The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, May 25, 1916, Image 5

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Insure your Farm Property with
Frank T. Hoon, Fieldman
for tlio
Farm Central Mutual Fire
Insurance Co.,
Hastings, Nebraska
Phones: Oillcc, .'SOI. Residence, 17M5
A sane, Mife, sound mid economical
plan of tiro, lighti.lng "tul tornado
Will your policy soon expire?
Write me and let mo explain. Xo
obligation on your part,
Next Tuesday Is Decoration Day.
Will Hunt was In Hastings, Friday.
Uuy your Grocerlos of Miner Bros
Pure silk gloves 37c to 13c at Al
bright's. Ous Holmgralu went to Hastings.
Dale Montgomery went to St. l'anl,
R. W. Co pi en is enjoying a vacation
this week.
Bob Garrison of (5uidc Rock was in
town Monday.
Mrs. Bernard MeXeny spent Tues
day in Hasting').
Mrs. Nancy Green returned home
Friday from Omaha.
Better reserve those seats for "Tlio
Battle Cry of Peace."
Matt Doyle of Amherst is in the city
visiting relatives and friends.
New Summer Dress Goods now be
ing shown by Miner Bros. Co.
Who was the first man to pay spot
cash for cream. .1. O. Caldwell.
Buy it today as you will need it to
night. French Flashers at Fogel's.
S. H. Johnson and Ed Payne of Cath
erton precinct were in the city Satur
day. A good 8 hole kerosene stove for
safe. It is in tlrst class shape. A. U.
" Joe Fogle went to Columbus, Tues
day, to attend the state harness dealers
-' meeting.
, James Peterson and son, Frank,
were in Hastings, Tuesday, transacting
Miss Alveno Renfro left Sunday for
Peru, where she will spend the sum
mer with relatives.
Mrs Ida Hayes of Superior was the
guest of her brother E. S. Garber and
wife the first of the week.
Mrs. F. II. Cassil and children re
turned home from Alma, Friday, where
they had been visiting relatives.
Mr. amfMrs. W. P. Medlar left the
last of the week for Clay Center where
they.,will visit relatives and friends.
Ml4s Gwendolyn D.uneroll returned
to Hastings, Tuesday, after visiting a
few days at the E U. Overman homo.
Olivor Wright, who U employed in
the Cook blacksmith shop at Riverton,
spent Sunday in the city with his folks.
Miss Mary Chi istian returned home
the Hist of the week from Funk where
she closed a successful term of school
on Friday.
The Senior Class of the Red Cloud
High School were in Guide ltock, Mon
day evening, where they put on their
play "A College Town" in the opera
house at that place.
Rev. Clarence Eshelman will speak
in the Brethren church next Sunday
afternoon at three o'clock on the tem
perance issue. Rev. Eshelman has
been appointed by the Brethren church
of Nebr.isk'i to canvas the state and Is
giving his whole time to tills work and
knows whereof he speaks. Give him
a lull house.
After July 10th-
We Will Discontinue Giving the
Green Trading Stamps
Get Busy! Get That Book Filled
and Receive Your Premium
Before July 10th
F. G. Tur nure & Son oond
Mrs. C. C. Cox spent Monday iti
G C Bailey was m (initio Rock,
M unlay
Beach Robcrtsju to Inavale.
Long silk gloves TUo and i'.V at Al
brights. MNs Margin et Miner went to Super
ior, Sunday.
Claienco I-Mielnian went to Kear
ney. Monday.
Ii. K. Giaves of Grand Island was in
town Friday.
Warren NeUon was down from lua
vale. Sunday.
Simmons kid gloves flXu values at
$1 "7 at Albright's.
Burl Dickcrson leturiicd to Guide
Rock, Tuesday morning.
Mr. and Mrs Glen Walker spent
Saturday night in Inavale.
Mrs. Robt. Avery went to Supeiior,
Tuesday, to visit telativos
Rev. J. M. Bates returned home
from Valentine, Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Silver Longton, of Al
ma, were in the city Monday evening.
Mrs. Frank Starr went to Lebanon.
Sunday, to visit her parents.
Mesdnmes Ed Amack and Fred Stau
berry were in Hastings, Monday.
Miss Allison Cowdeu left Sunday
for Superior mid Lincoln to visit
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Goer were In
Franklin, Saturday, attending the
wedding of a relative.
W. II. Thomas went to Aurora,
Tuesday, to attend the funeial of his
brother-in-law, Clias. Brandt.
Miss Elsie Gather returned homo from
Lincoln, Monday, where she had been
sponding a few days with friends,
Frank Starr and Charley Woods de
parted Monday for Montana, where
they intend to buy several carloads of
Western horses.
Mrs. C. E. Hill, who had been visit
ing her mother, Mrs. Hassinger and
family, returned to her home at Hast
ings, Friday.
The book "The Battle Cry of Peace"
by J. Stuart Blookton and Albert E.
Smith, is on sale at Cotting's drug
store at 10c per copy.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Miksch of Kelly,
Kansas, arrived in the city, Friday,
being called here by the death of his
father, Rufus Mik6ch.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Jones returned to
their home at Franklin, Saturday,
after sponding a few days with tier
fa her, C. N. Lovcrcheck.
Miss Marie Uollister, who is attend
ing the state university at Lincoln,
spent the weekend with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. George Hollister.
Prof. Otis Fraler, who has been
superintendent of the public schools
at Strouisburg the past year, is in the
city visiting relatives and friends.
Howard Yost, who has been teaching
school east of ltladun, returned home
the first of the week, after having
closed a successful term of school.
Weesner and Koontz shipped 1 car of
hogs to Kansas City, Sunday, Jalso Be
lauey Bios, .shipped 1 ear of hogs and
W. L. Koontz Sou shipped ,' cars of
Prof. A. A. LeRoy went to Geneva
tlio first of the week to accompany his
fatnllyheie. They will reside in C. A.
Schellak's residence in the west pait
of this city.
We are in toe market for 100 to 1:25
pounds Shouts at market price deliver
ed ut Serum Plant. Will pay for de
livery to plant. C. II. Miner Serum
Co. "
.Miss Cecile Thornton, who hus been
teaching her chosen profession, flint of
instructing the girls in the art of
domestic science, the past two years,
in our high school, left Saturday for
Lincoln where she will spend her sum
mer vacation
' French Flashers at Fogol's.
Buy jour Giocerlesof Miner Bros. Co.
.1. I). C runs Is home from Kansas Clt .
W A. Kent went to Dunning. Satur
diy. Frank Cassil was in Hastings, Wed
nesday. Gem White pent the weekend In
Howard Hunt of Rlveiton was in the
city Friday
Miss Hannah White spent Saturday
in Bostwlck
All hose at Albright's are guaran
teed fast colors.
R. C. Shctlerof Rlvortou was In the
city Wednesday.
Don Fulton returned home from
Lincoln, Friday.
Fresh Fruits and Green Vegetables
at Miner Bros. Co.
Mrs. Carl Llndstriim of Oxford was
in the city Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bloom returned
to Hajstiugs, Monday.
Chester Baker and Dale Turner went
to Grand Island, Friday.
Mr. Gray of Riverton was transact
ing business in the city Tuesday.
Dr. R. V. Nicholson returned home
from Lincoln, Tuesday evening.
Brakeman John Burns of McCook
was visiting friends in the city Satur
day. New (Jiieen Quality Shoes and Low-
Shoes are now being shown at Miner
Bros. Co.
Mrs. A. 11. Bagley returned from
McCook, Thursday, where she had
been visiting friends.
Miss Bfiihili Terry of McPherson,
Kau at, arrived Friday to visit at the
E. U. Overman home.
Harry Peterson left Friday for Ilea
trlccjwhere he will reside. His family
left for that place this week
The W. R. C. will hold a special
meeting to plan for Decoration day on
Saturday afternoon at 2:30.
Mrs. John Keuuard returned to
Hastings, Saturday, after atteuding
the funeral of Mrs Soderlin. '
Mr. and Mrs. Rube Schultz went to
Guide Rock, Saturday, to visit her
brother Art Roblnsou and wife.
J. E. Throne and son, after visiting
with his brother, Edgar Throne, left
Saturday for Shenandoah, Iowa.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Wren and son left
Saturday for Lincoln and Farnum
where they will spend the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Grimes and
children spent Sunday in Hastings
with his mother, Mis. F. J. Grimes.
Miss Mary Sheldon returned home
from Kenesa;w, Saturday, where she
had been teaching school the past year.
I All comrades and their wives are re-
i quested to come and march with the
G. A. R. Htid W. R. C. on Decoration
Mis W. A. Sherwood returned home
Satuiday from Chicago w lie re she had
been visiting her sister, Mrs. C. W.
Mr. and .Mr-,. Hod Moranville after
j spending a few days at the Dr. J. V.
I Moranville home returned to Guide
I Rock, Sunday.
Miss Cope, after visiting a few days
at the home of Mr. ami Mrs. Oscar
Sattley, returned to her home at Trum
bull, Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Kellough of Mt. Clare
arrived in Hie city, Friday, being call
oil here by the death of her father,
Rufus Miksch.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph GourJey, after
visiting a few days with her mother,
Mrs. L. Alles, returned to their home
at Wymore, Saturday.
Lore u Matthews, editor of the Rivei
ton Review, was in the city Wednes
day alteruoon and while here he made
this otlicu a visit. Ho states that in
his community bitslnoss is good and
evoryone happy.
G. W. Llndsey went to Lincoln this
For bargain wall paper buy It at
Cotting's. adv
Attorney . I. S Gilliam is in Hebron
A. 1). Grubcii of Blue Hill was in
town today.
Mis. F. a. Hildebratidt was In Hast
injs, Wednesday.
(Veil Crowe 1 1 leturuel home front
Kansas City this morning.
Allan Blaekledge ictuiucd home
from Lincoln Mouilay evening.
Mrs. M. M. Frohneu. of Hastings, is
vfsitlng with Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Btad
ford. Henry Pharos of Central City is visit
ing his mother, Mrs. Barbara Pharos,
Robt. Pease of Beatrice spent the
weekend in this city with Mr. and Mrs.
I'd G arbor.
The W. C. T. V. will meet with Mrs
L. P. Albright, on Wednesday after
noon, May !)lst.
The best paint is Sewall's mixed
paints at Cotting's drug store. adv
Stickney Coombs, who was called
here by the illness of his mother, Mrs.
E J. Coombs, left Saturday for Day
ton, Wyoming, to resume his school
G. N. Blankenbaker of inavale, Neb.,
sold a carload of l.l.'Vl pound steers at
S!.7."i. hi a feed of I 'Jo days these cattle
added II.IO lbs., in weight. Monday's
Kansas City Daily Drovers Telegram
w hat sin a nanier All cohl creams
are called cold cieaius There's a dllT
eieuce when you try to find it out.
The best Is A. D. S. Peridlxo Creams
at Cotting's drug stoie.
Manager Cassil has Installed a Wur-
litzor unit orchestra in the Orpheum.
it is on the plan of an electric piano,
iiid has base and snare drums and
other attachments, and Is oporatcd by
eleotrlc power.
On Monday evening of this week, a
number of fi lends of Mark McConkcy
surprised this gentleman by gathering
at his home, in honor of his birthday.
A light luncheon was served, and at a
late hour they departed wishing him
many happy returns of the day. All
those present report a very enjoyable
The advance sale of tickets for
"The Battle Cry of Peace'' have ex
ceeded all expectations of the man
agement of the Orpheum up to this
time. The Friday night seRlA are
pretty well picked over. Manager
Cassil is expecting a record run of
this great production and has an ex
tensive advertising campaign under
way for the surrounding territory be
tween Superior und Oxford
We have this week, installed anoth
er press in our olllce. Tlio new ma
chine is a 11x17 Gordon job press, and
will handle a larger "form" than the
one now in use. We will now be in a
position to handle "rush jobs" to a
better advantage, as- heieto wo weie
compelled to finish one job of press
work before heglmilpg another, our
order also Included more new typo and
material, that was required, in order
to give our patrons the very latest in
printed matter.
Tlio Battle Cry of Peace photoplay
ed at the People's theatre in Smith
Center the first two nights of this
week drew quite a crowd from Leba
non. The picture is r. contiuous cry
for preparedness and undoubtedly fin
anced by the I'. S. munition manu
facture magnates. However, it was
one of thu best photoplays wo ever
saw on the screen, and there were sev
eral scenes in it that must have cost
a lagu sum of money to photograph.
The one strong point in the entile
picture was, "Power is peace, and re
verse the nowspupor slogan: prepare
for war, to prepare for peace." It was
scieened lour times to an overflowing
house and a large number were turned
away at tlio door ut the hist perfoim-
ance. i.clmnoii J lines.
Will Give Away Overland.
The merchants of Red Cloud nn- go- '
lug to give away another New 19K5
Model. Five Passenger Overland, on '
Thin sday. September 11th. They aic
also going to give cash piizs on eacli
Saturday, beginning Juno 3rd. The
tickets issued by the merchants will
contain fifteen coupons, fourteen that
arc for the weekly prizes and one for
the giahd prize.
Thirty seven of our up-to-dcte mer
chants will issue these tickets and aio
as follows:
-M. A. Albright
J. A. Bui den
C L. Cottitig
Diamond Mill Co.
R. M. Rgo
E. S. Oarber
V. A. IHI.iebraiidt
A. A. LeRoy
W. W. Murahall
Miner Serum Co.,
J. C. Mitchell
K. II. Xewhouse
.las Peterson
Rope Bros ,
Red Cloml Chief
Paul Storey
George Tiino
R. P. Weesner Co ,
J. K.
Amack .t Barnes
.1. O. Caldwell
Cowden-Kaley Co ,
Rills Shoe Stoic
Joe Fogei
tirico Drag Co ,
Malono-Avery Co ,
Miner Bios. Co.,
C. II. Rust
Morhart Bros. Co ,
l'latt A: Kiees Co.,
Barbaia Phittos
Roy Sattley
Kianlc Smith
.Stevens Bros.,
Turnure A: hon
I'. A. Wiillbrandt
Just Two
AME inlo Our Store
yesterday, who said they
didn't see anything 'wonder
ful about our Spring Styles
They Were Both Blind
Everybody else said they
never before had seen such
a mighty fine collection of
the newest, prettiest Spring
Styles in nobby garments.
Come in this week and pick
your spring clothes.
This is the
ionable suits
of big values at
The Cowden-Haley Clothing Co.
Notice to Parents
Reiardln Free Hlfth SchMl ThIUm
Free High School tuition application
hould bo tiled In the office of the Coun
ty Superintendent on before the first ef
June In order that the school boarde
may be auihorlted by the 2nd Monday
In June to make provision for the re
quired tuition.
Note that non-resident students
must make application each year.
The town superintendents or princi
pals at Bladen, Blue Hill, Rosemont,
fVowIes, Guide Rock, lied Cloud, ina
vale have supplied all nou resident
For Week tt Atl Tf HIT or Week
Commencing MlilfllMrff H IVI" Commencing
Thur.May25 L lJMlill Thur. May 25
Orpheum Orchestra Each Night at 7.45
Prof. C. Shcdboll, Director Pictures Start at fl O'clock
Thursday - - Nay 25
Red Feather Photoplays presents J. Warren Kerrigan in
The Pool of Flame
In 5 Acts
Friday - - May 26
World Film Co., in 5 acts, presents Henry Kolker, in
Saturday - - May. 27
The Quarter Breed 3 -reel Western
The Janitor's Busy Day Drama
The Blackmailer
Monday - - May 29
The Broken Coin- 12th Episode
With Grace Cunnard and Francis Ford
Creed and Gasoline L-Ko comedy
Oh! What a Shopper2-reel Big U
Tuesday May 30
Nature Man 5 -reel Red Red Feather
Wednesday - - May 31
Arthur Donaldson and Buelah Poynter in
Hearts of Men
Thursday -
Drugged Waters
of fash
overcoats little money.
students in their high sohoolswlth ap
plication blanks for free high school
tuition. Bach eighth grade graduate
In this year's class has been supplied
with an application blank.
If you have not received a card you
can obtain It from any of the town
.Superintendents or from tho County
Oeiuiiudk L, Coon,
County Superintendent.
The season of Lightning and Torna
does is approaching. Don't delay too
long for the Insurance you jnay need.
O. M. VanCaiup, Getieral Insurance.
. June 1
5-reel Red Feather
,7 f
c , ( r'-