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Carolyn of the Corners
Ooprrlftht, 1918. T Dodd, Mead A Oompftnf. Ina.
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Synopsis. Ilor fnthor nnd motlicr reported lost nt son when tho
Dunnivcn, on which they had willed for Kuropr, wns sunk, Cnrolyn
May Cnmcron Hannah's Cnrolyn Is sent from Now York to her bach
clor undo, Joseph Stngg, nt tho Corners. Tho reception Riven her hy
her undo la not very cnthtislnstlc. Cnrolyn Is nlso chilled by tho Htern
dcniennor of Aunty Hose, Undo Joo'a housekeeper. StngK Is dismayed
wlrcn ho learns from n lnwycr friend of his brother-in-law that Carolyn
hns been left practically penniless nnd consigned to his care as guardian.
Carolyn learns of tho estrangement between her uncle and his one-time
sweetheart, Amanda Pnrlow, nnd tho cause of tho bitterness between
tho two families.
CHAPTER V Continued.
Tho mole In question lived under a
plcco of rock wall near tho garden
When Undo Joo canio homo to din
ner en ono particular Saturday ho
walked down to tho corner of tho gar
den fence, and thcro saw tho havoc
Prince had wrought. In following tho
lino of tho mole's last tunnel ho had
worked his way under tho picket fence
and had torn up two currant bushes
and dono Borne damago In tho straw
berry patch.
' "And tho worst of It Is," grumbled
tho hardware dealer, "ho never caught
the mole. That mongrel renlly Isn't
worth a bag of dornlcks to sink hltn In
the brook. But that's what he's going
to get this very evening when I corno
home. I won't ctnnd for him a day
Carolyn May positively turned pnlo
as sho crouched bcsldo tho now
chalned-up Prince, both arms about
his rough neck. Ilo licked her check.
Fortunately, ho could not understand
everything that was said to him, there
fore tho pronouncement of this terri
ble Bcntcnco did not agitato him an
Carolyn May sat for a long tlmo un
der tho tree beside tho sleeping dog
and thought how different this life nt
Tho Corners was from that sho hnd
lived with her father nnd mother In
tho dty home.
If only thnt big ship, tho Dunravcn,
had not sailed away with her papa
and her mammal
Carolyn May hnd been very bravo on
that occasion. She had gono nshoro
with Mrs. Prlco nnd Kdna after her
mother's last clinging embrace and her
father's husky "Good-by, daughter,"
with scarcely a tear.
Of course she had been brave 1 Mam
bi would return In a few weeks, and
then, after a time, papa would like
wise como back and oht so rosy and
And then, In two weeks, came tho
fatal nows of tho sinking of tho Dun
raven and tho loss of all but n small
part of her crew and passengers.
Vaguely theso facts had becomo
known to Carolyn May. Sho never
poke- of them. They did not seem real
to tho little girl.
f But now, sitting bcsldo tho con
demned Prince her companion and
drownd-ed," Carolyn May sobbed. "I'd
want to be drownd-ed myself, too."
"I know, dear. But do you really"
believe your Undo Joseph would do
such n thing? Would he drown your
"I I snw him putting the stones In
tho hag," sobbed Carolyn May. ''And
he said ho would."
"But ho said It when he wns angry,
dear. We often sny things when we
Ji nnf
A Christmas roll call of tho wholo
American people Tot membership In
Jho Bed Cross will take place Decent
ftcr 1(5 to ..'.I, Inclusive, formal nn
hounct'inent thereof being made
through the following statement nil
lliorlziil by Hnry I. Davison, chair
'.urn of the war euiitnll:
"From December 1(1 to -.'t the lists
Mill lie open for every Ameilraii In
are angry morc's the pity (-which , f'vW 'n",r "r "'' "' " '
wc do not menn, nnd for which wo nre '"" "v "" """ "'" ''' '"i
bitterly sorry nftcrwards. I am sure, !1' "-' n"',.i '"" registered for
Carolyn Mny, that your Uncle Joe hns ,,1C "; T"1 "" l'1" vmit-4 nirnln
no Intention of drowning your dog." '' k'V ,lie wni '' ", ' ' nt
"nh. Mis Atnnn.lni Am vnn noR. , America enn fight, hut that to the last
.-( --.. .....H..M.. ... V W H A.V
"Positive I
I know Joseph Stngg.
hinn, woman mul ehlld we stand four
flquare for mercy, honor and good
-0 fV jtWTJK. eass
The Little Girl Felt Bitterly Her Lone
lines and Qrlef.
only real comforter during theso
wrecks of her orphanhood tho Uttlo
girl felt bitterly her loneliness and
LIf Undo Joo did as ho had threat
ted, what should sho do? There
'eemed to bo no place for her and
Prince to run away to.
' Tm qulto Buro I don't want to
live," thought Carolyn Mny dismally.
,Tf papa and mamma nnd Princo are
all dead whyl thero aren't enough
other folks left In tho world to mnko
It worth whllo living In, I don't be
lieve. If Princo Isn't going to bo nllve,
then I don't want to bo alive, either."
By nnd by Princo began to get very
uneasy. It was long past his dinner
hour, and every tlmo ho heard the
screen door slam ho Jumped up ntd
(axed eagerly and with cocked cars
land wagging tall in that direction.
1 Too poor tiling, you," enld Carolyn
May nt Inst. "I s'poso you aro hungry.
It Isn't going to do you n bit of good
to eat; but you don't know it. I'll ask
Aunty Itoso If she hns something for
She got up wearily nnd went across
the yard. Aunty Itoso stood Just In
side the screen door.
"Don't you want any dinner, Car'lyn
Mny?" sho nsked.
"No, mn'nnt. I guess I'd better not
cat," said tho child.
"Why not?"
"'Cause my stomnch's so trembly.
I Just know I couldn't keep anything
down, even If I could swullow It. But
I'rlnce'll, ent ills, please. He he don't
know nny better."
"Tut, tut I" murmured tho woman,
"lie's the most sensible of the two of
you, I declnre."
Tho minutes of that afternoon drag
ged by In most doleful procession.
There wns no Iden in tho little girl's
mind that Undo Joo might chnnge his
Intention and Princo bo saved from the
watery grnvo promised him. When
sho saw tho hnrdwnre denier como In
to tho yard almost an hour earlier
thnn their usunl supper time sho was
not surprised. Nor did she think of
pleading with him for the dog's life.
Tho title girl watched him nsknncc.
Mr. Stngg cumo directly through tho
yard, stopping only nt tho shed for a
moment. Thero he secured a strong
potato snek, and with It trailing from
ids hnnd went hnlf-way up tho knoll
to where thcro was n heap of stones.
Ho stooped down nnd begnn to select
some of these, putting them In the
This was too much for Cnrolyn May.
With a fearful look nt Undo Joe's un
compromising shoulders, sho went to
tho tree whero Princo was chained.
Exchanging tho chain for the leather
leash with which sho always led him
about, tho Uttlo girl guided the mon
grel across tho yard and around the
corner of tho house.
Her Inst backward glanco nssurcd
her that tho hardware dealer had not
observed her. Quickly nnd silently sho
led Prince to tho" front gate, nnd they
went out together Into tho dusty road.
"I I know wo oughtn't to," whis
pered Cnrolyn May to her cnnlno
friend, "but I feel I'vo Just got to savo
you, Prince. I I can't seo you
drownd-ed dead like thntl"
She turned tho nenrest corner and
went up tho road towards the Uttlo
closed, gable-roofed cottage whero
Aunty Rose had lived before sho had
como to bo Uncle Joe's housekeeper,
Carolyn May had already peered
over Into tho small yard of tho cot
Ugo and had seen that Mrs. Kennedy
still kept tho flower-beds weeded and
tho walks neat and tho grass plot
trimmed. But tho window shutters
wero barred and tho front door built
up with boards.
Carolyn Mny went in through tho
front gnta nnd sat down on tho door
step, while Princo dropped to a com
fortable attltudo besldo her. Tho dog
slept Tho Uttle girl ruminated.
She would not go back to Undo
Joo's no, Indeed! Sho did not know
Just what sho would do when dark
should come, but Prince should not be
sacrificed to her undo's wrath.
A voice, low, sweet, yet startling,
aroused her.
"What nro you doing thero, Uttlo
Both runaways started, but neither
of them wns disturbed by tho appenr
ansce of her who had accosted Caro
lyn May.
"Oh, Miss Mnndyl" breathed tho Ut
tlo girl, and thought thnt tho carpen
ter's daughter hnd never looked so
"What aro you doing there?" repeat
ed Miss Parlow.
"We wo'vo run away," Bald Caro
lyn Mny at Inst. Sho could bo nothing
but frank ; It wns her nature.
"Run nwayl" repented tho protty
woman. "You don't mean that?"
"Yes, ma'am, I have. And Prince.
From Uncle" Joo nnd Aunty Rose,"
Carolyn Muy nssurcd her, nodding her
head with each declaration.
"Oh, my dvmr," whut for?" asked
Miss Amanda.
So Cnrolyn May told her and with
Monnwhllo tho woman enme Into the
yard nnd .sat besldo tho child on. the
step. With her arm about tho Uttlo
girl, Miss Amanda snuggled her up
close, wiping tho tenrs uwuy with her
own hnndkcrciuer.
"I Just can't havo pwc Princo
Ho was never vet cruel to anv dumb . r,,lth "non ,,u' nations.
creature. Go nsk him yourself, Care- "At the close of the Christmas merit
lyn May. Whatever else ho may be, hersliip campaign of 1017 there were
ho I a not n linrnr of helnless nnd dumb P-000000 Americans enrolled In the
. .. I ,., ...... ni ...... .......
"Miss Amnndn," cried Cnrolyn Mny,
with clnsped hands, "you you nre Just
lifting nn nwful big lump off my heart I
I'll run nnd nsk him right away."
Sho raced with the barking Prince
back to the Stngg premises. Mr. Stngg
Red Cross. There nre nWo 3,000.000
members in tho Junior Red Cross.
"This year, both aB a Christmas oh
Kervnncf and as a renewal of the na
tionulde pledge of loyalty, the Red
Cross will again put before everyone
the duty of standing by the (lag; for
the ?Jt'd Cross In this grent fight for
pence represents the whole spirit of
what wc ure fighting for.
"Tills will not lie n cnl! for money.'
It will be a summons to Americans
everywhere to line up for the Ameri
can ideal. Wc cannot all fight, but
this one thing everybody can do.
"The Red Cross membership fco Is
one dollar. Half of this remains with
the local chapter, to be used for ex
penses nnd for re'lef of our soldiers
and their families', the other half goes
to the national ttcTisury.
"There will be no allotment of quo
tas to any community. The quota In
every district will he the limit of its
adult tmpulittlou.
"When Clio roll-call comes, every
American, old or young, will be called
to register and nild the weight of his
name to the Red Cross message.
"Let us nnswer with one voice to
the word of President Wilson, when ho
said '.
" l summon you to the comrade
ship.' "
The number of men nn'd women now
wanted for enrollment In the service
oi the American Red Cross abroad Is
In excess of 5,000, and this number Is
licensing weekly. Recrolta to In
crease the personnel as above Indl
rated must lie obtained by the end of
the present calendar year. Special ap
peals are being made by the national
bureau of personnel, to the various
, Red Cross divisions, to put forth pnr
' ttculur efforts In enlisting workers, no
that the effectiveness of the organiza
tion In the wur xones may not be Unpaired.
With Her Arms About the Little Girl,
Miss Amanda Snuggled Her' Up
1iw efr Anlalinil fltllnf. In n.ttt 4t.A
stonca tho trench Princo had dug un-'
der tho garden fence.
"There," he grunted. "That dratted
dog won't dig this hole any bigger, 1 1
reckon. What's the matter with you,
"Are nro you going to drown'd
Prlncey, Uncle Joo? If If you do, it
Just seems to mo, I I shnll die!"
He looked up nt her .scarchlngly.
"Humph I is that mongrel so nil-important
to your happiness that you
want to dlo If he does?" demanded tho
"Yes, Undo Joe."
"Humph I" ejaculated tho hardware
dealer again. "I bellevo you thluk
more of that dog than you do of mo."
"Yes, Uncle Joe."
Tho frnuk nnswer hit Mr. Stagg
harder than ho would havo cared to "Whul branch of the service Is she
acknowledge. In?" Just nuturnlly springs to the lips
"Why?" ho queried. when our eyes behold a young woman
"Because Princo never said a word In oue nf these hclp-wtn-thc-war
to hurt mo in his llfel" saldjGarolyu frocks. They contrive to carry more
May, sobbing. ,than ft- suggestion or u uniform una
Tho man was silenced. Ho felt in have the snap nnd eturdincss of khaki
his inmost heart that he had been clothes put on by brothers In arms
Prince Awakens The Corners.
Camp-meeting tlmo was ovor, and
tho church at The Corners was to open ,
for its regular Sunday services. ,
"Both Satan and the parson hnvo '
had n vucatlon," said Mr. Stngg, "nnd
now they can tackle each other nguln '
and seo whlch'U get the stranglo hold
'twlxt now and revlvul time."
"You should not say such things, es
pecially beforo tho child, Joseph
Stngg," admonished Aunty Roso.
Curolyn May, however, seemed not
to havo heard Uncle Joo's pessimistic
remark; sho was too greatly excited
by tho prospect of Sunday school. And
tho very next week-day school would
begin I
By this first week In September tho
Uttlo girl was qulto settled In her new
homo at The Corners. Princo was still
a doubtful addition to tho family, both
Undo Joo nnd Aunty Roso plainly hav
lng misgivings about him. But In re
gard to tho Uttlo girl herself, the
hardware merchant and tho house
keeper wero of ono opinion, even
though they did not admit It to each
other.' - '
Prince proves himself a real
canine hero and makes himself
"solid" with nil the people at the
Corners. His exploit Id described
In the next Installment.
An order for 240,000 pairs of knee
length rubber boots for tho French
nrmy has been placed with American
which commends them to American
young womanhood this day. All busi
ness ' girls and that Includes many
more than ever before nre Invited to
consider the advantages of this frock
and others of like character. They
ore enough to Inspire their owners
to find something to do to make them
selves useful, even If such nn ambi
tion has never troubled their pladd
hearts before.
It must be the small flap pockets, or
tho buttallons of buttons or the pat
ent lenthcr belt or Its general trim
nens and businesslike simplicity that
mark this frock as n uniform for
one who Is engaged in the pursuit of
usefulness. It might bo made of any
substantial wool material or of a very
heavy cotton. Tho frock pictured Is
of sllvertooe la blue with Its crisp
fleckB of white. One will not grow
tired of a dress like this. Its wearer
puts It on, fastens It up and forgets
all about it this, which Is a consum
mation devoutly to be wished, for all
frocks for business and for those to
be worn by the young woman at
There Is nothing to be told about
this drcBs that may not be gathered
from the picture. Its skirt la wider
thnn the new suit skirts that aw de
signed with less reference to conven
Jenco than to fashion and do not allow
a free stride. It Is the regulation
length two -inches below the sho
tops. Thore are four of the Ion
'panels lnld In very shallow plaits, aad
'attached to the skirt under the most
orderly rows of bone buttons. The
bodice nnd sleeves aro plain. One
might have n short, straight coat of
the same mntcrlal to be worn with the
frock In cold weather, or ono of those
Nervous and All Unstrung?
Kocl nervous and Irritable nil tho
tlnie7 ContlntifMly -vnrry nvr trltloi?
Then tlicro'd uonicthltm wronjr. Hack
of It nil may be wenlt lcldncvn. Jnm
ns nerve wear Is a causo of kidney K
wcnlciKss, so Is klilney trouble at
caime or nervousness, ir you imve
tinvltache, "blues," nervous spelts,
headaches, dizzy spells, kldnoy lr
reKUliirltles nnd i tlted, worn red
itu, try Bonn's Kidney I'M-), fhoy
are recommended by thousands.
3VH- (t
A Nebraska Caitu
Mrs. 11 ur riot
B t u in ) , Mcl.ann
nnd (seventeenth
8ts Kails Cltv,
Neb., says: "I
nurtured terribly
from my kidneys.
I had rheumatic
pains In my back
mid sides. Doan's
Kidney Tills hnd
b'iun lined In lnv
fktntly with good
results, so I tried.
them. After tak
Ink throe boxes of,
jJoiurs i was en
tlrely cured. My llmbsr, wl.lch had
been swollen, were t educed to normal
slzo and tho soreness ull disappeared
from my Joints. That wns over flvo
years iiko, nnd tho trouble has. never
Cet Doan'a at Any Store, 60c , Sox
l IS t DNkK&J
W1 i JL.Jtt
"He!p-lYin-the-War" Frocks
"rf i ' i 'Ha.
- ft - "lilS.PIi5il ' MStlJi
V1 mi i IWEiasaifBB'?iM; P v" A r ft
W. afgllm-. mm x 7
X-. MSnfeaa&aB Mat . i.'fm,'ff I I vr
VV ttSvvCT 'St IBB ' ?? v I
NLX,BBKsb3k3J5S1 t ''EVw. '
I - i aS ; ? &&& n
For Constipation
Carter's Little
Liver Pills
will set you right
over night.
Purely Vegetable
Small Pill, Small Doic, Small Price
Carter's Iron Pills
Will restore color to the faces of
those who lack Iron In the blood,
as most pale-faced people do.
Cuticura Soap is
Easy Shaving for
Sensitive Skins
The New Upto.dote Cntlcara Method
Booms from $1.00 up single, 7b cents up double.
Omaha. Nebraska
lining. But this hclp-wtn-the-war
frock hns a claim to Its title from the
fact that It la on excellent model to
copy when the conservator of wool
Intends to make over a strit ei
dally one with a long coat Into a
one-piece dress. A little cleverly ran
cenled piecing ont may be required,
or the panels may be shortened. In
the former cane braid or tucks wilt
help out and plaits might be omitted,
Fashion's Wise Economy.
Dame Fashion has taken "economy"
for her watchword In preparing her
winter styles. She uses expenstya
furs, hut she uses them discreetly, a
broad hand ncrosa a narrow panel, a
pocket, a crushed collar Instead of a
wldo-eprcadlng cape. She combines
cerge and satin In meny of her most
fetching frocks, and what she lacks
In over draperies, although she still
uses them, she makcM up for In rows
of silk braid or fringe, As a practical
gnrment for street wear In the fall,
she brings oat the mnn-tatlored, semi
fitting suit, with no other trimming
thnn silk-braid bindings, arrow-head
embroidery and bona or self-corercd
buttoas. Other suit models are leas
severe, with Jackets of finger-tip
length, uneven around the hem and
with fur-trimmed panels.
Private Would Much Rather Havo
Gone "Over the Top" Than Tell
Girl She Wouldn't Do.
Solomon nnd Sncnitps hnvo nothing
on tho welfare worker. He Is In a
clnss hy himself as n vendor of n'n
trnl Inforuintlon nnd advice. The
united war work cnitipnlgn of tho
seven welfare agencies Is Introducing
him to ponuhir approval In his full
hlnze of glory.
A rangy freckled prlvnte stood la
the doorway 'of the Jewish Welfare
board's hut nt- Cntnp Gordon. Ho
shifted nervously nnd his tongue stuck
to the roof of his mouth.
"It's n B-K-K-glrl, s-s-slr. Wwc I
think I'd like to tn-in-mnri-y her. She's
outside. C-c-e-nn I IrflnR her In?"
Who wns she? A Uttlo girl frot
tho town near the camp? No, she
wasn't the pnlnt-nnd-powdor kind. A
regular girl, the sort you'd like your
mother to meet, If you hud n mother.
With all ceremony she wns usht-red
In, blushing nnd giggling. She met
the critical eye of the welfare worker
with becoming timidity. Whm tho
Jewish Welfare bonrtl ninn hud given
hh. smiling snnctlon, the private
breathed n great sigh.
"Gee! Suppose I'd hnd to tell her
she wouldn't do? Gee!"
Aerial Bombing.
Aerlr iiomhlng Is today ?nr more
of nn exact science thnn was sup
posed possible a year nnd u half ago.
In the early days of the war, drop
ping bombs wns largely a matter of
luck. Accurate bomb-sights hnvo
been produced which, carefully used,
aro a gunrnntcc of tho bomb falling
on tho ohjict aimed at, with a very
small margin of error. Of course, in
tho case of nil such Instruments, the
human element Is sometimes respon
sible for errors of calculation and a
small error on a bomb-sight at 15,000
fact will send a bomb far out of ltr
May Eliminate Belts.
There Is a tendency to try to elim
inate belts la the ntw winter coats,
and to emphasize the strslght-hant
lag silhouette. The average woman Is
not keen about this kind of a coat ex
cept, perhaps, for motor wear, and
many makers of coar are putting on
at least partial belts.
Hats oT Pluah.
There Is a surprising vnrlety v of
plush hats on display Intended for enr
ly fall and winter wear. They are
throe-qunrtcr length capes, with warm I made la all the fabric tones.
Paper Thread.
Paper thread Is nttrnctlng consider
able attention In the Scnndinnvlan
countries. It Is a new Invention a
result of the war. People's Horn,
Wash day la smile day If yjm ?
Cron Ball "hie, American inaJe, therefort
the beat made. Adv.
You nro commanding ono llfo and
It Is about the biggest contract ever
n mnn undertook.
' may bo checied and more aerloua condlttona
el' the throat will bo often J1"1 J&
promptly slvlmr the child dote ot to