The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, June 10, 1920, Image 5

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Mother of His Children
Also Fox Sunshine Comedy
She hnd forgiven her husband of n boyhood escapade and looked
at him as n model. Her enemies used this forgiveness to stain her
fair name and arouse her husband's suspicion. It was a plot to ruin
the Duke and Duchess of Dcsborough. The duke was lured into the
web and dragged the dutchess in after him. He became so involved
that he lost everything. The fate of his divorced wife was in the
balance. It depended upon the winner of the Derby. Around this
plot is woven "The Sporting Dutchess," a play that created a sensa
tion at the Drury Lane theatre in London. Alice Joyce is starred in
the film version.
The Sporting Duchess
What would you do if you ,wcre to be discovered in a woman's
apartments at a weekend party at midnight? Tom Moore finds
himself in this predicament in his latest Goldwyn picture, "The Gay
Lord Quex," and for a moment is entirely at sea as to what to do, but
only for a moment. He conceives a brilliant plan by which he draws
the discoverer into the embarrassment of the situation and thus saves
the woman in the case from the tongues of scandal. His self-sacri-ficD
in the matttcr meets with instant appreciation from his late ene
my and results in paving the way to his happiness.
as TOLD to us
Buy Uread at Powell and Popes.
Ted Manley spent Tuesday in Hast
ings. Rev. Cope spent Monday in Hast
ings. Isadora Johnson was in Hastings
Miss Mildred Mercer spent Tuesday
in Hastings.
Mrs. J. W. tockman spent Monday
in Hastings.
N. E. Harvey was down from Ina
valc Monday.
Mis Nellie Gilliam went to Lincoln
Friday morning.
Con Barr of McCook spent Satur
day in the city.
Mrs. Andrew Saladcn spent Satur
day in Hastings. .. (
Mr. Stuntebcck of Wymoro was in
the city Sunday.
W. A. Sherwood is driving a new
Dodgo sedan car.
Mrs. Ida Marshnll is visiting rela
tives at Lebanon.
Mrs. Sam Miller of Lincoln is visit
ing Mrs. C. C. Cox.
Roy Sanderson of Omnha is visiting
fiicnds in the city.
John Rose was down from Blue Hill
Wednesday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Max Mizer spent
Thursday in Hastings.
Attorney Bernard McNcny went to
Lincoln Monday morning.
Everett Bean was down from Ina
vale Wednesday afternoon.
Lloyd Hall of Lincoln is visiting
friends in the city this week.
Attorney A. M. Walters of Bluo
Hill was in the city Tuesday.
Miss Minnie Kellott went to Hast
ings Monday to visit friends.
Mrs. J. A. Bradford went to Hast
ings Thursday to visit relatives.
The Amboy Milling Co., hns pur
chased a new Ford one ton truck.
Mrs. J. W. Auld and daughter, Vir
ginia, spent Saturday in Hastings.
Dr. and Mrs. A. E. Boles' spent tho
weekend with relatives at Hastings.
Miss Mildred Polnicky returned
homo,Fridny evening from Lincoln.
Mr. and Mrs. Cordle of Rivorton
spent Sunday with friends in the city.
Mrs. Frank Foley went to Oborlin
Tuesday morning to visit her parents.
Mrs. E. H. Erickson of Fremont is
visiting her daughter, Mrs. John Ar
nell. Mrs. Christy Patmoro returned
homo Thursday evening from Hast
ings. .Mrs. Jennie Hassingcr returned
home Saturday evening from Hast
ings, Mrs. Fay Wells of Lincoln is visit
ing her parents, Mr. and Mrs. 0. C.
Rev. Bcebo and daughter, Gladys,
returned homo Tuesday evening from
First Show at 7:30
Ent and drink at Powell & iPopo's
Cafe. tf
Good meals good service moderate
prices Powell & Pope's cafe
Mrs. Chas. Grout of Wichita, Kan
sas, is visiting relatives and friends in
the city.
Mrs. Ernest Davis of Axtell is visit
ing her parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. M.
The Misses Antonettc and Bertha
Havel spent Monday with friends at
Guide Rock.
Attend tho ball game at 3 p. m.
Sunday afternoon. Mt. Clare Giants
vs Red Cloud.
Mrs. Bert Clark of McCook arrived
in tho city Friday to visit Ir. and
Mrs. )A. Clark. -
Mrs, C. C Cox went to Cowlcs
Wednesday morning to spend the day
with relatives.
J. C. Mitchell went to Kansas City
Wednesday morning to attend to some
business matters.
Bert Sherman returned to Lincoln
Saturday after spending a few days
with his parents.
Miss Bculah Merry of Orleans spent
Sunday in the city with her brother,
Ralph and wife.
Mrs. Mark McConkcy went to Blue
Hill Tuesday morning to visit rela
tives and friends.
Mrs. Geo. Hines of Lincoln arrived
Monday evening to visit her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ailcs.
Mrs. Silas Fincher left the last of
tho week for Alva, Oklahoma, wjicro
sKo will visit her daughter.
Forest Mountford returned homo
Friday evening from Hastings whero
he had been attending college.
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Robinson of
Superior spent Sunday with his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Robinson.
Miss Margaret Leonard went to Ex
celsior Springs Tuesday morning
where she will spend her vacation.
FOR SALE A strictly modern 7
room residence with 3 lots, also a
majestic range Dr. J. W. Stockman.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Carpenter
of Seldcn, Kansas, aro visiting his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Carpen
ter. Flnvo Grico and Ed Garber Wont
Omaha the first of the week to at
tend the Masonic Grand lodge meet
ing. Mrs. W. L. Hines returned homo
Wednesday morning from Lebanon
whore sho had been visiting her sis
ter. Ed Amack went to Lincoln Tues
day morning to attend the State As
sociation meeting of Funeral Direct
ors. Mr. Gleason arrived homo Saturday
from Casper, Wyoming. JIc drove
his auto back which he left there last
Miss Hazel Overlceso returned home
Sunday from Lincoln where she at
tended the wedding of her brother,
William McBridc returned home
Tuesday evening from Lincoln whore
ho hnd been attending ho.stato uni
versity. - s -'
N. II. Bush went to Hastings Wed
nesday .morning to attend a meeting
of tho agents and ofilcials of the Bur
lington. Miss Conine Neuerborg returned
home Tuesday evening from Grand
Island whero she had been visiting
hev aunt.
Hay Fordycc returned to Fremont
Sunday after spending a few days
with his" wife who is visiting relatives
in tho city.
Mrs. Sorcnson returned to her
home at University Place Thursday
after visiting her sister, Mrs. Frank
Richardson. '.?
Mrs. Carey Dorr returned home
Wednesday morning from Scottsbluff
where sho had been visiting her sis
ter, Mrs. Goos.
Miss Mnrgaret Minor returned
homo tho last of tho week from Lin
coln where sho had been attending tho
stale university.
Mrs. II. S. Foe returned homo Thurs
day evening from Norfolk whero sho
had been visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Paul Storey.
Chas. Turner returned homo Friday
from Solden, Kansas, where ho had
boon visiting his daughter, Mrs. Ray
Simpson and family.
C. C. McConkcy returned to the
Soldiers' Homo at Grand Islnnd Wed
nesday after visiting his daughter.
Mrs. Rich Lippincott.
Chas. Steward left this morning
for Omaha, Fremont and points in
Missouri where ho will look after
some business matters.
Tho Peoples Department store at
Campbell was burglarized Sunday nnd
a lnrgo quantity of merchandise was
carried off by the thieves.
Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Turnurc re
turned home Tuesday evening from
Lincoln where they were called to nt
tond the funeral of Robt. Avery.
Mrs. Fred Brcrcton and children re
turned to her home at Sedalia, Mis
souri, Thursday after spending the
winter with her father, C. R. Bcsse.
Chas. Robinson, Clins. Schultz, Syl
vester Frisbio and Paul Polnicky arc
driving new Ford cars which they
purchased of Frame & Smith Bros.
The Misses Mario Wunnenberg and
Gladys Yost of Swanton and La Vemo
Shrock of Garden City, Missouri, are
visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Yost this
Mr. and Mi's. Paul Ncwhouse of
Guide Rock are rejoicing over tho ar
rival of a baby girl at their home on
Sunday. Tho little miss has been
named Dorothy May.
The Misses Blanche and Mabel
Pope went to Wellington, Kansas,
Wednesday morning to visit their sis4
tor, Miss Alice, who underwent an
operation at that place.
Clyde and;Chas. Smith;. Howard
Frisbio and Paul Polnicky went to
Omaha the last of the week and drove
back new Ford cars for thy Frame &
Smith Bros. Co. garage.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Jarboo and
daughter, Bula, went to Sedalia, Mis
souri, Wednesday morning to attend
the Brethren church convention. Mrs.
W. II. Thomas accompanied them.
Tho following couples were granted
marriage licenses by Judge Rannoy,
Saturday: Edward G. Stumpcnhorst
and Miss Rosa Siebrass of Blue Hill;
Monday, Walter V. Houtz, of Nap
once, and Miss Blanche Rath of
Not only do wo train you for posi
tions in Easiness, in Civil Service or
as a Commercial Teacher, but wo help
you to secure such a position. Our
Employment Department receives
more calls than six schools could fill.
Send for free catalogue. Enter now.
School in session all the year. Ad
dress: Grand Islnnd Business Col
lege, Grand Island, Nebraska Ne
braska's Oldest, Largest and Leading
Business Training School.
The Lincoln Journal's old rates arc
still in effect. $5 n year without
Sunday, or $7 with the Big Feature
Sunday paper. This makes The Journ
al .the lowest priced morning paper in
tho state. You can save money by
subscribing for tho Journal now. Just
to let you compare tho Journal with
any other paper wo will mail it a
trial month for only 35 cents, or with
tho Big Sunday Taper only CO cents.
This will give you tho reports of all
tho national convention's. Of course
it will bo stopped nt the end of one
month. If you aro not ready to send
in for a year send in your trinl order
anyway. ,
Notlcis To rrtdlfers-
intlio County Court of Webster County,
In tho mtittcr of tho cstato of Robert II
Wilson. ncccftRed.
Creditors of Bald estate will tnko rfotlce,
t'lixt tho tlmo limited for lircfntatlon nnd
IUIiik of claims nsnlnst unlet cstnto Is October
liit mo, nnd for tho payment of debts In Octo
her 12th, 1MJ, thnt i will hit nt tho county
court room In said county on tho 2nd tiny of
Inly l,a) to otnmlup, hear nnd allow nil
claims duly lllcd which nro n Mrst or second
lien upon uM ostrite. nnd on the 2nd day of
October, l!Di. to examine, henr, allow and
adjust all claims nnd oljcctlons of general
creditors duly tiled.
Dated thls23th day of.Mnv.m-n.
(al) w A. DfUANNKY"
County Judge.
Red Cloud Post No. 238 of tho
American Legion will hold a special
meeting Friday evening, Juno 11, at
8 o'clock in the I. 0. 0. F. hall. All
tho members nro urged to bo present,
By order of Commander and Adjutant.
George Ovcrlecsc is Wed
The mnriiiiKO of Miss Ilcriiicc M
Thorpu to George II. Ovorloeso tool
place Saturday tnnrnlng nt the Flrft
Pivbvtetlnn church, Uuv L. I). Young,
otllchllng. .hut preceedlng the cero
niony Mlf-s Helen Palmar, violinist, no
compsmled by Mls Helen Cook at tho
piano played "0 Promise Mo". As the
bridal party entered thu church the
"Mondelsohii's wedding inarch was
played and M)ft music continued dur
ing the reading of the tnnrriiiKc linos.
The hrlde, nt tended by Miss Hazel
Ovorleesc of Red Oloudnnd.Miss LotiUo
Wliltnoy, entered from tho loft and
were met nt the altar by tho groom ac
companied liy Hrwln Hoffman and
Glenn 11. Colley. Mrs. Ovorlousc woie
a golngVway costume of bluo with a
plsttiiohnt of tho same .shade. Her
oor'wjo was of white bride's rose. MUs
Oveilecso was nttircd In nn attractive
btreet costume and carried pink roBeH.
Immediately aftor the coremuny Mr.
and Mrs, Overleeo left for a short
ttip. Mis. Overleese, formerly of Fill
lerti u, Is liie only daughter of .Mrs.
Leoun K. Thorpe. Sho is a graduate
of the Fullerton high school and for
the past two years has boon a student
of lino arts in the university of Nebrob
lta and in tho university school of
music. She is a member of tho uni
versity orchestra. Mr. Ovorlecse who
Is fiom Red Cloud attended the York
business college and Inter tho univers
ity school of music and is director of
the Y. M. O. A. orchestrn at present.
Mr and Mrs. Ovorleesc will benthomo
to thoir friends nt the Orlo npartmonts
after June 11 Sunday Stnto Journal.
Attorney 11. W. Stewart, who hnB
boon Deputy County Treasurer for the
past 18 mouths has resigned this posi
tion and ic-opencd his law and ab
htr'ncoilleo in his old location, over
Til lie's hardware emporium where he
will be "at homo" to his mony old pa
trons, ns well as new customers who
require the advice of one versed in law
and abstracts.
There is no just cause for anyone
being short on wearing apparel of the
latest styles nnd materials as tho two
local clothing firms arc conducting
special sales at their respective plnces
of business. Largo posters, huvc been
mniled out by tho thousands, and con
siderable space used In tho local news
papers to tell tho peoplo of the oppor
tunities that they are offering tho buy
ing public. The largo volume of trade
being enjoyed by both firms indicates
that tho people aro nwaUc and appre
ciate real values Hnd low prices.
Charles Hutchison Had To Get
Aboard Yacht, So Took a Chance
There's more than one way to
overtake a yacht. Perhaps the least
simple was employed by Charles
Hutchison in the 15 episode thriller,
"Thu Whirlwind," which is being
shown at the Besso auditorium.
Tt was vory important that Hutchi
son' 'reach the yacht. For the villian
had just taken the heroine, drugged,
on board.
"The Whirlwind," played by Hutchi
son, dashing along the road on his
mortorcycle, sees the yncht steaming
up the river, headed for Bermuda.
There is but one chance that ho can
reach the yacht. He takes that
chance. Ho comes down a steep hill
leading to an old wharf which juts
out into tho river. He strikes at full
speed, jumps his motorcycle away out
into the river, and the machine and
tho driver aro disappearing into tho
water as the yacht approaches.
"Tho "machine landed CO feet from
tho edge of the dock," said Hutchi
son, in speaking of the stunt, "but
you know wo have to save our woman,
no matter what personal discomfort
is involved."
' .'i " -2
HOT WATER will not harm
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and SEE these brlliant, beauti
ful CHI-NAMELFInishcs tcstcf
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Chi-Nnmel Demonstration
A Factory Demonstrator will b;j In
charge of this Interesting Chi-Namcl
Exhibition to cxplair nnd Instruct.
: : FREE : :
A 30 cent can of Chi-Namol Varnish
with purchase of 25 cent
bruh to Insure a '
fair trial
KL0' June 25-26
My Store
". ..
The Druggist
angerous Affair
Friday and Saturday
The Valley of Giants
Admission; Adults 25c, Children 10c
We Pay the War Tax
VmIHI i Tr 4V wv "j flil V i, "l. ftt w&bXjBc' 1OVk
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Coming to
Next Week-Watch for It
- Scene Ln o SebIAiIhRIIXINO 'OieWfllBIWINl)"
Capital and Surplus
Interet! Paid on
Time Deposits
H Edward Floiance, President Red
Utpotlli Ouurantttit by tht Dtpotltori
Tho Baptist church will have their
rogular sendees next Sunday as
usual with Rev. Harper preaching
again. A largo crowd is requested.
Delegates to the. Stale Convention
at Ragan next week wore chosen last
Sunday, they being Rev. Harper,,
Grnco Harpei', Lontha Hunaicker,
Wavy Christian and Miu Tophain.
Red Cloud
.vftj,'ri ? -: v:fVj
of the world's buincss is done by check
of the world's buslnets is done by the
transfer of cash.
The world is progressing. Do not pay
your bills like the cliff dwellers did.
Open a Checking Account
Cloud, Neb. S. R. Florence. Cashier
Ouaranlte Fund of the ilaU of Xtlratka
R. P. Wcesner returned homo Fr'
day evening from Hastings vhc.i
he attended the state association mo.v
ing of Commercial Clubs.
If you want a farm loan and it is
an exceptionally good ono I can make,
it for you jf closed soon at an at
tractive rate of interest.