The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, May 01, 1919, Image 7

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Ask for "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin" in a Bayer
package marked with "Bayer Cross."
You must say "Bayer." Never nsk
for merely Aspirin tnblets. The pome
"Bayer" mentis you nre Retting the
genuine "Bnyer Tnblets of Aspirin,"
proven safe by millions of people.
Don't buy Aspirin tnblets In n pill
box. Insist on getting the Hnyor pack
igo with the safety "Bnyer Cross" on
both package nnd on tnblets. No oth
tr way!
Hewnre of counterfeits I Only re
cently n Brooklyn manufacturer wits
Rent to tilt. penltentinry for flooding
the country with talcum powder tab
let, which he claimed to be Aspirin.
One wny to put In your time Is over
the pawnbroker's counter.
Wisdom, like chnrlty, begins nt
home. -Dinah Maria Mulock.
Important to Mothors
Exnmlne cnrefully every bottle ot
CASTOKIA, thnt fntnous old remedy
for lnfnnts and children, nnd sco thnt It
Bears the
Signature of
In Urg for Over 210 Yenrs.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Cnstoriu
A man always trios to follow the
straight nnd nnrrow path when It
t'omes to shoveling snow.
has been a household remedy nil over
the civilized world for more tlinn hnlf
a century for constipation, Intestinal
troubles, torpid liver and the generally
depressed feeling that accompanies
such disorders. It Is u most valuable
remedy for Indigestion or nervous dys
pepsia nnd liver trouble, bringing on
headache, coming up of food, palpita
tion of henrt, nnd ninny other symp
toms. A few doses of August Flower
will relieve you.- It Is n gentle laxa
tive. Ask your druggist. Sold in ull
civilized countries. Adv.
Out of the Catalogue.
A Franklin family had n catalogue
from n mnll order house in their home,
nnd the ehlldren had seen the different
members of the family make their se
lections from the book nnd send in nn I
order fdr them. One dny one of the
wins, Donald Itny, Miree years of nge,
jnd been unusually naughty, and the
mother aid :
"Donald Hay, you nre such n
naughty boy, trothcr wonders where
ihe got such n bnd Vwy."
Don'ild Buy, lustuntly replied: "Out
of the cntitfogue, mother." Indlnn--ooUs
In the Good Old Days.
''A ipoclul train passed through
HlckTlIle t other day carryln' n lot of
Eustcrn bonkers to u convention," fo
uutrked Squire Witherbee.
"It nln't like It used to be. I enn
recollect when my little son, Nnpolcon
Witherbee, could pick up nt lenst n
qunrter's worth of chumpngno bottles
every time one of them bnnkers' trnlns
hcsltnted nt HIckvllle." Birmingham
Soldiers' Feet In Bad Shape.
An inspection among feet nnd shoes
of 1,097 soldiers In the Sixteenth Penn
sylvania Infnntry showed: Corns, 750;
callosities, 1,059; toes jammed or
crowded, 030; hammer toes, 10; In
growing nnlls, 702; bunions, 013; good
feet, 200; men wearing shoes onc-hnlf
Ize too smnll, 200; men wearing shoes
one or more sizes too small, 470; men
wearing shoes too large, 131.
1 Means Family Comfort
' when the boiling pot of Postum sings its
2 annrr nr riAnltri nnn aahorapHAn n AKa
H " vim
kitchen stove.
led the way to comfort for many a family
of coffee drinkers, for with the coming
of Postum, away went the headaches,
nervousness, sleeplessness and irritability
that so often follow the the use of coffee.
You can still buy that original Postum
from your grocer an invigorating drink
of rare, delicious flavor a beverage that
is really part of the meal, not merely
tomething to drink.
Two sizes, usually
In the Bnyer pneknge nre proper di
rections nnd the dose for Headache,
Toothnche, Enrnche, Neuralgia, llheu
mntlsm, Lumbngo, Sclntlcn, Colds,
Grippe, Influenznl-Colds, Neuritis nnd
pnln generally.
"Buyer Tnblets of Aspirin," Amerl
enn mnde nnd owned, nre sold In vest
pocket boxes of 12 tnblets, which cost
only n few cents, nlso In bottles of 21
nnd bottles of 100 also capsules.
Aspirin Is the trade mark of Bayer
Manufacture of Mononectlcneldestcr
of Snllcyllcneld.
Speaking little and well gains re
Kffp dun lnIl t wll is ontBtdf by taklni
J Kcntle luatlTP nt leant once a week, aucn 14
Doctor riftco'a l'lcaiant I'clleti. Adv.
Cournge respects courage. Steven
A Hound, hpnltliy man is never n bnclc
number. A mnn enn be ns vigorous nnd
nblu nt seventy ns nt twenty. Condition,
not yenrs, nuts you in the discard. A
system weakened by overwork nnd care
less living brings old aga prematurely.
The bodily functions arc Impnlrcd nnd
unpleasant symptoms npnenr. The wenk
snot is generally tlio kidneys. Keep
them elenn nnd in proper working con
dition nnd you will generally find your
self in Class A. Take GOLD MEDAL
llnnrlcm Oil Capsules periodically and
your system will always be In working
order. Your spirits will be enlivened,
your muscles supple, your mind active,
nnd your body cnpablo of bard work.
Don't wait until you havo been reject
ed. Commence to be a first-class man
now. Go to your druggist at once.
Get n trial box of GOLD MEDAL
Haarlem Oil Capsules. They arc mado
of the pure, original, Imported Haar
lem Oil the kind your great-grandfather
used Two capsules each day will
keep you toned up nnd feeling fine.
Money refunded if they do not help you.
Itemember to nsk for the imported
GOLD MEDAL Brand. In three sizes,
sealed packuges. Adv.
Want Old Fort Preserved.
There is n movement nfoot for the
preservntion of Fort Wllklns nt Cop
per Ilnrbor, almost on the tip of the
Keweenaw ponlnsuln, which Juts out
Into Lake Superior, ownrd the Cana
dian shore, CO miles. Fort Wllklns. es
tablished in the forties by the federal
government, wns one of the northern
most of the United States army posts.
It is located on Lnke Fanny lloey, n
stone's throw from the shore of Lake
Superior. There remain several of the
old barracks and ofllcers' quarters, and
remnants of the old stockade of point
ed cedar poles can be seen. The Ke
weenaw Historical society is back of
the movement to preserve the fort.
His Day of Reckoning.
When Bill Jones, buck private, re
turns to find his sergennt delivering
the ico; the lieutenant collecting the
bills for thu coal dealer; his captain
trying to sell him a new car, and his
major running for state senator take
It from us, boy, his time for revenge
has arrived. Judge.
If Speed Is Wanted.
Some girls get their ruddy cheeks
by dally calisthenics, others by dolly
cosmetics. Both ways are satisfac
tory for obtulnlng results but you
got to hand It to the latter for speed.
Do you seek a great opportunity?
You can And it precisely where you
nre now.
What is good is difficult. Plato.
nuuumvuuu wu UIB E
a Reason
sold at 15c and 25c.
Tenrhcr of KnKllnh Hlble In the N d
Bible Institute of Chicago.)
(Copjrlgtlt, 1DU. j W.-.IHH N'mnifr I'nlm I
LKSSON TEXTS- CtencMs :i ::! Erne
Slann 4:3KM; Ocnoln 2:7-!.
GOLDEN TEXT-Uod created mun in
his own ImiiKe (Jrn 1 .27.
IMMMAHY TOIMC-Ooil Our Creator and
Jl'NIOU TOPIC-Wlitit Hoil Expects
From III.k Children.
Our Heavenly Fntlier.
Dignity and Worth of Mun.
I. Th2 Creation of Mnn ((Ion. 1:20
2S). 1. Time when the earth, his homo,
was ready for hint. Tin order In
creation shows design on the !nrt of
God. lie antlelputed num's need In
storing the coal In the earth, piling
up minerals in the rocks, storing elec
tricity everywhere, causing the water
to gush from the valleys and hillsides,
preparing plants nnd herbs for tbo
healing of man's Injuries and food and
raiment adapted to every climatic
2. Ills nature (vv. 20, 27). He wns
created In the likeness ami Image of
Ood. This act was preceded by a spe
cial counsel of the Godhead. It was
mild, "Let us make man." This pre
cludes the foolish and wicked assump
tion that man ascended from or
through the brute. He came Into be
ing by a special creative act of God.
This creative act Is conllrmed by
Christ (Matt. 10:1; Mark 10:0). With
such testimony we can dismiss the
evolution theory as to man's origin as
n human vagary. This likeness and
Image Is not physical nnd bodily, but
Intellectual. (Kph. 4:2-1), and moral,
(Col. :t:10). Man Is spirit, soul and
body (t Thos. 5:2:0. God's likeness
Is reflected In man's tripartite nature.
As there Is a trinity and unity in God,
so there Is n trinity and unity In mnn.
Spirit Is the highest part of mnn, thnt
which makes It possible for him to
know God. The soul Is man's self
conscious life, the seat of bis emo
tions nnd desires. The body Is the
sent of the senses, the agency by
which he knows the world. God
mnde man with n personality cnpablo
of having fellowship with himself,
with whom be could share his glory.
!I. His rank nnd power (vv. 20. 28).
Man, the Inst In crentlon, was plnced
above all rise, over all the rest of
creation. Ilelng In the likeness nnd
Imngo of'God, he wns fitted to rule.
How far short mnn comes of living
up to the position given him by the
Creator I The first mnn was not a
savage, neither a baby. Fresh from
the Crentor's hnnds he possessed such
lofty powers of Intellect as to enable
him to name the bensts ns they possed
before ulm. (Gen. 2:10. 20).
II. Man Alone In Paradise (Gen.
Adam had n most benutlful place In
which to live. "Plensnnt to the eyes,
and good for food" describes his sur
roundings. Ills envlrnnjnent wns In
keeping with his nnture. Eden wns
only fit for him In nn unfnllcn state.
As soon as his nnture was wrecked,
out he must go. Purndise with all Its
splendor could not satisfy mnn. His
heart was desolate. Reciprocal love Is
the only thing thnt can sntlsy the
heart of mnn. Animals of nil varie
ties surrounded him, but none wero
adapted to bo his companions. To ac
centuate this need God caused the
nnlmnls to pass before Adam. He wns
differentiated from all the anlninls in
that ho was a personality. He wns
endowed with the power of love, there
fore only n being who could love In
return could satisfy him. To meet
this need woman wns mnde for man.
They had minds nllke; they had spir
itual natures alike; therefore they
could commune together about the
things thnt Burrounded thera and
about God.
Mnn wns made from the dust of the
ground nnd womnn wns taken from
his side. She Is therefore one re
move further from the earth than
man. The fnct thnt womnn was mado
from man's rib points tr unity, simi
larity and equality. God charged this
first pair with the responsibility of
replenishing the earth, (Gen. 1:28).
Mnrrlnge Is o divine Institution nnd
most sacred; for God made them
male and female and performed the
first marriage ceremony. In view of
this, polygamy and divorce nro gross
ly crlmlnnl. Mnrrlnge Is tho fountain
head of all life, religious, social nnd
national, therefore corruption here Is
most fatal.
A Joy Forever.
An nsplratlon Is a joy forever. To
havo mnny of these is to bo spiritually
rich. Stevenson.
Mr. Gladstone was onco heard to
remnrk thnt If all the wits of men
were to be united In one brain, thnt
man would bo unable to appraise
with perfect Justlco any single moral
nctlon. "Tho shades of tho rainbow,"
ho wrote, "are not so nice, tho snnds
of the senflhoro arc not such n multi
tude, ns aro tho subtle, shifting,
blending forms of thought nnd of clr
cumstances thnt go to determlno thtf
chnracter of one act. nut there is ana
that sccth plainly and Judgcth
When the Army Captain and the Hos
pital Nurse Consult the Dic
tionary Toqether. .
I dropped Into n French hnspltnl
the other day to see If my men wero
"II right. There Is the daintiest littler
plrl in the office. She buzzes nround
among the books nnd files nnd Indices
nnd things, She Is very accommodat
ing, too, and when the lieutenant doc
tor, who has n little English, Is not
In. she pilots you around the differ
ent unrds. Did you ever notice nn
American when he talks to a foreign
er and realizes that It does not take?
First he tries shouting nt the top of
his lungs, nnd then he tries talking
very slowly nnd distinctly. Not so
when a French girl sees that she Is
mining. She seems to feel that If she
keeps on getting closer, and coos It. you
Munehow Just must understand. Now,
Isn't that too absurd? You stand very
still so as not to frighten her away
ami look at her out of the comer of
your eye, but you don't mit your mind
on a our business. Of ull the 'mologles
that might Interest you Just then, ety
has the poorest chance.
Of course, when I go to the hospital
to see my men, I have to find out In
the olllce where they all are, and of
course I know the lieutenant doctor's
dinner hour. I go In nnd she looks up
nnd smiles. I say: "Smith." She says,
"Sineeth?" I say, "Oul." and we both
sinlle. I say, "John Stnllh." She says,
"John Smooth?" r say, "Oul," and wo
smile again. Then she plunges Into n
drawer of well-thumbed cards and In n
moment comes up triumphant with n
bit of pasetboard. "Mumps?" says
she. which In French sounds like
mumps In English. "Oul, mumps," say
I, and wo fairly beam.
Sometimes we get a hard one llko
measles, and then we resort tT) n
dictionary. When you try to talk
through a dictionary you never get
nn.vwhoro If you take It turn about.
Vott must both look together. One day
we pursued a most elusive word
through a very small dictionary. Sho
got an arm around my shoulder before
we had captured the third 'syllable.
You see, don't you, where going to a
hospital might become a habit? Capt.
Hill I'. Wilson In K. U. Graduate
France Building Long Canal.
Notwithstanding tho war, the largest
tunnel ltj the world Is well under
course of construction In France, Its
object being to give Marseilles connec
tion with Paris nnd the Interior of tho
country In general by rail nnd wa
ter. Tho canal will provide amplo
waterway for bnrkes. The entire proj
ect Involves tho building of a new
hnrlior nnd the cutting of a ship canal,
actually tunneled through solid rock
for live long miles, Joining tho old har
bor and the Mediterranean t( tho
Itlver Rhone. The Rhone's upper
stretches nro plucid, and already are
used extensively for barge nnvlgntlon,
but near Marseilles the stream Is far
too turbulent for commerce. A range
of hills bnd prevented tho construc
tion of a canal In days gone by. Now,
with Frnnce energized by the war
and with tho necessity for tho cnnnl
emphnslzed thereby, the tunnel Is be
ing cut and tho canal will soon be
opened. The work was begun In 1011
12, nnd has been continued through
the war. By this cttnnl and links al
ready available, barges can be sent
from the Medltcrrnneun to the English
The Human Hyena.
"How cusy It Is to fling n qoln to a
beggar 1" philosophically said Profes
sor Pate. "Thus you purchase relief
from tho sympathetic feeling aroused
by his misery, but love Is withheld. If
you really lovo the beggar you would
do more for him."
"Possibly," returned J. Fuller Gloom.
"At any rate I have taken your little
lecture so much to heart that here
after I expect to carry with me small
cakes of soap Instead of coins, and to
each mensly mendicant who Impor
tunes mo fling one cake, with the ad
monition thnt he wash his face there
with, so that on tho morrow when I
como by thnt way I can see how ho
looks nnd thus determine whether or
not I enn ever love him." Kansas
City Star.
Paris Craze for English Nurses.
The Bols de IJoulogno (writes a spe
cial corrospondent of Manchester
Guardian) is a lovely scene. Resides
United States soldiers riding and
French soldiers walking, and members
of the Polish legion with their Bqunre,
floppy enps, ono sees there numbers of
children French children, of course,
but more than half of them had Eng
lish nurses, und wero speaking Eng
lish to them. It is very noticeable,
this fashion for English-trained
nurses. Tho children's clothes are
modeled much more on the linos ot
English children's clothes bright-colored
cloth coats and llttio beuvcr hats.
Fear Radium Shortage.
A shortago of radium was recently
foreenst by Dr. Rlnnchard R. Moore of
the United Stntes bureau of mines. "It
is difficult to estimate the amount of
radium In existence nt present," snld
Doctor Moore. "Six years ago tho en
gineers of the bureau of mines esti
mated that nt the current rate" of pro
duction the deposits might last, com
mercially, 10 or 12 years."
There Are Some.
Two little boys wero overheard re
cently discussing their respective
schools. "My teacher is a war bride,'
boasted tho older one.
Tho llttio one thought a minute,
.Then a look of relief spread over hit
face. "That's nothing," ho retorted,
"ours Is a Civil war veteran."
The Flavor Lasts!
yv. imi
the best
buy for
There Aro Species That Have Their
Abodes. Far From tho Habita
tions of Mankind.
We are necustomed to think of rats
as companions of man; and bo they
arc, two species of them, tho brown
and tho black. Also there Is tho
mouse, which Is a smnll kind of rat.
Dut there aro other species which
do not seel; human companionship
tree-dwelllug rats and desert rnts,
ays an exchange. Tho kangaroo rat
of our Western deserts gets its name
from itfl habit of standing erect nnd
hopping about on Its hind legs.
Tho "pack rat" has a bad reputa
tion as a thief. Campers havo to bo
constantly on their guard against its
depredntions, Inasmuch ns It will car
ry off all sorts of small articles and
hido them In Its nest, which is a
structuro of twigs and lenves two or
three feet high. If a spoon Is miss
ing tho chances are that a pack rat
has eloped with It
The Jumping mouse Is a familiar
rodent In ,tho American deserts. Its
name describes its method of locomo
tion, and It feeds on the seeds of
desert plants.
Biggest of all rats Is the "Jerboa,"
which is native to western Asia. It
la as largo ns a (unall cat nnd noc
turnal in habit. With very smull front
legs, it Is built much llko a kangaroo,
and gets about by tremendous leaps.
New Game.
"Wo'ro going to have a grab bag nt
oar sociable," said tho cheery woman
to Mr. Growcher.
"You mean one of those things
where everybody reaches In and tries
to help himself to the best of It?"
"Something llko that. Only ,1
should llko a more modern and elegant
name for It 1"
"Well, why don't you call It 'leaguo
of nations?'"
First Fly "Tulnk it Is finfo to hnng
around?" Second Fly "Yes, I havo
joined a league of swatters."
fm The greatest lBii
j five-cents worth fHl
of beneficial wKsi
srtedTUAt-KeptRtttrt refreshment ' 'Bl
-3rTi possible fHi
B tofiet. HI
ir-sRI Lasts Mf
si ML LF
All Food No Vhste
If you want an appetiz
ing ready-to-eat cereal
that you can serve with!
no fuss and with fullest
satisfaction, try
Tho courteous gambler acqulraf
wealth by his winning ways.
"T "CoU In the Head"
la an acute attack of Nasal Catarrh,
sons Who ara iubUct to fraquant "
in tha haad" will nnd that tha ni
Dutia up. inn Byitam, citania tna
and render tham leia llafaia n
Repeated attacks of Acuta Catarrh
leaa to unronic untarrn.
an Internally and acts throush tha Bletsl
on ine jnucoua uurracca or tna Bjratesa.
AH Druiclsts 75c. Testimonials free,
$100.00 for any case of catarrh that
r. J. Cheney Co., Toledo, Ohle.
Year's Mineral Products.
Tho estimated valuo of tho mineral
products of this country for 1018 1st
moro than $5,000,000,000, which la
moro than $150,000,000 Incrensoxover
1017, nnd nenrly $2,000,000,000 more
than 1010. Tho estlmntes show that
the output of pig Iron, copper, ferre
alloys, lead, zinc, gold, silver and
aluminum was valued at slightly as
dcr $2,000,000,000 in 1018, as ngalnst a
llttio moro than $2,000,000,000 In 1017.
whereas tho nonmetnlllc products, the
principal of which aro coal, petroleum,
clay products, cenient nnd nntural gas,
wero valued nt moro than $3,250,000
000 In 1018, as against less than $3
000,000,000 In 1017. , t
Life's Hard 8chool. "
"Is It necessary to do much read
lng to becomo a philosopher?"
"No. Tho only real philosopher X
ever knew was a man who probably;
hadn't read half a dozeu books sine
ho acquired a grammar school educa
tion." "But where did he learn philos
ophy?" "It was taught him by a nagging
wlfo, a Btnall Income and seven chtt
dren." Birmingham Ago-Hernld.
Don't fall to keep an eye upon tha
friend who offers you suggestions at
tho expense of another friend.
We do most for others when w
mako tho most of ourselves.
Our character Is our will ; for what
wo will wa are. Archbishop Manning,