The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, September 13, 1917, Image 5

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Ivan Camp spent Vednusdny lit Blue
Jas. Hubatka was down from llladcti,
Miss 1'cnvl White wout to Lincoln
Peto Lewis of Rlverton spent Sutur
day in the city.
W. U. Smith spent the weekend with
his mother at Denver.
Eyes tested, glasses flttod. J. C
Mitchell, the Jeweler.
Mrs. A. C. Hale spont Tuesday with
her husband at Hastings.
Wanted A Rood second hand corn
binder. Inquire at this ofllee.
J. II. Elllnger shipped a car of cattle
to the eastern market Wednesday.
L. A. Graves of Grand Island
spent Tuesday evening in this city
Chas. Coleman and daughter, Mrs.
Lillle Pierce spent Tuesday in Blue
Paul Polnioky who is working at
Hastings spent Sunday with his
Miss Mamie Reihcr left Tuesday for
Lincoln where she will attend the
State University.
Turn to page one of this paper, read
the Orpheum ad, and don't fail to re
member the date and place.
Miss Kathryn Burke arrived in the
city Friday evening from Walnut,
Iowa, to resume her school duties.
Miss Ethel Waller of Cowlcs spent
the weekend iu this city with her
aunts, Mis9es Mabel and Alice Bailey.
Mr. ancl Mrs. S. E. Bailey returned
home the last of the week from Lin
coin where they attended the state
I have some private money to loan
on city property, also can furnish you
low rates on farm loans. B. W.
Montgomery Doty, who is in train
ing for the U. S. Navy, at the Great
. Lakes training station, spent the last
of the week with friends here.
Miss Blsio and Waldorff Klzor re.
turned to their home at Lincoln Sat
urday morning after a visit with their
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.S. B. Kizer.
For Sale; 3 sections improved
land in Washington County, Colorado
also 8$i sections unlmprovod landj For
information write Earl Moifet, Akron,
Father Fitzgciald spent Sunday In
Hoy Ilassingcr spent Monday in
Mr. and Mrs. Max Mizer spent Tues
day in Hastings.
Mr. and Mrs R. C. Minter went to
Lincoln Tuesday.
If you need glasses sec Dr. .Warrick,
Thursday Sept. 13.
Bye Shepherdson of Riverton was in
the city Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Corner and fam
ily nutoed to Blue Hill, Sunday.
Two good river bottom farm9
sale. Hutchison & Saladeu.
R. L. Avery of Lincoln wns in
olty Tuesday evening on business.
Miss Margueiito Davis of Salem,
Kansas, spont Sunday in this city.
Ervlng Cummings of Gaylord, Kan
sas, spent Sunday with friends here.
Mrs. Roy Cramer of McCook spent
the weekend in this city with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. E. L, Haskms and fam-1
ily left Tuesday morning via the Ford
for Denver. I
Miss Edna Weekley arrived from
Valley, (riday evening to resume her
school duties.
Mrs. W. A. Sherwood returned homo
Monday evening frcn a visit with rela
tives iu Omaha.
Mm. .T- V. (Jrltnna rt Hnotlnrro tnnnt
the weekend in this cltv with her son. I
Ned and family.
J. H. Bailey went to Excelsior
Springs, Missouri, Saturday morning
to spend Sunday with his wife.
MIhs Eloise Wolfe returned to her
home at Sutton, the last of the week
after a visit with relatives hero.
Mrs. Chas..Atklnson and son, George
and Mr. nnd Mrs. Clarence Fltz return
ed from Lincoln, Friday evening.
Mrs. Clarence Shadbolt returned
homo Tuesday morning from a visit
with relatives in and around Denver.
Mrs. S. M. Carl arrived Monday
morning from Long Island, Kansas,
for a visit at the home of her brother,
J. A. McArtbur.
Charlie Chaplin in "The Cure" at the
Orpheum, Saturday Sept. 15th. Mat
inoo 3:30, Adm. 5 and 10c, Night 8:00,
Adtn. 10 and 15c.
Miss Esther Perkins came down
from Orleans Saturday morning to
take up her duties as an instructor in
the public schools here.
Mr. and Mrs. R. B Leggott and
daughter. Miss Grace, returned homo
the last of the week after a visit with
relatives at Smith Center, Kansas,
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Some lighting
fads you want
to know a bout.
right now !
Your dollar today buys
less bread, less meat,
less clothes than ever
before, but your eec
fricdollarbuysMORE. And you can make it
buy still more by using
Mazda Lamps;
For MAZDA Lamps give
three times as much light
as carbon lamps without
increasing the amount of
current used.
Complete line carried in stock
at all times at right prices
For wiring and anythings
.in the electrical line, see
Plumbing Heating Electrical Woik
Mrs. Austin came down from River
ton Saturday morning.
Fresh oystera served at Ludlow's res
taurant. Stew 25o, Fry 35c.
Miss Grace White returned home
from Lebanon, Nebraska, Friday night.
Mr. and Mrs, J. Edwin Jarboo and
6on, Will, of Lincoln, were iu the city
Commencing Saturday, wo will serve
vegetable soup, with dinners, free of
charge. Ludlow's restaurant.
Mrs. S. C. Ellis and daughter, Miss
Ilclen Lemon, returned homo Friday
evening from University Place where
they had been visiting tho former's
pi rents, and also attending the state
Coats and Suits to meet the
varied requirements of the
welt-dressed woman
are distinctly for
wear. Again
IN OUR many-sided assortments will be found garments that
JL definate purposes as "dress-up" or outdoor sports or business
there are many that the well-dressed women may, with perfect propriety, "run out in
to attend a patriotic meeting or a club function or well anything that comes up.
The variety represents tireless searching and comparing and many close decisions to maintain our
reputation as "the store oj styles" and "the store of values.
You will find here fabrics and ideas not likely to be seen elsewhere.
You will find tailoring and fit to be all you might ask.
And you will find values that because of market uncertainties may
not be equalled again.
Wool, $20 to $50
COATS Ptah and Velvet $35 to $85
Fur trimmed $25 to $60
Wiithmore Waists
F. G. TURNURE & SON i "--
For the best Hue of fancy stationery
call at Cook's drug store. .
Mr. ami Mis. J. H, Moirls of Illver
ton spent Tuesday ovoiilng iu this olty.
Fresh oysteis served a Ludlow's res
taurant. Mew i!."ie, Fry IWc.
.Mis. lllssle Cox ttpont Sunday even
ing with her mother nt Coivles.
Mr. nud Mrs, LcKoy Goblc lire rejoic
ing over the in-rival of a 7 pound girl
at their homo west of this city on Mon
day. Geo. W. Lindsoy of San Diego, Cali
fornia, Is looking after business inter
ests hero.
Miss Kathryn Thomas left tho first
of the week for Mcl'horson, Kansas,
to attend college.
Earl Suladen left tho lrrst of the
week for Lincoln, where he will attend
the State University.
Forrest Mountford went to Hastings
Tuesday morning, where ho will attend
business college.
Glen Foe and Will JJruner wont to
Lincoln Wednesday morning tc attend
tho State University. '
Commencing Saturday we will serve
vegetable Jsoup, with dinner, freo of
charge. Lud low's restaurant.
Mrs. Geo. Van Camp of Lincoln 1b
visiting her parents, Dr. and Mrs.
Robt, Damcrcll, this week.
Len Wihnot and daughter, Mrs.
Henry returned homo from
Lincoln Monday evening.
Miss Y.Ola Swartz returned homo
Monday evening from Lincoln whoro
she attended the stato fair.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Stoward went to
Roscmont the last of tho week to at
tend tho wedding of Wm Kcuhn.
Every student using u Conklln or
Sheaffer fountain pen is satisfied with
it. Sold only by Cotting the druggist.
II. 0. McDaulels,'of Oklahoma City,
a horse and mule buyer for tho Allies,
spent the last of tho week at tho J. L-
Christian home.
Services will be held in tho Congre
gational church next Sunday morning.
Preaching at eleven o'clook by Rev. O.
W. Mitchell, Principal of Franklin
Academy. A cordial invitation is ex.
tended to all.
Wm. Keubn, who recently moved
from near here to Rosemont, was mar
ried the last of tho week to Miss Flor
ence Rickerson, ono of that city's most
popular young maidens. Tho Chief
extends congratulations.
. Will Open Saturday
Saturday, of this week, is the day
set' by Powell and Pope for tho
opening of their cafe, 'located in the
building one door south of the Tepee
The gentlemen Inform us that it is
their intention to offer a menu that
will tickle the palate of any one in the
community who professes to be a con
noisseur of wholesome and nutritious
They have been fortunate in secur
ing the services of a chef who is second
to none in this vicinity and this com
bined with such exacting service as
the proprietors will proffer, will, with
out a doubt obtain for them u volume
of business sulliclent to reward them
for their efforts in giving the people
the very best obtainable in their line.
Anticipating the desires of n busy
housewife, the lonely bachelor and all
others whose duties call them from
the family festive board they have ar
ranged to serve a special dinner for the
benefit of those who care to partake
thereof. They take this means of an
nouncing to the public that they will
have a "Grand Opening" on Sunday,
September ICtb, between the hours pt
12 to 2. A four-piece orchestra has
been engaged for tho occasion and will
add greatly to the pleasure of the oc
casion. . .They extend a kind invitation to you
nlirl rrmir fplnnds In tin nrosnnl nn tlufi'
djiy, as well as on all other "ct,ay8Vwhen.
.r. rmwA an uOnntAl nfi'tl'liA i.tlaTllkk tr
partake of a meal prepared by a kind
mother, a loving wife or tho sweetest,
cutest little girl in all the land.
Water Melons at $16 Per
It is an undisputed fact that most
everyone likes a good, ripe, juioy
water melon but there arc few of us in
this town who can afford them after
they reach the ono dollar mark, still,
tho knights of tho rail arc known as a
generous bunch of good fellows.
A fow days ago John Frodcrlckson
and Georgo Posey, the gentlemen who
have eharce of tho iron borso that
draws trains number 10 and 17 In and
out of this cltv. decided to restore to
tho pranks of boyhood days, therefore,
without permission of the owner of the
melon patch in question helped them
selves to a couple of melons.
Some boys saw them entering the
place and reported the matter to Mr.
Funk who swore out a warrant for
their arrest. Tho light-lingered gents
wore taken into custody by Marshal
Boner and brought before Justico Hur
den who assessed them 810 each and
costs and also ndded double prlco for
tho melons to the amount which total-
edSlu, ouch.
Pretty tough luck pn tho boys but
whon you stop to consider thut Mr.
Iturdou Is catering to the trade with u
complete lino of the same goods it was
a mighty good chance to get ovcu.
Wc have received our
New Fall
Come in
Try one on
See hoiv you
Like them
Most Attractive
Shapes and Colors
i .' .
iv jm
Henderson Corsets
Iron Clad Stockings
Rock River Cotton Bats
Mina Ttayloy House Dresses
ana Jiprons
. RjPoats,. Sewing Thread
S ;
M. A. Albright
Red Cloud, Nebraska
Do You Really Know that
Warner9 9 Corsets
are Actually; ; Rust Proof?
Haj&you tested them toprore this?
Wjpjliyou would then you would
know what we really mean when we
say'guaranteed rust proof."
It is not enough for a corset
to shape well it must
wear equally as well as it
shapes. Every day it must
T prove its virtue through
i shaping comfortably, wear
ing without splitting, with
out breaking or rusting in
these "piping hot" days
that test even the best
You Can Depend
Upon Your Warners
Mrs. Barbara Phares
Agent for Warner Bros. Corsets : Butterick Patterns
Job Printing of Quality at the Chief Office