The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 31, 1918, Image 4

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Hod Cloud, Nebraska
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F. L. BROWNC. Ed.ior .nd Man.te
SvtErjgt " iijMiiiiiiHiiiliiiiH
Vf-P R"B
October 29. 1910
I am a candidate for re-election as County Attorney. You can best judc of my
fitness for this office by my past conduct of the oilice. , , i. . . ,i
I have endeavored at all times to make the office efficient and to n -Id the ex
penses down to the lowest point consistent with good service.
The following complaints have been filed during tho past two y arj.
1lHmUn.if.ui9.l Vz.rrt.rv Ji iurtflPry i JLi.iicuny i
w. ........, ;... ., Y ,i..-.i.i:;,i n
hr.HK .1 L'llilW one 1 uuiuuiiii
A Question ?
To the Voters
of Red Cloud:
Why is E. U. Over
man working so
hard to defeat
Frank Huffer ?
Democratic Central Committee.
Tuesday is the day.
- tho slogan.
"Over tho toj)
Asking for united support Wiishlng.
'II, Lincoln. McKiuby, ttml uthei
vcvlveil It Why not Wilson?
Wife Desertion '1
lV.'.n' Warrant 1 Liquor 7
Spccdiii'l o
Ldultcry 1
I)i-!innucncy 2
Misuse of Flag 1
Search Warrant 1
This inaku-j a total of 79 cas.:s
There has been about CMO in fines alone collected Trom these cases for he county
and costs or about 475.00. besides'these fines and costs some defendants have been
sentenced and in others fines were imposed and-laid out. Some defendants were paroled.
These fines collected for the county greatly exceed all other costs paid out by the
county in all other prosecutions. Thus making the oilice more than self sustaining in
the matter of prosecutions. ,
Since the new prohibition law went into effect on May 1. 1917 I have prosecuted
27 cases for bootlegging, possession of liquor and drunkenness. Ot these il cases in
every cose that came to hearing the defendant was fined. In a few cases the line was
suspended by the court. In these cases there were 5610.00 in lines alone collected be
sides costs. "
The tax case of Webster County vs C. 1). & Q. Railroad Company was won in the
Supreme Court of Nebraska for tlye county. . .
During my term nothing has been paid by the county for other legal services.
I regret that the central committee of the honorable opposing7 political party saw
fit to make a personal allusion to my candidacy in letters recently mailed over the
county as I think in a lural election that personalties are out of place. However tins
committee is mistaken, for
Do not the voters want to know what attorney will act as their county attorney?
The county attorney has important duties that require the attention of some one
I have boon a resident of southwestern Nebraska most of my life and am a grad
uate of the Nebraska College of law and also the University of Nebraska. I am- mar
ried and have three children.
I hope that I may merit your support at tho coming election.
Yours truly,
riiMrtiimmj7.!,iu ixir 'aifroMnOTa'iffmiM -
There is one thing that doesn't jnat-
r, and that is the minieiical strength
f our nmjoiity. Make Euro that Hip
I'Uijority does not fiUl by lack ot'
YOUR vote.
One final admonition to our dmo
natic constituency. Over-confidence
has lost many a good battle. Make
-uro that your ballot is
marked and voted next Tuesday. Hrin
or shine, get out and vote! Go over the
I top!
The Ajgiis iu polities stilos that I
plus I lhs 1 cqiuils 1. The Advertiser
It-votes a c iluinn and n hulf to t-x-
i lilulng why this is Huh Thn Chief
itigni.s in its l;iv listening to the
' horns. "Slue on!"
To the Voters of Webster County
I Owing to my duties as Deputy County Clerk and
? the large amount oJ Government "or War" work
that has necessarily been added 1 o my other duties,
, I have been unable to make a personal campaign
lor the office of County Treasurer, for which office,
I am the Democratic Candidate. I sincerely apprc
v ciate all favors that have been shown mc,x and if
4 elected to the office o County Treasurer will de
li vote my whole time and energy to the faithful per
E formance of the duties of the office.
h I have had the necessary training to qualify me
I to take charge o this office and by your vote hope
J to be able to attain the goal.
Thanking you in advance for your favorable vote,
I remain sincerely yours,
I am writing you as I will probably not get an opportunity to
see you personally.
I have served only one two-year term as your Sheriff and I am
now asking you to re-elect me believing that I am deserving of a
second term.
I have carefully carried out the law, as you elected me to do,
and have without fear or favor run down gamblers and bootleggers.
The office has been run with as little expense as possible the
last two years, and Ishall have no extra claim against the county
when my term of office expires.
My wife and I have licved in Vebster county 35 years and we have
raised a family of 10 children. We have one son who is now in the
United States Naval Service.
The office of Sheriff has had many important duties the last
two vears and I have Derformed them as .lustlv as I knew how.
The office of Sheriff is an important one and the duties demand
honest and fair dealings of the sheriff.
Hoping that I may have your support on November 5th, I am
Yours Respectfully, FRANK HUFFER.
Meaning of Democratic Success in Nebraska
"K jou have approval of my lead-ji'shio and wihh me to continue to be your ui embai: -cd
spokesman in atl'aiis nt home and a! roml 1 earnestly bep; that you will en .s your f
unmistakably to that effect by returning a dem-ocrntic majority to both the Senate and IIoi ;
of Representatives.
It the control of the House and the Senate should be taken away from the party now i
power an nmjoiity could juv.umo control of Legtelat'cn and oblige all action to i ?
taken amidst contest nd obstruction.
The return of a Hi publican majority to either House of tho Congress would .moreover ' j
interpreted on the other .side of the water as a repudiation of my leadership."
Anl don't forgot for County Civile
11. V. Perry; for SheriJl" 1'ranU Ilnlferj
for.Ccmnty Aosuor C. C Sunn; for
Oiuiity ComtriNsbiner 3d OUt. C. h
iVIokwlro; for County CoinmU'lonor
". h Plst. .!. V Hamilton Tho othcis
re mentioned e'selnM-e In thj. i-sue.
HMllIIH'lim !
i Hindenberg talks lor peace and the
rown prince gives outers to continue
ght'iig. -Tho German- diplomatic
nesaages claim change to popular
'overnment and the war louts con-
, imto to dielato. Its tho same old
ramo but the cards are on the table
iface up and the world cannot be ft;
thci' deceived.
imwiiiiiiniii Trmm
Rx-Congreasinun Andrews nuikei
considerable disturbance in tho am
bient atmospheio elucidating alleged
errors on tho part of Congressman
Shallonhcrger anent voting on wai
mea.-uies. Without entering into
argument pio and con, We call atten
tion to the fact that Mr. Andiew'
arraignment of of Sliallenbciger is a
condemnation of Norris.
Politics adjourned? Not so you can
notice it! Theoictically it looks good;
practically it would be distinctly prop
er and thoroughly American. But as
a matter of cold fact party lines are
being drawn snug as election ap
proaches and real adjournment is
scheduled for November Gth. Presi
dent Wilson sounds a note of warning
admonishing demociats not to waver
at the polls nest Tuesday.
i ii i,)!1;
f i' . .! UiUiT.itI.tit
1 lull'
yB ji la
itnsuaii i
a :
UfflllFCfl :
"I1' I "l1v '. r ,
utiday9 Mc51
On Account of Safety to Health
r :w
The re-election of Nebraska's war Clov
ernor, KEITH NEVILLE. He has faithfully
redeemed his pledges and his experience in
coordinating state with Federal wiir work is
an as.set in" the prosecution of tho war.
Tho election of V. U. 1MNNING for
Lieutenant Governor. He is a successful bus
iness man and farmer and U a member of the
State IJoard of Agriculture and the State
Horticultural Society.
The election of HUGH L. COOPER
for Secretary of State. lie has been deputy
for nearly four years and is familiar with the
duties of the office.
The election of J. S. CANADA Y for
State Treasurer. He has been treasurer of
Kearney county for two terms and is presi
dent of the Farmers Grain and Live Stock
Association of Nebraska.
The election of EUGENE P. MUM
FORD for State Auditor. lie was private
secretary for Ex-Governor Morehead and has
since been engaged in the abstract and insur
ance business. His ability and experience
qualify him for the office.
The election of GEORGE W. RERGE
for Attorney General. lie is a well kno n
lawyer' and his election will place the lev d
department in able hands.
The re-election of G. L. SHUMWAY
for Land Commissioner. His record is aUe
The election of KDW. ( SIMMONS
for Railway Commissioner. He is an c.pit
Civil Engineer and is eminently qualified to
render valuable service in this office.
The election of EX-GOVERNOR MORE
HEAD to the II. S. Senate. No man is more
familiar with tho State of Nebraska and its
needs than Mr. Morehead. His administia,
tion as Governor is' conceded "to be one of.
the most successful and strictly business
like the state has ever enjoyed. He will
whole-heartedly support tho President in
the prosecution-of the war and reconstruc
tion measures.
The election of ASIITON C. SHALLEX
RERGER to Congress from the Gth District.
The president needs his assistance in con
gress and his election will mean that the
people of this district are truly represented
in congress.
Authoritaticc Opinions
President Wilson is calling for'ic
turn of a democratic majority does
not imply disloyalty, does not imply
lack of deep appieeialion for assis
tance rcndcicd by any political party
or person, lie follows logically the
precedents heretofore- established and
appiowd as follows;
, "lief usul to Mutr.fn tho president
will be read as a refusal to sustain
tho war." lloosevelt.
"If Y2id goes forth thnt tho people
of the United States are standing
solidly behind tho president ths-task
of the peace commissioners will be
easy." Harrison
"If wo fail to stand, b"y tho pteui-
dent now it is equivalent to saying we
repudiate the war and its results."
Senator Lodge
"Thn president appeals to the na
tional spirit. It is difficult to overou
timate tho supremo importance of
su.-taining the president." Senator
"The war (Spanish American war)
ramo while the republican adminis
tration was in power and must now
be settled by that administration.
What he, (tho president) wants is the
support of the bouse of representa
tives." Senator Forakor.
"Tho only way to secuie contin
ued unity of command in America is
to return a congress in full sym
pathy with the president." Secretary
You Are Losing, Money
K you don't sell your cream
to tho 1'nrmers I'lilou Co-oper.
tlvo Company mid receive the
dividends. lOtf
Judge O. E. Shelburn, a noted
lawyer in Western Nebraska,
who was County Attorney
while Mr. Beebe was County
Judge, boosts him for le gisla
ture. Alma, Nebraska, October 25, 1918
J. L. Becbe, Red Cloud, Neb.
Esteemed Friend: I was pleased to learn
of your nomination for the office of Represen
tative ton Webster County, and 1 trust that
you will be successful at the general election.
Judging from the ability .with which you
handled the office of County Judge of this
county and from the intelligent interest you
have always taken m public affairs and in the
public welfare, 1 feel that the people of Web
' sler County wijl be making a mistake if they
do not elect you this fall.
With best wishes for your success,
I remain sincerely yours,
October 31 Today
The government ouleid go into ef
fect at midnight and it in our pat
riotic ami cheerful duty to obey.
Friend and stianger fare alike if
not paid in accordance with tho ruling
we must stop tho paper.
However, if you are one of the lim
ited number whom we have accomo
dated with credit, you can renew be
fore next week's issue and thereby
not lose the story.
Considering tho storm and other
obstacles wo hereby extend all pre
vious offers for one more week. 1.50
still entitles you to a year's sub
scription, but you will have to hurry.
Cost forces us to advance the price
To thofo whom wo have trusted:
Como in and fettle up and prove that
our confidence in you was not mis
placed. Come in and talk it over anyway.
Friday'.? State Journal contain a
picture of Ivor Vilas Stewart; a
member of Company L Fifth N. N.
G., who left Gothenburg, on Septem
ber 1-1, 1017, leaving for overseaso
duty Juno 29th and killed in action in
Franco September 1st. The young
man is a cousin .of Attorney B. W.
Stewart, of this city, and was one of
seven of a like relationship to this
gentleman now serving Uncle Sam,
together with one brother, and a brother-in-law,
and another brother to
go in the next call.
For Sale
Iminiincd Dnroc Jersey boars ami
gilts of .March farrow. Splendid
blood lines Owner U in t'io army
and entire registered herd Is to bo
bold. For particulars tuldrcds Goorgo
J. Spohn, phouu :i!)0lj, Stipcilor,
Neb. " 13-2
efr4.4 -tKm . fc Ittyw
MHiniWWWXi'aWTtsT.a)W.;jw-n-r a