The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, July 25, 1918, Image 5

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tjt . j : ;
Nowa is on tlic wires tltls afternoon
(liat the Allies havo won n irrent vie
(oryj 150,000 prisoners captured.
Cut tlii' weeds nnd stop the oeds.
Mis1? j. Hunsieker spent I'tidny in
A. A. Walker was a Hustings visitor
Kiit Wilson went out to 111 nsli.Colo ,
over Sunday.
WMlss Myrtle Smith visited tit Guide
Hocl: Saturday.
Mrs. W 1). Eilson visited fi lends in
Hustings yesterday.
Mrs.C. A. Waldo of Inavale. visited
Red Cloud Fiiday.
Mrs. Bessie Cain and daughter visit
ed Hastings Fiiday.
Byes tested, glasses fitted. J. C.
Mitchell, the.Jewcler.
Miss Bernlee Saunders was here
fiom Inavale Monday.
Miss Nellie Herrick was heic from
Superior over Sunday.
Fred Ound of Blue Hill was in the
city on business Saturday
LOST .Medal and croisolf amethyst
rosary. Lea vis at tun oiu 'e.
Miss Emma Bargeman was among
the Wolnesduy visitors at Hasting.
niton Pope. Hveiett Stioup and
Schuyler Hayes are enroute overseas.
Mrs. T. McArthur and Mrs Sam
Moutford were Tuesday visitors at
Charles Ii eland went to Grand Is
land Tuesday for the purpose of join
ing the navy.
Harness repairing and half-soleing,
In basement under Ege's store. P. L.
Hansi:k. 20tf
Mrs. Roy Matktns and ohildren re
turned to their home in South Dakota
last week.
Rev. Eshelman, pastor of the United
Church, has been reengaged for the
ensuing year.
Miss Lela Barrett entertained Misses
Williams of Inavale and Crozler of
Guide Rock, Monday.
Charles Mountford, of Yuma, Colo.,
is the guest of relatives and friends in
Red Cloud and vicinity.
Mrs. Lucena White has gone to
Omaha where she will spend the sum
mer months with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Jess Barker rejolco
over the arrival of a baby girl which
came to thelrhonie Wednesday.
Mrs. No'aii McDowallTand Mrs. 11 0.
SchulU visited at the Art Robinson
home in Guide Rock Wednesday.
C. A. Schultz accompanied by hie
wife and children visited at Hasting
Friday.- They-inade the. trip by auta
James, Tauquary left for, Hampton
Friday, where he has employment for
a time with the Lincoln Telephone
Mrs. Roy Palmer and sister Miss
Itlanchc llarker, visited with their
parents, Mr. and Mrs J. W. llarker, of
this city, Monday,
Owing to the advauclng cost of every
thing required In the business the bus
fare will hereafter be 15 cents each
way. Wm. Hayes, Bus Lino
The Ludlow restaurant served a
banquet last Thursday evening to the
vountr men called to the colors. Coun
ty Attorney F. J Muuday was the
pist-prandial orator.
Clins. Sfierer went to Lincoln Wed
nesday to tako an examination pre
paratory to enter olllcers training
camp. He is a graduate of the State
University and is well qualified,
The community dryer, built by Cash
Scrivnor, is completed and at present
btored in the Fire Hull. It is a nice
piece of work, and of capacity to handle
a large amount of fruit or vegetables.
J. W. Wonderly, of Inavale, was In
the city Saturday, and wo might also
add that he made the Chief u very
planiant call and enrolled on Its list
of Subscribers. Yes, "Dear Reader,"
they como to see us as well as others
Dave Kaley, a member of the com
mittee on g 'od roads, demonstrated
the need of impnvoment by breaking
au auto spring while out boosting for
the work yesterday. Dave Is In deiul
earliest about It.
Miss Alison Cowdeu, wlio was operat
ed on for appendicitis at Hastings,
Monday, Is reported getting along as
well as could be expected. Dr Crcigh
ton and her parents accompanied her
there, Mrs F. W. Cowden remaining,
to bo with hor daughter.
Wm huubeiry was a Sunday visitor
at MeCojk
Blue Hill has a newly oiganied
A. J. Topham and w,lfo visited at
Lebanon Sunday.
Miss Minnie Christian is homo fiom
Oklahoma Cily.
Miss Opal Wec&ncr Is home fiom a
visit at Frankliu.
Eut uud drink at Powell it Pope's
Cafe. tf
Mis. Dan Barber has returned to
ht'i' home at Gibbon.
Mi. R. D. Shepherd was a Sunday
visitor fiom MeCook.
Mrs. W II. Cloud was In the city
from luiivulo Friday.
J 11. Bailey letnrned home from
Omaha Saturday night.
Miss Anna Gilliam visited with
friends iu Cowles Tuesday.
Mr uud Mrs. Jacob Petersen visited
lelatlves in Hastings Sunday.
John Barkley anil family visited
i datives jn Mludcn Sunday.
Good meals good service moderate
prices Powell A: Pope's cafe.
Mrs. Birl Dlekersou visited lolatives
In Hastings last of the week.
Orvilie lliukurd was a Sunday even
ing visitor fiom Guide Rock
Mis. T A Hellinani dnugiitei weio
Red Cloud shoppers Wednesday.
Farmers' Union meeting at Kellogg
Hall every Thmsday night at S:3o. tf
O. It. Lenlev. father of Mrs. J.
Peteisen, returned to Hastings Tues
day. Miss Edith McKeighau, Clerk of the
District Court, was u Hastings vlbltor
Lester Yost has gone to McCook
and accepted a position as fireman on
the C. 11. & Q.
Mrs. S. West Is homo from Napouee,
where she has been the guest of her
son and hU family.
Mrs. R. B. Leggett was called to St,
Francis, Kan., by the illness of her
sister, Mrs John Wolf.
NOTICE Users of light and water
must pay promptly or be shut Off.
By order oMhe Mayor.
Mrs. Bert Hatfield was at Hastings
Friday visiting her nephew. Earl
Robinson who Is in a hospital there
Walter Marshall, salesman for the
Marshall Paner Co., of Omaha, spent
Sunday with his mother in this city.
The Wm. Sunberry family havebecu
entertaining Miss Blanche McQulstin
of Republican City. The two ladies
are, Bisters.
jJnR. Flurradv Btkrtcfti for theeaBt
Mondav morning. He- oanle here f rom I
Butte City, Montana, and has heen
the guest of the Patrick Kellet family.
Paul Story has hisuon6ehold goods
packed for shlpmpnttoNorfolk,' Neb.,
where his family will reside. This
location Is'tndre centrally located In
the territory Mr. Story covers.
Messrs J. Rose and W. II. Seeman,
of Blue Hill, were among the Monday
visitors here. They came in with their
sons, Joe Rose and Henry Seeman,
who entrained that evening for Camp
Dodge, Iowa.
Mr. and Mrs. Clias. Christian, en
route from St. Joseph, Mo., to Colorado
Springs, and Mr. and Mrs. Wade Tate
and children, of Tokio, Mo., and Mrs.
C. McDanlels, Oklahoma City, are the
guests of the John Christian family.
Two sons of Wm. Anderson, of
Franklin, have harvested from their
farm just across the Kansas line, COO
a?res of wheat which will avcrnge 2.r.
bushels to the acre (estimated). Doti't
you think you'd like to be the Andersons?
New Switchboard
The Faimeii Indeicmient Tele
phone Cj. have received notice that
their new switehboaid was hipped
frqm the factoiy on the .12' h of this
Union Meeting Sunday
Arrangement me under wnv for n
great Union mooting under the big
Chautauqua tent Sunday at 11 o'clock.
At the time of going to pres it had
not been decided who is to preach hut
In any event these will bo lnteiestlnir
set vices
Called by Death
S. C Ellis was called to Des Molne.
Iowa, by the death of his niece, Miss
Leuoie Fancher which occurred Sat
urday morning. He lemalued to at
tend the funeral Monday. Miss Fan
cher visited here about two years ago
uud will be remembered by many
New Guns Arrive
After a long delay, which it is evident
ly up to the expiess company to t--
plain, the new :!0:iu Spriuglleld lilies
for the Home Guards have ariived.
l'licy were oidereil by our genial haul-
wine man. George Trine early last
month and havo been "somowheie on
the road" since June 2lfh
Red Cross Notes
The Women's Auxiliary wishes to
thank Miss Iue. Bonner and the girls
taking nnrt in the Operetta for their
most generous donation of the pro
ceeds The Auxiliary gratefully acknow
ledges the donation of twelve dollars
given them by the ladles of the Bap
tist church.
The Women of the Auxiliary appre
ciate the Bell telephone recently in
stalled in their hospital garment work
room In the court house.
The Woman's Auxiliary will not
meet for work during Chautauqua.
!""" ' " ' """'-. .iiibw i mwi wiw iimii , rnMMWimmninjiimij.ii
fWL Stock Company
' i H&ii Orpheum
f. yM 1-JHW IBS '"i U 3l M
ijmBmMl Thursday - Friday - Saturday
JBBml AUGUST 1-2-3
BanList Church Notes SHSEWHHSSuSfflDnE!
..... , . .. ... fi J
' "' "" 'l UI l ' ,l '" fi iHTa&v 08 I" tit k
The i .ris n by ill" a.lns f tin, n fck "Sfc tfEj& 'Wf STm tfY frU&k fa Wf
chiiri s utH a iiKviss u- t"po- w m m KT m m wLm n n (i "hi h a? m w" r
ceedi i i Mi.-i.tble time (a R&g& vagrf' WkJr &S itiM w Ntuii vfiL &ia& J5, Jjrt &
The '-iu taken' fnnn tin N'e- fs fi
braMui ,..i-,t Convention we think ?j 'WTk P "3 If3 Wi "W 'ffl'! & S
is op wc sliowel urn mUos j M SP M M0 Bea MW M Rua l B
ullve . !.intle City, that us a pto M " B mW WM 1 9 BJl I
pie we ie a deepened, spiiituul eon 2 Jl JL fci W JLhhI JRa i Jb JLaH medr E
Robbery at the Depot
While the employes were absent
Sunday afternoon the depot was on
tercd and 802 taken from the till. En
try was effected through a freight
ro:m window.
Mouday morning, Fred Parsons, a
parole, was apprended by the author
ities, and later he confessed guilt and
turned over hulf of the amount stolen.
He Implicates Murvel Fentress, but
the latter denies complicity.
-Parsons had his preliminary exami
nation Wednesday and was bound over
tO, the' District Court. The state
authorities have sent instrnctions that
he be turned over to them if not held
At a hearing this afternoon Fentress
waived examination and was bound
Over to the District Courts
Financial Statement
Music S 13
Printed Bills (Chief Oillce) 1 r0
Tickets (Advertiser) 1 2r.
Programs (Ad vertlber) 2 CO
PhotoPrlnt 1 SO
Incidental Expense 2 25
Orpheum Theatre, (G. J. Warren . 8 r.O
Total ' S21 CI
GntaReceipts $71-10
Soliciting Receipts 10 75
Public Sale
of Thoroughbred
Scotch Collie pups
at the 4 corners
of Red Cloud, on
Saturday, July 27th
at 2 p. m., sharp.
Mrs. Roy Harper is here from St
Joseph, Mo., the guest of her futher,
Rev. V. M. Harper and her hister. Her
hiiBbaml was called to war service last
week. She will bpend fomc time with
rolntlvos and filendb In this city and
Tuesday the Fanners Cooperative
Uulou riilsed the price of cream 15 cents
and now pay 4l cents The stockhold
ers held a well-attended meeting Sat
urday evening transacting Important
business and Undlng the reports of
over-increasing patronage and active
business most satisfactory.
Prof. P. M. Whitehead made u 1
mlnuto address at the Orpheum last
Saturday evening and ho put more in
to that short talk than some profes
sional speakers wo have heard eluci
date In au hour. If the Professor
was not already engaged iu work vital
to the community and nation super
intending public sohool work wo
would suggest he got on the Chautau
qua platform.
' ' '
Chautauqua Here
Tho Chautauqua oponed Its sovcti.
day season yesterday under poit aus
picious conditions, with a largo attend
Hiiro both aftornoon and oveninir.
Tho Varallo-tJross Company gave a
most charming musical progiam and
J. Walter Wilson's impersonations moty
with Imitaut appiovul Strickland
Gllllhiu is so well remembered from
last yeir that coinmenj Is suptMfuous.
Ho is ono of those "live wlie" lectur
ers who can make his hcuteis think
an hour Is only fifteen minutes.
Total SI 18 l.'j
Balance 607 52
Balance is for benefit of Red Cros
Tho following Red Cloud men do.
nated their cars to the Operetta gills
t ) Guide Rock Thursday evening: Mr.
Starr, Ovoimim, Beozley, Carpenter,
.Turnure, Saladen and Holl'man. Also
Les,tr Yost as tar, as lic got, Tho
Operetta drew a good attendance and
ropoated their home success, which is
high tributo to their abilities.
For Good Roads
A llvo bunch of boosters assembled
at the Chamber of Commerce rooms
Tuesday aftornoon and dlsoussed the
subject of Good Roads.
Messrs Haryey, Hodgos, Baird and
Meyers wero here as delegates from
Nuckolls county and gave interesting
talks which wore supplemented by
Messrs Fred Muurer and F. W. Cowden.
A good road from Nebraska City to
Oxford, touching the Republican Vol
ley towns along Its lino is tho object of
this movement. '
Committee was appointed to carry
tiie preliminary organization work
westward from hero. Wednesday
Messrs Frank Cowden, Dave Kaley,
Fred Maurer. and W. Hamilton went
out on this mlsblon, visiting Inavale,
Rivcrton, Frankliu and Blonmlugtnn,
delegations joining thorn at each town.
Rev. J. L. Becbe was also on the
committee but other duties prevented
his going out.
Mr. Fred Maurer was solected as a
delegate to attend the good roads
btate convention which meets at Beat
rice tomorrow, July 2(Uh
tli. NV
;ii'--t Convention we think
tine, we sliowe 1 intimites
Vlmitlc City, that ns a ntu
pie we I ie a deepened, spiiituul con
sclouM.i-xs, a new sense of unity uud
power, and a vision of a large mission
in the pi cent hour ot sobering mil
thrill. u; events In the world's history.
The N..i thorn Baptist Convention is
ten s old rind never before probab
ly was it more committed to the great
fundamentals of the gospel and uioic
serlouly facing Its task iu promoting
the K nglom of God. This was man!
fest iu the great Layman diivo pro
ceding the convention, by which SI.000,
000 was mlsed. The large number of
Layman wero present at Atlantic City,
and In the words of the president Cole
man, when he said in his opening ad
dress, 'The Baptists the world over
are united in their adherence to six
great cardinal conditions, Jesu-, Christ
as our Lord and Master, the Bible as
the Rule of Faith and Conduct, a re
generated church membership, tho
right of pilvato judgment, civil and
religious liberty and immersion as the
true form of Baptism. It is only u
church that has u passionate belief In
Its own principles and is thoroughly
in ,eatnest about their application
tha,t can hope to evangelize the world.
Its,6uccess depends on the character
of the Christianity that it reaches.
Paul White Wins Honors
Fiom u very interesting letter writ
ten by Paul White to his father, T. W.
White, who is a farmer near this city,
wc make the following extracts:
I am in Philadelphia again tonight
and am sure tired. We were out on
the rifle range today and had an of
ficial firing contest with 30-30 rifles.
The targets arc out of sight and
come up for 30 seconds. A bulls eye
counts 5; the first circle 4; second cir
cle 3; and so on down to nothing.
In rapid filing I scoied 74 pointfi
filing five shots laying down, five
squatting, five kneeling, and five
standing. All from the 200-yard
lange and using the peep sights.
At slow firing I scoied 92 points out
of a possible 100. This was for mark
manship, in which I qualified, and for
which I have $1 per month added to
my pay. Tlieio were only four of
the eighty contestants who did better.
This aftci noon, those who qualified
in marksmanship tried out in shaip--hooting.
I was the only ono making
tin' requited scoic. At fiOO yards I
ha I thiity seconds In which to fne
ii c shots, then ninety seconds to run
the -100-yaid lino set my sights
and load. Fired fivo times squatting,
Kin to the 300-yard lino nnd fired five
times kneeling, lan to the 200-yard
line and fired five times standing. I
pot G8 points out of a possible 100 in
this tost, nnd then scored 82 in twenty
hhots fired from the 500-yard lino.
I am supposed to get an additional
raise of $5 for making good in tho
sharpstootors class. i
Some of tho fellows did not get
their five shots out before tho target
disappeared and of course lost.
I signed to go over to Fiance as an
interpreter of German. Somo of tho
boys signed for French and somo for
Italian. If I get this appointment it
will probably pay a good salary.
I am gun pointer on va 7-Inch gun
now and when wo go to sea again I
w ill try out for marksmanship with it.
Will firo twenty rounds and if I
qualify that will add 8 per month to
You always get the very
best at our store because
QUALITY goods are the
only kind we sell. The
brands we carry in stock
are recognized by the
housewife as the VERY
BEST of their kind.
Everything Fresh and Pure
Chase & Sanborns Coffees
Itens Crackers and Cookies
Batavia Jams and Spices
Sunflower Canned Goods
Lincoln Telephone
and Telegraph Co.
GEO. J. WARREN. Manager
We Owe You Good
Telephone Service
You deserve telephone service that is
tick, accurate and country-wide in its
By giving you such service at reason
able rates we feel that we should ex
pect your business and your Hearty co
operation. 5
To give the best service this company
is constantly improving its equipment
and standardizing operating methods.
Your assistance and co-operation en
ables us to give you intercommunication
of national scope and of the highest
obtainable efficiency.
Mass Convention
A mass convention of thevotersof tho
my salary. Have made good with tho Democratic party of Webster county
30-30 rifle and was anxious to toll you is hereby called to meet tit the court
about it. Your son Paul, house at lied Cloud, Nebraska, Satur-
. jduy, Jly27, 1018, at two o'clock, p
II. B. Howell, ot Omiihn, has (lied as in , for tho purposo of electing ten
Republican ciindidiito for governor delegates to WieStato Democratic Con
His platform includes co-operation, ' vuntlon to bo hold at Hastings on July,
stiitc reputation or municipal owner- 30th and for such other business as
ship of public utilities, and rigid In- mny properly 'come beforo the con
speott'on or controll of stockyards, vention, GEORGE W. THINK,
nHoUiriclio'iiSDh nnd terminal elevators. ' BO 8 County Chairman.
Advertised Letter List
The following is tho list of unclaim
ed letters at the post oillce iu this city
for the week ondififr July 25, 1018:
Fred II. Qorden
O. V. Mires
Charlotte MoKey
Mrs. Ethel Niblaoh
Cues. Orr
Ii. 0. I'etorson
Ollle Spoor
Uay Tracy
If not called for before Aug. S, 1018,
they will bo sent to the dead letter