
lots b aSd ihSatH t "hive out the onr s. It rriirywi brood so 8 of. nniiUmtian. t
Exciliiitforc.sBtIambinCtlrao. itPoiitainBTonirsforUiodiiJMtlon. Law
Uvea f or thu toowrls. Diuretics for the kidneys. Vrrmifucoa for tbe wooai.
Why pay the Peddler Twice My Price?
Vc have the Dr. Hess Agency. Call on us.
Chas. L. Cotii3 : The Druggist 1
M. ... a - tit.. L..j nf nrrt ti ft tti
tt till us ou mucn ucck you neve, ivs nui-c u mvhuii v -u...
1IJH8 1 c-PKtd f ?j Yi I1 1 B g ft J B N nIX n ilW 1
Mfe L MWMBMJiMilMaMBfcWwWWMi4liWraa!gt .jK?aiBriaTwni
The Red Cloud Mill
Lon&ed and opomted by V. il Uut
rts, who reopened the mill two yoais
age, Is makhiR the Hour su good, if nut
better, limn la the pne,t. Try ti wuuk of
Red Cloud Bett Flour and uodst your
homo mill, Kvery sack is guartiuteod
and Is sold by all the inetchnutfiitll tho
time. Ho Is also piopavcd to grind
.rn, barjey and all hinds of feed
Sutronize your home mill
Dr.W.H.Mc Bride
' ! i i nm"lmmmmmmmmmmmimammmmmmmmamm-
ade b its inventor $mmmtm
tr m n c n. -ekm ii vm w umssz jc mr ma wurTxrr i mi t: tyum iam rin kj m u
ms&ww MbBJ'&&'KPm m& mimmmmi i
SS'1 HJ "WJ eFJ ifgtfi ey y K
i'if "' ' a j
lO)??! l " H
"$ Phonograph flttf&fc So-M
A .V. Mr ,. '
the New Kdisoii. And in the
shadow of beautiful Llewelyn Park,
Orange, N. J., lie built and equipped
thu finest, most modern phonograph
laboratories in the world. There he
makes the New Edison and Riiards
its quality with zealous attention.
Think a moment ! What other pho
nograph or talking machine is madt,
protected and sansortd by its inventor
by an Edison?
Mr. Edison spent three millions of
dollars in research work to perfect
the New Edison. Then, to prove
its perfect realism, he stood the New
Edison side by side with the Hvinrj
artist and matched its voice with the
actual performance of the livin; artitt.
Mo one was ble to detect any differ
ence between the two. The New
Edison has stood this amazing test
over five thousand times before more
than five million people.
Again we ask you to think .1 moment.
What other phonograph or talking
machine can r.ustain this test of direct
comparison with living artists?
If you love music your credit is good
hero. A gentleman's agreement is
all we ask. Use our Rudnct Plan in
buying your New Edison.
jjja t(5 7? t3 i V3
0 fflo W(
&w v? Licensed
. . V'OmeMW iTtiM-IWII -WLiddk&.mr-jit.. L idbr J) 'i i iggHHH'.!!! HaVnCT BCTI gTBTMSBSIl
Edison Deales1
Bring or send this coupon.
Mark the items you want.
No charge or obligation.
Name .
AiiJresn. , , , ,
Vhoc favorite ttiaea would you like to know?
Q What Ivdifon la Music.
Q Booth etchiiiff of lidison, 12x19, for
Edliori and Music the Story of the New
Q What Did Edison Do During the War t
" nv , . '"
-. J'
1 ,".vNu.7.-i,.. .,,.v., - )r