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Si w
Louisa Goes
Over the Top
of 77m ViitUantes
Louisa Is tlio school scrub woman.
She litis been connected with tlio school
for years. She has been there with her
brooms, her palls, her mops tuul her
eternal thoroughness.
Louisa was German. She spoke
German. She thought German. She
dreamed Germany. She was In America
only because she could not "earn so
much as here." She had come here n
generation ago with a young married
sister. The sister had gono back to
Germany, leaving her baby with
Louisa. IIo grew up as most boys do
whoso mothers tire not about and
whose supporting mints linvo to go out
to work.
Ilo was stoop-shouldered, ho smoked.
TIo spent his wages .ns ho wished.
Louisa would look nt him grimly nnd
mutter: "Ach, If only I had you In
It was for the boy that sho worked.
It was of him and the Faderland"
that sho talked as sho rubbed, rubbed,
rubbed. "Ach, what think? That boy
ho lends five dolars to n man on the
block nnd he move nwny and wo can't
And him.
"Not so It Is In Chermnny. There ho
could not do this. Make bills nnd hide
himself. There you hnvo a llttlo book.
From school yet you hnvo It. In It
stands your name, your nge, your hair,
your eyes, and till whnt you do for a
"First thing you do If you move, you
must go to the police nnd show your
book, then ngnln when you arrive you
Bhow your book to the police.
"No, no, In Chermnny you cannot
run nwny. There they have It much bet
ter. You are all bosses. Nelnl You
hnvo not tho discipline. Ilrrpt Rrrpl
Forward march 1" and "Louisa shoulder
ing her brooms nnd mops marched
down tho corridor to tho npplause nnd
Inughtcr of the little children inarching
Into school. "
Loulsn liked to mingle with the
teachers. At the bcfdiinlng of the wnr,
when the teachers gathered In their llt
tlo knots discussing tho possibilities
nnd speculating on tho outcome of It
nil, Loulsn made her contribution:
"Ach, tho discipline. Von Illndenburg,
Von Illndenburg. IIo is for discipline,
lie Is tho soldier. Such n fine one
iievor lived. You will see ho will
Win. IIo Is n Gottllko mnn."
"Oh, Loulsn, have a heart. Don't
scare us so early In tho morning,"
Bcolted Boy Tenchcrrrcachlng for the
brief case thnt rested nt his feet. But
Louisa was before him nnd plnccd It
In his hands.
"Oh, .thnnk you, Loulsn, but you
mustn't do that. You'll spoil me. I'm
not used to It."
"I should hope not," sniffed nnother
young teacher, "I should hope not In
deed. The Idea of n woman wnltlng
on n perfectly healthy, strong young
mnn. I bet I wouldn't do It." '
"Ach, no? In Chermnny you would
bo better disciplined. You would save
the mnn nil."
"Why? "Why?" stnmped tho young
teacher. "Why should a womnn snvo
n mnn anything?"
"Becnuse," Louisa bondescended.
"Becnuso ho Is n soldier. IIo fights
far tho Faderland. "Without the mnn
whut tiro you? Nothing. It Is" for
you to mnrry n fine soldier, mother n
lino soldier, rnlso up n ftno soldier.
That Is your duty. Thnt you wcro
placed In the world for. Now he,"
pointing to tho Boy Tenchcr, "would
make n fine " But tho young tenchcr
had fled.
The teachers began to grumble.
"Germany, Germany. Loulsn Is al
ways cheering for Germany. Why
don't theso people go back nnd fight
for the Fatherland? No. They Btny
hero nnd root for Gormnny."
The Lusltanlr Was Sunk.
" Then enmo tho news of tho sinking
of tho Lusltnnln. The teachers gath
ered nnd discussed the news angrily.
"Tho devils. Our people. Hundreds
of them. Frohmnn, Archlo Butts,
Hubbard. It's awful. It was full .of
women und llttlo children. Shame
ful." Wondering, Louisa poked her head
Insldo tho door. "What Is? Is some
one dead you cry so?"
"Yes, they'ro dend," and n toncher
sprang forward and pushed tho head
lined paper'full In Louisa's face. "Your
lovely Germnns killed them."
"Killed? What Is?"
"Tho Lusltnnln was sunk by tho
Germnns. Sho was carrying many
"Sol" enld Louisa coolly. "Well,
they was told to stny ofT that boat.
Tho fools. Served themselfs well
"Keep still," screnmed tho young
teacher. We'll nsk your precious
ltnlscr whether wo mny sail over his
ocean when ho isn't using It, I sup
pose. Well, wo won't." Then taking
fresh umbrago nt tho other's stolid
composure, sho burst out: "Whnt do
you think you would bo doing If you
were In Germany now? Going nbout
n building llko this one, dressed ns
you nro, mingling with tho sort of
pcoplo you meet hero? Not for n min
ute. You'd bo dressed In nigs, your
" feet in wooden shoes, and you would
bo pulling u plow llko an ox for your
precious kaiser."
Louisa lo For Uncle Sam.
Loulsn went out shaking her bend.
At Inst war was declared. Wo were
"In It." Loulsn paddled by tho offlco
with her palls und brushes. "Hurrah,
Fran von IllndenburgJ We're going
to Berlin to get your precious knlser."
"Yn, yn," snld Loulsn sndly. "Such
things must be. It stands In the Bible.
Purification by fire. If It's God's will
we light, then wo fight."
When tho teachers had gone to their
rooms Loulsn appeared In the olllce.
"Hark," she whispered to the head
teacher. "My boy has volunteered
for the wnr. What you think nf thnt?
Isn't thnt fine? He says: 'Mother
Loulsn, I must go,' and I tell him : 'Go.
Wo live in America, we are Ameri
cans.' "
One morning when tho teachers had
gathered for the morning chut, Loulsn
enme In, her face shining. "Look," sho
snld to the young tenchcr, ''here Is my
boy's picture. He is n soldier now.
How grand he looks. He Is n sergeant
Louisa gnzed lovingly nt the post
enrd picture of n fine looking soldier
boy. "Hn, hn, my fine fellow. Now
you don't turn over nnd sleep again
while I call you live times more. Tn
tntn, Tn tnta, Ta tn tn. Forward
mnrch. That is fine for you," sho
Tho Liberty Lonn posters enme.
Tho big loan drive was on. Loulsn
fell in love with one of tho posters.
"Such n beautiful young lady. How
strong sho Is waving tho flag nnd
leading the army. She Is schoen, yn,
yn, she cnlls for money for the soldiers.
She shnll have It. Yn, ya."
Glancing nbout to be sure she wnB
not noticed. She slipped Into the offlco.
Once Insldo sho drew from her pocket
tin cnvclopo with tho red trlnnglo in
the corner nnd Inld it before the bend
teacher. "Look. This money my boy
sends. It is tho money they give him
for being n good soldier. That money
I never spend. and buy n
Liberty Bond." So Louisa went over
the top for Uncle Sam.
of the Vigilantes.
Thli Is your crisis, this your hour;
Earth's oceans and its shores
Hold but one placo of portent power,
Ono duty It Is yours.
Think not to.hldo amid tho crowd
Thnt covers land and sea;
Tho volco of Fato is calling loud;
"Lock to him. world-'tis hcr
Tcs, you no other. Nono aro bom
To do what you must do;
No beaten captain -waits such scorn
For failure, as must you.
It Is tho test, tho flno ono:
Shall ltlnfr or people rclfin?
"Who aro the'peoplo? There aro nono
If ono Is called tn vain.
On you tlio sorrow, blood nnd cost,
Tho Blory or tho shamo.
If frecdom'H causo today is lost,
You only aro to blamo.
of the Vigilantes.
Are yon sorry? Or nre you glnd?
Perhaps you would go If you could,
but you must stny nt home.
You ennnot be n hero nt the bnttle
front, but you can live heroically wher
ever you nre.
It tnkes five men nt homo to keep
one man in tho trenches.
YOU belong to one of those groups
of five men.
Tho five men nt homo must stand to
gether nnd do the things thntcount
most for ono mnn nt tho front. For
nny ono mnn to fall is to piny fnlso to
tho cause for which we work and they
You cannot fight, but you can work
and pray; you can love nnd serve; you
enn snvo 'carefully and give sncrl
flclally. Above all else you ought to
worship In times of wnr.
Wo believe our cause is righteous.
Our faith Is justified. Our human in
stincts nre not lying to us.
The lofty Ideals for which our bravo
boys nro fighting nre tho ideals for
which pure Christianity hns stood for
1,000 years. When tho church has
been blind to tho vision of tho
Ideals she hns grown weak nnd un
worthy of the great Lender. We stand
with him today for the sanctity of
womnuhood nnd the protection of chil
dren ; for justice nnd mercy, truth nnd
rTghteousness ; for industrial, political
and soclnl democracy; for Internation
al law and universal brotherhood; for
tho establishment of tho kingdom of
God on earth.
These are tho great ideals which
carry with them freedom, peace and
happiness for nil tho future.
After all, truo religion Is the renl
conservntor of civilization nnd tho ill
tlmnto unifier of humanity. The fu
turo of democracy and civilization Is
bound up with Christianity.
of the Vlailantcs.
Great minds planned mo,
High hearts mado me,
Strong arms raised me
To fly whllo Ufa endures;
Flno souls wrought for mp,
I3ravo mon fought for me,
Hound und broken sought for rae,
Now I am yours.
Tho wldo world sees me,
Tho wild seas know mo,
Tho four. winds lift mo
A signal and u flame; '
Your youth nnd your ngo,
Your hope and heritage,
Your father's father's pago
That bears your name.
Your hands uphold mo.
Your strength sustains me,
Your service honors me
With every task It gives.
Hold mo your word and wrth,
Hold mo your nword nnd hearth,
Hold mo your Rtgn to earth
That Freedom llvs.
Lonely Men in Signal Tower
Welcome All Sorts.
Cockroach That Likes Tobacco and
Drinks Ink Is One Visitor Toad
Camo Regularly for Its
Feast of Files.
A Boston nnd Mnlne railroad slgnn
towcrmau tells this story nf pets ht
has made in ids lonely perch above the
At midnight nine months ngo n cock
roach crept out from under the tele
graph desk and begun to drink out of
tho Inkwell; Just nbout thnt time I laid
my clgnr down on the desk und begun
to work tho telegraph key.
The cockroach v.tlkcd over to my
cigar nnd sucked nt the moist end for
n second or so, then ran to the ink
well again nnd took n drink, then camo
back to tho clgnr; he repeated this
performance several times nnd stag
gered away drunk ns n lord.
Every night around midnight for tho
past nine months this cockroach hns
drank from the inkwell on my desk
nnd either sucked the moist end of my
clgnr or some moistened tobacco I
place near the Inkwell for him.
Ono of the boys found n tiny musk
rat In tho marsh buck of the slgnnl
tower one dny, nnd be brought It into
the tower. The muskrnt became very
tnmo nnd proved u most affectionate
pet. He slept on the desk near tho
telegraph Instruments for over two
years. Although he went out very
often, he wouldn't Btny .long, nnd
would scratch nt the door until .some
of us would run downstairs nnd let
hlra in. Unfortunately our pet was
killed by n freight train while cross
luff the tracks near tho tower one dny.
After the muskrat died we brought
in n tiny woodehuck thnt n trainman
had captured out on the line, nnd he
beenme very much nttnehed tonll of
us, and, like the muskrat, he became
n very clover nnd amusing pet.
"Shuck" stnyed with us two years, nnd
finally ho disappeared ono day. Pos
sibly some dog got him, or he may
have been crushed by n train.
For the past 20 years an English
spnrrow hns nested In tho caves of the
tower, nnd this sparrow files In and out
of tho tower nt will, picks up bread
crumbs on tho floor and catches an oo
easlonnl cockroach. What worries the
tower men is that our pet sparrow mny
some day eat our pet cockroach.
Lnst year n toad hopped up on to
tho doorstep of the tower and sat thero
blinking. One of tho boys fed him
n fly nnd the tond gobbled It in nn
instant, nnd every nfternoon nil sum
mer long that tond hopped up ou to
the stop and nte files ns fast ns tho
railroad men would feed them to him.
The boys took turns nnd fed him in
relays; tho ynrdraastcr snld the boys
were neglecting their work to feed tho
toad; but he becamo so fascinated
watching tho pcrformnncc thnt ho
caught flics for an hour one dny and
fed tho toad.
I'm nfrald the toad will go hungry
this summer if ho shows up, for wo'ro
too busy moving war supplies to both
er with feeding pets around n railroad
Every stray dog that ever wandered
into the ward has found n haven 1ps tho
tower, nnd several litters of puppies
have been born there.
We've had cats gulorc; ono cnt in
particular was a snnko cntcher, nnO
sho brought in n suake nearly ever
Stole Sugar by Bucketfuls.
Sngnr thieves employed nn lngenloui
method the other dny at Launceston
Australia. A quantity, sugar had
been bought for export but, ships not
being Jmmedlntcly available. It wns de
cided to store tho stuff at the port. Ac
cordingly huts wero built on tho
wharves, but its tho decking had shrunk
somewhat, tnrpnullns were first lnid
down, and then tho sugar bags
placed on this. Tho doors wero
locked, nnd n watchman placed In
charge. When tho time enme to empty
tho sheds the bottom tier of bags
were found flat nnd empty, with n slit
in the 'under side. Each silt corre
sponded with ono In the tarpaulin di
rectly over spaces in tho planking. Tho
method of tho sugar thlovcs was sim
ple. When tho tide was nbout half
way up tho plies, a boat was taken
under tho wharves as near as posslblo
to the stores, and then It wns only n
matter of crawling over tho ties, knlfo
and bucket In hand, until the right
spot wns reached.
Brave Act Rewarded.
Arthur G. Palmer, n water tender
nttnehed to tho United Stntes ship
O'Brien wns overboard nnd strug
gling In tho water. A strong ebb
tldo was running nnd Palmer hnd nil
ho could do to keep from going down.
At tho moment when ho was near ex
haustion David Goldman, n machin
ist's mate, second clnss. Jumped over
board nnd, beating his way through
tho rough water, reached the mnn nnd
brought him to safety. He hns been
commended by tho secretary of tho
navy for this nctlon. Goldmnn enlist
ed in tho navy In 1011 nt Snn Fran
cisco. ,
Concrete 8hlp In Norway.
Commercial Agent Norman L.' And
erson reports tho launching of a 000
ton concrete ship from tho Fouguer
ynrds nt Moss, Norway. Tho ship has
four water-tight compartments; tho
engine, n 220 horsepower Bollndcr mo
tor, Is placed aft. Tho boat bus two
largo holds nnd two hatches, each
equipped with u two-ton motor wluch.
Stories of phenomenal mlvnuccmeiit
j tul prosperity In Western Canada
!'tie been told the reading public for
Miine years past. The stories wero told
whi'ii there were hundreds of Minus
v mis of acres of splendid land ndjii
nt to railways mid projected lines,
vwiirh could he had on the payment of
a mere $10 entry fee, and under culti
vation and living conditions. As was
l""llicsled then, the day bus cotiiu
wIhmi these tire few. There nro still
in tillable thousands of these; they nro
"lue distance now from the railways.
Tin' land Is as good ns ever, but ploi
tilling conditions will have changed.
A great ninny nre still taking advan
tage of this free offer from the govern
ii itt. The story wns told when good
hn. ls near lines of railway could bo
bought for from $8 to $10 per nere
tml the prophecy made tliti t
pii. os would double In a few years, for
thi- Intrinsic value was far more than
it' 't. Tbal day has come more quickly
tl'iHi expected! The linmenso crops of
Poll that could be raised has brought
m1. nut the change, nnd tho demand for
l priced lands with maximum re
turns has prompted tho keen pur
chaser as well as the owner of higher
priced hunt from which no greater re
turn iculd bo looked for. Prices of
land In Wet tern Canada are still ad
viineini;. nud will continue to advance
until, of course, tho limit Is reached
uhen returns will warrant no further
Increase. Thnt day Is not far distant.
Hut. In the meantime, there nro largo
traels of hind owned by land cotnpii
rle.s nnd private individuals that hnvo
not felt thu advance that has been
shown in other districts. Tho oppor
tunity to purchase theso should not
be lost sight of, and If there nro thoso
amongst the readers of this nrtlcle,
wlnh Is authorized by tho Canadian
government, who wish cheap land,
such lands as produce from 25 to 40
bushels per ncre, nnd will pay for
themselves out of ono year's crop, ad
vantage should bo taken of tho present
Coming to Albortn with his family
thirteen years ngo, his ussets consist
ing of u small outfit and $20 In cash,
Mr. O. F. Malinberg has accumulated
by farming nnd live stock raising as
sets to the value of moro than ?:?00,
000, and has n personal credit, worth
on demand, $100,000. Ho has not specu
lated in land, but bought only to furni.
Near Ulncklc. Alberta, ho operates Sl,
100 acres ot whent land. Ho hns Just
purchased an additional 11,500 ncres
near Cnrdston, In Southern Alberta.
His personal credit enabled him to
flnnnco this deal In Calgary In a llttlo
i over three hours. The ranch Just pur
chased Is a fully equipped stock and
grain much. At the present time It
carries n thousand bead, of cnttlo nnd
several hundred horses, nnd Is fully
equipped with buildings, machinery,
corrals, sheep sheds, dipping vats, etc.
Thnt Is a story from ono district. Let
us select one from n district some hun
dred or more miles from that.
"Peter A. Klassen, who recently
moved to Herbert, Husk,, from Kansas,
has purchased n action of prnlrio hind
lit the Illllblioro district, about 2-1 miles
northwest of Herbert, for which lii
paid $12,000 cash. lie Is erecting tem
porary buildings to live In whllo put
ting tho place In cultivation, and, this
summer plans to erect good buildings
on the farm nnd equip it for n home.
Mr. Klnssen recently sold his 80-ncro
farm in Kansas for $15,000 and Is In
vesting the proceeds In Canndo."
With tho proceeds of the salo of his
land in Kansas, this farmer purchased
In Saskatchewan a piece eight times us
lnrgo ns he had previously been fnrm
lng, nnd bad a bnlanco with which to
purchase equipment, slock, etc., of $.V
000. Moreover ns land In Saskatche
wan may be expected to yield twice as
much grain per acre, he will be ably
to produce sixteen times as much ns
The average Millie of farm laud for
the whole of Canada, Including laud
Improved and unimproved, together
with dwelling houses, barns, stables
and other farm buildings, Is upprnvl
mutely $11 per acre as compared with
$11 in 1010, according to the latest re
port of the 'Census and Statistics
brunch nt Ottawa. The average value
of laud In the Prairie Provinces Is ns
Manitoba $;51.(M)
Saskatchewan 20.00
Alberta vo.70
It Is the low prices at which hind
can he obtained In Western Canada
which Is rendering this country such
an Important factor In the production
of foodstuffs at the present time. It
Is enabling men who have been farm
ing small areas-ln older districts to
take up and farm with the. same capi
tal ureas not only many times ns great,
but which are also capable of produc
ing considerably larger crops to tho
acre. Advertisement.
That Second Thought.
Head of the House (ronrlng with
rage) Who told you to put. that pa
per on the wnll?
Decorator Your wife, sir.
Head of the House (subsiding)
Pretty, Isn't It?
To Some Extent.
"Mrs. Cuddy claims that she made,
her husband." "So she did; she made
a fool of hltn."
Olrl students In New Ilrunswlek nro
gathering sphagnum moss for use In
surgical dressings.
Save the Babies
INFANT MORTALITY is something rightful. Wo can hnrdly realize that
of all the children born in civilized countries, twenty-two per cent,
or nearly ono-qunrter, dio boforo they reach ono year; thirty-seven
per cent, or moro than one-third, beforo they are five, and ono-half bofora
thoy aro fifteen I
Wo do not hooltate to nay that a timely uso of Costorta would says
many of theso precious lives. Neither do wo hesitato to say that many
of these infantile deaths aro occasioned by tho uso of narcotic preparations.
Drops, tinctures and soothing- syrups sold for children's complaints contain
moro or less opium or morphine. Thoy are, in considerable quantities,
deadly poisons. In nny quantity, they ntupofy, retard circulation and lend
to congestions, sickness, death. Thoro can bo no danger in tho uso of Caa-
toria if it bears the signature of Chas.
ns u comuinB no or nurcouca
Genuine Cnstorla always benrs tho
Hot Weather Hits Us
Hardest in Stomach
Keop a close watch on yourstom
nch this Bummer. Wo need nil our
fighting Btrcngth. Wnr work
change of diet will make us till
easier proy to stomach and bowel
trouble than over beforo. It is so
easy to becomo overheated on tf
blazing hot day, especially after
eating a hearty meal. And then
tlio oxcessivo heat mukes us flood
our stomachs with all kinds of
cold drinks. That's bad at any
time; much worso even dangcr
oub when thero is tho slightest
feeling of stomach trouble.
Keop tho stomach sweet and
cool and free from too much acid
that's about all that is neces
sary. It's not so much the diet
ns to keop tho poison from start
ing trouble You can easily do
this if you will just take a tablet or
two of EATONIO after your meals.
Nervous Mothers
Should Profit by the Experience
of These Two Women
'Buffalo, N. Y. "I am tho mother of four children, -and for
ueuny uirco years j. suuereu irom
m my Dacii and Biue, ana a general weakness. I had pro-
icssionai attonuanco mosc ot
get well. As a last resort I decided to try Lydia E.
Pinkhain'a Vegolablo Compound "which I had seen,
advertised in tho newspapers, and in two weeks noticed
a marireu improvement, l
now freo from pain and
woric"-- Mrs. a. u. zieunska, 202 Weiss Street,
Buffalo, N. Y.
Portland, Ind. "I had a displacement and suffered
so badly from it at times I could not bo on my feet
nt all. I was all run down and so weak I could nob
fid mv liniiqnwnrlr rrna nnmiio ntwl nnnlrl nnf 15
" "V "w7 "T " w" "
uuwii ub iujjiib. x bums,
but thoy did not help
yuia iiu l'mKuanva v egotaoio uompouna. itnca
ft and now I am strong and well again and do
iny own work and I givo Lydia E. Pinkham'a
Compound tho credit." Mrs. Josisfxiixb
Kimble, 035 West llaco Street, Portland, lud.
Every Sick Woman Should Try
When your back nehes, nnd your blad
der nnd kidney mjciii to be dinardcred,
go to your nearest drug store nnd get
hot tic of Dr. Kilmer's Swnmp-Hoot. It
iic n plijnlcian'8 prescription for ailments
of the kidney nnd bladder.
it lias stood the tnd of yenrs nnd has
n r?putalion for qulcl.iy nnd effectively
giunR results in thousands ul cncs.
This piep-irntion so very effective, baa
j Keen u.iceu on en io everywhere. Uct a
uonir, minium or large sue, nt your near
est drupnist.
However, if ou v(li first to test thli
preparation send ten cents to Dr. Kilmer
& Co., ltinRlnmtoa, N. Y., for n wimple
bottle. Wlicn writing be sure nnd mem
lion this paper. Adv.
Mrs. I'lalliiish So your husband la
, "soiiiewlieie In Trance?
Mrs. Peiisonliuist- So l believe.
Mrs. I'latbtish- Hut don't jou know
Mrs. Iteiisonhurst No.
Mis. Klatbush Don't you feel somo
what concerned?
Mrs. Hensouhiirst Why, no. When
he was here I knew he was somewhero
in Ameilca, hut half of thu time I
didn't know where.
Millions of good housewives uso nod
Cross Unll llluo. Knch year Its saloa
Increase. Tlio old friends uso it and
toll others. Ited Cross Hall llluo will
make your old clothes look llko now.
Ask your grocer. Adv.
One difference between n mnn nnd
u woman Is that a man grows to bo
fond of nn old hat.
Kxpcrlmc'hts hnvo shown thnt good
paper can be jiiudu of grapevine.
H. Fletcher
oi nny Kinu. fa .SV2 j ,'-,
slgnnturo of &zSrZ 6&UU?-
EATONIC is tho wonderful new
compound thut absorbs tho harm
ful gases and juices and almost
instantly drives away stomach
Instead of sudden and painful
attacks of indigestion, after you
begin using EATONIC you'll for
got you hnvo a stomach. And thero
will bo no moro heartburn, food
repealing, sour stomach, gas pains,
or tlintlumpy, bloated feeling you have
so often experienced after eating. Then
your appetite you know how uard it
is to satisfy in hot weather cat ono or
two EATONIO Tablets n half hour be
foro meals nnd you will enjoy the ro
sults and feel better in every way.
Theso nro a few reasona why yon
Bhould htart using EATONIO today and
fortify your stomach against thochanco
troublu this summer. It costs onlyGOo
for a big package Your druggist wnora
you know and can trust, will promptly
refund your money if you are not
moro than satisfied.
a iomato trouuio witu pains
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