The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, May 01, 1919, Image 2

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(A Brief Digest of All Measures Passed by the Senate
and House and Signed by the Governor Which
Constitute the Session Laws of 1919
Compiled by FRANK E. HELVEY Expressly
for Western Newspaper Union Ncwa Service
Lincoln Tho following dlRcst of
Inwfl enacted by tho 1919 Legislature
bnB boon prepared with caro from tho
original bills signed by tho governor.
Laws enacted hb, "oinorKency" meas
ures take effect Immediately on being
signed by the governor In tho follow
ing digest all such emergency nctH nro
indicated by an asterisk (.) appear
ing before tho number of tho bill. All
such laws nro now In effect. All oilier
lawB tnko effect on July lth, next:
three months after adjournment of the
Tho governor's "Civil Administration
Code" bill, Scnato Kilo U, presents nn
unusunl situation and must bo con
sidered in connection with tho digest
of laws listed below. In the last hours
of tho session forty-thrco of tho Inde
pendent mensures enacted by tho scn
ato nnd houso at this session wore
amended into, and mndo n part of tho
code. Should tho Code bo ordered
to a referendum of tho voters It will
bo Inoporativo until passed upon at
tho election whllo tho forty-three mens
ures above referred to will remain as
tho law and contlnuo as tho law should
tho Codo bo rejected by tho people.
Tho Independent mensures ho Intro
duced Into tho Codo nro: Sonnto Kilos,
G5, 57, C8, CO, 89, 100, 101, 112, 110,
117, 119, 134, 140, 157, 244, 2G0, 258.
Houso Itolls, 9, 12, 41, 46, 83, 107, 143,
165, 181, 188, 213, 215, 220, 230, 239,
208, 290, 450, 420, 4G1, 473, 474, 428,
481, 482, 562. If tho Codo is to remain
tho law tho re-enactment of tho fore
going bills was necessary to place
tholr activities under tho now depart
ment created by tho Code.
Tho Codo bill in its final form em
braced nearly 1.000 pages nnd In addi
tion to establishing a new form of
administration It Includes a ruwritlng
of hundreds of sections of tho existing
lnw without substantial chango of
meaning. Tho Code abolishes mnny
boards, centralizing authority In tho
hands of tho governor. It croatos six
administrative departments, each
dlroctcd by a secretary appointed by
tho governor for n term of two yenrB.
Theso secretaries receive $5,000 per
year ono at tho head of each of tho
following departments: Finance, Agri
culture, Labor, Public Welfare, Trade
nnd Commerce, Public WorkB. The
governor Is empowered to appoint all
assiBtantfl rind clerks and to fix tho
amount of salary.
1V..J.olnt resolution ratifying national
prohibitory ntncnilincnt.
2. Governor McKclvlo's "Civil Admin
istrative: Code." A radical raorKHirlzntlon
of the civil administration of the state
vovarnment In all executive departments.
4. Joint resolution memorializing U. 8.
Semite to pans a national (intendment for
Woman sufTrnKa.
5. County boards to nppolnt a Jolt
Physician, also a Jail matron If female In
fi-, No alien may hold nn nppolntlvs
public office.
a. Prohibits all public officers from ap
pointing; nn nllen to any public oillce.
10. District Juilees to receive J15 por
toy whon sitting as board of condemna
tion. 14. All public notices by corporations
to be nied with county clerk In homo
county and with Hecretnry of state.
IB. County board proceedings, tax
sail, etc., to be oftlclnlly published In
Er.fllih language newspapers only.
18. counties, townships,
situs and villages to erect memorials to
soldiers nnd sailors.
. Railroads must furnish sleeping
quarters for caretnkers on stock trains
and spot caboose nt stations.
81. Salary of court bailiffs In Douglas
ana Lancastor counties.
81. County, city and vlllago boards
roust publish proceedliiKS within 30 days,
also an annual ItemUud utnte
xnsnt. '24. Prohibits the use of any other than
Ingush language In all schools, public,
private or parochial, below the 9th grndu.
30. Increases salary of county assessors
on basis of population and precinct
assessor to 5 per day.
37. Increases maximum school levy to
100 mills on approval of 60 per cent of
the voters in districts of 150 pupils or
39. Increases maximum lew rrnnrni
fund In cities of one to five thousand
population from 15 mills to 25 milts.
43. Extends llfo of supreme court com
mission two years.
48. Pupil In hlch school mav nnlsh
school year without payment of tuition
when parents remove from district.
49. Allen can not vote nt school elec
tions or district meetlncs.
60. Increases fees of county surveyors
and provides Hxed salaries at discretion
of county board in counties under 50.000
61. Increases salary of county high
way commissioner and permits surveyor
to be also commissioner and fixes salary.
57. State bank may carry two-fifths
of cash reserve In Liberty bonds.
58. nslleves state bank from require
ments of state reserve law If bank con
forms to national reserve system,
59. Permits state bunk to loan fifteen
times tho amount of capital and surplus.
Ite-dUcount privilege smno as national
bank If member of federal reserve system.
81, State railway commission to
have specific authority over safoty. sufn
cUncy and efficiency of common carriers.
83. Increases salary of probation offi
cer In Douglas county.
67. County surveyor to be highway
commissioner In counties under r.0,000 If
68. County bonnfci under 40.000 popu
lation may Improve county roads on
majority petition and provides the zone
basis of assctblnc cost of Improvements.
70. Maximum school levy, cities over
1,500, Increased to 100 mills. School bonds
may Issue without vote on petition of 51
per com or nil i voters.
71. Ilepcals la .-elating to appropria
tion of seepage water,
73. Course of study In district school
shall embrace all subjects required for
second grade certificate.
78. Cities of 5 to 25 thousand may vote
$100,000 bonds for city hall. Jail, audi
torium or other publlo building.
79. Cities of S to 25 thousand may re
fund bonded debt at 6 per cent on two
thirds vote of council.
80. District court reporter at request
f litigant shall record all statements of
the Judge made in the presence of the
82. Omaha school district may borrow
TO per cent of unexpended school levy at
( per cent giving one year not.
85. Outlines course of study in 8 grade
school which pupil must puss with 75'
average to bo entitled to freo high school
80. All sellers of automobiles nnd
tractors to carry a stock of repairs and
parts for tamo at nomo point In tho state.
89. ltevlscs osteopath law and provides
for new board. Permits tibe of drugs un
der prescribed conditions.
SO. Autliorlzis cities of first and second
class to piircliHHu and operate privately
owned public utilities thiuugh special con
demnation proceedings.
93. UequlreH examination of all school
children for defective sight, heating, teeth
or communicable, disease.
94. lnereases salary of county attorney
on basis of population.
100. Itepe.ils dally report law relating
to water In Irrigation ditch nnd requires
owners to Install gauge to show amount
of wutur used.
103. Whon real estate mortgage can
not be taxed against the mortgagee,
owner of real estato to pay taxes on full
value of real estate.
104. KxeniptH fiom physical examina
tion applicants for fraternal accident and
health insuiance.
106. Makes legal the acknowledge
ments taken by military olllcets on nil
documents affecting tltlo to real estate.
107. Requires sheriffs, pollco chiefs
and Institution heads to report monthly
the commitment of aliens coming under
their custody.
110. Increases maximum levy for
county high school 5 to 8 mills. Exempts
certain districts from county high schowl
111. Permits city to take census to
determine If eligible to commission form
of government. ,
112. Stato highway officials may pur
chase lands yielding road materials, oper
ate plants for producing such materials
nnd to sell satno nt cost for road purposes.
116. Creates stato trade commission to
enforce "blue sky" law. Hxpands regu
lations covering sale of stocks and bonds
to cover minutely such transactions.
117. Prmlts Nobrnskn Insuranco com
panies to Insure, ocean marlnu risks, auto
collision and resulting damagu to tho pur
son of owner.
119. Prescribes qualifications of regis
tered nurses. Lowers fro to $5 and re
quires 3 years high school audi defines
standards of nursing school,
120. Compels eradication of barborry
bush by land owners.
121. Juvenllo court to havo original
Jurisdiction In wlfo und child abandon
ment excopt where county court is
awarded concurrent Jurisdiction.
122. Ono district Judgo shall act as
"Juvenllo Judgo" during his term.
123. Gives Juvenile court Jurisdiction In
all cases of divorce and alimony involving
custody of children. Court may alter de
cree as to children on Its own motion.
120. Increases maximum bonded debt
In second class cities und villages for
sewer construction from 10 to 15 mills.
127. Inoreases Interest limit on sewer
bonds In second class cities and villager
from C to 6 per cant.
128. Defines cooperative associations
with prollts distributed on basis of patron
age. Permits limit of liability.
129. Amendment to Omaha District
Water Hoard law. Gives widely Increased
130. Prohibits publlo utility from
acquiring rights by estoppel or neglect
of tho city. ,
131. GIvcb control of gas or electric
Slant to Omaha Water District if acquired
y the city.
133. Rules for grading car-lot ship
ments of potatoes.
134. Lowers specific gravity test of
Illuminating oils from 42 to 40 degrees.
135. Forcible annexation of lands
ndjaccnt to Lincoln by mayor and council.
140. Amends workman's compensation
Uw. General Increase of boncllts to tho
141. Authorizes construction of court
house for Platte county nt Columbus.
148. Increases salary of clerks of dis
trict court based on population.
151. Forming pcst-crndlcatlon districts
on potltlon of 1T por cent resldont land
owners and tenants,
153. Sale of lots by cemetery associa
tions If assessment remains delinquent 3
156. Regulating acquiring of title to
real estate by non-rosldcnt aliens and
157. Common carrier to pay attorney
fco whon appeal Is taken on loss or dam
ago lu transit and carrier loses tho appeal.
158. Corrects error In Omaha school
district taxation with adjacent districts.
169. Omaha real estnte taxes become
lien on property May 1st of tho year fol
lowing assessment.
171. Omaha may limit height and bulk
of buildings nnd croats districts limited
to specified business uses.
172. Organization of Farm Durenu by
300 farmers and county employ county
agricultural ngent. County to pay ex
penses up to J5.000 when recognized by
State Agricultural College.
175. County board exclusive overseer of
tho poor Including cities, towns and vil
lages. 176. Repeal of former law relating to
tho care of tho poor by towns and minor
177. Itnllrond to furnish car at two
stations for horses nnd mules when com
bined shipment makes car load,
180. Hadlcnl revision of law concerning
certificates of school teachers. Abolishes
nil but state and county certificates,
Limits term of certain certificates,
..184. City or village may build and
opemte teo plant. Permits 3 mill levy or
bonds on vote of the people.
189. Candidate for state superintendent
must hold tho highest grade certificate
Issued by the state nt tho date of his
election to bo ellglblo to the office,
192. Revised method of condemnation
of property for school purposes.
196. Drastic revision of law confiscat
ing vehicles used in unlawful transporta
tion of liquors, lloats and ulrpUncs added
to the law.
198. Authorizes state prohibition offi
cers to block public highways leading into
the state with ropes, chains, etc., and
stop all tralllo for examination.
200. Prohibiting tho advocacy, teaching
or suggestion of crime or violence to ac
complish Industrial or political ends and
prohibiting tho uso of buildings for such
meetings. Penalty fines und Imprison
ment. 203. Owners of abutting nrrmertv to
pay all cost of laying water mains.
204. Salaries of county comptroller's
assistants In Douglas county.
209. Candidates on non-pnrtlsan ballot
must file potltlon 80 days pilor to primary
214, Restricts mother's pension act to
thosft dependent and having less than
J2.00O or without rolatlvss capable of
giving support.
215. Kxtonds boundaries of sanitary
drainage district to lnolude adjaoent lands
and municipalities.
217. Provides for Constitutional Con
vention to assemble In Lincoln D03. S,
218. Resolution urging Congress and
Nebraska delegation to support soldiers'
compensation act and give soldiers addi
tional pay as a bonus.
226. Revision of Initiative and refer
endum act. New restrictions as to peti
tions and olrculators.
22. Cooperative companies to distrib
ute profits to patrons nnd hold stock lu
other co-ops.
236. Governor may remit court costs
when Issuing pardon to convict.
237. All public meetings must be con
ducted In tho English language. Relig
ious teaching, Instruction or worship und
lodge meetings excepted,
244. Withdraws protection of guaran
tee fund from new stato bank until 2
years after organization.
260. Rewrites tho laws relating to
registration of births and deaths und nil
vital statistics.
254. Governor's memorial to Oen.
Pershing requesting discharge of Ne
braska soldiers overseas as rapidly as
255. Extends term of water bonds from
20 to 40 years In cities of socond class and
256. Governor's bill raising salary of
Adjt. Ocnl. Neb. Natl. Guard to 13,000
and Asst. Adjt. Genl. to $2,400.
257. Governor's bill creating Depart
ment of Justice headed by Attorney Gen
eral, (liven nttornry general supervision
of all actions brought by any department
of the state, of all criminal proceedings
and equal power In all counties with
county attorney.
2D8. Governor's bill extending nuthorltv
of state fir commissioner to tear down
dangerous or condemned buildings.
259. Ite-estahllshlng conservation nnd
soil survey bureau.
260. Governor's bill. County boards
may declare roads to rural high schools
ns "county roads" und glvu same tin
pi overlent.
261. Governor's hill redisricting tho
school districts of the statu with standard
district of 2." square miles. Exceptions,
procedure, and protest noted In great de
tail. t262. Repeal of "Soldier's voting law"
passed by the special session of 1918.
3. Crcntes Capital Commission of Gov
ernor, Stato Engineer and three appointed
by governor, to erect now stato capltnl
building. Levies IVi mill tax for 6 years
or total of aboitt live million dollars.
5. Appropriates $3,011 of stato library
fund for purchaso of books.
6, No pay for Juror on Uays excused
from court. Permits extra mileage nt
discretion of court.
7. Cities of C to 2,"i thousand vote bonds
for munlclpnl public utilities by majority
8. Gift to religious or charltablo In
stitution not to bo Invalidated by uncer
tainty of person designated as beneficiary.
9. State bank teal estato nnd fixtures
may equal ouu-thlrd of capital and sur
plus. 12. Monthly publication of list of per
sons registering motor vehicles.
25. Publication of official and legal
notices and proceedings In English lan
guage nuwhpapers only.
26. Stato to pay for extermination of
ptalrio dogs on stato land.
2a. Names "written In" non-partisan
ballot at primary for county Judgo or
superintendent nhall not receive nomina
tion unless vote equal to 10 per cent of
vote cast for .governor at thu last gen
eral election.
33. Attempt to steal auto a felony.
One to ten years imprisonment dn con
viction. 34. Defines conspiracy to commit
felony. Act of ono conspirator binds all
connected therowlth.
35. Uniform railroad right-of-way law.
Cuts Union Pacific down to 200 feet in
width through tho stnte.
37. Creates office of docket clerk for
county attorney of Douglas county. Snl
ury, S1.800 per annum.
41. Liquidated stato bank must deposit
Its guarantee fund with state treasurer
to credit of special guarantee, fund.
42. Stato to pay cost of commitment to
asylum of any Inmate of another state
46. Authorizes mutual Indemnity asso
ciations by physicians and dentists.
50, Sheriff to offer same, reward for
auto thief as for horso thief.
31. Appropriates proceeds of normal
endowment fund for use of stato normal
52. Appropriates S1OS.00O for payment
of legislative salaries.
54. Increases pay of deputy stnte sur
veyors and Increases fees charged for
their services.
55. Appropriates 120,000 for payment
of Incidental expenses of legislature
57. Appropriates proceeds of ono mill
levy to uso of Stato Normal Schools.
58. Appropriates normal library fund
for use of normal libraries.
59. Appropriates normal cash funds for
use of normals collecting tho same.
60. Appropriates $2,800 for additional
cemetery land at Soldier's Home, Grand
61. Creates state boundary commission
to locato lino of Sarpy-Douglas county,
Neb., atid Pottawnttarnle county, lowa.
Appropriates $5,000 for expenses.
. 64. Provides thnt private denomina
tional and parochial schools shall be gov
erned by tho general school laws as to
grades, certification and qualification ot
teachers nnd promotion of pupils. Course
of study supplies nnd equipment equal to
that of public, school. Requires courso in
American history, civil government and
such patriotic exercises ns mny bo desig
nated by thu stnto superintendent. No
Interference with religious Instruction.
Inspection by county school officer, Un
Amerclnn propaganda forbidden, Ponalty
for violation line or Imprisonment and
closing of the Offending Bchool.
66. Increaso salary for sheriff's assis
tants and deputies In Douglas county.
69. School district to pay tuition of pu
pil In another district when free trans
portation la lacking In the homo dis
trict. 76. Increased salaries for officers In
cities of flvo to twenty-five thousand.
79. Minor amendment affecting sale ot
firoperty of husband or wlfo when spouse
s insane.
80. Raises bounty on coyotes $1 to $3,
wolves $3 to $6. Payment of bounty by
county rnnde compulsory.
83. Creates stato board of chiropody.
84. Minor nmendment In administra
tion of estates.
85. Prohibits salo of any oil burning
tractor after July 1st unless approved by
State University and reoulres tractor
companies to maintain n. service station
ni(t rcparr pans wiwiui xui Bi.iie.
92. Transfers Clay county from
seventh to tenth Judicial district.
95. Emergency appropriation of $3,000
for stnte board of health,
98. Appropriates $15,000 for sub-station
of state fish hatchery In Dundy
105, Admits veterans of world-war to
State Home for Soldiers nnd Sailors.
106. AU school teachers must bo citi
zens of the United States.
107. Permits chlropracters to admin
Ister drugs. Defines practice.
108. Permits notary to act In other
than his county of residence by tiling
bond In all counties where he acts.
110. Heirs may compromise claims for
damage lu estato matters when court ap
proves such compromise
111. Increase salary of supremo court
bailiff to $1,600.
114. Peddlers must paint license num
ber on wagon.
115. Prohibits publlo school teachers
from wearing religious garb, dress or In
signia. 116. Penalty of $5 per day on railroad
fulling to supply cars within Boven days
of application.
120. Railroad must acknowledge, ro
celpt of damage, claim, filed by shipper,
within ton dnys.
121. Railroads must act on shipper's
damage claim within 90 days. Allows In
terest and nttorney fees.
125. Drainage district In town under
1,000. Petition to be signed by two-thirds
ot freeholders nnd approval by a ma
jority vote.
127. Extends term of municipal court
Judges In Omaha two years. Incumbents
129. Appropriates $10,000 for Improve
ments at Gretna and Valentino llsh hatch
eries, 130. Requires weekly reports of tax
collections by treasurers to officers of Ir
rigation districts on request.
131, State board of mediation to pro
ceed In strike or lockout tit request of
either party.
133. Extends double ctectlott board to
precincts of fifty voters or over.
143, School officer to furnish copy of all
child-labor certillcatcs to state labor bu
reau. 145. Increase salary of chief deputy
clerk of court In Douglas county to $3,000.
146. Increased salary of Omaha tiro
nnd police nnd amends city charter.
150. Providing Incorporation for se
cret, fraternal and other societies.
152. Increased penalties for Indecent
153. Appropriates the proceeds of two
and one-half mill tax levy to the various
activities of tho Stato University, of
which ono mill Is for general maintenance,
three-fourths mill for permanertt Improve
ments, snlnrles. etc., nt Lincoln. Tho
Omaha (Medical College) branch receives
$295,000. SeottHhluff Irrigation school
ICO.OPO, Curtis Agricultural School $t;r.,000.
North Platte station $fi8,00f. Scottsbltiff
station $s,oj0. Valentino stntlott $11,500.
The total amounting to $ 1.G0O.H0O nniiu
ully. 165. Awards attorney fee to plaintiff
when contesting Insurance policy in court
arid securing favorable verdict.
166. Douglas county commissioners to
hn nominated by districts and elected at
168. Jurisdiction of health boards In
cities five to twenty-live thousand limited
to tho corporato limits.
169. Jurisdiction of health boards In
cities of second class limited to the cor
porato limits.
170. Jurisdiction of health boards In
cities of first class limited to the cor
porate limits.
171. Jurisdiction of health boards In
cities of metropolitan class to the cor
porate limits.
172. JurNdletlnn of health boards In
villages limited to the corporate limits.
174. Cotton duck nnd canvas coverings
to lie marked with weight, size, grade, etc.
175. County clerk of Douglas county
Instead of the coutrty nsscssor to make
up assessor's books.
178. Authorizes Douglas county nttor
ney to employ detective.
180. Releases bank from liability for
forged, nltcred or raised check unless
claim Is made within one year.
181, Changes fee charged for examina
tion of bunk and permits more frequent
186. Increased penalties for obstructing
ditches along publlo highways.
187. Prohibits deduction of U. S. bonds
from taxable value of a bank's capital
188. For the control, sopresslon and
treatment of venereal diseases.
190.' Increases Omaha maximum school
levy from 5 to C per cent.
192. Cities of second class may buy
or sell heat, light and water, of or to,
another municipality.
196. Appropriates $S2fi for tho relief of
Mrs. J. M. Tlzor for death of son by acci
dent at Kearney Industrial school.
198. Increases maximum levy for pub
lic library expenses from three to live
mills. Reduces library board to live mem
bers on July 1st.
199. Teachers salaries to continue
when school Is closed owing to epidemic
200. Prohibits public dances on Sun
day. 203. Increases salary of water commis
sioner In cities of second class and vil
lages from $1,000 to $1,400.
204. Increases pay of road overseer
from $3 to $4 per day.
205. Emergency appropriation of $25.
000 to enforco prohibitory law to April 1,
206. Appropriates $3,000 for revolving
fund for state printer.
207. Lincoln school board to pay inter
est annually on building warrants.
209. Creates deputy for Lancaster
county attorney nt $1,500 salary.
210. Creates county board of health
consisting of sheriff, superintendent nnd
213. Eliminates the words, "malt,
spirituous and vinous liquors" from the
mis-branding section of tho puro food
215. Officers of insolvent bank may
glvo surety bond and be permitted to re
tain control and wind up Its affairs.
217. Maximum school levy In Lincoln
raised to 100 mills on 60 per cent vote, au
thorizes additional tax for new buildings;
bond Issue of 30 per cent of assessed valu
ation of tho district.
220. Increaso maximum stnte hall In
suranco to $15 per aero. New schedule
of rates. Premium paid with personal
227. Increased pay of county clerks,
treasurers and county Judges, based on
230. Amending fish and game law as
to tho open nnd closed season. Increase
number of deputy game wardens to six.
231. Appropriating cash funds of In
stitutions under tho state board of con
trol. 235. Increased salary for deputy elec
tion commissioner of Douglas county.
236. Increased salary for public de
fender In Douglas county and extends
239. Increase maximum death benefits
of fraternal Insuranco societies. Renefl
clary may assign disability policy to se
cure support.
246. Increases salary of county super
intendents based on population.
250. Establishes college of dentistry
and business administration at State Uni
versity. 251. Increases salan of county com
missioner from $4 to $5 per day. Maxi
mum yearly amount to be paid, based on
254. Funds received from U. S. ns nld
to any state Institution shall be paid
direct and not to tho governor ns for
merly. 258, Amends and Interprets procedure
for salo of real estate for delinquent
260. Prohibits nppolntment of near
relative to office whero salary1 received
exceeds $800 per annum.
261. Provides for examination of tho
books of all county officers under direc
tion of state auditor.
263 Appropriates $311 for sldswalks
along stato property at Kearney.
267. Irrigation dlstrlt may vote ns sin
gle precinct In Irrigation elections.
268. Special Instructor of normal train
ing subjects appropriation raised to $1,000
per annum.
270. County Judge receive 25 cents for
each certificate sent stato board of health.
230. Uniform proceduro to quiet title.
231. Forbids display of red or bhick
Hag except as commercial danger signal,
293. Establishes vocational schools and
appropriates $100,000 to match equal gift
by federal government.
295. Provides division ot cost of lino
..296. County to buy grasshopper poison
on petition of 25 per cent of tho voters.
297. License for sale of tobacco and
permits sale of clgarottes to persons over
21 years of age.
298. Designates 4.200 miles of roads to
be known as "state highways" subject to
Improvement by stato and federal aid.
299. Auto license law Increasing fee to
$10 and up. Transfers administration to
stnto engineer.
300. Appropriates three mills tax levy
to road Improvement. Total fund of ap
proximately $3,000,000 produced by this
bill and II. R. 299.
301. Repeals obsolete law relating to
health department.
308. Appropriates $28,600 to pave street
from Beatrice to state Institution for
feeble minded and additional state pav
ing elsewhere. Total $100,000.
310. Authorizing five mill special Uvy
by county boards to take up floating
road warrants.
316. Appropriating $100,000 for sanitar
ium for Soldiers Home at Mllford.
318. County having actual valuation
of five millions and no bonded debt county
board may levy one and one-half mills
for county Jail without petition.
321. Minimum bond for school dis
trict treasurers $1,000.
322. Increasing to $25,000 amount of
paving bonds that may bo Issued In sec
ond class city without a vote of tho
323. Amending primary election law.
Convention chosen at lalmury to nominate
state officers below governor.
327. Publication In case of adoption
sufficient If all concerned know of the
328. Authorize cities of second class
and villages to construct server systems.
330. Raises salary of chief probation
officer In Omaha.
332. Appropriates tho one-fifth mill
state nld bridge levy to tho uses in
tended by tho law.
344. Creates stato child wclfaro bu
reau, Appropriates $15,000.
345. Gives farmers cooperative asso
ciations privilege of membership in
Omaha Grain Exchnnge with right to
rebate prollts to shippers.
353. Authorizes compilation of session
laws since 1913 In ono volume.
356. Authorizes city of second class to
rent or lease privately owned gas or elec
tric plant and operate same.
369. Appropriates fees collected by den
tal hoard to the uses of the board.
362. Appropilatcs $1,000 to pay for
paving at state property Irt Lancaster
365. Omaha municipal court to have
quatters In Douglas county court houso
and pay rent.
366. Douglas county commissioners to
provide the facilities named In 11. It. ."ic:.
368. Omaha to repay money advanced
by private parties to pay Increased sal
aries of llremnn.
375. Appropriating $,0 for tho
uso of the stato board of commissioners
In maintenance of tlfteert state Institu
tions. 381. Gives second class cities nnd vll
ages right of eminent domain to estab
lish public utilities
382. Appropriates $.',000 for Maud cian
son. Injured at Kearney Normal school.
383. Appropriation of $2S",'JO0 to cover
claims and ilellclencles.
384. Public county exhibit of school
work at county expense.
393. Appropriates $2,500 for fish hatch
ery in Antelope county.
407. Appropriates $50,000 for stnte cus
todial farm and reformatory for women.
413. Appropriates St.000 for Eugene
Ronton b Injured .at Kearney Industrial
416. Increase In school tax levy Lin
coln district to fifty mills.
422. Providing for Investigation and
statistics of tenantry In towtr and country'.
423. Increased salaries for officers of
cities of tho second class.
424. Authorizes organization of co
operative credit associations.
428. Appropriates $75,000 to secure
n'liiTiii HiqiiupriHirun tor erauicanon ot
t-attlo tuberculosis.
429. Authorizes states game commis
sion to establish llsh nnd g.iiuo teserva
tlons. 433. Validating cxccl county bridge
contracts prior to January 1, 1910.
437. Appropriating $2:.,fl34 for the blen
nlum to meet the federal appropriation
In studying cause, treatment and pre
vention of venereal diseases.
443. Appropriating $1,500 for Kntherine
Huffman who underwent operation at
Orthopedic hospital. .
445. Omaha hotels may dispose of gar
bage arising on their own premises.
447. Appropriates $1,500 for the state
potato growers association.
456. Amends pharmacists licensing law.
Minimum ago 21 years. Qualifications
moro stringent.
461. Revision of milk nnd cream test
ing law. Creates new standards and de
fines tho same.
467. Names of candidate for president
nnd vice-president can bo placed on pri
mary ballot on petition of 100 electors In
each of tho congressional districts of tho
473. Requires analysis by state chemist
nt ntl fartlllTAru ainl.l l. utntn ntt.l Ann.
container to bo labled with same. i
474. Amendment of dairy Inspection
law containing many new and far-reaching
475. Appropriates $5,000 for additional
land for state home for dependent chil
dren. 481. Revised law governing salo of imi
tation dairy products.
482. Revision of law relating to stand
ard weights and ruesaurcs. Drastic
changes governing many lines of busi
ness. 488. Transfers certain authority In in
surance supervision from stnte auditor to
Insurance commissioner. Gives insurance
agents immunity to testify lu ccitalu
490. Repeals law creating state council
of defense.
518. Cities nnd villages mny improve
highways to distance of six miles from
522. Renewal of school land lense to
holder without competition when Improve
ments equal $2.50 per acre.
530. Specific questions to be answered
when voter Is challenged on ground of
being an nllen.
537. Compile list of Nebraska soldiers
and sailors, nnd glvo each a certificate
of service. Appropriate $25,000.
538. Increased pay for officers and em
ployees or tne legislature.
549. Authorizes township or precinct
to vote bonds or make five mill levy for
highway construction.
651. Authorizes cities to order con
struction of railroad subways at cross
ings. 558. Places dairy herds at state In
stitutions under dairy section of college
of agriculture.
559. Permits school district to Issue
bonds up to 20 per cent of assessed valua
tion. 561. Provides for creation of distribu
tion districts for light, heat nnd power.
To provldo public ownership of such dis
tricts by bond Issues and the taxation of
property to finance such projects. When
ever ten per cent or more of revident free
holders of any proposed district tllo peti
tion with county board of one or more
adjacent counties the question of organ
izing district for such distribution and
election of three directors shnll bo sub
mitted: majority vote of electors to gov
ern. Members of board to receive nctunl
expenses nnd such other compensation as
electors mny authorize nt a meeting.
Directors' nets to stand ns chntgo against
tuxable property of district. District may
Issue bonds, collect taxes, when author
ized by electors, to construct and oprrnto
distributing system. Any private pro
ducer of light, heat and power, with lines
running through or nlong district is re
quired to furnish electric current for Its
distribution system at rates charged other
patrons If plant capacity Is adequate.
562. Provides for organization of mu
tual Insurance companies other than Ufa
and prescribes their operation.
576. Unorganized territory may be
added to adjoining county by majority
677. General salaries bill. Appropriates
$1,050,000 to pay snlnrles of stnto officers
and employees for two years,
578. Dellcloncy appropriation bill. Ap
propriates, $17:000 to pay deficiencies In
various departments.
579. Claims appropriation bill. Appro
priates $24,591 to pay miscellaneous
claims against tho state,
680. General appropriation for per
manent improvements nt state institu
tions aggregating $567,450.
581. General maintenance appropria
tion. Totnls $1,251,150 for general ex
penses of tho state government exclusive
ot schools, penal and charitable Institu
tions, permanent Improvements, etc.
682. Governor's bill appropriating $25,
000 to welcome and assist Nebraska
soldiers landing from overseas at New
685. Governor's bill authorising state
prohibition officers to oatch auto thieves
and co-operate with county officials In
criminal matters.
Practically Every European Courv
try Short of Foodstuffs.
Agriculturists on This Side of thl
Water Are Called on to Save the
World From Starvation West
ern Canada's Great Op
portunity. Considerable discussion Is tuklni
plnce in the pnpers ns to the nmount
of money thnt the United Stales, will
hnve to pity for Its guarantee of t18
price of whent for 1019. The indica
tions nt present nro thnt tho treasury
will not be nffeeted. Instead of wheat
going down the outlook now Is thnt it
will go considerably above the pres
ent trim run teo. It Is not only the npln
.'on of a ninn of the experience of Mr.
Hoover thnt give weight to this ns
sumption, but we have the glaring fact
that tliere will be mure mouth to feed
for this year, und the next year or so,
than there were lu 1!)1S, und the quan
tity of food will bo little. If any,
The nsmttnptlon Is based on tho fnct
thin fJermnny. Austria anil Poland,
nnd others of the lighting tuitions, un
able to secure food eunuch In the pnst
two or three years, mid still unable to
supply It within themselves, will re
quire to be fed. The food can now bff
taken to them. Kor some time the sol
diers will require to be fed; Italy will
hnve Its 'lemiinds. There will be ad
ditional shipping, some of which will
be needed fo- requirements of Intlln,
but It will nlso make ocean transport
cnsler. Mr. Hoover Is possibly better
acquainted than any other Individual
observer with both the world's food
needs and its prospects of supplying
He Is naturally very closely In touch
with conditions on this cnnMnent nnd
his position us virtual dlctntor of the
distribution of American-crown food
In Europe hns given hlin n possibly
unique Insight Into Europenn needs.
Mr. Hoover snys there will be no
surplus from the 1018 crop to carry
over Into 1019. Even under normal
conditions this would be. it sufllciently
precurlotis situation, for there nntu
rally never Is nny possible, cunrnnteo
that one or more of the creat whent
producing countries In Kurope mny
not experience n crop fnllure. Dndcr
present conditions, however, such lnck
of surplus Is distinctly dangerous, for
the very European nntlons upon which
thnt continent could normally rely for
the great bulk of Its whent, thnt is to
sny Hussln, Hulgurln, Serbia and Itou
mnnlu, will for obvious reasons he un
nble to supply their own demands for
the coming yonr. In ndditlon to this,
Mr. Hoover points out that fnmlne In
India will call for a substnntlnl pro
portion of the Australian surplus, and
that, moreover, a considerable part of
the Austrnllnn supply, which for lack
of shipping hns been nccumulutlng in
thnt cotinttw, has spoiled.
And the demand Is by no means
only for whent. Mr. Hoover esti
mated that he would be nble to fu
nlsh Germany 380,000 tons of grain
during the month of April. But it la
asserted that thu German stocks of all
kinds of grain nnil of potatoes and
vegetables will surely bo exhausted
before June.
Mr. Hoover hns nlso expressed tlm
belief thnt It Is questionable whether
under tho circumstances food enough
can be supplied to tide Germany over
until tho next harvest.
It is quite clear from nil this that
the world is going to depend more
thnn ever upon this continent to keep
the wolf from tho door until tho wnr
devustnted nnd nnttrchy-rldden coun
tries In Europe enn once ngnin feed
themselves. Alrendy wo read of the
protests of British soldiers occupying
Germany against nllowlug German
wnnen nnd children to perish of star
vntlon ns they nro beginning to do. If
these conditions provnH in Germany
what must be the stnte of nffnlrs else
where in Europe among nntlons which
have fought with us during tho last
four yenrs?
To sum up, It mny be stated with
confidence that tho demosJ for every
product of tho farm will bo unprece
dented, nnd that the ngrlculturlst will
receive tho highest prices on record
for nil thnt he hns to sell.
The duty of Canndn, therefore, is to
keep up Its work of assisting in sup
plying the need. It can do so. It bns
tho land nvnllnblo nt low prices; the
market is there; rnilroad facilities are
good, the cllmnte nnd the soil .produce
tho best whent in the world. Western
Cnnndu offers tho opportunity nnd the
uncenslng flow of farmers into the
country indlcntes the fnct thnt advan
tage is being tuken of It. Advertise
ment. Shaving at Home.
"Why do you stnrt tho talking ma
chlno when you shnvo?"
"Mnkes it seem Just like n real bar
ber shop." Louisville Courier-Journal
Cutlcura 8oothes Itching Scalp
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and havo a clear skin nnd soft, wbit
hands. Adv.
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